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2012-08-28, 02:28 AM
So, was working on a wild-west-ish campaign, and decided to put up the gun rules I had so far for critique. I'd like internal balance, but I doubt I could care less about balancing with existing ranged weapons.

I'm also pretty terrible at gold-cost, so if someone would like to present more...sane costs, especially for ammunition, it would be appreciated.

Simple Weapons:

Revolver|15gp|1d12|1d10|x3|20 yards|6 rounds
Revolver Rounds|1gp/15|-|-|-|-|-
Double Barreled Shotgun|40gp|2d6|1d12|*|*|2 rounds
Buckshot Shells|1gp/14|-|-|19-20|15 yards|-
Solid Slugs|1gp/14|-|-|x3|30 yards|-
Lever-Action Rifle|50gp|3d4|2d6|x3|100 yards|6 rounds
Rifle Rounds|1gp/12|-|-|-|-|-[/table]
* Double Barreled Shotguns gain range and critical chance from their ammunition.

Double Barreled Shotgun: The frontier redneck's choice for home defense since Rocksmasher Gord's autoballista was revealed to be a fraud, a Double Barreled Shotgun is durable, easy to maintain, and contains enough of a punch to stop a charging wolf at fourty feet. The twin barreled shotgun, made for civilian use, can hold multiple types of ammo of varyingly exotic natures. The most common, detailed above, are buckshot shells and slugs.

The gun is breach loaded, and takes a move action to reload once emptied.

Lever-Action Rifle:

Martial Weapons:

Bolt Action Rifle|70gp|4d4|2d8|x3|200 yards|5 rounds
Carbine|60gp|3d4|2d6|x3|120 yards|6 rounds

Both Carbines and Bolt Actions use Rifle Rounds.

Carbine: Shorter rifles made for use by cavalry, Carbine's has shorter range than rifles, and are less damaging, but they're significantly easier to use on horseback and at short ranges. They can be used one handed at a -2 penalty, and can be fired in melee and at short ranges with no penalty without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Brawlin' Bullets
Some folks say guns are inelegant weapons, incompatible with true discipline and martial skill. I reckon they're wrong.
Pre-Reqs: Improved Unarmed Strike OR access to first level maneuvers from any martial discipline
Benefit: As long as you are firing on an enemy within twenty feat, you may treat any ranged attack with a Carbine, Shotgun or Revolver as a melee or unarmed attack for the purposes of applying maneuvers or class features. This does allow you to use flurry of blows with guns, but does not allow you to fire more shots than there are in the gun.
Special:This may be taken as both a Fighter bonus feat and as a Monk Bonus Feat at either first or second level.

Blitz Draw
Prerequisites: Improved Initiative, BAB +2
Benefit: On the first round of combat, you may draw your weapon and make a single attack on any enemy in range as a swift action. That enemy is treated as having lost their dex bonus to AC for the purposes of effects which require it. They do not actually lose their dexterity bonus to AC.
Special: With a BAB higher than seven, you may make a full attack.

To Do List: Martial Guns (possibly Sniper). Exotic Guns (Gattling Gun, Cannon, possibly Canon). Martial Equipment (Grenades). Simple Equipment (Dynamite). Quick Draw Feats. Anti-magic feats, to shoot away spells with your bullets. Possibly some mounted feats, to simplify the mess that they currently are. Some formation feats, maybe, for proper Napoleonic warfare. Gun specific enchantments, maybe?

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