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2012-10-08, 02:58 PM
The land of Cauldron is true to its name.~Cauldron saying

Welcom to the Mixing Pot! This land is full of strange pepole, places, thing, and a odd portal or two. See, This is a new world. Uncharted. Untouched. Unreal. Most of the citys have been around for only a century.

All of you are a stranded adventuring party. Its a real thing now, with youngsters running off to find themselves. What are you looking for? Money? Power? Respect? Love? Or just to full of wanderlust to sit still? Its up too you.

__________________________________________________ ______
You all happen to be in town square when some shouting calls you attention. A small crowed as formed. It turnsout the city is look for any able-bodyed men and woman for adventuring work. The crowed is pushing you up to the Adventuring guild. Before you know it all of you are standing side-by-side infront of a Representative of The Court. He asks...

So who wants to be in a adventuring party?

2012-10-08, 06:11 PM
Baenlin Foambeard

The dwarf, swathed in bar-stained breeches and tunic, half-closes his eyes and enjoys the ride as the crowd ushers him about. He reaches into his tunic and produces a flask, taking a long swig...again.

Damn but the sun was bright...too damn bright to please a dwarf! The crowd's dull roar is a babbling brook in his ears, all non-distinct chatter until he hears one golden word sound out clear as a bell.

Coun' me in, fancy-pants! Baenlin the Foambeard ne'er shies from a party! With a belch and a flourish, he takes another drink from his flask, then tucks it safely away inside his tunic. When d'-it start?

2012-10-08, 07:50 PM

Qel'Tluerath was squinting hard against the sun, looking down to hide his face as he hurried home from the library and clutching his spell books in his arms. He was bumping up against people a bit too much for comfort - why were there so many people here? This market was usually deserted at this time of day.

When Qel'Tluerath heard the crier calling out, he was startled. He jumped, and nearly dropped his books - the crier was right in front of him! He looked up tentatively, and accidentally caught the crier's eye!

"Me?" He asked, in a sonorous voice, "I don't work very we-" He cut his rejection short. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the men who had seen him as a Drow earlier! He turned his gaze downward again, but the man had already spotted him and was trying to press his way through the crowd. He tried to back away, but the crowd was close behind him - their close-pressing bodies gave him terrible chills. So instead, he took the only other way out he could see:

"Yes, I'll go!

2012-10-08, 09:04 PM
A tired looking elf, with skin of bronze and hair of brown, in an embroidered black cloak stands calmly among the crowd. A dove sits peacefully atop his head, sleeping.

He speaks, but doesn't endeavor very hard to speak out above the crowd.
"That is why I'm here."

2012-10-08, 10:40 PM
"Ganesha is a plump god that loves chocolates and sweets. Being also the god of good beginnings, giving offerings to Ganesha before any new undertakings is a common practice."

Dezered walked around the square under the shadow of anonymity, a practice he enjoyed more when people actually recognized the master spellsculptor. Inside his mind he felt the caring touch of Moderati and felt reassurance in proximity to his familiar.

To the sound of a pleading townsayer, Ed turning his watchful gaze. The towns in this world were ever so strange and cacophonous, like a kid half-focusing on a task at hand. Nothing like the beautiful empire his people built. Focusing back on the man's pledge, he asked;

"What is this that you ask, stranger? Adventure? Do you propose a game of treasure hunting?"

2012-10-10, 05:21 PM
"You three, with me." A half orc directs you to a nerby tent. "Other then the dwarf, what is your skills? I see his is drinken HAHA!"

2012-10-10, 05:36 PM
The elf shrugs and calmly replies
"I'm a fairly good reconnoiter, have decent aim with a bow, can track, I'm not a terrible cook...."

he counts these abilities off on his fingers

"... can feed myself indefinitely in the wilderness, have pretty sharp eyesight, and... the bird can do tricks i guess."

2012-10-10, 05:47 PM

The dwarf stumbles after the half-orc into the tent. With his honor impugned, Baenlin immediately and fiercely retorts with a belch and a hurt look. Aye fair enough, I can drink. He retrieves his flask and takes another nip, stoppering his flask and replacing it in his tunic. An' I travel light! An' I'm qu...qu...qu...*hic* QUIET as a church mouse!

2012-10-10, 07:58 PM
Qel'Tluerath answered the question slightly evasively,
"I dabble in magic of various kinds." He was pleased with the way his voice sounded -- he'd practiced for a long time to get that deep, foreign accent, without a hint of Drow. As was his custom out in public, his rapier was disguised using the spell from the cloak. Instead of a rapier, it appeared as a thin, ornate cane hanging from his belt. He decided that this was probably a good thing - he didn't want the half-orc thinking that he was any sort of fighter.
Qel'Tluerath risked a glance back over his shoulder, to see if he was being followed. He didn't, however, notice the man who had spotted him; his ploy was successful. Now he just needed to get away from this recruiter before he actually got pressed into some sort of service...

