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2012-07-01, 07:49 PM
So after learning about this character (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrecker_%28comics%29) and that he gets a magically enchanted Norse crowbar, I got to read some comics with this guy. Where to start? If it matters, I'd like to start somewhere before he got his magic crowbar and build up to that.

2012-07-01, 08:05 PM
Well, he gets his magic crowbar in his very first appearance in Thor #148. After that, for the next couple decades he just shows up as the classic villain to wreck a heroes day.

The 90's Thor do flesh out the character a lot, until the character is 'killed off' in Thor 220 or so.

And as going with current comic trends, all the 'adult characterization' of the past is simply forgotten and for the last decade the Wrecker has been just a 'dumb villain'.

So were you looking for a 'in universe' chronological order?

2012-07-01, 08:13 PM
Ah, the villains from the 60's. At least this guy seems to be a credible threat, unlike Stilt-Man (http://marvel.wikia.com/Wilbur_Day_(Earth-616)) and Matador (http://marvel.wikia.com/Manuel_Eloganto_(Earth-616)).

Would this help? (http://marvel.wikia.com/Category:Dirk_Garthwaite_(Earth-616)/Appearances)

2012-07-02, 07:50 PM
Actually Luke Cage is currently in possession of the Wreckers crowbar augmenting his strength to asgadian levels when he's using it.