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2012-07-06, 06:11 AM
Issue 1 of this has been released apparently an issue 0 was released for free comic day ended up having to find a digital version online.

Issue 1 however raises some interesting points and I was wondering if I'm the only one here reading this?

What happened in #0:
The centenary team are sent offworld to investigate an unexplained break in the communication link with a world.
Apparently their civilisation makes use of a quantuum computer to help organise their universe or galaxy length society and this seems to show signs that its breaking down.
The team find themseleves confronting a weird weather anomaly and when their psychic-mage member spots something their female iron man member (named Half-shell) goes to investigate and is badly hurt causing the team leader Jerad to order his entire team into the fight.
Their base loses contact with them shortly after their arrival and they call in a former member whose a LOSH Brainiac level genius to help but we learn around this point that the group's PR representative and also a former member named Bewilder was in a relationship with Jerad

What happened in #1
The Quantinuum is the name for the human galactic culture and the AI that controls its functions.
Was created a century ago at the start of the Nanocene era which followed the Holocene era (not a clue what that meant)
The Hypernaturals are a sort of the Avengers meets Legion of Superheroes meets the Wild Guard (PR show comic to form a super group) their one hundredth team has been lost investigating an emergency.
It opens up with an earlier version of the team fighting a Prometheus meets Lex Luthor style villain who has apparently killed what i think was the husband of the woman seen in issue 0 with her son.
It turns out this is the nightmare of a former member who is one of a series of clones (whose successor was part of the team lost in #0)
He learns of the loss of the team when he gets up and we learn he's the ex-husband of Bewilder who is having trouble coping with the idea her new boyfriend may well be dead.
Thinkwell is working on whats going on and planned on sending a probe to 28 Kosov but we learn after Bewilder possessing the ability to enter a hyperspeed state has already been there and back shortly after telling her about the probe so he returns to recruiting a new team and settles on himself, Bewilder a reject from the last cut (an alternate for the Half-shell armour) and a new recruit intended for the next team selection so they end up heading to 28 Kosov and the new kid is able to detect that the damaged area of the planet looks like a fingerprint which Thinkwell identifies as the that of the baddie mentioned earlier in this issue.
Bewilder unthinkingly speaks his name activating some kind of trap that Thinkwell openly states he was trying to avoid which is where this issue ends

So what are your impressions and feelings about this series?

I learned of it via the Ideology of madness podcast specifically their funnybooks release which review comic book series and it was described as a Legion of Superheroes style series, do you agree?

My feelings:
When I first managed to read issue 0 it made me wonder whether their Quantinuum AI was breaking down and after #1 I'm wondering if the bad guy copied his personality onto the AI and we're going to find out why they only have the one super team when by all rights they should have several covering different areas/ sectors of their Quantinuum...
There is mention of what sounds like their transportation system resembles transporters and an indication it might be able to restore an earlier copy of the original should it be necessary (although the current situation prevents that working in this case) and that in addition to the 1.7 Billion population of 28 Kosov there was another 16.7 Billion using the transit to and from 28 Kosov that are currently also believed dead so leave you wondering just how many people populate this Quantinuum and how many Leonard McCoy's are out there!:smallwink: