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2012-10-02, 03:19 PM

Well I'm sure you're near,
And I can almost smell you,
But the winds are up at the walls again...


The heat was oppressive. The sun beat down on the arid plain with enough force that it could almost be heard. Nothing moved here, nothing lived here among the dust and cracked earth. The sky stretched as far as the eye could see; a brilliant blue dome over the desert. A single figure made its way across the ground, one shuffling step at the time. The wind swept across the man, flinging his tattered cloak around like a toy and playfully flicking his long blonde hair. The sound of creaking leather armour accompanied the man’s movements coupled with the rasping gasp of breath. Glinting on his breast is a badge dulled by the sun, a ‘II ’ of the Second. Do you know what it’s like to walk for a year without stopping? This man does. Trailing a furrow in the ground behind him is a sword, gripped loosely in one hand. The blade is dulled by grime and dust yet it is obvious that it is a piece of fine forging, tempered in roaring flames. If only people could be tempered in heat the same way…



Perhaps some men can? He has seen much, he has seen men and indeed whole cities fall to their knees. But not him, he can’t afford the luxury of surrender. This man has been walking for a year and will walk for another one if that is what needed to find his way back, to find his way home, to prove that he is still alive. After all he’d made a promise.


‘Storm...’, the word that no sailor wants to utter. The first mate, Glenn, gazed across the sea to the horizon where dark clouds were gathering. ‘This won’t be pleasant, but the storms around the island are not as bad as they used to be.’ He turned to the group of travelers standing around him. He felt slightly sorry for them, if they were traveling on one of the two supply ships rather than the transport it meant that they were either extremely tight fisted or had very little coin. An odd bunch, he thought. There were several military men, you could tell by the way they stood and the way they never switched off, Dierna the thick set gruff soldier, the woodsman Dayne and Hargrave, a master at arms, or at least Glenn guessed from the number of weapons the man had. Then there was an intellectual called Wilhelm who had sly edge to him and also a Forester priest calling himself Eckhard, some sort of brain addled devout of a Northern Realm. Then finally there was Tapper, the tall, hollow looking man with a thousand yard stare. His short hair and pointed goatee was a light brown and pinned to his chest was a badge of the Second army Sappers. Desertion was punished by death Glenn knew, so the open display of the man’s origins seemed odd, however the Captain had said that Tapper was special. ‘Important’ he’s said. It made Glenn uncomfortable knowing that half of the crew on the ship came aboard with Tapper, and although the captain trusted him it didn’t stop the hair on the back of his neck from standing on end when he looked into the deserter’s eyes.

‘I’m sure the crew will have the storm well in hand,’ Tapper said, ‘besides, it’s not like none of us have ever been wet’. The sapper opened his mouth to continue talking when a cry came from one of the crew. ‘Captain! There’s a ship behind us, it’s moving fast’. The captain pulled his eyeglass free, ‘What colours is it flying?’ he asked as he walked over to the rail. Putting the glass to his eye he stares for a good few seconds.

‘Rek’s grace…’ The captain murmured, ‘First mate! Full sails, Now!’ he called. Glenn strode over and looked through the glass himself, ‘but it’s Imperial colours,’ Glenn said puzzled. ‘Aye, but it’s the Emperor’s Dog’s banner as well’ came the sharp reply from the Captain. Glen furrowed his brows confused, ‘Captain I still don’t-‘
‘Get it moving now or I’ll put you over the side myself for mutiny Glenn, now is not the time.’ The captain snapped, and then Glenn heard it, the slight edge of fear in the captains voice.

‘What should I signal to the other two ships sir? We might lose them if they don’t match our pace.’ The captain shook his head and replied, ‘Signal nothing.’ He then turned back to the rail and began a hushed conversation with Tapper as Glenn started shouting out orders to the crew. Full sails straight into a storm. Running from an Imperial ship. This makes me uneasy, very uneasy. As if to signal it’s agreement the distant rumble of thunder from the storm accompanied his thoughts. Glenn turned to the group of travelers as the wind began to pick up, ‘This might get a bit wild….’

2012-10-02, 05:17 PM
Eckhard put a hand on the gunwale to steady himself, shutting his eyes in a moment of weakness - you pitiful fool, whispered the bile as it rose in his throat. It seemed like such a stupid idea, a child's plan: run away to the other side of the Empire. Things would be simpler in the colony, where the people were simple, honest folk and his days would be spent shaping wood from dawn to dusk. The notion was so ridiculous that it almost made him laugh, but he feared that if he let a noise out it would turn into a sob.

And the first thing we do is run from an Imperial ship. None of this made sense. Nothing had made sense in recent weeks. All he had known was that he couldn't stay in the Ridge. He had truly believed, on some level, that simply walking away would fix everything. But the sea was awful - mind-numbingly flat, until now, but so changeable - the exact opposite of the mountains of his home. It was hard to believe Adamat was still holding the world up, on this horrible journey that made his hopes and expectations seem so ignorant and naive.

Walk away from that as well, would you? said the bile. No. Even you will not stoop so low. Not yet. There has to be an ideal you haven't betrayed yet. Knowing you have nothing left to lose would be a luxury, and you don't deserve that.

A noise escaped from his throat - a weak growl. He forced himself to open his eyes and look at the first mate. Words finally came.

"Have you done this before?"

2012-10-03, 12:08 AM
Dayne had been withdrawn, for a lot of the voyage, spending his time watching the sky or avoiding Dierna. He hadn't expected to run into someone else from the army, way out here, and the soldier brought back a lot of bad memories. It was probably bad form, not to try and remain courteous at least, but...

Well, he still wasn't quite ready to talk about it. Raising his hand to shade his eyes, he peered at the ship behind them. "Wild, indeed," the scout muttered. They were probably after Tapper, the filthy bastard deserter. Dayne wondered about him. He himself didn't wear insignia, not any more. He was just a mapmaker, now.

"That looks like Rek's own storm we're running into," he commented, to nobody in particular.

Slii Arhem
2012-10-06, 07:02 AM
Hargrave stands firm on the deck, his heavy breastplate below decks with the rest of his gear, stabled next to his new steed Matilda, who had already warmed to him despite her being a last minute purchase. He'd asked one of his men to pick out a fast mount before he boarded on this journey, and he wasn't let down in the slightest. The only armaments he kept with him while on the deck was his sword, shield, and hammer, even though he felt naked without his full accoutrement of deadly weapons. It would be foolish to carry it all during a storm and risk being blown into the water while strapped in to the heavy plates. He allowed himself his shield for the sake of comfort, even though he didn't expect to need it on such a simple voyage.

At least, not until he heard the cries for full sail ring out and looked up from his place near the mast, reaching for his main weapon and checking that it would slide smoothly from the oiled sheath he kept it in as a force of habit. Hargrave had loitered near the base of the mast for the bulk of the trip, as it was out of the way of the sailors so long as he kept the ladders and nets clear for them to head up into the rigging, and he had little experience with the various tasks that made up a life of sailing. In his mind if he couldn't be useful he'd at least be less of a hindrance.

