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Roland St. Jude
2012-10-01, 12:53 AM
On a warm summer night in late Klarmont, the town of Threshold was once again quiet. A bloody melee down the street from the now-dark market square had come to a decisive end. The town guard had hauled off the losers and the onlookers had gone back to their ales or spread through town to share what they had seen.

In Old Town, situated on a small island in the Windrush River, the city's poorer residents drink away their troubles and some of the town's more questionable enterprises take advantage of the islands narrow alleys and near omnipresent darkness. West across the twin bridges lies the rest of town, with its well-spaced homes and buildings, and wide streets lit by the occasional lantern. Now quiet and dark save for a few well-lit taverns and the temple, the stillness belied booming nature of the border town, all of which would become obvious at again dawn.

The powerful and self-made Lord Bost had assembled a group of promising young adventurers to help in his more dangerous commercial enterprises. So far, they had reclaimed the old mill from giant vermin and kobold squatters, captured an abandoned castle of ancient origin held by a goblin king and his retinue, and chased a foul necromancer out of his hole in a hill west of town, twice defeating his evil creation, the thoul.

While the necromancer, Ederick, had fled to the west, his allies, members of a local criminal organization called the "Fangs" still plagued Threshold.

This day was an eventful one as the group many knew as Bost's Rangers had obtained leads on the disappearance of Marie Takish, daughter of a powerful council member, and managed to slay and capture many suspected members of the villainous Fangs.

The party again split up to engage in a variety of tasks, Ashala to report to her uncle, Talsarios and Alanna to interrogate the prisoners, after a fashion, and Artanis to track down the sword-stealing thugs that had nearly killed him ignobly in the nearby alley.

Nathros and Mycah had yet to declare a path, and the young Brandon Bor was just returning home with his torchbearer, unaware of the evening's events.

IC for Old Ways Ch. 1 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169679)

2012-10-01, 05:23 AM
"Oh, hello Alanna! Come to watch the magic happen?" dark-haired Talsarios says as the cleric joins him. He smiles deprecatingly: "You'll not see much - it all happens in my mind, you know. Before we get back among the guards, I should cast my spell. I believe that spellcasting within the town - ahem - city limits is frowned upon."
Once they are within a few minutes walk of the prison, the well-dressed scholar looks about for a suitable spot to cast his ESP spell undisturbed.

2012-10-01, 09:49 AM

Ash would have agreed with Talsarios, "Everyone back at the Nut in an hour then. I'll be better armed and armored this time, should they try anything again. I'll ask Lord Bost what action would be within our boundaries. Be careful everyone. Let's do this together, whatever we decide."

She'll take an eager yet competent looking spectator to the side to request, "Will you bring a message to the Bor farm to have Brandon meet at the Nut in one hour?" She didn't want anyone else (onlookers) to know the plan for fear of an overpopulated tavern with too many ears. She'll add, "Here's a silver for your troubles, but the extra bit is for your silence. This gathering is not to become rumor this night."


At the Manor, "Uncle, I'm sorry to interrupt this evening. There's been an incident with my group, the Vigilant Companions..." She'd explain what she's heard has happened. Then she'd ask, "Would we be acting against the law if we tracked down those Fangs to likely rescue Marie, Councilman Takish's daughter, and try to stop them from continuing to cause trouble for the people of Threshold? I believe it likely that they'd want to collaborate on a counter attack directed at us. I don't want anyone caught up in the middle of our trouble."


When these matters are resolved, she'll change into her armor and gear, then head back to meet the others at the Nut.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-01, 11:42 AM
Mycah sees torn over what should be done next. He feels some duty of Ash, but realizes it won't take two of them to inform Lord Bost on what's happening. He also agrees that some time spent planning will better prepare them for the trouble which is likely ahead with the Fangs. Finally, seeing Artanis starting to head off on his own, calls out to the elf.
"Artanis, wait! You've already seen the trouble with haring off alone, just wait a minute while we sort out the best path to follow here. I think you're right that we need to follow that trail while it's fresh and see where those men have gone, but once we find their hole, we can't just run in and attack, we'll just get ourselves killed doing that. I'll go with you and we can see what we discover, but then we need to bring that information back here, meet up with everyone else and make a plan of action. Does that seem reasonable?"

2012-10-01, 12:52 PM
Brandon Bor

Like the rest of his farming family, Bran prepares to go to sleep quite early, since he intends to wake up before dawn.

Within a short while he is asleep in bed, unaware that some of his party-mates recently escaped death and might choose to come and wake him up.

2012-10-01, 04:00 PM
Artanis merely looked back and replied flatly.

"That is why I was asking for volunteers. No, I was not planning on taking them on all by myself. If I know them, I suspect they are heading towards their base of operations, which means reinforcements. I want to keep an eye on them and inform our party of any movement. Such as fleeing their hiding place to another one. I am not that eager to meet death again. For once, I will run rather than fight."

He did not mention that he wouldn't mind if it happened though.

Death holds no terror for me.

2012-10-01, 06:33 PM
Alanna grins as she walks alongside Talsarios, bouncier than usual because she's not weighed down by her armor.
"Oh, it's totally fine. I love magic, don't you? I mean, of course you do, 'cause you study it so hard… what's it like to study magic? Like, I guess book magic is different from sacred magic, y'know? Because I just pray every morning and the spells are just… there. In my heart. And in my body, too, and my brain, so I can remember the words and gestures…"
She rambles on, gesticulating all the while, until Talsarios stops her, either to reply or to cast his spell.

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-01, 10:42 PM
The runner nods to Ash and trots off in the direction of the Bor farm. He arrives a bit winded, having ran or jogged most of the way. Brandon had little rest, but more than his companions, when he was roused from his bed. The runner communicated Ash's message and lingered to accompany the young fighter back to town.

The trip to Lord Bost's manner was a bit shorter and Ash found another night of revelry in full swing as she arrived. Her uncle shook off his inebriation and rose to speak to her privately. "Your what now?" he interjects, requiring an explanation of "Vigilant Companions." At that he smirks, but says nothing. After listening to her story and her questions he replies, "Well met, then, I suppose. The capture of several of those bandits will likely buy your friends a pass on weapons and spells. If you have a lead on the girl or these Fangs, by all means investigate. The law is not on the side of vigilantes, but my name and your recent good deeds will probably prevent you from being detained by the guard. Any further killings or destruction are permissible only so far as you continue to be as successful as you were earlier this evening. By all means, rid Threshold of this snake-sect, if you can."

Alanna and Talsarios travel the short distance to the town hall, pausing for Talsarios to cast his spell. At the town hall, using the name Bost's Rangers and recalling the evenings earlier activities, they are admitted to the dungeon. Small stone cells are secured with heavy iron bars. Most prisoners are fast asleep, a few drunkenly passed out.

Artanis and Mycah begin to follow the tracks toward the docks.

Stopped here for additional actions, rolls, conversation, etc. by PCs.

Does Nathros return to the bar?

2012-10-02, 04:20 AM
Talsarios turns to Alanna and whispers, "Now, this will work best if you ask the questions, and I listen in to his thoughts. He'll reveal plenty whether he tries to lie to us or not."
Alastor peers at the prisoners in turn until he sees one he recognises from earlier. "You just need to ask general questions to start with - it'll take me a while to get into his head. Then ask him about the Fangs, where their hideouts are, who's in charge - everything you can. I'll take notes." He gets out his parchment and quill with a smile. "Oh, and don't get in between me and the prisoner. I don't want to read your thoughts!"

2012-10-02, 07:08 AM
Nathros settles down at the Nut with a mug of brown ale and awaits his companions. He knows Artanis and Alanna are rushing off apart from the party, but figures it is not his responsibility, having already killed three men this night.

2012-10-02, 09:20 AM

Ash will be grateful for her uncle's advice.

After preparing, she'll head back to the Nut, keeping a vigilant eye out for any further trouble. For example, she worries there might be danger of the Fangs making counter attacks on the Companions while they're divided.

When she sees Nathros at the Nut, she'll join him for a drink as she's feeling a little anxious of what's to come. She'll also offer the advice her uncle told her so that he knows the guidelines the group must follow.

2012-10-02, 09:44 AM
Brandon Bor

Brandon arrives at the Nut looking both anxious and annoyed. His armor, weapons, and gear show subtle signs of having been donned in haste, without Bran's customary care.

"Why was I summoned? What's happened?"

He yawns.

2012-10-02, 12:03 PM
Alanna calls to the prisoner Talsarios indicates. "Hey! You! Yeah, you. Remember us? Only we'd like to ask you a few questions. Don't mind my friend here, he's writing down what you say. Oh, and be sure to answer truthfully and not lie!"
She yammers on for a bit, asking filler questions like "what's your name?" and "where are you from?", looking to Talsarios every couple questions to see if he's ready. Once she gets a go sign, she proceeds more slowly and seriously.
"Have you ever heard of the Fangs? What kind of things do they do? Do you know any members, or where their headquarters are? What kind of things usually happen to people who don't mind their own business?" If Talsarios hears something interesting and indicates he wants the prisoner to elaborate, she'll ask the follow-up questions he suggests.

2012-10-02, 04:17 PM
Artanis wordlessly followed the tracks, unwilling to risk conversation in case unfriendly ears were present.

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-03, 01:53 AM
Talsarios finds the experience somewhat overwhelming given the number of individuals incarcerated here. He manages to hone in single mind of the chosen thug as Alanna poses the more important questions. Most of the thug's answers are non-answers and curses, but the actual answer dance fleetingly through his mind. To Talsarios, much of the man's thoughts on these subjects seem rehearsed, like mantras or oaths, but they also seem truthful and not fabricated.

The Fangs do what they're told. I know Gerd; he's in the next cell. We're Fangs. The Fangs are everywhere and nowhere. Our orders come from the Viper.

On the question of headquarters, the man's thoughts tumble through a series of images, which Talsarios understands to be the man's speculation or guesses: a warehouse by the river, a bar called Bloody Bill's in the docks, and a patch of riverbank.

He seems not to understand Alanna's last question. Aside from the exact questions, the man's thoughts also envision a man wearing a Fang amulet similar to the one recovered in the caves west of town and his rescue by other Fangs.

Brandon arrives at the Nut to find only Nathros and a small number of other patrons drinking ale by a dying fire. Ash enters moments later.

Artanis and Mycah follow the tracks as they head a couple blocks toward the docks, winding through alleys and around corners, shortly after the third or fourth turn the tracks slow their running pace and become indistinguishable from the surrounding tracks. Neither Artanis nor Mycah can follow them any further. The pair retraces the route and retries, but they simply can't pick out the men's tracks. Some time is spent in this endeavor, but to no avail.


(Badly) failed Tracking checks by both Artanis and Mycah

2012-10-06, 10:50 AM
Undaunted, Artanis merely looked at the surrounding buildings and tried to figure out where a secluded building with enough room to hide several men could be.

He quietly whispered to Mycah:

"Look for a spot that you and your friends would go if you didn't want to be found. Remember, even if it seems insane or a waste of time, check it, we don't have time to check a second time. Maybe check some of the buildings that are open around here. It is quite difficult to hide Solahel due to its size."

Alertness DC 14: [roll0]

In case that didn't make sense, Artanis is checking for the typical areas that villains hide in. Such as:
Warehouses, abandoned buildings, secluded buildings, and stores that are open.

2012-10-06, 11:39 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran yawns and sleepily says to Ashala and Nathros, "What happened? Why am I here? Who am I?"

2012-10-06, 05:32 PM
His brows knit in concentration, Talsarios writes Ask him: what they do at the warehouse by the river, and who is "Viper"? - and shows his note to Alanna.

2012-10-06, 07:47 PM
Alanna squints at the short note for a moment, having a little trouble with the word "warehouse." When she understands, she decides to phrase her question in an innocent-sounding manner to avoid arousing suspicion in case the prisoner knows about mind-reading spells.
"Hmm… I hear there's a warehouse by the river. I wonder what goes on there… hey, how do you think the Fangs got their name? I'd imagine that they're names after a snake… maybe a viper? Wonder why they chose viper of all things… it could be a nickname. "The Viper" would definitely be a cool title."
As she "chats," she feels a sense of excitement and has to resist the urge to laugh with merriment. This is actually pretty fun!

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-06, 09:22 PM
"So it is a warehouse? I figgered as much. Which one? How'd ya know?"

"Viper, fangs, get it? Viper's the big boss, but no one ever meets 'im. 'Tis a good name."

As noted in the preceding post, he doesn't know where the hideout is, but a warehouse is one of his guesses.


The tavern clears out eventually, most heading out into the street but a few stumbling back to the front of the house and up into the rooms above.


Dark shadows abound in the dock district. No obvious hiding places suggest themselves, though they might have entered any of these quiet buildings. Mostly houses, warehouses, and closed and heavily barred shops line the streets. The buildings vary from well-kept to dilapidated, but none stood obviously abandoned. Some lots have stacks of empty crates alongside the building. Examining a couple blocks reveals a quiet neighborhood save for a building right on the docks containing a bar called Bloody Bill's and a flophouse called, apparently, "Sleep." Across the street lies the docks themselves and a handful of ships sit quietly in the river.

2012-10-06, 11:23 PM
Artanis started to become slightly frustrated. He turned to Mycah and laid out his quick alternative.

"We need to find information on any recent activity. The best place would have to be this tavern... unless you have any ideas?"

He had no idea what a flophouse was, being raised in a relatively small elven town and not a city and rarely staying indoors in his persuit of his quarry.


O.K. once again I am not trying to intentionally metagame in any way, shape, or form.
My first honest thought was to go to the tavern since I had no idea what a flophouse was until I looked it up and I thought that since Elves are more prone to live in forests that might explain this.
Plus, my character is supposedly relatively ignorant of unfamiliar places.

2012-10-07, 09:41 AM

Ash fills Nathros and Brandon in (Brandon on what's going on, and both of them on how far they can take this pursuit based on what Lord Bost told her).

2012-10-07, 09:59 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran splutters in fury as soon as Ash's words register in his sleepy brain.

"This is outrageous! Attacked? Here, in town? An elf? This is horrible!"

"So what do we do?"

He yawns again. Even this breach of what Bran thinks of as hospitality is not enough to wake him up completely this late at night.

2012-10-07, 11:29 AM
Underneath where he wrote his earlier questions, Talsarios adds Who gives him his orders? - and shows this new inquiry to Alanna with a smile and a wink.

2012-10-07, 04:58 PM

Ash smirks at Brandon's slightly disheveled presentation, but her face is more solemn/serious as she declares in response, "We shall wait her until the rest of our companions return with more information. Then we'll probably mount a counter attack on the Fangs and hopefully rescue Marie, if we can find her."

