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2012-08-24, 12:18 AM
OOC: I've got Pathfinder, I think I might use that for this, but for now, I"m considering accepting honest constructive criticism for it.

The World Tower *High Fantasy*


Long Ago, the world outside was known to everyone. However, something happened. No one knows what it was. Entire religions have spread detailing the events that occured before we were all pushed inside The Tower. Some say a war between the gods occured, and destroyed the world. We were placed inside the Tower so we could survive the destruction. Others say that we were placed inside the Tower as a punishment, and this is our prison. You ask three people in The Tower for their views and you get five points of view. Whatever you think, whatever you say, whatever you do. We are all confined here, either comfortably or not, in this place, our home.

The World Tower.

A giant tower has been built thousands of years ago. Entire civilizations have been built inside vast rooms in the Tower where magical fountains and gardens feed thousands of people. Fantasy staples, such as wizards, knights, and the like exist, but otherwise, this world is entirely different from what a good number of you may be familiar with.

Something important to remember about The World Tower's culture is that
the gods of the world occupy a special place in the people's cosmology, and the most powerful gods have a special allusion to the Tower it'self. For example, the Sky god is renowned for being one of the low number of beings that can exist and even thrive outside the Tower, high above even the Tower's summit.

There is, however, a fearsome Underworld. The Underworld is nothing more than the World Tower's Basement, and some Caverns connected to the basement which lead to outside The Tower. (Cultural misinformation would lead the vast majoirty of the population to believe that there literally is no outside accept for the skies outside.)

I"m looking for a large number of players, and hope I get enough to start. (Hopefully 5 or 6 players at least).

Cultural Niches:
Wizards draw power from many different sources. Some use The World Tower it'self. Other Wizards draw power from Gardens. Other Wizards may draw power from Elemental energy, from the Fires in the Underworld, to the Wind and Thunder of the Sky, etcetera. Finally, there are the Fountain wizards. The waters that flow from fountains aren't just water. Most water is actually Aether, a magical substance of water that is used to grow the gardens and for drinking of the citizens of the World Tower. There are other Wizards, but the main thing to remember about Wizards is that Wizard = Caretaker/Keeper of entire Aether Fountains and/or massive Gardens. Wizards generally control entire societies of thousands of members. Most control much larger societies than that, and can be compared to Kings or even Emperors. There is a difference, however, between Mages and Wizards. Rarely however,Wizards become hermits and hide themselves in seclusion for unknown reasons.

Wizards are what other Fantasy stories consider Archmages to be. Mages, in this setting, are merely any thing from low level magic-users up to and including a Wizard. They also occupy a special niche in society. They are generally the caretakers of society such as judges, healers, councilors and wisemen.

Whereas Wizards and Mages generally devote themselves to studying schools of thought regarding magic, Preists/Mystics draw power from the devotion to deities or to intelligent sources of magic such as dragons, genies, etcetera. The difference between a Preist and a Mystic is that Preists are more religious in nature, earning their magic through miracles, whereas a Mystic is merely a practicioner of this specific form of magic, called Thaumaturgy. The magic of Preists and Mystics differ highly from Mages in most cases of magic-using. For example, a Preist or Mystic is generally more specialized in certain spell areas than a Mage, usually earning less magical abilities but being able to perform their magic with more strength to them, and/or being able to use their magical abilities more often.

Different Cultures:
The Samurai, Shao Lin, Ninja, as well as the European Knight, Wizard, Mage, Paladin, Berserker and Spartanesque warrior all exist in this vast World Tower. (In addition to other occupations). Some scholars submit the idea that this Tower was constructed to hold people from all cultures so that Humankind would survive the destruction from Outside. Feel free to play a Samurai, like I just listed, or other classes with a different flair.

Elves existed on the first floor of the World Tower in larger numbers. Some Elves also exist in larger number on the Tower Summit, since the rain from the sky falls on their gardens without the need for Aether. Dwarves are predominantly bottom and Underworld folk. (Orcs are the same way). Humans exist of course, as do Dragons (They exist in all levels of the Tower).

Leaving The Tower:
There is a way to leave the Tower. (Even other than the UnderRealm). However, no one knows how. Very few even think there is a way to leave The Tower for the Outside, since the gods have seemingly blocked access to and from it.