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2012-08-25, 01:04 AM

Kitsune, or at least these Kitsune are the descendants of powerful fey creatures from the Feywilds also know as Kitsune and their various interactions with humanoids in the mortal world. As a result they have lost many of the powers of their Fey ancestry, such as the ability to change their shape.

Personality: Kitsune are an adaptable, flexible, and friendly people among the common races. They tend to be diverse in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits, usually copying the races around them. Despite this they do have many common trends. To a varying degree Kitsune have a sly streak, loving to manipulate, coerce or trick people, as such many like getting jobs as merchants, diplomats or rogues. They also like the fine things that life has to offer, as such many work their way into the high echelons of society. They also are commonly promiscuous creatures, but when they get serious and choose to take a mate, they do so til death do they part and are incredibly loyal to their mate, even if the mate doesn’t return this loyalty. Even though Kitsune are primarily tuned towards a chaotic alignment they can be of any alignment and are loathe to break promises or oaths, and become quite upset when forced to do so, especially if it was the one they made the promise or oath to. Kitsune do not take or treat promises or oaths lightly.

Physical Description: Kitsune have the same appearance, height and weight (though tend to be lighter and shorter) of their humanoid heritage, be it Human, Elf, Half-elf, or Dwarf and all variants there of, yet tend to be more beautiful sometimes unnaturally so. The things that single them out as Kitsune are their fox like tail and ears on top of their head. The fur that covers their ears and tail always matches their hair, though the tips of their ears and tail tend to be white or black in contrast to the normal colour of their fur. Other characteristics are their teeth are slightly more canine then their humanoid race and the keratin of their finger and toe nails is stronger, but these are not as strong or as useful as that of an animal and thus is hardly worth mentioning. Male Kitsune can at any time, decide if they grow facial hair or not, choosing not to grow facial hair means it simply doesn’t grow, any they have when they choose this still has to be shaved off to be removed. Kitsune like jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and the odd ear piercing, but are usually very practical about their dress and appearance. They are very meticulous in their grooming, especially concerning their tail. If a Kitsune ever looses it’s tail, it become very bitter and unhappy and will hunt those responsible and make sure the rest of their lives are a living hell, going as far to protect them from death so that they might suffer longer. This is usually done from behind the scenes, only revealing their presence if need be. A Kitsune that looses it’s tail with no one (other then themselves) to blame will be come distraught and beg for a swift death. If kept alive it will live with out any regard for it’s own life. A Kitsune’s tail is like a companion to it and thus a Kitsune never truly feels alone, without it’s tail even in the best of company a Kitsune feels incomplete and completely alone, a feeling they absolutely loathe and fear. A Kitsune female can choose whether or not they fall pregnant, and their pregnancy cycle is longer then humans, carrying their child/children for twelve to thirteen months before giving birth to their litter, which is easier, faster and less painful then that of a human, having anywhere from 1 to 3 cubs. A Kitsune female always gives birth to more Kitsune, there are no half breeds. A female mate of a Kitsune who is not a Kitsune will give birth to a children of its own race. Kitsune become mentally mature at the age of 10 and become physically mature at the age of 14 yet can live as long as the elves, though despite this they rarely if ever adopt the elves long view of things, nor do they suffer age penalties.

Relations: Kistune get along with each other like one big family and readily mix with members of other races, who usually treat them with some level of caution due to the Kitsune’s sly and sometimes overly friendly nature.

Alignment: Kitsune inherit a tendency toward chaos from their Fey parents, but also a need to uphold their oaths and promises (a lawful trait). They favour good and evil in equal proportions thus a Kitsune can be of any Alignment.

Kitsune Lands: Kitsune have no lands of their own. Instead, they live in the lands of their Humanoid parent races, where they can benefit from whatever resources those lands have to offer. Kitsune are most often found in human communities. They work readily with others, though others don’t always readily work with them, so many Kitsune hide their ears and tails with clothing or magic and pretend to be part of their humanoid parent race.

Religion: Kitsune have no gods of their own, usually worshiping the same gods of those they were brought up with, but are drawn to gods of trickery

Language: Kitsune speak Common and Sylvan the tongue of their Fey ancestors. They typically learn other languages as well, Usually those found around were they live or commonly used for their occupation. They enjoy the elven language and it is rumoured some Kitsune can talk to woodland animals.

