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2012-10-07, 09:23 AM
Ajani Beleren is summoned to see Cardinal Yisek at the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame in Sharn by a halfling messenger of House Jorasco. He bows low when he finds you in your billet. He is holding orders from your commanding officer to act as an escort and to provide physical and spiritual assistance for the ancient cleric.

Kera Tembler is deep in meditation, trying to control her thoughts and to sort through a particularly disturbing dream that she had last night, when a knock at her door stirs her from her trance. "Orders,", Sergeant Gerilow Brower says, "We're to report for guard duty. Some high up in the Silver Flame church"

Raja'Umal Almach sits in the shadow of Sharn's vast towers as the sun sets, some of her clan sit with her, the rest are hunting in the hills. The mercenaries, Edwin Tuller and Dallun Verres d'Cannith, can be seen walking slowly toward her with d'Cannith's warforged following in formation. They've met before, Tuller is acting as a liaison for Breland's army and has been negotiating fees for the tribes services. The Cannith heir has some kind of connection with the same mercenary band. When they arrives it seems as if the terms have been met because he has orders to muster at Sharn's gates at dawn.


Ancient Cardinal Yisek is to return to Flamekeep. Once there he will resume his mission and sue for peace between Thrane and Breland as famously he did decades ago. Yisek is frail and in his nineties. His health is unsteady but it is felt that two weeks on a lightning rail, a day in a House Cannith coach and a week and a half on ship shouldn't represent a danger to him, not with the frequent stops planned for him.

Ajani Beleren and Kera Tembler are to act as nurses and protectors to the Cardinal and a nominal guard of Breland spiders and mercenaries are to act as guard to them.

Orders are to leave Sharn on the first day of Therendor (an auspicious date marking the new spring and a time of healing) by lightning rail as far as Hatheril. From there they are to march along the Orien road to Breykur, a shipyard and dock on the edge of Lake Brey. The Silvercliff Sweetheart, a Lyrandar vessel will be waiting to carry them down river to Flamekeep. Stops are planned where the Orien road and lightning rail cross the B, the bridge towns of Brey Crossing and Vath Sound. Then a stop is planned at Eston in Cyre, Olath in Thrane, Thronehold and finally Flamekeep. Some 'passengers' will depart at each of the stops with their own missions. If ordered the soldiers are to follow written orders from these men but only if the Cardinal is properly installed with trusted forces.

Thrane is building up forces at Vathirond which is why the Cauldron area is being avoided directly.

Command of the guard has been given to Captain Dannard, a nobleman of some kind from his heraldry and officious manner. His officers are Lieutenants Osprey and Willins, each acting as liaison to the shifter mercenaries and the mixed human and warforged groups. A dozen Breland regulars make up the numbers to a full company of 50 infantry.

You arrive at the lightning rail station at dawn as ordered. An hour passes before your officers arrive, bleary eyed and looking distinctly hung over. They begin by trying to assert their authority by disciplining a random selection of troops for uniform infractions which is greeted with stony indifference by the veterans. Captain Dannard is building to a proper rage when the Cardinal and arrives flanked by two much younger priests. They help him into a carriage and then Dannard barks at the mercenaries to board and set up defensive positions. He boards himself with his two cronies and lets you organise yourself.

Several other passengers also board the lightning rail but you have two private carriages between you, one for the clerics and officers and one for the two mercenary bands.

The compliment of troops is as follows:
Captain Dannard commanding:

Lieutenant Osprey commanding:
6 Breland light infantry
20 mercenary shifter irregulars

Lieutenant Willins commanding:
6 Breland light infantry
10 mercenary warforged heavy infantry
8 mercenary human light infantry

and you.

Please make your introductions. You can take any reasonable military ranks (Lieutenant or less and probably no better than sergeant) for yourself but command is under Captain Dannard

2012-10-07, 01:09 PM
Gerilow's sharp grey eyes glare around at the mercenary group, his lips frowning as he resigns himself to being the shortest in his company once again. He shifts uncomfortable in his armor and drums his fingers on the oversized, slightly translucent hammer on his lap. After a moment, he rubs his hand across his shaven scalp and lets out a sigh.

"I suppose we might as well get to know one another," He says at last. "I'm sergeant Gerilow Brower. I'm properly part of the Breland army, but I usually get put in with the, ummm, irregulars since I don't, ahh, conform to the standards of the regulars." He tilts his head in the direction of the other troops.

Lightly tapping his war spikard against the armor on his chest, he adds, "I'm sure you see there's not much to me. I hit things as hard as I can. Well I can do more, but mostly I just smash things. Umm... yeah."

Gerilow shrugs and scratches behind his ear, trying to figure out how he could have given himself a smoother introduction.

2012-10-07, 01:48 PM
A young woman half-trips as she moves to introduce herself. She gives an embarrassed grin, while straightening out her robe. She's young and has deep blue eyes, but her hair is an unnatural white creating an odd contrast.

"Hi, I'm uhm, Kera, err... Specialist Kera Tembler, that's right I think. I was drafted not that long ago, I mean not real recent either, but... well I'm in the army now." Kera fiddles with her staff a bit, trying to regain her composure; she's clearly uncomfortable.

"I-I'm basically a healer. If you're hurt just ask for me. Or scream I suppose... whatever's easiest at the moment I guess. I, uhm... I guess that's it."


Kera does her best to shrink back out of view as quickly and quietly as possible.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-07, 01:55 PM
Edwin grinned at the short sergeants awkward introduction, especially juxtaposed with the healers. Quite a pair... He looks around the group. "Shall I go next? I think I shall. I am Edwin Tuller. In case the accent hasn't tipped you off, I'm a Karrn. " He pats the sword at his hip briefly. "I'm more than just a blade and a handsome face, but we'll soon see that when we get to fighting, eh? Nice to meet you."

Tuller leans back again, scratching at the uneven part of his beard, a dimple where his mark seems to stop hair from growing.

Siege Tower
2012-10-07, 04:15 PM
A few thuds can be heard outside the cart before the door to the carriage the party resides in opens. Standing in the doorway is quite the tower of a man. His impressive height is made even more apparent from the incredibly bulky armor he is clad in. Ducking through the doorway, the long haired takes off his helmet and introduces himself.

"Greetings. I am Ajani. I have been assigned to this position as a protector."

Without another word Ajani takes to the corner of the carriage and leans against the wall. This task is made a little awkward by the two long weapons strapped to his back. One for bludgeoning and one for piercing it seems. In one hand of his crossed arms, Ajani does hold something else peculiar. A long curved metal...something. The object is almost as tall as the man himself and it's ornate design doesn't lend itself for being useful to anything. However, there seems to be a string attached to it. Considering everythign else the man has on him and the colors of his clothes it must be some kind of weapon or possibly a religious object.

2012-10-07, 04:36 PM
Gerilow groans as he watches the towering Ajani enter and move toward the wall. He mumbles something to himself before sighing and turning his attention to inspecting the crossbow-like contraption embedded in his head of his large warhammer.

2012-10-07, 04:40 PM
"Warrant Officer Dallun Verres d'Cannith. Magical Support, Siege engineer, Repair Specialist. I can also deal with traps and locks. My assistants here are Leverage, Synergy, and Paradigm. Paradigm is a test model."
Says Dallun, looking up from the floating image that appears to be a warforged schematic.
"I can pull of really minor magic all day, so if you'd like some magical help with anything just let me know."

2012-10-08, 11:46 AM
Lieutenant Osprey emerges a few moments later to bark at the sergeants to hustle "the filthy animals and tin soldiers" onto their carriage, "You priests there," he shouts angrily, "you're supposed to be attending the Cardinal aren't you?"

Before he slams the carriage door he bellows, "Briefing. One hour, all officers."


The two priests Ajani and Kera are ushered into the officers' carriage to see to the aged Cardinal. In truth he seems fine for a man of his age. This carriage is plushly furnished with three bedrooms on each side of the corridor, two bathrooms with running hot water, a small shrine to the Silver Flame, a dining room with seating for a dozen and even a gaming table with a chess board and packs of cards to pass the time. A small library finishes off the luxurious setting.

Cardinal Yisek tells you that he plans to rest after prayers. He shuffles over to the shrine, kneels with obvious effort and begins to chant softly. His prayers are for peace and an end to hostilities. The three officers have found a bottle of brandy and are boasting about their achievements in the war. Well, they are boasting about their fathers actually and about their expectations for swift victories and easy women.

The old man finishes his prayers and using Ajani's arm to pull himself up hobbles into his room to lie down, a beautific smile on his wrinkled old face. "I feel that my plea has been heard, my son, Flame willing I'll see peace before I die."

As you leave him resting the carriage lurches into life. The skylights above you and windows around you mute the harsh glare of electricity and the roar of the elemental. Besides a moment to balance yourself, a feeling of acceleration and the site Sharn moving by in the windows to the right you feel that you could almost be standing still.


For the rest of you getting the troops on board is simple. All of them are carrying what they need and the warforged simply march to one end of the carriage and stand waiting. This leaves plenty of room for the shifters and the professional soldiers. Looking around, the carriage has been cleared of fine furniture and interior walls leaving what amounts to a large box to stand in. Canvas hammocks have been placed in trunks at one end of the carriage. Turned on their sides the trunks serve as crude tables. Several hooks for the hammocks are available, enough for twenty. You'll need to rotate sleeping arrangements or bed down on the floor.

Setting up takes you less than twenty minutes. In that time the lightning rail begins to hum with energy. The air feels charged and you feel almost as you're being lifted. There's a hum that emanates from the drive section in front and then a loud crackle as lightning shoot along the length of the train of carriages. This is followed by a dull roar like a blast of air from a furnace. A few shifters had their heads out the windows at the time and they leap backwards with growls and colourful curses. Suddenly you all lurch forward as the carriage starts to move. Some of the warforged clang into one another before regaining their balance which the crouched shifters find amusing. You pick up speed steadily over the next ten minutes or so. Occasionally lightning will cascade across a window or over the skylights above you but you adapt to their light and the ozone smell quickly. The whole carriage rattles somewhat and the site of Sharn receding behind you on the right makes it plain that you're moving quickly.

Two shifters have started a game to try to build up a static charge in their hair and fur and use it to shock the others. It's getting into full swing as a kind of rough and tumble game of shock tag when the door to the officers carriage slams open and in steps Lieutenant Osprey. "Half an hour I said," he screams, "where are my junior officers? Playing games like animals in the dirt." He sneers at the shifters as they break off, "Now gentlemen."


You assemble in the dining area of the officers carriage, a stark contrast to the troop carrier. Osprey is scowling at you as you line up but Lieutenant Willins seems to have fallen asleep with his feet on a table. Captain Dannard stands unsteadily with a glass of brandy spilling over his hand and begins to instruct you. "Orders are simple. I give them and you follow them. Most of you aren't military but there's a chain of command here. I'm at the top, then Osprey and then Willins. If we're all killed, ha, then the senior ranker will take command. If that happens you're to take the sealed orders from my strong box and proceed as instructed. Of course that won't happen so you needn't worry about that."

"Hatheril," he hiccups, "We're going to Hatheril and should arrive in two weeks. Why we can't go straight to Flamekeep, I can't tell you but there's the orders. Then a quick march to Breykur and a boat to Flamekeep. Nice and simple." He says it with an assurance that belies the fact that you'll be travelling into a war zone and along a river and sea route that has four separate enemy forces engaged in sporadic fighting. Job's to keep the old man alive and well, that's it."

"Now we're stopping overnight while we're on the lightning rail. 'pparently it's not safe to travel at night. So I'll want regular patrols keeping watch, even if we stop at a town, which we will. That means no drinking or fraternising with the locals. This is a military operation and I'll have discipline. Do you understand?" He interprets your silence as assent and blunders on, "Oh yes, one other thing. After we get to Hatheril there's to be a short excursion so get your men ready to head across country. Keep it to yourselves though." He suddenly seems to realise that perhaps it would have been better not to have mentioned that, "Yes, well, er, questions?"

2012-10-08, 11:58 AM
"Are we to engage enemy forces on sight, or or wait for them to attack first, as this is a peace mission? Or does it depend on if they're with Thrane or not?" Asks Dallun, while quietly cleaning the brandy Captain Dannard spilled with his magical ring.

2012-10-08, 12:18 PM
Kera looks around the carriage uncertainly, fidgeting a bit; clearly unsure of what to even ask or say.

2012-10-08, 12:29 PM
I'm going to try out my Lore ability -

Do I know anything useful about what lies between here and our first stop?

[roll0] (4 for Cloistered Cleric level, +2 for having 5 ranks in Knowledge (History))

Siege Tower
2012-10-08, 07:53 PM
Ajani speaks from his place standing behind the others.

"I suppose the obvious question should be asked. What are the particular of this short "excursion"?"

2012-10-09, 05:49 AM
"There will be no engaging of the enemy unless attacked first. We are on a peace mission. Hostilities between Thrane and Breland have been relaxed all winter, we're not going to make the first move now that spring is almost upon us. Of course you catch any of those damned Audairians snooping around then you put an arrow through them. Not likely as we're going in the opposite direction. " Having not really answered the question he turns to Ajani. "Yes, well, shouldn't really have mentioned that. Cat's out the bag though, eh."

He takes a gulp of brandy, "We're to install the old man at the fort in Hatheril then leave him while we take the lightning rail north for one day into Thrane. From there we'll sneak into Fort Light. It's being used as a prisoner of war work camp. Good logging country round there don't you know. Then back to Hatheril with the POWs via the lightning rail again."

Kera knows quite a bit about the route to be taken. As you know the lightning rail follows a path along conductor stones between two destinations. The journey from Sharn to Hatheril should take less than two days but the stops are obviously going to slow you. The first stop is at Wroat, the capital, and you should arrive in the early afternoon. The land is hill country and the lightning rail weaves its way round most of it. There are some tunnels that you will need to pass through that have been cut into the taller chalk downs on the way.

It is a part of the country that is relatively free from the ravages of war. Nevertheless trees have been cut back to a bow distance from the conductor stones and Breland regularly patrols the route for deserters turned bandit or saboteurs.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-09, 11:10 AM
Raja had been content to let the soft skins chitter back and forth amongst themselves, the hum of the... what did they call it, a 'lightening rail' was distressing to say the least. These people had lost their connection to the land, placing their faith in their magicks and their machines. She glared at her clan mates silencing their snickers as the laughed at the metal men. She had been tense the moment they had arrived at the stone village, she knew the soft skins would either be curious or flat out hostile towards her and her people. Of course they would send us out shortly after arrival, keep the peace within their 'city' while sending the beasts in harms way. Sighing she turns to the small group playing, she ponders on whether to chide them for their lack of discipline or allow them this small moment of relaxation. With a small smile she decided to let them be, the journey through the heights to this foreign land had been arduous and many of her people were burried along the path. She didn't regret her decision, the world was changing and the land where her kind could shut away in was growing smaller by the day. Either they adapt to the new world or be a whisper of the past, she chose the former for her people. Hoping they could contact lost cousins who had participated in the first migration... the ones that had sold out her people to the priests. Her focus returns to the loud man who claimed to be in charge, he reeked of that foul liquid the soft skins were so fond of and he lacked the sensibilities and nerve of a true leader. His companion, the one who scowled constantly at her and her tribe, he was a hard man who knew discipline and order but he lacked flexibility.

At the mention of 'sneaking' Raja had finally had enough of the mans babbling and stood up slowly eyes focused on the man and her body tense "My people are not thieves, we will not sneak into this fort of yours like jackels. How do you expect to steal away all of these prisoners without notice hmm? Or have your senses been clouded by that foul drink of yours? I may not be used to your ways but I know at the very least that people are not usually willing to allow their free labour to walk out of the door." She stood before the man poised like a hunter but not moving an inch, only studying the man. He could shout orders until he turned blue but her tribe knew who gave the real orders, Raja had merely agreed to cooperate when it didn't pose unnecessary risk to her people.

2012-10-09, 12:10 PM
Kera, sensing the situation has just become very tense tries to diffuse things.

"We can't j-just leave the prisoners there though. When we get there, I-I'll cast an augury, then we'll know f-for sure if this is a good idea or n-not." Kera sighs. "I-if the augury reads woe, th-then we can figure out some other means of helping them.

That's reasonable isn't it Captain?"

