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In an attempt to add interesting combat to my fiend-heavy campaign, I devised a new mechanic used by the denizens of the Abyss. While I think the result is fairly interesting, I would like some critique, as well as extra ideas.

Demonic Circles
by Adrovan Shadowstar, Inquisitor and expert of Fiends.

Perhaps the most blasphemous magic wielded by the servants of the Abyss, Demonic Circles use the sacrifice of mortal bodies in order to grant power to the demon controlling it. What makes it so sacrilegious is how this is done. The power of the Circles is not arcane in nature, nor is it bestowed in the same manner as gods do upon their servants. Instead, demons use the natural attunement mortals have to the world to access the creative energies the gods first used to shape the world, to reshape it into their own desires.

Most Circles have a diameter based on the girth of the demon intending to inhabit them. The ratio seems to be as follows: a demon about the size of a man will build a circle with a radius of 10 feet, and it goes up from there proportionally. The Circle's construction requires the use of mortal thralls, as does continued use of it, as the power of the initial sacrifices is consumed as the circle is used. Construction time varies based on how many slaves there are and the level of desecration in the land.

Once the circle is constructed, there is a one-minute ritual needed to bind the demon to the circle. This ritual culminates in the initial sacrifice needed to power the Circle. Once the demon is bound to the circle, it cannot leave it without severing its connection to the circle, giving up the power therein. While bound, the demon usually stands or hovers in the center of the Circle.

Eligible sacrifices consist of any being native to the Material Plane. The being need not be willing for the sacrifice to have power.

Several patterns of Circles exist. I shall cite them in this text. If you see them, and it is in your power, destroy them at all reasonable haste.

Circle of Blood
This circle consists of a round basin, filled with the blood of mortals, or any being native to the Material Plane. The Circle of Blood gains blood points equal to the total hit-dice of every eligible sacrifice who dies within its radius. The demon bound to it may use the blood points in the following means:

Reroll any to-hit or damage roll: 1 blood point.
Gain fast-healing: 1 blood point per fast-healing point per round.
Increase one of its ability scores by 2 points: 4 blood points per round.
Add metamagic to its spell-like abilities: 1 bloodpoint per metamagic adjustment level.

The demon can consume a total number of blood points equal to its hit dice per round.

Circle of the Miasma

This circle consists of eight raised obsidian pillars, placed evenly around the perimeter of the circle. Whenever an eligible sacrifice dies within this circle, their bodies decay at an alarming rate, producing a supernaturally vile and noxious gas. This gas builds up and is contained within the circle, until it is unleashed by the demon bound to it. The amount of this gas, known as Miasma of Death, is determined by the total hit dice of sacrifices*.

(Insert table for Miasma cost of various effects. These will include emanations of Miasma centered on the circle, lines, and cones)

*I still need to actually crunch these numbers; any help will be appreciated.

A non-Outsider who inhales the Miasma must make a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + Demon HD) or die. Anyone who dies in this matter rises 1d4 rounds later as a zombie under the control the demon.

Circle of the Horde

Perhaps the simplest in function but the most dangerous of all, the Circle of the Horde consists of a sunken basin filled with a black tar-like substance with an overpowering scent associated usually with corrosion. The master of this circle can call any number of demons into the circle from the Abyss, so long as the total hit dice is equal to the hit dice total of sacrifices. Note that this circle cannot store sacrificial energy; the power must be used in the same turn as the sacrifice. The demons called this way are not under the control of the bound demon; they are fully autonomous and can remain in the Material Plane as long as they choose. In this way, a Circle of the Horde functions as a one-way portal to the Abyss.

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Reserved for other content (Additional circles, whatever else I may need)

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And now I'm out of ideas. Anyone have anything?

Btw, I don't have the numbers crunched too well yet, they could all change.