2012-10-07, 07:50 PM

Ash smirks at Brandon's slightly disheveled presentation, but her face is more solemn/serious as she declares in response, "We shall wait her until the rest of our companions return with more information. Then we'll probably mount a counter attack on the Fangs and hopefully rescue Marie, if we can find her."

Brandon Bor

"Marie? Her disappearance is connected to the Fangs?" Bran asks.

2012-10-07, 11:55 PM
"Well, four of our companions are out and about in town now. If we can link up with them all well and good. For my part, I have had enough ale for the evening and now that you are both here we may make some progress in the hunt. I believe Alanna and Talsarios have gone to the prison, whilst Mycah and Artanis are attempting to track the "fangs" who fled through the city. I do not hold out much hope for the latter endeavour, but prisoners seem like an obvious source of information."

If Ashala and Bran are agreeable, Nathros pays his tab and leads them to the prison to rendezvous with Alanna and Talsarios.

2012-10-08, 12:34 AM
Alanna grins some more before proceeding. "So who gives you your orders? And what else about the Viper? Is he the absolute top of the heap?"

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-08, 12:34 AM
Bloody Bill's features a couple of tables of maudlin looking fellows well into their cups sitting outside the front door. The sign for the place is a large wooden affair featuring "Bloody" and "Bill's" painted on in two separate colors by two separate hands. The sound of raucous laughter spills out from the open doorway. The place within is poorly lit and little inside can be seen from the street.

Next to the bar is another door, bearing a sign stating, "Sleep."


Alanna relays Talsarios' next question. "Viper gives all the orders."

The man's thoughts are more specific. A cloaked figure wearing a fang amulet, who he knows was not Viper himself, barged in on he and Gerd, who were sharing a second-floor room overlooking the docks.

The order itself echos in his head for Talsarios to hear: "A wealthy elf has been asking around about the Fangs. Six pairs of fangs will be meeting in the market square at dusk to deal with him. Be there."

The man says, "you two are probably already dead for asking about Viper. He's the headman."

His fear is real and he means what he says, his thoughts betray the fact he's never seen the one called Viper.

2012-10-08, 05:12 AM
Thank you for the warning, Talsarios thinks, and writes a new question on his notes: Where is Marie Takish?

2012-10-08, 07:15 AM
Artanis, unwilling to head into any traps, tried to look for his sword before entering into Bloody Bill's.

It's hard to hide Solahel... I never thought it would work in my favor though.

If he saw his sword he would send Mycah back to the Nut to inform the others. Otherwise, he would try to talk Mycah into going into Bloody Bill's instead of him.

"If the thieves are there, I don't want them to know that we're on to them. Besides, the last time I tried asking in seedy place like this I... had a little trouble with bouncers."

Alertness DC 14: [roll0]

2012-10-08, 08:57 AM
Alanna, oblivious to anything Talsarios gleaned from this Fang's thoughts, continues merrily, not knowing much about Marie, only the rumors of her disappearance. "I think we're almost done here… what do you know about Marie Takish and where she might be?"

2012-10-08, 10:38 AM

Ash thinks it's best for one of them to stay back and wait for anyone who might get separated and regroup at the tavern as planned. "I'll stay here in case someone comes back before you've found them. We can all still meet here, but you might have luck speeding up the process if you both head to the prison for Alanna and Talsarios."

2012-10-08, 10:41 AM
Brandon Bor

"We should all avoid going out alone from now on. Maybe even in groups of three, minimum, just to avoid being ambushed in town like this."

Bran looks a little worried; he has a very large family and any one of them might be targeted by the party's enemies.

He looks at Nathros. "Shall we go? I can't believe I'm going to jail."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-08, 11:16 AM
Mycah follows along with Artanis and grow s more than a little frustrated at their apparent dead end. He had hoped that they'd be able to follow the tracks to a specific building before they mingled with the crowds again, but obviously their prey were smarter than that.

He studies the rundown facades of Bloody Bills and the flophouse next door, weighing his options. While Artanis seems to think his sword will be sitting out in plain sight waiting for him, Mycah has no such illusions.
"Well, your sword is pretty distinctive, so if someone in there has it, it'll be noticeable, I'd guess. I don't relish the thought of going in there alone, but you sure can't. They know your face for sure." He sighs, then squares his shoulders. "I'll go in and have a drink - scope the place out and see if there's anything obvious. you wait here. If I come running out... well, you'd better run too. There will probably be a lot of them following us both. Just remember, we can't do much alone. If I DO find something, we'll still need to come back with the rest to get it back for you."

Probably foolish, but Mycah will take the chance of going into the bar. Buy a drink at the bar and as he drinks it, survey the place, see if anyone is showing off Solahel, or bragging about the hit on the elf. If he does find out anything, he'll leave and report to Artanis what he heard, and try to get him to go back for help rather than charge in alone.

2012-10-08, 04:07 PM
Artanis nodded and tried to hide himself so that he could keep an eye on the bar, keep within bowshot, yet have a clear view of his surroundings.

He then decided to nock his bow just in case they needed to beat a hasty retreat.

Hide?/Stealth? DC 14?: [roll0]

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-09, 07:58 PM
"Who? Never 'eard of 'er."

Talsarios finds his thoughts confirm as much. Even if he heard about her abduction around town, as many had, he certainly had no recollection of it. His thoughts return then to the cloaked man who came to give orders to him and his pal Gerd. Not Viper, he knew, but a scary dude, for sure. The man snuck into their locked room without a sound and sidled between him and the window, blocking not only their view of the tall ship but blotting out the sun.

The man shivers visibly and retreats to the back of his cell. "If you know where Viper is, you know more than me. But yer still gonna die if you cross 'im."

The man's thoughts seem to try to wish his inquisitors away and wander to thoughts of rescue by a gang of Fangs or maybe a bribed jailor or maybe something supernatural.

When he realizes the pair is still there, he adds, "I'm not saying no more."

Artanis finds the area offering many good spots, a few with tall shadows and great views of the door to Bloody Bill's.

Mycah had been in several bars this evening but this was by far the worst he'd seen in his life. A bloody ring was roped off in the center and two men, drunk on ale or blows to the head or both seemed to circle artlessly as they swung wildly at each other. Several sailors seemed to be watching with some interest. The place was simple, dark, and surprisingly crowded. No obvious sign of anyone out of place or having entered recently. No sign of Artanis' enormous blade, either. The occasional "ooh" and "aah" punctuates the general loud din in the bar as a fighter takes a blow. Mycah gets served a weak and low quality brew, and the barkeep asks, "you want a turn in the ring?"

2012-10-09, 10:52 PM
Artanis watched in the shadows as Mycah entered the tavern and kept an arrow nocked in his bow, prepared for a hostile encounter.

2012-10-10, 02:22 AM
"Thank you, you've been most helpful," Talsarios says to the thug, as he finishes writing his notes and stands up.
"By the way - if we're going to die for just knowing who Viper is, what do you think will happen to you for spilling the beans? Hm? Cheerio!"
And with that, he takes Alanna's hand and sweeps out, in what he hopes is a suitably dramatic fashion.
Once outside, in a quieter voice he whispers to the priestess: "You were splendid! Let's get back to the others: we've got a bundle of news here!"

2012-10-10, 11:18 AM

Ash continues to wait at the bar as that was where was agreed upon. Nathros and Brandon may have wished to find the others, but she'll remain either way.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-10, 01:12 PM
Mycah had been in several bars this evening but this was by far the worst he'd seen in his life. A bloody ring was roped off in the center and two men, drunk on ale or blows to the head or both seemed to circle artlessly as they swung wildly at each other. Several sailors seemed to be watching with some interest. The place was simple, dark, and surprisingly crowded. No obvious sign of anyone out of place or having entered recently. No sign of Artanis' enormous blade, either. The occasional "ooh" and "aah" punctuates the general loud din in the bar as a fighter takes a blow. Mycah gets served a weak and low quality brew, and the barkeep asks, "you want a turn in the ring?"
Mycah drank his ale as he watched the fight and let his gaze wander around the room. "What, me?" He chuckles and raises his arms as if to say With this body? "I heard about the place and thought I'd check it out. Maybe make a wager or two and try my luck. But get in there? No thanks friend."

He'll finish his cup, then nod to the bartender and say. "Maybe another night. Not sure how my luck's holding out tonight, I'm afraid. Thanks for the drink." He'll toss a couple coppers on the bar and make his way out, the see if he can find Artanis. Time to report a resounding lack of success.

2012-10-10, 02:42 PM
Nathros raises an eyebrow at Ashala's decision, but decides not to make an issue of it. "Seems like everyone is acting cursed strange this evening, each heeding only their own head, almost like the taint of chaos has fallen on us," he mutters, as he and Brandon head towards the prison.

2012-10-10, 02:45 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran nods as he walks beside Nathros to the prison. "This is a cursed day. I can't believe one of my companions got mugged. Here. Where I live."

"And he is even an elf. It is an outrage, having an elven guest be mugged."

Bran keeps looking around as he walks, clanking in his armor. He bears his mother's lion shield openly and keeps his hand close to his sword.

2012-10-10, 10:01 PM
"All right!" Alanna says heartily. "We're meeting up at a tavern, right? I can't remember where exactly… has it been an hour?"

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-10, 10:53 PM
Nathros and Brandon make it a mere block from the bar before coming across the two spellcasters on their way back from the prison.

2012-10-10, 11:31 PM
Artanis, seeing Mycah coming out unharmed, slumped a little in disappointment.

A conflict would have meant that he found something...

However, he did not reveal himself, unwilling to show himself in the event that Mycah had been followed.

2012-10-11, 10:50 AM
The Thyatian scholar is strolling along in the twilight street with an air of self-satisfaction.
"Oh, hello there, chaps!" waves Talsarios as the fighters approach. "I thought we were meeting at the Nut? No matter... We've got a veritable heap of news - we'd best get some semblance of privacy before we discuss it all, though, eh?"

2012-10-12, 08:04 PM
Mycah probably isn't followed out. After a few moments, Artanis may reveal himself to Mycah and perhaps they will return for a reunion at the Nut as planned.

Ash waits patiently.

2012-10-12, 11:21 PM
Artanis took one last look around. He decided to show himself to Mycah and go back to the Nut with him.

He allowed Mycah to lead the way as he did not trust his sense of direction.

2012-10-12, 11:53 PM
Nathros greets his erstwhile companions, and herds them back to the Nut. "Two down, two to go."

2012-10-12, 11:59 PM
Alanna strolls merrily down the street with her three companions. As she walks, she chatters about inconsequential things, not mentioning anything suspicious.
"How've you guys been doing? You know, before tonight. What have you been up to these last few days? I've been at the temple doing priestessy things!"

2012-10-13, 12:07 AM
"Mainly, drinking."

2012-10-13, 10:19 AM
Brandon Bor

"Talking with my family and painting the monsters we encountered, for posterity."

"I'm not a very good painter yet, but it doesn't take great art to depict a giant tentacled worm."

2012-10-13, 10:57 AM
Once the group has arrived at the Nut, greeted Ashala, and Talsarios has overcome his disappointment at the provincial stock of wines carried by the inn and availed himself of a cup of mead ("One cannot go far wrong when brewing honey, I hope!") - the Thyatian pulls up a chair to table and takes out his note book and quill.
"I should like to see your painting!" the scholar smiles to Brandon, while he busies himself with copying his interrogation notes out into a legible form.
"Myself, I have been training with Merlinda. Most informative and enlightening! Also, through practice, I believe I have overcome the worst of my ineptitudes with the late Gregoras's sword - I hope to honour his name by enchanting the blade some day... but I am getting ahead of myself. First, I should like a chance to test my skill, in a safe manner, with one of you fighters, before I need to rely on it in earnest!"

2012-10-13, 12:38 PM

After everyone's gotten comfortable, Ash asks, "So what information have our two teams gleaned with regards to the Fangs hideout and the possible kidnapping of Marie?"

2012-10-14, 12:15 AM
Alanna, who's inexperienced with matters of liquor, orders a glass of wine without actually thinking. Not wanting to remain silent, she says, "I think we hit a dead end when asking about Marie, but we learned some cool things about the Fangs. Talsarios will be able to tell you everything he learned -- he has an amazing mind-reading spell!"

2012-10-14, 01:11 AM
Artanis arrived with Mycah in tow, Artanis disheartened and frustrated, and slammed his gauntlet into a wall.

"We were so close! I hate city tracking."

He quickly explained their foray to the tavern.

"Mycah went into Bloody Bill's since we thought it best that I don't show myself around shortly after being mugged. Although it might have been slightly amusing to see their reactions to seeing someone apparantly back from the dead."

He said this last part with the merest shadow of a smile.

He let Mycah explain what he had gleaned from Bloody Bill's when he saw Alanna order herself some wine.

"Have you ever actually had alcohol? If not, I would suggest something lighter or just clean water."

He once again thought of his first run-in with alcohol and having magic arrow prepared that day.

2012-10-14, 01:18 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran looks embarrassed at Talsarios' interest in his paintings. He starts to babble.

"Oh, they're not that good yet... You don't want to see them... The sunlight hasn't been really great lately, and I'm sure the depiction has suffered... I may be remembering the exact colors wrong, since our battles were mostly underground and all I had to see the monsters with was torchlight... Also I've had a headache... My nieces and nephews have been SCREAMING their heads off since I got home... "

Then his eyes narrow.

"Wait, you want to cast spells on.... on me and Nathros? You're not planning to Charm us, are you? I don't want to be Charmed."

Bran doesn't even dare mention the prospect of casting a spell on Lady Ashala, though he twitches at the idea.

2012-10-14, 02:43 AM
"What? No! I mean my skill with a sword." Talsarios says in alarm at Brandon's suggestion.
"Best you all look over my notes," he says, passing his neatly copied record over for scrutiny.

Questions: Have you ever heard of the Fangs?
What kind of things do they do?
Do you know any members, or where their headquarters are?
What kind of things usually happen to people who don't mind their own business?

Answers: Note: much of the target's thoughts on these subjects seem rehearsed, like mantras or oaths, but they also seem truthful and not fabricated.

THINKS: The Fangs do what they're told. I know Gerd; he's in the next cell. We're Fangs. The Fangs are everywhere and nowhere. Our orders come from the Viper.
Regarding headquarters: target's thoughts are a series of images (these are the target's speculations or guesses): a warehouse by the river, a bar called Bloody Bill's in the docks, and a patch of riverbank.
Target did not understand last question.

THINKS: (General thought, not related to any enquiry) Images of a man wearing a Fang amulet similar to the one recovered in the caves west of town. Also, appears to fantasise his rescue by other Fangs.