Diplomacy check on the Captain. [roll0] *crosses fingers*

Morbis Meh
2012-10-09, 12:38 PM
Raja snaps her head towards the priest and gauges her cooly before she speaks. Restraining her temper she says calmly "I never said anything about abandoning your comrades, I just merely pointed out one of many flaws in this haphazard plan." She turns her attention back to the 'captain' "You stated previously that hostilities between the two nations had eased, wouldn't an act such as this not only provoke this country back into action but further escalte the situation because of decit? If you are truly looking for peace then would not the best avenue be diplomatic relationss? I admit I am not fond of those methods but I do recognize their usefulness and their ability. The last thing your country needs is to give an excuse to your enemy to find allies to consolidate their forces against you due to foul play and foolishness." Raja stood tall and proud regardless of the consequences of her actions which she knew could prove to be dire but she would not place the future and well being of her tribe on the half baked scheme of some glorhound drunkard.

Siege Tower
2012-10-09, 02:11 PM
Ajani shifts slightly in the place he is standing, the noise created from his armor causing a small call to attention.

"You are not one to be calling your orders into question." Ajani begins in his usual stoic tone. "Do you really believe that a diplomatic route has not already been attempted? When given a task by your superiors you are not to question their plans. You are here to act as an auxiliary for your commanders. That is your place. You can not claim that you know any more than those ranked above you nor should you ever go against their wishes. Your superior's words are always to be taken over yours. It is their duty to determine the best course of action given any scenario. It is then your duty to see their will through no matter what. Without this we can not achieve anything during times of peace or war. If you can not conform to your role than you are of a benefit to no one and should be disposed of for your uselessness."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-09, 02:27 PM
Raja laughs at the silly tin soldier "My, what a perfect drone we have here, completely oblivious to the world and uses the words 'duty' as a shield. People like you disgust me, you feel the need to classify everyone and put them in their proper spots. I truly pity you, now as for this lout being my 'superior' that remains to be seen in any respect. If you so choose to do whatever this buffon says go for it, I am not apart of this band of fools. I am merely cooperating with those big wig soft skins that you are so fond of boot licking as an act of good faith and only for my tribe's sake. We are an allied force and I will not take orders from an incompetant drunk or a mindless tin can; so feel free to keep marching on without having a single individual thought. As for being disposed of, I would like to see you try little man, you would be a fool to call my people useless.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-09, 04:32 PM
Edwin had been smiling placidly to himself, having long learned not to speak up during these sort of ordeals. As Raja talks back to the commander, his face quickly settles into a frown. Finally allowed a moment to speak, he licks his lips and talks nervously. "Please, friends. Let's stay calm. Some words have been spoken in haste. This is no way to proceed into battle as allies. " Edwin's eyes dart around, eyeing the people in the room. "The concerns of my friend here about this plan are legitimate, though her words were harsh. However, to know how to proceed, we must know what we are facing. Without that, we can't know if those prisoners even have a hope of being rescued. "

"But if we're to have any hope of doing anything of use at all, we have to keep cool heads. "

2012-10-09, 04:43 PM
Kera nods in assent with Edwin, but doesn't say anything.

Siege Tower
2012-10-09, 05:12 PM
Ajani does not shift nor even look at Raja as he continues speaking in his same emotionless tone.

"Yes I suppose anyone who would actually conform to civilization would be a drone. Far be it from any intelligent individual to believe that they can not themselves do everything. It's madness to rely on others as they rely on you. We should fight and live the same way. Ajani takes this opportunity to look at Raja. As idiotic animals filled with nothing but hedonistic desires and selfish ambitions. Living in a jungle obeying no rules and simply living our lives to fornicate and defecate."

After his attack directed at the shifter Ajani addresses the group as a whole again.

"I do not believe I was assigned here as the rest. My duty is to protect and heal. While some of the others seem to be needed to act as...pet dogs."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-09, 05:35 PM
Raja smiles "I am glad you agree with me on how you humans are such beasts, though I doubt you would survive very long in a jungle. To not rely on your fellow people is only sheer stupidity, something which you have an excess of, for if you knew anything of my people and our ways you would first know we live in forests and have a very structured lifestyle that is focused on survival in harsh territory. If anything you humans are pathetic and wouldn't be able to live without your luxuries, the fact that they have you brainwashed is rather sad. If you knew anything about loyalty you would know to question the judgement of your leader when they are making a foolish decision for it is in the best interest of the group. Enough of this petty squabbling, you have very little to speak of since it is only the filth they program you with from birth." She turns to the shorter man, actively ignoring the tall ignorant excuse of skin she was looking at. "Finally someone, with a shred of sense, may I suggest that someone keep the drone silent for the remainder of the discussion since he would prefer to run in head first like a sacrificial lamb. With a group this size stealth is not an option, especially with rusty here and those metal soldiers; furthermore we lack a large enough force to assault this fort head on with any chance of success. We could investigate but how would we effectively hide such a large and noisy force? I am sure that the fort would have some form of active patrols and even if we were to apprehend them it would be suspicious for them not to return. What we need is a distraction, one large enough to draw their force out of the building and something tempting enough for them to give chase."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-09, 05:49 PM
Edwin seems exasperated as the bickering continues, though he responds after Raja says her piece about the fort. "We simply do not have the information. What garrison does the fort have? In what state of repair are the ramparts? What about the surrounding ground? Can we answer any of these questions? "

His tone contains a hint of reproof. "For now, we must remember that we will be putting our lives at risk together. In battle, our lives may be in the hands of any man here. Remember that, and cease your bickering. This is no way to prepare for a fight."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-09, 05:54 PM
Raja raised her eyebrow "Now who said anything about a battle, according to our esteemed leader we are only 'sneaking' and as for your questions that type of intelligence, and I use the word loosely, should be given by our leader who no doubt has this vital information. I am not bickering I am simply asking appropriate question about a seemingly risky operation. Rusty over here seems content being ignorant, maybe we could gather one of those colouring devices your human children are so fond of while we discuss these important and necessary matters."

2012-10-09, 06:03 PM
Kera sighs heavily then steps forward.

"C-could we maybe save it for the e-enemy, please? L-like it or not, we're all on the same side here. Whatever we do, we need to work together or-or-or I'm going to be st-stuck patching you all up afterward.

I-if there's an afterward, I mean." Kera gulps, realizing she can't very well back out now.

"It's not that I don't have reservations a-about this. I want to h-help those prisoners, b-but she's right - we can't just g-g-go in swinging. A diversion is a good start... and I have an idea. I can summon creatures from an-nother plane. N-nothing powerful, but I bet a dozen celestial w-weasels could be very d-distracting.

While they make a nuisance of th-themselves, we could sneak in. W-with luck we wouldn't need to hurt anyone and so the d-diplomatic fallout might not be so bad even if they f-figure out who did it.

It's just an idea, you all p-probably have better, but it's at least a place to start without t-earing each other apart, I guess."

Kera takes a step back and attempts to merge with the wall, hoping everyone will forget she just said anything.

Siege Tower
2012-10-09, 06:14 PM
Ajani lets out a deep exhale but otherwise show no other signs of annoyance.

"It appears we are all in some agreement here. We can put a leash and muzzle on the queen and actually listen to the officers for a moment. Someone else hold onto the leash though. I can't tell if that horrid smell is from her being in heat or if she just always wallows in the fluids of her own making. I do not wish to find out."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-09, 06:18 PM
Edwin smiles at Kera's words, and gives her a polite nod as she steps back. "I am sure our Lieutenants did not intend to imply that we would be freeing the prisoners completely bloodlessly. Regardless, distraction and decoy are good thoughts. Should also consider that these PoWs are probably fighters. With enough of them armed, they might be valuable in making good our escape. "

"Still, attacking a fort is never an easy task, even if you don't intend any fighting. Caution should be our watchword. " The serious expression almost seems to melt away from Edwins face. He covers a yawn "Anyway, the matter will not be forced for some time even if we make good time. No use arguing too much until we know what we're dealing with. "

2012-10-09, 06:32 PM
Growing rather annoyed at lack of constructive ideas and the bickering from the two, Dallun snaps his fingers, turning Raja and Ajani's hair hot pink. I love that spell.
"If that got your attention, I'd like to go over a few important points.
First off, should Cardinal Yisek successfully make peace with Thrane, they would be expected to release the prisoners of war anyway, meaning that preforming the operation at Fort Light before Cardinal Yisek speaks his piece is pointless, unless as a show of force, which seems counter productive.
Second, if we make it look like the prisoners managed to escape under their own power, it would be a humiliation to Thrane, and significantly lower troop morale for them. However, using a force 50 strong for a stealth mission is asking to be caught.
Third, we will be in Hatheril twice on the official trip. Once on the way their, once on the way back. We have two points at which we can attempt a rescue.
With those points in mind, here is my suggestion. On the way there, we only do a quick recon of fort light, with a very small force. Then, on the way back from Flamekeep, if needed, we attempt the rescue. We avoid potentially ruining the peace talks, and let Thrane stay focused on Cyre.
Also, keep being rude and unproductive and I don't change your hair back."
Prestidigitation is my very favorite spell.

Siege Tower
2012-10-09, 06:44 PM
Ajani says no more but proceeds to put on his helmet.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-09, 06:46 PM
Raja looks at her fair and smiles while closing her eyes in silent prayer, just above the mage a torrent of water rushes down atop of him. Looking back up she says sweetly "Mess with my hair again and I will promise you will never be dry again, as for being productive, obviously you were not paying attention because I was already discussing what we should do. A small force going to rescue a large, unarmed and slow force is a very bad idea and will not end well. A distraction that will entertain the fort long enough will serve us better but a simple summoning will not be sufficient to hold their attention for very long. We need something more tangible with more endurance.

Create water is my favorite spell :smallbiggrin:

2012-10-09, 07:06 PM
Dallun calmly dries himself magically, leaving the hair as is. Ajani seems to have stopped arguing at least.

"Fort Light is very close to the border. Once we make it into Brelish Land, Thrane is likely to not pursue when they could avoid fighting with Breland entirely. Unless the forces actually from the fort give chase, we should be set. Between a few knocked out guards and some magical obscurement, I expect we'd be able to make it to safe ground well before they can react. And if we have the main force waiting on our side of the border, we can take any who chase us that far as our prisoners of war."

Prestidigitation can dry me off easily. And it looks like Ajani will be earning his normal hair colour back first.

2012-10-10, 07:55 AM
"Do you see the kind of troops they send out these days, Lieutenant." Captain Dannard shakes his head, "Insubordinates and bickering children the lot of them and these are the warrant officers, who knows what the troops are like. You'll need to take a firm hand with them, oh yes." He's obviously retreated to his comfort zone and is addressing the snoring Lieutenant Willins.

"You will learn to obey orders or I'll have to discipline you and you would not like that, no sir, you would not." he puts down his glass and strides to his room. After a moment of noisy rummaging he returns, more or less in a straight line, clutching a box. Back at the dining table he retrieves a key from a breast pocket and opens it. Inside are a number of papers and maps.

"Here we are," he says as he holds out a sheet of dark papyrus with a look of faint disgust on his face,
"An appeal for rescue from Thrane forces by Glethis'Umal Whiteye and here," he pulls out a sheet of fine Cannith machine made paper, "A report of POWs being billeted with civilian families. That's against the articles of war if you didn't know. Here is a report from partisans in the Imistil forest and here intelligence that the fort is lightly manned while the garrison engages Aundair twenty miles north. Time is of the essence. The garrison will be reinforced the day after we are set to break out the prisoners."

Looking through the papers the letter from Glethis'Umal Whiteye is written on hand made papyrus, probably reeds from a river mashed flat. The writing is in a reddish ink, quite faded, it is either rust water or blood. The outline is that Thrane has decided to move "undesirables who threaten the safety and security of the realm" into work camps. Whole families have been moved into POW camps and put to work, the children kept behind as surety that they won't simply leave. Other letters confirm that the POWs are guarded by civilian workers, shifters, with a few Thrane soldiers issuing commands. Number vary between reports but there are between twenty and thirty shifter families, an estimated seventy in total including children, some six to eight score prisoners of war in Brelish and Aundair uniforms and around forty Thrane soldiers in total.

A report of the fort itself provides only exterior details. A twenty foot high curtain wall surrounds several buildings including a church and a seventy foot tall square tower keep. There are two gate houses, east and west and four additional corner towers on the wall. The west wall was partially demolished two years ago in fighting with Aundair and a temporary wooden palisade has been placed in the breech while repairs are carried out. No repairs seem to be taking place though.

Smirking drunkenly at Raja the captain continues "Still don't want to help? Fine, I'll send to warforged in to liberate the women and children from the fort and the partisans can go about freeing the prisoners when there's nothing to keep them there."

"Look, work out the details yourselves." the first sensible thing he's suggested so far, "if you want to scout then go ahead while the warforged babysit the Cardinal. There are faster lightning rails going to the front that you can be put on and you can meet us at Hatheril with your report."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-10, 08:40 AM
Raja looks at the blundering idiot with thinly veiled contempt "You sir are intending to execute a very delicate and precision mission with those things? It's like a chirurgeon using a great axe in surgery instead of a knife, it is beyobd absurd to even think such a thing. The fact that there are civilians mixed up in this definitely should make this a diplomatic issue, the last thing you morons need is the death of innocents on your hands. I don't care if your leaders have 'already tried that' that is no reason to not continue or do your leaders lack the patience it requires to be a leader? " She looks to the others in the carriage, the people she will need to trust her life and the future of people with. Still ignoring the tall metallic drone she settles down before she speaks again "This matter has been made much more complicated with the inclusion of innocent civilians, we cannot just break down the doors and go wild. If we have to drag any of these metal things with us we will be unable to move quietly, which I think is impossible due to the size of the prisoner base we are being asked to rescue. Our only choice seems to be diversion, a big enough one to entertain the people guarding the fort... As for the shifters, depending on the tribe I may be able to deal with them diplomatically."

Siege Tower
2012-10-10, 10:57 AM
Ajani prepares to make a statement about how Raja can be diplomatic with other shifters because they're inevitably all inbred family but decides to stop himself as he'd much rather get to work on the mission than bicker.

2012-10-10, 11:36 AM
"Hosts," Gerilow mumbles, pushing himself forward from where he had been leaning against the call of the carriage.

"Orders have been issued," he says, glaring at the shifter. "That can't be changed. There will be an attempt made to free the prisoners. So unless we discover things drastically different than our information says, things will continue as ordered. The only question for you is, ah, how you are going to be involved: be part of the group that frees the prisoners and be able to help make it fit your definition of success, or stay here and guard the Cardinal.

"The Captain has been kind enough to give you the option of scouting ahead. Choice is a luxury in the military, so if you're that concerned about the situation, I suggest you take it."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-10, 12:00 PM
Raja rolls her eyes in disgust "My another incompetant human who never bothers to think for himself, so far the two drones have been the useless ones. If you have nothing valid to add to the discussion regarding on HOW we are to accomplish said task then may I suggest you shut it. If you want to go in charging getting killed or killing innocent women and children be my guest but unlike you savage humans we shifters value all forms of life and give it due respect. It's a great thing that I am not apart of the military then or have you forgotten that I am merely foreign ally here out of free will? I suppose that concept is too complex for your tiny drone brain, perfect pawns for incompetant leaders I suppose, I wonder if you're bred that way?"

2012-10-10, 01:57 PM
Gerilow shrugs. "You can split out pretty words all you like," he says, "it won't change anything. I'm just stating the facts. Even if you're a volunteer on this this mission, it remains a military operation. With rules and a chain of command.

"But I suppose it takes a civilized mind to understand that."

Siege Tower
2012-10-10, 02:11 PM
Ajani clears his throat ready to speak once again, in a more productive manner this time.

"Excuse me Gerilow but I believe this conversation has already been had. The queen isn't going to become any more rational from further discussion of her reckless ways. I believe it would be of benefit to us all if our commanders here gave us the remainder of the information and other resources we'd need and then we begin to discuss how to go about this elsewhere. The officers no doubt have more important duties to attend to than to keep babysitting us."

2012-10-10, 07:25 PM
Kera visibly winces a bit as she begins speaking again.

"S-so are we all at least agreed t-that we should scout ahead? I mean, th-that's what I think we should d-do, I think."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-10, 07:44 PM
Raja chuckles softly "Hey Rusty, you shouldn't use words you don't the meaning to just because they are long and sound fancy. To be reckless would be to run into a situation head first based solely upon orders without any regard of the situation. Reckless would be to underestimate a race that has survived for centuries without the aid or dependency on magic. " Her golden eyes turn dangerous "I am neither reckless nor uncivilized by any means, you on the other hand fit the description perfectly as well as the term insensate." She gives a small smile before turning away.

Putting on a serious face she begins "Alright, so we know there are civilians amidst guards so direct force is not an option. Stealth may be useful to some extent but I am afraid that was never my strong suit. In order to scout properly we will need a means of gaining entry, preferably one that is either unknown or not heavily guarded. Since we don't have accurate designs of the fort and we are working with a short time frame may I suggest that I create that entrance. I have the ability to mould wood into whatever shape I desire, I can create an entrance on the damaged wall. The priest had a good idea with using animals as distraction, I can also aid in that; however animals is not enough, they need to be unique or eye catching in some way.... any suggestions?"

2012-10-10, 09:33 PM
"With a bit of prep time I could pull some illusions. Or with some more supplies, a messenger with fake orders could draw most of them off. As for scouting, I expect a combination of magic, old fashion stealth, and maybe talking with the prisoners, should get us all the info we need." Responds Dallun, mentally working out what supplies he'd need to pull the stunt.

Scroll of Glibness, 200 gp, 16 xp
Skill Enhancement, a first level spell slot
Alter Self, first level spell slot and 4 xp
+36 bluff to direct the enemy force against an imaginary mission objective while appearing to be on of their messangers, Priceless.
A lone messanger arrives late in the night. It appears he has been traveling for at least the past 12 hours without stopping, and there is a gash in his side where the wound has been patched up so poorly, you'd expect it was bandaged up while riding a galloping horse. He appears to also be missing one spur and a horse. Practically collapsing at the gate, the man barely manages to get out the words "Emergency orders." before fainting.

A few minutes later he is revived, in the chapel. The captain of the fort's guard asks for the orders, and the Messenger reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a piece of paper so bloodstained it's almost completely illegible.

Upon realizing this, the Messenger explains how he was attacked en-route, and how the orders were to send the majority of the keeps forces to Athandra, were forces were rallying to counter what Aundair thinks is still a surprise attack.

The Messenger's words resonate with truth, and the Captain takes three quarters of his men to join the main force, leading them personally. They don't realize the dupe until they reach Athandra.

When they return, they find their re-enforcements were forced to break in, as all the remaining soldiers were locked in the dungeon, and all the prisoners were missing.

Alternately, Minor Image an angel or something. But I like the idea of drawing off the majority of the force, and then just the PC's defeating the rest.
That or using invisibility and Fiery Eyes to set fire to the palisade.

2012-10-11, 09:45 PM
"I s-suppose it's settled then. C-captain, with your permission we'd like to scout ahead and determine if F-fort Light can be r-reasonably infiltrated."

2012-10-12, 05:15 AM
"Fine, fine. Dismissed", he waves you away and reaches for a decanter to refill his glass.

When those of you who are consigned to the troop carriage return you see one of the shifters, a gore brute named Peev, laid out on the floor with another wrapping a bandage around his head. A warforged soldier stands to one side at attention. As you enter he salutes and steps forward, "This unit is guilty of assaulting a fellow soldier and submits himself for punishment duty." There's a crack in the iron plating of his head and some oily substance has leaked out, it's the only thing marking his brand new armoured body.

"No, it weren't like that, " announces another gore brute. "We were playing a head butting game and Peev challenged the warforged to join in." His story is quickly corroborated by the others. "We was bored, see. We tried listening at the door but couldn't hear nothing. Ironhead there, he points to the damaged warforged, "he says that the posh carriages have magical sound proofing and stuff."

"Did you know, none of 'em as got names. Well 'cept them three, " he indicates Dallun's three 'forged, "so we was thinking that we could name 'em like. If that's all right? Seems a shame to fight with someone and not have a name to put to a face."

The warforged seem indifferent to the idea but they seem indifferent to most things to you, lacking facial expressions and remaining largely motionless. even when speaking. Over the next few hours of travel you hear them refer to one another by their new names though. Their conversations seem centred on weapon and armour maintenance, someone patches up Ironhead if you don't, on tactics and speculation on their mission, whatever that may be. It seems that their orders are simply to board the carriage and obey the officers.

Lunch time rolls by and the shifters and human soldiers prepare a meal of dried fruit, dried meat, some seed cakes and strong ale that they've been carrying with them. There is nowhere to light a fire even to brew tea, a point made by a disgruntled human veteran.

Meanwhile in the officers carriage the mid day meal of devilled eggs, salmon and fine wine is served by a liveried servant. There is even a bowl of ice cream from a new Cannith invention that is served with slices of fruit and topped with a strong apple liqueur. Despite the angry words exchanged earlier the officers are in good humour and engage Cardinal Yisek in more or less polite conversation. How they aren't blind drunk is something of a mystery.

Lieutenant Jon Osprey does talk at length about the limitations of the lesser races and "we civilised people need to take their limits into account and not expect more of them than they are capably of" and similar racial slurs. The other lieutenant, Jermaine Willins, just agrees with whomsoever is speaking.

Cardinal Yisek finds a moment for quiet conversation after lunch with his attendants, "I may be old," he begins, "but I'm not deaf. My mission is a peaceful one but I think that you would be best served limiting the loss of life that a raid might cause rather than caring for an old man. I'll be fine living at the captain's expense for a few more days."


When the lightning rail arrives in Wroat a few hours later you're all happy to stretch your legs.

Captain Dannard finds "his" warrant officers after the lightning rail stops, "Well? Have you decided which troops you'll take to scout out the area in advance of our arrival?" He doesn't wait for an answer, "Just get whoever you've picked back on board and ready to move out. The rest are with me." With that he takes the bulk of the troops and heads to a nearby House Ghallanda hotel.

The rest of you have little choice but to climb back into the carriage before the lightning rail departs.

2012-10-12, 11:19 AM
Gerilow looks around at the assembled scouting team. "So... so far we have a healer, a, umm, repair and seige weapons man, three warriors, two... err... well I guess all three of us haven't explained what exactly we can do, and a Lieutenant tagging along," he rattles off. "Not quite what I'd call a tight scouting party..."

He turns to look up at the shifter. "Well, Ra, you're the one who pushed for this. You going to leave you delicate operation in the hands of a bunch of humans or are we going to have the company of some of your clan? Last chance to grab them before they take the slow train to Thrane."

2012-10-12, 01:46 PM
Kera speaks to the cardinal, "Th-thank you, I think you are right s-sir. I have a bad feeling about this whole situation b-but if I can mitigate some loss of life, maybe it will all w-work out." She does an abbreviated curtsey, then turns to join the others in the troop car, before stopping and turning back to Yisek.

"I... be careful sir. I-if things on our end go p-poorly, Thrane will be unhappy with you." Then she leaves for the troop car.


Upon arriving in the troop car she finds the injured shifter and warforged. She moves to the shifter first, saying with mock seriousness "A head-butting c-contest? Tsk tsk, th-that's against regulations I'm s-sure." shaking her head slightly and smiling just a bit as she casts Cure Minor Wounds on the shifter.

"There. That should be q-quite a bit better I think."

Then she turns her attention to the warforged, looking it over carefully.

It looks like blood... but clearly isn't. I don't know much about warforged... but if they're alive, and they certainly act alive, then I should be able to help the poor thing.

She speaks to the warforged, "I-I'm afraid, I don't know if this will work at all. P-please let me know if this feels better?" and then casts Cure Minor Wounds on it.

Kera keeps an eye on those two while waiting for the others to assemble.

+4 HP to the Shifter, +2 to the warforged if I remember correctly.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-12, 03:33 PM
Edwin laughs aloud when he sees the warforged and the shifter after their contest. "Well, you've got a thick skull, I'll give you that." He turns his head when he sees the oily residue coming from the warforged skull. Blood? Of a sort. Just how complex are these things? Must be some powerful magic keeping them going. Realising he was staring, he turns away quickly, allowing Kera to clean up the mess.


Bored and stiff, Edwin almost leaps off the lightning rail as it stops, only stopping to briefly acknowledge the lieutenant. As the logistics of the scouting are discussed, he stays quiet, turning ideas over in his head.

Siege Tower
2012-10-12, 05:18 PM
The clunky archer steps of the rails with the rest if only to get some fresh air.

"I may stay back. My duty is to protect the cardinal. I will not stray from this task unless ordered to directly. If I am needed in the scouting party then I shall change my objective for the time needed."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-12, 06:20 PM
Raja raises an eyebrow at the shortening of her name "That is not my name, if you are to speak with me I would prefer you use my full name. I will accompany the group doing the raid, I will be of more use than guarding an old man. My people will follow me, they take orders from me and not the commanders, that was the one stipulation I made before agreeing to the alliance."

2012-10-13, 03:53 AM
Kera, the substance on the warforged is like an oily tree sap more than blood. Also Cure Minor Wounds cures 1 hp on each of the head butters (halved for the warforged and rounded up) unless you get some kind of bonus from somewhere else.

If Ajani isn't coming along do you want to run an NPC for the scouting mission. How about Peev, the headbutting gorebrute? I appreciate staying in character but it would be a shame for you to miss out.

Those of you who board the carriage again remain in the box for the next 24 hours as it rattles through the forests and hills of Breland. Despite the warning that the lightning rail didn't run at night you don't stop at all. In the evening an Orien steward comes into the carriage with an iron kettle of hot soup and a tray of bread. He sets up a metal plate on some kind of low ceramic stand in the centre of the carriage which he explains is for setting a fire or just for heating the metal plate if you have the necessary infusions. There's enough soup and bread for everyone.

He returns with several buckets of clean water a little later and cleans the kettle out. He indicates that he'll bring more in the morning and then leaves you alone. The morning arrives with more bread and a beef and vegetable stew. Just before your arrival he comes back to collect the items.

Other than that the journey to Hatheril is largely uneventful. Lieutenant Osprey ignores the troops and doesn't say much to the clerics contenting himself with some reading from the selection of books in the officer's carriage and enjoying the fine soup and stew that are delivered in silver bowls by a liveried servant.

Once in Hatheril there are several hours before the lightning rail continues to the border. It is very busy with huge numbers of troops, sailors, workmen, traders, camp followers and other people swelling the small town. Most are human though you spot shifters, goblins, hobgoblins, even a couple of ogres walking around. Rows and rows of tents surround the place and there is a field with horses set aside. You spot some kind of flying creature far above you and later discover that there is a detachment of hippogriff riders preparing to scout the borders. The uniform of Breland is everywhere but the Watchful Eye of House Denieth's Blademarks Guild can be seen as well as the more colourful sigils of various mercenary bands.

House Cannith has a large pavilion set up with the Gorgon flag and various Fabricator guild signs showing what they are selling. Weapons and armours are available but there is a healthy trade in potions, oils and shards too.

Lieutenant Osprey curtly orders you to return to the lightning rail in time for its departure and then walks into town leaving you to your own devices. On the other side of the town you can see ships at dock, some huge and some small. A large warehouse next to a lumber yard is in the process of finishing a warship of some kind.

2012-10-13, 04:25 PM
Woops, I misremembered I guess... not sure why I thought it was 4hp for Cure Minor. May have to check my 3.0e PHB to see if that's where it's from.

Kera sticks with the group, waiting for someone to decide what to do during this stopover.

2012-10-13, 07:24 PM
Dallun makes a few gestures to his assistants, and they dart off into the market to purchase the materials he desires.

"Right, my helpers will be back with my supplies by the time we're to leave. I'm thinking it might be worth asking the hippogryph riders if they have any information on Fort Light?"
Using DSL to instruct them to go and buy the supplies for me.
Still not totally sure what to make/buy.
Somewhat tempted to make a +1 Darkwood Light Ballista, despite the fact it would be more than half of my weapons budget. Because actually having a siege weapon would be fun and make those ranks in profession (siege engineer) worth it.

Siege Tower
2012-10-13, 10:01 PM
Ajani lets out a low exhale as he stands in the center of the market with arms crossed. Still carrying his weapons and looking like he's fully ready for a war isn't him helping him blend in with the common folk. Ajani has not received any orders on what to do but was told his constant presence near the officers was not desired. So the combat medic is left standing in the middle of a market square totally bewildered simply waiting for the rest stop to be over. Not wanting to show his awkwardness however, the towering man stare purposefully at a random spot and tries to look deep in thought while remaining intimidating.

2012-10-14, 08:09 PM
Kera moves to stand next to Ajani.

"Y-you decided to come after all? That's g-good. I was a bit worried about splitting up. It's g-going to be dangerous enough with all of us t-together, I think." Kera shakes her head slightly.

"I'll have to do an Augury when we g-get there, but I-I have a bad feeling about this."

Siege Tower
2012-10-14, 10:39 PM
"Huh?" Ajani breaks out of his faux focus for a moment as Kera speaks to him. Looking around him confused, Ajani eventually directs his gaze downward at the young cleric.

"I have been temporarily relived of my position as bodyguard and healer to the cardinal. I suppose now I shall...well...I suppose with the dangers that lurk ahead it is best that I stay with you and the others. The protection of this small troop is important to protecting the cardinal in a way. Ajani finally uncrosses his arms finding some relief in knowing what he is to be doing with himself.

"You will not have to worry about any danger for yourself young one. I may be a proficient healer but I know it is best to never need to have such skills. Healing means that the pain has already been felt. To stop suffering one must prevent the world's wounds altogether. So as I live and breath I shall keep this party safe." With his last statement, Ajani triumphantly shakes his fist with bow in hand. However, the worn armor the cleric has on makes an audible "clink" and Ajani's arm gets stuck half raised. After a small moment of struggle, Ajani uses his opposite arm to force his bow hand back down.

"Though I am well prepared for this it seems as though my equipment is not. It may finally be time to retire this old suit. Is there anything you are needing yourself hun? We have been given a opportunity to better equip ourselves before our mission. It would be wise not to squander it."

Ajani begins to walk with Kera as he is now seemingly completely accustomed to moving through the crowds. First to the armour smith so Ajani doesn't get stuck in any unusual ways and then to whatever Kera desires.

"Oh and one other thing. Augury? You introduced yourself as a healer prior to this. I get the feeling that there's something very valuable about yourself that you have yet to reveal to us."

2012-10-14, 11:40 PM
"Oh... yes th-that... I-I-I... I guess I should explain. I don't like to just tell people, usually b-because it usually just causes d-distrust." Kera takes a deep breath then exhales slowly to calm herself.

"I... have a gift, I g-guess you could call it." Kera looks just a little melancholy on mentioning that. "I-It's nothing though. M-mostly I do just heal the wounded, b-but...

Kera shuffles around a bit, clearly uncomfortable.

"I s-suppose if we're g-going to work t-together I may as well be honest about it. I-I-I can sometimes s-see the f-future. U-usually it's nothing, just flashes, images or feelings - too v-vague to be useful. O-once in awhile though... I just d-don't like to talk about it much; it's e-easy for p-people to misunderstand what I do. S-since I mostly do healing, it's easiest to just go by th-that role. E-everyone loves it when you p-patch them up, heh."

Kera shuffles around more.

"I s-suppose I ought to get some more i-incense. I'll need it for the a-augury. I c-can't control my gift precisely b-but I can kind of force it a bit, with the right preparation."

Siege Tower
2012-10-15, 12:10 AM
"Hmm... Ajani takes in a minute to consider what he's been told. A brief silence falls between the two with only the sounds of people shuffling about and Ajani slinging the how bow over his shoulder breaking it.

"You consider it a gift yet you find it easier to be known by your other deeds. Is that really something you wish? Your prophecies may not be useful now but you say you can induce them somewhat. I don't know much about prophecy but I have seen many people change after gaining knowledge of them...for better or worse." Ajani pauses his speech once again to scratch at his stubble.

"You however I see have not become that which prophecies can be detested for. When your role as a soothsayer does not help those around you, you instead choose to tend to them in other ways. ...You are one of noble spirit, I can see that. Ajani takes this once chance to smile down at the cleric, a single strand of pink hair falling into view from underneath his helmet as he does so.

"From what I can tell you have not found a way to find a use for your gift. I encourage you do. A healer is always the most virtuous role to fulfill in times of strife but those that can prevent those times are unseen heroes. It could be of great benefit if you learned to use your gift fully. Not just to us but to whoever needs it. The strong should serve the weak. And though you are small in frame your spirit I can feel is much stronger than most. So much good could be gained if we knew what the right path was to take without trial. No side during a war believes themselves to be the enemy.... Ajani lets out some emotion as he gives a decent laugh.

"Ah but that is all for the future. Right now fulfill your role as a healer and we shall see how what the future holds with your well..ability to see the future. You'll find a way to help others with your gift eventually. Unless this is one of those times where you encounter a prophecy but can do nothing to prevent it or those self fulfilling kinds. We shall figure that out in time I suppose.

