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2012-08-19, 01:19 AM
had a sizable Monsters and Other Childish Things game going with the setting idea from Bigger Bads, Monster Force Zeta. been recording and editing them as actual play recordings in the vein of Drunk and the Ugly, and apart from some echo in the first session, like to think they came out pretty well

follows the story of a foursome of kids (4th is a session late) as they're found out by the government to possess otherworldly horrors as best friends. rather than throw them in a cage and try to weaponize the monsters, a colonel recruits the kids as amateur soldiers instead to help fight the war against the bigger, uglier, meaner monsters that mean to eat human souls or worse

party includes:
-a whacky inventor kid and amateur xenobiologist, and Zahne, his grumpy old man with bloody pliers/tooth fairy
-a gritty boy detective and Hardboiled, his super noir, tommy gun-totingcartoon egg
-a video game geek and surprising martial artist, and Free, his ADD minor wind goddess
-an act first, panic shortly after girl with Oswald, a giant horrific spike-covered rabbit

mind the echoes early on, fix it around session 2 or 3




first few there, can link more if there's enough response or have the thread up to date on http://sordidystopia.com/drunkenforums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8

2012-09-14, 04:30 AM
Dude we're internet famous!

This is jujubeans if you can't tell....

2012-09-14, 06:13 AM
well! having the thread posted on Arcdream website's "enough attention" for me

*EP 4, missed adding it before**

The kids explore Antichristmas Land. Think it's Silent Hill

the party's further adventures into Anti-Christmas Land

The kids do such a good job, they get a pizza party and on-base shenanigans

more hijinx, followed by a haunted house in a strangely unhaunted town

The party goes (halfway) to Hell and back

Free isn't Free anymore, except now she's extra Free

Free strikes bargains while Parker goes cross country in search of allies and resources. also Slickpoo

Monster Force takes on a sentient cyber monstrosity only calling itself The Internet

more casual nonsense, and the results of the Internet fiasco leads the team back to Slickpoo

the kids are forced to go to public school again, except for Joe who has a wizard to meet