Names: Kitsune names depend on the society they were brought up with, however many if not all Kitsune believe they have three names, their fey name who no one but their ancestors would know. The name there parents gave them, and the name they take in order to protect the other two. This third name is the one they use most commonly and is something short and/or easy to remember. They only give out their birth name to those they truly trust. It is not uncommon for a Kitsune to take on a forth name to leave behind when causing shenanigans or unlawful acts.

Adventurers: Kitsune take up adventuring out of wanderlust or restlessness. As much as they love the high life and fine things that come with it. They also get bored of a lack of change or new things and will readily adventure to seek them out.

Kitsune Racial Traits
+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Strength -2 Constitution: Kitsune are agile and companionable, but tend to be physically weak.
Medium: Kitsune are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Fey: Kitsune are of the fey type and are therefore not affected by spells such as charm person and hold person. Unlike other fey, Kitsune gain Hit Dice, weapon and armour proficiencies only by acquiring levels in a character class.
Kitsune Heritage: Kitsune have a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects. Additionally for every two Kitsune racial feats they take this bonus increases by 1, for every three racial feats the DC of any enchantment spells or effects they cast/create is increased by 1.
Speed: Kitsune have a base speed of 30 feet.
Low-Light Vision (Ex): Kitsune can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Cold Iron Anathema (Su): Kitsune have a difficult time wielding weapons made of cold iron. Kitsune take a –2 penalty on any attack roll they make with a cold iron weapon or a weapon made only partially out of cold iron, such as a cold iron spear or a bow firing cold iron arrows.
Agile (Ex): Kitsune receive a +2 racial bonus on Balance checks.
Heightened Senses (Ex): Kitsune have the Scent ability (MM 314) and have a +2 racial bonus on Listen checks.
Kitsune Magic (sp): A kitsune can use the spell-like abilities Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound and Prestidigitation a combined total of 3 times per day.
Languages: Kitsune begin play speaking Common and Sylvan. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic). See other racial lists for common languages or the Speak Language skill (page 82) for a more comprehensive list. Kitsune mingle with all kinds of other folk and thus can learn any language found in an area. Additionally a Kitsune can choose to be able to communicate with foxes as a bonus language. Remember that foxes do not have a language and though a Kitsune might be able to understand them, it may not always be possible to translate it into something the Kitsune’s companions can understand.
Favored Class: Sorcerer or Rogue, chosen at character creation


You grow an extra two tails that represents your growing magical powers.
Prerequisite: Kitsune.
Benefit: You add two new 1st level Enchantment and or Illusion spells taken from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list to your Kitsune magic racial ability and gain 2 more uses of said ability.
Special: You may select this feat up to four times. Each time you take it you gain the same as above but gain access to a spell level higher. However on the 4th time you take this feat you can select from 4th and 5th level Sorcerer/Wizard spells.

Your fur guards you against all weapons except those crafted from the dreaded cold iron.
Prerequisites: Kitsune, 3rd level
Benefit: You gain damage reduction (overcome by cold iron) equal to 2 times the number of feats you have that list Kitsune as a prerequisite (including this feat and such feats that you take after gaining this one). For example, each instance of Magic tail would grant damage reduction 2/cold iron each to a total of 10 (taking into account the Fey Skin feat itself).
This value stacks with any similar damage reduction you might have from your type, subtype, race, or class, but not from other sources, such as spells or magic items.

Build notes:
This is not a traditional kitsune, it gets close but I do not have the knowledge of all the Kitsune variants throughout mythology, nor do I think it is needed. This is actually based off a character I built for the Dresden Files RPG but with some modification. I wanted it easily adaptable into any world without having to redesign to world or race, plug and play FTW!

Magic Tail is a rehash of PF's kitsune's feat of the same name and fey skin needs a better name, and is a rehash of the fey heritage feat found in Complete mage, these heritage feats were what I was originally using for racial feats but they didn't connect as smoothly as I wanted. I mean a fey taking fey heritage feats to be a fey? That's just me being lazy and stupid. All fixed now. Enjoy!

Please PEACH! And I will do my best to listen to what you have to say.

Old Build notes:
Now I’m sure you have likely seen a lot of attempts at a Kitsune or fox-like race, to be exact this one is Kitsunemimi, but still really it’s the same thing again. I’m not sure how to put the concept for it into words, but I quickly realised if I wanted it to be LA+0 I needed to strip some stuff from it and then needed to explain why… which I hope I have done.

