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2012-10-06, 06:08 PM
You all arrive at Sandpoint early for the festivities. The town is awash with traders marketing their wares and many free games are had in the town. Food is handed out and the day is full of delight and merriment. Near sunset however the following happens.

A sharp retort, like the crack of distant thunder, slices through the
excited crowd as the sun’s setting rays paint the western sky. A stray
dog that has crawled under a nearby wagon to sleep starts awake, and
the buzz of two dozen conversations quickly hushes as all heads turn
toward the central podium, where a beaming Father Zantus has taken
the stage. He clears his throat, takes a breath to speak, and suddenly a
woman’s scream slices through the air. A few moments later, another
scream rises, then another. Beyond them, a sudden surge of strange new
voices rises—high-pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite human.
The crowd parts and something low to the ground races by, giggling with
disturbing glee as the stray dog gives a pained yelp and then collapses
with a gurgle, its throat cut open from ear to ear. As blood pools around
its head, the raucous sound of a strange song begins, chanted from
shrill, scratchy voices.

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2012-10-06, 10:32 PM
Mirela had only arrived in Sandpoint a few hours before the opening of the festival, so she was feeling a bit too tired to perform just yet. Besides that, she wasn't dressed properly for a tumbling routine, wearing only her simple travel clothes with a backpack slung over her shoulder and her rapier loosely about her hip. She would need to find room and board from which she could change and safely store her belongings before she could earn any money. Rifling through her change purse, she was relieved to find enough coin to last her at least for a time if need be, so there was no need to rush off and start earning her keep just yet anyway.

Instead, she took the time to take in the various pavilions and sample some of the merchants wares. Some of the goods were lovely, but perhaps a bit expensive given her current financial standing. She did, however, partake in some salted pork gifted to her from a vendor before joining a nearby crowd that had gathered. As the Father Zantus took the stage, Mirela observed the crowd grow silent. Turning to a nearby old farmer, she enquired somewhat uncouthly between mouthfuls of salted pork “Somebody important I take it?” to which the man only smiled and nodded.

Suddenly as the Priest appeared to be ready to speak, the shrieks from the crowd drew Mirela's attention away from the podium. As the crowd parted and the dog was murdered, Mirela found herself staring somewhat idly at the giggling creature that had butchered the animal, only able to mutter to herself “What is that thing?” Instinctively, Mirela began moving as inconspicuously as possible about the crowd, gripping the hilt of her blade as she prepares for trouble... and surely that strange shrill music meant there would be trouble.

2012-10-07, 04:41 PM
Tequin arrived just in time for the festival. During the day he enyojs the games and stands. It is nice to spend some free time. After a while, near noon, he tries to speak to the local priests, especially Father Zantus.

While he waits to speak he heads around searching for the local Inn owners. He plans to spend the night here befor he heads out to travel again.

And then the speech starts. Dark omen appear in Tequin's mind it's like things happen right in front of him while seeing the scene from his dream.

2012-10-09, 11:29 PM
Konrad is in little mood to enjoy the rather plebeian festivities, though he does eat his fill and take in a certain amount of merriment. Largely though, the Chelish knight keeps to himself, guiding his horse through the crowds, not deigning to let some simpleton groomsman care for his lone companion in this new city. Thus far, his arrival though celebratory, has been something of a let down, given the few opportunities for sport or challenge which have presented himself. Briefly, he considered the possibility of starting some trouble of his own, but the cries of women rouses and strange crack rouses him at least enough to take notice. Mounting his steed, he does his best to round Harbinger through the crowds and see what all the hubub is about.


2012-10-13, 01:42 PM
Looking around aat the festive people of Sandpoint, Lo'sais let's a brief smile. Adriana would have enjoyed this place, Lo'sais thinks to himself, though we never did discussed leaving the Lodge. Might have saved her.

Though the thought saddened him for a second, Lo'sais shakes his had as he gets a glass of non-alcoholic drink. What happens in life happens. I sould not, nor need not, dwell on the curses, but on the blessings. And I was happy with us.

When he hears the thunderstone go off, Lo'sais looks up and over at the human in front of the cathedral. But before the cleric spoke, Lo'sais looks over at the yelp and screaming.

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