"Putting on some speed are we? Well, let me know if I can lend a hand bailing water or hauling ropes once we hit the storms. Even I can manage that." Standing slightly apart from the rest, he seems to have missed the fact that the ship they're trying to lose is flying Imperial colors, but he trusts the Captain's judgement despite his lack of understanding about the situation.

2012-10-06, 11:50 AM
Glenn was almost too busy to pay the travelers any attention. 'I'd say you lads hold on tight and stay out the way.' He shouted out some more commands to the crew and with a worrying groan the ship leapt forward in the wind.

'Full sail into a storm this close to the island? No I've never done this before. Only really done this voyage once anyway.' The first mate flashed a smile, 'Don't worry, with this wind behind us they won't catch us at all. As long as we keep in one piece.'

2012-10-06, 01:26 PM
"It's the 'one piece' bit I'm worried about," Dayne commented, looking up at the storm again. "I do hope the captain knows what he's getting into."

With that thought in mind, the scout made to secure his own gear. His mapmaking materials were what he was most concerned for, and he double-checked to make sure the waterproof oilcloth was wrapped around them correctly. Dayne wasn't a sailor, but he knew a little about navigation, and he wouldn't want to be without any charts.

2012-10-09, 02:31 PM
"Out of the way," Eckhard repeated levelly. It didn't sound like he shared the mate's confidence. He pinched the bridge of his nose. I don't think any of us know what we're getting into, he thought - but he didn't dare say it out loud. He didn't know the others too well yet, and didn't want to risk accidentally offending anyone with a poorly-timed joke.

And if we do sink it won't be godsdamn funny in the slightest.

2012-10-10, 06:48 AM
‘Me too’ muttered Gelnn looking at Dayne, ‘but he’s always seen us through before. I just wish I knew what the Emperor’s headsmen are doing this far out, it’s not like them to bother with some lowly deserters’. He shoots a glance over his shoulder to Tapper, who was still in conversation with the captain.

The ships continued to gather speed, the wind almost tearing the sails apart. Then suddenly Eckhard was shocked out of his brooding as he felt a sudden wave of power rushing from the chasing ship. Tapper’s head also shot up, but looking around frantically it seemed to Eckhard that the rest of the crew were oblivious to what he had just felt.

Then all hell broke loose as the wind died and the sails went limp. Sailors were scurrying around deck trying to find out what had happened, calls of confusion sounded around the ship but in the midst of it all Tapper seemed calm, despite the quickly approaching Imperial ship. Even more helpless than the crew the group could only watch as the Imperial ship gathered speed, unaffected by the sudden lack of wind. Hargrave’s nerves were so tightly strung by the time the ship drew up alongside them that he had almost not noticed it, how some of the sailors had abandoned the rigging, retrieved hidden weapons and were forming up in a group ready to receive boarders.
Planks went down with a thud, accentuated by the sudden stillness of the storm. And across rushed the soldiers gather on the other ship’s decks, weapons still sheathed. Following them came a mountain of a man, with thick black hair and an even thicker beard. Dressed in a leather longcoat and with greatsword strapped to his back the man cut an imposing figure.

‘Is this how you greet soldiers of the Empire, fleeing from us and then facing us with weapons drawn and blood in your minds?’ The huge man rumbled. ‘Put your toys away before you hurt yourselves’.

Tapper slowly walked to stand with the group of sailors, ‘Chapel… I didn’t expect to see you so far from the Emperor. Could your master not stand your stench anymore? How did you find me’

Chapel’s beard split into a grin, ‘I got my hands on Skulk in Trak, he sang like a bird after a few hours of ‘attention’. Looks like you’ve run out of places to hide Tapper. Hand it over and no one gets hurt’

‘As if I’d believe that, you’d kill us just for the fun of it, like you did with the rest’ Tapper replied, his voice hard and full of hate.

‘Don’t get it wrong Tapper, I killed them on orders, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.’ Chapel unsheathed his greatsword, a huge piece of steel. ‘But you are right. Men, kill them all; we don’t need answers, just the amulet.’

As one the soldiers bared their steel and advanced on the crew. The main body of men moved toward the center of the deck where Tapper and the sailors were, but some men detached and instead advanced towards Glenn and the group, a flash of lightning and thunder accompanying them.

Slii Arhem
2012-10-10, 08:19 AM
Hargrave's blade was out of his scabbard before the first plank hit the deck, and his shield unslung from his back even as the first boot crossed onto their ship. Something was wrong here, even more so than the unnatural windlessness that suddenly befell them would indicate. It was the unnatural lust for blood and combat that these soldiers displayed that concerned the master at arms. He'd met such men often and in larger numbers than this during his storied tours in the army, both those that would bare steel against him and those that were supposed to be his allies.

And it never failed to unnerve him. How anyone could want the death of their fellows above all else was beyond his comprehension, and certainly beyond his moral code to accept. So, while he listened to the conversation between Tapper and Chapel intently, his teeth clenched and ground together as his ire rose. He forced himself to stop abusing his molars for a moment when the order to attack was given, and cleared his throat loudly as the men march under their leader's command.

"Chapel, is it? Well then Chapel, I suggest this with your best interests in mind, but you'd be well advised to take your men back onto your ship and claim we were lost to the storm. For if you don't, every man standing between you and I is going to die, and then if you aren't already a corpse ready to be tossed over the side, you'll earn the death you deserve for your bloodthirst at the end of my blade." Hargrave flexes his knuckles around the supremely balanced blade that he spoke of as his eyes rove over the scene, counting out just how many men he'd have to slay to reach the instigator of this conflict.

2012-10-10, 01:47 PM
Dayne wasn't sure what the man Chapel was talking about, but Hargrave was right. Soldiers weren't supposed to kill other soldiers, and they certainly weren't supposed to like it. The scout kept quiet, for now. Diplomacy wouldn't be worth much, here. Instead he readied his longbow, testing the string and taking a few steps backwards, away from the men making for the group. The ship was only so big...

They'd need to do something about the other ship too, he realised. Perhaps not immediately, but it would need to be done. Keeping his longbow in one hand, Dayne headed for where he'd stowed his pack.

Ready longbow, move to wherever he put his pack. It's probably closeby, since he was securing it a moment ago.

2012-10-10, 03:54 PM
‘Men, kill them all; we don’t need answers, just the amulet.’

Oh gods. It wasn't just seasickness making Eckhard's stomach roll any more. "Surely there's been some mistake," he said feebly. "We're all loyal Imperial subjects." But the soldiers didn't seem to care, and Eckhard could only ball his fists as he watched them approach ...

I'm going to assume that Eckhard doesn't have any weapons on him, as he'd have no reason to bring them above deck. He'll defend himself and fight back only if attacked.

2012-10-10, 09:55 PM
The stormy seas had been rather disagreeable with Wilhelm and the constant rocking had left his insides all shaken up. And once the water stops trying to toss us off the boat, this lot comes up and seems to want to pull the same thing anyhow. Wonderful time to realize I missed my chance to learn how to swim before now.

