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Kol Korran
2012-08-16, 04:11 AM
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Hi there. I tend to do fairly basic build, which are... not that impressive. In my campaign the party will face a small fleet stemming from The Empire- a colonial force of humans and dwarves (though the humans get +2 to any ability, and the dwarves get an extra +2 to int. setting rules).

This fleet is the Seeker's fleet- a small specialized force that seeks out dangerous threats to The Empire, and... deals with them. Power wise they should be fairly effective for a low- mid level setting, but not overpoweringly so. A worthy challenge for the PCs?

I got much of the details of the fleet detailed- It's Commander, regular kind of troops, and basic support (mostly wizards, cleric and marshals), but i'm lacking the build of the captains of 4 of it's vessels.

Which is where I ask for your help. each starts at level 7, and should be a worthy challenge with their troops to a 5th level party of 4 PCs (and possible crew as well). I don't want to customize it to the characters, as they may change (lower level at the moment) A few requirements though:
1) Each must at least generally portray the vision I have for him/ her.
2) human (with +2 to one ability) or dwarf (extra +2 to int) only- no other races.
3) though beginning at level 7, the build should not become obsolete at level 8,9 or 10, as they may level up.
4) Should be fairly simple to run.
5) hopefully have 1-3 signature moves/ abilities. (doesn't have to be overly original. Going more for flair and efficiency)
6) should be able to work well with a crew (though doesn't have to buff them) and work on a ship.
7) equipment worth about 20-22,000 gp for each.
8) for general guidelines on the basic available classes- check here (http://witchlingisles.pbworks.com/w/page/51501158/Classes%20of%20the%20Empire) (Note that many "martial" classes get some sort of maneuver using feature.) prestige classes are mostly open, but must fit the theme.

The captains
1) Captain of the Venator- the Witch bane: (paladin who has the ability to negate powers of witches, see the link)- a devout follower of the faith (sort of Christianity in the crusade period). Not fanatic, but very ardent. tends to be quick to act, quick to judge, supposed to be a very resilient foe, always pressing on.

2) Captain of the Glacier- The warmage: (again, sees some changes in the link) A far more calculated individual, tends to voice doubts and caution. often studies his objective well before coming to action. Quite well liked by his/ her troops. With refined tastes and a few vices as well.

3) Captain of the Meluis- The warchanter: (bard with a free song of the heart) a fairly easy going sophisticated musician, but expert on leading his/ her men to battle, often prefers much more subtle approaches, and has a tendency to sneaking.

4) Captain of the Onadin- The Ocean tamer: (ranger with no spell casting ability, but the weapon masterclass feature from Complete Champion)- a skillful masterful seaman/ woman, often quite silent and grim, but him/ her and the crew are daredevils, often taking dangerous missions, and love long range sea pursuits and tactics. definitely the tactician of the group. (If possible, i'd love him/ her to have a blink dog companion, not sure how that compares to the usual options)

Can you help? Any questions?

Books: PHB 1+2, MM 1-3, DMG 1+2, all completes, all races of..., tome of magic, of battle, heroes of battle, miniatures... I think that is all.


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