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2012-10-02, 07:18 PM
The northern wall of Greytower looms over your group as you approach from the city inside. Three large, heavy wagons are waiting to the side of the gate itself, their yokes lying on the ground. All of the supplies seem to have been already packed and tied down behind thick pieces of burlap canvas. The wagons themselves were made in a Gnomish design, more square than their Human counterpart and with two yokes controlled by a few sets of block and tackle.

People bustle about checking various ropes and making sure that the cargo is secure. Greytower guards stand at the entrances, blocking them with their halberds. Noting who your group is they let you pass without trouble. An Elf near the wagons stands when she spots your group, brushing herself off as you approach.

The Elf is about 5'10" tall with wider frame than most elves. A bluish-white cloak covers much of her body. Leather bracers cover her arms as she waves you over, "Hello. Thank you for coming, I look forward to working with you!" She says with a smile when you get close enough, "I'm Naveris Valfor, the owner of this merchant caravan. I've called you here to help me with my commission to deliver supplies to the northern fortress. Basically I'm not all that familiar with this region and all of the normal passes are still closed."

She shrugged as though the rest was clear and continued, "I'll leave all of the decisions up to you, but I'd like to reach the fort in under a fortnight. I've already taken the liberty of procuring maps of the region we'll have to pass through. Feel free to look it over, it's in the tent across from the wagons," Naveris said pointing the tent out.

2012-10-02, 10:05 PM
The Goblin Elestil is barely half as tall as the Elf, but he walks with an erect posture that lends him a peculiar layer of trained elegance, unexpected for his race. To those accustomed to dealing only with the fairer races, his toothy smile may seem a touch unsettling, but it is an unmistakable expression of joy on Elestil's deep burgundy face. Beneath his fashionable cloak, glints of silvery mithral can be seen, perfectly matching the silvery trim of his marvelous cloak. As he approaches Naveris, he extends his arm in an Elven gesture of greeting, and begins to speak to the Elf in flawless Elven.

"Greetings, Naveris Valfor, I am Elestil, poet, musician, and scholar of Elven lore. It is my great pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I, too, look forward to our work together."
The look on the Goblin's face is a mixture of awe and adoration, with a twinge of pride in his own knowledge of Elven customs.

2012-10-02, 10:28 PM
Thurod strolled forward as well, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Standing 6'2", he cut an imposing figure over the Elf and Goblin, but his clean, neat brown robe, and unaggresive, nearly clumsy movements showed not a hint of aggression.

"It is a pleasure to meet you for me as well, Naveris Valfor. These caravans, anything we should be particularly careful with? Things we should guard above all others?"

He asked, hoping to know what was expendable in-case an attack on their convoy got too fierce.

2012-10-03, 12:05 AM
Smiling at Elestil, Naveris returns his gesture with one of her own, gripping his arm and placing her palm on the back of his hand. Her gesture seemed awkward and slightly unnatural, but sincere and welcoming. Replying in elven her words were much higher pitched with abrupt stops,

"I didn't know that our races were so friendly here Elestil! For you to have an elven name means quite a lot. I think I know about that name though," She stops for a moment to think, "Right, that's the name of an elven <hero/elder> out here in the east. A rather renowned name for you to receive."

Turning to Thurod she shakes his hand and speaks in common, "Right to business I see, very well then," looking at the wagons Naveris continues, "I can't think of anything especially important. Most of the supplies are medicines and food, as well as a variety of tools. There's a case of potions and palms, with some more weapons in the third wagon. Far fewer magic items than I expected actually," Turning back to Thurod she says, "There are also a few lead cases that the guard scattered among the wagons. The manifest doesn't say what's in them, only what they weigh and orders to not open them before arrival. I figure from their weight that they're the soldiers payment for this month. If they aren't, then it won't help us to know the truth."

Prince Zahn
2012-10-03, 12:07 AM
In an odd manner a lone dwarf entered through the gate, looking around, talking to himself with a hand held between his eyes, supposedly splitting his vision but in essence looking foolish.

As he walks and turns in multiple ways he almost bumps straight into the elf, but backs away quickly as he regains his focus. He speaks slowly in a dwarven-esque, almost foreign appearing dialect and accent:
"Oooh? Terribly sorry, where're me manners? Lovely to meet our employer at last, Pleased to meet you, Elf. Call me Frandol, I don't mean to brag, but I am quite the artist as those who have seen my work so claim, haha."
He speaks in common tongue, his accent seems mostly dwarven, in a voice deep and slow, but smooth and elegant, much unlike the common dwarf. He is under 4 feet tall, quite possibly the shortest dwarf most people get to see. his beard red and knotted with a contrasting bright violet streak flowing through it from all angles, appearing dyed and artificial

His eyes shift around the city in a brief pause, but then continued in rusty elven speech:
"<So... This is Greytower, uh? I've wanted to visit here sometime, but I always assumed it's other structures be less...bland, perhaps a splash of yellow, and just some some teal garnishing here and there...>
"<Right then, Speaking of Valuables, We like to place our lives pretty highly, other than a common group of bandits and savage beasts and grounds ravaged by nature - does any other potential threat come to your mind? Assasins, wisewolves? paint-eating um—table-men!?>"
Frandol grasps the elf's shoulders with worried eyes as he says the words "paint eating, table men", with his words he hoped to describe a harpy, (much like the kind in the cavern they found in a previous trip to the desert and feasted on his expensive paint). Unfortunately, his flawed elven has failed him, saying male instead of female and "table" instead of similar sounding "bird")he immediately lets go of the elf, blinks twice, and brushes the dirt on the elf's arms as he tries to pull himself together, he resumes in common:
"So sorry, now where in the North are we going?

2012-10-03, 12:54 AM
A Strange man dashes over to the Elf, grabs her hand and tells her "Wow, you must be an elf? I've never seen one of you in this life, my goodness, your pretty, how are you doing? Do you live here? Can you tell me about your culture?" In a few moments Issath slows down in his speed and introduces himself properly "Hi, I'm Issath... No, I don't have a last name. I'm a... 'Priest' I suppose I hope we get along swimmingly."

Not quite sure why everyone is speaking in Elven (nor understanding why anyone is capable of speaking in it). He walks over to the Dwarf in just as much amazement of his stature as well as his... Race... After a while he strokes his imaginary beard and looks around the city.

"... So this is a city... It feels... good I guess. Yeah... Lots of energy floating around here. I like it here... 'Greytower". Anyway Naveris, I'll be reading over the maps.

Issath, puts on his gloves and examines the map. What does he see?

2012-10-06, 01:43 PM
Seeing the stranger members of your group Naveris smiles polity, and replies in common, "Um, it's nice to meet you as well. So you're a Dwarf, correct. I haven't met many during my travels you see," With a slight shake of her head she continues, "Anyway I can't think of anything in particular. I mean those cases are going to complicate things, but I don't expect anything more threatening than some meaner bandits,"

Looking down she starts tapping her foot for a bit. After a few moments she shakes her head and says, "If there's anything else, then it's dependent on where we go more than what we have. Let's have a look at the maps, I've been briefed on what to expect where and I've already sent for a captain to explain what he can. He should be coming within the next few minutes actually."

With that she turns and takes your group into the tent she pointed out before. The tent is about twenty-five feet long by twenty-three feet wide. The cotton canvas covers every side, protecting you from the elements and making it moderately warmer. Inside is a table covered with six large maps, the hooded lantern in the center lights the entirety of the tent. Four chairs and a smaller table stretch along the left hand side, marking the only other features. You notice Issath looking over the map closest to entrance. The first four maps (including the one Issath is holding) are maps of the barony in various levels of detail. The other two are far less complete; one looks as though it's nothing more than sketches of overhead landscapes, while the other is just a pathway with jagged walls and openings.

Naveris brushes his hands away and shows you the normal trading route to the fortress, explaining that it's still inaccessible because of the winter snow.
Knowledge (Local)/(Dungeoneering) Check. DC:18
Success means that you're able to identify the two odd maps to have been created through scrying. The first appears to have been multiple different attempts to scry a specific location, with a majority of them failing. While the other appears to show a subterranean path, probably through some caves.

2012-10-06, 02:19 PM
(OOC)Don't have either Knowledge, so I know nothing. :smallbiggrin:(/OOC)

Thurod looks on in interest at the first four maps, scanning them loosely. "If the route is inaccesible, I'm assuming you have a secondary route for a work-around?" He asked.

2012-10-06, 04:47 PM
Elestil reacts to Naveris's gesture with a confused expression that lasts for just a moment, then his orange eyes glint with recognition. He quickly replies to her, in Common, "I'm afraid most goblins do not get along with elves, even in these parts, but then I've always found myself more at home with elves than goblins. You must've heard of The Wisdom of Elestil! I can hardly do it justice, but it is a favorite at festivals!"

Elestil then listens and observes the remainder of their conversation, and he follows Naveris into the tent.

Knowledge (local): [roll0]
Sense Motive: [roll1] - to determine if Naveris is hiding something when she is looking at her feet--unless you'd rather roll that secretly, let me know

Prince Zahn
2012-10-06, 07:31 PM
Why yes, this I am, you don't see many because most don't travel much, always comfortable in Northriver, I may have seen more than any other dwarf there!
He smirked gently so as to not show his ill-groomed teeth, he has remembered from his cousin's advice to "ne'er shaw yer teet ta a spoilt elph, some phaink badly to the looks o' a'smilin' dwarph".what? Is it wrong for different dwarves to have different accents depending on their origins? It doesn't matter, anyway, that's this unnamed cousin has a few teeth missing since a keg of ale fell on his face - the lesson? Ferryman beware...:smalltongue:
He looks behind him to see Issath stroking chin, "clearly a lad with beard envy, but why is he looking at me?" He thought, and finally spoke:
"What, is there paint on me beard?"

Soon afterwards he follows the kind elf to the caravan and listens carefully to the conversation.
Snow? Naveris, I've formed art on an Icy winter mountain - me and two-dozen men fought snow's glossy, war-hardened uncle, what was so scary about snow?
that's only half-true, actually, he has formed an expedition years ago to paint a chunk of a mountainside, but an icy winter struck half way through, and(despite many efforts) "froze" the mission to a standstill, both literally and figuratively. He never returned there once he found two seasons' worth of effort was flowing down the stream.
Place modifiers as necessary and let me know the result:
Bluff: [roll0]

2012-10-06, 11:25 PM
"Haha, It would be rather silly if you did have paint in your beard... one day perhaps..." Said Issath jokingly at the Dwarf "I do, however wish I could grow a beard and was actually a little Dwarven... I mean this map feels Dwarven... Maybe you can help me out here Mr. Dwarf"

"Mr. Thurod, If you don't mind, may I please continue examining the maps? I don't know... They just feel right and good to me..."

Knowledge (Dungeoneering) [roll0]
Concentration [roll1]

2012-10-06, 11:33 PM
"Oh, of course, of course." Thurod replied to the strange man, moving away from the maps and toward Elestil, "It is good to see you again, friend. Have the fates been kind since our last job?"

(OOC)I'm assuming we're going with the, 'We mostly all knew each other' Backstory. If wrong, I'll change this. :smallsmile:(/OOC)

2012-10-07, 12:02 AM
Elestil responds to the half-orc, a playful smile crossing his goblin face.

"The fates have been as kind as could be expected. And how have you fared, my overgrown halfling friend?"

2012-10-07, 12:14 AM
Thurod chuckled wryly, "Reasonably well, my disguised Elf compatriot. I still haven't made it where I wished to be when I first set out...but I am getting closer all the time."

2012-10-07, 02:26 AM
Raising an eyebrow at Frandol, the elf smiles and replies, "Really now? I'm sure you had a harrowing time with that, but the problem is that the average snow drift in these areas are up to about your elbow. Which means that the wagons won't be able to move, and we need to get these supplies to the fort before the diggers could clear a path to it," Turning to Thurod she continues, "As for other paths we can take, I've been given a few suggestions and I've taken a good look at these maps. Most of the land between us and the fort is unexplored, generally only being given a once over to create the maps. I don't know this area very well so I'll just tell you what I've been told by the minister."

Turning back to the map Naveris points out a hilly area about two days northwest of the city, "He said the hills here offer the best passage to the fort. Apparently there are extensive tunnels running underneath them," She points out the map depicting the pathway before tracing it out on the current map, "The Dark-scryers seem to have identified one path that leads close to the fort. If everything goes smooth then it'll only take a fortnight to reach our destination. The other path he suggested was along the western ridge on the far side of the forest," The path she plots out goes around the bulk of the forest, requiring at least six days to reach the bottom of the ridge. Despite only being three and a half days travel as the crow flies.

Prince Zahn
2012-10-07, 07:41 AM
these dialogues are going on simultaniously? because it seems I've lost track of which comes first.>_>

to Issath:
"Haha, yes, most people do, most who try lack the...quality, of dwarven barbering... I'll join you in a moment."


"I guess the snow is not for everyone... oh well...
"The forest, you say? I get some of my best inspirations in forests, I tend to dislike dark passageways, however, what with the lack of light and color...
So which of these paths do you think best of - through the forests or beyond the hills?
this question is generally to everyone near him, not just Naveris,as Frandol asks he also moves his gloved fingers alongside the map, so as to show the onlookers.once he finishes talking to Naveris, he carries on to Issath to help him examine the map.
does that call for a check? if so, which - aid another? decipher script? the knowledge (dungeoneering) (which I'll fail again)?, Survival?

2012-10-07, 12:31 PM
(OOC)Yeah, they're going on simultaniously. As for losing track, sorry. :smallredface: We'll try to be a little more careful. :smallsmile:(/OOC)

Thurod looks thoughtful as he crosses his arms over his chest, "A good question. The forest would be easier travel, most likely, but more prone to bandits. Whereas the hill path is harder travel, but we will be less likely to be attacked." He mused, "Still, I like the hills. More unexpected, meaning more benefit to us as far as secrecy goes."

2012-10-07, 04:42 PM
"Do we really need secrecy?" says Grad, bored.
"I mean, the elf said we aren't transporting many magic items, and unless those metal boxes are worth millions, nothing but the average bandit will bother us at worst.
Let's just get there as fast as we can"

2012-10-07, 07:24 PM
Stroking his imaginary beard, Issath approaches Thurod stating, "These Maps changed hands... from the feel of it, the last owner was a Dwarf..." As he finishes that statement he approaches the Elf asking her "Do you know who last used these maps? was it a Carrier? If so, was he a Dwarf? Because I have a feeling that someone might have tampered with these maps... For example these two maps are obviously scryed and this underground map is way to detailed to be created by anything, BUT a Dwarf... I don't exactly trust these Scryed maps due to how simple it is to deceive divination's and I'd like to see the cartographer for this underground map if he or she is present. Regardless... I agree with Grad, we should move out quickly before night falls... Before that I'd like to examine the boxes... Don't worry, I won't open them, I just want to see them."

Just throwing this out there, but I want to know if we're doing a black market transportation, because if so we might be dealing with a criminal organization... Paranoia!!!! :smallbiggrin: Just saying that we shouldn't remove the idea that maybe we're being used...

2012-10-07, 08:36 PM
Taken aback, her voice takes on the higher pitch of her elven accent, "Just what are you trying to imply? Are the ministers here so corrupt that they'll lie so easily?" Turning to Issath she looks him eyes and says, "Last I checked the baron was assured of your effectiveness by a minister. Did he lie? Are you somehow less than capable to lead a foreign caravan through unfamiliar territory?"

2012-10-07, 10:29 PM
"I meant no disrespect, I suppose I am allowing my own paranoia get the best of me I suppose... The Baron is by all means correct (or atleast exaggerating) in our skills, however a majority of being skilled in our profession is being suspicious of who we are transporting for... Regardless, I am simply going to examine the boxes, not the contents. I trust you entirely that the contents are perfectly legal" Said Issath with a smile at Naveris the entire time reassuring her. :smallsmile:

I'm wondering if I should roll for sense motive on this chick... xD

2012-10-08, 10:56 AM
Thurod snorted at Grad, "Regardless of what we're transporting, or where, there are dangers in being unalert, and of being too exposed. We must be careful, and take care with our job."

2012-10-08, 02:21 PM
With a sigh she shakes her head and says, "I understand your point, I just don't agree if it. In my line of work, if you aren't willing to trust a complete stranger with what is presented, then you won't get very far."

"As for who gave me these maps. They were delivered through a courier, a gnomish one I think. The other two were commissioned, so they arrived when they were finished. I expect that they were looked over by the baron, or this city's minister at least," Naveris continued, tapping her foot for a moment as she paused, "And yes those maps were created through scrying. Most cities I've come across use that tactic to look over the areas they couldn't explore normally. And if the area is draped in darkness, then a Dark-scryer is needed. From what I understand dwarves aren't the only ones that can do it, sure they're one of the best, but so long as you don't need light to see then you're a dark-scryer."

Motioning towards the door she says to Issath, "There are six boxes in total, all of them about two feet long by three wide. Beyond that, they have a seal imprinted on the top. Gravious will show you where they are, he should be out tending to the horses."

Pulling out the other map that detailed the spotted terrain, she addressed the discussion about the forest, "This map is supposed to show the area of forest between the city and the ridge. As you can see, most of the scrying attempts failed, which is why I detailed the route around the forest. The minister was concerned by this failure so he advised me to stay away if I could. When I asked why, he told me that he wanted to send in the guard to check it out first."

2012-10-08, 02:54 PM
Elestil speaks up, "So it sounds to me like there could be some danger to traveling through the forest, as something or someone is blocking scrying. It's also possible that someone knows we would scry out a path, and is specifically trying to divert supplies into the tunnels. I think I'd err on the simpler explanation and try the tunnels."

Prince Zahn
2012-10-08, 03:32 PM
Frandol sits down on the floor, grunting as he bends his knees.
"The minister might have it right on this one,in the first sense in the least"
He clears his throat, and tries to fake-away his dwarven accent, sounding an accent unidentifiable, yet comprehendible to the rest.
" 'an image lays unseen by man nor elf, for it be mustn't seen by man nor elf' as an Acquaintance of mine would say."

"not man nor elf" is a mildly derogatory elven saying that has developed the meaning "no mortal, grand or otherwise".

2012-10-08, 10:12 PM
"Wait, how long has the minister of the city known about the areas where scrying failed? Did they try psionic scrying? And did they do anything to investigate? Scrying is pretty powerful magic, so if something is stopping it it's got to be a big deal.

2012-10-08, 11:41 PM
"Grad, Scrying of the mind isn't exactly easy... It takes a lot of discipline to do it flawlessly. Regardless even magic can hold back Psionic scrying to some degree... I do agree, however that they should have sent dark-scryers and scouts to examine the route... Seems a little sloppy to me... Ah well... The map is untrustworthy and the carrier is unreliable... The map feels Dwarven yet the deliverer was a Gnome... suspicious..." said Issath as he strokes his imaginary mustache "I'm off to go examine the boxes and see how they feel... I'm sure you all will vote on the correct path to take."

