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2012-10-06, 06:44 AM
Howdy, made two little fun things I was gonna run by my dm for my tiefling sorceress, was curious what people thought about them balance wise compared to other similar spells/feats.


New Feat;

Channeled Outburst [General]
Prerequisite: Ability to cast level 1 arcane spells spontaneously.
Benefit: You may spend a full round action when casting a spell with a casting time no greater then a standard action to add your spellcasting ability modifier as bonus damage done. This bonus damage only applies to spells that deal direct hit point damage and is the same type of damage as the spell deals. If the spell damages more then one target, only the first target receives the bonus damage. This bonus damage increases by +1 for every three caster levels you have in a spontaneous spellcasting class beyond first.

Theory: This is a feat-replica of the 3.5 Warmage's Edge for sorcerer/bards with a slight bit of scaling added and a casting time increase to balance it out slightly. Not sure if the +casting time is needed, however.

New Spells;

School: Evocation [fire, evil]
Level: Sorcerer 1
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components V, S
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target: One object or creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: yes (special)
Spell Resistance: yes


You make a quick gesture and utter but a fragment of dark speech and a gout of corrupt flame appears and sticks to one of your foes, burning into there flesh and bone before fading in a instant, dealing 1d6+1 points of unholy fire damage for each caster level you possess, to a maximum of 5d6+5 damage at 5th level. Half of this damage is unholy and ignores any resistance or immunities the target possesses. Targets must make a reflex save or catch fire.

The brand appears instantly on the target and does not need to be aimed like a ray. This spell also has the added benefit that you do not need to see the target and it can bypass even total cover so long as you know the targets name and face and they are within range of the spell. If they are not within range of the spell upon completion, the spell fails to function and does nothing, but the spell slot is still used for the day. If the caster does not know the targets name or is targeting a object, they must have clear line of sight to the target for this spell to affect them.

On a side note, this spell can be used to leave an arcane mark in the form of a scar on a target damaged by this spell.

Corruption: 1 Hit Point damage inflicted on the caster for every damage die dealt to a living creature with this spell.

Theory: A variant, more focused burst of magic missile. I call it the "flaming coup de grace". Half of it can be effected by energy resistance, spell resistance still applys, and no ranged touch attack or dc needed, but the spell also lacks magic missiles ability to hit incorporeal targets and multiple targets. The corruption cost is to keep it reigned in as a spell you don't necessarily want to spam, let alone intensify it.

2012-10-07, 11:44 AM
For Channeled Outburst, if you'd want it in line with Power Attack and Deadly Aim in the PF design philosophy, you'd probably want to go for +2 dmg, +2/4 CL. This keeps it useful without throwing minmaxing into it to throw it off. Keeping it as a full round makes you consider using it instead of making it a default.

Firebrand seems alright but I don't see a particular reason for either feat or spell to be limited to Sorcerers (or other spontaneous casters), as they have to spend resources to acquire it. Why couldn't a Wizard throw some extra oomph in or a Magus for that matter?