View Full Version : Forumite Medal Density

2012-08-16, 06:35 AM
Has this been done yet? Take a reading of the various nationalities across the board and see how my medals are being represented per captia?

For example... I'm USA, and we have 46g, 29s and 29b

Someone could factor those wins by how many of my fellow American are on the board. Let's see which board nationality can claim the highest density of medals.

For that, we'll need demographics on who-is-who, and that might be tough to scrounge together. Remember, it doesn't matter if you're part of a nation of 5 billion, if only 5,000 of those people found there way to the playground, that's the number you factor into.

2012-08-18, 07:38 AM
I'm pretty certain this has not and will not be done, as it involves every single active forum member to reveal their nationality, which just ain't gonna happen.