View Full Version : Star Wars Uncut: Empire Strikes Back

2012-09-01, 04:20 AM
Didn't see a thread for this, and I thought some might be interested in this wonderful gem of a recreation of the Star Wars movies. :smallbiggrin:

Now that the first Star Wars: Uncut film has been completed, the people behind it are now doing the same thing with Empire Strikes Back, with the added backing of Lucasfilms too.


There aren't many scenes left to claim, as they were taken really quickly, but there still are a few.

I had the idea of doing a scene through one of the Jedi Knight games (most likely either 2 or Jedi Academy, depending on how many skin mods are available), by recording the scenes in a multiplayer game and adding voiceovers separately. If anyone is interested, PM me or post in the thread or something, along with a scene you might want to reenact.