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2012-07-29, 11:29 PM
I was watching this when I was a wee kid, somewhere in the '80s, but it was probably a lot older. I think it was an adventure/comedy for kids. I remember it in black and white, but maybe the TV was black and white. It was fantasy (people were wielding swords and wearing cloaks and stuff), but maybe it had sci-fi elements. The good guy had blonde, curly hair, a leather vest and possibly a goofy sidekick. The villain had straight and black hair, was dressed in black including a cloak, and had a lot of minions.

I remember absolutely nothing about the plot (or character names, actors, etc). Basically, I remember only two scenes:

1) An arm-wrestling contest in a tavern/disreputable den. On the table, there were two holes left and right - instead of candles. From these holes, something like a komodo dragon would spring up and lash out its tongue, and if a contestant was stung, he would yell in pain and fall unconscious on the spot. And lose, obviously.

2) One of the minions of the main villain had done something wrong (he probably let the good guys escape), and the villain was about to punish him. He asked him which hand was his sword hand, ordered him to raise it, and unsheathed his sword as if he would chop it off. The guy complied, the villain studied him for a moment, and then he said "you are stupid, but not a coward" and let him go.

I understand that's very little to go on, but it's all I have. Does it ring a bell to anyone? Thanks in advance. :)

2012-07-30, 12:37 AM
Animated or live action?

2012-07-30, 01:05 AM
Live action.

2012-07-30, 07:52 AM
Oh, hell. Did the hero work with an old merlin-type magician? Was there once a scene where the hero and his sidekick were playing some sort of training game where a magically heavy, metallic ball was thrown into the air? The winner being whoever could throw it the highest and still catch it?

They invited the magician to play and he magically sent the ball into orbit? After being accused of cheating for using magic, his natural reply was along the lines of...

"My dear boy, without magic I'd not be able to get out of bed in the morning."

I hope so. Because now I'm dying to remember what the hell THAT show was. Hopefully we don't have two searches going on at the moment.


I may be wrong, but it might just be Wizards and Warriors (http://www.wizardsandwarriors.org/show/photos/photos.htm). It was a short lived series from 1983 and the link takes you to the fan site's image page.

Oh hey! Here's the scene where Traquill gets ready to magically launch that ball (http://www.wizardsandwarriors.org/images/captures/traquill/1_35.jpg) I was talking about. I believe I've found my show. Hopefully it's yours as well.

Final edit...

I bet it is...

"Reo mentions The Sword and Skull, a quaint, but slightly odd, tavern and tourist trap frequented by Blackpool's henchmen. Inside, the intrepid heroes discover patrons playing Armdeath, a form of arm wrestling with a unique payoff: contestants battle on a table with holes in either end inhabited by cobras. The winner watches as the loser suffers the agony of defeat -- a fatal bite in the arm."

Interior shot of said tavern:


2012-07-30, 10:13 AM
Any chance they have released this as a complete series?

I have only seen a couple of clips and it looks GREAT!

I got the impression it wasn't viewed as such which is a shame since I think its well worth it!

2012-07-30, 10:20 AM
Any chance they have released this as a complete series?

I have only seen a couple of clips and it looks GREAT!

I got the impression it wasn't viewed as such which is a shame since I think its well worth it!

There were only 8 episodes, most of which were directed by Bill Bixby, of all people. That fan site's links (http://www.wizardsandwarriors.org/show/links.htm) page has resources for buying copies of the episodes. Good luck finding non-vhs versions. There might be digital conversions out there.

Holy scmow! They also have a link to the Tales of the Golden Monkey page? Now THERE was an awesome show.

2012-07-30, 02:25 PM
Hah! That's it! "Wizards and Warriors"! :smallbiggrin:

Thanks, Fragenstein, that was amazing!