Before I started this endeavour I looked though the forums of more then one 3.5 home brewing site looking to see if someone had already done what I was looking for. Yes there are a lot of Kitsune/fox-like races, but I did not find what I wanted, sure some of them were really well done and cool, but… did not fit the niche I was looking to fill. (I even looked at Pathfinders version in Advanced races guide)

So I took the ones that were as close as I thought to my goal and began stripping out the parts I wanted… funnily enough I ended with very little, well just the stats actually (the ones from pathfinder no less) then looking through the PHB races I took stuff from them to fill in the gaps, If you look closely you’ll notice some of the fluff is plagiarised directly from the PHB, though this is not a test so I won’t lose marks for that. I also use the Killoren race from Races of the wild (pg 102, quite an interesting LA+0 race that I’ve been tempted to try but never have) for the Fey type and cold iron info (which has been tweaked to be more dangerous).

After that any holes I felt there still there, I filled with my own intuition, so It’s likely not as balanced as I might have hoped. That’s were you come in! Please PEACH! And I will do my best to listen to what you say.

2012-08-25, 07:27 AM
I recommend that you either remove Fey Heritage since it doesn't actually give them the feat OR even better that you actually give them the feat as a bonus feat. What you've done is neither and made it a namby-pamby ability that is only there so they don't have to take the feat but gain a partial benefit from it. Since they are Fey, they could just take the feat if they wanted as you suggest thus negating the point of this ability. Giving them this feat as a bonus feat helps offset the powerful drawback from Cold Iron Anathema.

You left out weapon proficiencies. Also I clarified the damage on Cold Iron Anathema here:

Cold Iron Anathema (Su): Kitsune have a difficult time wielding weapons made of cold iron. Kitsune take a –2 penalty on any attack roll they make with a cold iron weapon or a weapon made only partially out of cold iron, such as a cold iron spear or a bow firing cold iron arrows. They also take an additional 5 points of damage when struck with these weapons even if the attacker is trying to deal non-lethal damage.

Depending on how much cold iron gets used in your game, this could be a serious drawback. At low level, it can be deadly to spellcasters with few hit points. I've seen this ability before, but with it doing no damage (as the Killoren from Races of the Wild pg. 103) to homebrews that add up to 3 points of damage. 5 points of damage is excessive.

Kitsune magic is simply a spell-like ability and should be written that way.

My recommendation add Fey Heritage as a bonus feat and drop the damage in Cold Iron Anathema to no more than 3 (and seriously consider removing it) and changing Kitsune Magic to Spell-Like Abilities.


2012-08-25, 08:10 AM
Fey heritage is now a bonus feat
Kitsune magic now Spell like

Cold Iron Anathema wording altered to your clarification (though I added one extra word, just to be sure)

On CIA... err Cold Iron Anathema, I did originality copy and paste it from the Killoren race, I'm sure this was mentioned in my build notes (they are in a spoiler... maybe hard to see, I fix) I added the extra damage to make sure it stays away from LA+1 territory which with 2 positive attribute bonuses and only one negative it may have already been moving towards. I did only intent for it to be only a extra 2 damage, but then made it 5. It is now back at 2. As much as I would like to bury it and dance on it's grave, I fear it's here to stay, unless I find or am given I better solution.

The DM I intend to sell this too once it is done, seems to think the Scent ability is very powerful, despite how druids/wizards/sorcerers can get it by affiliation at level 1, rangers at level 4 and paladins at level 5, from their animal companions/familiars/special mounts. I have played a character with the scent ability before and my self and the DM of that game had allot of fun with it. I think I may also have been excessive with my conditional de-buff for it.


Thinking I should loose the skill de-buff and drop the dazed to 2 rounds, though as a person with a terrible sense of smell who has never had a stink bomb to the face or some such similar, I can only imagination the effect, and go off what I've read (Discworld; Going postal the werewolf gets stink bombed? I think that's the right book...)

Baron Corm
2012-08-25, 11:38 AM
If you want to keep LA +0 your stat modifiers should equal out to 0. This means either taking out one of the bonuses, or adding in another penalty. I'm gonna suggest a -2 penalty to Constitution. If this is for Pathfinder, ignore this paragraph.

