View Full Version : Any malazans around? Need tips on builds

2012-08-14, 06:09 PM
I'm currently DMing a D&D 3rd edition campaign which is set on Fearun where a portal has opened linking Toril with the world of Steven Erikson. The campaign will probably unfold mainly on Fearun so there's no need for any great changes or adaptations in the rules. I need to come up with the stats of some races and creatures though, and I want them to be mildly overpowered :P.

1st: class - The seguleh.
In the books they are depicted as the ultimate war machines. All the seguleh who successfully survive to adulthood don a mask with a number of notches signifying their position within the Seguleh hierarchy. The leader is known as the Seguleh First and he had no marks on his mask.
I'm looking for a build that would demonstrate their supremacy in ways of combat but I'm not sure how to depict this using the rules. Their skills weren't supernatural but the result of their life-long devotion so I'm thinking of some kind of level adjustment and a racial ability similar to that of the heroics spell that would scale later, representing a quick adaptation depending on the fight. What do you think?