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2012-08-20, 09:52 PM

This is my first hombrew, what I plan to do is recreate the "core" PHB and fix a few things. Thankfully WoTC has done most of the work but I want to just put everything together. I will also be using some ideas from Paizo (though I hate that company) to mainstream some of the mechanics. Some of the classes may even come from homebrew (I've seen some great ones over the years). Essentially what I want to make is a new core rule book.

Please note I'm a scientist, not a fricken journalist or even at one point an English major. Spelling, grammar, and fluff will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the end of this.. Or whenever I get a whim.

I would like to keep the Core Classes to around 9 to 12

Classes to keep from core: Bard

Classes up for addition to Core: ToB classes, MoI Classes, ToM classes, Warlock, Dragon Shaman (or dragon fire adept), Factorum, Dread Necromancer, Beguiler, Warmage, Favored Soul, ... More to come later.

I want a huge difference in the classes that use vastly different mechanics. ToB to Binder to MoI helps with this.

Some of these may be homebrewed versions. Why? I've seen a ton of homebrew that are just...Better than what WoTC did. I'll ask for permission if I find any that I would like to add.

Races for Core: 3.5 races do need fixed. I know this, you know this, and WoTC knows this.

Skills: I believe in Unearthed Arcana there is an alternate skill system. This Core will follow that type of system.

Feats: Major major major upgrade is needed for this. Some class features from core will come from here (sneak attack, trapfinding, rage, turn/rebuke undead, etc).


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