I use my gloves on the boxes when I arrive
Concentration [roll0]

2012-10-09, 06:12 PM
"Have we come to a decision yet?" Thurod asked, his gaze keeping an eye on the strange man as he left for the caravan. "I would like to set out as soon as is viable, today, if possible."

2012-10-09, 09:04 PM
"Psionics?" Naveris asks with a confused look, "What is Psy... You wouldn't happen to be talking about the mind-benders would you?"

Raising an eyebrow at Frandol, she returns to addressing Grad, "I commissioned the scryings about a week ago, when I volunteered to take the commission. I received the map of the tunnels first, with the map of the forests coming later. The minister seemed agitated when I spoke with him yesterday after receiving it. So he probably received it a day before I did. I'm sure he'll send some of the guard to investigate when he can get them free from their current orders," Taking a breath she leans against the table and continues, "He probably sent an advanced scout the moment he could, which is why I sent for the captain of the guard. He'll have the most information about the forest."

As Issath is leaving the tent she shook her head and commented when he left, and thus out of earshot, "What a strange man, how is an object's feel anything important? He's probably a mind-bender, who knows how they think."

2012-10-09, 09:43 PM
After wandering around the camp for a while Issath realizes he neglected to ask where the boxes actually were. He approaches Gravious for directions "Excuse me, do you know where the Cargo boxes the adventurers are to be transporting? I have to perform a small inspection on them before we finish preparations for our deployment." said Issath with a smile on his face which slowly turns into a frown OH! I almost forgot... Let's shake hands... he added before returning to his normal smiling face.

2012-10-09, 10:10 PM
"I don't want to be responsible for this caravan being blocked by whatever stopped those scrying attempts.
I change my vote to hills."

2012-10-09, 10:43 PM
The stable are only a short walk away from the tent, across from the wagons by the outer gate. As you approach you notice that it's full of horses, twelve in total, with a gnome brushing them as he balances on the wooden gate. Turning to you as you approach he smiles politely and a strange look that you've seen many times before. Receiving your hand he replies with a deep and quick accent, "Hello there. You must be with Naveris. Name's Gravious pleased to meet you. I'll be one of your drivers. What can I do for you?" As he speaks you can't tell when he simply pauses or when he ends a sentence.

2012-10-09, 11:17 PM
Elestil looks at Naveris after her last remarks.

"Who can know how any one of us thinks? People look upon me and see a savage monster, yet I think like a civilized elf. Issath has expressed that his feelings may venture towards paranoia, but he guards himself through his suspicions. Who knows what betrayal he may have endured?"

There's a stern note to his voice during these words, but then it softens to a more conciliatory tone.

"Regardless, he comes recommended just as all of us do. If he is as vigilant on the road as he is here, I think we'll all be grateful."

With that, the goblin turns to address the rest of the group.

"As for which road that will be, it sounds like we are leaning toward that beneath the hills, but we should wait to hear what the captain of the guard has to say."

2012-10-09, 11:17 PM
Lovely day to meet you kind sir. I'm looking for the boxes that we will be transporting. I just need to examine the containers, don't worry. I won't look inside the boxes and I already have permission from Naveris. Says Issath as he continues to maintain his grip on the lovely little Gnomes hand Also, do you believe that the carriages wheels can endure hill like terrain? I'm just asking because it seems like we might elect to travel through the hills, or as I like to call it "the scenic route". He says as he maintains his large smile

2012-10-10, 12:25 AM
Naveris looked at Elestil and replied, "Oh... I'm sorry I meant nothing by it. It's just he kept talking about a dwarf when he talked about the maps. I wasn't sure if he was talking about the minister or not. And I couldn't see a way to bring it up.

Gravious laughed when you brought up the wagon's wheels, "You don't need to worry about that. There gnomish craft. They're meant for a bumpy ride. We've also got a bunch metal casters under the base. Should any wheel or axle brake they'll keep the wagon off the ground so it won't drag," Pulling his hand free he hops off the railing and continues with the same quick speech as before, "You want a look at the boxes you say? Follow me I'll show you where they are. At least I assume you're talking about the lead ones with the baron's seal. Right?" Walking briskly past as he talks, he heads over to the first wagon.

As you follow you notice a heavy set fellow belt out a line at the guards blocking an entrance. Both of whom hurriedly opened the path and saluted him. Returning the salute he starts heading to the tent.

2012-10-10, 04:46 AM
"Ha, Yes... I'd certainly like to see more of these Gnomish crafts... Never met a Gnome until today. Now if you'll excuse me I have to finish examining these boxes... Say... Gravious... Would you mind being my first Gnome friend? I mean... I know Frandol is my adventurering buddy, but I'm not sure he'd consider me a friend... I've never really had any friends... So could you maybe be my first? Said Issath as he slides his hands over the boxes spending 5 minutes on each box to get a good feel for them...

Will you be Issath's Friend? :smalltongue:

Prince Zahn
2012-10-10, 05:58 AM
"oh Krid'nn," Frandol frowned, "you all are not as keen as the forest as I am? Clearly something is wrong in that decision...but I lost the vote..."

Frandol looked around in his pack, drew out the parchment containing the job information, and wrote on it's back, then raised his head towards Naveris:Other than the goods and their delivering, are there any other details you think we should know of - a list of passengers or requested detours, perhaps? It's just a few formalities of course we need to have written down so we could assess expenses and other fares..."

2012-10-10, 03:48 PM
Clapping his hands together, Thurod grinned, "Good, we have a route chosen. Though, I must agree with Frandol. We do need some additional data before setting out."

2012-10-10, 05:06 PM
Looking towards Frandol the elf addresses him, "The commission didn't have many specific requirements," Moving towards the smaller table she lists some of them, "We're to get the supplies to the fort before the passes open. That includes anything that gets stolen on the way, I'll have to pay for anything we're missing when we get there. And the boxes are to remain unopened when we arrive. That's it. But I'd like it if you could keep the damage to the wagons minimal. I also want everyone alive at the end of this. I promised my crew safety and I won't break that."

Sorting through the papers on the desk, she lifts out a letter bound by string and stamped with the Baron's seal, "This is a letter of passage signed by the Baron. If we come across any blockades or patrols, this will allow us through unsearched," She says as a cold breeze drifts through the tent.

Looking at the entrance you see a man of 6'10". The breastplate he wears is emblazoned with the symbol of Greytower. His heavy frame fills the entrance, but his voice isn't as deep as it would suggest, "I would suggest not flaunting that around, considering it's value to one such as yourself."

With a sigh Naveris replies, "Hello captain. It's good of you to come on such short notice."

Smiling at you Gravious laughs slightly as he refashions the rope on the wagon, "Well I suppose that I could do worse for company. When this is over how about a drink. I know a good bar in town," He said hopping down. Heading down to the next wagon he begins loosening the straps, "Come over here. Not all of the boxes are in the same wagon. The guards only put one in there. The next two are in here while the last three are in the next one. Not sure why they did that but Naveris balanced the wagons nice. So try not to move them around much will ya."

Throwing the burlap open he pulls out the next box. Like the last one it has the seal of the barony on it's top. As you grab the box you hear the clank of iron striking iron, which occurs when you read metal objects. Seeing the translucent slime evaporate as it drips down, Gravious tries wiping some off only to it disappear when he succeeds. Looking back at you he says, "Your one of those mind-benders. Looking into the past of these objects. Aren't you?"

2012-10-10, 05:58 PM
"Haha, yeah... That would be lovely It will be my first time drinking and it would be much better with a friend." as Issath investigates he twitches his hands and is suddenly shocked when Gravious mentions him as a Mindbender before relaxing and smiling a little bit "Yeah, i'm a mind bender... How did you figure that out?" Said Issath with a small giggle as he turns his head over to stare at Gravious with his now standard smile :smallsmile:

When can I know the FEELS of the item... I'm thinking that knowledge might come in handy right now...

2012-10-10, 07:53 PM
With a shrug the Gnome replied, "Just a guess really. I've been with Naveris for a while. She's been over most of the places west of here. At the last city we were at. There were some rumors about mind-bender attacks. They said that mind-benders would always use this translucent slime. Others say that they just scream in your mind until your ears bleed," As he speaks he mimes out some of the rumors. With a sigh he comments, "I've seen a lot of things in this business. So they can't be as bad as those rumors. Maybe in that area I suppose. But I figure that in other places they heal the sick or topple tyrants."

2012-10-10, 10:04 PM
"Where I'm from, the "mindbenders" usually just stay home and meditate... Ugh... these boxes were quite painful to read... Ah well..." He says as he rubs his head a little bit... Heh... Don't worry... I won't "fry your brain" adds Issath as he finishes rubbing his head and continues smiling. I gotta return to the tent to finish planning with the guys... We still on for that drink after this is all finished up?

2012-10-11, 02:12 PM
The goblin turns toward the captain of the guard. "Greetings, captain. Elestil, of the convoy guard." He gives a small bow as he introduces himself, with a small gesture to his companions as he mentions their role. "We were discussing the details of our mission. What can you tell us of the roads ahead?"

2012-10-11, 11:28 PM
He looks at the goblin with a raised eyebrow, but answers him civilly, "I'm not sure what I could add without knowing what Naveris told you. I suppose that she already told you about the pass being blocked, and the two detours," Moving over to the table he looks over the maps, "If you're still looking at possible routes, I could probably think of one or two."

"We're wondering if you had any reports about the forests," Naveris said as Issath returns.

Turning, the captain nods and says, "I see, unfortunately I have yet to receive a report from the advanced scouts. But they weren't scheduled to report in for another two hours. Also they have emergency supplies in case they get in trouble."

Gravious waits a moment before replacing the burlap and tying it down. While he hops down he says, "You okay? I didn't know that those boxes could hurt you," Moving to your side his tone turns more lighthearted, "And yeah. We're still on. Just tell me when I can drink you under the table."

When you reach the tent he bids you goodbye and returns to the stables. You enter the tent as Naveris finishes speaking.

2012-10-12, 01:42 PM
Drink me under the table? Heh... Sounds like a plan! Issath steps into the tent and creates a mindlink with Thurod.

...You seem like our leader... Hi... Nice to meet you... Alright, so we have a problem here... The boxes are hiding something that I just can't see into... I might need your help to actually... get them open...make an excuse that would require you to search the box... Anything... I'm sure you and me are in the same boat on this one, but I don't wanna get stuck in a trap...

2012-10-12, 05:47 PM
Thurod had looked up just as Issath walked in, and felt the mind-link form. Listening to his telepathic communication, he replied in kind.

"I will try, but they seem most intent on keeping us in the dark. Are you reasonably certain we will, or may be stepping into a trap?"

2012-10-12, 06:29 PM
The Boxes are covered in a material that prevents me from looking inside them. I'd also gamble that they have some lead covering it so that we can't detect the natures of the item inside... I'm sure that what they're transporting has something else to prevent us from opening them. Would you be willing to read the auras of the items inside regardless? I'm 100% sure that they're hiding something really important from us and I'm going to find it out even if I have to read the minds of everyone at this camp...

AUGH! I should have used Detect Thoughts on the camp... Would have calmed my suspicious nature down... Hmm...

2012-10-12, 08:27 PM
"If you are that certain, then I trust you. I will do my best to find a way to open the containers. For now, do not blow their belief we are unalert."

2012-10-12, 08:49 PM
"Got it. Maintain mental silence for now."

Upon returning to the tent, Issath stares and walks over to Frandol and asks "Are we friends? ... What exactly is a 'friend'? ... and what does 'drink under the table' mean?" all with a confused look on his face as if he had never heard these terms before.

Issath is naive as all hell (seriously, check his sense motive score).

Prince Zahn
2012-10-13, 03:53 AM
Frandol Pauses his Writing as he is Flabbergasted that Issath would ask such mind-numbingly basic question, more so asking such in the presence of our serious employers, he rolls up the notice in his hands, appearing to have rolled it up wrong. "Hrihrm*, well,Issath, it really isn't much to think about, it's actually...let me think a sec..."
While concealing his lips with a gesture that appears he is thinking, and stroking his beard with his fingertips, he tries to mumble the arcane words as closely and as incoherently as he knows would work,finally, a voice speaking like a savage Orc sounds from outside:
Frandol casts Ventriloquism, DC 18 will disbelief to all whom it may concern. For all intents and purposes, I'll be using blue for any sounds Frandol evokes through his illusions
My,my, Issath, I think an orc of some kind is looking for you, why don't we see who it is and maybe try and settle things, do excuse us two, gentlemen! Frandol says as he rushes to get Issath out the tent with him.
those who travelled before with the dwarf might recognize this evasive maneuver, an know he'd prefer you to play along.

2012-10-13, 11:26 AM
totally, willing to burn a PP just so I can spoil your fun :smallamused:


Really? I roll a 3? Screw you universe!

Today is my anniversary with my girlfriend so I'll make this short.


Yes, this was the best course of actions I could think of... He could have just mind blasted whatever he thought was out there... spooky...

Prince Zahn
2012-10-13, 12:03 PM
wow, tough luck, mate, probably better the more it is convincing anyway. Have fun tonight! ^_^Frandol closed the opening behind him as he stepped outside to make sure the others don't hear, then calmly spoke to Issath:
Relax, "friend", no orcs are seeking thee... These employers are almost about to hire us, so until we close a deal we should avoid —hold on a moment, Hirhrm..."
He clears his throat, as he moves his hand to his mouth to sound out farther, as he speaks, his voice,as well as the orc's, rather appears to conjure from the other side of the tent:

he coughs a bit after the last word, and continues:
"Yes, where was I? Oh, yes, let's avoid silly questions until they think we all know what we're doing, alright?"

2012-10-13, 12:23 PM
As Issath brings forth his power, you all begin to hear yet also feel a small hum within your mind. It grows in intensity, becoming louder and more prevalent. Yet it never takes any of your attention away, for the moment you think about it it vanishes entirely from your mind.

"What in the world was that," You hear the captain mutter before he turns to your group and says, "That strange thought just now came from one of you, correct?"

"And don't worry about that orc outside. My guards will handle him." He adds when Frandol's spell goes off.

Thurod, Issath
As the hum in your minds grow, you notice a similar presence near the front of your mind. It's rough and numb, resonating with the growing hum. As it stays outside your thoughts, the resonance makes it seem less irritating yet also familiar. When the hum disappears, Thurod can feel Issath's voice around the presence. And Issath can feel Thurod's.

Just felt I should describe how a mindlink would feel.

For those curious about timeframes. A mindlink works at the speed of thought. As it translates thoughts of suspicion and cation into words, then it transmits them to everyone else. If you want to focus your thoughts to select individuals in the same mindlink, or omit certain thoughts, then it'll take longer. (But it'll still be faster than speaking.)

2012-10-13, 12:47 PM
Will Save for Frandol's Spell:[roll0]

Thurod turns to the captain, "What strange thought? I didn't sense anything apart from an angry orc outside."

Bluff Check:[roll1]

2012-10-13, 11:00 PM
"I--" Elestil starts to speak, but then with a confused look and a shrug, he simply says "I don't know."

He then continues the discussion, as if the small matters of the psychic humming and the shouting orc were as commonplace as birdsong. "It would seem to us at the moment that it would be a wiser course to avoid the forests, but perhaps we will hear from the scouts before we depart."

2012-10-13, 11:06 PM
Looking at Thurod the captain raises an eyebrow and says, "Really? So you didn't sense anything? No humming in your mind? Nothing like that at all?"

As he speaks you feel smaller and weaker. His words seem to suggest a danger, as though he could arrest you here and now.

Failed Intimidate check. (He was attempting to prevent you from Bluffing again, but he rolled a 4. Making the DC 7, you had a +8 to your check.)

However when he spoke you could see a few tells that undermined his threat. You figure that even if he could arrest you, he wouldn't be able to hold you. He was probably just trying to keep you too off balance to lie again.

2012-10-14, 05:22 PM
As Issath approaches the tents exit he hears how the guards will handle this and he returns back and stands next to Thurod mumbling to himself "I've never even met a single Orc before... Would have been wonderful to meet him..."

"Anyway, We should probably be moving soon, before Nightfall... Transporting anything during raiding hours just feels like a bad idea in the making...

Thurod-Mind Link
If we keep asking to many questions they might turn on us during unfavorable conditions and force us to make a dash away from here... I'd rather, if we're getting a back stabbing we have the option of making an escape..."

Prince Zahn
2012-10-15, 09:28 AM
Frandol followed shortly behind Issath, his balding head was slightly disheveled from deliberately rattling it violently outside, he was lightly panting:

Do pardon me for that... the orc...Well, then. Where were we? Yes... You said you were the captain of this mission, yes? 'Tis a pleasure, allow me to ask, are you or your men accompanying the journey to the fortress in the north?
He draws the parchment from earlier.
is our pay mentioned in the job description in Frandol's hand?
If not, Frandol would say:

also, I would hate to disrupt your conversation, but inevitably we must discuss the details of invoicing for our journey. after all, come the night we do still need our own provisions..."

2012-10-15, 01:19 PM
(OOC)What follows this spoiler is from before Issath and Frandol entered:(/OOC)

"No, I sensed nothing of the sort." Thurod replied smoothly to the Guard Captain.

Bluff Check: [roll0]

(OOC)And this is after they entered.(/OOC)

"Noted. I'll try to shift the conversation back to the details we actually need to know, such as payment. Maintain mental silence for now."

"Yes, our dwarfen compatriot raises a good point. What are we getting paid for this work, and will we have a token guard of your own troops?"

2012-10-15, 11:07 PM
The captain glares suspiciously at Thurod before addressing Frandol, "I'm afraid that I have no troops to spare. If the advanced scouts find trouble in the woods, then we'll need the entire garrison for defense. And any guards outside the garrison have already been given orders," With a final glance at Thurod he says, "My time here has came to an end. There's still around six hours of daylight left. So if you want to stop by the guardhouse, I'll have a scribe copy the report from the advance scout," Turning towards the entrance, he left without pausing for your response.

After a moment Naveris cleared her throat and said, "That seems to everything at the moment. You currently know as much as I do, so the only thing left to do is agree on your payment," Looking down she starts tapping her foot, "You'll be escorting a caravan through unknown terrain, but you'll also have the aid of maps. The cargo is standard for resupplying a fortress, but some of it's unknown. There's a good chance of danger, and I'd prefer to move quickly..." She continues to list off a few more items, becoming quieter as she goes. After a bit she looks back at the group and continues, "I'll give 4,000 gold now to split amongst yourselves, with twice that when the job is complete."
Appraise Check (for services) DC: 20
If successful, you know that her asking price is reasonable for a job commissioned by the local government. Even if it's a bit on the low side from someone who volunteered for it.

