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2012-09-07, 05:49 PM
So Pokemon Conquest is pretty awesome. If you haven't played it, you should.

I wanted to try and make a Pokemon Conquest style game that could be played here and this is what I have so far:

I am trying to do this without having to resort to grid based games with lots of pictures and stuff, because those move slower than a dead snail and frustrate me to no end. So I need advice on how to work out issues with Ranged Attacks and Moving Pokemon around the Field. Also, Resources and Kingdom management are completely beyond me so... HELP!

Character Creation

1. Name
2. Physical Description
3. Your Warrior Skill (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Warrior_Skill) (please note these will need to be tweaked for the forum game. We'll discuss that in the OOC thread)
4. Your allied pokemon
5. Your character's goals

Note: "Conquering all of Ransei" is an acceptable goal, but you need to be more specific than that.

Your character's pokemon will have to have the following information:

1. The type of pokemon
2. What elemental types it has
3. Your Pokemon's ability (http://www.serebii.net/conquest/abilities.shtml)
4. Your pokemon's stats (Will be discussed further)
5. TWO MOVES your pokemon knows


Pokemon Stats:
Unlike the regular series games, Pokemon Conquest only has 5 stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Range. We don't really need Range for a Freeform game, so we'll probably toss that... Still we need to do some converting for Pokemon that don't have stats in Pokemon Conquest.

HP and Speed:
Take the base HP or Speed of your pokemon: If its between 0-60= 2 Stars, 61-90= 3 Stars, 91-120= 4 stars, 120+ 5 Stars

For battle a Pokemon's HP is calculated thusly:
1st stage pokemon: 30+ 10 HP per Star of HP Stat
2nd stage pokemon: 50+ 10 HP per Star of HP Stat
3rd/Final stage pokemon: 60+ 10 HP per Star of HP Stat

Because there are pokemon who are 1st stage only, and thus would qualify for the absolute best HP at the start well before they should have it, their HP is restricted by the Sync Rate the pokemon has with its Warrior.

Attack and Defense:
Take the Average of your physical and special stats (i.e. Attack and Special Attack or Defense and Special Defense) and then use that number to determine the number of stars: 0-60= 2 Stars, 61-90= 3 Stars, 91-120= 4 stars, 120+ 5 Stars.

Conducting Your Turn:
Each post is 1 turn. On your turn, you can do any one of the following:

1. Go looking for a new Pokemon: Enter a battle with a random pokemon (determined by the mods) that you can either beat or link with.

2. Train with your current pokemon: temporarily increase their stats for the next battle.

3. Recruit Allies: Speak with other players to form alliances and increase your Kingdom's influence

4. Gather Resources: Improve your Kingdom and make your people happy I have no idea what to do with this... HELP ME

5. Invade another Kingdom.

Battles are fought between players and their allies. Each person takes turns to describe the actions of their Warrior/Pokemon. After each turn, each Pokemon's HP is reduced according to the effect of the attack they took.

Hitting the Opponent:

Hitting the Enemy is pretty straightforward. You take the base accuracy of the move and roll 1d100. Your Opponent's Speed Stat has an effect on the accuracy of your moves as well, For each Star in the opponent's Speed, reduce your accuracy by 3 (subject to change).

f you score equal to or less than the accuracy of that move, you hit the opponent. However there are pokemon and warrior skills that can make a target harder to hit, depending on the situation.

Pokemon skills that lower the accuracy of an opponent's moves reduce the accuracy by 25. Warrior Skills that lower the accuracy of an opponent's moves reduce the accuracy by 10, but affect all enemies.

Hurting the Opponent:
Each move has a Base Power. Use the same formula to determine the Star Rating of a move that you would for a pokemon's Stats:
0-60= 2 Stars, 61-90= 3 Stars, 91-120= 4 stars, 120+ 5 Stars

Each Star is worth 1d10 points of damage.

Calculating the Damage a Move would do works like this:

Move Stars + (Your) Attack Stars - (Enemy)Defense Stars = Base Damage

Base Damage x Applicable Modifiers = Total Damage

Applicable Modifiers include, but are not limited to:

STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus): x 1.5
Super Effective: x 2.0 or x 4.0
Not Very Effective: x 0.5 or x 0.25
No Effect: x 0.0

Sync Rates

A pokemon's Sync Rate has a huge effect on its relationship with its Warrior.

All Sync Rates start at 20% from there they can increase through training, special events, fighting opponents and conquering kingdoms. Your Sync Rate with your pokemon affects nearly every aspect of the Pokemon and the Warrior.

At 50% Sync Rate, your pokemon evolves to a Stage 2 Pokemon.
At 70% Sync Rate, your pokemon evolves to a Stage 3 Pokemon.

For pokemon with only 1 or 2 stages, they gain the bonus HP of being an Evolved pokemon at those same Sync Rates.

Attack, Defense and Speed:

For every 20% of your Sync Rate, increase the Damage dealt per die by 1. (so 1d10 becomes 1d10+1, then +2 up to +5)

For every 25% of your Sync Rate, decrease damage taken per die by 1. (maximum -4)

For every 30% decrease your enemy's accuracy by 1 and increase your accuracy by 1.

I realize these bonuses are pretty minor, but they're mostly there to reward players for increasing their sync rate and playing for longer.

Warrior Transformation

Warriors in Ransei can transform once they attain a certain amount of prestige and territory among their fellows. By obtaining 1/4 (approximately) of the territories in the region, a warrior can enter their first transformation, gaining a stronger Skill and a cool new costume. Once the Warrior obtains 1/2 (approximately) of the territories in the region, the Warrior gains their Second Transformation, gaining yet another more powerful skill and an even cooler costume!

The stats of their pokemon also increase slightly (+1 Star to any one stat for each transformation) when a warrior transforms, but who really cares about that right? :smalltongue:

And that's what I've got so far... Comments, Concerns, Ideas, Help? Anyone?

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