View Full Version : Epic 6: Classes, Skills, Spells and Feats reworked. [PEAR]

2012-09-04, 10:57 PM
As the title perhaps hints, find below my Google Doc link (which hopefully works rather than embarrassing me terribly and forcing me to make tables and such in this post) containing my work so far on a comprehensive E6 system.

For those unfamiliar, E6 is a style of D20 where levelling ends at level 6, and instead you begin to gain Feats every 5,000 XP instead to flesh out your character instead of increase their power.


Core Classes have been reworked in an attempt to give them abilities and capstones in keeping with level 6 play whilst still giving solid reasons to remain in a single class.

Primary spellcasters have been consolidated into a single class, the Mage, and subdivided by spellcasting specialisation, as well as given class features.

Feats, Spells and Item Creation have been overhauled to bring them into the E6 framework, including lower levelled versions of high level spells.
Diplomacy and a few other skills have been overhauled for balance purposes.
Metamagic has been overhauled.
New conditions brought in as needed, as well as rules on sleeping (and actually requiring sleep), as well as an optional injury special rule.

Any comments, requests or suggestions welcome.