View Full Version : Homestuck characters statted in M&M 2E: Retry

Tectonic Robot
2012-09-26, 11:47 AM
So, basically, I was browsing the web, looking for homestuck character builds in Mutants and Masterminds second edition, when I stumbled upon a thread at my very own GitP with the express purpose of creating such builds! Unfortunately, it hasn't had a response in a year, so I assume it would be very poor conduct for me to respond to it.

Goal's the same! Make awesome character sheets for all those awesome characters. I'll try and copy-paste some of the old builds from there to here, if the dude who made them is cool with that.

2012-09-26, 12:09 PM
Could you throw a link to said thread in your first post? It would make things easier for anyone coming in here to give their opinion and you don't need permission to link a thread as reference :D

Tectonic Robot
2012-09-26, 06:51 PM
Sure thing, sir Sipex. ^^

Right here. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=193868)

Tectonic Robot
2012-10-01, 11:04 AM
Not too much interest in the topic from other people besides me, I see. Ah, well, I'll make a build today and post it here, and mebbe update it sporadically. Just a note, if any one else wants to submit builds, that'd be awesome. I doubt I have enough focus to continue this thing too long on my own. >_>