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2012-08-28, 01:24 AM
These people are mostly human, at least in blood. They also, however, have ancestries so unlikely and convoluted as to be nigh on impossible. Nonetheless, these people continue, the descendants of the heroes (and sometimes villains) of eld. No two are completely the same. One might seem to be a half-elf, while another might look like a demon-faced dwarf with vestigial wings. The only thing they have in common is their strange history and their penchant for adventure.

Adulthood begins at the age of 20, or when at least one parent is killed- whichever happens later. Adventurers can live well into their second century, though they are usually killed long before that, in such a way so as to require vengeance on the part of their offspring. Until a child has avenged his or her slain progenitor, he or she has no place in the society of the adventurers.

Adventurers usually live either on the road, or in large cities. Regardless of their chosen abode, they frequent taverns. In fact, it is an adventurer tradition to, upon retirement, open up a tavern and live their until they are brutally murdered so as to send forth the next adventurer generation on their quests for justice.

Adventurers vary widely in alignment, with almost no pattern, though the most common are chaotic and good.

- +1 to attack rolls made when the fight has a promise of a reward

- +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls against someone who killed a family member or loved one of theirs.

- Weapon proficiency with any one weapon of their choosing

- +2 racial bonus to perform and disguise checks

- Low-light vision

- Two traits apiece from both of the following:


1-10- very pointy ears

11-15- clearly non-humanoid trait (vestigial wings, scales, a small tail, etc.)

16-20- unusual complexion (slight tint, darker or lighter)

21-25- unusual hair color (any within logical limits)

26-35- abnormally thin

36-45- abnormally short

46-50- abnormally broad-shouldered

51-60- unusual eye color

61-75- weathered appearance

76-85- slightly pointed ears

86-90- unusually pointy or broad chin

91-95- unusual nose shape

96-98- less or more facial hair than usual

99-100- player/DM's choice


1-10- 1d4 bonus to move silently or jump checks

11-15- 1d4 bonus to hide checks

16-25- 1d4 bonus to bluff checks

26-35- +2 bonus to one type of saving throw (fortitude, reflex, or will)

36-40- darkvision

41-50- single 0-level spell as spell-like ability 3/day

51-60- 1d4 bonus to listen checks

61-65- 1d4 bonus to swim or climb checks

66-70- natural armor of +1

71-80- 1d4 bonus to sleight of hand checks

81-90- 1d4 bonus to heal checks

91-95- armor check penalty is two less for light armor, and maximum dexterity bonus increases by one

96-100- 2 extra languages

Favored class: Any

If the adventurer is created as a PC, the player may choose one trait from each list, and roll the others. Adventurers cannot gain the same trait twice.

Sorry if someone made this joke before. I actually adapted this from a hybrid race I had created before, called the Kyne. They were basically supposed to be the "gypsies" of that world- nomads shunned by the rest of society.

2012-08-28, 02:34 PM
Interesting. I like the flavor regarding Adventurers retiring :smallbiggrin:

For the bonus to one type of saving throw, does this mean you gain a bonus to will/reflex/fort, or does it mean you gain a bonus on saving throws against, say, enchantments?

I'm not the best at judging balance, but it seems just a little weak in comparison to the other classes in the Player's Handbook. Perhaps you could have the +1 attack bonus count as weapon focus (weapon you chose for proficiency) for the purpose of qualifying for feats?

I'd like to somehow fit this into my campaign, but the race is probably a little too silly for it :smallwink:

2012-08-28, 03:06 PM

You're right, it seems a bit underpowered, but I haven't played it, so I can't say for sure.

Also, I'll add a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls against someone who killed a family member or loved one of theirs.

2012-08-28, 03:17 PM
That looks better. Of course, it will probably encourage players to have their backstory include their parents being killed by a large amount of people so they can use the bonus more often :smalltongue:

2012-08-28, 07:09 PM
The death of a parent thing seems unsuited for settings with "revolving doors on the coffins".

Why the consistent bonuses to perform and disguise?

Retiring should allow them to retrain up to (level+3) skill ranks each into Perform(Tell Tale of Own Adventures[Not necessarily truthful]) and Profession(Innkeeper)... or maybe just grant ranks in those skills. In any case those are considered class skills at that time.