Questions: So who gives your orders?
Is Viper the top boss?
Answers: SAYS: "Viper gives all the orders."
THINKS: Target imagines / recalls a cloaked figure wearing a fang amulet, who he knows was not Viper himself, barged in on he and Gerd (a fellow prisoner), who were sharing a second-floor room overlooking the docks.
Target recalls the order: "A wealthy elf has been asking around about the Fangs. Six pairs of fangs will be meeting in the market square at dusk to deal with him. Be there."
SAYS: "You two are probably already dead for asking about Viper. He's the headman."
THINKS: Target's fear is real and he means what he says, his thoughts betray the fact he's never seen the one called Viper.

Question: Where is Marie?
Answer: SAYS: "Who? Never 'eard of 'er."
THINKS: confirm as much. Even if he heard about her abduction around town, as many had, he certainly had no recollection of it.
Target's thoughts return then to the cloaked man who came to give orders to him and his pal Gerd. Not Viper, he knew, but a scary dude, for sure. The man snuck into their locked room without a sound and sidled between him and the window, blocking not only their view of the tall ship but blotting out the sun.
SAYS: "If you know where Viper is, you know more than me. But yer still gonna die if you cross 'im."

THINKS: seem to try to wish us away. Fantasies wander to thoughts of rescue by a gang of Fangs or maybe a bribed jailor or maybe something supernatural.
When he realized we were still there, SAYS: "I'm not saying no more."

"Oh, and chaps?" he adds, apologetically, "Please don't broadcast that I can cast that spell. If it becomes common knowledge, it'll make everyone wary and suspicious of me."

2012-10-14, 02:57 AM
"What? No! I mean my skill with a sword." Talsarios says in alarm.

Brandon Bor

Bran looks relieved. "Oh, that's all right then."

2012-10-14, 11:33 AM
Artanis, upon hearing that Talsarios could cast ESP, resolved to think in Elven if Talsarios cast that spell.

My thoughts are private.

He then deliberately tried to think this thought in case the spell was still in effect. He trusted the scholar but wished to keep his thoughts locked inside of his head.

{My thoughts are private.}

"If you wish to have a sparring partner, I will undertake that task."

2012-10-14, 07:01 PM

Ash is frowning, but watchful as Artanis makes his venting statements. Once he's calmed down a little and has speculated over whether or not Alanna should have alcohol, she'll take a look at Talsarios' notes. She'll smirk to herself when Brandon and Talsarios clear up their misunderstanding.

When she's finished reading, she'll make sure the rest of the group gets a turn, but she'll point out the following with her fingers so they know what to take particular note of:
•The Fangs do what they're told. I know Gerd; he's in the next cell. We're Fangs. The Fangs are everywhere and nowhere. Our orders come from the Viper.
•Regarding headquarters: target's thoughts are a series of images (these are the target's speculations or guesses): a warehouse by the river, a bar called Bloody Bill's in the docks, and a patch of riverbank.
"Sounds like we have some locations to check out. Best we get on this tonight before they plan themselves a counter attack."

"Alanna, you should probably get your armor. It may come in handy."

Ash speaks more privately so that the barkeep or any remaining patrons don't hear her words, "Oh - and Talsarios, if you get a chance to use your spell again on the gang, try to get them to think on Anton Barbu, an errand boy for them. He's the only one who we know must have had contact with Marie."

Thoughts of her uncle's warning ring in her head:
Any further killings or destruction are permissible only so far as you continue to be as successful as you were earlier this evening."
"Also, if we act, we cannot involve any civilians in crossfire. We must also be sure before we act. Otherwise we may find ourselves on the other side of the bars along with the other Fangs tonight."

2012-10-15, 01:25 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran fingers the fanged amulet around his neck as he reads.

"So this gewgaw is a sign that I'm a Fang?"

Bran ponders, then smiles smugly. "Fantastic. Secret villain gang amulet."

He reads some more. "I wonder if any of the gang members still running around even know what this Viper looks like."

"I hope I don't think as this guy does. His thoughts are stupid."

2012-10-15, 01:53 PM
Artanis merely face-palmed at Brandon's comment on the amulet and almost sobbed.

He only came to that conclusion now? It's a wonder we weren't arrested if he's been showing that off.

If anyone inquired to his strange behavior he only repeated this single phrase:

"Why me?"

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-15, 08:25 PM
The Nut had cleared out entirely, giving the party the place to themselves, save for the sleepy-looking bartender. There were few hours left before dawn.

2012-10-15, 11:28 PM
Alanna looks slightly doubtful of her decision to order wine when Artanis questions it, but she does not retract it.
She listens intently to the others' information and guffaws a bit loudly at Brandon's "secret villain gang amulet."
After Ash proposes a strike by night, Alanna protests, slamming her open palm on the table for added effect.
"I don't think we should go out in the middle of the night hunting toughs… I'd rather wait for morning so we can get some decent rest. I didn't expect to be kept up, and I've been awake for almost an entire day. I'm really tired, and even though I haven't lost the spells I prepared when I got up, I'd really like to get at least a few hours of sleep before I get in a fight."
She sighs before adding, "If you guys really want the advantage of surprise, or a quick strike, or whatever, I'll follow you the whole way without grumbling. After a stop at the temple to get my armor, of course."

2012-10-16, 03:49 AM
Nathros quaffs the last of his ale and wipes the foam from his beard. "Well, let us be off then, I am keen to be about the business at hand."

2012-10-16, 04:34 AM
"I say, what? Now?"
For a moment, Talsarios looks worried, then he clearly steels himself, patting his sword hilt and the new sheath where his wand sits at his belt. "All right, then. Here's to swift action and surprise."
He drains his mead off and thumps the beaker down on the table.

2012-10-16, 04:54 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran finishes reading the written explanation of Talsarios' interview with the captured Fang and hands it back to the magic-user.

"I'm ready."

He leans forward and says sotto voce to Talsarios, "Hey, how much do you charge to tell what someone else is thinking about you?"

2012-10-16, 06:01 AM
Talsarios replies to Brandon equally quietly: "You know, I don't think that'd be right. Using the spell for interrogation of a prisoner is one thing, but I think it'd be unlawful to use it for anything else. Besides..."
The scholar stands and holds up a hand for attention, speaking clearly and openly, "I say: I sense some concerns here ... so can I just make you all a promise, so we're all clear?"
He clears his throat: "I, Alastor Talsarios, swear as the Immortals are my witness, that I shall never use my magic against you, my allies."

2012-10-16, 06:10 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran looks put out. "Awwww..."

"Basically you're saying you can only use that spell on people whom you have no reason to like, and vice versa."

"Or when playing cards, maybe."

2012-10-16, 10:57 AM

Ash rolls her eyes with amusement at Brandon. She's also startled a bit by Alanna's stern standpoint against proceeding this very night due to a little grogginess, but she'll try to understand as there may be more possible reasons for her actions.
She'll ask, "If you didn't want to see this through, then why are your still here as we make our strategy? You could have gone home anytime. Of course, our plans have about a fifty percent lower success rate without you. I doubt the lack of a guaranteed reward is a trouble to you, priestess. Are you perhaps concerned that your abilities may waver in your weariness?"
Ash will wait for her reply and consider its weight on the situation.

She'll still add, "So that my intentions are more clear, I believe less civilians may be caught up in our attack if we make our strike by night and that they'd see us coming a mile away by day.
I am sure their higher ups must know of the other Fangs slain this evening already so they'll likely be planning an assassination attempt or worse by now. T
hey will see us as a threat, just like they likely perceived Artanis as he wandered about asking about them - I take it.
I don't know how these guys think, but it seems the head to the snake has all the know and the body just reacts to it's commands.
"Mostly, I'm interested in returning Marie home where she is in far less danger than around those hooligans. Every moment we waste could be another moment of - let's go with emotional torture."

"If any of you have any logical or personal reason why you think we shouldn't proceed tonight, please speak your mind now. If we do this, we all have to be on the same page.
"Perhaps we're at less than full potential due to a use of spells today. to that end, where do we stand?"

2012-10-16, 11:34 AM
Artanis' armor clanked as he relaxed at Talsarios' promise.

"I thank you, there are thoughts that you do not wish to pry into. They might sow discord... or worse."

Listening to everyone's willingness to go out again prompted him to speak his thoughts. He spoke heavily.

"I am sorry, but there are two problems that I wish to address. First, the advantage of surprise is lost, we took too long in trying to find them. We must wait for our opponent to reveal his hand. Second... I'll have to leave the city... unless any of you can offer me a secure room? I don't feel like letting another group of thugs finish the job."

He had no qualms about continuing but began to sink into a visible bit of depression at their current situation.

2012-10-16, 11:42 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran nods in agreement with what Ash said. "Yeah, a night attack is best. Especially if we catch 'em sleeping or drunk."

"Hey, that gives me an idea. Let's all chip in, buy a lot of wine and ale and liquor, and send it 'by mistake' to the Fangs' hideout."

"They'll not turn down free alcohol. They'll get very very drunk, and then they'll be in no shape at all to resist our attack."

He frowns in confusion at Artanis.

"Did I miss something? Why do you have to leave?"

2012-10-16, 12:07 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran nods in agreement with what Ash said. "Yeah, a night attack is best. Especially if we catch 'em sleeping or drunk."

"Hey, that gives me an idea. Let's all chip in, buy a lot of wine and ale and liquor, and send it 'by mistake' to the Fangs' hideout."

"They'll not turn down free alcohol. They'll get very very drunk, and then they'll be in no shape at all to resist our attack."

He frowns in confusion at Artanis.

"Did I miss something? Why do you have to leave?"

Artanis sighed, frustrated with himself.

"I forgot, you just arrived. Not only was I nearly killed, I lost Solahel and all of my coin. So I cannot 'chip in' as you say. This leaves me unable to obtain room and board. I am also doubtful that we can get the right hideout if you remember what has been gleaned from the prisoner."

2012-10-16, 12:44 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran studies Artanis for a few moments. He says softly, "I'm very sorry for your losses."

"You're being silly, though. You'll just stay at our place, the Bor farm. No one would mind. And certainly no one would do something so gauche as to ask you to pay for room and board, not when you were robbed in our town."

He pauses. "The loss of your sword is a bigger issue, but I'm sure we'll find it eventually. Especially if we spread around the news that someone stole it and we want it back. They won't even be able to fence it, and if they do..."

"I wonder if Mycah can find out who the local fences are? I've lived here all my life and I have no idea."

Bran seems quite breezily confident that all of Artanis' troubles are either nonexistent or easily solvable.

2012-10-16, 12:53 PM
Artanis merely nodded at Brandon's offer.

"Thank you."

Unfortunately, I don't have the same confidence he has about retrieving Solahel...

2012-10-17, 01:43 AM
Alanna blinks -- leaving her companions to challenges without her help had never crossed her mind.
"I don't know how badly being tired will affect my fighting -- I still haven't done very much battle, and I don't think I've ever really fought anything when I needed sleep. I might do just fine, or I might let you all down. My position is the same as I said it was earlier -- I'll go along with whatever you guys decide is best without grumbling, though if I was just deciding what's best for me, I'd go to the temple and sleep."

2012-10-17, 09:17 AM

To Alanna, "Of course. Sorry to have mistakenly doubted your commitment."

About Brandon's alcoholic offering, "I don't think that'd be so easy to do seeing as they don't have one specific hideout anywhere and they are all only assembled in small groups at a time to do missions.
I think the only way to really take them down is to find this 'Viper' and stop them from giving out orders.
The rest should disband after that."

She'll add, "Though, the errand boy, Anton Barbu... he may be our best chance to start making some links to the other Fangs as he may have been to some of their locations to pass information or fetch their alcohol even.
And again, if Marie is with him or not, he should know what's come of her.

Perhaps we can get Artanis' sword back quicker if we visit the speculative locations from Talsarios' interrogation notes too.

We don't have to go stirring up extra trouble or finishing this all tonight, but I figured it'd be best to make some kind of a move while we were all together and our information is temporarily peaked.

When we all split again, we could almost use an errand person."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-17, 11:32 AM
Mycah sits at the table with his comrades, silent for the most part. He'll fill them in on what he found at Bloody Bill's.
"I'd guess that their little "fight club" is a betting racket, and probably a recruiting tool, too. It's the only solid name we have, so maybe worth looking into more deeply."

He seems surprised when Talsarios makes his oath - perhaps still a bit too trusting of others... Still, he played his share of dice and cards with the men at the logging camp, and he grins at Brandon's comment. It would be useful.
"Fences? You mean, people who buy stolen goods? I have no idea, Brandon, any more than you do. I know a couple of shops who will buy used goods, and I'll bet your mother does too - maybe they do that sort of thing, if you handle it right. Cut of the profits or something..."

"Of course we'll help you find a safe place to stay, Artanis. Did you really think we'd let you go out in the woods alone and sleep in a tree?"

2012-10-17, 11:47 AM
"Of course we'll help you find a safe place to stay, Artanis. Did you really think we'd let you go out in the woods alone and sleep in a tree?"

Artanis merely gave him a humorless look that genuinely said that he had expected to sleep in the said tree.

2012-10-18, 03:46 PM

"Do you have any suggestions on how to go about investigating further at Bloody Bill's, Mycah?"

2012-10-18, 06:56 PM
Seeing that the discussion might go on for an unknown additional length of time, Nathros orders another ale.

2012-10-19, 12:14 AM
Seeing that the party had evidently decided to continue the search, Artanis decided to converse with Talsarios.

"As I have said, I will volunteer to spar with you. However, I would like to ask how I might obtain a few spells in this town as it seems like you have learned quite a bit."

Of course I have no idea how I'm going to pay for the spells... but I shall find a way.

After Mycah laid out any of his ideas on how to approach, Artanis spoke up.

"I might suggest that Brandon could go a round in the ring WITH the Fang amulet on. That might evoke some sort of reaction. Of course, he should go in there with back-up just in case they aren't as dumb as their name implies."

2012-10-19, 08:54 AM
"As I have said, I will volunteer to spar with you. However, I would like to ask how I might obtain a few spells in this town as it seems like you have learned quite a bit."
As he gets ready to set out again, Talsarios nods and says, "I'm sure we could at least swap some spells between us. Have you, too, traveled far from your teacher?"

Noticing that no consensus of action has yet been reached, Alastor asks, "I say, now: I'm all fired up for heading out after these ruffians tonight, but have we all agreed on that yet? The longer we debate, the more tired we become, and decisions are harder with a muddled head. So if it is to be done, it'd best be done quickly, eh?"

