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2012-09-09, 08:53 PM
A major character in my current game session.

He's a well-armored, slow moving heavy-hitter that pretty much requires you to either use the environment to halt his advance, or force him to fall apart through constant hitting. I'm having a bit of trouble constructing him, however, as I don't know fully what his CR would be. I want him to be an "Epic" fight, and my current players are all level 7 at this point.

He appears randomly, usually in situations where fighting him would be bad, but not impossible through the use of the environment. He lacks the ability to hustle and/or run.

I'll post the stats really quick, but I would like some help in knowing whether or not he's below CR9, but below CR7

Size/Type: Medium Undying Construct

Hit Dice: 12d10+20 (70)

Initiative: +2

Speed: 20ft (4 squares)(Max charge length 60ft)

Armor Class: 21 AC, 12 Touch, 21 Flat Footed

Base Attack: +6

Attack: Cursing Executioner's Greataxe 2d12+6 (Bestow curse on contact)
(The Executioner's Greataxe is a larger version of a normal Greataxe, being much broader, giving more weight and bonus hit (And damage). The "Executioner" prefix simply denotes the fact that it gains bonus damage to kneeling/prone creatures.)

Space/Reach: 4 feet/5 feet

Special Attacks: +10 damage vs Prone Target
(Spell-like ability) Bestow curse (30 feet) DC 17 Will save (Charisma) Success Roll 1d4 for effect. All effects last 4 rounds if will save failed, 1 if successful.
1(-6 ability score on afflicted)
2(-3 ability score on afflicted)
3(-2 AC on afflicted)
4(-5 AC on afflicted)

Special Qualities: Reanimate in half hour at full health. Not subject to death attacks. Dark Vision 60ft., Sense Life 60ft., Curses on Contact., Fast Healing 5. Damage reduction 5/-. Prioritizes limbs as targets. Immunity to spell-like abilities, save for wild magic. (Warlock's Eldritch blast, for example.) +3 Sneak. Construct attributes.

Rune of Agony: (When hit) (Creatures within a 20-foot-radius spread must succeed on a DC 17 Fortitude save or suffer from wracking pains that impose a 4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks for 1 minute. On a successful saving throw, the creature takes the penalties imposed by the rune for 1 round. (After being triggered, can't be triggered again for 1d4 rounds)

Crafter's Eyes: (Rubies) (The crafter gives her construct crystalline eyes that permit her to use a scrying or greater scrying spell to see from the perspective of her creation. This modification requires the crafter also to prepare a special crystalline orb magically bonded to the eyes, which serves as her focus for the scrying or greater scrying spell. The cost of creating that focus is included in the cost of modifying the construct.)

Fascinating Gaze: Target is fascinated, 30 feet, Will DC 14 negates. Fascination lasts as long as the Construct remains within 300 feet of the fascinated creature. The approach or animation of the Construct does not count as an obvious threat to the victim of this particular fascination effect (although the construct's attack does count as an obvious threat and ends the fascination immediately). This is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Charisma-based. (cannot be used again for 1d4 rounds)

Saves: Fort +6 Ref +2 Will -

Abilities: Str 23 Dex 14 Con - Int 6 Wis - Cha -

Feats: Power Attack, Strike back, Step up, Following Step, Step up and Strike.

Organization: Solitary (Always alone, kills everything non-evil, or identified as enemy.)

Challenge Rating: 9(?)

Treasure: Cursed Executioner's Axe, 2 rubies, and Cursed, Rune, Umbrite Hell knight Plate.

Alignment: Neutral.