2012-10-15, 11:43 PM
"Well, friends, it would seem our plans are falling into place. Adventure awaits! However, I, for one, do have some materials I wish to purchase before we depart. If anyone would like to join me, I will be visiting a few of the shops in town."

In this way, the polite goblin Elestil announces his intention to leave, but he remains with the group until the aforementioned gold has been apportioned. With the business part settled, he once again looks at the elf Naveris with an expression of wonder, much like a child watching his favorite magic trick.

2012-10-16, 04:22 AM
Appraise: [roll0]

"I'll join you on that expedition... I'm quite eager to finally get this show on the road." said Issath to the little man as He walked out of the tent while picking up his gold. He whispers to the small man "Excuse me... But what are we going to be purchasing?"

2012-10-16, 10:47 PM
"Well, we definitely are going to need trail rations, winter clothes, firewood, candy, spare wheels, candy, extra axles,tinder, maybe torches, candy, waterskins and ammunition. And some candy would be nice. 4000 gold should be enough to buy anything. Do we need to buy anything as a group? Should we split the gold up?"

2012-10-17, 06:14 PM
Naveris smiles as Grad lists off items, "Well yes, I suppose those things are a needed. I've already stocked some food, water, firewood, and a few replacement wheels and axles. I'm storing it all in my personal cart, so anyone can use what's there. I only two weeks worth though, so if you think we need more my cart can still carry a few more days worth."

Prince Zahn
2012-10-18, 02:14 AM
After a little pacing Frandol asks the captain and elf to excuse them for a moment, he gestures his hand toward Thurod and the others, suggesting a group consultation of some sort, slowly and with clear pronunciation he whispers once they group together:
"gentlemen, though this offer of four-thousand gold may suit us, any product of leisure requires a good profit, and I think we could reasonably ask for at least hundred more coins for each of us five, or at lowest three-hundred and seventy-five gold coins to split among us, shall we try?"
In the case the group agrees to haggle for a higher wage, I will just drop an aid another check for diplomacy,or whatever check is appropriate:
Aid another[haggle]: [roll0]

If any or all of the group disagrees, Frandol will frown and sternly whisper the following argument:
"How could you not try to take the higher end? We know nothing of the dangers, hazards and risks involving our welfare nor that of our supplies, it is only reasonable to ask for more. A safety measure is what this is..."

2012-10-18, 07:21 AM
Group Huddle
"I'm impartial towards asking for more money. I learned years ago that we don't necessarily need food... We can always live off the spiritual energies of the universe... It's called Prana" whispered Issath. "Whatever makes you guys happy is alright with me" smiled Issath as he broke the huddle and agreed in Frandols plan

Good job, you got a guy that could read you minds to agree with your plan :smallbiggrin:

2012-10-18, 09:38 AM
Group Huddle
Elestil acquiesces to Frandol's judgment, though he would also be satisfied with the 4,000 gold. "I have no objection to asking for greater compensation. There's no reason to take a job if you don't feel the pay is sufficient to justify the request. Yet if they refuse to adjust their offer, I remain inclined to accept the payment and proceed."

2012-10-18, 05:29 PM
Group Huddle
"It's not like there are swarms of groups willing to do this kind of job. We could probably ask for a couple hundred more safely."

2012-10-18, 05:46 PM
Group Huddle
"Thurod? Do you concur with the rest of us?"

2012-10-18, 07:00 PM
Group Huddle
"Yes, I feel you are correct, friends. We could haggle for more. Elestil, would you talk for us?"

2012-10-19, 01:13 PM
"Eh, hem. Is there anything I can do to help with this tactics meeting? Or is this a discussion of a more private nature?" Naveris said after clearing her throat.

2012-10-20, 01:59 AM
Issath turns around, stares at Naveris and whips out a sign that says "No girls allowed".

2012-10-21, 12:24 AM
Elestil looks, startled, at Issath for just a moment before recovering his senses. He turns to Naveris and smiles warmly, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Forgive the delay, my esteemed Naveris. We were discussing the risks inherent in this mission. You see, we are, on the whole, quite pleased to assist you, and I assure you that we are every bit as capable and experienced as you have been led to believe. But it is only fitting that our compensation should be commensurate to the risks we must undertake. The way ahead is largely unexplored and shrouded in mystery. Our best way forward appears to be a network of subterranean caverns of unknown stability and unknown inhabitants. Unknown forces strong enough to block your divination magics appear to be set up in the nearby forests, and we're entering a fortress which may be attacked by frost worms. Quite a daring adventure, and it sounds like something right out of the old tales! To be frank, we think we deserve a little more gold for undertaking such an endeavor. We ask 4,500 gold now, then twice that at the mission's conclusion. You will find our services well worth the expense."

As he describes the danger of the road ahead, he adds a slight dramatic flair to his speech, trusting his experience to keep him from going too far. He then snaps out of it for a very genuine finish, hoping to impress upon the elf that they are, after all, seeking only their fair share, nothing more. Whether or not that's what he believes.

Diplomacy: [roll0]

2012-10-21, 08:32 PM
Rolling her eyes at Issath the elf looks at Elestil, "Haggling huh," Naveris said to him tapping her foot, "I suppose that's standard enough for people of your occupation. It's not like I can't get that kind of money, but still, thirteen-five gold..." She murmured looking down before turning again to the goblin, "From what I've heard, the frost worms aren't going to be attacking the fort when we get there. However, I suppose if they were simply routed, then they might be. Very well, you have yourself a deal." She finished, holding out a hand to seal the deal.

2012-10-21, 09:07 PM
The goblin extends his hand to that of the elf, completing the deal. "Thank you, we appreciate your good faith."

I do sound like something out of the old tales. The goblin, whom elves take at his word, as an honest businessman and a hero. Haggling with elves is certainly a new experience, but the money comes from Kerjat. Besides, I'm accepted like an elf now, and elves may haggle among themselves.

Elestil's trained features retain his goblinoid version of a warm smile while his thoughts are flittering to other topics, until after another moment, he continues to speak. "With that business settled, we really ought to see to our preparations, that we may be ready for a timely departure. I look forward to that moment when next we gather."

His smile lingers for a few moments longer, and then the courteous goblin turns back toward his companions. His smile grows slightly, showing sharp fangs in his mouth and a faint hint of victory in his eyes. To Issath, he quietly murmurs, "I, for one, intend to purchase some warmer coats and heavy blankets, for it looks to be a cold journey. Perhaps some of the shops will vend other wares which draw my eyes and my new wealth, but that remains to be seen."

2012-10-21, 09:43 PM
Thurod nodded, a grin visible on his face at the skilled haggling of his friend, "I too wish to visit the local purveyors of goods, particularly they of the magical sort, though I will also visit the local mundane goods dealer as well. Shall we set out now, my companions?"

2012-10-21, 11:50 PM
"While we're out shopping, I'd like to try this "drinking" thing and hopefully, I can make more friends before the day is over!" shouted Issath in excitement at his first shopping trip as he throws away his sign.

2012-10-22, 04:53 PM
As you leave the tent you notice the sun approaching the horizon. It's probably been no more than twelve minutes since the captain left, so the advance scouts won't be sending in their report for close to two hours.

After a moment you see one of the gnomish drivers approach you. Issath identifies him as Gravious before he's addressed, "Hey Issath. Did you recover from those boxes yet?" Gravious says in a deep voice, his words coming out in rapid succession, "They seemed to do a number on you. You still up for that drink?"

2012-10-22, 06:09 PM
"Ah, Gravious, Sadly I have not recovered from those boxes, but I'd still be willing to take you on for that drink" Said Issath, holding his side while fanning injury "Do you mind telling me more about those boxes? I mean the Elf lady seems to be very... stern about them, I understand that they're her responsibility, but she's acting like they're more important than her own life..."

I'd also like to make note that I'm manifesting Detect hostile intent and using a notable system to account for how many PP I have in total and have also accounted for the decrease in my Int modifier. :smallsigh: (-3).

PP remaining: 46.

2012-10-22, 06:18 PM
"What happened with the boxes?" Elestil knew Issath had gone to examine the boxes, but he was unaware that anything more suspicious had occured. He eyes Issath carefully, trying to judge to decide what motivates his curious companion.

2012-10-22, 10:19 PM
Gravious simply shrugs at Issath's question saying, "I don't know much more than you. As for why she's so serious. Why don't we," He stopped suddenly as a subtle odor reaches your noses. The smell is different for each of you. It makes you recall a memory from long ago, a memory from your childhood. The gnome smells his surroundings, using his keen senses to pinpoint the source. Looking at Issath he says in his usual way, "When was the last time you took a bath man! You smell like me old aunties hovel," Waving his hand in front of his face he continues, "Anyway as I was saying. She's very serious when it comes to her business. Why don't we go and get a few drinks though? I'd like to get my mind off of this smell," He waves at you to follow as he heads towards an exit, "Come on. I've found a place with some great mead."

You detect no one within your power to be hostile towards you. As Gravious speaks you don't think that he's lying to you.

2012-10-22, 11:02 PM
"Huh...I could have sworn I just smelled the wild grasses from around Loftdale...haven't smelled those in a while." Thurod mused wistfully, before shaking his head to clear it. He turned to Elestil, "Shall we find the gear shops now?" He asked with a grin.

2012-10-23, 12:57 AM
Issath gets slowly dragged off by Gravious to the bar to have his first drink while trying to answer Elestil's question, but constantly gets interrupted by his tugging

"Those boxes are coated with something that prevents me from looking into them and i'm currently trying to detect for anyone's hostile aura. Nobody is broadcasting anything suspicious, however I am still paranoid. While you're in the shop tell everyone the details I've learned so far the elf is suspicious... I might have to read her mind or at least her hostile aura..."

LOL I like how you describe the manifestations of my powers :smallbiggrin:

Prince Zahn
2012-10-23, 04:09 AM
"Well done, Elestil, this extra gold in my share shall be well spent, let us go and split the initial fee before we spend." Frandol smiles with fulfillment, thinking what to spend his share on, Art? He still has 3 artwork's worth of paint, and 2's worth of cloth, he somehow doubts he could find adequate paint in a town of this color scheme, anyway.
Maybe he'll spend precautionary supplies, Maybe a trinket of some sort.

When Issath mentions getting a drink, he interrupts"Drinking is a fine idea, I'd love to come with you, but I have an errand to fulfill first, perhaps I join you two soon after, if you don't mind...er, Where would I find ye two?"

Once he gets an answer Frandol shifts his attention to Thurod.
[COLOR="navy"]"What say you, Thurod, we return by this tent in a hour-and-half, then?

2012-10-23, 11:26 AM
Elestil suddenly perceives the fragrance of rosebushes, reminding him of some of the rare beautiful moments in his childhood. He remembers sneaking away from the other goblins as they prepared to set off to raid a village. He remembers hiding in the bushes under open windows--of a tavern, of a home, wherever music could be heard--briefly escaping his bestial life while listening to songs of merriment and cheerful laughter.

With a start, he realizes that Thurod, Gravious, and himself have each experienced distinctly different olfactory sensations. Suspicious, he glances around with an eye towards anyone hiding in the shadows. Not noticing anything out of place, he appears to nonchalantly rest his hands in his pockets. Within his pocket, he firmly grasps the hilt of his dagger.

"Yes... Yes, let us to the merchants. There are several items I wish to procure. Say, do any of you know something of the western archipelago? I am reminded of its existence, but 'tis a place about which I have been unable to track down much information."

Most likely none of you have. Elestil has researched the topic with limited success. Egneil should be able to tell any of you if you'd have any knowledge through your background.
Elestil sets off towards a group of shops he noticed when he first arrived in town, keeping a hand on his dagger.

2012-10-23, 12:56 PM
As he gets tugged Issath, shouts at Frandol to hurry up and follow them to the bar for the pre-trip drink. He also notices everyone sniffing around in the air and then he takes a big whiff himself not smelling anything in particular. Issath, while getting tugged and slowly moving out of distance yells at the Small human "Elestil! Make sure you remind Thurod to pick up plenty of healing sticks in case any of us get injured... Oh and make sure he picks up some candy for me. Oh! and make sure he picks up some..." which gets interrupted as he slowly moves out of distance into the Tavern which is currently being smashed with beautiful music and lively happy participants...

"Frandol, Gravious, what do you recommend for me to try first?" he says with a happy and eager smile.

Prince Zahn
2012-10-23, 02:35 PM
Well, Boy... It all really depends how red you'd like your pale cheeks to be when your done!
Frandol laughed jokingly, but quickly ceases as he's unsure if Issath really understood what he meant.
Ergghrm- I guess you never drank before if you don't know what your getting, Why don't you try something mild, like "Derlaynna mead" or or something.
"Derlaynna mead", and "Arvondale mead" are a type of spirits designed for the light-drinking halfling traveller and refugee, not actually mead, they consist of fermented berries mixed with a professional secret ingredient, the making processes of these liquors are remarkably similar, and is commonly imported to many places, the major difference is that one is Winterfruit based, and the other has a raspberry-moonfruit base, both spirits are served seasonally(Winter-Derlaynna;Summer-Arvondale)
it is known for having mild and refreshing taste, yet being a pretty weak in strength, it can stay fresh for approximately 6 years under proper sealing, though it is common and tasty,The price of a pint of these liquors is worth about 2.5 pints of beer, but it not a drink for if you wish to get drunk quickly.

2012-10-23, 02:57 PM
Gravious stops a moment and tells Frandol, "The tavern is called The Shimmering Drake. I'm not that good with directions and the place is rather out of the way. Why don't you come with us to see the way?"

The gnome starts heading through the streets, stopping occasionally to look at the skyline. You can tell that you're heading in a southeasterly direction, but he took enough turns that you're sure you've doubled back on yourselves at least twice.

The tavern is squeezed between it's neighbors, barely having twenty-three feet on it's entrance. The sign creaks in the wind it's image having been cut and vandalized. Despite it's meager appearance you can tell that it's not some slum for the seedier types. The street outside is about as clean as you can make one, having probably been whitewashed regularly for many years. And from the intricate details on the front you suspect that the sign will be oiled long before your done. The interior has the same type of feel as well. At first glance it looks like the place where shadowy business gets done, but none of the details support it. About as small as you expected, it consists of the bar itself and a long table butted up against the wall.

----Shopping(And those who wish to partake in it)----
Wandering around town you find it's streets to have a particular layout. It's not impossible to navigate, in fact it's not even hard. There are just more dead-ends then you where expecting. Feeling like you can navigate the streets you begin looking through the markets in the city. You find all of the basics you could come across in any other city, with the normal substitutions for being this far north. Linen ropes and threads, which aren't as supple or as light, replace silks which cannot be sold without a permit. Wool felt replaces cotton or hempen fabrics and canvases. And brass is harder to come by than iron.

Mostly though you keep an eye out for more magical items, or better deals. Of the deals you come across a few stand out more than the others. A desperate looking merchant selling two sets of beautiful armor for almost criminal amounts. A young wizard-in-training trying to sell a few scrolls he recently finished. And the local temple of Wee Jas seems to be taking advantage of the kingdom's magical supplies to create a good surplus of potions.

2012-10-23, 05:02 PM
Thurod had followed Elestil as he'd wandered to the shopping district, and had stopped before the young wizard-in-training, peering at his collection of fresh scrolls, "Hmm...what scrolls do you offer, my friend?" He asked pleasantly.

2012-10-24, 12:43 PM
The young wizard looks up at you startled for a moment before giving a quick smile, "Oh, hello there. Looking for a scroll?" He said, stumbling slightly over his words as he pointed to his stock, "Sorry but I only have the three left as you can see. 'Dis one 'ere..." He blushed as some street accent crept into his speech. Recovering as best he could he picked up the scroll in the middle which is bound by a green string, Err, this one here empowers your legs, to help you make bigger jumps. It'll be forty-six gold. While this one can repair some small holes in a variety of items, which will be thirty gold," Putting down the first scroll, he shows you the other two, neither of which are bound. Glancing over them as he talks you notice a variety of inconsistent lines in the symbols. They won't undermine the integrity of the spell, at least not to someone who already knows the spells. As he continues, more of his street accent enters his speech, "Da odder... The, other, one here calls forth some negative energy to wear you out. Useful if you need something tired, only another thirty gold for it."

As he speaks, you notice that he never lets his sleeves go up his arms very far. The way he tugs at them suggests that it's more of a habit then anything else.

The scrolls he's offering are:
Scroll of Jump, Mending, and Touch of Fatigue-- Caster Level 1

Also 0-level spells have uses outside of combat, so they can generally be sold in every city. Touch of Fatigue for instance is considered a cure for insomnia. With acid splash and ray of frost being used in waste disposal, and extinguishing fires respectively.

2012-10-24, 01:56 PM
"My friend, I will take all three of those off your hands. Totaled, that would be... 106 gold, correct?" Thurod asks, as he reaches for his gold pouch.

(OOC)Planning to give him 110 gold instead, to be nice. :smallsmile:(/OOC)

2012-10-24, 05:10 PM
"Umm, yes sir. One hundred and six gold for all of them," He said with a nod. Looking a bit concerned he piles up the scrolls for you and asks, "Would you like me to bind them for you sir?"

2012-10-24, 08:17 PM
"Yes, please do." Thurod replied, as he counted out the 110 pieces he was leaving the man.

2012-10-24, 11:12 PM
Grad walks up to the temple of Wee Jas, looking at the many different colors of potions on display.
"Wot potions do you have for sale? Anything particularly interesting?

2012-10-24, 11:14 PM
Issath walks up to the counter at the bar and asks for the drink that Frandol had recommended to him. He sips it a little at a time and after 3 sips slowly starts feeling weird... "Whoa... what is in this drink? It taste good... but makes me feel weird... like... whoa..." mumbles Issath with his face still in the cup.

2012-10-25, 03:01 AM
---The Bar---
Tugging on Issath the Gnome makes sure that he sits down in a corner seat, "Just some Derlaynna Mead for the two of us. Don't worry about him. I'll pay for both of us," Gravious said to the barkeeper when he came by. Turning to Issath he says, "So you're curious about Naveris huh. Well as I said she's very serious about when something comes to her job. There's a story behind it. But the short of it is that she's trying to find a new profitable trade route. Personally though I think she just loves to explore."

"Here you go, that'll be two silver," said the barkeep as he puts down the mugs. After Issath starts drinking he laughs and says, "Funny. Say, if he can down three of them without passing out it'll be half-off."

---Wee Jas Temple---
The temple seems more modest than the other ones you've come across. Still towering over you at around thirty-six feet high, it isn't as tall as the walls surrounding the city. It's walls are slabs of a speckled granite and stylized to look like rough-hewn stone. Large open windows dominate much of it's outer surface. At the top of the bell tower is the holy symbol of Wee Jas, and right below it is a plague with a common prayer inscribed in a rough, yet flowery language. Below it are the temple doors, having been opened for the sale they're currently having.