I think the thing about being dazed for smelling something overpowering should just be an adjustment to Scent as an ability. It doesn't seem necessary to add special rules for this race in particular.

2012-08-25, 07:36 PM
-2 Con
clarified Heightened Senses (dumped conditional penalty)

all good?

2012-10-11, 12:59 AM
I love your Kitsune race A LOT !!!!!

The only problem for me remaining is the Favored Class...

I suggest you add Favored Class being Sorcerer. Would be normal, if given fey-like spell.

Its a shame it cant be Favored Class Rogue... Both classes would be fitting for a Kitsune...

2012-10-11, 02:10 AM
Why thank you! ^_^

oh right I had forgotten favored class, could just go with any as per humans. but at your suggestion I've made it so either can be chosen.

2012-10-11, 06:42 PM
This is very well done(best that i have seen so far were the Kitsune is concerned:smallbiggrin:), but i would think some racial feats the depict more of the races heritige and mystical qualitys would make a good addition to it. For example the ability to assume a foxes shape or there ability tocreate illusions.

2012-10-12, 02:50 AM
Have you ever seen Eiji-kun's kitsune race and racial paragon class? I'll post it for reference and comparison.



2012-10-12, 06:52 AM
Yes, yes I have seen it. It's good, and it might be more of a traditional make then mine and I'm ok with that. I'm not much of a traditionalist. But I'm more then certain it would have been turned down by the DM I was trying to get it pass. The alter self spell sends off warning bells as a creative player can abuse it, or so I'm told, not played a real caster or character with that spell/ability.

Racial Feats you ask for... hmm... I'm tempted to just say "steal the ones from the pathfinder Kitsune" but that wouldn't completely fulfil what is being asked for, so I'll think about it and when I have the time I will add some.

2012-10-17, 12:02 AM
The damage on Cold Iron Anathema probably isn't need, as funnily enough this makes them weaker to Cold Iron then all other fey in the game (Cold Iron merely bypasses the DR of Fey). Unless that was your intention, then go ahead. If you do keep it, it should probably be a vulnerability to Cold Iron, to make it match an actual 3.5 mechanic (even then, that's typically only for energy types, not materials).

It's not that scent is powerful per say (though for the record half the familiars a Wizard can get don't get scent, including the very common Raven, and the other sources of scent you listed can't communicate in a common language to the party), just no race in 3.5 without an LA has it, at least as far as I can tell. While not as bad as, it does remind me of PCs having Mind Sight, and forcing the DM to constantly remember that you have scent up...perhaps less problematic though in a home game, *shrugs*.

2012-10-17, 03:34 AM
I don't think scent should be treated the same as those passive 'spidey senses' abilities, the same abilities that see us rubbing elves on walls or dwarfs on floors, or PF rogues on everything so we can find all the secret doors/traps and loose change.

Scent is more of a active passive, where the player needs to request the info regarding their sense, just like listen or spot, technically in 3.5 scent would be a skill of it's own, buts that's just silly and I support the condensing of skills as pathfinder did (though maybe not far enough) so scent would key off perception. yes it allows you to pinpoint the location of an invisible creature in a adjacent square, but so does a listen check, you still have that 50% chance to hit them without the blind-fighting feat.

As for the cold iron thing... yes, yes it does. I am going to rework a sizeable portion of this race.

2012-10-17, 03:58 AM
Pin-pointing the location of an invisible creature isn't the problem really for me; more the DM constantly having to remember you have ‘radar’ for the mere presence of creatures, admittedly 30 ft is a lot more manageable than 100 ft, and I thought it was 60 ft before checking it. You might try to say that it’s not passive, but it is, take a look.


This extraordinary ability lets a creature detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.

A creature with the scent ability can detect opponents by sense of smell, generally within 30 feet. If the opponent is upwind, the range is 60 feet. If it is downwind, the range is 15 feet. Strong scents, such as smoke or rotting garbage, can be detected at twice the ranges noted above. Overpowering scents, such as skunk musk or troglodyte stench, can be detected at three times these ranges.

The creature detects another creature’s presence but not its specific location. Noting the direction of the scent is a move action. If it moves within 5 feet of the scent’s source, the creature can pinpoint that source.