Though the words had stung his ears quite clearly, the man simply couldn't bring himself to wish the same violence against them. That might change after a few cuts or near misses but some things tended to stick when it had to do with one's life's work.

Rather than reach for a weapon (if it could even be called that), Wilhelm looked the deck over for a tub or barrel of tar. They used that stuff on ships to plug up leaks, right? Maybe they would have some on hand during a storm just in case something needed plugging up. Of course, being so sticky, tar was good for gumming up more than holes..

Spot check to locate any tar. If found, action will be to move toward it and toss a glob at the nearest attacker.


2012-10-11, 06:05 AM
Dierna rose to his feet, from where he had been stroking his falcon and muttering to it. He hesitated, his hands hovering above his twin sica.

"We're all loyal citizens here." He looked over the hostile marines. "None of you want this."

2012-10-11, 04:42 PM
The main body of soldiers formed into an organised group and advanced on the sailors and Tapper, who quickly ran out of space to back away in. The soldiers advancing on the group brandished Imperial issue shortswords as well as bloodlust in their eyes.

Chapel turned his attention to the group and laughed, 'Aye, I'm sure that you are... But this is the Emperor's business, you just happen to be collateral.'

Tapper began to back up the stairs to the foredeck, 'Chapel, your fight is with me not these men.' The large man did not answer, but merely grinned and looked on.

Once again Eckhard felt it a split second before it happened, a sharp severing of power as the storm returned with force. The ships lurched forwards side by side as their sails filled and a sheet of rain swept over the deck.

Slii Arhem
2012-10-11, 07:11 PM
Hargrave speaks no more, determined in his course of action even as gruesome as the outcome may be. Five men in his direct path between himself and this Chapel fellow, although the two closer to Chapel seem to be content on occupying themselves with the cowering sailors for the time being.

He would change that. The duty he had taken on his shoulders when he was inducted into the army was to spare as many lives as he possibly could, beginning with the ones on his side, and by accepting his money for this voyage, these sailors had gained themselves an ally. Tapper would answer for bringing this trouble on them once the fighting had finished, and it had better be a good answer at that.

But for now, there were men standing between him and his enemy, and he was going to rectify that situation.

Stepping forward, Hargrave brings his sword around silently, flicking it up at the nearest soldier and attempting to dig the blade in just under the man's armpit where he knew most armor was weak, and the ribs wouldn't stop the blow.

Hargrave is taking a 5ft step up and to the right to be next to the soldier farthest to the left of the ones engaging them. Then he'll make a single attack against the soldier with his longsword. He will also designate the soldier diagonally above and to the right of the one he's attacking for his Shield Block ability, so he has an effective AC 16 against that soldier.

Attack: +1 Masterwork, +2 BAB, +3 Str (+6) [roll0]
Damage 1d8, +3 Str [roll1]
HP: 26
AC: 15

2012-10-12, 01:57 AM
Dierna shrugged. "Right then." He pulled the inward-curved blades from their sheathes and set his feet.

2012-10-12, 11:35 AM
Dayne retrieved his coil of rope and a grappling hook from his pack, considering for a moment and then removing his hatchet from the pack as well, attaching the weapon carefully to one of his belt loops and standing up. This wasn't a very good plan, but it would have to do for now. Straightening up, he watched the advancing soldiers, picking the nearest one to him that wasn't currently busy fighting Hargrave and firing a shot from his longbow.

Move action to retrieve stuff from his pack, standard action to attack with the bow.

+3 dex, +1BAB, +1 mwk, and +1 for point blank shot [roll0]
Damage, +1 PBS, +1 composite [roll1]


2012-10-13, 11:22 AM
There it was again - that odd sensation. As the others helped the stand-off make the transition into an all-out mêlée, Eckhard shut his eyes. He tried to still his mind, ignoring the unfolding chaos and retreating to the calm, faithful core of his soul.

Adamat, grant me ... clarity.

As You KnowTM, Exeson, I'm not too familiar with D&D, so: can I try a Spellcraft check here? [roll0] Otherwise, Eckhard's not up to much unless someone attacks him first, which I think can't happen looking at the initiative order.

EDIT: Well that's probably not accomplishing anything.


2012-10-14, 09:52 PM
Wilhem was quite aware of how cowardly it would be to run but he didn't consider himself as being any asset with a sword. Quite the contrary, the only blade he felt comfortable with was a scalpel and this was hardly the time to use one of those. However, he did recall there were some containers down below so perhaps he might be of some use by hurling about a bit of tar. While down there, he might as well look out for some fishing nets. Or large sheets of canvass or really anything that could be used to trip up their assailents.

Going to find said containers while keeping a look out for other mentioned items

AC: 15
HP: 16

2012-10-16, 02:39 PM
Tapper began to retreat up the stairs of the foredeck, drawing a dagger as he went. Chapel moved to match the sapper, his coat sweeping behind the man. A sinister sound joins the scene as the huge man's laughter mingled with the wind.

The rain swirls around the deck as the fighting begins. The main body of soldiers advanced with menace yet met fierce opposition from the 'sailors' with a flurry of blows leaving none dead.

The soldiers attacking the group brandished their shortswords as they went to work but it was Hargrave who moved first, forcing a soldier to parry the blade. Taking advantage of the Knight's opening, another soldier stepped in and delivered a cut to Hargrave's side.

One soldier lost his footing on the slippery deck as he charged, only to be caught by the combined attacks from Eckhard and Dierna, and sprawled over. The weapons of the Imperial men managed to find the bodies of both Eckhard and Hargrave in the melee, drawing blood with short thrusts. An arrow bounced off a soldier's breastplate, Dayne's aim thrown off by the rolling of the ship.

Trying to do his best to avoid danger Glenn tripped over backwards during his retreat. The man barely had time to right himself before the who ship lurched with a grating crunch and he found himself back on the deck, the rest of the men on board doing their best to keep their feet.

The sound was loudest of all for Whilhelm, who had manged to slip into the hold and was rummaging around the hold. The lurch sent barrels and casks flying, forcing the man to duck. What made the man afraid, however, was the splintering sound coming from lower in the hold.

Slii Arhem
2012-10-17, 12:27 PM
Hargrave utters no growl of pain or anger, accepting the blow as the consequence of battle that it was and turning his attention to the man who dealt it. If he didn't do something about the man, he'd soon have an opponent on either side of himself to deal with and would be at a great disadvantage, so he responded to the man's assault in kind with a thrust to his solar plexus. He's relying on the speed of the attack to prevent another parry, and hopefully carry it through the armor and into the soldier's torso.

Then, weighing his options, the retired brigadier takes a single step back towards his group and waits for a rebuttal.

HP: 22
AC: 15 (16 against soldier in D7)

Hargrave makes another attack on the soldier in D7 and then takes a 5ft step back to C6. He'll designate the same guy he's attacking for his +1 shield block bonus.