The conversation being had by the two is soon interrupted as they find their way to the armour smith. The two companions enter and Ajani explains the predicaments of his armour to the shop keep. Ajani will soon be able to return to the smith to retrieve his new set but for now he will wear his clunky old one. The two clerics continue to escort each other as Kera herself finds items of interest scattered among the shops.

Purchasing a +1 full plate.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-15, 08:47 AM
Raja let the other's go there own way, she was concerned with her own people for the time being. This would be there first mission as allies of the soft skins and the last thing she needed or wanted was it to fail because on of her warriors slipped up. So she talked in length about keeping loss of life to a minimal on both sides and not hesitating to make contact and if possible recruit new shifters into the tribe.

Would it be possible to use 500 gp from said pool to get a periphat of wisdom? I only need the 500 gp I kept the rest of my monies unspent so i could get it at my earliest convenience

2012-10-15, 11:19 AM
Raja looks around in the largest tents and temples for someone selling or auctioning a periapt of wisdom but nothing like that seems to be available. Morbidly several auctions are taking place of dead officer's equipment, horse, armour, weapons and oddments that they had on them when they died. Most of the proceeds, the auctioneers assure you, goes back to the families of the deceased and some to their regiment.

Any large transactions are typically deducted from your Kundarak accounts and those of you purchasing weapons or armour find the House Cannith pavilion has a harassed looking Sivis gnome and a solid looking and extremely efficient Kundarak dwarf available. They have an extensive selection and notices in several languages showing that they are willing to take advance orders. For a quarter up front they will make any item within their capabilities though there is a back order on items which means that any orders placed won't be fulfilled for three to four weeks.

Once those of you buying items are done you find your way back to the lightning rail. There you find the shifters enjoying hot pies sold from a House Ghallanda food cart run by a half dozen halflings in green coats. Lieutenant Osprey can be seen by the open window of the officers carriage wearing a polished breastplate and tightening the string on a crossbow. A gnome sits near him finishing up some notes.

Within a few minutes he gets up and the both of them exit the carriage. The gnomes looks at you expectantly, particularly those of you in expensive armour or carrying weapons of quality. When nobody says anything he points to his House Sivis badge and says in a high voice, "I'm an authorised notary. I can record your last will and testament for a small fee. It's recognised in all the Five Nations no matter where your assets are located." Seeing no takers he shrugs and heads back towards the town.

Lieutenant Osprey orders you on board, "We'll have to share till we reach Sword Keep," he indicates a troop of chain armoured soldiers marching up the street towards the lightning rail, "A couple of hours, four at most." The shifters take note and get the prime spots first. When the soldiers arrive they don't waste time and jump straight on board. Officers, even NCOs, head to the plush carriage. Within a few minutes the lightning rail lurches to a start and you're off again.

The Greenhaunt shoots by on your left for the next three hours and conversation in the officers carriage is muted. Nobody is discussing plans and a few people look quite worried. Lieutenant Osprey tries to strike up conversation with some others of equal rank but is quickly rebuffed. Nevertheless you do pick up the odd comment about Aundair moving to attack Thrane and this being a good opportunity to press the attack rather than defend. It seems that defence is the plan for these troops though, if not for you.

Sword Keep arrives quickly and everyone is ordered to disembark. the other soldiers are quickly put into order and sent on teir way. The House Orien stewards then lock all the carriage doors and conduct a thorough search. Once complete the lightning rail roars back into life and runs along the conductor stones south of the border and the across it some four or five miles down the stone path. The border itself is plain. A half mile from Sword Keep is a brown and blasted battlefield with trenches and bunkers dug into it. A half mile further on is a similar arrangement. For three or more miles catapults, ballista and more arcane weapons of war stand guard on both sides. Crossing that battlefield looks exceedingly hazardous.

"Right, you lot," Lieutenant Osprey shouts out, "Ten miles along these conductor stones we can board the lightning rail again. Eighty miles more and we'll be almost at Fort Light. Move out." and with that he sets off along the path of the stones.

2012-10-16, 02:39 AM
Kera follows the Lieutenant at a distance, trying her best to match her pace to the other warrant officers, and particularly sticks near Ajani. A bit into the rather quiet march she finally speaks up, talking specifically to Ajani.

"I-I wanted to th-thank you for what you said, yesterday at Hatheril. I... it's unusual to hear someone say something nice about me. I c-can't promise I can make my gift work - b-but I won't stop trying.

I-it's why they drafted me, you know? I mean... s-sure they ask me about other th-things; I'm a bit of a bookworm I s-suppose... b-but mostly they wanted the gift. I m-may as well do my best to m-make it work, right?"

Kera smiles a bit, then clams up abruptly upon realizing she's been chattering about herself for no particular reason.

"S-sorry, I hope you don't mind. I just r-really appreciated what you said yesterday, th-that's all."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-16, 08:29 AM
Raja gives out orders to her tribe and moves ahead at a brisk pace, intending to act as scouts for the trip ahead.

Spot [roll0]
Survival [roll1]
Listen [roll2]

Siege Tower
2012-10-16, 10:02 AM
Ajani joins the others on their march. The cleric would rather have been walking along side those he was assigned to protect but they told him to lay off for a while. Something about him watching them when they sleep has put them at unease. After grumbling to himself for a moment, Ajani notices Kera below him.

"Oh? That was no problem at all hun. I don't see why it would be unusual. Being complimented for more than your gift would be easy in your case. If not for your gift than for your knowledge or medicine. For the more superficial among us, for your beauty." Ajani notices he's been walking with frustrated crossed arms again and immediately take his bow in hand to walk normally again.

"Those animals up ahead may not be the most pleasant lot to associate with but at least they seem very good at keeping their wits about them. It would be wise for you to do so yourself as we cross. Losing a healer is one of the greatest tragedies in war."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-16, 10:57 AM
Edwin yawns emphatically and follows in the march, having bought nothing at the stop. He steered clear of the Clerics, not out of any particular dislike, but he feared their conversation would inevitably turn to religion. Tuller had always found matters of the gods uninteresting, except perhaps for a small fascination with Khyber, in no small part due to his mark.

In search of conversation, he sidles up to Dallun. "You're of House Cannith, aren't you? You must know a thing or two about these Warforged, surely?"

"Interesting things, aren't they? You don't really see their like in Karrnath. Just Undead there. They're easy to make. That's just a golem, with some macabre materials. Warforged though.. they seem to think. Hell of a thing to be able to do. "

2012-10-16, 12:49 PM
"Notice how the warforged began using the names they were given on the train. Merrix managed to make them think, but it's interacting with other sentient races that is making them people. Which, in the end, is the real difference between them and some more traditional golem."
Responds Dallun, happy to have someone to discuss one of the facets of artifice with, even if not the technical points.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-16, 01:07 PM
Edwin looks thoughtful. "I see. Interesting. Still, there is something to be said for making them think. Without it, they wouldn't be able to become people at all. After all, you can interact with a skeleton or one of the dumber forms of golem all you like, it'll still rip your head off if it's ordered to."

Edwin pauses for a moment. "Actually, that's not wholly true. Back in Karrnath, there were some people who just... understood the undead. Near as could tell, the things were still mindless, but it was like that wasn't true for them. I wonder if it's something like the same thing."

2012-10-17, 04:53 AM
Scouting ahead Raja sees signs of a lot of travel along this route. It seems that soldiers and cavalry have followed the conductor stones before, probably looking for people on the other side doing exactly what you are doing now. One curiosity about the conductor stones is the complete absence of any kind on animal life or tracks near them, there isn't even so much as a snail trail within 10 feet of them.

After half an hour of walking you begin to notice deliberate signs laid out, twigs arranged to point away from the conductor stones and into the trees, stones that for an experienced woods man or woman are piled to show danger ahead. Your tribe have already started scouting the tree line and report back that there are several trails suitable for your group.

2012-10-18, 01:09 AM
Kera thinks on Ajani's words for a moment, then replies; "I-I'm not so worried about m-me; th-tough I appreciate the concern. I t-try not to make myself a target."

Kera's face takes on a concerned look before she continues. "I am... troubled b-by the tension b-between you and Raja. I-I know she is... difficult, b-but we're g-going to be relying on each other out there; and her sh-shifters seem n-nice enough. I d-don't mean to be a nuissance b-but... I just think w-we ought to all t-try to get along. O-otherwise I expect it may go poorly when w-we're in dire straits."

Kera shrugs slightly. "I-It's just a thought a-anyway."

2012-10-18, 03:20 AM
"I don't think it's the same. Sure, neither gets tried, but do the undead actually grow and develop as people, or can they just think better?" Responds Dallun, knowing the complexity of warforged minds.
"That said, there are a few big questions about the warforged I expect will come up when the war ends. And that is when things really get interesting."

Ah, the difference between LA +0 and LA -. Also between Cha 8 and Cha 1.
Also, @ morbis. Dallun will produce magic items for the group at 75% market price. I think that puts the +2 Periphat of Wisdom back within reach. (Note, there is a small chance of failure, but between my good UMD bonus, the 5 tries allowed, and action points, the chance is really, really, small.)

Morbis Meh
2012-10-18, 08:51 AM
Raja quickly gives orders to scout the trail ahead to her group then proceeds to go back to the main body to give a report of her findings. She approaches the group with a smirk "Just thought I let you know something is amiss up ahead on the main route. I am having my people look into a secondary route through the brush to determine if it is a valid option. I suggest you take this time to rest while we look into it, unless you prefer going ahead and walking right into certain danger."

2012-10-18, 10:18 AM
Gerilow walks up joins Edwin and Dallun. "What's so interesting about that?" He asks Dallun. "Some of the warforged will be used in military business. You know, ah, patrols and guard duty and such. The rest will just be put in storage like any other weapon of war. Put in the armories with the armor and catapults and everything else we..."

Gerilow closes his mouth as Raja makes her warning to the group. "Well, that figures. Not like crossing the border with a country you're at war with would be easy, eh?"

Siege Tower
2012-10-18, 12:32 PM
Kera thinks on Ajani's words for a moment, then replies; "I-I'm not so worried about m-me; th-tough I appreciate the concern. I t-try not to make myself a target."

Kera's face takes on a concerned look before she continues. "I am... troubled b-by the tension b-between you and Raja. I-I know she is... difficult, b-but we're g-going to be relying on each other out there; and her sh-shifters seem n-nice enough. I d-don't mean to be a nuissance b-but... I just think w-we ought to all t-try to get along. O-otherwise I expect it may go poorly when w-we're in dire straits."

Kera shrugs slightly. "I-It's just a thought a-anyway."

Ajani scoffs when Raja is mentioned. "It is of the greatest importance that everyone within our group cares for one another. My mission is to do just that. I've had to deal with the most selfish men in the past but they at least acknowledged that we needed each other to maintain our duty. That shifter though...I can not trust her. Mercenaries may only be loyal to money but at least the side I'm on is paying them. Deserters may be cowards but they fear consequence more than others and I have found ways to make them realize the danger of their actions. Raja? Her loyalty is only to her own kind. The dirt between her toes is more important to her than other people. If something doesn't concern her fellow animals then she will do nothing about it.

Ajani takes a moment to shake his head and reorient himself
"I can't spend time caring for someone who cares nothing for anyone else. Her selfish actions will get others hurt. I can't take that risk of using resources to aid her. I would never forgive myself if harm came to the more virtuous because of it."

2012-10-18, 12:49 PM
"One part of warforged training is when they are disabled. They never sleep. Loss of consciousness is terrifying to them. The main reason my assistants are happy to work with me is because they know I'd repair them if they need it." Responds Dallun, "Now, imagine telling a Army of Human soldiers they were going to be killed, and then maybe resurrected at some point in the future. Would them accept happily? Would they resist?"

2012-10-18, 02:14 PM
"Huh? What are you talking about. They aren't human, they're... umm... constructs that were built for war. It's not like killing them more like... unstringing a bow, right? You'd just have to wave a wand at them or something, I sure."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-18, 02:23 PM
Raja stands before the humans and shakes her head "You people talk too much, on second thought I am going up trail to scout with my people, it at least is a valuable job. Oh and Rusty, there are no dangers ahead for you, you can waltz right down the path, but you should take off all your armour first because...magnets. Anyhow, enough wasting time, we have work to do. Oh and I will continue being selfish over there you know possibly saving the lives of everyone here while you continue babble, you thick headed biggot."

Siege Tower
2012-10-18, 02:33 PM
Through gritted teeth Ajani mumbles to himself. "Saving the lives of everyone here? Tsh. You wouldn't give a **** if your people weren't here. We're just caught in the crossfire of you helping them."

2012-10-18, 03:24 PM
Kera sighs and shakes her head, but says nothing.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-18, 04:19 PM
Edwin is taken aback at the suggestion that the warforged can just be turned off. "You can't just 'turn off' something that thinks. I would be like, as Dallun says, taking an army of men, and stabbing them when you're done with them. "

As Ajani speaks, Edwin glares at him, but holds his tongue, hoping that Raja will have the sense to do the same.

2012-10-18, 06:10 PM
"Will I have to do the pink hair thing again? I don't need you to get along perfectly, but could you at least try to act nicely to each other?" Responds Dallun, hoping they will behave even a little bit.

Siege Tower
2012-10-18, 06:26 PM
Ajani looks around a moment before thinking to himself Is there anyone here not listening to my conversations?

2012-10-19, 10:07 AM
Another hour down the track and you've entered the Greenhaunt and can no longer see anything but trees. It is an ancient forest, not much harmed by the war. Loggers have remained clear for the most part though here and there clumps of tall oak trees have been cut down, no doubt for siege engines. The path itself forces you into single file so many times that you eventually just remain that way rather than spread out again. The shifter scouts criss cross the path and report in regularly, giving you warning about which fork to take or when you have to double back because of an obstruction or dead end.

Lieutenant Osprey complains more than once that he thinks the shifters have gotten them lost though those of you with wilderness skills note that you're heading more or less in a steady north westerly direction. Going is slow but safe. Raja'Umal Almach can be seen occasionally flitting through dense undergrowth far ahead of you, apparently immune to the thorns and brambles that tug at your cloaks even on the path ways.

After travelling for about three hours in total you estimate that you've covered around five or six miles through the woods and are not too far from the edge. A shifter calls to Raja, the sound of a bird native to the Eldeen Reeches, to warn and ask for help. She stalks up to him as he perches on a low branch above the path. Hanging in front of him is a body, a beaten breastplate tied with vines to a tree is all that holds it together. empty eye sockets stare out from a half helm and its tattered uniform shows that it was a member of the Thrane holy army. Scratched into the breastplate are the words:


The edges are showing rust otherwise you might have missed the words.

It is impossible to tell how he died as the body is badly decomposed. Its legs are completely gone, no doubt scavenged by some animal. Maggots infest the rest of it. There is a cloud of flies around the remains that further indicates that it has hung here for weeks. Something shiny is wedged in its mouth, holding the head upright, or perhaps stopping it from falling off altogether.

2012-10-19, 09:09 PM
Kera grimaces at the sight. "H-how horrible..."

2012-10-20, 05:18 PM
Gerilow frowns as he looks at the grisly warning. "Think whoever left this warning is still around? Looks rather old..." he says at last. "I'd say we should take a head count of the shifters, but as, um, protective as Ra is of her clan, I'm sure she has it already in hand. If our scouts missed seeing this... well I think we'd need to doubt our scout!" Gerilow smiles and chuckles at his rhyme, before clearing his throat and trying to look series again.

"Better tighten up our own ranks just to be sure, eh? Don't want any suprises, right? Don't suppose anyone in this group has sharp eyes for traps and what not?

2012-10-20, 06:10 PM
"I might be able to handle the traps. Been a while since I needed to worry about them though." Replies Dallun.

Have class ability that is trapfinding with a different name, and +11 search.
That said, trapfinding is one of those things where the DM should roll, so the players can't tell if they rolled low or high.

Siege Tower
2012-10-21, 08:29 PM
"Their woods? Spirits aren't usually this crude. Does a hermit reside here? A Druid perhaps?"

knowledge Religion: [roll0]

2012-10-22, 03:38 AM
Dallun spends a few moments examining the grisly remains but can find no sign of magical or mundane traps on it or in the surrounding area. He does notice some tracks in the muck around the roots of the tree, though he is unable to tell anything more about them than that they are tracks. There are also several deep vertical scratches in the bark of the tree itself.

Ajani tries to recall any information about druid cults operating in the area but beyond the fact that these cults exist he cannot remember anything specific.

2012-10-22, 03:59 AM
Kera will try her Cloistered Cleric Lore check to determine who or what could have done this: [roll0]

Morbis Meh
2012-10-22, 08:26 AM
Raja was growing annoyed at the others lagging behind, the sign was a clear indicator that they shouldn't sit about and ponder. She orders her scouts ahead and doubles back to the others "Care to keep moving or were you hoping for a private audience with whatever contructed that message, hmmm? If not then keep marching we're almost to our destination." She gives a quick look at the scratches and track and attempts to discern their origin before moving back ahead.

Knowledge Nature [roll0]
Survival [roll1]

2012-10-23, 01:30 AM
Kera and Raja investigate the area and the scratches. It looks like some kind of clawed lizard or bird made the scratches, from the angle it was almost certainly a flying creature climbing for height, a large bat perhaps. The tracks on the ground are the same but there are also large but shallow bare foot print, probably a halfling. While any number of creatures are capable of this it seems most likely that one of the druidic cults is responsible. Protecting woods it what they are famous for though you've no idea what is special about this forest.

As Raja moves ahead she finds other, similar warnings spaced at quarter mile or so apart. The remains of a man in a Breland uniform, an woman with a broken Aundair staff holding her to a tree trunk, several skeletons with rotten clothing that could belong to any side. Some have the same message carved into their armour but those without breastplates do not, though the message is clear. It's more than enough to put everyone on edge and what little conversation you have seems forced.

Could I have spot and listen checks please.

2012-10-23, 01:43 AM



Well, I pretty sure those are all fails.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-23, 01:47 AM
Spot [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2012-10-23, 05:11 AM
Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

Morbis Meh
2012-10-23, 08:18 AM
Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]

2012-10-23, 05:10 PM

2012-10-24, 01:29 AM
Edwin Tuller hears something, a sound like canvas caught in the wind above him. He looks but can't see anything.

Ajani Beleren hears the same sound but glances up in time to see a movement, something large and reptilian takes wing and glides into the cover of the canopy above. He's sure that there was someone perched on its back, a small figure with a hugely grinning face, but then it's gone.

Siege Tower
2012-10-24, 12:50 PM
Ajani by reflex take out his bow and points it to the sky, making those around him flinch in surprise.

"We have to move! Something is up there! It...I think it may be a dragon. It's some kind of flying lizard. Something is riding it!"

Knowledge Religion: [roll0] to know about any grin having monster riding peoples.

Ready action to shoot bow at the thing riding the monster.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-24, 01:05 PM
Raja looks at the archer and shakes her head "Settle down rusty, if it were a dragon we would definitly know by now but I agree that we should continue on. Can you describe to me in detail what you saw, I perhaps can point out what it was and if it was being ridden then I feel it is safe to assume that it was a druid's companion. Also due to the claw marks on the trees it may be the cause of the other soldier's unfortunate demise."

If Ajani gives her a decent description then knowledge nature

Siege Tower
2012-10-24, 02:13 PM
Without lowering his bow Ajani describes to Raja what he saw.

"It was something big. It just took off and flew; somewhere above the canopy. It has to be a dragon. What other flying lizards are there?Something was definitely riding it. Small but I swear I could see it smiling at us. A large mask perhaps."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-24, 02:22 PM
The shifter sneers "Don't be so stupid, think for a moment: Dragons are a proud and dangerous race, would they simply allow someone to use them as an overglorified horse? I doubt it, secondly if it was a dragon then it would have to be a young dragon for anyone to be able to ride it and thus would not make sense because mother dragons would be extremely protective of their offspring. As to what it could be there are a variety of possibilities, if you actually spent some time outside you might discover that there are rather unique creatures. For all we know it could be a drake or a wyvern."

Siege Tower
2012-10-24, 02:28 PM
Ajani remains silent and keeps staring at the sky waiting for something bad to happen. Not knowing what the difference between a dragon, drake, or wyvern was, Raja's spiel did nothing to calm Ajani down.

2012-10-24, 10:29 PM
Kera looks contemplative, thinking about the description she's just heard and trying to place it.

Lore Check: [roll0]
If that doesn't count I've also got:

Knowledge History: [roll1]
Knowledge Arcana: [roll2]
Knowledge Religion: [roll3]

Disregard any that are inappropriate to the critter and rider; I'm honestly not sure which are and aren't in this case so I'm just rolling it all >.<

2012-10-25, 05:46 AM
Working only from a brief description of a shape caught from the corner of his eye doesn't help much. Several flying creatures fit the description but most likely are the halfling tribes who are known to ride dinosaurs they call glidewings or the larger soarwings. The forest is poor terrain for them though. They are more common around the Endworld Mountains in the disputed lands of the Talenta Plains. Perhaps it was a dire bat or a small wyvern after all.

You keep an eye out for it to return but minutes pass without incident.

2012-10-25, 05:59 AM
Kera takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, then after a few moments more waiting speaks up.

"I-I suppose we ought to be m-moving on... whatever did this, w-whatever Ajani saw, we'll just have to keep an eye out as we move a-along."

After a half-second's more thought.

"P-perhaps we ought to stick to the thicker f-forest as well... a f-flying creature will have difficulty manuevering if the trees are close together, right? It might k-keep us from being spotted from the air at all. I mean it's j-just an i-idea."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-25, 12:08 PM
Edwin tenses he hears the noises, but slowly begins to relax as nothing comes of it.

"Moving deeper in is not a bad thought. But if there is anything that doesn't need to fly to kill us... It will be a tradeoff. Perhaps it's a risk worth taking. I certainly wouldn't want to fight whatever that was on open ground."

Siege Tower
2012-10-25, 12:15 PM
Ajani's tiring arms finally force him to place his bow back at the hip. The over protective cleric still keeps an arrow notched however.

"Moving would be a good idea. That thing knows where we are and if it comes back it may not be alone."

2012-10-26, 07:49 AM
You proceed through the woods, skirting obvious ambush points and sticking to the more overgrown paths. Tensions run high and Lieutenant Osprey carries his Cannith forged longsword as if it is a talisman that will protect him. It is with some relief when the trees thin and the land opens into the rolling hills that mark the edge of Thrane. With no cover many of you remain cautious. The shifter scouts keep a wary eye on the tree line and steal glances up at the clouds above you as if dragons would suddenly emerge at any moment to bathe you in fire.

Nothing like that happens though and thirty minutes later you spot a line of carriages hovering over conductor stones. A human male wearing the unicorn surcoat of House Orien signals for you to hurry and you quickly board. The coach in front is already sparking with energy and ready to go. The Orien man hands a note to Lieutenant Osprey with a curt, "A halfling delivered this not ten minutes ago. He came in on a glidewing," and then slams the doors shut. Moments later you start moving.

Lieutenant Osprey glances at the note before screwing it up and throwing it to the floor, "Bloody bugger," he swears, "Damnable bloody bugger. Who does he think he is, eh?" With that he strides off into a corner to fume. Someone picks up the note and reads it out for the rest of you before passing it round.



You have about an hour to discuss this before the carriage slows and stops and the same Orien man returns to open the doors. The lieutenant signs a form that the man is carrying and orders you all out. Minutes later it resumes its journey north. As it passes you see the edge of Fort Light in the distance, woods to the east and open plain to the west. If you set off immediately you estimate that you can reach it by nightfall.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-26, 08:20 AM
Raja looks out into the twilight and sighs, the pale golden light on the horizon was lovely too bad they would soon have to violate this tranquil place with blood. She had no ilussions of what would happen with that stupid, impertenant commanding officer. She traced a line in the dirt absently before looking to the others "We better move on and find a suitable place to camp, I feel it would be best to accomplish this task at dawn, giving us both rest and time to solidify our course of action. Besides your human eyes cannot see very well in the dark."

2012-10-26, 09:24 AM
"B-besides that, we've been traveling all day - we need to be at our best if we're going t-to pull this off." Kera yawns abruptly, despite her trying vainly to suppress it.

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-26, 12:02 PM
Edwin frowns. "Well, if we do not wish to be spotted, and wish to maintain our most valuable asset - surprise, the more darkness, the better. Dawn, then. The half-light will allow us to see, and hopefully keep them from seeing us."

2012-10-29, 09:24 AM
You find a suitably secluded spot at the edge of the woods. What are your plans for the night? The shifters maintain their own watch and patrol in small groups and wake you an hour before dawn unless given different instructions.

Siege Tower
2012-10-29, 11:54 AM
Ajani does not make any orders and instead waits for a superior officer to command his troops. If the shifters are the only ones on patrol Ajani won't be sleeping tonight. Only if he camps close enough to a shifter that he gets protected by accident will he get a good nights rest.

EDIT: If there are enough warforges to maintain watch on their own, Ajani will rest peacefully.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-29, 12:02 PM
If that's the case siege... Raja could always snuggle against Ajani :smallbiggrin: but keep in mind there are warforged around so they are auto watches since they never sleep.

Raja will have a restful nights sleep and commune with nature before they head out, her people know the drill and will inform her of any oddity if one presents itself.

2012-10-29, 01:23 PM
Kera tries to find an out of the way corner of the camp to bed down in.

2012-10-30, 06:10 AM
You wake before dawn well rested after your sleep and approach the edge of the forest. A strange glow seems to emanate from Fort Light as you reach the tree line, cut back 500 feet from the walls. You can see that the walls are festooned with polished shields that reflect the light of several bonfires burning in the open and of the moons above. The fires look to have been blazing all night. The light must have been much brighter a few hours ago. Nevertheless it seems as if the entire area is very well lit.

You can see the square corner tower in front of you, an old design that has long since been replaced with round towers. It rises to form the castle proper which is much higher than the 30 feet high walls, about 80 feet in total. Light can be seen from several arrow slits in the castle itself. All on the same floor by the look of them.

Some 100 feet along the eastern wall is a round tower built out at the same height as the curtain wall. Another smaller bonfire burns on the roof and you can clearly see the outline of guards there. There are four such towers along this wall. Along the southern wall the same arrangement is repeated except that the two central towers are closer and form a pair of rounded towers either side of a gate. A drawbridge stretches across a dry ditch that looks like it encompasses the entire fort. The ditch is bare earth about 20 feet deep but there are a few feet of loose wood along the bottom of it.

Your scouts tell you that the north and west walls are the same except that the west wall is missing the last round tower and has a wooden palisade plugging the gap. The other three corners of the curtain wall have small square towers about 10 feet higher than the wall itself.

2012-10-30, 08:32 AM
Kera breaths in deeply, then slowly exhales.

"I'm going to do a reading, to see if we should proceed or not. I-I still have a bad feeling about this w-whole operation so... it can't h-hurt at least."

Kera steps back from the treeline about 50 feet into the forest, then sits crosslegged and begins to cast the Augury.

Augury (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Augury) - DM has to make a secret roll.

Siege Tower
2012-10-30, 10:00 AM
Ajani looks at the fort they would soon be infiltrating with concern.

"I have never been one to be on the offensive. I know how to spot enemies but not how to avoid detection. Perhaps another one of us is more familiar with this?"

Ajani leaves the others to discuss a plan while he heads into the forest after Kera. As she begins her meditation, Ajani draws his bow and notches an arrow ready to protect the prophet in case of any danger.

Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2012-10-30, 05:04 PM
"Well... it's bright. I suppose we should wait till Kera's... umm... prayers?" Gerilow says, looking to the others for clearification on what Kera is doing. "I really don't know how you, ah, magic-types keep it all straight.

"Seems like the west side is our easiest way in, if we can get to it. Wonder how'd they react to a bunch of Shifters hanging out in the edge of the woods. I'm sure it'd get their attention. Doubt they'd come charging out of their walls for them though... course this is Thrane, right? Wouldn't want to put Ra's people in danger."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-30, 06:37 PM
Edwin watches bemusedly as the clerics disappear off into the forest. He scratches at his beard. "If I were guarding this fort, I would expect any enemy to come from the west wall. Likely it will be well-lit and guarded. Depends if the enemy has any sense, I suppose."

"If we did go for the west wall, we'd have to get through the palisade. I don't see that being quiet. For now lets just work out how many of the buggers we're dealing with. "

2012-10-30, 07:36 PM
Why go through the wall? We have several days to dig our way in if we want to.
Asks Dallun, who appears to be doing some mental math.

If I don't mind burning all my spells for the day and some xp, I can dig out a 1/2 mile long 5 by 5 passage.
That can't be right...
7 casting of Druid 2 spell Burrow via spell storing item.
2*4 xp per cast
4 minutes of burrowing per cast.
28 minutes -> 280 rounds of burrowing at 10 ft./round.
2800 ft of burrowing, costing 56 xp.
Mile is 5280 ft.
so, yeah, 1/2 mile long passage.
Because POW aren't troops, we could even mine over to the lightning rail and load them on.
If Raja is willing to help, we can mine 4000 ft per day. And we have about a week. And Fort Light is really close to the lightning rail.

2012-10-31, 06:30 AM
Kera reappears looking immensely embarrassed.

"I-I uhm... I realized just before casting; I'm not sure precisely what we're planning to do. I n-need to know to cast the augury and... w-well..."

Morbis Meh
2012-10-31, 08:15 AM
Raja raises her eyebrow and the mention of digging, she hated going underground "I confered with the spirits and I have the ability to shape wood, I can easy turn the wooden wall into a lovely doorway for everyone. No need to dig a tunnel that could potentially collapse or be flooded, what we need though is a distraction and one urgent enough to draw out the guards and townspeople. We need someone to convince them that something terrible is about to happen, something on the apocalyptic level. Have the person spout a few signs, which we then conjur causing mass panic and so on. When everyone clears out and leaves we waltz in and extract your soldiers. Done and done."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-31, 08:54 AM
Edwin nods. "I like the idea of a tunnel. You may be able to make the palisade into an entryway, but the tunnel has the advantage of stealth. They may well spot us moving towards the walls. Even if they dispatched the garrison, they will still have watchers. "

"A distraction may also be necessary though."

Siege Tower
2012-10-31, 10:09 AM
Ajani clears his throat before speaking.

"If we need a distraction there was one option we had spoken of before. I believe one of our companions has the ability to summon beings from another plane to assist us. Something about many small creatures with distracting colours altering the weather."

As Ajani says his piece, a strand of his still pink hair falls into view. he is quick the brush it back into place.

Morbis Meh
2012-10-31, 11:18 AM
Raja looks at Ajani and makes a wrinkled face "Aww, how sweet, Rusty thinks I am one of his companions. Somebody should take note of this monumentous occasion! All sarcasm aside, yes I have the ability to summon animals and according to Kera she as the ability to summon creatures as well. I can create water and Rusty knows that Dallum can alter the colour of objects."

Imperial Psycho
2012-10-31, 11:28 AM
Edwin grins. "As fun as summoning a horde of weasels to our side is, it does not seem... momentous enough to force them to send out the garrison. "

2012-11-05, 06:26 AM
While discussing various plans you hear the sound of one or two very loud men shouting from within the fort. This goes on for around 10 minutes and is then replaced by the muffled sounds talking and then of a congregation repeating a prayer "By the Light of the Silver Flame." The last is quite clear. Those of you keeping watch note that the guards you can see by the fire light have moved to the walls and are looking into the keep rather than out. They seem to be joining the prayer.

The two clerics and the druid know that Silver Flame "greeting the dawn" ceremonies typically start just before the sun rises and last an hour as the world is filled with light. Observance is usually weekly but some fervent believers in urban centres make the ritual a daily event. Rural believers don't typically interrupt their working day for the whole ceremony.

Siege Tower
2012-11-05, 02:50 PM
"This is...unusual. Ajani turns towards the debating casters as he speaks.

"Though knowing the particulars of how to go about evacuating the POWs is important, I believe now may be a good time to perform the reconnaissance mission spoken of. Fly over while invisible and see what these guards are up to. This is a strange pray ritual they are engaged in. Let us know what we are fully faced with before carrying out our yet to be decided plan." Ajani looks towards the sky for a moment.

"Strange flying beasts and a very religiously dedicated POW camp. I feel ill at ease.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-05, 03:43 PM
Raja looks to Rusty and smiles "Yes mastah, right away mastah Raja, fly really good for you mastah!" Rolling her eyes with a grin on her face she looks to Dallun "Could you arrange an illusion for me sir, while I am not overly fond of our Holy scrap heap, I do agree with him. I can at the very least fly long enough to get over the walls and back again with another use of the same spell."

2012-11-05, 04:21 PM
Kera sits idly to one side, still trying to concoct a method for springing the POWs.

2012-11-05, 07:21 PM
"You'll be invisible for four minutes." says Dallun, who taps his ring, causing it to glow, then begins methodically drawing out characters on a strip of cloth. After a minute of this, Dallun ties the cloth to Raja's wrist, and asks "Ready?"