The dwarven priest you addressed gives you a polite smile, "Hello there. Feel free to browse through our stock at your leisure. You may buy each potion individually, but we will provide discounts to you if you wish to buy in bulk," He says calmly after you finish. Closing the distance he continues, "Most of our stock are healing potions of various strengths. However we do carry a few specialty potions that may be of interest to you," Bringing you to a rack closer to the door he says, "These flasks were made by a traveling alchemist who wished to repay us for providing him shelter. With the help of our priests he was able to bind water creation magics into the fluids within. Breaking it open inside a barrel, or other container, will cause it to create several gallons of fresh drinkable water. Each one costs ninety gold, but if you wish to buy the entire case of four it'll only be two hundred an twenty-five."

Sylvan, Knowledge (Religion:Wee Jas) DC:10
The prayer below the holy symbol is "At birth, Promise. In life, Service. To death, Continuity"

---Wizard in the Streets---
Rolling up the two cantrip scrolls he pulls out a small piece of twine. After wrapping them up with the other scroll, he takes the gold you provide and slides the scrolls up to you.

"Um, sir. This is more than we agreed on, I can't accept this!" He exclaimed, holding out four of the gold pieces, each one nestled between his fingers.

Prince Zahn
2012-10-25, 06:22 AM
As Frandol began walking with the two he recalls the map layout, and it's surprising similarity to an illusion symbol he has learned of, he can't help but wonder what is Greytower's connection to the Styom's wheel sign, to be sure, he looks down at the ground, squints and concentrates on feeling that "Ninth Sense" he was taught and refined by his mentor.
Ninth Sense:perceiving the presence of magic, in this context Frandol turns on his magic sensitivity, and tries to sense any magic in the ground, as well as his surroundings and the sky.
Frandol entered with Issath and Gravious, he took out and split a chunk of bread from his pack, then seat next to the gnome and added:
"-And a pint of wine and some bread for me, my good man!"Looking at Frandol he takes a succession of quick, large bites from his own bread before the owner returned with his wine and food.
"It'sh, errh, Dwarphen Courtishee thu eatsh shomfink bephor tshrinkink."
his mouth is full, but he's kind of saying "It's, err, dwarven courtesy to eat something before drinking."
I haven't decided if it's a lie, a real custom or a custom Frandol is exploiting to pig out guilt free, but you believe what you want. If it is a real custom, imagine how smart they were then by not drinking themselves silly on an empty stomach...:smallwink:
Frandol strongly swallows the food in his mouth, and stretched his hand towards the gnome:
Where're me manners? Call me Frandol, I don't think we have properly met.
"Wow, look at the lad's nose! What was in that mead?"

2012-10-25, 10:38 AM
Elestil accompanies Grad to the temple of Wee Jas. He browses through the potions, considering whether to make a purchase.

After the temple, he keeps an eye out for the following: a general store/market for blankets/clothing, a bookshop, and an Elven specialty shop. No idea if the latter two will exist, but his eyes are open.

2012-10-25, 03:45 PM
Looking over the potions on display, you find that all of the weaker potions are priced in increments of thirty gold. Each rack contains anywhere from four to eight potions, with many of them already marked and paid for. Of the magical potions, very few remain available for purchase.

Moving along after making your choices you find it easy enough to find a general market of sorts. A merchants caravan has set up shop near the town square, selling a variety of exotic items for this region, including silk. A clothier is down on the next street over, across from a more generic fabrics store. You don't happen to find any book or specialty stores, but you do notice that there are many houses and stores designed for the smaller humanoids. This is normal enough considering that the land was originally settled by Halflings and Gnomes.

---The Bar---
When the bartender comes by with your order he smiles when you mumble from a full mouth, "There's no need to hide your food. We don't mind you brings some in, it makes it easier to prove ours is better!" He says laughing a bit as he walks away.

"I've seen you with the others. That's all the introduction I need. Name's Gravious by the way," The Gnome said shaking your hand, "I'll be one of your drivers for the trip. So don't worry about us slowing you down. The wagons and horses were picked out for their speed and endurance."

2012-10-25, 04:25 PM
---Wee Jas Temple---
Elestil asks the dwarven priest if there are any potions that provide warmth in snowy weather. He purchases some if any are to be found, and either way he moves on to the market.

If there any potions of Endure Elements, Elestil will take up to a half-dozen or so. They would be 30gp each, correct?

Elestil heads first for the clothier, addressing the shopkeeper.

"Greetings! What have you in the way of cold weather apparel, for a fellow of my stature? I'm afraid business will soon be taking me outside the shelter of Trenchfork, and I do believe a warmer coat and cloak, a hat, a scarf, and some nice, warm gloves would do me quite well. Oh!, and do you have any heavy winter blankets?" He smiles expectantly.

2012-10-25, 09:41 PM
Thurod smiled warmly at the man, "Yes you can. Think of it as a bonus. I have no need for the coins, as of this moment anyway, so keep them, please."

2012-10-25, 10:01 PM
Issath puts the drink down with barely even a sip of it missing and looks at Gravious and mumbles "I hihgly regt do this..." slurring his speak slowly looking over at Frandol and placing his hand on his chest and tugging on his beard "WHY DO DWARVES HAVE SUCH HAIRY FACES! I WANT A HAIR FACE, A FACE OF HAIRY FACENESS!" he shouts before falling down into his seat grabbing his drink and "whispering" "I never wanted to go on an adventure... I wanted to just stay at the monastery and meditate all day... maybe meet a girl and potentially enjoy a long eternity of 'Heart dancing' for the rest of forever... but no... I decided to be stupid and now I'm stuck here working with a bunch of people I barely know... My butt hurts..." and Issath immediately returns to his drink mumbling into each drink "I just want to become a 'true' master..."

I LOVE playing drunk :smallamused: Anyway~ Issath is currently drunk enough to not tell half-truths so asking questions is all good :smalltongue:

2012-10-25, 10:45 PM
Grad asks the dwarf "hold on there, how many gallons is 'several gallons of drinkable water'? If I'm going to pay 90 gold for one, I would like to know."
Overhearing Elestil ask about potions that can protect from the cold, he interjects "Oh, and I would like some of those too."

Prince Zahn
2012-10-26, 06:20 AM
Frandol is surprised, a Derlaynna mead should not get you drunk after 3 pints, much less one, he steals a sip from Issath's drink to see what the fuss is about.
"Pardon me, boy, but a 'true' master of what?
He thinks for a moment. monastery... Great Forefather's ghost - Are you a monk!?
Frandol's face paled in concern, back in his homeland, tempting one to violate one's abstinence is considered a sin punishable by great misfortune upon him, his children, and their children. more if said person dedicated his life to such discipline(like a monk). and Frandol does NOT need that burden on top of his already difficult life.

2012-10-26, 01:24 PM
---Wizard in the Streets---
Looking surprised, he slowly retracts the gold making sure that you could still take them if you change your mind. Smiling he says, "Oh, thank you sir, I won't forget this."

Holding the gold, he stays quiet for a while before setting them back down. Leaving them within your reach he says meekly, "Um... Actually sir, if I may be so bold. I was wondering if you could spare ten more gold. I'm getting a bit weak from all of the scrolls I've been making... and I'm very close to what I've been saving up to," Looking at you he seems to be pleading, "I'll pay you back as soon as I can, multiple times over. So could you please spare an extra ten gold?"

---Wee Jas Temple---
"I see, very well then. Each one should produce up to six gallons of water, for a total of twenty-four gallons with all four. Which would be enough for at least three months of travel," The priest replied to your question, "I will add however, that you should be careful when using them. As the magics will only fill a container up to what it can hold, no more than that. The price was set in respect for the laws of this land, and is the minimum allowable for magic of this strength."
Elestil was able to find seven potions of Endure Elements. Only the first five were at thirty gold, the other two were priced at ninety and one hundred-twenty gold respectively.(Caster levels 3 and 5)
The Halfling clothier is startled when she sees you, barely holding back a shriek when you smiled. When she notices that you don't seem hostile, she says, "Oh, ummm... Hello there. Looking for some warmer clothes then. Yes, yes that's what you asked for, hehe."

---The Bar---
Gravious bends down and helps Issath back to his seat. Snapping his fingers before Issath, the Gnome comments, "No one should be able to get drunk this fast. Not even someone who's never even smelled alcohol before," Looking Issath in the eye's he asks, "By Garl. When was the last time you've eaten lad?"

2012-10-26, 03:09 PM
"And what would happen if I broke one by mistake? Or what if I threw one at something? I might be interested in buying all 4, as well as some endure elements, and maybe a couple to cure injuries."
Grad says, as he starts counting out platinum coins.

2012-10-26, 05:30 PM
---Wee Jas Temple---
Elestil takes 3 of the cheaper potions, leaving the other 2 for Grad. He then asks the cleric, "What benefits do these higher-priced potions offer?" No matter the response, he remains unconvinced and hands over 90 gold pieces for the potions.

"Ah, do not be alarmed. Not all goblins are violent murderers, just as not all halflings are violent murderers! I will admit, however, that the percentages are not exactly in my favor. Yet here I am, a civilized and paying customer." Elestil produces a handful of silver and absently begins counting the coins. "So, what have you?"

2012-10-26, 05:41 PM
Thurod looked thoughtful, stroking his chin, "Ten more gold, you say?" He mused, looking intently at the young Wizard.

Sense Motive Check:[roll0]

2012-10-27, 12:02 AM
---Wizard in the Streets---
"Yes sir, I'm trying to save up to help prepare me- myself for graduation," He said, still fidgeting with his fingers, "Once I'm done with school, I'll be able to leave the school grounds with my spellbook. So I'll be able to pay you back afterwords."

You don't think that he's trying to lie to you or hide anything. Instead it feels like the subject he's dancing around is more sensitive or embarrassing.
---Wee Jass Temple---
The priest smiles when you finish and replies, "The flasks contain effects that are nearly identical to the spell it was based on. As such it will attempt to fill any container no matter how large. If broken in the air, it should create it's full volume taking up as little space as possible." Point to a table farther away from the temple he says, "I believe that we still have some healing potions available, you'll be able to find them on that table."
NOTE: The healing potions still available include the potions from from the OoC shopping list.

Looking through the table you find a full rack (8 potions) of cure moderate wounds, and a rack (6 potions) of cure light wounds. The first one costs two hundred-twenty gold each, while buying the entire rack costing only one hundred platinum. The other set of potions cost one hundred gold each, with the entire rack costing only four hundred-fifty gold. Amongst the other racks is a set of three potions of cure minor wounds, costing forty gold. Three potions of cure light wounds, two of which cost ninety gold while the other one costs one hundred-fifty gold. And one potion of cure serious wounds, costing forty platinum.
---The Clothier---
"Hehehe, yes. You seem civil enough I suppose," The Halfling said, still overcoming her shock, "I suppose I should do the same. It's only the polite thing to do," Taking note of the coins you're holding she tries her best to calm her nerves. Pointing out the manikins next to the counter, she says, "We have a few styles that you can choose from. Look then over and let me know which one you'd like."
There's no mechanical benefit for the different styles, it's nothing but fluff.

2012-10-27, 12:23 AM
Issath looks over at Frandol and mumbles "An Ascended Master! Duh! They only have the coolest jobs ever... They just sit around all day, meditating and trying to figure out the flaws in the universe... It's the coolest job ever... Don't even need a body to do it... Just float around in the 5th dimension all day not having to deal with jack and diddly... I just wanted to do nothing all day... I got this awesome body, but nobody likes me... Nobody thinks I'm attractive or anything... I always wanted to be a clown! but now I'm a Monk... I hate being a Monk, but it ain't no sin to drink... Hell, they encourage us to do whatever makes us happy... Just gotta follow the rules of the world and the universe and all the things... I hate those rules... Mumbles Issath as he knocks Gravious off his drink and fully consumes the entire cup in one go and falls back into his chair half asleep and turning at Frandol "Do I look pretty? he says as he starts sobbing...

I told you Issath was a tea-toddler... I just decided to add in Depressed Drunk as well :smallamused:

...So I guess you're all reaching consensus that I'm not allowed to drink as Issath ever again? :smalltongue:

Prince Zahn
2012-10-27, 06:00 AM
O'course you do, Issath,Frandol reassured him, having been drinking with a multitude of people and races taught him a little something about handling people who can't handle a drink. He picks Issath from shoulder, and gestures Gravious to grab the other."Except it's called 'handsome' when applied to men...try to get up, boy, I think the watering hole is not for you"
Frandol pockets what is left of the bread, pays the tavern keeper what he owes him and leaves half his drink behind. Constantly thanking Moradin in his mind that Issath was, as far as he can tell, not that kind of monk...
After a bit, Frandol asks Gravious:
I understand you talked to him earlier,too, I met the lad before, and back then he couldn't tell left from right, do you have a clue what in the blazes he was talking about?

Frandol isn't aware of this mind bending business, but it sure will be fun to try to find out.
I'm not sure if we collected the initial payment, but if/when we have, Frandol will search with his share for the following once this thing with the bar is over:

parchment and other scrollcrafting supplies as he deemed necessary. Equivalent up to 600 gold as valued in the player's handbook, equivalent for you're appraisal, Egneil.
A heavy blanket and warm winter's clothes.
A cheap bottle of wine(if not at the market, he will try back at the shimmering dragon), and small bottle of dwarven Brängk(a whiskey-like concoction patented by dwarves)
If he spots one, a small bauble, toy, or other such Northriver-empiriana that reminds him of home.
I'd appreciate knowing exactly what I've found and how much I spent to correctly add to inventory, Thanks in advance

2012-10-27, 09:34 AM
Elestil looks over the selections with a discerning eye, taking in the thickness, patterns, colors, and other differences between the clothes. At long last, he chooses a colorful assortment of articles that do not match. Bringing them to the counter, he addresses the halfling woman, "These look to do the trick. How much will they cost me?"

He'll take a Cold Weather Outfit (8 gp by SRD prices) and a Winter Blanket (5 sp).

2012-10-27, 10:41 AM
Grad walks around the temple, picking up potions, before depositing them in front of the dwarven cleric.
"I'll take all these. That should be... 50 platinum, 5 gold, right?" He says, as he places the coins on the counter.
Oocone cure moderate, 2 endure elements, and the set of 4 create water potions

2012-10-27, 12:25 PM
---Wee Jas Temple---
"Yes that is the correct amount," The priest says accepting the coins, "Thank you for your patronage. The church of Wee Jas thanks you."

---The Clothier---
Still unsettled by your presence the halfling takes a moment to reply, "That'll, that will be only eight gold sir. Just take the blanket for free."

---The Bar---
Grvious grabs the other shoulder and helps you carry him. Turning to Frandol he asks, "So where do we plan on taking him? Should we head back to the caravan?" Patting Issath on the shoulder he re-balances himself, as he does so he says, "And yeah I talked with him earlier. Seemed a bit scatter brained and naive. But he has a good enough soul," Taking a breath he continues in his normal quick speech, "He wanted to take a look at the lead boxes. Used those special gloves there to do it. Turns out that he's a mindbender and can just look at where the box's have been. You know about mindbenders right?"

Keeping an eye on the market streets you try to take note of where various shops are. You don't think that your route will take you close to the town square, but you do notice a small Mage's guildhall near the bar. So you can expect to find a good amount magic item supplies.

Looking up at the sky you notice that a little over an hour has passed. You figure that the advance scout should be reporting in within a few minutes.

2012-10-27, 05:06 PM
"In that case, my young friend, take the additional ten gold, with my blessing. And as for paying me back, do not worry yourself. I will be out of this town for quite a while, after all." Thurod murmured warmly as he handed over the extra money, picked up the scrolls and placed them into his Bag of Holding.

2012-10-27, 06:11 PM
after depositing all of the potions in his bag, Grad hurries off to the clothing store to find a warm coat.
after walking in and looking around the shop, to the halfling running the shop "I'm looking for a winter coat. Do you have anything in my size?"

2012-10-27, 06:12 PM
Taking the gold he smiles at you and says, "Thank you sir, this means a lot to me. I won't worry about paying you back, but I never leave myself in debt."

Having put the gold up his left sleeve he heads off waving goodbye to you.

2012-10-28, 12:04 AM
Elestil understands the halfling's unease. It's all too common a reaction to the goblin, and it's why he sometimes masquerades as a halfling when he does his shopping in strange towns. But everyone around here seems to be taking him at face value, and even the halfling is being civil enough.. if terrified. He wishes he could do something more to make his good intentions clear. But really he wished his fellow goblins would stand up and act with kindness. Most goblins remained ruthless and selfish and aggressive, but then again, that's all they've ever seen. Elestil idly wonders if halflings and elves would do any better, if they were born into the place of the goblins.

He hands 10 gold pieces to the halfling shopkeeper, replying, "You've been most kind, gentle lady. May your business thrive and bring you much fortune."

With that, Elestil turns quickly and leaves the shop. He starts back through the general market, looking to see if anyone is vending hot food.

Prince Zahn
2012-10-29, 01:34 PM
After they leave The Shimmering Dragon Tavern, Frandol peeks at the sky, it couldn't have been too long since they have previously walked this path."I think it would be best to leave him somewhere he could be watched over, Moradin knows a drunken man best not sleep alone." Frandol repositions his grip on Issath with a gentle grunt."merciful ghosts, the lad ain't faking..."
"well, if you planned on returning to your post after this" Frandol resumed, "would it impose you if we lay him in the wagon as you keep an eye open on the boy? Just until I come back from me errands, I shan't reckon it long."
Letting Gravious talk he asks:
"Mindbenders? No I have not, are they some magic cult? If so he should know better than stare through lead, anyone who knows anything on magic could tell ye that."

As they walk through the streets he remembers the maps, particularly the Map showing Kerjat and Greytower, and now he remembers where he has seen such a pattern before, He subtly tries to feel the magic around him, and sense if any such presence exists around here.
Magic Sensitive - ON.
Spellcraft(if needed)[roll0]

2012-10-29, 07:45 PM
---The Clothier---
Taking the coins she says as you're leaving, "Thank you for shopping, and may your path bring you fortune."

Outside, Elestil walks around the various merchants that are selling food that's exotic for the region. Among them are some that you recognize from Riverkeep, small bean wraps, skewered meat cooked in a special glaze, and various assorted pastries. Along the square are a few restaurants and taverns offering a variety of stuffed meats and roasted seeds.

Grad finds the clothier easy enough after finding the town square. Inside the Halfling looks at you for a moment seemingly not hearing your question. Snapping out of it she speaks in a rather flat voice, "Oh yes. You're looking for warm clothes as well," She points out a set of manikins as she continues, still overcoming her shock, "You'll find a variety of sizes and styles as well as a few winter blankets. If you need anything other than that feel free to ask me."

