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2012-07-29, 11:02 PM
so, with the Tier system somthing has always stood out to me like a sore thumb... there are full casters under T2! and the way they cast is less conusing and more fun then the higher tier casters...

so an idea would be to ditch the hideously broken casters in favor of these latter day spontaneous casters from a list.

what I can think of is like 6-8 classes:
beguiler(illusions and enchantment)
white necromancer(necromancy(healing) and transmutation)
warmage(evocation and conjuration)
black necromancer(necromancy(harming) and transmutation)
high mage(abjuration and conjuration)
summoner(conjuration and enchantment)

black necromancer would be a remade dread necromancer, healer would be a remade healer, warmage might be fixed a bit, bugiler probably can remain unchanged, high mage would be a esoteric magic focused caster, and summoner would be a summoning/binding focused caster.

so, any thoughts here? would this be worth it? and if so, would anyone with actual skill at making and balancing spell lists want to make the lists.

Frog Dragon
2012-07-30, 02:47 AM
You might have to go further than that to actually get all T3 full casters. For example, I get the feeling your High Mage could easily shoot back into tier 2. There's a reason optimized wizards tend to be Focused Specialist Conjurers, or sometimes Transmuters. Three schools of magic are acceptable losses as long as you get extra conjurations, transmutations and abjurations. Beguiler and Dread Necro remain tier 3 while Warmage remains tier 4 mostly because they don't get the really good spells. For example, I made a fixed list caster a while back. The Spellshifter (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=162170). It gets transmutations and little else. Nevertheless, it likely teeters on the edge of tier 2. It gets the polymorph line. It gets to fly. It gets to buff and debuff. It gets to turn into monstrosities to get abilities few short of druids get to emulate. If I recall correctly, I didn't give the class any non-transmutation spells. Conjurers should be even harder to balance.

Also, does anyone get divination?

2012-07-30, 08:58 AM
hmm... I guess a more general casting fix would be to axe a few spells and rework the others...