Using Skill enhancement on self (UMD), then One minute casting time to prep the invisibility via spell storing item.
Taking ten on the UMD check to use spell storing item (paranoia about wasting xp via bad rolls is fun)
That also cost me 8 xp

2012-11-05, 07:45 PM
"Large things flying through the trees. A for full of fanatics. Oh, and a corpse with a warning the woods." Gerilow sighs. "Just another day on the Thranian front!"

The short warrior leans up against a tree and lift his crossbow from where it hung on his hip, inspecting it and idling the unloaded weapon at the guards visible on the walls.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-06, 09:36 AM
Raja nods and exhales slowly, concentrating on her own spell, when she is given the signal she begins chanting herself. When she finishes, wings sprout forth from here and she soon lauches upwards, flying steadily to the fort.

So casting Master Air, for four rounds I can fly at 90 ft and when the spell ends I float down. So basically I will loop around and try to get a good look at the fort, if I don't see anything worth seeing from the air I will land inside briefly and poke around then fly out.
Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-06, 10:47 AM
Edwin stares at the sky, meandering seemingly aimlessly as the conversation dwindles.

2012-11-06, 11:35 AM
Raja takes flight over the fort walls. The first thing that she notices beyond the obvious fires burning in brazier on the tower walls are the layers of nets stretched out across the courtyard. They are fine enough to catch a pigeon but you think that smaller birds might be able to squeeze through.

Square towers

The three square corner towers have a 30' square flat area with crenelations overlooking all sides. A trap door leads to the tower below which is 10 feet higher than the curtain wall.

Curtain wall

Doors lead from the square towers to the curtain wall itself which has a 5 foot wide walk way all the way around with 5 foot of crenelation on the outer side and a low wall on the interior. The round towers aren't towers at all as you can now tell from your elevated view. Instead they are merely extensions to the walls with a wider walkway made to look like towers. Each of the 15 round "towers" has a brazier giving light and warmth to the defenders. Some have but one man keeping guard while another sleeps but some have two. You count 20 men on the "towers".

There are some wooden ladders leading from the wall to the ground wither side of the wooden palisade plugging the breech.

80 feet tall square tower

Light can be seen from the top and ground floor at the moment and it looks as if the main gatehouse to the keep is open to the courtyard. There are 4 men on the roof armed with slings and clubs.

There are several buildings in the courtyard.

Round church of the Silver Flame: A bonfire is kept burning in this round, open building and prayers are underway. Officers, wearing the vestments of the faith are conducting a service to a half dozen soldiers and at least 50 shifters.

Blacksmith: A dwarf is working in this building

[B]Farrier: next to the blacksmith is the farrier and stable. A human male is shoeing a draft horse while two mules and a fine silver warhorse eat from a trough. The stables look large enough to hold dozens of horses and there may be more inside that you cannot see.

Animal Pen: There are several pigs and chicken in pens near the horses.

Storehouse: A sturdy looking building has several barrels stacked outside and the path is well trodden. You'd guess this was the main store

Wheelhouse: A tall building stands across the yard from the stables. A wheel rises 10 feet above the walls and it opens to a covered well. This is clearly where the troops draw up water.

The courtyard itself is paved with 3 foot square stone blocks.

Barracks: There are barracks for at least 300 troops though you can only see the 20 on the wall and the 6 in the church plus 1 giving a sermon and another assisting him.


The soldiers you can see are armed with slings and clubs and wear no armour. Sergeants, or you assume so, have short swords and short bows and wear chain shirts.

You cannot see any prisoners of war in the open, certainly no other uniforms than those of the Thrane soldiers.

A lot of this information is gleaned as you are drifting to the ground after your spell expires as you don't even have enough time to complete even a single circuit of the wall but rather fly over and back again quickly.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-06, 11:49 AM
Raja quiety makes her way back to the group to report her findings, resisting the temptation to pull a prank on Rusty.

2012-11-07, 08:50 PM
After carefully considering Raja's words, Kera speaks up.

"I-I wonder... what if we could l-lure them out? It sounds like there a-aren't nearly so many as the fort has c-capacity for; s-so if we can create some k-kind of diversion, we m-might be able to s-storm the remainder while the p-patrol is out. I-I could even cast an augury just b-beforehand to be absolutely sure we haven't made a mistake."

Kera shrugs after a moment.

"I-It's just an idea."

Siege Tower
2012-11-08, 01:01 PM
"Hmm...Maybe diplomacy is possible. Not to evacuate the POWs but to gain more information. I am not the greatest liar but nearly all i say will be true. Aside from my name and position I will ask about what they are doing and what their place in the war may be. I am a Templar but I can very easily pass for a traveling minister. I would be away from home because the war has ravaged my city...this is not an untruth."

Ajani looks towards to others to weigh their reactions to this idea.

"So it may be possible for me to enter, gather information, and leave."

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-08, 01:07 PM
"You think they will let you in?" Edwin grinned "But then, they did seem awfully pious, didn't they? Let us hope their charity extends to letting a stranger explore their prison."

"I prefer Kera's idea, of a distraction. Would need to be some danger or emergency, to draw them away from the fort. They don't have the manpower to defend the walls and send out away parties. "

2012-11-08, 05:52 PM
"I know m-most of us have at least a l-little magical ability. C-can anyone do anything with illusions? P-perhaps that might work.."

Kera thinks aloud.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-08, 05:56 PM
Edwin turns his head to one side. "Well, I didn't mention before, but I know a little magecraft. Can't do much more than make a scary noise though. It'd give em a scare, at least, but we'd need to combine it with something to make them want to leave the fort. "

2012-11-08, 07:03 PM
"How loud a noise can you manage? I'm pretty sure some large, illusory, magical beast attacking would be sufficient." Responds Dallun. Some beast opposed to their religion. One they'd be morally required to hunt down.

Siege Tower
2012-11-08, 10:40 PM
Ajani scratches at his stubble for a moment in thought.

"We can do both? I can go inside as a traveling minister to acquire information and the rest of you after a period of time can generate an illusion to draw out guards. I may not be a natural user of rhetoric but very little lies would need to be told. Simply my political affiliation. I have nothing that denotes my loyalties accept to my church so that would be easy.

I don't think I'd be able to enter, gather information and, then leave without raising suspicion though. You would either have to create the illusion with me still inside or wait a good while for me to leave again. I could send a signal to start the diversion when I'm ready if we go for the former.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-09, 03:16 AM
"A signal might tip them off that you intentions aren't entirely wholesome. I can make a sound, perhaps as loud as a roaring lion? Certainly enough to give them a fright, if then combined with an illusory beast. "

2012-11-09, 04:30 PM
Gerliow shakes his head. "Too dangerous to send one man in alone," he says. "You have to take someone else with you. Wouldn't be that, umm, unusual to have a, ah, bodyguard or two this close to the border. War and all. I'll go with you, but I'd have to keep my mouth shut. I'm, um, that great at, ah, ah, hiding the truth."

Siege Tower
2012-11-09, 04:39 PM
"I believe having a bodyguard would actually be of detriment to this plan. Why would a traveling minister have bodyguards? Especially one without political affiliation? I also don't believe I would have time to make you as well versed with my religion as one would expect from someone guarding a minister. Perhaps I could be traveling with another refugee? One who has also had their home taken away. "

Ajani turns his head to face Kera.

"That is unless the refugee believes she would be of greater help forming an illusion or that she would not be able to lie well. If she merely finds it too frightening that may actually help convince the guards we are victims. Though exploiting fear is something I would not want to do."

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-09, 04:46 PM
"Hey now. Let's not be volunteering others for tasks like this. If Kera wants to do it, that's up to her. "

"Frankly I don't see that any one of us should be wandering into that place. At least not until we go in for the prisoners. You think you can get us some information in there? Feel free. But I don't think we'll get much we didn't get from the flyover. What we need now is a plan to get those prisoners, and I like the diversion idea more than any of the others."

Morbis Meh
2012-11-09, 04:49 PM
Raja smirks "I have a thought... my men and myself could go with you, just tell them we are lost heathen souls coming towards the light of your guidance. Their are pious shifters already here of your faith, so throwing in a few more wouldn't hurt that way we have a small force inside if the situation becomes... messy not to mention our eyes are better than Rusty's and it will be less suspicious if we're moving around since we are refugees. What do you say you thickheaded lout, care to 'lead' us heathen beasts or are you not man enough?"

Siege Tower
2012-11-09, 05:09 PM
Ajani lets out a low exhale before deciding to deal with Raja.

"As much benefit as there would be to having more people inside to gather information, I would not ever wish to work with someone who attempts to spur conflict whenever given the opportunity."

The frustrated cleric crooks his neck to great an audible crack.

"Having a sizable force in there would also result in having a messier time getting them all out. If something were to go wrong I'd not wish for it to weigh on my conscious what happens to those who came to help. The larger the group becomes the more devastating it would be if a complication is encountered. I would rather be taken as a prisoner myself than have harm come to others. Oh...and I'm rather sure that you yourself Raja would not care if that was the case."

Morbis Meh
2012-11-09, 05:22 PM
Raja rolls your eyes "My why are you so dramatic? I present a logical idea and all you do is let your stupditiy get in the way then resort to your racist blathering. Would I care if you were held prisoner? Nope I would rejoice in fact; however, I would die before allowing harm to come to one of my people or a child for that matter. So how about canning it with your ignorant assumptions because from what I can tell you are a much worse person than I. All you do is spread hate and ingnorance, I have yet to see you do any of the services to others you claim to do. As for myself I have successfully lead my clan across a land where people not only hate us but hunt us and negotiate a deal that will aid not only my people but your people." Turning to Kera "You would be a more suitable choice for a ministrel, for you at least have tact and grace. You show kindness where as others of your race and creed show disdain, it would be folly for someone to venture in alone and this fool would rather die in vain than accept the help of my people. Will you show wisdom where he shows folly?" Her eyes calmly focus on Kera.

Siege Tower
2012-11-09, 05:51 PM
"You demonize me for having a distaste for your people when the reason I do not wish for their services is so that no harm would come to them. I wish for their safety as you do but you revel in the thought of suffering coming to me. I have no ill will towards your people. I distrust you and you alone. How dare you glorify your own actions while belittling mine? You are well aware of your own triumphs in caring for you people but you know nothing of what I have done. All I have ever known you to do is immediately quarrel whenever addressed and supposedly lead your tribes which I assume to be true. While there is honor in the latter the former I have found intolerable.

I am glad you have not seen me perform my art. It may have given you nothing to view positively of me for it but that is better than having to heal anyone. I am only meant to protect and to practice medicine and I am glad that has never come to be needed in the time we have been together. We both wish to avoid pain falling upon those we care for and have duty towards. You however seem to have a personal hatred for me and it is making me strongly consider against aiding you in your plights. You do not wish for my help regardless so this would be a suitable compromise for all. I just hope that our acrimony for each other doesn't cause harm to come to anyone else, regardless of who they are."

2012-11-09, 07:41 PM
"The ideal person to sneak in would be one who is clearly a member of a non-allied group. Says Dallun, gesturing to his dragonmark. And I can use magic to communicate back out."

2012-11-11, 10:55 AM
Kera thinks a few moments on what the others have said, then stands and walks to the middle of the group.

"I-I believe I have a p-plan that m-may work. It w-will require everyone to w-work together though.

We should all - sh-shifters included, go to the g-gates of the f-fort. O-once there, we'll p-pose as a b-band of adventurers w-working for Dallun. We wish to s-stop for a r-rest.

I-if we can get inside, th-then we can p-proceed to s-step two - an illusionary beast to d-draw out s-some of the garrison. W-while they're out we can subdue the re-remainder and s-spirit the prisoners off before the hunting p-party returns.

Th-the only trick will be convincing th-them in the first place. I-if that fails w-we'll just have to skip to step 2 after getting back out of s-sight.

S-seem reasonable?"

Morbis Meh
2012-11-13, 12:23 PM
Raja turns away from Rusty not even bothering to acknowledge his presence any more, since he was not only an ignorant biggot but also a hypocrite as well. "Bringing everyone would be too suspicious especially the soliders and priests. My clansman and I could go along with someone who can bluff since there is a shifter community already present. The person with us could pose as a guide, directing my people and I to the nearest settlement of our kind. We then poke around and when nightfalls open up a hole in the wall to create an exit whilst someone creates an illusion of some monster mixed with some summoned creatures to give it some oomph."

Siege Tower
2012-11-13, 08:20 PM
Ajani spits on the ground and turns his back to Raja.

"I shouldn't have bothered to waste my breath."

The cleric takes his bow in hand and beings to walk away from the party stopping only to say a few words to Kera.

"Take care of yourself hun. There's so much you can offer to others, even if it doesn't seem so now....be careful on to who you offer your good will to however."

Ajani begins to leave the rest of the group without any more interaction but stops and turns before he goes too far.

"Just in case. Kera, you should have this. You don't know when you might need it."

Ajani undoes the cape he has been wearing and tosses it over to the young cleric. With that, Ajani marches alone to do his own plan, straight in the direction of the fort.

The cape is a +1 cloak of resistance.

2012-11-14, 05:26 AM
As Ajani begins to walk towards the fort the main gates open. A group of about twenty shifters shuffle out followed by a couple of Thrane soldiers. The shifters have saws and axes and the Thrane soldiers are armed with bows. Nobody appears to be armoured. Following behind them is a draft horse pulling a large empty wagon. They form up and head in roughly your direction. The shifters look unhappy and are clearly dragging their feet. It looks like all the adult male shifters from the group seen at the church minutes ago.

Ajani will emerge from the tree line almost in front of them in half a minute.

2012-11-14, 11:16 AM
Kera stands in stunned silence, holding Ajani's cape.

This is bad, really bad, what do I do? There's nothing I can do...

2012-11-14, 02:58 PM
Gerilow growls, "I knew he shouldn't have gone alone. Nothing but trouble ahead for him. He better have a silver tongue... or he's going to have an arrow in his lung." He chuckles.

"Maybe some of us should move over that direction just in case. Might have to snag him back into the woods quick."

Gerilow lifts up his hammer, obviously anxious for a fight.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-14, 03:06 PM
Raja shrugs "Let the fool be a Martyr, he couldn't talk his way out of a burlap sac, though I say we wait for the shifters and their slave drivers come this way once they've dragged Rusty to prison of course. Once they come into the tree's we simply ambush the guards and convince the shifters to side with us and judging on their current situation I feel that will not be such a hard thing to do."

2012-11-14, 06:57 PM
"Right, so we let Ajani get caught, knock out the guards when we have the chance, free the shifters, and then fall back, keeping the unconscious guards. If we can get a good portion of their forces, we can probably force them to trade us the prisoners for their compatriots. Having Ajani on the inside both gives us a contact, and means someone will be present able to heal any injured POWs. Sound Good?"

2012-11-14, 10:54 PM
Kera quickly drops into a crosslegged sit, she wastes little time in igniting a pair of incense sticks and casts Augury as quickly as she is able.

Under her breath she whispers:

There's got to be a chance this will work, there's got to...

Kera clutches Ajani's cape while casting, as if it will somehow make a difference in the result.

2012-11-15, 02:31 AM
Kera sits and concentrates for a full minute while the incense burns around her, filling her lungs and expanding her mind into events to be. With a rattle of specially marked tokens that she has found to aid her focus she glimpses both weal and woe in the immediate future.

Ajani emerges from the tree line and marches boldly forward. An archer on the keep roof above yells out a warning and the two guards run forward, arrows notched. "Halt!" one of the yells, "Identify yourself in the name of the Silver Flame."

From the main gates a ragged mob of Thrane soldiers charge out to surround Ajani and he is bustled into the fort. An officer barks orders for scouts to be made ready and for the shifters to carry on with a double guard. Two soldiers with clubs join the group who continue in your direction.

2012-11-15, 07:23 PM
Kera speaks softly to herself, trying to calm her jangled nerves. "Weal and woe... then this could work." Kera breathes deeply, trying to steady herself, then takes a moment to retrieve her augury equipment.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-21, 05:43 AM
Pacing back and forth as Ajani was taken in, Edwin turns to the group. "Well. How long until we can add him to the list of PoWs? Still. This doesn't change anything. We still need a diversion, then an attack. Though I think we've only succeeded in increasing the guards on the walls. And attracting ourselves a little attention."

Morbis Meh
2012-11-21, 09:24 AM
Raja shrugs "It was a fool's choice, but no matter I suggest we move farther back into the tree line and surround the Thranish guards... get them farther away from their fort so they cannot cry for help.