Attack Bonus: +6 total
Attack Roll: [roll0]
Damage Bonus: +3 strength
Damage Roll: [roll1]

2012-10-19, 12:48 AM
Taking note of the locations of rope and canvas, Wilhelm delved just a bit further as he sought out the source of the wreched splintering sound. Hopefully something large had fallen over and crushed a chair or something as the prospect of the ship making that noise was an 'unsettling' one.

Which, to any land-loving human, translated into 'terrifying'.

2012-10-19, 03:24 PM
Dayne looped the rope over his shoulder, picking another target and edging to the side, nearer to where the gangplanks had been dropped. He fired off another shot at the closest soldier to himself, trying to clear the path to the gangplanks.

move over to the wall, fire. This should be enough to trigger skirmish, so...

[roll0] 1 BAB, 3 Dex, 1 Mwk, and 1 point blank shot
[roll1] 1 Point blank, 1 Str +[roll2] Skirmish

well, that ought to be a hit, for 10 HP damage

AC 17, HP 15

2012-10-20, 03:08 PM
I cannot believe this is happening thought Eckhard faintly. But as far as he could tell, he was fighting off Imperial soldiers who gave off the distinct impression of trying to kill him. He wasn't sure how long he could defend himself - being unarmed in addition to everything else - but the taciturn Geplite was still beside him, and right now only one soldier was standing in front of the penitent monk being awfully threatening. A few more seconds probably wouldn't kill him.

Attack roll: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

AC 15
8 HP

2012-10-22, 12:27 PM
Wilhelm edged forwards down in the hold, hoping not to find what he thought was the source of the sound. Glancing down the hatch the man saw dark water rushing into the ship, a large rent in it's side. The man scrambled around the hold with a curse, begging any gods he held to find some tar. The hole would need to be plugged, and he knew tar was involved but that was about as far as his knowledge went.

On deck the fighting continued, with the sailors continuing to confirm suspicions that many of them were not sailors at all, but rather fought like soldiers. One Imperial man was down next to two sailors, their blood washed away by the rain.

Dayne scrambled up the stairs to the aftdeck on his hands and knees to stop himself falling over in the storm. This time he adjusted for the roll of the sea and his arrow caught a soldier in the neck, cutting short a cry of pain. The priest acquitted himself well, ducking a sword and cracking a soldier's nose with his fist. Grabbing hold of the dazed man's helmet Eckhard wrenched the soldier's head around with a sickening crunch.

Hargrave continued to trade blows with the soldiers, backing away from a potentially dangerous situation he found Dierna moving up to protect his exposed flank. Glenn remained frozen on the spot, mouthing a prayer that was lost in the howling wind.

On the foredeck Chapel and trapper Tapper, his sword held in front of him. 'Hand it over Tapper and I'll end this quickly, with little pain' roared the emperor's dog over the wind.

The sapper merely laughed, 'See Chapel, you get your powers from service to a god that does not care for you. who uses you.' Tapper's hands began to glow a faint reddish light, 'I, however, am not bound to service. Why beg for power when you can just take it.'

As he uttered the words he made a slashing motion in the air, leaving a rent of dark space that expanded. Out of the hole loomed a smokey figure, some demonic creature resembling a huge hound stepped forwards. It was furless, with charred black skin and red eyes. When the creature breathed out smoke rose from it's jaws.

Slii Arhem
2012-10-22, 12:48 PM
Hargrave acknowledges Dierna with a grim nod, and then lashes out at his nearest opponent with his sword aimed low, targeting a vessel in the legs that he knows will bleed a man out quickly by experience.

As he does so, he shoulders his shield a bit higher, expecting retaliation from the soldier's friend.

Hargrave swings at the man in D7 while his player hopes he can roll above a 9 this time. He also targets the one in B7 for his shield block.

Attack Roll: +6 as always [roll0]
Damage: +3 strength [roll1]
HP: 22
AC 15 (16 against B7)

2012-10-24, 12:49 PM
"Actions. Have consequences." Eckhard panted between breaths, as the soldier with the broken neck dropped. Adrenaline surged through his veins, leaving him little opportunity to weigh his conscience about killing an Imperial soldier. The appearance of the mystical beast gave him pause for a moment, but he knew he was committed to the fight now; gliding to the right, he aimed a low kick at the nearest soldier's shins.

I'd like to test either Knowledge (Arcana) or (Religion), whichever is relevant, to identify what Tapper summoned: [roll0]

Then a step to the east and an attack to the soldier to the north. If he's still not there, close with and attack the nearest soldier.
Attack: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]

8 HP

2012-10-25, 06:04 AM
Dierna returned the nod, then switched his footing. Lunging forward suddenly, he brought his paired blades up...

Attack One: [roll0] [roll1]

Attack Two: [roll2] [roll3]

That looks like one hit, to me?

...and across, slashing one across the body of the 'sailor', leaving blood in his wake.

2012-10-25, 12:57 PM
Dayne stepped forward, raising his bow again. He hoped he could repeat that performance, even without moving for a better angle. Likely Eckhard would be able to deal with the soldier he was fighting, so the scout's target was the next man in his way, instead.

5 foot step up to the top of the stairs, potshot at the guy at F8.

[roll0] 1 BAB, 3 Dex, 1 Mwk, and 1 point blank shot
[roll1] 1 Point blank, 1 Str

boo. In that case, Dayne's using his move action to draw his sword, just in case he gets charged.

AC 17, HP 15

2012-10-25, 09:15 PM
Tar was definitely something he wanted to find and now for more than just to trip up the assailents. Still, perhaps there was something he could do in the meantime. Depending on how large the hole was, perhaps he could make a sort of temporary plug by bundling up his traveling cloak, which was also good for keeping the splash of a roiling sea off of one, and sticking it in the gash.. Or maybe he could use that canvas if there would be enough to plug it.

Still, even if that did work, Wilhelm knew it was only a temporary measure and would start looking around again for tar. Maybe it was labled or something and he had just overlooked it? Maybe he could knock on the sides of the containers to figure out what it held or something? It was clear that he was not looking forward to what would happen if the ship went under. Just to be sure, though, he shouted out "We have a hole! A hole in the hold!" in case there was anyone nearby that could help him. He was a doctor, not a shipwright after all.

2012-10-27, 08:25 AM
Wilhelm scrabbled around the hold, panic gripping him as he attempted to stuff a spare sail into the hole, to little use. The doctor was about to get some more canvas when the ship lurched heavily once again and a small barrel nearly took his feet from under him. The good luck of the barrel containing tar was slightly reduced as Wilhelm realised he was up to his ankles in water.

Above deck matters were not much better. Dayne's arrow was swept away by the wind as the soldier charged towards him, storming the stairs and scoring a deep wound in the ex soldier's side. Dayne barely had time to draw his sword and block another cut that would have taken him across the chest. The ex-scout stumbled backwards slightly, a curse on his lips.

