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2012-08-23, 11:53 PM
How many of you have watched Electric City by Tom Hanks on Yahoo website? The story is set in post apocalyptic era and the main setting is the ecological city. The city was built after a devastating war and rely on man power (aka prisoner on hamster wheel or bicycle generator), solar, hydroelectric and wind energy. Fossil Fuel are gone due to the war. The city is blacked out at night and wireless communications are banned (most illegal products use (I don't know how they call it but it use 3x3 grid with number of taps and letter it represents). The city use police force to track down and wipe out any tapping activity. There are underground resistance that use free communication in shadow.
From what I saw about the Knitting Society (AKA leaders of the settings' city)
Most of their "extreme" activity has to do with their experience of post apocalyptic world, especially Ruth Orwell. Ruth lost her parents to the war, her adopted parents to the cult, and her baby daughter to the cold. She gained the city by assassinating Professor Johnson and his council, with the help of her friends of Knitting society.
kinda morally ambiguous.