2012-11-21, 07:02 PM
"Umm... well that'll work, Gerilow replies. "Not that swift in my armor, so you, uh, lighter, swifter types would have to take the far side.

"How far back do you think they are going? Do you think it'll, umm, be out of ear shot? Umm.. far enough for our plot?" Gerilow chuckles and glaces at the nearby trees, trying to figure out where they might be headed.

2012-11-22, 12:58 AM
It looks as if they are heading towards a path about 30 feet to your right. Having scouted this area recently you know that this path winds its way for about a half mile into the woods until it will be too narrow for the cart to follow. You aren't aware of any obvious tree felling sites along the way though.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-22, 09:25 AM
Raja quickly signals her people to hide and moves away silently into the trees, using them as cover to allow the group to move ahead in an attempt to flank them.

Can't remember if I put ranks into hide or move silently...
hide [roll0]
ms [roll1]

2012-11-23, 10:56 AM
Two of the guards walk in front and two take up the rear behind the shambling group of shifters. They seem too intend on gossiping to one another to keep an eye out for an ambush.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-24, 08:33 AM
Edwin quickly follows suit, moving into a position to ambush.

Hide: [roll0]
Move Silently [roll1]

2012-11-24, 02:14 PM
Kera scrambles quickly after Edwin, not being particularly adept at this kind of movement.

2012-11-24, 03:22 PM
"So, umm, who's deciding when we strike? What's the signal?" he quietly asks as he does his best to move soundlessly in his heavy armor.

This should be good for laughs...

Move Silently: [roll0]
Hide: [roll1]

Morbis Meh
2012-11-24, 03:45 PM
Raja smiles "Obviously you haven't gone hunting with shifters, we have our own set of signals, just be patient and watch me, these guards need to get further into the forest before we can strike undetected."

2012-11-24, 04:58 PM
Dallun does his best to take an ambush position, a draws out one of his scrolls of colour spray.
hide [roll0]
move silently [roll1]

2012-11-25, 05:06 PM
You stalk the group easily, they are making no effort to keep a watch. The two pairs of guards are engaged in vigorous discussion and the shifters stare dully ahead or at their own feet. You easily get into position along the path ahead of them.

Initiative please. It's just a forest path so I'll leave the map for now. You can get within 30 feet before you think that you might be noticed. You have a surprise round but moving through the woodland away from the path is counted as difficult terrain.

Guard 1 [roll0]
Guard 2 [roll1]
Guard 3 [roll2]
Guard 4 [roll3]

Morbis Meh
2012-11-25, 05:55 PM

Raja chants silently to herself whilst moving her hands, as she speaks her features shift into a more primal form; her fingernails elongating into claws, her canines more pronounced and her eyes becoming more catlike. At the end of her chanting a green glow surrounds her and seems to enlarge her while making her features even more feral.

Casting animalistic power grants +2 to all physicals stats! Also shifting as a free action thus I have 11/12 rounds left before I revert.

2012-11-25, 06:41 PM
Init [roll0]
Dallun tries to sneak a bit closer, so he can jump out and hit the to rearguards with a burst of colour.
Posted this before realizing we have a surprise round. It is meant to be my round 1 actions.
Dallun moves out onto the path, and casts colour spray from the scroll such that it catches the rearguards.
[roll1] UMD, vs. DC 21
Will save DC 11 negates
else bad stuff based on HD

I'm going to say my assistants are a bit further back, to recover my retreat if need be.

2012-11-25, 10:07 PM
"Finally, some action," Gerilow says, slapping a bolt into his war spikard and leaping forward headed for the leading guards.

Initiative - [roll0]

Charging if possible. Stupid trees and bushes out here, you know.
Power Attack +2

Attack - [roll1] (-2 if charge not possible)
Damage (B) - [roll2]
Damage (P) - [roll3]

Cleave Attack- [roll4] (-2 if charge not possible)
Damage (B) - [roll5]

Current HP: 31
AC: 16 (18 if not charging)

2012-11-25, 10:19 PM
Kera gulps as the fighting commences, and begins to cast a spell on herself.

Initiative: [roll0]

Kera is going to cast Shield on herself.

2012-11-25, 10:20 PM
Whoops, forgot to add my +5 to Initiative; so that's actually 25 >.>

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-26, 03:46 AM
Edwin rushes out of the bushes towards the patrol. As he moves, he passes a hand over his blade, muttering a few words as the blade begins to crackle with electricity. Reaching his foe, he swings the glowing blade.

Initiative: [roll0]
Channelling Shocking Grasp into my attack

Attack: [roll1] (+3 if opponent is wearing metal armour)
Damage: [roll2]
Shocking Grasp [roll3]

2012-11-26, 06:01 AM
Surprise round summary

Kera protects herself with a Shield spell.
Gerilow charges out of the under brush and quickly cuts down both men
Dallun steps out of the trees and casts Color Spray from the scroll as they turn to see what the noise is.Guard 3 Will save [roll0] DC11
Guard 4 Will save [roll1] DC11
Shifter Will save [roll2] DC11
Shifter Will save [roll3] DC11Edwin moves up behind Dallun and steps up to attack the guard after the arc of colours dazzles them. The blow kills the guard instantly and blasts his remains back into the trees wit a loud crash.

Shifters start yelling and the draft horse rears up in panic. All four guards are unconscious or dead.

Link to the Google Docs map (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AogjZOgXnYpEdEtvVTVUVW9lNWRiZjEyMGI3d2tnR Wc#gid=0)

2012-11-26, 11:07 PM
"Well that was easy..." Gerilow says, taking in the scene.

"Hey now, calm down," the warrior says to shifters. "Ra, can you do something to get these people calmed down?"

Gerilow tries to move around the shfiters to the back of the crowd to take up a position at the back to watch out for reinforcements from the fort.

2012-11-27, 01:44 AM
"Damn it Edwin, I was hoping nobody would die." Says Dallun, before addressing the now free shifters while gesturing towards Raja. "Everyone, calm down and listen to Raja'Umal Almach."

Raja prefers talking to her own people, right? :smallamused:

2012-11-27, 01:56 AM
Gerilow grunts at Dullun's comment. "Yeah," he comments, "Someone should check on the other guards before they bleed too much..."

2012-11-27, 02:07 AM
Kera, momentarily stunned by the extremely brief but intense battle springs to action. She hauls out her medical kit and begins going to each soldier, checking to see if they're alive and treating them as-necessary.

Kera will check each soldier, if they need stabilized she'll use her Heal skill.

Rolls for each below:

Soldier 1 [roll0]
Soldier 2 [roll1]
Soldier 3 [roll2]
Soldier 4 [roll3]

If any roll fails, cast Cure Minor Wounds on them instead.

Imperial Psycho
2012-11-27, 04:40 AM
"Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am not psychic. So if you want me to go around sparing peoples lives, you have to ask. Not exactly my forte." Edwin turns to the group. "Either way, do what the man said. We don't need to have any more bloodshed."

2012-11-27, 06:54 AM
Kera stabilises the two injured guards, a man with a cloth surcoat and a club and another man with a chain shirt, short sword and short bow. The second man wears a flame badge in silver on his collar. At the rear the pair are similarly armed and armoured. One was clearly overwhelmed by the Colour Spray but otherwise unharmed and the other is still smoking from the Shocking Grasp and quite clearly dead.

The shifters are backing away from you in fear but one brave soul stands up on the cart to speak with you. "What have you done? Our families are in the fort. We have to go back."

Morbis Meh
2012-11-27, 09:53 AM
Raja steps foward in her bestial state and makes a bird call as she approaches her party of shifter ermeges from the tree's surrounding the distraught beings "There is no need to fear us, we shall get your families out along with the men we were assigned to, I swear it on the blood of my ancestors." She takes a claw and neatly scratches a fine line into her arm drawing a small amount of her own blood. "I am Raja'Umal Almach or the Tiger Claw tribe formly of the northern reaches. I am sure your story is similar to our own but we are not slaves to men, we fight alongside them and from it we gain our own independance. Mix your blood with ours and reclaim your birthrite!"

Dear go this diplomacy action is going to go bad I know it... hopefully the DM gives bonuses for the speech and the fact that she is a leader of a shifter clan...

....Really a freakin 1?!? God I hate this forum's roller

2012-11-27, 11:35 AM
Clearly the dice gods hate you. :smallamused:
"We fought the Tiger Claw in a blood feud, I am Tolan of the Sabre Teeth and the only blood I will mix with yours is that which I spill," the shifter on the cart looks ready to leap at you for a moment and then the other shifters emerge from the trees. He backs down and grudgingly adds, "Are we prisoners?" He glares at you murderously as he says this. A few of the other shifters grip their felling axes nervously but they are outnumbered and out armed.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-27, 11:59 AM
Raja face displays a deep saddness, she approaches the shifter on the cart and bares her neck at him "If it would satisfy you, and undo the wrongs of the past, then spill my blood but know this is why our people dwindle and struggle this day. We must overcome and mend the hurts of old if we are to survive as a race, no you are not prisoners and you are free to go if you wish. I only want a better life for all shifters and eliminate the barriers we have set between us..."

If I can use the other roll from OoC for this diplomacy great, if not oh well my character may die now... If I cannot roll then things may get messy, if my action point roll didn't count earlier then can I use the roll if I am able to try another diplomacy roll. If I need to roll it again that would be fine as well...
Diplomacy if needed [roll0]
action point roll if I cannot use previous roll [roll1]
I am sure the dice gods will smite me again but alas maybe it will require blood shed for the party to gain new shifter allies.

2012-11-27, 05:21 PM
Kera sees the situation unfolding and steps in front of Raja.

"Wait! W-wait! D-don't hurt Raja - w-we've come to help; it w-would be highly c-ounterproductive. P-please, help us free the other prisoners, or leave in p-peace?"

C'mon diplomacy...


2012-11-28, 02:48 AM
The shifter on the cart clenches his fists, clearly wanting to attack but not willing to die. When Kera speaks he relaxes visibly. "Well, it was a long time ago, these young'uns probably don't even remember what caused it since we moved to Thrane."

"Look, our mates and our young are in the fort. Kept for their protection 'parrently. We ain't prisoners, not really, but they don't trust us. What can you do?"

Morbis Meh
2012-11-28, 09:29 AM
Raja looks up "We have at the very least the day to help your mates and children, you can provide us with a much needed distraction. Simply put, you and your men can run towards the fort under duress and make claims of some wild beats attacking you and the soldiers. My associate here can provide an apparation to coincide with your story, leave a few of your men here to avoid suspicion. From there lead them into an ambush set up by my men and while the fortress is temparily emptied my companions and I go in through a created door and bust out your families."

2012-11-28, 11:49 AM
You outline your plan and they start to talk amongst themselves for a moment. "That's a risk. What if someone talks or your apparition ain't convincing? 'Sides which the place has only a skeleton force anyway since they went north to fight them Aundairians. What if they just lock the gate and decide to wait till help arrives? In the middle of Tolan's speech there is a loud groan from the uninjured guard. He tries to stand up but drops to a knee and stares blindly at his own hand in front of him.

The two shifters caught by the Colour Spray are reacting in much the same way too though they have their fellows giving them encouragement and support.

Morbis Meh
2012-11-28, 12:18 PM
Raja gingerly walks over and begins pulling rope out of her bag. She then steps on the Thranish man's back and whispers into his ear "Hold still, we will not harm you or your compatriots as long as you don't resist. The sooner we finish what we came here to do the sooner you can go back to picking your nose atop a wall."
She will tie him up if he goes slack and allows it, taking 20 on the check to tie the rope around his hands so they're behind his back then tie it to his ankles (hog tying) if not well then she will follow through with what she threatened.

2012-11-28, 01:38 PM
"I am absolutely certain I can get us inside even if they lock the gate. That said, it would be wisest to advance after we know more about how many guards remain. We maybe be able to just storm the keep as is."

2012-12-02, 07:10 AM
"We don't want to be part of your war, we just want to be left alone," Tolan looks angry and frustrated, "We won't help you. We'll tell you about the keep and the defences so you can get our families out and we'll stay out of the way but we're not getting involved."

"I'll help you," a young shifter, short with enormous hands and black and blond hair in patches on his head walks out from the crowd.

"No, Badger," Tolan puts a hand on the young man's shoulder, "I forbid it. No more of our tribe will die in this pointless war for a king or queen or church that we ant no part of."

Badger shrugs off the restraining hand and walks up to Raja'Umal Almach, "I've never even heard of this feud and I don't know what it was about," he looks back at Tolan, "I don't want to fight for a church or a king, I want my freedom. I'll fight for that."

A handful of other shifters join Badger slowly until six stand together away from the main group. Tolan shakes his head and tries beseeching each one in turn, cajoling or threatening them with what their parents will say.

"Can you get us free?"

Morbis Meh
2012-12-02, 05:12 PM
Raja regards badger with a smile "No, freedom isn't something anyone can take or give, it is far greater than that." She points to his chest "Freedom lives within your heart and only you can let it grow or falter, I will be able to aid your families with my tribe." She looks to Tolan with sadness "Let this be a sign that we of the Tiger Claw wish to make amends and forget the past of our two tribes. The world is a different place and our people need to unify not fight."

She looks to her companions "So anyone else have anything to add to my suggestion or are we simply going with what I suggested previously?"

2012-12-02, 10:15 PM
"Let's hear about the defenses first. We might just be able to strong arm them into surrendering by force of numbers, which would be the least violent options." Says Dallun, before turning to the shifters who were caught in his color spray. "I'm sorry I caught you in that spell. Are you doing okay now?"

2012-12-03, 02:29 AM
"Fine now, thanks," the pair say in unison, "what d'you want to know about the defences? There's a hole in the wall over t'other side but it's blocked by a wooden wall what we built. S'good solid double layer planking, that, nailed together nice and tight and cross beamed every foot. Good craftsmanship, weren't it?" The other shifter nods and you notice that the pair are carrying blades for trimming branches and a bag of carpentry tools.

Imperial Psycho
2012-12-07, 01:02 PM
Edwin sheaths his blade quietly, and looks towards the young shifters. He then begins rattling off queries. "How many guards do they have in there? Well armed?How about morale?"

2012-12-07, 04:10 PM
"Well there's the leader, Sacrosanct Whitelight. He's a little guy but I never seen anyone fight like him. It might be his magic sword. Then there's the two foot priests, Benson and Tovain. They've got three or four Orderlies under their command an' each of them have got, is it ten," the other shifter nods and then adds, "ten or twelve,""

"Right, ten or twelve Weights under then. So that's, what? Fifty, sixty soldiers? The most of 'em are out fighting Aundair at some big battle. Oh yeah, armour and weapons, right? Um, most of 'em have clubs an' slings. Orderlies get training in swords and bows. They don't have much armour. A couple have chain mail like the Sacrosanct but most just wear that cloth tabard with the Silver Flame on. Says that protects 'em better 'n any armour but we know that it's 'cos the good stuff goes to the trained men.

The other shifter who was with Badger continues, "'e asked about morale too, Badge. They's a mob, ain't afeared a nuffin'. I seen a hun'red of em charge out against an ogre about six month ago. Just ran at it swinging their cudgels and shouting prayers. It killed near on a dozen of 'em but they just kept fightin' till they brought it down. The Sacrosanct had a big service for 'em right after, 'member, Badge?"

"Yeah, that's right, Yowen, they had that big bonfire and the Sacrosanct made the flames go all silver and blue."

Tolan scoffs, "We know that they are fanatics, they are brave and fearless and care nothing for spending their own lives for the Silver Flame. They think that they are joining Tira Miron when they die. Why wouldn't they be fearless? The worst thing is that they think everyone else is the same."

2012-12-09, 01:35 PM
Kera finishes her work on the injured men and moves to join the rest of the group.

"Well then, w-we have a c-cleric to save then, d-don't we?" Kera tries to look hopeful.

Imperial Psycho
2012-12-09, 01:42 PM
"Hmm? Oh. Right. Yes. Ajani. I suppose there's no avoiding it." Edwin yawns and stretches, his hand retuning to lightly touch his sword. "Well, we've delayed more than long enough. Let's get to it. Time to storm the fort."

Morbis Meh
2012-12-10, 09:12 AM
Raja frowns "Storm? That is not a good idea... I much prefer distracting them but alas, I can at least get make us a door if someone distracts them long enough to not notice."

2012-12-10, 10:42 AM
"Watch out fer the pit on the other side of the wooden wall, it's full of oil and wood like the ditch round the outside. We keep having to refill it and change the wood. Hard work that, messy," Badger cracks his knuckles at the thought of hard work and then gives a toothy grin, "That's why they've got all them fires burning."

