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2012-08-07, 05:59 AM
Released by Ideology of Madness who also do Funnybooks with Aaron and Paulie.

So far they've released a sandbox consisting of 8 episodes delaing with the setting and the player characters; Ricochet, Hair-trigger, Coyote, The Necropath (also known as Doctor Necropath) and Ramiel Angel of Thunder whom has yet to make an appearance in the series... yet.

This led onto a 13 part first season followed by a bridging episode where they discuss what they thought about the season and their favourite bits.

At Fear the Con they ran a three episode special addition to this series.

The first was Rogues of Dauger Island where a number of supervillains break out of the prison on Dauger Island whose special influence negates all powers, this led to the second Ghosts of Reinsborough the city's resident team of mystical heroes who have to deal with the fallout of the supervillain escape leading to a fierce battle with the forces behind the escape.

And now they've just released Squires of Reinsborough a team of teenaged heroes who find themselves coping with some of the escaped supervillains from the first episode and more questions than answers to the campaign setting!

Will post a link later tonight if you want to have a listen!

Oh and about a fortnight from now they're planning another couple of sandbox sessions to introduce some new players and their characters...

Hope I didn't spoil anything!

The Squires of Reinsborough:

Partisan Boy: Believes he's the son of Partisan a former hero of Reinsborough,
Kid Ricochet: Possesses similar powers to his hero,
Golden Girl: Think Bionic Girl aided by the miracle of gold based technology!
Monkey Boy: Take one superpowered chimpanzee transplant the brain of a young teenager, let him steal a pair of laser blasters...
Adept: Mystical hero
Nin-jane: Teenaged ninja and member of a clan of assassins whose older brothers have come off worst against the Knights of Reinsborough, she's looking to become a hero rather than follow in her older brothers' footsteps...

My impression?
I thought, ooh the Teen Titans of Reinsborough!!!:smallsmile:

2012-08-07, 06:34 AM
Department E: Agency responsible for Golden Girl and Monkeyboy and who they're on the run from!

Nin-Jane: Comes from a family of Ninja's as mentioned above her older brothers have crossed paths with the Knights at leat three times so far although one escaped recently from Dauger Island.

Adept: Mystical hero able to cast spells including a magical blast and magical shield

Partisan: Described as a flying brick

Kid Ricochet: Unrelated to Ricochet from the Knights he possesses heightened physical abilities as well as the ability to leap,

Monkeyboy: Think Ultrahumanite in his white ape body except he was the guinea pig I am wondering if someone has been watching Generator Rex because of the twin blaster pistols!
Hopefully he'll retain that most useful superability of all... Beast Boy's sense of humour!!!

Golden Girl: DEFINITELY a take on the 70's Bionic series!
Hopefully they'll ignore the awful theme music from the Six Million Dollar Man pilot!
Gold Armour, Cybernetic limbs, superstrength, flight, energy blast and computer hacking capabilities (think Cyborg from Smallville)
Still listening sounds like she's being likened to Hair-trigger from the Knights except for the swearing of course!

Goblins in the Sewers?: The first foes they face in the adventure

Where is Partisan's body?

Partisan Boy is NOT the kid with the comic who Doctor Necropath encounters...

Here's the link I mentioned!

Knights of Reinsborough (http://ideologyofmadness.spookyouthouse.com/archives/category/columns/knights-of-reignsborough)