---Frandol, Issath---
"Magic?" Gravious replied with a quizzical look before shaking his head, "No. From what I understand about his powers he doesn't use magic. I'm not exactly sure maybe Naveris would know more. Also I don't think that he was trying to look through the boxes. It seemed more like he was trying to look into their past. At least that's what it seemed like when I talked with him," With a shrug he continues to help you carry him, "I don't think that a wagon would be the best place for him. There's another tent on the far side of the stables that we used to rest while we waited for you guys to arrive."

Focusing on your surroundings through your sense of magic you don't find much more than you did before. You find the presence of magic in the items you expected it to be in. But beyond it you can sense none in the streets or air around you. Remembering that Gravious said Issath used his gloves to investigate the boxes, you turn your attention to them. Looking at them you find no magic there. No matter how long you look you don't find even a speck. In fact, nothing on Issath has any magic in it at all, safe for his pack.

As the young wizard heads off you decide to look at other magic items. You know that the local Mage's hall will buy almost any magic item, either as a base for other enchantments, or to auction off for some extra gold. However, you may be able to buy these items from merchants before they're marked up by the guild. No one with unused magic items would flaunt them in town where they can be stolen from the local thieves. Instead you use your knowledge of enchantment to find potential items, and then speak with the merchants to see if they're willing to sell.

2012-10-31, 10:44 PM
Grad walks over to the winter clothes, and searches for a nice, if somewhat plain one in his size. Seeing the halfling shopkeeper still in shock from having a goblin and an orchestra enter one after the other, he flips a platinum coin to her and leaves.
After leaving the shop, he heads to where the scouts should be back to.
this is assuming 2 hours have passed, or else I would buy some dried meat and the like on the way there.

2012-10-31, 11:40 PM
Elestil purchases some skewered meat and a pastry, enjoying the flavors of civilized cooking while he can. He catches word of the roasted seeds and decides they would make a delicious alternative while traveling. He pops into the tavern and buys a large sack full of seeds, enough to share with the group over the first few days of the journey.

Will 15 gp cover that? I'm willing to pay more if that seems low. I'm assuming the seeds will work as rations, say 20 of them? I'd also like to add a few sacks, as I thought I already had them, but my character sheet says I never got them (4 sacks, for 4 sp unless you have a different price).

Prince Zahn
2012-11-02, 06:38 PM
doesn't use— that can't be right? Qreh's fourth law says: "without magic, any thing will always be that thing", if he has no magic, that means if he tries to look at the box, would he not see a box? Of course he would, it's a box."Frandol drags a resting Issath as he talks, his grip slips, however, when he almost trips on elevated ground. stern is he in his belief that only magic can truly shape the world.
"What's important is that the lad is not left on his own,We could ask Grad, or Thurod, they look like tough fellows?
mild racism, I know, orcs look tough, that's a pretty hard thing to change regardless of actual strength and toughness.

Qreh=human researcher and one of the originators of magical research(back when raw magic was practiced, before the development of efficient conversion techniques used to harness magic for various purposes) his laws are common knowledge, the law in question has been disproven, but is still said to mean "things don't just happen" in an intelligent fashion.

2012-11-02, 07:23 PM
(OOC)I'll just have Thurod purchase the Knowstone out of the goods Egneil was so kind to give me the choice between, after some RP, of course. :smallbiggrin: :smallsmile:(/OOC)

Thurod, content with the scrolls acquired, browsed the wares he found at the mage's guild, and his eyes found a small stone, which drew his attention. He turned to one of the purveyors, "What is that small stone, my good man?"

2012-11-04, 12:54 AM
Looking up at the sky you find it to still be ten to twenty minutes until the scouts report in. Considering travel time and the speed of scribes, you go and find a merchant who was selling a variety of jerky. Buying a few, you head off to the Guardhouse.

Arriving at the main entrances to the offices, you see the old, large tower. A monolith from which the city takes it's name, it's grey walls stretch at least a hundred feet into the air. It's walls take on a slight spiral as four smaller rooms shoot off of the sides, connected by bridges and suspended from below by strong stone arcs. Surrounding it's base is the main compound, two buildings of wooden timbers and stone bricks set before the training field.

Heading inside a Human clerk looks up from his work and says, "Hello there, I'm Ellis Lawbright. Are you here to sign up for the guard? Or are you here for another reason?"

Entering the nearest tavern advertising seeds, you ask the patron for a few bags. Bringing them out he smiles and asks, "So are you planning on hosting a party or something?" A quick look into the bags shows the golden seeds to have been well roasted lightly seasoned, "Anyway, your total comes to nine gold."

I'll be treating these as common meals with a price of 43 copper. (8.6 GP for 20 meals, plus the sacks) As cooked meals they'll spoil after a few days. You can still continue to eat them, but you'll have to make a Fortitude save at a -1 penalty for each day after they've gone bad. (With an additional -1 penalty for each consecutive day you continue to eat them.)
"Well I suppose they'd be the most competent, but I'm not entirely defenseless," Gravious said as you approach the caravan. Noticing a few crates lying on the ground by the wagons, you see the other workers standing around seemingly unsure about what to do. From here you're not sure what the commotion is about, but you feel Gravious take some of Issath's weight off of you. Getting your attention he says "Go on ahead to Naveris, I'll take Issath to the tent. Don't worry, I can get him in quietly. It would be best to not have the guards question your competence right now."

The dwarf looks up at you and says, "That there's called a Knowstone. Basically a spell storing geode, but they can't contain any mana. They easily take in the form of any spell, provided it's of a high enough grade," Picking up the stone he focuses for a moment and turns back to you, "Ah. It's only the first grade, but it has a spell in it, Shield from what I can tell. If you want it it'll be one hundred platinum" He said putting it down by you.

2012-11-04, 08:21 PM
"I'm not here to join the guard, I'm just waiting for some scouts to come back with a report. They should be here by now, I think"
Grad says as he idly chews on some jerky.

2012-11-04, 08:42 PM
"Hmmm, you don't look like a part of the guard. May I ask how you're related to the guard, or on who's authority allows you to view this report?" Ellis says rubbing a small stone on the desk, which glows a deep orange with streaks of blue.

2012-11-04, 09:12 PM
Elestil replies to the patron with a broad grin. "No, I unfortunately won't be hosting any festivities! But I'll be traveling with a group, and I think we'd all appreciate a flavorful snack that should keep for a couple days."

He flips a platinum piece to the patron with a nod of thanks. Elestil ties the sacks closed and slips them into his haversack before continuing back in the direction of the tents. He's eager to hear if the scouts will report any news that impacts their plans.

2012-11-04, 11:39 PM
Pocketing the coin he says as you leave, "Thank you for shopping, and may your path bring you fortune."

Walking back to the caravan you see Frandol in the distance carrying Issath with Gravious. As you approach you notice that they've stopped outside, and that the caravan workers are standing around a few new crates outside the wagons. Reaching Frandol you spot a few extra guardsmen tending their horses near the stables, slightly obscured by the fence and nearby buildings.

Prince Zahn
2012-11-05, 09:01 AM
"Well, Alright, but give me your word to keep him safe, a man like that should not be left alone, without the slightest ..."
The dwarf pauses as they get close, and waits for Gravious' reply.

After Getting an answer, Frandol has no choice but to leave, and hope Moradin will keep a dwarf's friend away from trouble. He is lightly startled to find Elestil beside him.
"Oh! I did not see you there, Fancy meeting you here, Elestil, we just found out Issath can't stomach a drink, not a single Derlaynna Mead! Frandol laughs lightly at the idea that -anyone- can lose consciousness to a "baby-drink", how is the provisioning coming along?

2012-11-05, 02:58 PM
"1000 gold, huh?" Thurod replies, thinking about making the purchase only briefly before reaching for his pouch. He pulls out the required platinum pieces and drops them down, taking the stone with his other hand. "May the money serve you well, as I hope this stone will me." He murmurs kindly to the Dwarf, before making his way back to the group's pre-established meeting spot.

2012-11-05, 06:55 PM
---The Caravan---
Gravious looks at Frandol saying, "Don't worry about your friend. I'll make sure to keep him out of trouble. I'll never betray a friend," With that he turns and heads down another path towards the caravan.

The dwarf takes the coins and says, "Very well, to use the crystal all you need to do is meditate with it within your Mural. Just like any other part of your Mural, the link will shatter after casting. Thank you for shopping, and may your path bring you fortune."
A Mural is a term used to describe the process and end result of a sorcerer preparing his magic. Each part of it represents a different spell and each time power is used it dissolves. When every spell is used the Mural becomes nothing more than simple arcane energy. The more intricate and clear the Mural is, the higher level of spell that the sorcerer can cast. Very few sorcerers ever draw their full Mural, as doing so tells others what their powers are. Although it's said that the full painting is incredibly beautiful.

Heading back to the caravan Thurod sees Gravious taking Issath into past the guards from a different path. Meeting up with the others you can hear someone yelling from inside the larger tent. Listening more intently you identify the voice to belong to Naveris, but you're unable to make out more than a few words. When you reach the perimeter her tirade becomes quieter but no less vehement.

The guards let you pass as you hear Naveris saying, "-a mule ate the papers, we were already set to head out within the hour. We could be underway the moment my guards came back from their preparations. And yet here you are with three new crates and the papers stating that they need to be in my caravan... The manifests don't have anything about this, I've it checked enough... Again I don't have a problem with the contracts. My problem is that you've come mere moments before our departure... That's your bureaucracy to fix, not mine to deal with!" Listening you hear another persons voice, but you're too far away to make out what he's saying.

2012-11-05, 10:42 PM
"You don't mean to say that he's been knocked out by only one drink?!!" Elestil's tone is more incredulous than reprimanding, yet he's clearly concerned. "He does know that we are to leave in short order? Unfortunately, I am not practiced in any spells which would ameliorate his condition."

The goblin casts his eyes at the additional crates and guardsmen, then continues speaking to the dwarf. "I found most of the provisions I sought. Has there been any news from the scouts? Or any change of plans?" His gaze lingers meaningfully on the extra crates.


As Thurod rejoins the group, the yelling from the tent can be heard. Elestil quickly moves in to hear better what is going on. While he doesn't catch every word, he does understand enough to piece together the situation.

He announces his arrival by half-shouting into the tent, "My dear Naveris, is something amiss?" Only then does the polite goblin tentatively step into the tent, an innocent expression of worry and concern upon his face.

"It is only that I heard raised voices." Elestil's tone is subdued and matter-of-fact.

2012-11-05, 11:24 PM
In response to the clerk, Grad irately replies "I was told by the captain of the guard that advance scouts should be back by now from an area that I have to help escort a caravan through. The caravan is being run by some elf named 'Naveris' if you need to know which report"

Prince Zahn
2012-11-06, 12:03 PM
"I know what you're thinking, friend, the saddest thing is the drink wasn't even tainted or drugged, and still a few sips took him out."remembering his path here he also remembers he had not provisioned anything within the last while.
Wait, Elestil! before you go, tell them I'll be delayed, try to stall if they intend to leave, I'll try to figure something with Issath...
Frandol hustles towards the path he came through, until he spots the mage's guildhall, he huffs violently, tucks the beard into his clothes, and and taps his traveller's hat with his fingers and says "Kormidar! as he changes appearance to that of a 5 foot tall, robed human, with a smooth head of brown hair and blue eyes, the beard and mustache on his face has vanished, leaving but a glowing elaborate mark where his beard's magic lock used to be. He knocks on the building door and enters, looking for a place to purchase magic supplies, and perhaps something to help get Issath up, and tries to hide his dwarven accent though voice alone:
"Hello? I syek to purchase crafting supplies, might someone aid mye with that?
I'm guessing that this accent will sound closer to a Russian-style(?), but only mildly.
Disguise: [roll0]

2012-11-08, 06:31 PM
Thurod looked around the room, an eyebrow quirked in confusion, "So...did I miss something? Because things seem rather odd around here." He half-joked.

2012-11-09, 02:47 AM
As you speak the clerk views the shifting patterns on the stone, changing it with a hand-wave every so often. When you finish Ellis looks back to you and says, "I see, very well then I'll see if the report is ready for you. I apologize if the process was irritating, but early reports such as this are generally processed before they're copied," Tapping the stone, it glows white for a moment before clearing. Standing up the clerk motions to a chair by the wall, "If you'll take a seat, I'll inquire about the report."

Entering the guildhall you notice a Dwarf give you a look when you announce your intentions before turning away, "What can I get for you friend?" says a Halfing from behind the counter, "We have many basic supplies and a few advanced ones."

---The Caravan---
Entering the tent you see Naveris standing by the table while the man she was yelling at was sitting down by the desk. At around 5'10" he looks at you with a quizzical expression. But before he could speak Naveris give a relieved sigh and says, "Welcome back. I take it you have the supplies you need then? Anyway a little before you arrived the Quartermaster here came by with some extra crates to load-"

"Yes Miss Valfor," The man interjects, cutting Naveris off, "and I'd very much appreciate it if you would deal with them instead of talking with anyone who enters-"

"These are my guards that I hired to protect your cargo," She continued, turning back to the man with a bitter glare, "and before you ask, they've come recomended by Grathsi Thrumrock. So I would prefer to have them understand the situation so they can plan-"

"I don't care who they are. They could be Shiria and Elestil themselves, and you'd still have to load those crates-" The quartermaster said cutting Naveris off again.

Prince Zahn
2012-11-09, 04:07 AM
Mhmm, Err... Dah, Frandol's tongue naturally rolls when he stutters at that those "R"s, a sound known to mainly be used by dwarves of the north, and some types of halflings and elves in the east, it only lasted for a moment, however. "Iym looking for Oil-fermyentid wool, a vial og Ent hahnyi(ant honey)Syix rolls of parchment, Err—some yink, Oh, do you hev a transmyootion potion thet kyoors a drahnkyin fool?(cure, drunken)

After getting an answer he continues: "Dah. Do You hev some edvyenced mateeryols for... he gets closer to the halfling to whisperIlyusions or criyeshons?(creations, as the spell term)

2012-11-09, 07:18 PM
The Halfling looks at you for a moment, struggling a bit with your accent before nodding in reply, "Oh, yes. We have some wool and honey left. The parchment and ink we have plenty of, so how much do you need?" Pulling out the ream he barely sees you pull in closer. Looking utterly confused at what you said he responds, Um, sir. Materials for Illusion and Creation magics aren't restricted or rare. There's no need to whisper."

Prince Zahn
2012-11-10, 02:10 AM
"SSSSHHHHUSH! Votch your verds, lyittle fello," Frandol silences him, he has played this persona before to know not many people have clever answers to paranoia, he continues. "They'll lisyen from anyverre, yeven herre yis Farr es Keryat." he whispers, rasping a bit in parts of emphasis."-Err please bring mye my modyest magyic supplies kind syer, I vill fyetch you good pay for yit." He turns his head and speaks to the air, in an almost creepy fashion, then turns to the counter again to whisper: "please hahrye sviftlye, lyittle friend!"

2012-11-10, 06:49 PM
Elestil stifles a quick chuckle at the man's words, before replying to each of them in turn. He starts by quickly addressing Naveris's question.

"I have indeed procured what provisions I lacked, Naveris, but our party is not fully re-assembled quite yet."

With that, he turns his attention to the man seated at the desk. "Good sir, we may be eager to set off, but we have no intention of riding away while our cargo remains behind. You need not fret, for the crates will be loaded. However, that doesn't answer the question of why we were not informed of these crates until the last minute. If we were not awaiting a scouting report, we may have departed without ever being informed that there was more cargo. That was a near miss. And as for what the legendary Elestil would have to say,"

"'Learn from your errors and almost-misses, for they are wiser teachers than your successes.'"
OOCAn Elven proverb attributed to Elestil

Elestil watches the man closely to see whether he understands the Elven. Not all men speak so freely of Elven legends, and the goblin is curious whether this man is well-versed in Elven.. or if he simply knows the famous names.

2012-11-11, 08:02 PM
Thurod walked up behind Elestil, intent on supporting his friend's inquiries, "Yes, why are these crates late for departure? It strikes me as odd that they would be tacked on at the last moment like this.

(OOC)Not sure if I should roll a Sense Motive or not. If so, I'll do it in the OOC thread.(/OOC)

2012-11-11, 11:15 PM
---The Caravan---
"Hurmph, I'm sure that the elf would say that," The man says with a dismissive glare, "And as I told your employer, the paperwork for the crates was lost before it could be approved. It was only finished recently, and I was ordered to make sure that it was loaded," Turning to Naveris he says with a pointed finger, "I would also be finished by now if you didn't order your men to take-"

"You and I both now what an unbalanced caravan would do to our speed," Naveris replied back quickly.

You're not sure if he understood your Elven, but regardless of that, it would seem that he has a low opinion of Elestil.

The Halfling looks at you with a confused look takes a moment before he replies, "Um, sir. We have a variety of defensive spells placed around the building. If you were being scryed upon we would know about it and have removed the spell," He shook his head when he realized that he was whispering, "We take the security of our customers seriously."

From behind you, you hear the voice of the dwarf speak up, "Lad, you should know by now that our wards aren't powerful enough to keep out the best mage's. Why don't you start up the anti-magic field, that should prevent anyone from scrying our guest," You can tell that he's smiling, or at least smirking, as he finishes his thought. Looking at the dwarf, the clerk nods at him and reaches for a small stone on the counter.

Initiative Roll DC:12
This is to stop the clerk from activating the anti-magic field which would suppress all active magic.

Sitting down Ellis turns and heads through a door behind the counter. Looking around you don't find anything interesting and simply wait for the clerk to come back. After a few moments you see Ellis return carrying a stack of papers, "Here you go, Naveris and her caravan have access to this information. A note was also made by the guard captain to have the documents copied in full, so I'm sorry if you had to wait long."

The report is twelve pages long and bound with a simple wax seal. When you read it you find that the scouts didn't find any activity in the woods. Instead they found areas of unseasonal warmth and foreign plants. Entering further they came across tracks created from intense heat, and no visible footprints. Further investigation revealed an area where no snow or ice could be found.

Prince Zahn
2012-11-12, 05:16 AM
DON'T! YOU MUST NYOT!Frandol panics a bit, he's hate to lose a charade, he has probably already lost it already, given the dwarf testing him he's probably aware, though revealing himself at this stage would already be a bit awkward...
Frandol tries to stop the halfling.
Frandol failed the initiative, so the following check is generally moot, however if there is time he will say he has magic implants.

such a thing exists, where some people undergo surgery to enchant their organs to either augment them with magic, keep it alive, or keep it functioning body-independently, or have it heal itself. Originally a taboo(legend by request), it is now partially more accepted for it's potential to save lives.
Regardless of the organ's purpose, anti-magic in most all forms causes the organ in question to fail, and such a person could risk a swift and excrutiating death if the anti-magic is left unsuppressed.