Khalitzburg, the Undying Executioner. One of the most favored constructs of the old one, Khalitzburg is special, in that he is a suit of valuable armor animated around a still-living, yet tortured, human soul that is bound to its duties. Khalitzburg, after severing a limb frequently lets out a shriek of anguish, as if he doesn't enjoy his work, but the powerful magic wrapped around him doesn't allow the dispelling of the soul from the armor.
Worse yet, Khalitzburg will seek out a identified target till it dies, or leaves the premises, attempting to hack off as many limbs from the targets as he can, usually removing 1 or 2 limbs before removing their heads as they're caught on the ground.
When destroyed, the armor will shake a moment and then harmlessly fall to the ground. In exactly 1 half hour, the armor will reanimate as if the fight had never happened, but immediately begin to seek out the most recent offender, not giving up its search until he sees someone new to stalk and murder.
In the event a clever character decides to attempt to take pieces of the relentlessly heavy armor with him, the armor will reanimate at the point of the chest piece, immediately melding all armor fractures, even from the point of disintegration, or liquification. In the event the armor is liquified, it will still be liquefied around the incorporeal soul inside it, until it cools.
The only method to truly kill the khalitzburg is to kill the human that the soul is being ripped from. Destruction of the soul inside the armor simply sends it to the person it was torn from, where the mage crafting it immediately repeats the 30 minute process of grafting his soul back into the distant armor.
In the event that some poor fool attempts to wear the Hellknight Plate before the human or mage is killed, the armor will reanimate, and decapitate the person inside the armor slowly in the most horrible way possible.

If anyone could make suggestions, or tell me what CR this guy is, that'd be great.

2012-09-09, 09:18 PM
Any reason the saves are straight +0s? With this guy's stats and HD, it should be +3/+5/+3. Don't expect him to make many saving throws, regardless (DCs should be between 15 and 20 at this level, depending on the spell level and how focused the caster is). Ranged weapons will eat this guy up in an open area, and a simple Grease spell should be enough to shut him down. As a puzzle monster (players must use the correct method to win), he's probably CR 5 or so. As a closet troll (players will be caught in an enclosed area with minimal maneuverability or escape), you're looking at CR 7 or so (compare to a Large Elemental on raw stats, for example, then add in the cursing, rune of agony, ability to attack limbs or whatever that does, and so on).

2012-09-09, 09:34 PM
There's more to him than what I have posted, but I'll post it fully as soon as I'm done explaining this.

Constructs are immune to the majority of Fortification, Constitution, and Will saves. About the most he can have done to him is Blind, and we don't even have anything that *can* blind him.

2 Rogues, a Paladin, a Warlock, a Barbarian, and a Ranger.

All of whom are 7.

Adding flavor text now.

2012-09-10, 09:01 PM

Stats finished. Depending on where he's placed his Cr will actually skyrocket. Anyone willing to share some insight toward him?

2012-09-11, 12:23 AM
There's more to him than what I have posted, but I'll post it fully as soon as I'm done explaining this.

Constructs are immune to the majority of Fortification, Constitution, and Will saves. About the most he can have done to him is Blind, and we don't even have anything that *can* blind him.

Having an immunity to some saves doesn't mean you should ignore the actual numbers for the those saves. It makes it look like you made an error.

Also, since the Undying subtype (or is it a template?) isn't core, which book is it from?

A creature with a Con 0 is simply dead. It should be noted as Con or Con ∅. A creature that lacks a Con score is not the same as a creature with a Con 0.

You should note where the extra 5 feet of range originates. Medium creatures have a range of 5 feet.

What is an executioner's greataxe? It's not core 3.5 so if you cite which book it is in, that would be helpful. A Medium greataxe normally does 1d12 damage not 2d8. I think you mean the Executioner's Mace (which was from Age of Worms in Dungeon Magazine though I'm not sure which issue it is in) as that does 2d8/X3 damage.

His attack line should note Melee for the correct weapon. BAB + Str (no size bonus) plus whatever other attack bonuses apply. Without knowing the bonuses that the weapon has, there is no way to figure out the stat block.

You need to spell out the AC bonuses from his armor and Dex, and you should note he has any natural armor. Again, without this info, the stat block is incomplete.

I can't give you an actual CR without the stat block being corrected since there may be things I would otherwise overlook. CR 5 or 6 might be about right but I can't tell as so much information seems to be missing.

The special attack line doesn't make sense to me. What does all that text refer to?