A creature with the Track feat and the scent ability can follow tracks by smell, making a Wisdom check to find or follow a track. The typical DC for a fresh trail is 10. The DC increases or decreases depending on how strong the quarry’s odor is, the number of creatures, and the age of the trail. For each hour that the trail is cold, the DC increases by 2. The ability otherwise follows the rules for the Track feat. Creatures tracking by scent ignore the effects of surface conditions and poor visibility.

Creatures with the scent ability can identify familiar odors just as humans do familiar sights.

Water, particularly running water, ruins a trail for air-breathing creatures. Water-breathing creatures that have the scent ability, however, can use it in the water easily.

False, powerful odors can easily mask other scents. The presence of such an odor completely spoils the ability to properly detect or identify creatures, and the base Survival DC to track becomes 20 rather than 10.

2012-10-20, 07:27 PM
I'm not saying that "it's not passive" I'm saying it's not all that different from hearing.


The creature detects another creature’s presence but not its specific location. Noting the direction of the scent is a move action. If it moves within 5 feet of the scent’s source, the creature can pinpoint that source.

Unlike your hearing it is a move action to use... A move action to breathe through your nose... wow... great action economy Wizards Ah well it's probably more complicated then that, anyway not important.

2 racial feats added and racial traits have been modified for a smoother transition. And there is so much you have to cover for a shapechange -_-'

You embrace your heritage and its original form, the form of a Fox.
Prerequisites: Kitsune, 6th level
Benefit: As a swift action you can shapeshift at will into a single specific fox of the same sex. You always take this specific form when you use this ability. You retain your normal Hit Dice, hit points, base attack bonus, base saving throw bonuses, and skill ranks. You also retain your normal ability scores, type and subtypes. You keep all extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like special attacks and qualities of your normal form, except for those requiring a body part your new form does not have. All your held, carried, or worn gear melds into your new form and becomes nonfunctional until you return to your normal form; however rings and neck slot items shift to adopt a form suitable to a fox, such as a collar or anklet and continue to provide their benefits. You cannot speak in fox form, and your limbs lack the precision required to wield a weapon or perform tasks requiring fine manipulation. You do not gain additional attacks due to a high base attack bonus when in fox form. You can’t cast spells or activate magic items while in fox form.
What does change is your size, decreasing by one step (medium to small, to a minimum of Tiny) and you gain the bonuses and negatives thereof. You also gain a natural bite attack which deals 1d4 points of damage (if small) and a +10 bonus to your land speed. There’s no limit to the number of times per day you can change forms, nor to the amount of time you can spend in fox form.
Any spell that reveals the true nature of a creature under the effects of polymorph shows the truth behind your fox guise. Spells that reveal magical auras but do not penetrate a polymorph spell reveal nothing special about you in fox form. If you are slain while in your fox form you revert to your humanoid form after 1 hour.
This is a supernatural ability.

I'm not sure if I covered everything... I wanted to put in a part about how the fox form has the same colouration as the kitsune, the kitsune's scars and tattoos or other body markings carry across too. But i'm just not sure on the wording or where to put it.

and now a quick hair colour to fox comparison cos I was thinking about it and though not completely accurate would be useful flavour wise.

{table]Hair colour|IRL fox
red|Red fox
white|Arctic fox
blond or brown|Fennec fox
black|Silver fox

2012-10-24, 06:13 AM
"Pin-pointing the location of an invisible creature isn't the problem really for me; more the DM constantly having to remember you have ‘radar’ for the mere presence of creatures, admittedly 30 ft is a lot more manageable than 100 ft, and I thought it was 60 ft before checking it. You might try to say that it’s not passive, but it is, take a look."

I am aware, you missed the part I remotely care about from the scent ability.

"The creature detects another creature’s presence but not its specific location."

2012-10-24, 07:35 AM
I did earlier, see post 12:smalltongue: Or are you saying a character cannot detect another creatures presence with their ears? It is actually harder to block sound then it is smell, yes there is the silence spell, and did you know in some source books they sell perfume, animal scents and special soaps that can make you not smell? no? It's cheaper then a silence spell and doesn't effect casting, I think most of it was in FR, but it does exist. It you are so concerned about it and can't find the stuff, homebrew some.

So are you going to comment on the shape shifting feat or not?

I'm thinking of having a follow up feat at level 12 that lets you choose to go DireFox or Spirit, well actually as two separate feats that come available at level 12 as long as you have the first one.

effectively one is a melee battle mode, the other is more for spellcasters.