If there's time: Bluff check(having magic implants):

2012-11-12, 08:21 PM
After inspecting the report fully, Grad takes it, buys some candy from the first salesman he sees, and heads back to where the caravan should be waiting. Upon arrival, seeing the discussion going on, he asks "I got the report, what's going on here?

2012-11-12, 10:07 PM
Thurod looked over at Grad, "Elestil and I are questioning the decision for these last few crates to be added at the last minute. It strikes both of us as...questionable. But, in the meantime, what does the report say?"

2012-11-12, 10:30 PM
Elestil watches the man to see if he reacts now that Thurod has said "Elestil." The goblin is also curious what Naveris had ordered, but that was not his greatest concern.

He speaks to the man and to Naveris, "It would seem that there were simply a series of unfortunate obstacles and misunderstandings in our path. However, it looks to me like the problems are fully solved, and everything will be properly loaded.. to everyone's satisfaction, I am sure.. before we set off with due haste to make this important delivery."

Diplomacy: [roll0]
To calm everyone's tempers and conclude the dispute

He smiles sincerely at both of them, bowing his head slightly to excuse his attention, and turns to face his comrades.

"Yes, Grad, did the scouts uncover anything of significance?"

2012-11-12, 11:39 PM
"The scouts said they found melted snow,unnaturally warm areas, and strange footprints burned into the ground"Grad says, as he hands over the report.
"This entire scenario just seems fishy to me. I mean, what with the buisness with the scrying and all.

If the "signs of a remorhaz" we found in our last mission resemble or contrast with the report, I comment on the possibility or impossibility of meeting a remorhaz. I'll edit the post to show whichever of the above options being true

2012-11-14, 10:52 PM
Elestil takes the scouts; report from Grad and starts skimming through it. "Most interesting..."

Do any of these knowledges apply to discern possible causes for what the scouts have found?
Knowledge (arcana): [roll0]
Knowledge (local): [roll1]
Knowledge (religion): [roll2]

2012-11-15, 07:15 PM
"What's interesting, Elestil?" Thurod asked as he peered over his friend's shoulder.

Aid Another(Knowledge:Arcana)[roll0]
Aid Another(Knowledge:Local)[roll1]

Not gonna attempt the Knowledge:Religion, since Thurod's not educated in a religious sense apart from Halfling stuff, and even then he doesn't remember much of it. :smallbiggrin:

2012-11-16, 03:12 PM
Moving to stop the halfling, you make what excuses you can but are just a moment to late in your grasp. Spinning the stone the air around you is tinged lightly blue. With your magics suppressed your form returns to normal as the air becomes clear. Shocked by your illusion the clerk recovers quickly enough to hear the latter end of your speech saying, "Gneiss meshes and pulsing auras? Aren't those what those fixers are going on about? The body modding stuff?"

"Don't worry about that lad, he's just messing with you," The dwarf says from behind you with a wry grin, "Why don't you go and get this man the supplies he's asking for from the back? We don't want to look understocked if another customer comes in."

With a nod the halfling clerk heads off through the back as the dwarf comes up to you and pats you in the back saying, "Magical implants huh? Interesting idea for an Illusion cover I'll admit," Moving a bit to the side he leans against the counter and asks, "So who are you running from to warrant hiding in a mages hall?"

---The Caravan---
Naveris lets out a small sigh and addresses the quartermaster, "You're right, my contract won't allow me to leave these crates here, but as a volunteer I reserved the right to load my caravan. I stopped your men because they were going to dangerously unbalance the wagons. Now with my guards here I need to re-prepare the caravan, is there going to be a problem with my men loading the crates?" She finished with a quizzical expression.

Standing up the man brushes off his pants and says apologetically, "I see that I have overstepped my authority in this matter and I apologize for that. As for my orders, I just have to oversee the loading of the crates. I don't much care who does it provided they load it properly."

"I can see a potential problem with your orders depending on how soon my guardsmen want to leave," Naveris mused aloud before turning to your group and saying, "I can have the wagons reloaded in ten to fifteen minutes, but it'll be slightly unbalanced until we stop for the night. The balance problem won't come up at low enough speeds though. If you want everything rebalanced before we leave I'll need somewhere close to an hour."

Listening to the conversation, you try to make sense of various details within the report. The unnatural weather is obviously magical in nature and you know of a few cults that would be bold enough to preform magic rituals right outside a city. But you don't find any of the trademark signs that such cults would leave behind. From your knowledge of the warmer plants along with the slight growth that's described in passing, you find that whatever isn't dangerous is elemental.

Beyond this however your knowledge runs out about how this all comes together. (Edit)You are able to find a path through the forest that avoids much of the magical areas, as well as getting you to your destination sooner.

2012-11-17, 02:47 PM
Elestil responds to Thurod, "If I'm reading this correctly, I think we can plot a path through the forest that mostly avoids the magical areas. It might be a risk, but it would be faster than taking the caves. Perhaps we need to discuss our route once more..."

After musing for a moment while continuing to scan the reports, he turns back towards Naveris.

"Frandol said he would be delayed a bit longer, so we're not quite ready to leave yet." He looks towards his companions as he continues, "Shall we allow them the hour to load things properly, or ought we to hurry?"

2012-11-19, 09:16 PM
"I see..." Thurod murmured, "However, it will be dangerous...that being said, the odds of us encountering something we cannot handle between the five of us is almost minescule."

Listening to Elestil's next statement, Thurod looks around at his compatriots, "What do you all think, shall we give them the hour? I feel it might be to our advantage, seeing as we have no way of knowing how long Frandol might be away. Better to err on the side of caution, as it were, in my opinion."

2012-11-19, 09:25 PM
Thinking of Issath's current condition, Elestil nods at Thurod's words.

"I have no objection to waiting. Better to begin fully prepared than unduly rushed, I should think."

Still, the goblin is eager to taste adventure. He continues to page through the scouts' report for half a minute, but then he holds it out towards the rest of the group, indicating that someone else may peruse it if they feel so inclined.

2012-11-19, 10:49 PM
"I'm sort of.... bad at organizing and stuff. I abstain from this vote.

2012-11-21, 04:33 PM
Thurod turns to Naveris and the other man, "Seeing as Issath is still indisposed, and Frandol still busy and away from us, we have decided to allow the time to properly load the additional crates, if it will satisfy everyone's requests."

2012-11-23, 10:31 PM
You hear a fierce roar echoing in the back of your head that creates a constant ring in your skull. The roaring intimidates you, but oddly it is soothing to your mind. With a little focus you hear through the echoing "Hello, My name is Issath... Do you want to play?"

2012-11-24, 01:34 AM
Thurod holds his hand up to his ear, curious as to what he was feeling in his skull, but attempting to not show it.

@ Issath

"Play...play what, my friend?" Thurod thinks back in confusion.

2012-11-24, 11:25 AM
"A Game of course!" said Issath's voice growing more and more deep "But with this game you gotta gamble something if you're truly interested in the ultimate prize!". Suddenly the image of a little boy appearing as a younger Issath appears in front of you asking "So are you willing to play? The Game? ALRIGHT! Let's play good guys against bad guys... Yes. Let's play that. Are you ready? You're the bad guy. And when you're bad, you just run. That's fine, right?

I hated how this little introduction into chaos pretty much spoiled a theme I was going to go with Issath... Ah well :smalltongue:

2012-11-25, 01:13 AM
Naveris nods when you tell her your decision, "Very well, I'll start loading now then. So don't worry about loading anything yourselves, the other caravan workers will do that. It might be best if you look over which route we'll be taking while the others come back," She said as you left the tent. Outside the other workers look at Naveris when she addresses them, "Okay everyone we have some extra crates to load so we're going to need to re-balance the entire caravan. We only have an hour to do it so get those covers off-"

While she's giving orders, the quartermaster walks up to you, his hands clasped behind his back. Watching the workers load the crates he says to you, "If you're going to ask people about details in that report, then please note that it was given to Naveris in confidence. The kingdom and barony likes to deal with these sort of things without causing undue panic among the populace. If they end up needing help then people having this knowledge will cause more problems then it would help."

2012-11-25, 01:18 AM
@ Issath

"I can only run?" Thurod asked, his confusion only growing deeper, "And what was that you said about a gamble?"

2012-11-25, 03:16 AM
"Yeah! You are the bad guy remember? I'll count to 10 to be fair okay..." Issath covers his eyes peaking through the fingers staring at you as the Hands turn into a see through mask taking on the visage of a Dragon...

To not spoil the surprise I'll play fair and make it a more reasonable DC to recognize what type of Dragon it is. Since it is a Child (Wyrmling) version of Issath the DC would be... I guess Knowledge (Psionics) DC 18.

... I certainly do hope this isn't stepping on the DM's toes... :smalleek:

2012-11-26, 07:57 PM

Thurod gulped, "Wait!...You still didn't explain that wager comment...it's rude to not explain all the rules of a game, isn't it?" Thurod tried to stall, still confused as to what exactly was going on.

2012-11-26, 08:02 PM
Elestil responds to the quartermaster, "Of course, good sir. We understand the value of discretion."

He turns toward his companions. "Well then, what thoughts about this new information? Shall we reconsider our course?"

The goblin eyes Thurod curiously. The half-orc seems as if he is in a bit of daze. "Thurod? Thurod?! Is everything alright, my halfling friend?"

2012-11-26, 08:19 PM
Taking his hands away from his face the boy looks at you and says "I'm the Good guy though... Anything I do MUST be fair... right?" the boy places his hands on the side of his hips and looks at you puzzled "I believe you already know what the prize is... You'll find it on this mission that you and 'me' are on... The prize is-" is all you hear as the Mindlink begins to disparate.

No spoilers on what Issath has planned for you Mr.Brain :smallamused:

2012-11-29, 09:07 PM
Thurod shook his head as he became alert to the concious world once more, "Y-yes, Elestil, I am fine. I just was preoccupied with some...thoughts." He mused, "As for reconsidering our course, I believe I would support a change to the route you discovered."

2012-11-30, 09:39 PM
Suddenly, Grad makes a realization-
"I just realized I forgot to do something! Ill be right back!
He says as he rushes off into the distance to find someone selling candy.

2012-12-01, 01:25 PM
Heading back into town it's easy enough to find a sweet shop near the town square. You notice many people staring at you as you approach the shop. With your normal quick glances you are surprised to find that few mothers are holding their children protectively. Instead they merely hold the child's hand a bit tighter, some even greet you relatively politely.

The door frame's size requires you to bend down slightly lower than you are used to. Inside you see that the shop has a variety of soft and hard candies of various flavors.

After a few moments of browsing, you hear a voice from behind you, "Um, hello there. Are you finding what you're looking for?" Looking at the source you see a young woman about fifteen years of age.

2012-12-02, 10:13 AM
Ignoring the reactions that people are having to him, Grad states
"I'm in a hurry, how much hard candy can I purchase with... 30 gold? I'll take that much.

Before exchanging the money for candy and sprinting back to the caravan.

Prince Zahn
2012-12-04, 12:56 AM
Frandol hustles back to the caravan tents, with his bag hanging from one arm and, so it doesn't blow off - his hat in the other, looking a bit for the tent Gravious brought Issath to, one tent soon enough seems familiar from an angle.

He speaks to the man standing by the entrance, he seeks to enter, while explaining he's come to pick up a friend, as he speaks he tries to get himself together.

2012-12-04, 12:33 PM
"Thir- Thirty gold?" The woman said, eyes wide with surprise, "And hard candy... You could get about three bags for that much, but if you want some more exotic candies you could only get one bag."

I'd like to point out that candy prices would only be a few silver. So the three bags at thirty gold would come out of the best batches first.
The guards around the caravan lift their weapons when they notice who you are. Inside you see the other caravan workers unloading bits of the carts so they can load a few other crates into them. Remembering that Gravious said that the tent was near the stables, you head through the structured chaos to find him.

It didn't take you long to find. Approaching it you notice Gravious sitting outside of it gnawing on a bit of jerky. Seeing you he sets aside the food and waves you over, "Glad to see you," He said when you entered earshot, "Issath's inside the tent right there. I don't want to crowd him in case he wakes up."

Prince Zahn
2012-12-04, 02:40 PM
"wonderful, he is safe, I hope. Thank you." Frandol continues to the tent he was directed to, when he finds Issath resting(?) he approaches him and gently shakes the young soul's shoulders.
"Can ye wake up, boy?"Frandol whispers, while not spotable from any distance, his breath of aged barley and morning-meat might usettle the noses of those too close, "You were out like an Elf-gulping-down-Brängk, but now it's time to wake.".

2012-12-04, 02:48 PM
Issath peers up and looks at Frandol staring at his body "Umm... Howdy... So... I fall asleep at the bar and wake up here in the tent with you..." Issath feels for his clothes on him and returns his gaze at Frandol "Oh neat, I still have my clothes on! he shouted as he creates a massive grin on his face and leaps out the tent. "ALRIGHT! I've had my nap! What is on the menu today Mr. Frandol?" he said while staring into the tent to see his Dwarven friend with his classic big old goofy smile.

BAM! Issath is back in action! :smallamused:

Prince Zahn
2012-12-04, 03:16 PM
Frandol quickly seats Issath back down.Settle down, lad—you'll know everything in due time, right now the others await our return to leave, but first eat this bread, how are ye feelin', boy? Can ye see me well? thinking straight? Belly and head not achin'? Vows in tact?" laughing a bit, Frandol inquires Issath one question at a time as he rips a piece of bread, then he drips some medicine into the bread's crumb, leaving the crust hard with moist darkened bread filling, he hands it to Issath. AlmostSeemingly not listening he continues:
"This might not taste so fine, but ye'll sober-up soon, that mead really did some work on ye, don't you know?"

Edit(cont): eating the medicine-dampened bread betrays an off, strong bitter taste in addition to the taste of baked dough, and very mildly sugared, bitter-sweet sensation soon afterwards that remains after swallowing.
anything you'd like to add, Mr.DM?

2012-12-05, 02:04 PM
"Silly Frandol! Don't you know that that after a good old nap, everyone is invincible?" Shouted Issath as he jumps around full of energy "You know, I think everyone should be as lucky as me to be able to take a nap in the middle of the day without repercussions!" he mumbles as he bites into the bread, still talking he comments "Yeah, this bread taste terrible... No clue why I'm still eating it, but I just can't stop..."

For the sake of my protection, I still have Detect Hostile Intent up... Not saying I don't trust you Zahn, just curious if anyone was trying to kill my in my sleep :smalltongue:

Prince Zahn
2012-12-05, 04:36 PM
"Invincible? After just a nap?" Frandol raises his eyebrow, a bit confused at what he had just heard and seen, he expected a bit less excitement on Issath's part, considering what the Derlaynna Mead has done to him. He laughs a bit. I don't know where you're from, but I wish me own illusions were as grand as your delusions."
Watching Issath eat the bread, Frandol adds:
"Ye must be hungered to devour that wicked medicine so quickly, have some of my Meat, too, why didn't you order something back at the tavern?Frandol hands Issath a nicely-sized piece of dried cattle meat from his pack, it is salty and a bit overcooked, a bit chewy in texture.
Worry not, my chums, if that was poison, Issath would have made a saving throw roll by now.

2012-12-06, 12:37 AM
---The Caravan---

After Issath finishes the bread you barely hear Naveris's voice cut through the wintery air. Appearing at the entrance Gravious smiles at Issath and says, "Looks like my break here is done. Naveris needs my help reorganizing the caravan. I think your friends will want to leave when it's finished. So you should probably talk with them before then. Kay?" With a wave he turns and heads back to the wagons.

With your answer and gold in hand, the young woman scoops various candies into small burlap bags. Handing them to you she says, "Thank you for shopping, and may your path bring you fortune."

I'll be ending Grad's segment here as it'll take him a bit to rejoin the caravan. I'll pick him back up at the caravan during my next post; unless he posts to go to another location.

2012-12-06, 05:20 PM
Thurod shook his head as he became alert to the concious world once more, "Y-yes, Elestil, I am fine. I just was preoccupied with some...thoughts." He mused, "As for reconsidering our course, I believe I would support a change to the route you discovered."

Elestil nods slightly as he considers his friend's words. "Very well. When our crew has reassembled, we shall see if they concur. And until such time..." He trails off, and pulls out a small, thin flute that appears to be carved out of bone. As he begins to play, a hat lies upside-down a few feet in front of him. It is not clear how long the hat has been there.

He plays a slow and lyrical tune with a mournful feel. The phrases incrementally grow louder, with more moving notes, before settling into softer, longer tones at each cadence. The flute's tone is round and mellow, though it brightens into an almost shrill quality at the tune's most intense moments. But always it recedes into a soft, mellow, and sorrowful cadence.

He's playing more to pass the time than for need of coin, but hey, might as well put out the hat, right?
Perform (wind instruments): [roll0]

2012-12-07, 10:45 PM
"Yes! After just a single nap! You should have a nap... not right now of course, because if you had a nap, I would want a nap, but since I just had a nap, me having two naps would be unfair so you can't have a nap..." replied Issath at almost lightning speed. He raises his eyebrow in response to you raising your eyebrow and giggles a little as you finish your sentence "Heh, I come from a wonderful place where the air is clean and fresh, nobody has to work unless they want too and everyone can be whoever they want to be if they want to be that person... OH! AND YOU LIVE FOREVER! ... If you want to that is... Oh and btw... This Medicine isn't really THAT bad... It's just a little bitter... Do you have anything sweet?" noticing you pull out the cattle meat Issath pushes it away stating "I'm a vegetarian and I hope that the thing that kills me also follows the same philosophy... It's not that I don't like meat, it's just I find the idea of killing a creature simple because YOU want to live is a little silly... Especially considering that you can survive off of the energy of the world around you."

I was joking about the poison thing my friend :smalltongue:

2012-12-07, 11:39 PM
Thurod began to smile as he listened to his Goblin friend play, before his expression changed to one of exhasperation as he reached a hand up his sleeve, pulling out a small weasel, "You are such a pain in the neck, Ko." He said playfully to the creature, which chattered back at him a moment. "I am not being a stick in the mud, but you know like I do, cities don't like wild creatures. Just because you love the music is no reason to risk me getting kicked out." Ko chattered again, "Apology accepted, just be patient, ok?"

