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2012-08-20, 05:26 AM
Disclaimer: The file I am linking to is copyrighted content, but as I am its rightful copyright holder, I can post it here. I am not breaking any laws in doing so. Just to be clear. Additionally as I am the creator this content please do respect what I've created. I'm posting it for feedback, under the CC license, and you are welcome to use any of the ideas you like for your own work, but please give me proper credit, and let me know if you do decide to use it, and how it works for you. Thank you.

Alright, so I've been working on an RPG for a while now, and while its not even close to being done yet, I have finished the draft for a part of the system, and I wanted to post it for feedback, and to encourage me to keep going and update with additional content. I appreciate your time reading this, admittedly incomplete work.

This is a complete draft of character creation rules, and a character sheet. It also contains the basics of the resolution system for context. As it is my working file, it contains some organizational stuff, including empty headings. For that I apologize.

Alright that all said and done this is the file: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0By1lQ8HKYd0-MnZKdzB0UVhPTG8, my internet isn't particularly good, let me know if you have any problems viewing the file.

The RPG is meant to be a universal and simple system, which allows the player a great deal of freedom for character growth and freedom of narration of action for the player. I hope you like what you see thus far. It is the fourth draft of the rules thus far. Thanks for your time

2012-08-20, 02:49 PM
Hmm. I wonder if part of the reason for lack of replies is that all the content is external? Or am is just impatient :smallredface:

Tell you what. To test my theory how about I post a small chunk here for people to look at.

Character Creation, Step Three: Characteristics

What does your character look like? Height; eye color; hair color and distinguishing features, all help to establish your character’s physical characteristics. What does he or she like to wear and how does he or she speak? What reaction do you want your character to provoke? Jot down a few words that summarize these reactions, as well as a short paragraph describing him or her.

Make a list of adjectives, which describe your character’s personality. If her or she has any particular quirks jot them down. What are your character’s values? Love, Honor, Freedom, Pride, Justice, Revenge and Selfishness, etc. You may assign five points of importance to your character’s values, Whenever your character acts in a way guided by what he or she values you receive +#B or -#B if your character acts opposite to his or her values. Where # is equal to the importance of that value. Your character’s values can shift or change over the course of play. Each session, you may shift up to one point of importance in values.

Who does your character know prior to the start of the game? What is his or her relationship to these characters? Use this space to outline at least four characters your character knows either as friends, or rivals. Have a basic idea of why; you can flesh it out more in your history. Jot down names and a few details about each of these characters. In addition to these details you may assign ten points of importance to these relationships. Though no relationship may have more than four points of importance. When your character is interacting with these characters in any fashion, you receive +#B or -#B to your rolls as appropriate to the situation. Where # is equal to the importance of that relationship. You may develop new relationships, or strengthen existing ones over the course of play. Each session you may shift up to two points of importance in relationships.

Character History:
Describe the events, which happened to your character over the course of his or her life. Focus on events, which led to the development of your character’s values, relationships, goals and any major accomplishments. Your character history will be the foundation for your character. Create a timeline with the major events, and any important details you want to emphasize.

Goals and Destiny:
What does your character want to accomplish in the short-medium term. These are your character’s goals. Write down a few, and decide which ones you want your character to focus on for now. You may assign two points of importance to goals. Anytime your character preforms an action, which works towards one of the goals he, or she is focusing on, you receive +#B on the roll. Where # is the importance of the goal. Your goals may shift over the course of play; you may shift one point of importance per session in goals.
In addition to your characters goals your character should have a destiny, a purpose for his or her life. A calling has to do with less concrete but larger things, like achieving enlightenment, protecting the innocent, mastering the arts of love, or securing power. Callings drive heroes even when they're striving for their more concrete goals. Most callings will demand change in the hero, and may present the hero situations where he or she must choose between their calling and other elements of their lives. Anytime your character performs an action, which works towards his or her calling, you may choose to gain one Passion point, or gain +2B on the roll.

Are there any details about your character you want to record somewhere but don’t seem to fit into one of the other categories, jot them down here, as well as information that comes up in play, that you want to remember.

All of the above information is copyrighted, and may be used only either by my express permission or under the terms of the CC license. Thanks :smallsmile:

2012-08-20, 04:18 PM
You may want to clearly define how a bonus die can be negative or positive.

Artistry says it gives Paunch instead of Passion.

This seems very interesting. It reminds me of another RPG I saw once, though that one was based around the idea of acting in a play..

What kind of feedback are you looking for?

2012-08-20, 04:43 PM
Ah. Negative/Positive bonus dice. I did define them. Not clearly enough though it seems. Thanks. I'll re-write that section. (The Basics-Dice)

Good catch. I ended up changing the name from Paunch to Passion, and must have missed that reference. I appreciate that.

Thanks. If you remember what RPG it reminds you of let me know I would love to take a look at it. See what it does differently, and the same.

Well I'm happy to listen to any sort of feedback people want to give me. However the thing I would like to know most of all, is the sort of feedback you gave in your first comment. Feedback that lets me know where I haven't been clear. I have lots of ideas in my head and sometimes concepts don't make it to paper. If you find any part of it confusing, or a concept doesn't make sense. Chances are its my fault, and I would love to know about it.

Clarity is frequently a problem for me.

If people want to comment on anything else though, as I said I would be happy to receive their feedback.

2012-08-20, 05:52 PM
Examples of how it would work are always nice.

Such as showing an example character rolling for something.

Character Soandso wants to do X. X requires Y successes on a Z ability roll. Soanso has W in that ability. They roll and..

I find that showing how it's intended to work keeps people from misinterpreting the rules.

2012-08-22, 06:59 AM
I had planned to do examples, I just hadn't got there yet. Though I was only going to do the basics of rolling in the playing the game section.

Do you think I should include examples throughout the character building section?

2012-08-22, 09:41 AM
I had planned to do examples, I just hadn't got there yet. Though I was only going to do the basics of rolling in the playing the game section.

Do you think I should include examples throughout the character building section?

Provide a single example character at each step of the character building section, and then build that character. This creates a narrative for a new player and makes it easier to follow.

2012-08-23, 03:18 PM
Definitely going to do the sample character then, stepwise box by box.

Well. Big changes ahead. Once I manage to get the new file viewable on google docs you're welcome to look at all of them, but for now a brief summary will have to suffice.

Name change: Tales -> Kleos
Kleos refers to the legacy of a hero after his death, and the game has shifted to focus on developing the legacy, and finally dying with a huge bang, in a glorious end.
More player control in during action resolution: The facilitator's role is now narrating opponents successes, and determining the number of dice rolled by the opponents or situation!
Some of the Examples have been started!
Magic has been cut: It was never all that well integrated into the setting this is meant to facilitate, and was always a thorn in the logic of the setting. So now the only magic is the product of dark pacts with demons or the intervention of the gods. Much more in line with the setting as I envisioned it!

Cardinal Beliefs: This is a belief is central to the character, so central in fact that character is destined to die struggling for it

Passion changes: Passion has become the medium for glory when pursing your Cardinal Belief, it also lets you do tons of cool stuff.

Health is gone: Stamina takes over its role.

Will: Will now can be spent as the mode of bargaining with demons or invoking gods. Making it the sole source of magic, and brining it up to par with the other attributes.

Anyway. That's what's up. :smallsmile: When I have the new file working I'll update the first post with a link.