The soldier Eckhard was fighting looked to be an evil man, his thick black beard making almost look like a miniature Chapel. The man attacked with such ferocity that Eckhard was forced to use his arms to block the shortsword that was flicking out at him, suffering several deep gashes. Eckhard however, did manage to land several blows of his own, a harsh crunch sounding as his kick connected with the soldier's knee.

Fighting side by side Dierna and Hargrave were hard pressed. Dierna's blade managed to find the neck of one soldier, sending his to his knees drowning in his own blood. The revenge of the soldiers come soon after however, as the reinforcements moved up and brutally assaulted Hargrave. The knight's own blows found only thin air and solid armour. Over-reaching on an attack the man felt an Imperial shortsword puncture the joint of his left shoulder.

Glenn remained frozen on the spot, willing for this whole situation to be a dream. You fool, they're dying and you can't do anything but piss yourself. The sailor rose and looked around for a weapon. Just as he retrieved a dead man's shortsword the ship shuddered once again, this time the sound of the rending hull cutting through even the rush of the wind.

Tapper's demon advanced on Chapel, yellow teeth bared. Despite what would have been expected Chapel advanced straight towards the creature. His greatsword swung up and came crashing down, almost taking the beast's head off in a spray of black blood. 'You summon His holy servants to fight me? Do you think this is some sick joke? How dare you think to bind His to your twisted will.' Chapel roared, true fury in his voice. The man hard to dart backwards however as a gout of flame shot forth from the demon's jaws. Chapel stepped forwards once again 'Truly evil has many forms Tapper, so more obvious that others'. Tapper's reply was merely a grim smile.

The blood on Chapel's sword began to bubble and smoke, the steal glowing red hot 'Come Tapper, I will show you His true power.'

Glenn lost his footing as the deck rolled sharply, indeed everyone had to fight to remain on their feet and not all were successful. Imperial soldiers and sailors went down in a tangled mess. The storm is dragging us across a reef, any more of this and the hull will be in tatters

You remember reading some scripture about Obtil, referencing to demonic hounds that were said to inhabit the realm, and were supposedly Obtil's hunting pack that were unleashed on any who trespassed in the Realm. But the possibly that one had been summoned here? that was difficult to believe.

2012-10-27, 08:25 PM
Dayne grunted in pain from the cut in his side, bringing his short blade up into a defensive stance. He had the higher ground, but he wasn't a melee combatant. Better to try and focus on not getting hit. He had to wait for the right opening, and he thought he saw it. Striking out, he took a step backwards, up the stairs, to keep some distance between himself and his opponent.

So, fighting defensively! -4 to attack gets me +2 AC.
[roll0] -4 defensive, +1 Str, +1 BAB, +1 high ground
[roll1] +1 Str, +2 favoured enemy. Been forgetting about that, derp.

After the attack, Dayne takes a 5 foot step backwards, to the top of the stairs.

AC19, HP7

Slii Arhem
2012-10-28, 09:53 AM
Hargrave finally muttered a curse to himself as the last blows struck, breaking his concentration and sending his blows wide. He'd thought that sparring daily to keep up his skills would have been enough to keep him fit and ready when it came time to defend himself, but he'd clearly lost his killer instinct. Or maybe he'd never really had one to begin with. His superiors back in his army days certainly thought he'd been sorely lacking in one. In any case, in the unlikely event that he survived this mad melee, and then survived the fact that the ship was apparently dashed on the rocks and sinking fast, it looks like he was officially out of retirement. Fighting the emperor's men got you noticed and hunted, even in far off places like Denku. He could hope that no one who survived here would remember his face, or that when reports came back they wouldn't think to look at the list of who bought passage on the ship they were pursuing, but it would be a fool's hope.

All he could do now is survive, and to do that he had to hit something.

Bellowing out a wordless challenge in the form of a cry of rage and frustration, Hargrave swings his sword around at neck level to the man who'd been so doggedly avoiding his attacks.

Hargrave is using his Fighting Challenge ability against the man in D7, because I'm out of ideas as to how to score a hit. He'll shield block against whoever is still standing after Dierna's attack, probably D6

Attack, Damage, and Will saves +1 for 6 turns against D7. 1 out of 2 uses of Knight's Challenge expended.

Attack: [roll0] +2BAB, +3Str, +1Masterwork, +1Fighting Challenge
Damage: [roll1] +3Str, +1 Fighting Challenge
AC 15 (16 against one opponent, possibly D6)
HP: 13

Edit: Meant C7 in both those cases for the Shield Block

2012-11-02, 10:55 AM
Mere flesh could only withstand steel for so long before it began to fail, a truth brought painfully home to Eckhard by the wounds he'd sustained blocking that last slash.

What, did you think Adamat would turn your skin to stone? It is not the World's Skeleton demonstrating Its power on the foredeck.

Wounded and scared, Eckhard stumbled backwards, hunching to hide his face behind his arms.

If I'm reading the SRD right, I think I can take a 5 foot step to C5 and then enact Total Defence? That's the plan.

AC 19 with Total Defence
HP 1

2012-11-02, 04:29 PM
Okay.. Tar. Tar is good but.. Well, like any wound, I need to find some way to staunch it so maybe if I were to use the adhesive properties to make a stronger seal with my cloak or that canvas.. Well, no way to know until I try it. With that, Wilhelm will attempt to do just that with the spare canvas if his cloak was not up to the job of at least stemming the flow. If he managed to be somewhat successful, then the next act of business would be trying to find a more permanent solution. Namely poking around for a hammer, some nails, and a few short planks to form a patch. In his mind, it was more or less just treating a wound but his success might be rather lackluster due to his training as a physician rather than a shipwright.

Giving another shout of alarm, he was hoping against hope that perhaps someone of the crew might hear him. Help of any kind would be highly useful right now.

2012-11-02, 08:44 PM
Twisting his face into a snarl, Dierna rammed his way into the two men opposing him. He brought his long, curved weapons across, feinting a slash before, sudden, quick - the blades hooked into the bellies of the cloaked soldiers.

There was a horrible tearing sound, and red.

2012-11-05, 09:41 AM
Dayne's opponent tried to push his advantage, lashing out again and again with his shortsword, but the roll of the ship and the narrow wet steps threw off his blows, allowing Dayne to strike a blow to the man's chest, glancing off his breastplate.

On the other side of the deck the fighting was far more brutal. The big knight finally managed to bring his sword to bear, cleaving one soldier's collarbone and deep into his chest. Dierna's blades licked out like snakes as they lashed at the two remaining soldiers, both falling to the deck with mortal wounds. The soldier attacking Eckhard followed the monk's retreat but failed to land a blow as the man twisted left and right in almost impossible ways to avoid the shortsword. Glenn scrambled to his feet and dashed like a madman towards the hold of the ship, shouting something about reefs and holes.

Below deck Wilhelm worked furiously trying to plug the hole in the side of the ship. Finding some tools he began to set to work, stuffing canvas, covering it with tar and then securing it with wood. However, the repair did not hold up to the job of stopping the water level from rising. After a few seconds of confusion the doctor realised why; there was a second hole in the hull, further towards the back of the ship. Then he heard a shout from the entrance to the hold and looking up he saw Glenn rushing inside.

