View Full Version : Help finding old, old children's book

2012-08-11, 10:34 PM
I know this is a long shot, but... my google-fu has failed me, and perhaps someone might know where I can find this old book, or scans of it, or ANYTHING...

Anyways. It's over 20 years old, considering I had it when I was 5-7. It's a children's adaptation of Peter Pan. There are some things that set it apart in my mind:

-The cover had a lot of red.
-Peter Pan was kind of dark-red-headed and wore mostly brownish clothes.
-In a fair amount of the pages, there was no action, just the dialogue. The action was conveyed with the pictures.
-It was a really, really short book. About a line or two per page.
-In the scene where the children shoot at Wendy, there's just the dialogue from Tinkerbell, where she calls Wendy a witch and asks the children to punish her.
-Tinkerbell had long, straight, lavender hair
-The cover features Peter Pan flying, and flying just below him, looking up, is Tinkerbell.
-While my copy was in Spanish (and translated in the formal, Spain-kind-of-Spanish), there COULD be a version in some other language.
-This was part of a collection of children's books. There were a lot of tiny "thumbnails" of other books in the collection.
-It was in paperback, and pretty big... but not bigger than a magazine, and certainly nowhere near as thick.
-The cover was glossy.

These are all the details I remember from that book. I LOVED that book as a child, especially the pictures. I was sure I had it, but I've turned my whole room upside-down and I can't find it. Nor do my cousins have it, so I daresay either my parents gave it away without my permission, or it was one of the many books that got ruined when we once forgot to close a window, and they were all in boxes and it rained. Far too many good books were lost that day.

ANY help in locating a copy (real or digital!) is greatly, greatly appreciated.