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2012-08-09, 05:07 PM
So, the movie has finally been released hereabouts. I managed to go spoiler free into it, so here are my thoughts:

- Casting was good overall, except for Wayland. The actor somehow didn't really fit, but that may be due to the dubbing voiceactor
- The dub was halfway decent, but I will go see it with original audio tomorrow
- The characters were OK, except for Charlize Theron. That one was completely 2 dimensional, IMHO
- The plot was decent enough
- The pacing was great

One thing that's nagging me:
OK, the guys land on LV-223. During the whole movie I was under the impression that this was the Planet from Alien and Aliens, and the derelict was the crashed spaceship, and the Nostromo went after the distress beacon set by Dr. Shaw.
Then I was kinda pissed that the "Alien" in the end didn't break out of the Space Jockeys breast where I expected it to, namely in the pilot seat of the derelict. If you're gonna have a throwback to Alien, why not make it consistent?

After getting home, I googled around, and it seems Alien took part on LV-426, so, different planet. OK, solves that. But what beacon did the Nostromo follow then in Alien?

Also, I really liked Fifield, the geologist. Reminded me of (spoilered for size)

Any thoughts from other latecomers?

2012-08-09, 06:48 PM
It was an odd movie. The beginning half of it was rather good conceptually (and especially if you took it away from its connections to the Alien franchise), but as soon as they brought in Alien-esque stuff... everything kind of unraveled. It had potential to be good and feel somewhat Alien-esque, but not BE Alien.

I will give it props for feeling like Old Sci-fi though. That's a rare experience nowadays.

2012-08-14, 06:26 AM
When i watched this I assumed the engineers reason for the weapon x programme was that they were essentially immortal and one of their number had found a way to die which scared the hell out of them.
When his donation to earth's life forms resulted in the creation of the human race they took this very badly and every so often attempted to wipe out what they saw was an aberration but each time although they killed alot of the populace some survived and passed on their resistance/immunity to their gene engineered diseases.
The evidence the archaeologist found was intended as a warning since the information was retrieved by some guinea pigs for their experiements that were returned so they could infect the rest of their species.
Nobody mentioned how each of those civilisations they mentioned ended so I figured they eventually died out as they tended to be the first place the engineers checked on after one of their experiments once they figured it was safe to do so.
This would explain why the pilot went on a psychotic rampage when he was awakened by members of the race his species or at least his part of that race had spent millennia trying to eradicate them...
I guess I took the title too literally since Prometheus seemed an apt title to what i thought the premise of the movie was.
Exactly why they made all those mistakes though, well I wasn't too bother about Guy Pierce's acting since he isn't capable of making it worse than their actions during the movie had already revealed.
Otherwise a fine movie would make a fine adventure scenario for T2300 but if you do end up running this for god sake don't drop any clues and make the npc cast a bit more competent the captain and his two crew are perfectly fine, I agree about Charlize Theron's character's survival mishap though!

2012-08-14, 08:39 AM
My bigger problems were things like...nothing making sense.

(not bothering to spoiler, on account of it having been out for a fair bit)

Just because it's a random alien baby doesn't mean it makes sense for it to, in a locked room with no source of energy or food whatsoever, go from a burned to hell 1 poundish object to a coupla ton monstrosity. In a couple of hours.

There were a lot of great set piece shots. There were some solid ideas to explore. However, the movie failed to develop this into anything coherent.

2012-08-14, 10:42 PM
I'm with Tyndmyr on this one. Absolutely, utterly nonsensical and incoherent from start to finish.

Literally, from the first scene to the last. I could rant for pages about the colossal letdown of it all, not to mention the absurd self-indulgence on the director's part at the expense of characters, storyline and simple logic.

One of the things that gets me most is the fundamentally stupid, unprofessional behavior of people who are supposed to be seasoned scientists, explorers and field researchers. A trained exobiologist, or even a trained terrestrial biologist, would not hold his hand out to an unknown species like it was a park squirrel. And a field geologist backed up by holomapping drones would not conveniently get lost.

And, there's got to be a trope for the universal stupidity of pulling off your helmet the moment you detect a "breathable atmosphere." It's as if writers get a bonus if they include this in the script. Serenity did this on Miranda, Red Planet did this on Mars, Sharon Valerii did this on the Cylon basestar...it's apparently the custom in every corner of the universe, and it's never a good idea.

I could go on. I really could. Captain America had better-developed characters, The Avengers had more plausible creatures and Thor had a better plot.

2012-08-15, 05:49 AM
I'm with Tyndmyr on this one. Absolutely, utterly nonsensical and incoherent from start to finish.
I could go on. I really could. Captain America had better-developed characters, The Avengers had more plausible creatures and Thor had a better plot...

Thor had Kenneth Branagh and Anthony Hopkins, Avengers had Joss Whedon and Captain America... well was a Captain America movie, even we Brits would have been up in arms if they messed that up anywhere near the level of Prometheus!:smallwink:

Anyway Prometheus had Michael Fassbender... now if only he could have dissed the hell out of the rest of the cast during the movie when they were about to do something stupid that would have improved things immensely!

2012-08-16, 10:07 PM
Also, Master and Commander had a better female lead.

: /