Up on the foredeck the contest was becoming even more heated. Chapel's blade giving off steam as the rain hammered down. Swinging it in a great arc the man sent the weapon tearing through the demon hound and halfway through the decking as well, leaving a scorched gash in the wood.

Tapper's face twisted into a snarl as the demon's remains crumbled away into ash. He began to draw an intricate pattern in the air with his free hand and barely managed to dodge a heavy blow from Chapel.

Eckhard's breathing was coming to him in short gasps, and not because of the wounds. The air was getting thicker, heavier, more ... charged. Yet no one else on the ship seemed to have taken notice.

2012-11-05, 11:10 AM
Dayne cursed, looking for another opening in his opponent's defense. Once again, he reminded himself he wasn't a melee combatant, but if the ship heaved wrong, and he missed with an arrow, he'd be wide open for counterattack.

"Someone give me a hand with this one," the scout shouted, striking out with his shortsword. He hoped he could do something, this time.

So, fighting defensive seems a good plan. Modifiers are the same as last time.
[roll0] -4 defensive, +1 Str, +1 BAB, +1 high ground
[roll1] +1 Str, +2 favoured enemy.

Another miss, and another roll of minimum damage even if I HAD hit. Defensive seems the way to go, here, at least until somebody who is better at this can come help.

AC19, and HP7

2012-11-07, 03:40 PM
Waving frantically to Glenn, Wilhelm began scrounging around for more nails and boards while talking quite rapidly. The panic in his voice drowned out most of what he was trying to say but Glenn may at least get the idea that the physician wanted help plugging up the holes in the hold.

If he was able to find the proper materials, then the doctor would be making an attempt to repair the second hole. With help if possible.

Slii Arhem
2012-11-10, 04:15 PM
Hargrave, after landing his first telling blow, swiftly spins around to swing his sword at the man still bothering Eckhard, hoping to have his luck hold out for now. He raises his shield against any counter assault, looking past the soldier briefly toward Dayne's predicament. He can't be everywhere at once, but if he can end this struggle quickly enough, perhaps he'll be able to be there for the hunter soon.

Hargrave attacks the soldier in D5, and if his hit disables the man, he'll move to F5 so he can provide the flanking bonus to Dayne. If not, he'll move to D6 with a 5ft step.

Attack: [roll0]
AC: 15(16 against D5)
HP: 13

2012-11-11, 09:24 AM
Eckhard could definitely feel it, his throat felt constricted. The warmth and magical power radiating from Tapper was awe inspiring, whatever the man was doing this time it was no demon hound that was being called forth. The monk could not look away, people with this kind of power did not, should not, exist anymore.

The battle between the 'sailors' and the soldiers was drawing to a close with casualties on both sides. Even if the sailors did manage to win this one who would be left to crew the ship?

At the aft things were almost over as well, with Dierna's blade catching the throat of a soldier for a moment before the flesh parted. Dayne continued to by himself time, managing to keep his opponent's sword at bay. The ex soldier was beginning to tire, however, and the the slick deck and pitch of the ship did not fill him in confidence in his swordsman ship.

Hargrave recovered from a failed attack, but as he began to move to help Dayne his caught sight of Eckhard's eyes firmly fixed on the fight at the front of the ship. I was only then when he noticed; the rain had almost completely stopped. Glancing upwards the Knight gasped as he saw the black storm clouds overhead were moving, swirling into an evil looking vortex right above the ship.

Chapel continued his attacks, managing to score a few shallow cut's on Tapper. However, it seemed that nothing could completely break the sorcerer's concentration as he continued his spell.

'See Tapper? Even this island doesn't want you and your evil.' Chapel shouted, with a hint of fear in his voice. 'There are older things there than you know, and they are rejecting you' As if to underline his speech a deep rumble sounded across the ship, at first it sounded like thunder but the ominous sound did not fade.

Below deck Glenn and Wilhelm worked frantically to try and seal the holes in the ship. The first mate worked quickly and methodically, his practiced hands working almost automatically. The repairs were not permanent, but they at least bought some time. As the deep rumbling began Glenn looked up, 'what in Alanas is happening up there?'

2012-11-11, 10:05 AM
Dayne risked a glance at the others. There were no soldiers left fighting them, almost, except for the one locked in combat with him. Help was likely to arrive soon, he only needed to hold out a few moments longer...

rinse and repeat, defensive mode go!
[roll0] -4, defense, +1 high ground, +1 BAB, +1 Str
[roll1] +1 Str, +2 Favoured enemy

AC19, HP7

2012-11-11, 03:03 PM
"No," murmured Eckhard fearfully, not comprehending quite what was happening, but knowing that it could not be good. "No, no, no." But part of him was thrilled - even through the nausea, he felt the call of power. True power; the ability to bend entire realms to one's will.

He knew the bitter taste of such power.

"Adamat, preserve me." The words burned his throat, but the cooling, buoyant sensation which followed soothed him as he stumbled in shock towards the foredeck.

Casting Cure Light Wounds on ... myself. <.< I think Eckhard is the worst injured. Restores [roll0] HP.
Then moving to C10.

AC 15
HP 6

2012-11-16, 03:03 PM
Without the rain to dilute it, the blood from the countless corpses on deck began to cover the ship with a thick red sheen. Careful not to trip over an bodies, Hargrave and Dierna moved to support Dayne, pinning his opponent between them on the stairs. The soldier defending himself valiantly but could not prevent a deep cut in his side from Hargrave.

Glenn and Wilhelm emerged from the hold of the ship just as two soldiers toppled over near them, suffering from mortal wounds. Looking up Glenn froze for a moment, 'What in the name of all the Realms is that....' the man asked slowly, not expecting any useful answer.

As Eckhard accessed his realm he felt something strange, there was a pressure, almost as if the magical power was being forced onto him, requiring a huge amount of concentration to keep in check. The monk felt his flesh begin to merge together, sealing his wounds. The monk glanced towards the fight happening on the foredeck but neither combatant seemed to be able to gain an upper hand.

Suddenly, the rumbling ceased. If you had your eyes closed it would have been possible to imagine that you were not on a ship at all apart from the roll of the ship in the swell. Then just as quickly as it came the silence vanished with a huge thunderclap as a jagged spear of lightning flashed down from the center of the vortex, slamming into the foredeck with an explosion of light.

The whole ship shuddered and began to list violently forwards. Blinking the afterimage of the light from his vision Glenn looked towards the front of the ship; the whole thing was charred black, or at least what was left of it.

And then the rumbling started again...

2012-11-16, 06:49 PM
Sensing his chance, Dayne pressed the assault against the now-wounded soldier. They had to kill the man before the ship went down, and it looked like that wouldn't be very much longer.

