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2012-07-26, 09:45 AM
I spend quite a bit of time on TV Tropes, and in my travels I have heard tell of a character in the Forgotten Realms novels who is, to hear the posters tell it, apparently a serving and a half of awesome: the drow mercenary Jarlaxle.

Wikipedia and the Forgotten Realms Wiki are not particularly helpful in coming up with a list of which books feature the character. So I figured I'd ask around here, see if anyone knew where I could find one.

2012-07-26, 10:31 AM
Are you looking for those focusing on Jarxaxle or have him in it? Because being from Menzoberran any of the Drizzt books that deal with the city have him in it. (for example, The Legacy)

However, salvatore did write a trilogy on three major foes Drizzt made Jarlaxle being one them, and Entreri and Errtu being the others. The trilogy I believe was "The Sellswords" with the titles being, The Servant of the Shard, The Promise of the Witch-King, and The Road of the Partrician.

I also have a dedicated thread to all question and suggestions on the FR noveld.:smallwink:

Edit: The Thread is "I just started Forgotten Realms and have have fewv Questions." It's currently near the bottom of the first page right now.

2012-07-26, 10:36 AM
Sorry, I wasn't aware of your thread. Do you have a link?

As to your question, I guess the answer is...it depends. I imagine that the one book that explicitly focuses on the character probably wouldn't be so enjoyable without reading the others. So the question then becomes, which of the books are so good that someone could come for one of the supporting characters and stay for the whole thing?

2012-07-26, 11:01 AM
Books Focusing on Jarlaxle as a main character:
Servant of the Shard
Promise of the Witch King
Road of the Patriarch

These three books make up The Sellswords trilogy focusing on Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri as the main chracters.

Though there are a bunch of other books (Drizzt/Companions of the Hall focused) that have jarlaxe in it as well, and i recommend reading those prior to the sellswords trilogy as without them you won't really have the full effect of the character development for both jarlaxle and artemis.

And if you do read the sellswords before any others you may end up thinking jarlaxle is not quite as awesome as you've heard, as they explore some parts of his character you don't really see in the other books.

2012-07-26, 02:18 PM
I haven't read them but I believe Jarlaxle is supposed to be pretty prominent in the new Neverwinter Nights series as well. Granted more of a side-character alongside Drizzt, but there (and honestly probably stealing the show anyways).

Definitely not a series you want to read out of order though, it takes place after the whole 4th Edition transition, during which RA made a lot of changes to both his characters and the Forgotten Realms as a whole.
Lets just say that being that it take place some 400+ years after some of the previous series; Drizzt, Jarlaxle, and that Dwarf from Sellswords (who's name I can never remember) I think might be the only familiar face you will see in it.

2012-07-26, 03:04 PM
So, what order should I read the Drizzt books in? Apparently, there's a trilogy that's a prequel to a different trilogy, followed by sequels?

2012-07-26, 04:20 PM
I probably would recommend reading them in chronological order, which is how they are being published nowadays anyways (Starting with the 'prequels').
The Drizzt series is really a series of trilogies (with some having the odd forth book), I think they are up to about eight series all together, not counting the Sellswords.

Fun fact; the first published book (Crystal Shard) actually wasn't supposed to be about Drizzt as a main character, but rather Wulfgar with Drizzt just being something of a sidekick. Apparently fans though otherwise.

2012-07-27, 01:33 AM
I'd recommend reading the Icewind Dale Trilogy first, even though it's not the first chronologically, it introduces drizzt's character, and if you've read the Dark Elf Trilogy beforehand then you'll already know all about drizzt.

So yeah I recommend going Icewind Dale -> Dark Elf -> Legacy of the Drow and then reading more or less in chronological order.

Also though neither Drizzt nor Jarlaxle appears in this series I also recommend reading the Cleric Quintet, as it focuses on a few characters that appear in the Drizzt series and it's quite good.

2012-07-27, 09:18 AM
Fun fact; the first published book (Crystal Shard) actually wasn't supposed to be about Drizzt as a main character, but rather Wulfgar with Drizzt just being something of a sidekick. Apparently fans though otherwise.

Yeah, its written that way. The Drizzt focus begins with Homeland, which was written later but chronologically first. Jarxaxle first appears in Exile, but the situation he's introduced in begins in Homeland, After that he reappears next in The Legacy.

2012-07-27, 03:06 PM
ah jarlaxe, my favorite character. he is a maor caracter in gauntlgrym, but i am not sure about the other books of the neverwinter saga