(OOC)Expect to see a lot of Ko. :smallbiggrin:(/OOC)

Prince Zahn
2012-12-08, 05:10 AM
"Moradin's tear, you speak at incredible speeds, and think ye live forever, and speak of a perfect land,ye behave most incredibly to alcohol, and it has nay changed ye...not noticing any change whatsoever in Issath, Frandol tries to make sense of things, a human who outright defies his definition of man is so surreal, is Issath meddling with his mind, speaking of and doing things in ways simply unbound by nature? and what in Gargreb Eyelicker's name is a vegetarian?
Biting into the meat in his hand he continues; "what philosophy? Ye drink, ye babble nonsense, Your- behavior is almost...inhuman.
Silent for a bit, Frandol steps away, what could a human that is not human be, other than a parasite, a "possessed one", or, and perish the thought — a demon?
Frandol's voice pales, his face betrays uncertainty and lightly scared, as he stands by the entrance, ready to run at the any moment, for whatever Issath is, he may not have the magic to deal with."Issaaaath? Would ye...like to tell me what... it is you are? Honestly, this time?

2012-12-08, 02:05 PM
Oh my... I seem to have given you the wrong impression WELL! I can tell you one thing, I am not a Dee-thingy. I am as human as you are... Dwarf. To answer your question of what I am. I am Issath just as you are Frandol." smiling just a little bit and touching Frandol's beard and rubbing his own face "As crazy as this might be, Frandol, but what exactly are you? and for that matter what is everyone in our group? I see so many different faces and appearances, thinking that everyone is the same species, but this isn't exactly so... I thought you were as Human as me when we first met, but I this is apparently not true"

LOL when you called me a Demon I thought I was going to have to defend myself... And now Issath must learn the difference between the races instead of going on to think that everyone is Human and looks different :smalltongue:

Prince Zahn
2012-12-09, 03:45 PM
"wait, ye don't know what you are? A demon would never forget it's identity. one thing is certain: I may be an odd little dwarf, but you are by no means human; not beyond looks, anyhow." Frandol paces back and forth for a bit with his arms behind him, he keeps a close eye on Issath.
Frandol hits the palm of Issath's hands with his gloved hand.
"don't touch me beard, boy. it's insulting." He tucks his beard into his garb.
perhaps you are humane by choice, Are you a shape-shifter, By any chance? can ye change to something else, like this:
With a clap of his hands his body appears to change into the robed magus who's form he took up earlier.
"or this,"
He claps again, and almost as if the view was already there his appearance changes to that of a large, hairy and brawny goblin-like creature with teeth. A brightly contrasting mark brightly showing where the intricate steaks on his beard used to be.
"or this:" he claps once more to take a form similar to Elestil in appearance, save for the defiant glow from the patterned lock where his beard used to be. A moment later a final clap shows Frandol in his original clothes.

"At least you're not a demon; we should get moving."
Frandol opens the tent flap in courtesy for Issath to exit with him.
I like showing off, And I'm not ashamed to take the opportunity to do so, especially if it helps us move on.
Anyway, Frandol is trying to narrow his options until none such remain, starting by asking if he's anything like a Doppleganger.

2012-12-12, 02:13 AM
Grad arrives during the middle of Elestil's song, as it rises into one of it's shriller verses. The caravan workers move at a quick, steady pace, as they move assorted gear around to accommodate the crates. As the time winds down Frandol and Issath return to the group, and the last items are loaded. The burlap covers are only a little bulkier as they're tied down.

When the horses were yoked to the wagons Naveris confirms you're choice of the forest. With your agreement she whistles at the drivers who use the pulleys to guide their wagon. Before Naveris heads to her cart she says, "My first priority is to get the caravan to the fort. If we get into trouble I'll try to keep you guys between us and the problem. I'll try to defer to your judgement as much as possible, that's what I hired you for, but if things get to dangerous I'll order the caravan to bolt."

Moving along with the caravan you head through the north gate at a modest speed. The guardsmen that you saw earlier follow, but stay by the wagons. The countryside around you is layered with between two to two and a half feet of snow. It shines as you move by, it's top layer covered in a thin sheet of ice formed by what melted in the early spring sun. Only the main roads closest to the city are entirely free of snow. After three hours of travel the roads have a few inches of snow and ice as the sun meets the horizon.

You arrive in a small border town called Ridgewatch during dusk. The street lanterns haven't been lit as there's still enough light to see by. Calling the caravan to stop Naveris gathers everyone together and says, "It's getting dark and the forest is still half a day away. I want everyone well rested and alert before we get there, so we're going to stay here for the night. But I want this caravan up and ready to go before sunrise," Looking around you see a variety of workshops, and two inns, the Ridgeworth Inn and the Watchers Tavern.

2012-12-12, 03:04 PM
Issath eagerly leaps out of the back of the cart and looks around him and dashes over to the Ridgeworth Inn pointing at it and jumping shouting "I WANT THIS ONE!" dashing back over to Naveris he grabs her hands and starts leaping and smiling whispering and pleading "please, please, please, please, please, please, please!!!?"

I'm assuming the Ridgeworth Inn has a slightly better appearance to it, instead of appearing as run down as every other place of refuge here. :smallsmile: ...THAT! and I want to get into a Bar Fight :smallamused:

2012-12-12, 03:10 PM
"See everyone in the morning then." says Grad as he picks up his backpack, axe and other equipment, throws it over his shoulder, and wanders towards the Ridgeworth Inn, before entering.
After a quick look around, he walks over to get a room for the night.

2012-12-12, 04:08 PM
Thurod steps gingerly from the cart, Ko having re-disappeared within the folds of his robe, and walked toward Issath, "Calm yourself, Issath. It appears this inn will suffice for the night, so unless Elestil or Frandol have any objections, we will indeed stay here."

2012-12-12, 06:13 PM
Elestil pops out of the cart behind Thurod. "The Ridgeworth Inn, you say. That sounds like a satisfactory plan.

2012-12-12, 06:46 PM
The Ridgeworth Inn's aged timbers stand stoutly against the encroaching cold night air. As you enter you feel the humid warmth of the air, and hear the din of gossip. To your right is a low counter that wraps around the corner, beyond it are the stairs leading up to the second floor. To the left are tables and chairs centered around a fireplace in the northern wall, and the brightly lit stage wedged into the southwest corner.

Behind the counter is a man of six feet in height, his hair greying from age. With a smile he says, "Hello there travelers. Welcome to the Ridgeworth Inn. If you'd like a room we have six left, each only five gold."

Prince Zahn
2012-12-13, 01:52 PM
Frandol gets up with the others with his modest pack on his shoulder, and speak his mind.
"Well, if they have a room with more than one bed, would one of you want to share a room with me? I wouldn't mind a conversation or two before bed. how about you, Grad? We haven't really spoke in ages!"

Grad has been cordially invited to share a room with Frandol. Do you accept?

2012-12-13, 08:43 PM
Yeah, sure. Just warning you, I get pretty grumpy if I don't get 8 hours of sleep though. says Grad as he counts out 25 silver in assorted coinage and places it on the counter.

2012-12-14, 12:26 AM
Elestil pays the innkeeper for a room and, gesturing towards the stage, asks "Would you welcome entertainment for the evening? I can provide a musical performance to please your assembled guests."

The goblin slyly winks as he adds, "Entertained guests are thirstier guests, with looser pursestrings." He smiles his most charming goblin smile and awaits the innkeeper's response.

Prince Zahn
2012-12-14, 04:01 AM
"Marvelous!"Frandol digs into his coin pouch for gold. He raises his head towards the innkeeper:
"pardon me, innkeeper, that is 5 gold for one room, yes? Me friend and me would like to share a room, if ye have such with more than one bed."
Eventually Frandol counts five silver pieces and matches grad's share with two more coins of gold.
"We should have a short while before we rest, But I don't know if ye'll have eight hours to sleep if we leave town with come daylight."

2012-12-14, 12:23 PM
"You want to perform?" The innkeeper asks in a polite manner. Tapping the counter for a moment he looks at Elestil for a moment, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I normally check out an artists act before letting them onstage, but the stage has been empty this entire week. I'll let you on, if you can keep the crowd entertained I'll let you keep two-thirds of your earnings. Does that sound like a fair deal? He asks with a raised eyebrow. Glancing at the stage you find that it's lit by three bulls-eye lanterns. You expected to give him some of what you'd make, but he must not consider you very skilled if he's asking for a third of it.

As Elestil looks over at the stage the innkeeper turns to Frandol. Thinking for a moment he shakes his head, "Sorry lads, we don't get enough visitors for me to put two beds into a room. Although I do have an old bed down in storage. I suppose I should try keeping a two bed room, so if you want to bring it up I'll knock down the price to three gold. How's that?" He says with a smile, separating your gold into to piles should you want to purchase rooms separately.

Prince Zahn
2012-12-14, 01:23 PM
"What say you, fellow–" Frandol lifts his arm to pat Grad's back, presumably to get his attention."–Do you think we can do it?" Frandol thinks about how he used to struggle carrying his own supplies, the dwarf knows his own strength, but knows Grad to be stronger than he.

2012-12-14, 02:27 PM
Thurod, having overheard Elestil's conversation with the innkeeper, chuckled knowingly as he placed down 5 gold on the counter, winking at the Goblin before turning back toward the innkeeper once more, "Pray tell, my good man, how much do you charge for a flagon of ale?"

2012-12-14, 11:10 PM
Elestil's expression hardens for a few seconds. "Two thirds? You are correct, good sir, to surmise that most goblins make poor musicians. Yet most goblins do not offer music when they observe an empty stage. I'll accept your terms, and grant your establishment a performance to be remembered."

With that, Elestil turns to set up on the stage. He pulls up a chair and takes a seat. He begins a quiet tune on the flute, letting the guests slowly notice that there's a performer onstage, and warm up to the idea of being entertained. When he feels that he has the room's attention, he puts away the flute, slowly stands, and begins to sing. He chooses a well-known epic about the slaying of a great dragon, though he intersperses the familiar parts with verses of his own that he's worked out over time. The result is a work both familiar and new--the fun of colorful new details mixed into the comfort of a childhood favorite. Throughout, Elestil shows his customary fine-tuned control of his facial expressions. He even brings out a few truly terrifying goblin scowls, to depict the fearsome dragon in a fashion few human bards could match. In the end, he is quite satisfied with his performance. It wasn't his most difficult selection, but it was a well-rehearsed crowd-pleaser, and it was certainly a fun tale to tell!

I'm assuming, since he is neither threatened nor distracted, that he can take 10. If not, I can make the rolls OOC
Perform (wind instruments): 17 - the opening prelude
Perform (song): 22 - the main act

2012-12-14, 11:29 PM
You're asking me if I can carry something? Of course I could carry a bed, I could probably lift a small house.
So, where is this bed?

Prince Zahn
2012-12-15, 04:26 AM
"didn't he just say—" Frandol turns to hear a familiar tune, Elestil's played this before. if You'll forgive me I have a part to fulfill, Grad, would you kindly..? Well then.

Frandol approaches to get a better view of the stage, waiting for the sign from Elestil to get started. then, like an puppeteer with strings on his fingers, he concentrates far behind the eyes of the audience, a small cloud of colorful mist appears on stage takes on the form of three dashing knights as they hold together against the harsh rainstorm, leading forty-three men from all the land behind them deprived of there homes in search in search of the dragon attacking who left them with nothing to lose.
As the story progresses Frandol tries to make the cues as best he could, but for a pair of times Elestil varies with fresh verses never rehearsed before with him before; Frandol had to recast another image spell, silent image and Minor image during the more climatic scenes, and the spell ended as Frandol tried to make sense of the twists.
Nearing the definitive moments of the epic Frandol releases his spell and changes to his final image spell, Major Image as he manipulates the sights, the smells, the clanking of swords in the shadows of Elestil's lead singing, the most important parts thankfully remained reliable to the way they were practiced in their occasional practicing. Out of forty-six men only thirty lived to face the dragon; finally, the dragon falls, with one knight and four men still alive, as they rebuild with the hoard, the victors were knighted and the heros of the deed both dead and living are remembered to this day.

To others his hand gestures might seem odd but those viewing him from the beginning could tell he's making the imagery move so freely.

With the clapping of hands Frandol releases the dragon, and the five remaining knights, and returns to the innkeeper,
"The goblin is amazing, is he not? Right then, since the Orc took the bed up the stairs I wish to pay for the room, and a drink for him, if he wishes."
Having coordinated with Elestil, Frandol is able to catch up and perform off stage. having stage-fright, this is probably one of the only ways Frandol would agree to make appearance in the show, Elestil didn't NEED Frandol for this, but surely they like performing together.
Aid Another[Perform(sing)]:1d20+1

Now, some might argue that having so many different moving objects is beyond the limits of a single "Image" spell, and at the DM's decision they may be right. I will argue, however, that if I made ten cups stacked in a triangular formation,would I not be able to shuffle them? or Move them around individually within the boundaries of a single casting?
Though perhaps controversial, I'm using 2 Silent, 1 Minor and 1 Major image spells for this throughout the epic, these are not consecutive, mind you, so they are used at the right signals.

2012-12-15, 05:30 PM
"A flagon of ale? Depending on the brew, it can cost anywhere between a few copper to a few silver." The innkeeper said to Thurod, producing a key attached to a wooden tag. Placing it on the side of the counter he waves at the seats, "Your room is the second on the left, it's room number three. Take a seat if you're hungry though."

Pulling out three more keys he places one by Thurod's stating, "For your Goblin friend, room seven," The other two he shows to Grad. One is the normal room key on the wooden tag, while the other is longer and attached to a short length of chain. Holding the longer one in his other hand he says, "This key will unlock the storage room. If you're going to move the bed, my wife will show you to it."

---Elestil, Frandol---
Beginning your song the audience listens casually. Upon seeing the rainstorm indoors many more turn to look at the stage. Noting the lack of sound no one moves to the stage, knowing it to be an illusion. As you continue very few people speak to each other, but none stop conversations they already started.

I'll be stopping here for the moment. Elestil's performance will take a while, so it'll take a few posts to finish. I'll do more with this in my next post.

Also it's customary in this land to leave your room key with the innkeeper until you wish to use your room.

2012-12-16, 07:36 PM
"Wait, where can I find your wife then? I have no idea where anything is here...
Says Grad as he takes the keys from the man.

2012-12-17, 04:11 PM
Pulling five silver out of his pack, Thurod grins at the man, "One flagon of your best brew then, my good man."

(OOC)Now here's the question: Is Thurod a teetotaler, or can he take one flagon? We shall see...:smallbiggrin:(/OOC)

2012-12-17, 09:40 PM
"My wife's in the back, she's probably teaching the girls how to cook. She's the only redhead in the family so she'll be easy to spot," The innkeeper says. Turning he points to a door near the counter under the stairs, "That door leads to the kitchen. If she's not in there with the kids, then take a left and head through the side door," Taking Thurod's coins he calls back to the door, "I'll need a pint of Remmor-Glaze."

Moving to the door as it opens, a young woman heads out with a tray of food. Smiling at you she heads over to the diners and lets you through. Inside you find a standard kitchen with an open stove nearby the prep counters. Looking over the workers present you don't find any that resembles the innkeeper's description. Figuring that the wife isn't here you head to the side door to the left into the office. Opening the door you see a low desk covered with various papers. Behind it you find the innkeeper's wife, writing something on the desk.

"What is it now Lourie?" She said before glancing up from her work. Seeing you she raises an eyebrow and says, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were one of my daughters. I take it Urnist sent you to me, what can I help you with?"

---Elestil, Frandol---
Keeping the crowd's attention one could see the goblin's musical skill as he wove the song with the images on the stage. As he sings Elestil keeps an eye on the crowd's reaction, especially during his own verses. During the song he was able to spot problems with some verses early enough to fix them. Others he was unable to spot in time, but over all it was shaping up to be a good performance.

2012-12-18, 10:47 PM
"Your husband told me that I should talk to you about me moving this bed up to one of the rooms."
Says Grad as he shows her the key on a chain he was given.
"I was told that the bed was stored in a basement, if that makes a difference."

2012-12-20, 03:08 AM
"I see then," She said with a sigh, "Well I suppose you made a deal. Follow me I'll show you our furniture storage."

Leaving the desk she walks past you with a quick stride. Following, she takes you through the kitchen to a small side passage. Along the way she comments, "Basement storage is for the food, it's colder down there so our food stays fresher. Furniture storage is above it, right through the door on the left here."

In the passageway she points to the door along the left wall. Opening it you enter to see tables and chairs stacked on each other by the left wall, "The bed should be along the right hand wall. There's a door at the back wall that goes outside to the service stairs. Your key will be able to unlock it," She said matter-of-factly, turning to the door, "I'll be back at the office if you have any additional questions. When you're done I'd prefer it if you locked up here."

Sitting down at a nearby table you saw Grad head into what you presume is the kitchen. Keeping an idle eye on the door, you note that the wait is about average from your earlier experiences. After some time you notice one of the waiters come out with your drink.

Coming to your table she places the flagon down and says, "Here's your drink. It's a local Gnomish drink so it's as fragrant as it tastes. Would you like something to eat as well?" She asked as you lifted the lid. The aroma smelled like light steam with a hint of sweetness. However feeling the cup you note that it's cold to the touch.

2012-12-21, 07:06 PM
Slouching slightly to not hit his head on the ceiling, Grad searches the right side of the room for the spare bed.

2012-12-21, 11:38 PM
Thurod shook his head politely at the woman, "No, thank you." He said, before waiting a few moments as she walked away. He lifted the drink to his nose and held it steady, as Ko peered out of his sleeve stealthily and dove in to lap at the drink rapidly, drinking half of it before pulling back and chirping happily, "Ko, one of these days I'm having you quit cold turkey." The weasel looked up at him and chirped sharply, "Why? Because unlike you, my dear, I have responsibilities." Thurod quipped, grinning as Ko grumbled and dove back inside his sleeve, after which he took but a small sip of the beverage before setting it back down.

(OOC)What's the DC to avoid drunkenness? I'll roll for Ko and me in the OOC thread. :smallbiggrin:(/OOC)

2012-12-25, 12:53 AM
Dashing up behind Thurod and tapping his back "OOO! THUROD! CAN I HAVE SOME OF THAT AL-KE-HAL? Frandol and me got some earlier and it was pretty good... So can I have some? Please? Please? Please?" he also notices your Weasel and tries to grab it, before it hides back into his robe "OH! CAN I PLAY WITH YOUR MR. FUZZY!? HE IS SO CUTE AND I WANT TO PET AND HUG HIM!" smiling with an awesomeness that whispers "Just do it".

:smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin: :smallbiggrin:

2012-12-26, 03:28 PM
Finding the bed behind some loose crates you free it enough to lift it. It's bulk proved only slightly problematic, as your strength is enough to manipulate it through the doors. Heading through the door that you were pointed to you walk up the side stairs to the second floor.

Inside, the hallway is around twelve feet wide and tall enough to allow you to stand at your full height. Finding your room at the end of the hall you bring the bed into the sparsely furnished room. Closing the door you head back downstairs and lock the storage before returning the key to the innkeeper.

Drinking from the flagon the freezing cold of the ale becomes welcome as it merges with the heat of the ale and spices. The taste wasn't overwhelming though as the extremes balanced each other well. Considering how quickly you want to drink the rest of it, Issath taps you on the shoulder.

