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2012-09-02, 04:40 PM
So with a bit of free time between shifts I was looking for new anime to watch and after shifting throught the usual garbage of average quality stuff with plotholes so big you can loose entire cities in I stumbled upon Black Lagoon.

Surprisingly good quality action scenes, good story, well developed rounded characters and finaly a artist who manages to work with evil main characters who are not kicking puppies and drowning babies for the fun of it.

Also as a guy who was never really impressed by horrible backstories in most works of art: The whole Hansel and Gretel stuff is really really disturbing. First time in my life that I really had to stop watching and think about the whole story afterwards.

Any thoughts, recommendations in the same venue or opinions from the playground?

2012-09-02, 11:21 PM
I quite liked it except where it gets improbably unrealistic, basically The Matrix + Stormtrooper Academy of Marksmanship, except set in a "realistic" setting.

A certain amount of Hollywood, I can handle. Gunsmith Cats level, for example. But in BL it just gradually got more ridiculous, culminating in a gun kata fight between our "heroine" and the Yakuza swordsman.

Seriously, if they wanted to do that scene and keep it believable enough to stay being cool, they should have fought in a cramped setting (a storage facility filled with nook and crannies, for example) where the swordsman could reasonably keep 1 step ahead from being shot.

2012-09-03, 01:18 AM
I actually liked that scene. Revy made it clear in the previous episode that she never seen someone do something like that and that Ginji is definitly better then her if he wouldn't use antiquated weapons. Also she didn't exactly finished him without a scratch.

If you like realistic fights, go for the OVA Robertas Blood Trail. It's pretty good. How the soldiers fight is nicely executed tactical combat.

But as the whole series draws heavy from Quentin Tarrantino movies this has to be expected. There are quite a few moments where realism takes the back seat to show a good scene. Think about Gretels bottomless BAR magazines, Sawyer blocking bullets with a chainsaw, and Roberta surviving just about everything without even damaging her costume. And I still don't know where Fabiola keeps her China Lake Grenade Launcher.

2012-09-03, 08:28 AM
Black Lagoon is one of those series, that I have on my "to watch" list for quite a while.

I'd recommend Cowboy Bebop if you hadn't seen it already - slightly lighter in tone, but still serious and quite full of action. It's significantly more episodic in nature, so consider yourself warned.

2012-09-03, 08:29 AM
You wanna see "realistic" gun kata done right, watch Paragraph 78 (part 2).

2012-09-03, 09:13 AM
If you want to see unrealistic, gratuitous gun fights, then watch Hellsing (there is a TV series and yet unfinished OVA series). I do have to warn you, it's really bloody - OVA even more so.