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random wanderer
2012-09-29, 10:10 PM
System: Dungeons and dragons 3.5
[b]Player Count:2-3
[b]Style of Play: mix
[b]Allowed Content: most things except psionics and incarnum
[b]Character Creation:

Backstory: required, 250xp when i recieve it
Alignment: any

random wanderer
2012-09-29, 10:12 PM
how dice roller works

#d#Diplays cumulative results. 1d6 gives the results of 1 six-sided die, for example.
gives you [roll2]

#d#Displays individual dice results, then cumulative.
[roll1]gives you [roll3]

[roll]#d#+XDisplays the cumulative results, with the added modifier (X) totalled into it.
gives you [roll4]

[roll]#d#-XDisplays the cumulative results, with the added modifier (X) subtracted from it.
gives you [roll5]

[roll]#d#b#Diplays the cumulative results of the best of the dice (4d6b3, for example, would give cumulative results of the best 3 dice of 4 6-sided dice).
gives you [roll6]

#d#b#DOES NOT WORK! It only gives the cumulative result of all the dice, not the best # of dice. You have to do the math yourself if you want to see the best-of results, or remove the v from the roller.

[roll]#d#b#+XDOES NOT WORK! It gets ignored.

random wanderer
2012-09-30, 03:04 PM
red ink is for what your character is saying
good day milord, doth you have a quest most epic for us today?
blue is for NPC quotes
no, now **** off.

random wanderer
2012-09-30, 03:06 PM
and we're not allowed to cuss
Justin, I believe you and Dellyn and your three cabalists are on the streed of Sumberton plotting your next move against the cult of grey.
Tyler where are you

random wanderer
2012-10-06, 09:41 AM
seriously guys post at sometime