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2012-09-25, 02:20 PM
I am hoping for some feedback on these ideas (obviously for a less-standard type of race), including if I have a good call on Race Points for the new abilities

Naturally, if any one else has ideas for new abilities they'd like vetted, I'd be willing to share my thread and give feedback as well.


Changed; Quadruped -> Tauric
Remove clause about purchasing multiple times (see new ability"Extra legs")


New; Quadruped (0 RP)
Your natural state is to have all four feet on the ground. Your forelimbs can still be used to grasp and manipulate objects, but are awkward to wield manufactured weapons with, inducing a -4 penalty, and limiting movement.

Moving on the ground using three limbs (such as if holding/wielding an object in the fourth) causes you to move as if encumbered.

Moving on your rear legs only causes you to move as if heavily encumbered.

Armor costs 4x as much do to your body shape.

You gain the following benefits:
A +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts and a +10 foot bonus to base speed

Bite attacks advance 1 step on size table (ie, defaults to size-1, upgrades to size)

increased carrying capacity as per pathfinder rules for quadrupeds (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/alignment-description/carrying-capacity)


New; Extra Legs (2RP), prerequisites: Tauric or Quadruped

You have an extra pair of legs, granting a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts

For every extra pair of legs, you may purchase an extra pair of claw attacks

If Medium, increase you carrying capacity multiplier by .5 for each extra pair of legs (ie, from 1.5 -> 2.0, then 2.5 if you have 8 legs). If smaller than medium, increase effective size by 1 step until you match medium quadruped (1.5) then increase by .25 for each extra pair of legs there after. If larger than medium, increase by the same change as from biped to quadruped (ie, large goes from x2->x3, so extra legs would bring it to x4. Huge goes from x4->x6, so the next pair of legs would go to x8)


New; Second Head (2 RP), Prerequisites: non-humanoid

You gain an extra head. This grants a +2 to perception checks, +2 to concentration checks, the ability to purchase a second bite attack, and the ability to maintain 1 vocal action (such as bard song) while performing another action that would normally interrupt it (such as spell casting)

New; Multi-breath weapon (4RP), prerequisites: Second Head

Your second head is capable of having a seperate breath weapon.
If this breath weapon is gained through race building, each breath weapon has its own characteristics, including type, size, times per day, and cost (each starts with its own base cost)

If this breath weapon is gained through a class feature that has unlimited uses but a time reset (such as 1d4+1 rounds between uses) each head simply has its own timer.

If it is gained from a class with limited uses per day, then the two heads share the same daily limit

If there is a daily limit and a time delay, they share the daily limit, but each has its own timer