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Baron Corm
2012-08-20, 04:36 PM
And a revised special material or two.

All of the following feats are Warforged feats. Their only prerequisite is being a warforged. Some of them are revised feats from Races of Eberron, while others are entirely new.

Adamantine Body: You gain damage reduction 5/adamantine.
Adamantine Tracery: You gain damage reduction 1/adamantine.
Aurorum Body: You gain fast healing 1.
Aurorum Tracery: You gain pinch healing 1 (fast healing that only functions when your current hit points are less than half of your maximum).
Bone Body: Functions as the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat, and is treated as such for the purpose of prerequisites. You can no longer be repaired, but gain full healing from inflict spells and similar.
Cold Iron Body: +4 on Will saves vs spells and SLAs.
Cold Iron Tracery: +2 on Will saves vs spells and SLAs.
Crystal Body: Functions as the Psionic Talent feat, and is treated as such for the purpose of prerequisites. If you are not a psionic character, you become one.
Crystal Tracery: Functions as the Wild Talent feat, and is treated as such for the purpose of prerequisites.
Darkwood Body: Healing spells and repair spells are both fully effective on you.
Mithral Body: None.
Riverine Body: Your armor and enhancement bonuses to AC are converted to deflection bonuses which stack with any one other deflection bonus, and you gain spell resistance equal to 10 + your HD + your armor and enhancement bonuses to AC. However, if you fail your save against an effect that destroys force effects, such as disintegrate, you are immediately destroyed.
Riverine Tracery: Your enhancement bonus to AC is converted to a deflection bonus which stacks with any one other deflection bonus.
Silver Body: +4 on Fortitude saves vs spells and SLAs.
Silver Tracery: +2 on Fortitude saves vs spells and SLAs.
Stone Body: None.
Thinuan Body: A creature's soul is absorbed into your body if it died in any of your threatened squares. You can hold a number of souls equal to your HD. It is your choice to let a new soul in to replace an existing one or not. Your body glows when in the presence of a particular type of evil act, not providing enough light to see by, but potentially revealing your position in a dark area. Clothing or similar will hide the glow.
Thinuan Tracery: If you kill a creature with your natural weapons, its soul is absorbed into your body. You can hold one soul at any time. It is your choice to let a new soul in to replace an existing one or not.
Unarmored Body: Treated as not wearing armor, though you can still gain enhancement bonuses to armor on your body.

Your natural weapons are treated as the materials your tracery and body are made of. With no feats, these are both steel. If you have more than one body or tracery feat at the same time, the one you gained most recently overrides all others, though you can have a different type of body than your tracery. Tracery of the same type as your body grants no benefits.

Tracery is typically minimal and only put into a few body parts, such as the eyes, chest, and palms, but could also refer to full stripes or veins of the material throughout the warforged's entire body.

In addition to these benefits, Body feats change the type of armor you are treated as wearing, though Tracery feats do not. Refer to the table below for your new effective armor.

{table=head]Body Material|Armor Bonus|Max Dex Bonus|ACP|ASF|Speed|Armor Type|Fortification
Adamantine|+8|+1|-7|35%|20 ft|Heavy|Medium
Aurorum*BoED|+1|+8|-|5%|30 ft|Light|None
Bone|+6|+3|-4|25%|25 ft|Medium|Medium
Cold Iron|+2|+7|-|10%|30 ft|Light|Light
Composite (base)|+2|+7|-|10%|30 ft|Light|Light
Darkwood|+5|+4|-3|25%|25 ft|Medium|Light
Crystal|+5|+4|-3|25%|25 ft|Medium|Light
Mithral|+4|+7|-|10%|30 ft|Light|Light
RiverineSW|+4|+5|-1|20%|30 ft|Light|Light
Silver|+1|+8|-|5%|30 ft|Light|None
Stone|+10|+0|-8|40%|20 ft|Heavy|Heavy
Thinuan**CW|+7|+2|-5|30%|20 ft|Heavy|Medium
Unarmored***|-|-|-|-|30 ft|None|None[/table]
*I'm treating aurorum here as magical gold, because its name implies it, and "luminous steel" is just kind of boring.
**To make thinuan more interesting than a simple steel alloy (all of the given Abyssal/Hellish materials in 3.5 are boring steel alloys as well), and because I love its special property, I would re-imagine it as a mineral mined from the blood-splashed stones of the Abyss and Nine Hells, which gains its properties over time by being tainted by the presence of countless evil petitioners and being in the vicinity of countless heinous acts. It is found in green, purple, and orange colors, depending on the specific acts that imbued it with evil, and glows when in the presence of similar acts. Green for deceit or betrayal, purple for torture or profane magic, orange for hatred or violence.
***Unarmored can be represented by any soft material you like, such as clay, or it can just represent metal that doesn't cover much of your internal wood and wiring.

2012-08-20, 06:16 PM
Can you annotate where the original feats are located?

Baron Corm
2012-08-20, 06:55 PM
All of the old feats are located in the Eberron Campaign Setting, also reprinted in Races of Eberron. I'll try and throw some tags up for the special materials.

2012-08-21, 06:41 PM
Yeah my apologies, I was referring to Aururum, Bone, Crystal, Riverine, Stone, and Thinaun.