Imperial Psycho
2012-12-10, 11:27 AM
"Distraction or no, we'll have to storm the place sooner or later if we want to save those prisoners, our abrasive friend included."
Edwin turned in the direction of the fort. "Sides, from what I heard, they're mostly rabble. I say we show those fanatics some steel, and see how their god reacts. "

"That pit though... Maybe if we could knock over a section of a wall, we could use it to bridge the ditch?"

2012-12-10, 11:55 AM
"H-how do we knock over a section of the wall th-though?"

Imperial Psycho
2012-12-10, 12:15 PM
Edwin grins. "Haven't the faintest idea! But we're going to have to cross the ditches quick. Not pleasant to be picking your way across a hole while a bunch of those Silver Flame guys fling stones at you. "

Morbis Meh
2012-12-10, 01:11 PM
Raja smirks "I can handle that detail, don't worry, like I said i can get you in, and my clansman and I can fend off the rablle while you bust out the refugees."

2012-12-10, 06:21 PM
"They'll miss this group eventually," Gerilow comments. "Better figure out how we're getting past that wall before they come out to brawl. Hmm.. I guess that would be way to get more outside, but the others inside would try to lock up like Kundarak."

2012-12-10, 08:19 PM
"I just remembered one of the more esoteric spells in my father's collection. Thought is would feel a slight to the masons to ruin their work so completely. Perhaps we might give them a chance to surrender before I reduce the walls to rubble?" Asks Dallun, clearly still hoping to keep this peaceful. "We could also warn them off the walls, so the fall won't harm anyone. If no one complains with this, I would send Leverage and Synergy with our terms. Say, 'Release you prisoners to our care, else we shall ensure the castle is missing the rest of its walls for the next offensive.' "

Imperial Psycho
2012-12-10, 08:21 PM
Edwin frowned. "I don't like it. Half of battle is surprise, and I don't think fanatics of the type described are given to surrender. They'll fight."

2012-12-10, 08:56 PM
"Surely they would rather lose their prisoners than an important defensive holding. Plus, this way we can possibly alert Ajani to our plan, and have forces on the inside to make sure the hostages are safe during the fight. Besides, while they'll be ready for a fight, they won't be ready for a fight where their walls have fallen in." Replies Dallun, clearly doubting that them being prepared will counteract the loss of the wall.

Imperial Psycho
2012-12-11, 03:13 AM
"You think they won't guess our plan if we warn them off the walls? You think you're the first caster to ever attack a wall? Besides, they won't see it as losing the fort or the prisoners. They'll see it as fight or surrender. "

"Better to just attack and be done with it. We have already wasted far too much time on talk."

Morbis Meh
2012-12-11, 09:27 AM
Raja nods to Edwin's comment "Indeed fanatics of any colour will not give an inch, if anything start hammering the walls from one side and the rest of us can sneak in through a portal I create on the other side."

2012-12-11, 11:00 PM
"I believe I can draw their attention most significantly while you break in. However, this plan would be aided by a better understanding of their ways. Kera, would you be able to quickly explain the basics of their faith to me, such that I may fool them more thoroughly? With any luck, we can spare their lives by way of trickery instead of diplomacy. And failing that, I'll have the prefect distraction."
The preparations for this are going to cost me 5 AP. but I'll be painting a big target over my head after getting piles of DR, so they will be totally focused on me.

2012-12-12, 03:13 PM
"W-well, I can t-try; give me just a moment to r-remember..."

Knowledge Religion [roll0]
Lore [roll1]

2012-12-13, 05:31 AM
Most people know of the fanaticism of the Thranes and it is hardly exaggerated. They tend to enter battle as a mob and take huge casualties, troops are poorly trained and under equipped but they have the light of the Silver Flame to guide them. Each death is a sign of piety. The military structure follows the religious structure and even common soldiers consider themselves templars of the faith.

The religion itself holds the view that the Silver Flame is a force that exists throughout the world and that those who die as worshippers go to join the Silver Flame and become one with it. This isn't so much as an individual afterlife but a contribution to a greater whole. That is often reflected in other teachings of selflessness and bravery, purity, sacrifice and piety. Tira Miron, a paladin of Dol Arrah, gave her life in battle with a demon and in so doing trapped it in a pillar of silver fire. She became the Voice of the Silver Flame and an example that led to the new religion springing up.

2013-01-08, 05:27 AM
Tolan sighs, "I shall return with whoever will come with me. Those who choose to fight should remain here with...with her." He gathers a group of the older shifters together and starts to move the cart round.

Morbis Meh
2013-01-08, 09:10 AM
Raja looks at Tolan and nods "If that is what you wish, we will not hinder you in any way but I think it would be best if you stayed out here... if you returned without your overseers then you may as well sound the alarm and condemn your brothers to their death."

2013-01-09, 11:07 AM
"R-raja is p-probably right about that..."

2013-01-09, 11:48 AM
Tolan slumps down on the back of the cart and puts his head in his hands, "Just tell us what you want us to do that won't get us killed then. All we want to do is stay clear of the war. Why can't you just leave us alone? We don't want to be involved, we never wanted to be involved."

Morbis Meh
2013-01-09, 12:30 PM
Raja lets out a sigh "And I want to go back to my ancestral homeland without having humans butcher it or us. The point is the world doesn't work that way, life is dynamic and you have to make the choice of adapting to it or dying out. If you wish you and your people to be isolated in a tiny area then yes for a time you may be left alone but you should know that the world won't allow you to stay like that forever. Now you can stay here and mope or carve out a place for you and your families. If you choose to sit on the sidelines that I guarantee that when the smoke clears the terms of your life will be dictated by others. If you want to stay out of our way then fine those that don't wish to aid us stay here and after we're done go home; however, do not blame us for the consequences of your inaction." She turns to the others "It is time for us to get on, we have a comrade inside, albeit a rather petulant one, and time is not our ally. If you prefer to stay out of it by all means do so, though i suggest that you take your families somewhere else after we're done. If you come with us well get ready things may or may not get ugly, I will lead everyone in through the wooden side of the fort if our friend Dallan would be kind enough to provide us with a distraction."

2013-01-09, 02:37 PM
Travel back to Breland with us. Once we get to the rail, travel further into Breland, and then either seek refuge. Breland is large, and I'm sure there is somewhere you could call home. Or, if you don't like that idea, you could get a ship to Q'Barra from Sharn. Now, I have a distraction to prepare for. Raja, how long until you're in position?.

2013-01-10, 10:12 AM
Your words rouse several of the shifters who move to stand with Badger. After a moment Tolan pulls himself together, "Alright, I can see your point and it is better to stick together even if the danger is great." It is clear that he still doesn't approve but he seems more cooperative now, "Just tell us what you need us to do but remember that we're woodsfolk, not trained soldiers. Most of us can use a bow, an axe or a spear but we have wood axes, not weapons."

Just then there is a bird call repeated from along the path followed by the sound of heavy running footsteps approaching you. The call is a signal that enemies approach for those conversant in the such things. i.e. Any ranks in Survival. The shifter soldiers hide immediately, weapons ready but hidden.

Morbis Meh
2013-01-10, 10:31 AM
Raja smiles and says to Tolan "Well you can either hide or distract who is tramping along... though due to them being racist pigs i doubt they believe you despite it being the truth." With a wink she ducks behind a tree.

time to hide though she has no ranks in it blarg... [roll0]

2013-01-11, 09:25 AM
Seeing Raja duck behind a tree, Kera does likewise, scrambling to avoid tripping over her robe.

Hide: [roll0]

2013-01-11, 11:02 AM
Gerilow grumbles and tries to find his own place to hide.


Imperial Psycho
2013-01-11, 11:04 AM
Edwin quickly scrambles to find a hiding place along with the others.


2013-01-12, 02:49 AM
Four Thrane guards come running along the path. As they catch up with the cart they yell out, "Back to the fort, now. There's raiders around." At this point they notice the bodies of the other guards and Gerilow attempting to hide. His full plate stands out against the greens and browns of the wood around. There is a moment where the soldiers stand in shock and then they turn and run. "Attack, attack from the east," one yells as he sprints away.

The men are unarmoured and sprinting. They start 30 feet from the front of the cart and are moving along the path. The path isn't straight. If you wish to shoot they have cover if they are more than 30 feet away as the trees block line of sight. The path isn't curved enough to cut corners by much and the terrain would slow a pursuer down more than it would advantage them.

The guards initiative.
1 [roll0]
2 [roll1]
3 [roll2]
4 [roll3]

2013-01-12, 05:34 AM
"Hosts! I was still looking for somewhere to hide!" Gerilow complains, snatching his crossbow from his hip. The short warrior stumbles through the underbrush after the soldiers, fumbling a bolt into his crossbow. Pausing a moment, he tries to line up a shot through the trees and lets the bolt loose.

Initiative - [roll0]

Move action - However far he can move toward the soldiers in the underbrush
Free Action - Load Crossbow

To Hit - [roll1]
Damage - [roll2]

2013-01-12, 05:51 AM
Seeing their cover is blown, Kera stands and begins casting a spell, trying to place her summon as close to the furthest away Thrane soldier as is possible.

Initiative: [roll0]

Summon Monster II - using it to summon a Celestial Riding Dog on the opposite side (if possible) of the furthest enemy from me. The dog will attempt to Trip the Thrane it's summoned nearest to.

Dog's attack: [roll1]

Dog's Damage if hit: [roll2]

Dog's Strength Check (for trip attempt if the attack hits): [roll3]

Imperial Psycho
2013-01-12, 05:56 AM
Edwin swears as he sees the soldiers run off. Bursting out of the brush and casting at the same time, he rushes after them.

Initiative: [roll0]
Casting Swift Expeditious Retreat; details here. (http://dndtools.eu/spells/complete-adventurer--54/expeditious-retreat-swift--421/)
Which makes my base land speed 70ft per round for this round. Then I'll charge if I have a straight line, or if I can't get the straight line necessary for a charge, I'll just move and attack. Aim for anyone who moved. if possible.
Attack: [roll1] +2 On a charge
Damage: [roll2]

2013-01-12, 12:56 PM
Dallun rather calmly loads his crossbow and fires it at one of the Thrane soldiers who didn't yell, while seeming rather unconcerned with being found. That is the point of a decoy, isn't it?
Init [roll0]
attack [roll1]
damage [roll2]

Morbis Meh
2013-01-12, 01:15 PM
Raja smiles and makes a bird call for a jay, signalling her men to slip away and go towards the fort. Raja follows suit and slips away from battle knowing that she and her men are most likely unnoticed.

Initiative [roll0]
stealth [roll1] this will have a rather large modifiers due to the fact that the soldiers are now in battle and are focusing on the people attacking them hehe

2013-01-13, 03:46 AM
Edwin swears as he sees the soldiers run off. Bursting out of the brush and casting at the same time, he rushes after them.

Initiative: [roll0]
Casting Swift Expeditious Retreat; details here. (http://dndtools.eu/spells/complete-adventurer--54/expeditious-retreat-swift--421/)
Which makes my base land speed 70ft per round for this round. Then I'll charge if I have a straight line, or if I can't get the straight line necessary for a charge, I'll just move and attack. Aim for anyone who moved. if possible.
Attack: [roll1] +2 On a charge
Damage: [roll2]

Is the hit roll already including the +2 for the charge?

Imperial Psycho
2013-01-13, 05:12 AM
No, I put it separately in case I was unable to charge.

2013-01-14, 04:58 PM
Round 1 summary

Initiative order
Guard 1|17
Celestial Riding Dog|11
Guard 3|9
Guard 2|6
Guard 4|2[/table]

Dallun's shot plucks leaves from the trees as it moves through the foliage and embeds itself neatly in the neck of the lead guard as he runs away.

Kera concentrates and plucks a hound from Lamannia, temporarily depositing it in this plane. It leaps under the approaching guard, biting into his leg and bearing him down to the ground where they roll over one another. Moments later the dog rises, blood dripping from it's fangs.

Gerilow loads his bolt badly and it shoots off early, missing the running guards.

Raja fades into the trees, signalling the other shifters to do the same. She is joined by the freed shifter workers too.

Edwin's spell takes effect and gives him a huge burst of speed, the path winds slightly but is straight enough to change along and his blow takes the trailing guard in the back, cutting him down with a cry of "Run, brother, run."

The last guard drops his club and puts all his strength into sprinting away. At the end of the round he is another 120 feet away and haring off as fast as his legs can carry him.

2013-01-14, 07:55 PM
Kera motions first to the celestial riding dog, then toward the fleeing man. "P-please retrieve him."

I'm not precisely sure what to do here... the dog is faster than the guy - 40ft speed vs 30ft, so the dog will definitely overtake him; but to catch up with him will take the full round, so unless I'm failing to remember something important all the dog can do is persistently run alongside him...

I'm going to include an attack and trip attempt here in case there's some rule I've mis-remembered or overlooked though; just in case.

Attack: [roll0]

Damage: [roll1]

Strength for Trip Attempt: [roll2]

2013-01-15, 01:41 AM
Dallun simply reloads and fires again. Odds are bad, but hey, this shot might be lucky too.
[roll0] attack (includes -2 from 2nd range increment
[roll1] damage
oh and if it matters, he loses any Dex bonus to AC while running (unless he has the run feat)

2013-01-16, 12:46 AM
Restricted by his armor, Gerliow continues to do his best to chase the remaining guard. Loading his crossbow again, he takes another shot.

To hit: [roll0]
Damge: [roll1]

Morbis Meh
2013-01-16, 09:40 AM
Raja keeps moving along with her kin, taking a roundabout way to get to the designated location so they evade detection.

Imperial Psycho
2013-01-16, 09:48 AM
I'm a little confused on my positioning. My initiative is higher than than the 1 remaining guard, so he's had one move. He sprinted, moving 120ft. My charge had a maximum move 140ft, and I caught one of the guys running.

Since my initiative is higher, does that mean I'm within 30ft of the last guard, and can catch him before he moves?

2013-01-17, 07:01 AM
I'm a little confused on my positioning. My initiative is higher than than the 1 remaining guard, so he's had one move. He sprinted, moving 120ft. My charge had a maximum move 140ft, and I caught one of the guys running.

Since my initiative is higher, does that mean I'm within 30ft of the last guard, and can catch him before he moves?The short answer is yes.

They were running away, taking two move actions to move 120ft. You moved to the same position as them and attacked, one move and one standard action, moving 120ft or thereabout to draw level with them. The guard at your initiative is 10 feet away and running. If you charge again you'll overtake him or catch him some 30 feet away as he's slow to get into his stride (low initiative).

Imperial Psycho
2013-01-17, 09:31 AM
Edwin moves from the falling guard without stopping, his blade slipping free with a flourish. Without losing his momentum, he changes direction to strike at the final guard.

Just a simple move/attack, since I'm within 10ft.

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2013-01-17, 09:41 AM
With a look of panic on his face the Thrane watches you sprint up to him but he's powerless to deflect your cut as you first hamstring him and then put steel into his belly. With a groan his final words bubble up "Silver Flame take me."

Imperial Psycho
2013-01-18, 03:25 PM
Edwin returns his blade to its scabbard with but a cursory wipe to clear the blood. He then turns back to his compatriots and begins to walk back calmly. "Better get into position. Now's the time."

2013-01-20, 11:48 AM
"Ah, the plan is still on? I mean, we're not changing it, right?" Gerliow asks, checking to see if he can spot either of his crossbow bolts. Having flown off target and into the forest, he does have any luck. After a moment he pauses and asks, obviously concerned, "Um, does that mean I have to start looking for a place to hide again?"

2013-01-23, 04:31 PM
"Wh-where'd Raja go?" Kera looks genuinely perplexed, noticing the shifter's absence.

Morbis Meh
2013-01-23, 04:35 PM
Running through the wilderness with her shifter scouts, Raja notices the sounds of battle had ended but her 'companions' were not following her. She only prayed that they move into position before she attempted to break into the fort. Otherwise it would be a potential slaughter of her and her people, a tragedy that she would prefer to avoid.

I am waiting for all of you to get with the plan *shakes fist*

2013-01-23, 08:17 PM
"Of course, Raja was too busy talking to Tolan to tell how long it would be until she's in position. Oh well, no point in waiting around. I should have all I need for my distraction ready in 10 minutes. Unless I hear otherwise, I will start the distraction at the fort in 20 minutes. The distraction can't reliably or safely last past 5 minutes. This will be all my magic, but I expect we shall be able to take the keep."