Regular attack, this time.
[roll0] +2 flank +1 high ground, +1 BAB, +1 Str
[roll1] +1 Str, +2 Favoured enemy

AC17, HP7

2012-11-19, 06:40 AM
Eckhard shook his head, blinking his eyes rapidly as he tried to clear his mind of the otherworldly power pressing in on him. The display made his stomach churn; he wanted to be closer, to understand what was going on, but he feared what he would discover. They had nearly killed or driven off all the boarders, he noticed - perhaps it was more pertinent to eliminate the mundane threat before tackling the magical one. Taking slow and careful paces, he advanced on the nearest soldier, preparing to strike where the man's guard was down.

Concentration check: [roll0]
Spellcraft check: [roll1]

Moving to C13 and attacking the soldier in B13 with a flanking bonus if I understand correctly.

Attack roll: [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]

AC 15
HP 6

Slii Arhem
2012-11-19, 01:30 PM
Hargrave swings his sword in a purposefully flashy movement, not taking advantage of his opponent's possible distraction from having a person on either side of him. Lesser swordsmen can do such things, but even with his poor luck and apparently rusty skills, and even with his disadvantage fighting on a ship, Hargrave's reflexes won't allow him to fight anything but a fair fight.

Hargrave attacks F4, and uses shield block against F4 as well.
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
AC: 16 against F4, 15 otherwise.
HP: 13

2012-11-19, 01:55 PM
Still dripping from the struggle in the hold, Wilhelm felt himself nearly overwhelmed by all the excitement. Rattling and clanging of blades, the creaking and tossing of the sea.. Even that confounded thundering was-Oh hell was the ship just struck by lightning?! Nearly blinded by the bolt, the physician blinked away the spots in his eyes to see a wounded man at his feet. At first glance it looked quite bad but if the man could be saved..

With the ship tilting under his feet, Wilhelm would try to access if the man was indeed beyond help. But if not, then hopefully the quick application of some bandaging might be enough to at least help him survive a bit longer. Sure, the man had just been ordered to attack but wounded were wounded.. Of course, while the dead told no tales, a live soul might be able to shed a bit of light on just what was going on here.

Heal check to gauge wounds and possibly make a quick patch if time permits.[roll0]

2012-11-20, 04:01 PM
Wilhelm lifted the man's head to see a huge gash along his neck. The flow of blood had already slowed, with just slight trickles, even for the most skilled surgeon this man was beyond saving, and by looking around the deck it did not seem to be an isolated case.

Taking opportunity as his opponent was distracted by the lurching of the ship, Dayne drove his blade into the man's side. Hargrave and Dierna stepped smartly out the way of the falling corpse, both men moving to the center of the ship once they saw the threat was over.

Battling the increasing angle of the ship's deck Glenn grabbed hold of a coil rope. 'The ship is going under! Quickly tie yourselves onto this' he shouted over the rumbling, desperately motioning the group towards him.

Just as the smoke cleared from the front of the ship another bolt lashed down from the vortex, slamming into the deck with a spray of splinters. Eckhard physically wretched at the force of the magic. It was old magic, with only the faintest hint of familiarity. Whatever Chapel had meant by old it at least seemed plausible.

2012-11-21, 12:49 PM
"A moment." The scout wasn't about to leave his things behind. Dashing back to where he'd stowed his gear, Dayne threw on his pack and gathered what wasn't already in it, which wasn't much. He'd have to get back quickly, but there was no way in the world he was going to abandon a sinking ship without any equipment.

2012-11-21, 05:12 PM
Eckhard allowed himself a brief moment just to stand there, panting, in the aftermath of the chaos. Glenn's orders seemed to come from far away, penetrating the sloughing insulation of the adrenaline coursing through his veins. The monk wrenched his gaze away from the foredeck, skittering across the blood-slick deck to retrieve his pack. There might not be much time, but he would be next to useless as a colonist without his tools, and he doubted he could bare the shame of becoming another unskilled mouth to feed instead of a hopefully valued member of the community they were there to build.

2012-11-24, 01:32 AM
Dierna caught the rope, wrapping it around his waist. He had few possessions - most of them strapped to himself, or in the 'sack slung about his shoulders. His weapons were the most important thing, and his falcon. He held his leather-gloved right hand aloft, and whistled.

Slii Arhem
2012-11-24, 05:38 PM
Hargrave bellows back to shiphand, "Not without my horse! He's a fine beast, and he doesn't deserve to go under anymore than I do!" The retired brigadier general heads up to the aft deck where the mounts, and his pack and armor, were quartered. He'll slice through the rope tying the warhorse to its stable and lead it back to the quarterdeck, assuming nothing goes wrong. It has nearly all his equipment in its saddlebags, so if the horse goes down with the ship, he'll be close to destitute even if he does reach the island safely.

"If there's not room for it, I'll lead it behind us by the rope. Horses can swim a while even in the ocean."

2012-11-26, 02:01 PM
Dierna's falcon swung down to it's master, a screech of dismay emitting from its beak. The group quickly secured themselves to the rope as the ship continued to tilt forwards.

Hargrave's mount was in a frenzy as he tried to free the beast. The knight even had to avoid a bite from the animal as it thrashed around. A quick cuff brought the animal into line as Hargrave almost dragged it onto the deck.

Glenn disappeared into the hold, returning with a barrel under each arm. The first mate's face was a mask of pure horror for, like many sailors, he could not swim. The man had spent his life on a ship, why would he have learned how to survive actually in the water?

Glenn barely had time to check that everyone was securely fastened before the group plunged into the freezing waters. 'Here! hold onto these barrels' The first mate called as he surfaced, clinging desperately to his own advice as the stormy waters flung the group around like ragdolls accompanied by the awful sounds of a terrified horse.


It was chaos. At points it was even difficult to tell which way was up as the storm raged around the group. Even with the barrels to hold onto the going was tough, and in the darkness only the ropes served to make sure that everyone stayed together. Despite all efforts the struggle proved too much and slowly limbs began to grow heavy and then the world started to go black.

Dierna and Eckhard
One by one the group began to tire, it was all the two could do to make sure that everyone kept their heads above the water. If it was not for the barrels they would surely have drowned. Treading water for what seemed like hours the storm slowly began to dissipate, rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

Eckhard looked over to Dierna, 'We're going to die out here aren't we?' he asked, 'floating in the middle of the sea. I'm not sure for how much longer we can-'

'Quiet.' Dierna cut in, 'Can you hear that? it sounds like waves' The ex soldier desperately swung around in the water. He was hoping against hope that he was right. 'Look! there!' Dierna shouted suddenly, his voice almost cracking with relief 'it's land!'


Wilhelm woke up on his back coughing, every muscle in his body on fire. Blinking the doctor pushed himself into a sitting position, taking seconds to realise that it was sand under his hands. Sand! He was on land! He sprung to his feat and let out a cry of relief and drank in the sweet sunlight as it beat down on his body.

In the surf fifteen feet away Eckhard and Dierna were dragging the rest of the group up the beach one by one. Scanning around the man saw that the beach stretched far to either side of him, with the sand melting away into grassy shrubs further inland. Apart from the other members of the group there was not a soul in sight.

