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2012-09-29, 12:13 AM
“Spook” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid (referred to hereafter as the base creature) immediately after the death of a player. They awaken within one round of their death, under the confusion spell for 3 rounds.

They cannot regain life unless they receive a remove curse or break enchantment spell, then a raise dead or other type of resurrection spell can restore life.

A Spook speaks any languages it knew in life, and it has all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: The base creature’s type changes to undead, and it gains the augmented subtype. Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves, or skill points. Size is unchanged.

Hit Dice: Change all current and future hit dice to d8 (pathfinder) or d12 (3.5).

Special Qualities: A Spook retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described below.

The player may choose one aspect to take upon their death.

Aspect of Flesh (Su): The Spook's flesh begins to heal from wounds that would normally cause permanent damage. The Spook gains Regeneration equal to 1 plus charisma modifier. This can only be overcome by both positive energy and fire damage.

Aspect of Bone (Su): The Spook's body hardens, growing thick bone plates across much of their body. Spook gains Damage Reduction X/Bludgeoning equal to the Spook's class level and the natural armor of the Spook increases by 3.

Aspect of Spirit (Su): A Spook's form becomes misty and shifts slightly yet still remains substancial. Spook gains a displacement effect, effectively gaining a 25% miss chance.
1 + charisma modifier times per day, the Spook can become incorporeal as an immediate action (assuming they are not helpless or flat-footed). This incorporeal effect lasts for 3 rounds and the Spook treats any items (such as armor and weapons) it currently possessed upons using this aspect ability as having the ghost touch quality (however, other items cannot be picked up, unless they also have the ghost touch property).

Aspect of Darkness (Su): A Spook form darkens in color, becoming ashen or even pitch black. While in darkness, a Spook gains a deflection bonus to its armor class, equal to its charisma modifier. the Spook also gains a +4 Stealth bonus.

Aspect of Envy (Su): Spook gains an icy touch attack that drains the life-force of their foes, stealing the energy to heal their own wounds (1d4 hit point drain plus cold damage equal to 1 + charisma modifier).

Aspect of Sadness (Su): The Spook's voice takes on a sad, haunting beauty. The Spook can create two different types of attacks with potent effect.
The first is a shrieking cry that projects in a 30 ft. cone of sonic energy as a standard action. The cone deals 1d6 damage plus 1d6 more per four class levels (2d6 at 4th, 3d6 at 8th, 4d6 at 12th, 5d6 at 16th, and finally 6d6 at 20th). The targets of the cone are allowed a reflex save to avoid half of the damage (DC 10 + 1/2 class levels + Charisma modifier).
The second is a haunting moan that can be maintained as a standard action each round. The moan's effect is projected in a 15 ft. radius centered on the Spook. All within the effect must make a Will save each round or become shakened until they leave the area of effect.

Aspect of Rage (Su): The Spook sometimes returns with a fury and hate burning within their chests, rivaling a wraith's wrath when they become bloodied in battle. Spook can fall into a rage-like effect while in battle. While in this effect, a barbarian cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration.
The Spook gains a +4 morale bonus to strength, a +4 morale bonus to charisma (effecting abilities, saves and HP), and a +2 morale bonus on will saves (stacking with Resist Control) while suffering a -2 penalty to their Armor Class. This effect only occurs when the Spook falls below one-quarter of its maximum hit points (as an immediate action).

Resist Control (Ex): Spooks have a +2 profane bonus on their Will saving throws to resist the effect of a control undead spell.

Turn Resistance (Ex): A Spook has +2 turn resistance.

Unnatural Resilience (Ex): Spooks automatically heal hit point damage and ability damage at the same rate as a living creature. The Heal skill has no effect on Spooks; however, negative energy (such as an inflict spell) heals them.

Abilities: Same as the base creature, except that as undead creatures, Spooks have no Constitution score; using Charisma for any checks or stats involving Constitution, such as hit points and fort saves.

Advancement: By character class.

CR (PF) or LA (3.5): +1 (this is the penalty, instead of losing Hit Dice from negative levels from death, but may be switched back to a negative level if the DM decides it would be more appropriate)

2012-09-29, 12:15 AM
basically a way of allowing a character to continue even after death, instead of dying. the player is given the choice to change into a spook (and choose its aspects) or die as normal.