2012-10-19, 09:54 AM

"Okay, Brandon or someone can go in with the amulet on, ask the bar tender for Anton or Mr. Barbu for a few coins if he's seen him, then see if we get any takers. Sound good? The goal is to sound like you belong and get them to start revealing themselves to us. Seems like Anton is as good a start as any."

"The armored Companions should probably stay outside. Though, Brandon, rather than sullying your family's name and spreading rumors about yourself with that amulet, perhaps someone else should go in.
In any case, I think Mycah should be the one to accompany whoever goes in, who obviously cannot be Artanis. Unfortunately, Alanna and I would stand out like a sore thumb in a place like that. Unless I were to go in the ring with my helmet on." Ash doesn't look like she relishes the thought, but she shakes off any uncertainties and looks around to see who wants to volunteer if they don't mind her suggestion.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-19, 10:23 AM
"I think we've seen the problem with asking too many questions about the Fangs, so we need to be careful no matter what we do," muses Mycah, as the group discusses how best to approach Bloody Bill's.
"Making use of Brandon's pendant does seem like the best way to handle it. We've dealt with the Fangs enough to know they act pretty tough, and don't know many of each other, so it should be simple enough to bully our way in and ask some question about Anton. You know, "on orders". Don't know who should do that though. I've already been in, and Ash is right. She or Alanna can't really do it. I think it needs to be Brandon. The fighting was a pretty rough bare-knuckles type of thing. No helms," he finishes, with a glance at Ash.

2012-10-19, 11:14 AM
As he gets ready to set out again, Talsarios nods and says, "I'm sure we could at least swap some spells between us. Have you, too, traveled far from your teacher?"[/COLOR]

"Making use of Brandon's pendant does seem like the best way to handle it. We've dealt with the Fangs enough to know they act pretty tough, and don't know many of each other, so it should be simple enough to bully our way in and ask some question about Anton. You know, "on orders". Don't know who should do that though. I've already been in, and Ash is right. She or Alanna can't really do it. I think it needs to be Brandon. The fighting was a pretty rough bare-knuckles type of thing. No helms," he finishes, with a glance at Ash.

Talsarios' suggestion to 'swap spells' horrified Artanis.

"I'm not letting you touch my book. You could rip a page out!"

Artanis offered one other suggestion for infiltrating Bloody Bill's.

"Maybe our hardy friend here could go in. He certainly seems to like a good fight."

Artanis pointedly looked at Nathros, indicating that he could enter the ring.

2012-10-19, 11:57 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran looks horrified. "You want me to box in this thing?"

"But people know me in this town. You do realize I have six older brothers, right?"

He ponders. "I could wear a mask, but..."

"Oh, I know. Why don't we just hire some bruiser to box for us? That way no one gets recognized and Mama Bor's boy doesn't get his nose broken."

2012-10-19, 02:32 PM
Talsarios looks annoyed for the briefest of moments at Artanis's answer, then shrugs and says, "Fine."

As the conversation continues towards dawn, he goes to the bar and asks the barkeep if any beds are still available to rent.

2012-10-21, 03:44 AM
Talsarios' suggestion to 'swap spells' horrified Artanis.

"I'm not letting you touch my book. You could rip a page out!"

Artanis offered one other suggestion for infiltrating Bloody Bill's.

"Maybe our hardy friend here could go in. He certainly seems to like a good fight."

Artanis pointedly looked at Nathros, indicating that he could enter the ring.

Brandon Bor

Bran scoffs. "You can't put a dwarf in the ring with a human. The dwarf would hit below the belt every time."

He flashes a grin at Nathros to show the dwarf he's just joking. Or so he hopes.

Bran looks quite curious at Artanis' outburst, though. He raises his eyebrows.

2012-10-21, 01:00 PM

Ash seems put off by Artanis' behavior, but tries not to focus on it.

As Brandon speaks his mind, Ash replies to him, "I don't think anyone suggested you should go in the ring. Maybe just Nathros or myself as a plan C or something.

"But for plan A, hmm... maybe Mycah should just try on the amulet and make the inquiry. Though, at this point, it's almost getting late enough we'll have to wait for tomorrow. Even the night owls are likely to bed by now."

Her attitude seems a little more hastey by this point, now that all the information has been shared and assessed. "We'll all find a nice place outside to flank the building. We can use a couple mirrors to signal eachother to go in if one of us hears trouble. One flash for stay, two flashes for proceed cautiously, and three flashes for 'help, I've been discovered!' If there's no danger of being discovered, we can just shout at eachother and charge in. Everyone ready? Let's go."

To Mycah, "Make sure you get the amulet from Brandon before we get there."

2012-10-21, 03:53 PM
Artanis simply opened the door and waited for the others to come.

"Mycah knows the way. I shall accompany my oath-bearer to the temple to retrieve her equipment."

2012-10-22, 12:55 AM
Alanna chuckles and rolls her eyes when Arranis adresses her so formally.
"I shouldn't be too long. Where should we meet -- here or Bloody Bill's?"
When she knows where to go after retrieving her equipment, she sets off into the city with Artanis. She fills the awkward silence with slightly-less-awkward questions about where he's from and what his life was like growing up. It's clear she's curious about him as a companion rather than as a member of a different species, and simply wants to know more about all her friends.

2012-10-22, 07:49 AM
Nathros expresses doubt over the idea that he can access the fangs by fighting in a boxing match incognito.

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-22, 09:29 AM
The sky was definitely lightening and morning was fast approaching. The streets were still empty, though. Bloody Bill's seemed more subdued, the cover of darkness having lifted somewhat. The fighting had ceased, and many men had fallen asleep along the edges of the common area. Others still drank and talked. Maybe only a dozen or so still remained in the bar, the bartender sat sleepily behind the bar.

Go ahead and have whatever along the way chat you want IC. Then, place yourselves in or around the establishment as you wish. Bloody Bill's is one of a row of establishments, with a building to the left that is boarded up and one to its right labeled "Sleep." There isn't really an "off to the side" is what I'm getting at, and "around the back" is quite a distance away - one would have to run all the way around the block.

2012-10-22, 10:28 AM
Artanis kept his answers as short and vague as possible. He was still unused to being asked about his personal life and past and was obviously on gaurd against the questioning.

Sorry, but I can't answer any questions unless I know the exact content. So this will have to suffice for now.

2012-10-22, 10:47 AM

Ash nods at Alanna and Artanis, "Yes, if you could both discreetly head that way after, one of us should be able to signal you when we see you."

To Nathros, "Don't worry. Plan C is probably not going to happen, and I don't mind being the one to go in if it really comes to that."
"Plan A is just Mycah going in and finding out how to reach that Anton guy. He should know a small variety of Fangs, I hope, and he's been directly linked to Marie. If all goes well, there'll be no fighting tonight. But if they pick a fight, we'll have to be ready to show them who's really boss in this town... Lord Bost, of course." With that, she'll grin and wink.

Then she'll be quiet as she and her group take up positions, probably all in the boarded up building if it's abandoned. Mycah can hide someone down the block to notify the others where the group is when they arrive. Then it's show-time.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-22, 12:40 PM
Mycah looks none too happy about being thrust into the fire on this latest scheme. He had thought Brandon's idea to hire a man to fight for them sounded quite good. Nonetheless, since Ash has decided this is to be the plan, he agrees and grudgingly takes the necklace from Brandon and puts it around his neck, tucking it inside his shirt for the time being.

Upon arrival at the area of Bloody Bill's, he'll see the others secreted around the area then wait for Alanna and Artanis to arrive, fill them in on the others' locations and get hidden themselves. Finally, once all sees set, he'll make sure the medallion is visible, find his way into the bar and walk brashly to the bar.

"Barkeep!" He waves the man over. "We're looking for a man by the name of Anton Barbu - some unfinished business, you know? Might have been around, looking for some of my friends, see? Any idea where he's been lately? Been in here at all?"
He'll flash a gold piece between his fingers as he talks. "Always pays to be helpful to my friends and I, if you know what I mean."
In for a penny, in for a pound! Let's see what kind of a hornet's nest we just stirred up.

2012-10-22, 01:06 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran makes sure that Mycah has his fang amulet before the thief goes in.

Then he takes a position near the entrance, ready to go in and do violence if anything goes wrong.

2012-10-22, 07:42 PM
At the temple, Alanna dons her armor as quickly as possible as she retrieves her slingshot, pellets, and mace.
"Hey, Artanis, you wanna borrow my mace if or when we fight? I usually use my sling anyway."
If he accepts, she hands it over to him without a thought, and if he declines, she doesn't push the matter. They arrive near Bloody Bill's after a rather quiet walk.

2012-10-22, 08:04 PM
Artanis simply shifted his cloak to reveal his short sword and longbow and raised his eyebrow.

"Unless you have a shield lying about, I think I am well equipped."

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-22, 11:30 PM
The barkeep's sleepy demeanor fades away and he steps back down the bar away from Mycah and raises his voice in a response, "You kill 'im, if you got 'im! He ain't a member of the Guild, and we ain't paying to get his fool self back."

What little chatter there was in the bar stopped and attention turned to the bar. The barkeep wasn't quite loud enough to wake up the sleeping patrons or be heard outside the bar.

Outside, there was a dirty window on either side of the door, and little opportunity for spying into the bar without standing in the doorway.

2012-10-23, 10:28 AM

Ash waits with the others for a signal, the sound of raised voices or battle. She hopes Mycah just comes back out right away with Anton or something. Her sword is drawn and her armor fully donned. It's very comfortable.
Alertness DC13: [roll0]

2012-10-23, 10:57 AM
After arriving at Bloody Bill's Artanis took up a position to the side of a window. He once again took his longbow out and fitted an arrow onto the string.

Hmmm this place seems familiar. I oh do so wonder why.

If there seemed to be any activity in the tavern that suggested that their scout was in trouble, Artanis was poised to smash the window open with his armored elbow and fire on the enemy that was nearest to their companion.
Alertness DC 14: [roll0]

Still not sure about this one.
Stealth Indoors DC 14: [roll1]

In case I need to for the window.
Strength DC 10: [roll2]

Thac0 Longbow (short-range) 17: [roll3]
Damage: [roll4]

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-23, 11:19 AM
The barkeep's sleepy demeanor fades away and he steps back down the bar away from Mycah and raises his voice in a response, "You kill 'im, if you got 'im! He ain't a member of the Guild, and we ain't paying to get his fool self back."

What little chatter there was in the bar stopped and attention turned to the bar. The barkeep wasn't quite loud enough to wake up the sleeping patrons or be heard outside the bar.

Mycah narrows his eyes and responds in a low voice.
"I have no interest in your Guild, friend, whether the fool is a member or not. It's him alone I seek right now. If we had him, I wouldn't be here, would I?"
He tosses the coin on the bar. "Surely you have an idea where he could be?"

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-23, 03:28 PM
The barkeep seems slightly confused and his hand dips under the bar and draws a short sword. He holds it low rather than brandishing it outright.

"You Fangs ain't as clever as they say, I think. You walk in here and try to pay us to give up an initiate of ours? To you?!"

"This is a Guild bar," he says more loudly, waking anyone still asleep and causing several of the men to draw daggers from their belts. A table is kicked in front of the door.

That something was said is apparent to those outside, and the table blocking the closed door becomes apparent to anyone watching the windows. The light inside is dim and while figures are moving about, more is difficult to tell from outside.

I'm not saying combat is a foregone conclusion, but just in case it goes that way: tied for initiative.

2012-10-23, 06:43 PM

Ash peers through abandoned windows at Bloody Bill's, then out at the streets. There's not really anyone out there. I wonder what Artanis can see...

She'll poke her head out cautiously and hail Artanis with a loud whisper, "I heard raised voices. Is he in trouble?"

Still alert for danger, she listens if he replies, but she's ready to charge out and at the door with as little as a tip of the head (in alarm) from Artanis.

2012-10-23, 07:44 PM
Artanis became alarmed as the table blocked the door.

I really doubt that Mycah did that since that's his only way out.

Artanis simply carried out his previous intents in answer to Ash's whisper.

Unless the previous rolls didn't count since it hadn't happened yet, here's his reaction since I know that I miss and/or fail to break the window.
Artanis tried to make the failure seem intentional by shouting commandingly at the barkeep:
"The next one shall go through thy gizzard unless you comply quickly."
Charisma DC 8: [roll0]

2012-10-24, 04:22 AM
"Looks like the conversation is over," Nathros says grimly. He fastens his helm and prepares to hack the door down.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-24, 06:46 AM
"Woah, woah," says Mycah, backing away from the bar a step or two. "No one needs to get hurt here. I just need to talk to him is all. He has some information I need. This isn't what it looks like. Maybe we all just stand down, and walk away. What do you say?"
He glances over his shoulder to see how many men are between him and the door, looks for other exits and tries to judge how dire his situation really seems to be.

2012-10-24, 11:53 AM

Ash would rush out with Nathros - and anyone else who joins from their team - to the door and try to get in.

If they can't get in easily cause of the table, she'd try to sound gruff and say, "Hey! What's the meaning of this? Not taking any more patrons tonight?"

Realizing Artanis has made his presense known she'll add, "And there's a funny looking armed man out here you might want to talk to."

If the others give her a wierd look, she'll shrug and quark her head, "Just go with it."

That may be a deception check based on charisma. If it's not just roleplayed and I need a roll, here you go. ^_^
Charisma DC11:[roll0]

2012-10-24, 01:41 PM
"Half a mo! Are we going to use deadly force on these villains, or what?" Talsarios urgently whispers, brandishing his wand. "I'm not well equipped to take prisoners this morning."

2012-10-24, 06:44 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran hurries over and shakes his head as he overhears Talsario's whispered question.

"Not unless they're Fangs and/or they attack Mycah with steel drawn."

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-24, 09:25 PM
"I don't know Fang," the last word sounding like a curse from the bartender's lips, "I'm thinking maybe we cut on you a bit until you tell us about the Viper's defenses. Then the Guild can cut the head off this snake and get back to business. How's that sound?"

The bartender raises his blade threateningly, but the bar itself still stands between him and Mycah. Another man stands against the table barring the door and a couple, maybe a few others slowly approach Mycah from around the room.

Artanis takes a couple blows to crack in the thick window panes but eventually gets a little better view and possible shot at a couple of the armed figures within. Mycah appears to be at the bar across from a sword-wielding bartender. The light within was poor, but there was enough of it to frustrate the elf's infravision.

At this and Ash's yelling, the men raise some alarm within.

"Boss, trouble!" says one of the men. "Probably more Fangs!" says another.

Mycah notices that the men advance on him cautiously, daggers drawn, leaving him perhaps only another moment of parley.

Tied for initiative.