Wincing at the stiffness in his legs Wilhelm stumbled into the surf to help the others, some of them might be in need of medical attention.

2012-11-27, 04:24 PM
Dayne coughed seawater, blinking in the sudden light and trying to force himself to stand. If it weren't for the mate's quick thinking with the rope... Wasn't a pleasant thought. The scout sat up, feeling around for his pack. That was something, at least. His equipment had come with him. It'd need some drying out, but if the oilcloth had managed to protect the more fragile items, he was in good shape.

"Any idea where we are?" He asked, looking over at the others. His wounds would need to be dealt with, but that could wait. The most pressing concern, right now, was survival.

Has the storm stopped, by the way? What's the weather like?

2012-11-28, 04:52 PM
Dierna stretched out, his back crackling as the night's stresses relieved themselves. He scanned the horizon, then shrugged.


After we've all spent some time drying our stuff out, etc, I'd like to scout the immediate surrounds, make sure that there aren't any monsters about to come eat us - or patrols looking for the guys that tried to murder everyone.

Slii Arhem
2012-11-30, 05:49 PM
Hargrave coughs up a lungful of water, and then one more for good measure, laying prone and silent on the beach as he slowly fades back into the land of the conscious. He doesn't even bother to open his eyes fully, just letting the damp sand cushion his taxed muscles and throbbing wounds.

Instead of spending energy to get up, get dry, and get his wounds dressed, the old general spends it thinking. Was he really so past his prime that he could be bested so easily by a storm and a few young men? He didn't doubt their skill, perished and lost to the waves though they may be, but he'd always thought highly of his own. And yet in the first real combat he'd seen in years that wasn't a spar with weighted wands, he'd failed at every turn. There were numerous reasons he could name for it, but when push came to shove, it was his failing that put him on the swords of his opponents, and only divine providence could have saved him from the depths.

So he thought where he was for now, not bothering to move beyond some labored breathing. Here was as good a place as any to examine his place in life, and it's not like the waves will make him any wetter.

((Did the horse make it?))

2012-11-30, 05:55 PM
"Mm, just wish I knew where 'here' was." Dayne gathered his things, heading for the treeline to find somewhere he could hang them to dry. It wouldn't do to let them stew in seawater all day, especially for a few of the more expensive items. Fortunately, the oilcloth seemed to have held up for the most part. "We'll need to find a source of food and fresh water. Shelter too, if we mean to last long."

His old scout's instincts were already kicking in again. Forward units, naturally, didn't have the luxury of sitting around in camp and taking advantage of the supply train. Sometimes, it held, other methods of gaining supplies were required.

2012-12-01, 03:58 AM
Eckhard pulled Glenn out of the water, the last man in need of help. Laying him down on the sand the Monk collapsed on his knees in exhaustion. It was good to have Adamant beneath his feet again, and trying to stop four men from drowning for hours definitely made him appreciate it. As Dayne moved inland towards the treeline to dry out his things Dierna began to scout, his military instinct never far away.

'I think we are on Denku...' said Glenn. 'There is no other land near here that the currents would take us to... I think.' The first mate tried to stand, wincing as he put weight on his left leg. Trying a couple of steps the man sat down again, 'I think we need to rest.'

Standing up, Wilhelm took in the scene around them. The sun was high in the sky, the sand a golden white and the sea crystal blue. This wouldn't be such a bad place to live, if they weren't shipwrecked. 'What happened to the horse?' He asked. His question made Eckhard look away for a moment, 'It was in a storm. We were swimming for hours and after you went we... well it got separated from us.' The monk awkwardly mumbled excuses. Looking sheepish he walked over to where Hargrave was lying motionless, 'We managed to save your stuff though...' He trailed off as he realised that a reply was probably not coming for a while.

'Hey guys! We're not alone!' shouted Dierna as he came back, half running half stumbling. 'Just down the beach there are footprints. They lead into the jungle.'

'Did they come from the water?' asked Dayne as he returned to the group, a small collection of fruit in his arms. 'The Jungle gets pretty thick quite quickly, He can't be making good progress'

2012-12-04, 04:02 PM
Sitting down on the sand, and munching a piece of fruit he was fairly sure was safe to eat, Dayne set the rest down beside him. "If this is Denku," he said, "there'll be a town or a city or something somewhere. We should probably try to find it, but I wouldn't know where to start or what direction to go. How big is the island, anyways?"

Slii Arhem
2012-12-06, 06:40 PM
"She was a damn fine horse." Hargrave finally replies, lifting his head from the sand to look into the dense forest beyond the sand, "But whether it was an act of god or not, we're here and she isn't. Thanks to whoever dragged my carcass up onto the sand instead of leaving me to die as well."

He stands unsteadily, all the tension in his muscles causing them to shudder just from the effort of supporting himself as he listens in to the rest of the conversation, "If they lead from the water, we'd better walk armed with whatever we've still got for weapons. My saddlebags have some spares strapped to them if anyone needs to replace something and knows how to use what I've got. We've only got a 50% chance of anyone we meet from the ship being friendly, if that. Trapper didn't really seem to be the honest and forthright type to me."

2012-12-08, 06:39 PM
Glen nodded at Dayne, 'There's the outpost, on the south side of the island, but that's the only place I know of.'

As the realization that they were no longer in immediate danger dawned on him the sailor looked around. 'Also can someone please tell me what in all the Realms happened on the ship. Was that magic?.'

2012-12-09, 12:40 PM
"Seems that way. Frankly, I'd rather not think about what that means." The Deserter, for one thing, had been carrying... something? Whatever it was, the big man had wanted it, and had been willing to sink their ship to get it. This was worrisome. "So, do we make for the outpost, or follow the footprints? Either's fine with me."

2012-12-10, 04:04 PM
"Obtil," said Eckhard, his voice cracking as he spoke up. "I - think." He looked down, shrugging. "Something old, and something true. I did not think such power was left in this world."

The monk gave a shuddering sigh. "My instinct would be to head for the outpost - before that happened. But now we cannot know whether we are fugitives or not." He sounded tired. There was even something a little childish about his complaint, as though he were whining that he had not gotten his way. "So I ... don't know. But I'll help. I'm a carpenter, if we need to build ... shelter, or tools, or. Anything else."

2012-12-17, 10:13 AM
Glenn stretched out, working at his sore muscles. 'Well they were after Tapper, that was clear. I don't think they even care about us, for all they know we are dead. Heck for all we know they're all dead too.'

2012-12-17, 11:11 AM
"Hm." Dayne stood on the beach, looking into the thick foliage of the jungle. "It is likely they suspect us dead, and I don't care much for the lives of deserters. Let's follow the footprints for now, and at least see who came ashore with us."

The scout made to do just that, gathering up those things of his that he'd set out to dry, and bundling the fruit he'd found in a spare bit of cloth. It would keep well enough for a day, at the least.