This occurs during the tavern scene below, but I couldn't find a nice way to put it in. This scene also goes immediately into Issath's post. (And if your curious about where this is placed in the timeline, Issath's post ends when the song does.)
As he returns the key, Grad arrives near the end of the song. The crowd continues to listen and speak amongst themselves yet the song could still be heard over the din. As Grad takes his seat you notice that the very mood of the Inn has changed, such is the nature of songs and performances. The illusions flow and bend into various forms giving form to the song, only slightly sluggish as they try to conform to unknown figments. Despite the apprehension of living so close to territory controlled by a dragon the crowd claps when the song ends.

During his bow to retrieve his hat, Elestil sneaks in a few more of the coins the more drunk members of the audience threw onto the stage. Descending to floor he sees a few others place larger tips on their tables, some of them commenting to the waitresses the intended recipient.

2012-12-27, 01:38 PM
Following the performance, Elestil approaches Frandol and splits his take with the illusionist. "A good show! Perhaps a few rehearsals are in order when we complete this mission... I don't believe I acquainted you with all of my new verses."

The goblin then returns to the innkeeper. "Have you any Elven wines?" He grins his goblin grin.

2012-12-27, 08:24 PM
"That would...not be a good idea, Issath. Ko is...very skittish around strangers, and she's been known to bite." Thurod replied to the excited man, taking care to shift his sleeve holding Ko closer to him.

Prince Zahn
2012-12-29, 06:42 AM
Frandol counts the coins Elestil handed him, mumbling the numbers to himself in a throaty tongue, accompanied by quiet clicks and grumbling tones.
"thank you, friend. and as always the growling is a nice touch, ye must have been fixing up on it lately?
Frandol keeps one coin in his hand, and the rest in his coin pouch before walking with the minstrel back to the innkeeper he finds Grad again, by the innkeeper, and heads toward him.
"O yes! We were to fetch the bed, were we not? Let us get that finished quickly, shall we?." Frandol seems completely oblivious as to what happened other than the performance.

2012-12-29, 06:46 AM
"That would...not be a good idea, Issath. Ko is...very skittish around strangers, and she's been known to bite." Thurod replied to the excited man, taking care to shift his sleeve holding Ko closer to him.

"Awww! Cmon! I promise I'll be REALLY gentle with him!" He says with a massive grin on his face before immediately darting off into the bar and sitting at the table with the toughest looking person in the bar with the toughest look that his little face can muster

2012-12-29, 12:57 PM
As Issath walks away, Ko peeks her head out and chatters indignantly. "He probably doesn't know how to identify weasel gender." Thurod replied conversationally. Another chatter, and Thurod spat out the sip he'd been about to consume, "No, you can't go over there and kick his ass! Now calm down, and go back inside." Huffing, Ko nonetheless went back inside, as Thurod sighed wistfully, and took a new sip.

2012-12-29, 09:33 PM
Turning in his seat, about to order a meal, Grad replies to Frandol"You spaced out again, as usual. I did it ten minutes ago. I was about to get dinner now though, you want to talk now?"

2012-12-30, 12:39 AM
Elestil winks in response to Frandol's inquiry on the growl, as he awaits the innkeeper's response to his own inquiry on the wines.

Prince Zahn
2012-12-31, 09:20 AM
Frandol sits down. "Daydreaming? Me? No, Grad. Good man, as I've told thee many moons back , Through my eyes people see the world as it's meant to be, but from cruel fate the world cannot reveal it's true face for long among us, but it is my duty to inspire people people look for the true colors of the world, what is real, and what is not? Who is to say one seeks beyond what we see and hear and know for the truth?"...
Here Frandol rambles on, spouting frivolous speeches to justify his faults, this particular one you must've heard before, flawed by the simple logic that what he creates is, by definition, unreal, and that the practice of illusion magic doesn't blur the definition of real, but rather fool the senses of others, it doesn't take a spellcraft check to know that. This may not necessarily apply to the illusion (shadow) spells, though.
"Anyways, ye've taken the bed to the room for me, the least I could do is treat you to supper.".

2012-12-31, 12:57 PM
"Wait, buy ME a meal? I can pay for myself, that bed was light. Anyway, you said you wanted to talk tonight, and I wanted to sleep, so I figured we could talk now."
Says grad in response to Frandol's offer.

Prince Zahn
2012-12-31, 02:37 PM
"and who says ye can't?" Frandol doesn't get the sudden snapping."This old onion in front of ye is offering to pay for a friend, what in the world is wrong with that?"
Peeking at Issath and Thurod, the dwarf whispers: "I meant for a conversation I would much rather continue in four-eyes, Lest a one hear us from beyond the talking of others."

2012-12-31, 10:12 PM
In response to what he percives as being snapped at randomly by Frandol, "I was just saying... Look, if you want to buy me a meal you can. no need to get angry and shout about it. No need to get your beard twisted.
Anyways, you pay after you eat, and I'm pretty hungry. Waiter!"
Says Grad as he holds a finger in the air, signaling for a server.

2013-01-04, 12:40 PM
After he finishes dealing with one of your caravan drivers the innkeeper turns to address Elestil, "That was an odd choice of song, but you know what you're doing. I'll still cut you in for two-thirds, but consider the wine wine payment for underestimating you," He says with a smile, "Take a seat, I'll have the wine sent to you."

Sitting down it doesn't take long for you to receive your drink. The waitress smiles at you as she places a bottle and glass on the table. It wasn't a particularly good vintage but you figure that this is one of their better bottles, as not many elves travel this far north, "Is there anything else you'd like? We have some soup that should go well with the wine," She says with a small nod.

----Grad, Frandol----
Around you the crowd milled about in the normal post performance and all of the servers seemed busy dealing with the others orders. Glancing out of a window you note that the dusk has settled into night and the lanterns were already lit. After a moment one of them walks up to you and takes your order. Placing it she heads back to the kitchen.

I didn't want to break the pacing of your conversation, so I lowered the details here. Basically it's too late in the day to order anything special.
The man you glare at raises an eyebrow at you. With a slightly amused expression he asks, "Why in Kord's name are you staring at me? Didn't your mother tell you it's a rude thing to do to strangers?" Turning to the other man at the table they share a laugh before the first shakes his head and drinks from his flagon.

2013-01-07, 12:02 PM
Elestil responds to the innkeeper, "Thank you, good fellow! I appreciate the compliment and the wine."

The goblin smiles, then turns to take a seat as he observes the people gathered in the inn. He had thought they would enjoy a tale of liberation from a dragon, but evidently the topic was a little more tender than he'd anticipated. At least they seemed accepting of his race in these parts.

The waitress arrives with an Elven wine, to Elestil's delight. "Thank you, fair one. I believe the wine shall suffice this evening." He nods courteously with a smile, then tastes the wine. Though he is quite the enthusiast of Elven wines, he is no true connoisseur. To him, they all taste the same; goblins are not renowned for their sensitive palates. Yet he feels a happy sense of privileged glee to partake in the Elven drink.

Prince Zahn
2013-01-09, 09:21 AM
Frandol looks out the window a bit as he waits for his broth, he heavily sighs.
"You know, Back where I'm from we would curse the snow, call it the ’the <frozen gates>’, and the naive Pufferthorn dwarves, as Grandpapa called them, were the only men and women hired to shovel it from houses, as they did it from their good hearts, so they said.
"But I ramble, for even when important events were held still, the snow would always melt, and once a year there was always a merry one who would play the fiddle and convince the young ones to ignore the chill and play while the beautiful white blanket lays, I remember begging Papa to take me their by horse to come dancing with them in the modest village.

Since leaving my home I have yet to see that, children merrily dancing and playing despite the winters coldest mornings, do you think that would happen if a fiddler came to them?

2013-01-09, 06:41 PM
"I have no idea" says grad wistfully, in between bites of chicken.
"They might dance, and they might be too depressed or tired. Times aren't good now, especially with the dragon attacks and whatnot. Still, if you find a fiddler, metaphorical or not, pay him to play. The chance of happiness will probably be worth the cost in gold."

2013-01-10, 11:16 AM
Yawning, Thurod finished his drink before standing and took his key from the bar, waving a good night to his fellows as he went to his room. Along the way, Ko poked her head out, and chirped up at him from his sleeve, "Fine, you can have the second pillow, but if I roll over in my sleep again, it's on you."

2013-01-12, 11:34 PM
Finishing up your meals you pay for them as you retire to your rooms. They're modest in both size and furnishings, containing a single bed with a small dressing table beside it. Outside the streets are lit by lanterns to guide anyone who stay out after dark.

I'll be pausing it here to allow Frandol and Grad to speak before dawn. If you want your character to do something before bed feel free to post it.

2013-01-13, 03:49 PM
Assume that Issath's actions have been occuring as we are about to go to bed

"Doesn't your Mother have a beard?" shouts Issath before quickly scampering away upstairs and into the room laughing all the while. He examines the room, touching each object in the room for no longer then a moment to gain a feel for the room before he approaches the windows and looks outside of them to gaze at the stars ("Hmm... I wish I could gaze at them all night... Heh... One day I might actually be able too... but for now? I'll sleep soon enough...")

Yes, Issath has a ring of sustainance just so he can stay up all night and gaze at the Stars. :smallsmile:

Prince Zahn
2013-01-15, 01:22 PM
Closing the door behind him, Frandol scampers to the walls connected to the neighboring rooms, takes off his gloves, approaches his ears by said walls and lightly taps them with his knuckles, expecting a thin walls or a back-tapping person -upset and tired in the next room, creeking floors and the like, to get a feel of how loud to speak.
not sure on this check, I'm guessing listen, maybe search - as I'm "searching" for creeks in the floor, and hollowed walls? I'll leave a d20 roll here anyway.
[roll0] and modify it with either (-6) or (+8) if my guessing is to be counted on.

Turning back to the estranged Grad, he says softly.
"I... I am deeply concerned, Grad, me friend..."

2013-01-15, 02:14 PM
Knocking on the walls you find the sound good enough for a decent, if low, voice. The floors are well worn with age and creak with enough pressure. With it all considered you feel safe enough from prying ears.

2013-01-15, 02:24 PM
"Why though? Nothing bad has happened, and we have a good paying job, and nothing suspicious but some funky weather. Nothing we can't handle.

Prince Zahn
2013-01-15, 03:24 PM
"No, what I meant was that new lad, I have spent the whole day with him today, and after that... Well, either my understanding of human nature is an outright lie, or Issath is - despite his height and appearance - not human...

With a brief pause he adds."Either way I have never seen a thing like it."

2013-01-15, 08:59 PM
"Unless Issath is a vampire or a doppelganger or a doppelganger-vampire, he is no threat, especially to us. If he attacks us, he dies, end of story. "
"Thinking about it, he might be a vampire. I might whack him with a vial of healing potion later, to see if it hurts him."

Prince Zahn
2013-01-16, 04:58 AM
"—Hold your tongue, grad!"Frandol alarmed. "this is quite the careful circumstance going on in this caravan, keen observation is necessary to avoid the worst."
Pacing back and for a bit, approaches grad a little
there's a wee limit to how much I can say in front of everyone, I wanted to tell it to Thurod too, but...
With a second's pause he moves on, while putting his gloves back on and rubbing them together.
"As we were, brrr... You were not there to see it, but the lad revealed almost nuthin' about himself sober, but as the lad, the driver and me left for a drink, Issath only took a few sips before getting more drunken than a seasick cat, do you know what he drank, Grad?"
Pointing his finger on his palm rapidly he answers his own question.
"Derlaynna. Mead. Who gets 'yankered' from that!?

"What's more, is that he sobers with merely an hour's rest - I am telling you, grad, something about this boy, is beyond what is natural, and what is magic!

2013-01-16, 03:03 PM
"Stop worrying Frandol. Who cares if the guy is gets drunk quickly, we can do something about it after the caravan is escorted. And he might explain on his own or die soon, so that solves the problem.
You are too paranoid, go to sleep.
Finishing this statement, Grad readies to go to sleep.

Prince Zahn
2013-01-17, 12:06 AM
"Paranoid!? But– What I saw...!
Frandol gestures strongly, as words struggle to leave his lips. Eventually he makes a sigh coupled with a yawn.

"There's ne'er no convincing you, is there? That this dwarf before thee might know something of what he speaks?"

Making his bed and getting some dust off it he prepares to go to retire to the only place more real than life itself - his dreams, when he remembers a key-word he may have forgotten to mention.

"I spoke with the driver, whom Issath seemed to take a liking to, Issath said to him he was something called a "mind-bender", which as to my current understanding is nor magic, nor divinity, nor nature, but something else entirely, I take it..."

2013-01-24, 04:32 PM
The sky is still dark as you wake up, by either your own means or by another, in your cold rooms. Dawn is still some twenty minutes away, but you can see the caravan preparing to leave outside. Grabbing your gear you prepare to head out with them.

Downstairs you see the other guardsmen from Greytower that marched with you. Seeing the first of your group arrive they stop their conversation and one of them says, "Oh, I see that you're awake. We were just coming up to inform you that the caravan will be setting off within a few minutes," Pausing only to clear his throat he continues, "We won't be accompanying the caravan any further than this, our orders require us elsewhere," Taking a step away he says, "While I have your ear, I'd like to remind you that those supplies are all that stand between us and Shiv'tra'vas," Before you can respond he heads out the door motioning the rest of his squad to follow.

Finding Naveris by her cart she smiles after you all arrive, "Looks like everyone's here, so we're ready to leave anytime. Too bad those guards couldn't come with," She said with a small sigh. Giving the order to move out, the caravan left the town.

The next few hours were uneventful as you came closer to the forest. Looking at the foliage of the trees as you set up camp to rest for a moment, you notice nearly all of the snow near the center is melted and many of the Evergreens have brown needles. Merely worrisome signs of the magics within. Returning to the road you reach the outskirts of the forest within the next hour.

2013-01-25, 10:39 AM
"Well...here we are." Thurod mused, as they stared at the forest outskirts, "Before we advance further, is everyone fully prepared to fight, should the necessity arise?" He asked, looking over his four fellow caravan guards.

2013-01-25, 12:31 PM
The elf-like goblin Elestil nods in affirmation, his bow ready and an arrow notched. He surveys the forest ahead of them, alert for signs of danger.

Spot: [roll0] - darkvision
Listen: [roll1]

Prince Zahn
2013-01-25, 04:00 PM
With his head resting upon his pack, The dwarf snores lightly, comfortably resting through the rugged path despite the frigid air, it wasn't his shift, if anything happened he figured his wagon-mates would wake him.

with a violent snort, Frandol suddenly leaps from his place when the caravan reaches a halt.
"Uh!? whuh happened? Are we there?"
he tries to keep his eyes open as he peeks through the short wooden wall, he is groggy and mildly disorientated.

2013-01-26, 03:49 PM
In response to Thurod's question, grad nods silently, draws his blade, and activities the magic effect on his chain armor.
command word triggered shield spell, CL 1

2013-01-27, 12:40 AM
Looking down at Frandol Naveris nods, "Yes, we're here," She said in confirmation, "I know we'll need to shift watch, but I'd like you to keep an eye out for trouble now. If nothing else I'll take the night watch."

Continuing into the forest beams of light illuminate patches of snow fallen from nearby trees. Following Elestil's route you head down a narrower trail a few miles down the main road. As the drivers compensate for the looser soil, you keep a look out for any trouble between the trees.

Bonus; Elestil
Approaching a bend in the trail you happen to spot a shine off in the distance. Slowing down you focus your eyes to look between the trees. After a moment you see the glint again, recognizing it as worked metal. Your not close enough to get any more details than that, not even which direction their traveling. Knowing how the trail bends you figure that they'll be much closer after a few minutes travel.

2013-01-27, 12:56 AM
Elestil slows to a stop, squinting ahead through the trees. He holds out a hand and prolongs his gaze, before breaking his silence. "I'm seeing the glint of light reflecting on metal," he says, pointing through the trees. "I believe it is worked metal, but I can't make it out more clearly from this distance."

He looks at his companions, then glances ahead down the trail they are following. After a moment's thought, he adds, "Considering the route of this trail, though, we should be considerably closer in a matter of minutes. Stay alert; someone or something lies ahead."

2013-01-27, 04:08 PM
Thurod nods at his Elf in a Goblin's body friend, "Good to know your eyes are as sharp as ever." Thurod compliments him, before pressing his hand to his eyes and looking in the same direction.


Casting Detect Magic

2013-01-27, 10:26 PM
You can't see what Elestil pointed out and your magic reveals no auras in that direction. Sweeping your surroundings you detect only the magics in and around the caravan.

The only oddities that you can note are that Naveris and a few of the caravan drivers have lingering auras from the universal school.

Prince Zahn
2013-01-28, 02:31 PM
"Aye, aye, onto the job." Frandol climbs down to the ground, before shading his eyes with the hand on his forehead he yawns and stretches for a moment, then advances to Thurod and asks:
"Shall I move on to gathering the firewood? it's nice to see a little green, eh? With enough luck the - what were they called..."
Thinking a bit and trying to remember that one word relevant in common that sounds a wee bit like the old dwarven word for "vampire gnat"; a moment later he recalls. He snaps his gloved fingers as he shouts.
-twigs! and treehides, they may be dry."

2013-02-01, 01:25 PM
"We have enough firewood in the cart for the entire trip," Naveris told Frandol from her cart, "I'd like to keep moving ahead though. I don't like to have potential threats behind us, but we don't know what it is or if it has friends. Your call, but say Elestil," She turned to the goblin abruptly, "Would you be able to guess how far it is away?"

2013-02-01, 03:38 PM
"It seems to be approximately three, maybe four hundred yards away," replies the goblin bard. "I cannot determine whether or not it is moving this way."

I had assumed from your explanation that it was ahead of us, or off to the side a little. Is this correct?

2013-02-01, 07:14 PM
"My friends, if I may ask for your attention?" Thurod murmured, his attention still on the object in the distance. "It seems to me that leaving something so obviously suspicious to chance and not, at the very least investigating it, would be a mistake. Elestil, would you consent to scouting it out?"

2013-02-01, 07:27 PM
The goblin Elestil looks to his halfling-hearted half-orc friend. "Certainly, I can perform a quick reconnoiter." He glances toward the cart expectantly, asking, "Naveris, can you afford a few minutes' delay, or shall I catch up to you when I'm done?"

Prince Zahn
2013-02-01, 08:10 PM
"wait, Is this about the trees again? I know magic, Thurod, if anything the thawed-out Snowtrees are merely a symptom of the greater magic at work, or perhaps a pixie shed her dust as she danced on all the branches? Either way we are bound to find things of interest."
Having been Gathered by Thurod, Frandol obliviously strays to what he thinks is the topic followed by a little irony.