Artanis has a limited view within but could fire at the nearer men, or even the bartender, with increasing penalties.

2012-10-25, 09:31 AM

Ash nods at Brandon's specifications, "That's right. Keep that in mind, everyone. We're here to protect Mycah unless they're fangs attacking us.
"Artanis! Do not fire first!" Her whisper is harsh as she sees the elf making aggressive actions.

She'll still try to get in through the door.

2012-10-25, 11:46 AM
Artanis stopped the loosing of his arrow at Ash's voice.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-25, 01:25 PM
Mycah drops a hand to a dagger hilt, clearly indicating he'll defend himself, but doesn't yet draw a blade. Realizing he's heading into very bad territory here, he decides to take a different tack.

"Let's not get hasty now, this really is just a big misunderstanding," Mycah says, buying time. "Let's assume for a minute I'm not really a Fang, but thought you guys were, and was trying to get some information my friends and I need. Trouble is, I'm not a very good spy. In any case, my friends are out there now, and you won't keep them out for long. Things can get messy, people killed - you , me, I don't know who else. That doesn't need to happen. Just let me walk out of here and we'll all be happier for it. You obviously don't have what I need, so you won't even see me again. Sound fair?"

As he talks, he tries to position himself so he can't be rushed from everywhere at once and prepares for the worst.

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-25, 10:12 PM
The door is not bolted- only blocked. But the man and table blocking it are enough. Ash shoves it open a few inches, but it slams loudly as the man leans into it.

"Call them off then and we'll sort out who is who. Starting with, if you ain't a Fang, how you have one their leader amulets..."

The barkeep holds a hand to stall the Guild men approaching. They stop.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-26, 10:46 AM
Mycah grimaces, but nods, seeing cooperation as the best chance of survival at the moment. He nods, then calls out: "Ash, stop! Stand down. Things are under control - you aren't helping!"

He pauses to be sure she heard, eyes not leaving the man across the bar.
"Fine. I'm not here to risk my neck, nor threaten whatever, uh, business you've got going here after hours. I am trying to find out more about the Fangs. My friends and I have been led to believe that this Anton person was involved with that noble girl that disappeared a while back and maybe the Fangs too. My interest is in her, and the reward for finding her." He pauses to let this all sink in, then fingers the fang medallion. "As for this, well, my friends and I have run into a few Fangs here and there and took it. Not making friends with that bunch, I guess you could say."

Falling silent, he shoots a glance around at the others in the room, then back to the barman. "So that's it. Seems like you won't help me, what's next? Are we walking away, or... not?"

2012-10-26, 06:42 PM

Hearing Mycah's words, she listens to his request. Parley is most preferred to any sort of blood shed, after all. She frowns behind her helm and waits on standby.
She'll also raise three of her fingers off her sword to calm her companions into waiting. "He asks that we stand down. I think they're going to parley over something."

2012-10-26, 08:37 PM
Artanis scowled.

"I don't care to deal with thieves under normal circumstance but our brave scout is in there."

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-26, 11:16 PM
The barkeep puzzles it out, his face shifting from looks ranging from confusion to shrewd consideration to bemusement.

"Bost's Rangers! You're the 'heroes' that took out the Fang team west of town and again tonight. Yer trying to bluff yer way into their ranks with that thing." He points at the Fang amulet with a finger rather than his blade.

"You stumbled into the wrong camp, spy, but it may serve us both well that ya did. If I could tell you where to find the snakes' nest, home of the Viper, what's it worth to you?"

2012-10-26, 11:23 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran still stands near the door, his sword and shield clenched in his fists, ready to go in and do violence if he hears any sign of Mycah being assaulted.

He whispers, "You know, this place probably has back doors. We should have had other people covering the other exits."

"But that would have meant splitting up the party, which I hate."

"If there is a next time, maybe we can hire people for such duty."

2012-10-27, 03:24 AM
"Well, could be worse for him, eh?" Talsarios shrugs at Artanis's worries. "We're right here, and those doors and windows won't hold long - and I'm ready to unleash arcane destruction on the first thug who makes a hostile move on him."

At Brandon's comment about watching the back doors, Alastor looks away and sighs, as if remembering something sad.

2012-10-27, 09:42 AM
Artanis quirked an eyebrow at 'arcane destruction'.

"Did you learn how to summon a Fireball?"

After hearing Talsarios' answer, he became curious as to the nature of his strange behavior in such a terse moment and inquired about it.

"What ails thee?"

2012-10-27, 02:15 PM

So long as everyone seems to be getting along, Ash waits quietly outside with everyone for further instruction from Mycah.

2012-10-27, 09:42 PM
Nathros stays his hand, but remains alert and ready to rush to the aid of Mycah.

2012-10-29, 05:07 AM
At Artanis's question, Talsarios shakes his head and whispers, "Nothing. Shush - let's listen in."
He peeks in at the murky window, wand ready to magic missile any thugs attacking Mycah - if he can get an unbroken line of effect.

2012-10-29, 07:13 AM
Still puzzled, Artanis allowed the question to drop and prepped himself for a second attempt at the window if things turned sour again.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-29, 12:30 PM
Mycah tries not to show his relief at at least this small measure of success. In his eyes, talk was preferable to bloodshed - especially his own.

"Well, I'm sure we can come to an equitable arrangement. One that will, uh, reward us both. I can't make any promises for my group though. If you let them in, some of them anyway, we can all sit and talk this out like professionals, can't we?"

Going to be a bit sketchy here in central NY for a couple days, but I'll try to stay involved as long as I have power and internet. Hope you all are someplace safe...

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-29, 02:46 PM
"Yeah, let 'em in. I've been hoping to meet these Rangers of yours." He waves his hand at his men instructively, and they slide the table away from the door and open it. "Come on in and let's have a talk.

No funny business, though. My guys are everywhere." The barkeep gestures errantly with his sword to suggest they're everywhere. Mycah does notice that pretty much all the patrons that were here when arrived have backed into dark corners of the room, the rafters overhead, and who knows where else. Aside from himself, the barkeep, and a few dagger-wielding men, the place seemed empty as his friends were invited in.

I understand you're looking to split some snake skulls?" He says by way of invitation to any of Mycah's allies who enter.

2012-10-29, 05:59 PM
Artanis cautiously entered, unwilling to get ambushed... again. At the barkeep's greeting he took on the role of temporary spokesman, having a few thoughts that he wished to say before Ash could speak.

"Your evaluation is... accurate. They have won no love from us. They have constantly... aggravated and threatened us. I expect that they make it difficult for you to ply your... 'trade' effectively. I expect that we could come to an arrangement that would benefit us both. Although, I am curious as to why you wished to see us. Care to explain?"

2012-10-29, 06:00 PM
"Split snake skulls, indeed! Yes, splendid!" Talsarios beams amicably once he is let into the bar, looking about at the Guildmembers and taking in the surroundings (as much from curiosity as with an eye for the exits).
He maintains a breezy friendly tone as he continues: "You see, when we interrogated one of their members, he indicated - reluctantly, I must say: to give the snake his due, he really didn't like to tell us anything, but no-one denies me my answers... not for long, anyway" - the scholar winks at this point - "he indicated that this might be where we would find his gangmembers. Hence our appearance here."

Talsarios knows that he's not conventionally intimidating, so is hoping to hint that he's far nastier than he appears - by misleading the thieves into thinking that he tortured the Fang.

2012-10-29, 07:56 PM

Ash enters quickly but cautiously. She'd check to see that Mycah was alright first. Then she'd lower her weapons as she realized he must have had some success in negotiating. If a clear parley is taking place, which it seems to be, she'll stow her weapons.

After the other two of her companions spoke, Ash speaks mainly to the bartender, "You're a group that's not the Fangs then, I take it. My apologies. I'd assumed the worst. Thank you for your open-mindedly cooperation so that we may converse."

She scans the establishment, "You guys the Guild then maybe? Heard of your organization in my travels."
"What did you have in mind to speak about?"

2012-10-29, 08:04 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran walks in and yawns, allowing everyone present to see that he really did just wake up an hour ago.

He glances around, wondering if the Guild members will recognize Lady Ashala.

He does not introduce himself. Just says, "Hey, all. Nice to meet you. Thanks for not beating up on our friend."

2012-10-30, 06:49 AM
Alanna enters somewhat warily, not quite sure of what's going on.
Why aren't we fighting? Not that I'm complaining or anything.
She puts her mace, which she had been holding in case she needed to use it right away, in a more "relaxed" position at her side.
"'Snake skulls?' What does that even… oh! Never mind, I get it now."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-30, 10:54 AM
Mycah relaxes visibly as the door is unblocked and his friends allowed inside. He was quite uncomfortable in the position of spy and things had seemed quite hairy there for a while.
I hope Ash doesn't approach this wrong and stir trouble back up. She can be awfully honorable sometimes, he thought to himself as she came in. Still, she's no dummy and won't want to get us all killed.

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-30, 12:56 PM
The barkeep's eyes shift from person to person as they enter. He nods slightly as if taking count. He responds first to Artanis and then to Ash.

"You're here because your spy tells me you're looking for the Fangs and that such information is valuable to you, but he's not the one to talk to." He shifts his gaze to Ash.

"I'm guessing you are. This is a Guild-friendly hall, as you say."

He glances briefly at Talsarios: "The snakes keep their fellows in such ignorance, your prisoner thought this was the snake pit? Delightful." He shakes his head and several of his fellows chuckle.

"I can tell you where to find the the Viper, if that's what you're after. What is it worth to you?"

2012-10-30, 07:55 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran speaks reprovingly to the barkeep.

"What's it worth? How about saving the lives of your fellow townsmen?"

"The Fangs are wicked. They ally with necromancers, evil spellcasters who bring the dead back as zombies. I seen it. We've all fought them."

"So have some patriotism, man. If you aren't volunteering to take on these scum with us, at least tell us what you know about them."

"You don't want these guys looting graveyards and bringing the skeletons of your kin to their evil bosses so they can be made to attack your wives and children, do you?

2012-10-31, 06:44 AM
Nathros baulks at dealing with likely chaotic types, but keeps his peace.

2012-10-31, 09:07 AM

Ash frowns in thought as Bran answers instinctively.

"What my fellow companion says is true, though your information would be valuable should it come to be correct.
"What is it you value? Money?
"Please enlighten us as to what you desire and we'll consider your offer over night. Once a decision has been made, I will return tomorrow - with some of my comrades - to write a contract or make a deal, if your price is not too high."

Maybe I could sell my old plate mail...

Alertness DC 13: [roll0]
(To see subtle actions of the NPCs hinting any intentions or leaning any one way during negotiations. Trying to gauge their reactions and also be prepared for an ambush.)

Koren n'Rhys
2012-10-31, 10:29 AM
Mycah listens as Brandon and Ash offer their thoughts to the Guild members.
"We understand you have a... business, here. I assume the Fangs are trying to muscle in on your territory as competitors. It seems it would benefit all of us if you share the location of this Viper so that we can deal with him. With or without the aid of your, ah, membership."

2012-10-31, 11:46 PM
Artanis merely stood at the window that he had attempted to smash open and looked at the brightening sky.

"I suggest we conclude our business swiftly, else the Fangs get wind of our meeting with you and possible partnership. Twere that to happen, we wouldst indeed lose the advantage of keeping the true number of our allies unknown."

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-01, 12:05 AM
The barkeep seems momentarily stunned by Brandon's exhortation, but quickly returns to his prior bemused demeanor seeming about to laugh.

In response to Ash and Mycah, he replies:

"An equal share of whatever you loot from the snakes will buy you this valuable information. An eighth share, it would seem by your numbers here. And you leave the hideout to me once cleared of Fangs.

I suspect that some of my men might be willing to join you for fifty gold a piece.

Feel free to discuss it and return tomorrow. You heroes look like you could use some rest."

2012-11-01, 12:21 AM
Alanna resists the urge to give the barkeep an enormous hug. Instead, she nods and blurts out, "Yeah, I know Bran and I are real tired!"

2012-11-01, 02:12 AM
Artanis found it hard to keep from sagging under his armor. He had been inquiring, stalked, almost killed, and tracking with no time for rest.

At Alanna's outburst he unconciously voiced his own opinion.
"My sentiments exactly."

He jerked as the words left his mouth.
I said that out loud didn't I? I admit to it to myself, but it should not be voiced. It is unbecoming.

He walked up to Brandon and spoke wearily:
"Unless the offer is no longer available, I would like to return to thy dwelling so that we can rest from this venture."

2012-11-01, 09:18 AM

She'll bow her head slightly as she responds, "Thank you. We shall consider your offer." With that, she'll gesture with her gauntlet guarded hand for the others to take their leave. She will wait until last to follow.

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-02, 12:55 AM
The bar closes up behind the party, the door is barred and tables are flipped up to cover the windows. The sky is definitely lightening, though no sunlight shines yet.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-02, 08:56 AM
Mycah departs, with a nod of thanks to the barman. "We'll be back tomorrow after we can talk this over."

Outside, he gathers with his friends. "We need some rest so we can even think straight before deciding what to do. That was... not fun, but I'm sure glad it turned out alright in the end. I was pretty worried there for a few minutes."

2012-11-02, 09:19 AM

Ash rests her hand(gauntlet) on Mycah's shoulder, "Sorry to have put you in a sticky spot. I was certain you were the right man for the job though. Excellent work Mycah." Her grip gently squeezes a little before she takes her hand back.

Then she'd turn to Brandon, "Brandon, can we meet at your place tomorrow to discuss this offer? It seems the safest place to convene and we've all been there together before."

After these tiny matters have been dealt with, Ash says to her Companions, "Good job, everyone. Travel in twos at least and get some well deserved rest. If anyone needs a travel partner, I can escort you where ever you're headed."

2012-11-02, 10:02 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran says, "Of course we can use the Bor farm for meetings."

He says to Artanis, "And of course you should stay with us until you have more gold."

"But you have to promise to to talk more informally. No thees or thous or thys."

"Oh, and whatever you do, no matter how much my brothers and sisters want you to, you must never ever wear tights."

2012-11-02, 12:27 PM
Artanis merely quirked an eyebrow and said.

"I believe thou referrest to being formal since I am being quite impolite. I thank thee for thine offer and for thine advice."

Artanis wasn't quite sure what these 'tights' Brandon was referring to. Maybe he was referring to some sort of family pet?

2012-11-02, 01:14 PM
Alanna puts up a hand.
"Is the temple on anyone's path home? I'd hate to make someone go outta his or her way."

Artanis wasn't quite sure what these 'tights' Brandon was referring to. Maybe he was referring to some sort of family pet? :smallbiggrin:

2012-11-02, 09:28 PM

Ash smirks a little at Brandon's joke about the tights. A squeaky muffled laugh accompanies her smirk.

"If your temple doesn't mind an extra warrior resting there tonight, it wouldn't be out of my way at all." She'll give a curtsy-like nod of her head to Alanna as her expression would still be hidden behind her helm.

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-02, 10:53 PM
The Bor farm has plenty of extra bunks and the temple will admit as many of these minor local heroes as wish to stay for the night at Alanna's request.

All can assemble at the Bor farm at the agreed upon hour to plan their next move.

Just movin' things along! Anyone who has anything to do in preparation has a few morning hours when shops are open to do so.

2012-11-03, 12:24 PM

"Very well. We shall all meet at noon tomor- later today at the Bor farm. Make sure you're all ready for combat as we could be jumped or we'll be taking aggressive action against the Fangs after the meeting."


When Ash got to the temple with Alanna and cleared her staying there over night by means of polite formalities, Ash would have flopped down onto the bed/bunk they offered and just fell straight asleep, even in her armor. She never let on how tired she was to the others when she was with them, but she was beat (just like the rest of the party) after sword training today, then all the events of the evening.


Late in the morning when she and Alanna were ready to go, they'd head out together.
Ash will hire a messenger for a silver to tell her uncle she's safe and the group is making progress. She'll also buy some parchment and a quill with ink to allow her to write up a legal document.
After that business is taken care of, they'll arrive almost exactly at noon due to careful planning - at least on Ash's part.

2012-11-03, 02:51 PM
After the few hours snatched sleep, it takes Talsarios a few more readings of his spells than usual to be sure he has them fixed in his head.
Unshaven - and still munching a late breakfast of bread and cheese - he arrives at the Bor household. A moment of trepidation seems to make him hesitant to enter, but he presents himself with a smile that covers any nerves, tucking his sandwich behind his back with a guilty look.

2012-11-03, 06:40 PM
Artanis made sure to stow his armor under his bunk. He then collapsed onto the bunk, not taking the time to cover himself with the blanket.


After he had rested, Artanis read from his spellbook and prepared for a confrontation that he was sure would happen.

By the time he had finished, he decided that there was no time to search out a suitable place to scribe new spells. Instead, he decided to write in his spell book about his near-death experience.

The task didn't take long and Artanis decided to inquire of his companions' names from Mrs. Bor.

"Pardon me, but I wonder if thou- I mean you could help me learn the names of my companions. I hath- have been travelling alone recently and I am... unused to remembering names."

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-04, 12:28 AM
Mrs. Bor is happy to remind Artanis the names of his companions along with a bit of biography about each of them and a brief summary of the group's accomplishments since its first mission for Lord Bost to reclaim the old mill on the east bank of the river. She is clearly proud of her son and pleased with his choice of companions. She tells him a bit about the town and this region, and inquires about news from Alfheim, the great elven forest to the North.

Ms. Bor yields the room and her new elven friend to the group as its members arrive. Once assembled, the group can turn to the business at hand.

2012-11-04, 01:05 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran announces, "I know they're fellow townsmen and we're supposed to avoid making a big mess."

"But their lack of decency, their short-sightedness, their utter GALL in demanding money in exchange for the information we need to take out those kidnapping, thieving, murdering swinish Fangs makes my blood boil."

"If we ever get permission to take them out, I'd love to put my sword in their guts, starting with that bartender fellow."

He sighs, then continues, "But for now, I vote to pay them their stupid bribe. One-eighth of all the treasure we get out of the Fangs."

Bran looks glum at the prospect of sharing gold with greedy thieves.

2012-11-04, 08:50 AM
Nathros returns to his quarters at the earliest opportunity, gets some rest, breaks his fast with a hearty meal, before arming to meet at the Bor farm. He is happy to regale patrons with retellings of the events of yestereve if they ask him to do so. He leaves his spear, hand axe with his mail armour, and takes up magical pole-axe, short sword, mace and magical dagger for the coming conflict.

2012-11-04, 09:48 AM
While Brandon states his position, Alanna frowns. Huh. From what I heard last night, asking for an even share of the gold and stuff sounded totally reasonable. Law-and-order types do have quite a thing with honor, don't they? I'm surrounded by tidy and honorable and… and lawful types… just like home. Guess some things never change. She looks around her companions and sighs. Is it really worth it to say that? I mean, we're all friends here. It would be mean to make them worry about me just because I don't always see the point in following the rules… I think I'm gonna say it anyway, though. We're all supposed to give input.
When Bran is finished, Alanna speaks quietly.
"I never really saw a problem with their wanting a little payment, especially since we're giving all of them the same as any one of us."
Something suddenly seems to occur to her, and she adds, "While we're talking about payment and treasure and stuff, I can't help but notice we're still hanging on to some of that old stuff from the caves. Since we're gonna be fighting, we could use the extra equipment."

2012-11-04, 12:46 PM
Artanis thanked Mrs. Bor for the information and gained a bit of respect for the party's exploits.

Unless Artanis was needed, he decided to inquire about breakfast.

"Unless I'm needed, I'm going to see about breakfast.

If they don't have enough to spare, I'll try my hand at hunting.

2012-11-04, 02:50 PM

Ash thanks Mrs. Bor and Brandon once again for their hospitality. She'll also make a point of mentioning how much she loves the new armor and how it's absolutely perfect.

Once settled, she'll hear the parties concerns, but she'll respond to Artanis' words before all is said and done, "This is a matter that concerns us all, but if you haven't had your breakfast yet, by all means..."

"Talsarios, Nathros, what do you two think?"

I know what I'd do, but perhaps they'll offer an insight I've not yet considered.

2012-11-05, 08:36 AM
"Are we even guaranteed to get any monies from this escapade?" Talsarios shrugs. "Besides, back home in the Empire, one does not interfere with the old established criminal families or their associates - they have too many connections in too many high places. Yes, it's unpleasant to fund the Thieves' Guild, but we should get a bit more influence and experience under our belts before we try to take on an establishment like that, I think."

2012-11-05, 09:04 AM
"Root the cancer out before it throttles us, I say."

2012-11-05, 03:46 PM
Artanis merely summed up his opinion a little snappishly.

"The Thieves Guild can be reasoned with. The Fangs have made no attempt to do so and have made their intentions known. I also tend to be short-tempered on an empty stomach."

He then turned to Alanna and addressed her as politely as possible.

"Unless you need something, I shall be going to see about some breakfast. I also don't know where Brandon's mother placed the treasure from this party's previous exploits."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-05, 04:24 PM
Mycah pays his respects to Mrs. Bor and joins the others for the discussion.

"I have to agree with Alanna and Talsarios. It's foolish to ignore the fact that the thieves guild exists and operates here. I'm sorry Ash, but if you ask your uncle, I imagine he knows all about them. Having a known group in that position makes for more stability than some unknown faction. In this case, it's the Fangs who are stirring up trouble and it's to everyone's benefit to eliminate them and return to normal. I think we should pay them, and gain some business partners, if not friends in town."

2012-11-05, 10:14 PM

Ash has taken off her helmet to listen and to speak properly with everyone.

"Their deal is fair enough and that bartender was clearly the rational sort. I have a parchment I intend to prepare for our contract so that they don't give us false information or try to get away with anything. Seeing as they still intend to benefit from us, though, I'm sure they'll be giving us accurate and helpful information in exchange. We may just be well prepared.

"On the other hand, there could be a snitch among them who may have warned the Fangs. That would make our encounter significantly more challenging. I doubt it though, but it's a possibility to consider.

"In any case, I've thought it a reasonable deal from the beginning and you all mainly concur. We'll take their offer.

"I'm not sure if we should take the whole group in there or not. It'd be a quiet contract and I wouldn't want to let more people in on our deal than are already aware.
I personally wouldn't mind being in there to finalize things. I feel pretty good in this armor here." She tink-tinks her chest piece with her gauntlet and smiles.

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-06, 12:53 AM
Ms. Bor offers Artanis some food from the kitchen, gently chiding him that breakfast was hours ago, and ushers him back to the gathering room.

2012-11-06, 01:39 AM
When Ash mentions the possibility of a snitch, Alanna nods, puckering her lips.
"Ooh, never thought of that. Well, if one of them is reporting to the Fangs, I'm pretty sure the Fangs'll know before the thieves' guild knows that we've accepted their offer. Might as well make the attack when we're ready… er, mostly ready, eh?"
She doesn't seem to notice that she's slipping into imitating Talsarios' speech patterns.
It's a catchy accent, OK?

2012-11-06, 03:18 AM
"I'm not sure, Ash, old chap," Talsarios says, shaking his head. "D'you really think that the Thieves' Guild will feel bound by a legal contract? As for whether there might be a mole among them - well, they'll know all they need to drop us well in it by now... so I agree with Alanna. Best we act quickly, eh?"
He nods at the priestess, apparently oblivious to her change of tone.

2012-11-06, 08:35 AM
Artanis thanked and apologized to Mrs. Bor and offered an explanation.

"I developed the habit of preparing my spells first after I got caught in the middle of a... brawl whilst I was having breakfast at an inn. Needless to say, I didn't want to repeat my mistake."

After silently munching on the food and listening to the conclusion of the meeting. Artanis left to don his plate mail and the rest of his equipment. He called out to them.

"Well that dost leave me with little to do, unless I can offer help around thy dwelling Brandon?"

As he struggled to tie the chains of his plate mail, he unconciously muttered his thoughts.

"Aw moss fluff! I keep forgetting how hard this is to put on by myself."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-06, 12:04 PM
"If there really is a Fang spy in the Guild," opines Mycah, "there's little we can do now except move quickly and give the Viper less time to prepare, don't you think?" He looks around at the others. "We should get moving, get to Bill's and finish this."

He'll gather his gear and be ready to go when the others finish their own preparations. "I think we need a few of the Guild members to add to our numbers, but wouldn't want to take more than a few. If they outnumber us, then they'll be less likely to uphold their end of the deal."

2012-11-06, 12:10 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran surprisingly agrees with Talsarios.

"I wouldn't trust them to follow any contract they signed. If any of them can even read and write. Not many can, you know."

"And I really don't want to hire any thieves from the Guild. Can't trust 'em, and I don't believe we need them."

"Unless for defusing traps? That's the only real reason I can think of. In which case we should bargain solely for the trap detecting and defusing job, not for fighting."

2012-11-06, 12:44 PM

"Perhaps you're right, though I had intended to use the contract against them with the authorities at my aid for enforcement should it come to that.

"I don't believe it'd be safe to trust the Guild not to steal from us even with a cut promised to them. It's their trade, after all.

"We'll make the deal the way they offered, but we're probably better off without one of them among us.

"Let's get this mess over with. Everyone ready?"

If everyone's ready, Ash leads the group to Bloody Bill's. She will go in to seal the deal and anyone else may go with her if they think it's necessary (perhaps so that they don't miss any details about the Fangs' hideout).

2012-11-06, 12:58 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran asks Ash, "Sure you don't want to hire a trapfinder?"

"The Fangs are likely to use poisoned traps for their lair. If someone has to die screaming from poison I'd rather it be a Guild thief than Mycah."

2012-11-06, 01:21 PM
Artanis whirled at Brandon's comment and his eyes flashed dangerously with a strange mix of fear and anger.

"Whilst I do not wish for our friend to become a target, I do not wish for anyone under our charge to die. Introducing Death to others invites him to come to knock on our doors as well."

The tenseness left Artanis' shoulders as he sighed sadly and laid a hand on Brandon's shoulder.

"I apologize, I shouldn't have gotten angry at you. It's just... never mind. It's something I've had to deal with lately and I hope you can forgive me."

Artanis seemed silently tormented by a ghost only he could see while he followed the party to Bloody Bill's.

2012-11-06, 02:56 PM
Nathros follows along, keen to get back into action.

2012-11-06, 11:02 PM
Alanna, like Nathros, is eager to get into the action. She'll walk alongside the dwarf all the way to Bloody Bill's.

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-07, 02:13 AM
The streets of Threshold are bustling in the early afternoon. Bloody Bill's is apparently popular with the dockside lunch crowd. Stevedores and sailors nearly fill the place, and they munch away happily, pausing to look as the armored group enters and approaches the bar. The bartender sits perched on a stool behind the bar, apparently in between pouring pints. No one is seated at the bar and no one fights in the ring. Barmaids shuffle through the crowd delivering food.

The barkeep leans in conspiratorially. "We have a deal, then?"

2012-11-07, 06:50 AM
Nathros gives Alanna a wink as they jostle along; on reaching the bar, he stands guard on the door, waiting for Ashala to deal with the thieves.

2012-11-07, 09:21 AM

Ash responded (back at the Bor's household) that she'd rather go first even if there's traps. She's well armored for whatever they may throw at her.


At Bloody Bill's, she'll go straight to the bartender and respond immediately to his question at a volume comfortable for mainly just him to hear, "Yes.
"We have no interest in hiring any extra men, but we agree to your terms. So long as your information is correct and helpful, we will be true to our end.
"You have my word that you will receive your portion and we will not stand in your way of procuring the location after we're done there.
"Though my personal word only counts if I survive, the rest of the my group are on board with this as well."

2012-11-07, 02:48 PM
Artanis winced at Ash's choice of words but remained silent, still lost in his own torment.

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-07, 11:17 PM
"Deal," he says as he leans in further. "The Fangs are holed up in the large low-sittin' sailing ship, River Rose. The head of the snake is one they call Viper. He'll be below like always. I'm not sure he's ever left the boat. No one knows what he looks like. He's probably down to a dozen men or so now, maybe less, but the ones on the boat are his best ones, unless he's sent some of them out to kill you heroes. But you'd probably know by now was that the case. So maybe a dozen amulet-wearing lieutenants, maybe less.

There'll be one in the crow's nest and usually a couple on the deck. Watch out for the big guy, the Viper's first mate, ugly brute of a man from what we seen.

We'll be watching during and after, so any filching the loot will be noticed. Not that you heroes would ever do such a thing." He grins kindly.

2012-11-08, 02:04 AM
Artanis, upon hearing the location, came back to his usual self.

"Shall we make the attack now? Or shall we wait? An attack now would give them less time to prepare. However, waiting will allow us to see their patrol routes and maybe use cover of darkness."

After listening to the answers, he asked another tactical question.

"Shall we make a big ruckus and hope the local authorities help us? Or shall we perform this quietly and stealthily? In any case I shall guard Alanna with my life... Unless she doth wish otherwise."

2012-11-08, 08:24 AM

Ash nods in thanks to the Barkeep, "We'll begin preparing immediately. If you require, I can inform you or send a messenger when we're about to make our move."

To her group, "Let's take our plans somewhere quieter with less ears to pry." Then she'll head out the door with them, so long as no one has any unfinished business here still.

Outside, she'll tell them they should head back to Bost's or just find a quiet place outside of town to discuss. That way, no one could see them at a tavern or something and give the Fangs a heads up. If no one objects, she'll lead them to whichever option is closer, then everyone can discuss the plan.


When it comes to planning, she'll make a few suggestions for everyone to consider while she yet in her head sorts out what she thinks might be best, "Perhaps a way to lure some away from the fight ahead of time would be ideal. Maybe we could also get a bunch of archers to rain arrows down on them as we initiate our attack, so long as we're allowed to attack first since they're the Fangs. We should also be sure our information is likely correct and make sure, if they have any prisoners, that they are not put in danger as well."

2012-11-08, 09:55 AM
Artanis voiced his plan of attack.

"We should definitely take the man in the crow's nest first. I can deal with him. Meanwhile, I think that Talsarios should cast a Sleep spell on the crew that are on deck."

He then frowned deeply.

"Giving the Thieve's Guild a whole ship explains their relatively low price for the information. Although..."

He smirked a little at his next comment.

"They never said anything about being careful with the hideout. So we cannot be held responsible for any damage."

2012-11-08, 10:50 AM
Brandon Bor

"Should we wear leather armor while we do this?"

"Anyone wearing metal armor who falls overboard will sink and drown."

2012-11-08, 11:28 AM

Ash's eyes widen (she's removed her helmet for discussion) when she hears Brandon's concern of sinking. She clears her throat, "Good point. But I'll be significantly less effective in that scenario so I'll have to take my chances. Maybe the enchantment on my armor will make it easier to swim in... and if it's docked close enough, I should just be able to walk along the bottom to get to the shore... in theory.

"It's up to you guys what you want to do with this issue in mind, but perhaps we could start with the sleep spell followed by a volley of arrows for those that don't go down. Magic should be a first resort to spare as many of our lives as possible, though it'd be good to hold an ace up our sleeves when we fight the Viper.

"Also, there may be value in considering if there's a way to take out the Viper first, before letting on to our all out attack. If he goes down, the rest will surely submit easier.

"Any suggestions?"

2012-11-08, 11:53 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran suggests, "Ash, if you want to test it, there's a pond not far from here where you can try swimming in magic armor."

"Mom's shield is easy; I can just let it go. It'll sink to the bottom, but I won't drown from using it."

Bran shakes his head in a negative. He has no suggestions for taking out the Viper.

"We don't even know what he looks like. If we shout for them to surrender the Viper, they'd just send up some underling who says he's the Viper."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-08, 11:59 AM
"If the Fangs truly are down to a dozen or so men, then our chances of success do seem to be improving, though I'm sure our friend at Bill's is right. The toughest of them will still be there."

At the comment about the armor, Mycah adds, "I never thought of that! We won't want anyone wearing heavy plate mail and drowning. An initial volley of arrows and magic seems smart. Your Sleep spell should take out the sentries. What do you have up your sleeves for the Viper though?"

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-08, 09:25 PM
There were two traditional riverboats in the docks as well as a host of small fishing ships. The only true sailing ship, sitting low in the water as the barkeep said, is anchored out in the river, near its center and slightly downriver from the docks. This much was visible mostly from outside Bloody Bill's, and from another perspective on the trail leading south out of town toward Bost's manor, which is the first truly empty place the party finds to discuss their plan of attack.

2012-11-08, 11:19 PM
Artanis spoke up to address a problem that he decided they needed to address now.

"Another point is... does anyone know where to find this ship? It could be out of port right now for all we know. If we ask around for it, that might attract unwanted attention."

2012-11-09, 04:04 AM
"Is it not that ship there, on the river? Can you not read its name from here? I thought elves had good eyes." Talsarios points at the sailing ship.

2012-11-09, 07:58 AM
"Like most who find themselves with such a choice, I have more fear of being skewered than I have of drowning."

2012-11-09, 08:53 AM
Alanna shudders slightly. "Gonna have to agree with Nathros on that count… but I'm not sure how much I wanna take this off. I know that, higher risk of drowning or not, I still feel a lot safer with a nice suit of metal."
She raps her knuckles against her breastplate for emphasis.

2012-11-09, 09:23 AM
Artanis looked at the ship and just shrugged.

"I have not spent much time around ships. So I have little knowledge which ships are classified as official sailing ships."

He then glared at the offending ship and pulled out his hammer and pitons.

"If I had known that this would be a problem, I would have prepared my Floating Disc to carry you while I kept my armor off. As it is, I think we'll have to rely on these and some rope. These pitons should hold anyone wearing heavy armor... so long as they are securely fastened."

2012-11-09, 09:31 AM

"So the armor issue is settled.

"Now that I'm thinking a little more on our approach, we may need to hire a vessel just to reach the ship. Perhaps Lord Bost would have something we can rent.

"If we make our way there by boat, then we'll be at a disadvantage to attack at the start and the volley of arrows idea is out. I could probably distract them a while as everyone ascends the to the deck if I go first. Magical armor an' all... should make me pretty difficult to hurt, unless one of them gets a lucky hit between the links.

"If we do it that way, it'd still be difficult to get ropes up that'd stay. Maybe nightfall would be a more ideal approach in case they're drinking or something and not paying much attention to those that approach. I imagine their atmosphere would be very similar to Bloody Bill's last night, but without any hesitation to stab or gut us.

"Anyways, we'll also need to sort out the order we reach the ship's deck in."

2012-11-09, 10:20 AM
"Well, I can easily drop a Sleep spell on the ship, and I've learned it twice today, so I can catch some of the reinforcements too," Talsarios says, looking pleased with himself. "Best I do that just at the moment our attack is to begin, eh?
"Now the other thing is, I can use my Wand of Magic Missiles to shoot the watch in the crow's nest. You see, he'd have good cover up there from our conventional arrows, so the unerring Magic Missile may serve best. Between Artanis and my wand - assuming you learned the Magic Missile spell today, old chap - we should be able to make sort work of him.
"Of course, I'm open to other suggestions - I'm an anthropologist, not a scholar of skirmish tactics".

Somehow, one can hear the italics when Talsarios speaks...

2012-11-09, 10:39 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran looks uncomfortable as he suggests, "What do y'all think about fire arrows?"

"Like, tie oil-soaked rags to arrows and set the rags on fire, then loose the arrows at the boat?"

"Once the boat is burning, they're bound to be easier to handle."

"My main concern is whether they might have slaves or captives on board. People who we shouldn't set on fire."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-09, 11:57 AM
"That is probably a really good idea, Bran. I'll bet they'd flee that boat like, what's the saying? Rats off a sinking ship? Problem is, it'd make the Guild pretty mad. I don't like the idea of handing that ship to them, but we've already seen how much trouble having a group of enemies like that can be." He gestures towards Artanis to illustrate his point.

"What if we hire a few smaller boats and come at them from more than one direction? That would make the arrow volley idea more likely to work."

2012-11-09, 12:07 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran scratches his head.

"Maybe I wasn't paying attention closely enough, but why would setting fire to the Viper's boat make the Guild mad?"

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-09, 12:36 PM
"Part of the agreement was that the Guild gets the hideout once we take out the Viper. Well, the boat IS the hideout. If we burn and sink it, they won't be very happy with us."

2012-11-09, 12:38 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran chews on a thumbnail.

"Did we agree to leave the hideout in good condition? I can't remember."

2012-11-09, 12:58 PM
"I don't think we ever actually did… but do we really want to be known on the streets as a bunch of sneaks who always try to push everyone down by only following the exact words of our promises? I think we should try our best to keep the boat in good condition."

2012-11-09, 02:09 PM

Ash nods in agreement with Alanna.
"We shouldn't be putting the ship in that kind of peril as we'll likely be just as endangered by the situation as them."

"Each water vessel would require a pilot and that's a bit more man power than we can probably muster, plus they'd be in danger almost as much as the rest of us. No, though I thought that'd be a preferable approach, it's still not plausible.

"I'm loving the magic plans. They sound pretty sure. It'd be best to use them as soon as possible.

"Now, what are our full assets - besides raw strength and numbers, two sleep spells, and a magic missile wand? I am going to be extremely hard to hit, followed likely by either Brandon or Nathros. Alanna can heal, but to what extent and how many times? Artanis, what spells have you today? Is everyone feeling well and healed from last night, or should we stop by the temple before leaving? We need to be at our best and we need to use everything we have to it's fullest potential."

2012-11-09, 10:56 PM
"I can cast a healing spell three times and I packed my first aid kit, which has a couple of potions. If we need extra weapon-users, I've got a mace and a sling. I'm not taking off my armor, though, unless I absolutely have to."
She emphasizes certain words by fingering her holy symbol, patting her armor, and thumping her mace into her hand.

2012-11-10, 01:44 AM
Artanis glared a little at Talsarios, somewhat insulted.

"For your information, I ALWAYS prepare at least one Magic Arrow as a contingency plan."

He then addressed Ash.

"I currently have two Magic Arrows, I was expecting an assault, not towing someone in the water. If you need my Floating Disc that I used to carry Mycah when we first met-"

Artanis returned Mycah's glance.

"-then you shall have to wait until I can prepare it."

2012-11-10, 08:44 AM
"Um, yes, good," Talsarios says a little awkwardly at Artanis's outburst. "I thought you might prepare the old Magic Missile spell, being a warrior and a magic-user - but I don't like to make assumptions, you see.
"Now - as for when to use the magic: is it going to be best to try to put the crew on deck to sleep before or after we take out the watch? I'm thinking that if the watchman gets to cry alarm, then more crew will come up on deck, letting me catch more of them at once - which might be helpful... I'll give way to our warriors' judgement on the matter, of course."

2012-11-10, 10:30 AM
Artanis calmed down a little and pointed out something Talsarios had missed.

"I'm sorry about my previous outburst. However, I would personally advise against letting the watch cry out. We have no idea if Viper has a secret escape route when they are alerted. A simple boat could make it difficult to capture him."

2012-11-10, 11:44 AM

Ash nods at Alanna's fairly precise report on the abilities she can offer. "Excellent."

She frowns in contemplation as each voice their concerns and suggestions.

"Even with a separate escape route, how far can a fella get in the middle of a river without someone noticing? He'd have to be especially clever and skilled or powerful.

"Perhaps luring out as many as possible for the spell would be good.

"I'll be the bate while everyone else ascends. By the time Talsarios is up, we should have enough gathered for a sleep spell. I'll guard the ascension of the rest of you with Nathros and Brandon so that the Fangs will be in a better cluster for the spell too."

Though, I wonder what to do if for some strange reason they offer a parley? I'd rather not wonder what schemes they plan while they buy time with such a trick. Normally they have not offered parley before, so I suppose it's unlikely they would this time.

Addressing Artanis, "I think it'd be good to use one magic attack on the lookout if he's causing trouble with a bow or something. Otherwise, let him climb down to deal with us in close combat with the others and save your attack for the Viper."

"A guaranteed successful hit, no matter how powerful, is preferred when dealing with a particularly tough opponent.

"There's no reason to believe he'd have magic, though, is there? And, what if that necromancer has returned to the Viper for some reason? We should try to be prepared for that as well. I also still have holy water.

"And, I take it you are all feeling healthy and well then?"

She'll also take the initiative in making sure the remaining spoils from their last adventures have been properly divided.

Mycah gets dibs on daggers etc... I made an OOC post regarding this matter. We can sort out the rest of the details OOC as well.

2012-11-10, 12:48 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran suggests, "If you want to lure as many of them out as possible, write them a letter."

"Write a letter how Lord Bost's Rangers are going to attack them three days from now. Magic will be used to freeze the river so the boat will be stuck, and then armored knights will simply walk across the ice and knock holes in the boat and kill all the Fangs."

"Tell them that they should escape now before they are all killed."

"Then tie that letter to an arrow and shoot the arrow onto their deck. Do you think that will cause many Fangs to gather in one spot?"

2012-11-10, 02:10 PM
Artanis raised one brow in surprise.

"Whilst I'm not sure how that exact message will matter when they're asleep, that's actually a pretty good idea. However, if we plan on going in under the cover of darkness, the message will most likely go unnoticed."

Artanis then pulled out an arrow and made looked down its shaft to check how straight it was. While he was doing this, he spoke, unsuccesfully trying to keep him from knowing he was impressed.

"Good thinking Brandon."

2012-11-10, 02:32 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran says, "Any kind of distraction. I... I mean, I know someone who has an old stuffed bear we can tie to the arrow."

"Paint a few weird glyphs on the toy, and x's over the eyes, and maybe tie a noose around the neck, and the Fangs will think it's weird magic sent to curse them!"

"Everyone will be freaking out, gathering around the arrow but afraid to touch it. And then, wham! Talsarios casts his spell. Knocks them all out."

2012-11-10, 03:08 PM

"Talsarios, how close do you need to be to cast your spell?"

"What if we borrow two boats - I'll hire someone to drive them, one of which can wear my old armor if they like for safety - and approach single file? If we do this in broad daylight, they should notice well enough to gather around. Would approach at first in a way that might confuse them like singing a jaunty tavern tune... or Artanis and Brandon could just shout some nasty words at them. 'course that may just put them in fight/flight that much faster, which wouldn't be totally ideal.

"Talsarios can ride on the first boat with Nathros, Brandon, and I. I'll keep Talsarios safe with my shield and I. He could cast his spell after they've gathered to fight, then I'll climb up and distract and gather the rest of them for the second spell or until Nathros and Brandon can get up and help me deal with a few stragglers.

"Mycah, Alanna and Artanis should be on the second boat for ranged and healing support and it'd be great to have a second boat in case something happens to our first or one of us falls in and needs some rescuing.

"Also, we could close our water skins with air inside only and have the strapped to our belts, us heavy armor wearers, as a plan to stay conscious longer if we do go under. Around the opening we could seal some bladder skin from an animal or something stretchy like that which should be enough to keep the air in unless sucked on. Of course there'd need to be a few needle sized holes poked into the middle before hand. I could test it at the same time I test my armor in the river to see how limited I feel down there.

2012-11-10, 07:31 PM
"Good long ranges on them both, I could keep much further back than that," Talsarios explains. "Sleep will work from about two hundred yards away, Magic Missile from a hundred and fifty. I might even be able to manage the range from the docks... but where's the adventure in that, eh?"

2012-11-10, 08:35 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran shakes his head and says, "This thing we do is risky enough without putting you in harm's way when we don't really have to."

2012-11-11, 12:57 AM
Alanna puts a finger up. "Which is a bigger risk: Talsarios going on the water and running the risk of sinking, or him casting his spell from the docks and running the risk of it not working?"
She doesn't object to Ash's detailed plan.
"I like the air-skins bit!"

2012-11-11, 02:51 AM
Artanis decided that some action needed to be taken.

"In that case, I suggest we stick with the letter on an arrow plan with one boat almost on top of the ship and the other one waiting to carry the archer to the ship and anyone else who stays behind that stayed in order to get a better view of the ship."

He then looked around at the party.

"So, unless any of you have a spare piece of parchment that ISN'T connected to a spellbook, I'll be going back to Bloody Bill's to ask for one. Besides, this planning is starting to become counterproductive since there are now too many ideas."

He began to leave in order to carry out his announcement.

2012-11-11, 03:58 AM
Nathros looks on with some incredulity at the inability of Artanis to show a little patience, "Nobody is going anywhere until we agree on the plan. It seems pretty straight forward at this point, Talsarios and Artanis pepper the enemy with magic missiles, and lay down a couple of sleep spells, whilst Ashala, Bran, Alanna, Mycah, me and our three mercenaries storm the ship. All we need to figure out is how we are going to get there. Shooting fire arrows onto the ship is a bad idea if we are looking at a surprise assault, and in any case we need to verify who we are killing."

2012-11-11, 09:09 AM
"Wait, Artanis, if we're going to try to gather a bunch of them together with a note on an arrow... then I've got a notebook right here," Talsarios says, holding it up. "Although, I'm not sure we agreed to that yet. I mean, unless the watchman in the crows' nest is particularly weak, he's likely to cry out when he gets hit with a Magic Missile. I expect it won't kill him instantly and silently, is what I mean - which would cause a distraction, and take out one of our foes. And anyway, I doubt the patrons of Bloody Bill's would have a great stock of writing materials."

2012-11-11, 11:19 AM
Brandon Bor

Bran coughs and mentions something he just now remembered.

"Do any of us know how to actually steer a boat?"

"I mean, if we kill all the Fangs, who do we get to steer the boat?"

"Maybe we should, you know, hire a few sailors to stand by in c... I mean, once we win. Men who can handle the boat."

2012-11-11, 04:55 PM

Ash noticeably droops a little after another of Artanis' outbursts.
She stands patiently while they have a short exchange, then she replies, "Good, Talsarios. You can come on the second vessel if we manage to procure one. You'll need to be on or in the ship to see where to target your spells in the heat of battle, I imagine. Of course on our initial approach, you may be able to get one good spell off if enough of them gather at the side to look at us.

"We'll need to magically sleep as many and indiscriminately as possible, but only slay the ones who attack or look like they intend to attack. I suggest aligning a minimum of four of them as we're expecting between ten and fifteen possible enemies. The more you Sleep, the more we'll be able to question and the less we'll have to chop the heads off of - just in case they've got their necromancer here again."

She nods in appreciation of Alanna's praise about the air-skins.

With the following, she starts directed toward Nathros, "I agree that we have to be sure that who we attack are actually our hostile Fangs and not some enemies of the Guild who we've been tricked into pursuing. There may just as likely be friendlies on the ship deck or below that we wouldn't want to endanger."

"On a side, the people at Bloody Bill's are neither our allies nor our friends and I'm sure they wouldn't take kindly to any of us walking in there treating their establishment like a general goods store either. With them, we have only a contract of agreement for mutual gain. Nothing more.

"As to who needs to man the ship, the Guild will, as per our agreement. It is also anchored, so it won't be going anywhere unless they set sail while we have come aboard, which is unlikely, but slightly plausible.

"Now, what's left that I see would need to be organized is this: I need to ask Lord Bost if he has any water vessels we could use for this. I also need to ask him about that ship for any extra information we could use against them during our attack. If we're going with the 'air-skins' idea - as Alanna cleverly put it - then I'd appreciate some of you taking care of making that come about. I don't mind testing one while I test my armor in the water. And last, we should set a time and be sure Brandon's hired help even want a part in this and if so, should probably be the one's steering and protecting the vessels we borrow."

"Anyone else have any reason we should not go about pursuing these actions right this moment before meeting back here in about two hours?"

If no one objects, perhaps Mycah (and maybe Artanis) can make the air-skins come about as they're the most woodsy types. Ash would speak to her uncle about the details mentioned above. Brandon could talk to his hired men and offer ash's old armor if one of them wants to borrow some plate mail just for today (Ash would have offered it). Any other errands people wanted to, this would be a good time for it. Maybe the extra people could walk as guards with the ones on mini-missions. Otherwise they could stay here with Ash and wait for the others to return. Also, "lupper" could be arranged before everyone heads out or everyone could have rations maybe.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-12, 10:16 AM
Mycah sits quietly as all this planning occurs, not having much to offer. Battle plans and midnight raids are beyond his experience. As Ash explains the "air skins" idea, he seems impressed, having never even considered such a thing before. "I'm sure I can figure to a way to make them work. The air-tight seal will be the tricky part. Maybe just a cork sealed with wax is easiest - you can just bite it and pull it out while you hold it upside down?"

"You know, it seems like the message thing is making this more difficult than it needs to be. Fire should be their biggest fear, on a boat. One or two fire arrows will get the watches attention and he should yell for everyone to get on deck to put out the fire. Plus it's not too big a fire, like oil flasks would cause. Then once they are all on deck you guys put them to sleep."

Once Nathros expresses his interest in a magic dagger, Mycah will give him one. "Still one more extra if anyone needs it."

Busy weekend of posting, wow! Sorry - I generally don't spend much time online over the weekends, so I need to get caught up on Monday.

2012-11-12, 12:02 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran announces to the rest of the party, "Hey, I need you all to chip in and help me buy some armor and weapons for the men we hired, especially if we're going to be bringing them along on this."

"I'd do it all myself, but, uh, I can't. I gave a lot of my money to my mom and the Immortals..."

Bran seems terribly embarrassed about not being rich enough.

"We need to buy them each Leather Armor and maybe a Battle Axe. Total would be 81 gold."

"I can pay for 30 of that."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-12, 12:50 PM
"Of course we should all be helping pay for their equipment, Bran. Why didn't you ask earlier. if we all put in 15 gold, that should cover everything, right?"

2012-11-12, 01:10 PM

"I thought they were Brandon's personal guards."

Edit: "But, if you're going to put them to use for the rest of our Companions, then we may as well all chip in."
She'd give over fifteen gold for now. Her offer to lend one of them her old chain mail stands.

2012-11-12, 01:36 PM
Artanis decided that once again, the party should reap the rewards of what they had earned.

"Here, take my 'share' of the remaining gold to pay for them. This money is yours anyway. Besides, I shall not stand idly by while anyone under our care dies because I was greedy."

His gaze hardened, making it clear he would not accept 'no' for an answer.

2012-11-12, 01:38 PM

"I thought they were Brandon's personal guards."

Edit: "But, if you're going to put them to use for the rest of our Companions, then we may as well all chip in."
She'd give over fifteen gold for now. Her offer to lend one of them her old chain mail stands.

Brandon Bor

Bran looks a bit shocked.

"Me, a personal guard? I never had the idea."

"I thought we hired them just so we could have someone take care of incidentals like keeping watch over our wagons and such while we adventure in dungeons."

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-12, 02:06 PM
Mycah seems surprised to hear this from Ash as well.
"A personal guard? I thought he was just taking the initiative to talk to them on all our behalf?"

2012-11-12, 03:24 PM

"My mistake. I saw him doing that on his own and assumed incorrectly."

2012-11-12, 03:36 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran announces, "We should plan for the chance that the Guild will betray us."

"If we defeat the Fangs, we'll be weaker. Our spell-casters will have fewer or no spells left. They might decide that they can take two birds out with one stone, grab all our equipment and take us hostage."

"So we should keep forces in reserve and not let our guard down until we are back on shore."

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-12, 07:18 PM
The three hirelings can be provisioned with armor and weapons, and all are eager to assist in the expedition. They would choose swords and daggers over a battle axe, though.

Ash confers with Lord Bost and tests out the air-bladder idea (they hold very little air, are unlikely to transport or age well, but do essentially work as desired).

Everyone should condense their two-hour period activities in a single post.

2012-11-12, 10:14 PM
Artanis tried his hand at the air bladders but turned to watching for movement on the ship if they did not turn out well in his hands.

I'm not sure what kind of check I should do to make the bladders. So I'm guessing maybe an Int. check?
Craft DC 14?: [roll0]

Alertness DC 14: [roll1]

2012-11-13, 07:16 AM
"If they're planning something like that," Talsarios says to Brandon's comment about the Guild's possible attack, "then it will change everything! So I'll go and find out while we're making all these other preparations. My thought-reading won't be much use in a fight, anyway... Who can we spare from the plan come with me? I won't take more than a half hour or so."

Regardless of who is to come with him - one of the hirelings will do - Talsarios will privately cast his ESP spell, go to the Bloody Bill tavern and order a drink, making some comment about "Nothing to do till the others get their arses in gear..." - and then try to read the barman's thoughts.

2012-11-13, 09:25 AM

Ash apologized to her sword instructor for her and Mycah's absence today, spoke with Lord Bost on the matter of the River Rose and procuring a vessel, ate dinner, and tested her armor and air-skin (after one was finished being crafted) before returning to the others at Bost's Manor once more.

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-13, 10:08 AM
Mycah spends the time working with Artanis to craft the air-skins, but beyond that has little to prepare. He'll double-check his arms and armor and be ready when everyone gathers for the assault on the ship.

2012-11-13, 10:33 AM

"I thought they were Brandon's personal guards."

Edit: "But, if you're going to put them to use for the rest of our Companions, then we may as well all chip in."
She'd give over fifteen gold for now. Her offer to lend one of them her old chain mail stands.

The three hirelings can be provisioned with armor and weapons, and all are eager to assist in the expedition. They would choose swords and daggers over a battle axe, though.

Ash confers with Lord Bost and tests out the air-bladder idea (they hold very little air, are unlikely to transport or age well, but do essentially work as desired).

Everyone should condense their two-hour period activities in a single post.

Brandon Bor

Bran takes the three men on a shopping trip for 2 suits of leather armor and 3 short swords.

The third man he offers Ash's old suit of chain mail.

He also passes by the temple of the Immortal Petra and prays for a few minutes for the safety of the party in this dangerous boating adventure.

2012-11-13, 11:20 AM

As everyone gathers, Ash will explain the information she's gathered and what access she's been given with regards to water vessels, "Lord Bost has generously offered to lend us his river boat, a bit smaller than the River Rose, but it's unlikely we'll be able to acquire further vessels without paying a handsome fee and offending a few people. The air-skin worked great, you guys, though it doesn't hold a whole lot of air, it'd still help a bit if one of us was to go overboard. Those in heavy armor would still likely need to be rescued, though I found it easier to swim in my enchanted plate mail. The skins will not likely hold out past today, but that's all we should need.

"Also, I heard the Guild is not entirely dissociated with the law around here so we'd best not get on their bad side, but that also means they're not as likely to double-cross us. They act as information sources, fences, security work, and other useful services, which buys them some cover from the authorities."

"I also heard it's unlikely that the Fangs would hire civilians, though prisoners are a possibility. They've been mainly stationed where there are right now, occasionally going up or down river for short periods of time, but not long enough to have been to any other towns or anything."

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-14, 12:47 AM
A few hours remained before sunset. A light summer wind blew through the tall grasses around Bost's compound. Bost's boat bobs gently in the river down at Bost's private dock. It could comfortably carry a dozen people and has both a sail and poles for maneuvering.

2012-11-14, 01:42 PM
As the party regroup, Talsarios takes a moment to reassure the others about the Guild's intentions: "It seems they just want us to take out these Fangs, and get a nice boat - ship, sorry - into the bargain. I sensed no ill will towards us."
He rubs his hands together and smiles broadly. "So, I can give it everything I've got!"

2012-11-14, 04:09 PM
"Yeah!" cheers Alanna, pumping her fist in the air. "Let's de-Fang the Viper!"

Koren n'Rhys
2012-11-14, 04:18 PM
Mycah grins at the young cleric's enthusiasm.
"I'm with Alanna, let's get go get them and finish this one way or the other!"

2012-11-14, 08:45 PM
Brandon Bor

Bran asks the 3 hirelings, "Can you use bows?"

"Some of us might not be in a position to use missile weapons. We'll be fighting close. If you can use a bow with any skill, let me know."

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-15, 01:19 AM
None of the hirelings have any experience with bows, but they're all willing to give it a try.

2012-11-15, 08:19 AM
Talsarios peers at the Fangs' ship, eyeing the crow's nest. "Did you warrior types decide whether we're shooting the watchman first, then casting sleep, or starting with the sleep spell?" he asks. "Either way, I advise that I cast sleep before you get in amongst them, as it is an indiscriminate spell, and will affect you as soon as our foes."

2012-11-15, 08:58 AM

"If there is an opportunity to catch four or more in a sleep spell, take that over using your wand against the watch. Only attack the watch with it if he is using ranged attacks on us while not coming down. I Don't think a warning will affect too much since fighting on deck will be a noteworthy commotion in itself.
"Otherwise, if anyone starts to shout an explanation describing their opponents - us - to those below, they might be a good target for that wand spell."

"Any other questions before we kick some Fang-tail?"

After questions or if there are none, "Alright, let's do this."

She'll lead everyone to the river boat (which is like a small ship) and speak first to the two sailor crew there who would recognize her group from their trip to and from the caves where the necromancer was. She'll explain that they've been given permission from Lord Bost to borrow the use of this vessel for an attack against the Fangs, hopefully the head of the Fangs, and possible to rescue Marie, the missing daughter of Councilman Takish. She'll warn them of their plans on approach so they're all filled in and know to keep the ship at a distance once everyone boards the River Rose. She'll offer them each a gold for putting themselves in slight danger if their cooperation is further needed.

While on the boat, she'll make sure all the heavy armor people have an air-skin if they didn't already. "Oh, and can everyone swim?" She smirks as she asks, seeing as it's so late in the game already and there's little it would change to know this fact of someone now.

She'll also suggest everyone take cover, but for Ash, Nathros, and Brandon, as they approach.

Roland St. Jude
2012-11-16, 01:12 AM
The two boatmen readily accept Ash's explanation and one operates the sail and the other the rudder. They mention that each has weapons on board should they need to defend it. They waste no time in shoving off once everyone is on board. The three hirelings sit near the stern and talk amongst themselves.

I'll pause here for any character actions on the trip. Despite being upriver, the wind is favorable and it'll be a short trip.