2012-10-10, 08:36 PM
Ed listens to the elf with a classic hunters' bow and then turn to face the uncomfortable looking fella that "dabbles in magic". With a glance Ed already identifies some spells altering the elven wizard. A smile forms around his lips, polite enough not to give away any of his intentions.

With a last glance at the spellcaster elf, Dezered turns to talk to the half-orc hirer. "I know a bit about Art and you can say I am a fairly good sculptor. I have a modicum of diplomatic training on the side and as a hobby I take brewing and alchemy."

2012-10-15, 09:25 AM
"Great. This is so we can give you jobs that fit your skills." He gives you all a steel card about the size of a thumb. "This is your job pass. Keep it safe. Now all you have to do is head to that inn over their" He points to a inn thats is called The Kooky Imp, The sign is made of out fire it seams. "That is were you will get your Master job and can sign up for others. Any Qustions?"

2012-10-15, 12:11 PM
Nathaniel shakes his head and wanders where directed.

"What a strange place this is..."

2012-10-15, 06:04 PM

The dwarf takes the job pass, and after a bit of fumbling manages to stuff it into his belt pouch. A'ight lads, t' th' Kinky Gimp! CHARGE! He begins quick-stepping off into the wrong direction, but through a series of sways, stumbles, near-trips, and spinning bounces off of pedestrians, ends up at the Kooky Imp.

Once inside he bellows for a drink and turns to his best friends, Ye gotta try the St...St....St...STINGER! 'Ouse special....knock ye on yer rump in th-th-THREE draughts!

2012-10-18, 07:58 PM
In the tavern its a smoky fog of people. Most of them are in armor or mage robes. A man with lordly clothing, who appears a bit out of his element, stands up front.

"um....Welcome mercenary's and sell-swords, to the Kooky Imp. Im Lord Jeramy, 63th of the Court, And I thankyou for your service. Now to the matter at hand.

A big sigh comes from the crowd.

"Yes Yes Its boring but just deal with it. Now for your Master job. We have a issue with a certin spellcaster who go's by the name of Mad Mojo. He keeps on sending these....toys to atack us, and 7 folk have passed already. He is somewere in the west, and your job is to stop him at all cost.

Some small chater, like this is a new thing.

"But now, its a time to party! Free drinks from the kingdom!"

Roll for knowledge local, and royalty (Or whatever its called.)

2012-10-18, 09:57 PM
Baenlin Foambeard

"Now tha's mah kinda Chief! Don' git up, I know where it is!"

Baenlin stumbles past the man, and a mug of frothy ale lifts from behind the nearby bar, following him to his seat. "Why thankee, mos' generous, and prompt service to bu....to bu....to BOOT!" He grasps the floating mug and quaffs it in a single go as another mug begins floating his way.

Baelin will sit within 35 ft of the bar, so he can mage hand himself beers without having to get up. He has no ranks in knowledge local or royalty/nobility

2012-10-19, 01:22 AM
Nathaniel stands in nearly silent shock, not quite understanding what was going on. He looks about for someone laughing at him, as if this had all been one elaborate prank.

He speaks, mostly to himself, at a whisper,
"All costs... 7 deaths... and they drink it all away."

He proceeds up to the one who was announcing to the room, ignoring and occasionally dodging the revelry.

"Excuse me, do you have a visual depiction or written description of this Mojo?"

2012-10-19, 10:55 AM

"No. We have no idea. We dont even know if he/she is humanoid. We only got the names affter a raid. Do you intend to search for Mad Mojo?"


Roll anyway. A untrained knowledge check is simpley a INT check. So 1d20+INT mod.

You too Tharione

2012-10-19, 11:02 AM
[roll0] know nobility

2012-10-19, 11:36 AM
Prepare to be amazed!
I stand amazed :smallcool: Maybe we're drinkin' buddies, heh

2012-10-19, 03:15 PM
"I see, alright then... What's the bounty on this Mojo anyway?"

2012-10-20, 09:41 AM
Qel'Tluerath, who had been silently examining the silver card up until that point, moved forward into the room. The air was thick with the smells of rich ale and burning tobacco. He didn't particularly like those smells, but compared to the way his labs sometimes smelled it was hardly offensive. He looked around him, and noted where the people he had come in with were. After a moment, a thought occurred to him. He reached into his pack, and drew out a thin book. It had a tiny, highly detailed celestial map printed onto the cover. Qel'Tluerath opened the book, and spent several minutes browsing its pages to discover some of the secrets hidden within its slim bindings...

Using my Book of Worldly Memory to get a +5 bonus to my untrained Knowledge (local) check.

2012-10-24, 07:20 PM
Everyone but druid.
You learn/remember sellswords are soldiers hired by the king that are free to take on jobs, but the Master job must be on the top of the list.

All but Tharione and druid
In addtion to the bounty of 50000 gold, any one(or team) who completes the master job may receive one wish.

Druid only
Its costmary for sellsword to treat the first day as a party, to lite the mood.

Also, Mad Mojo sends "toys" to the town. Thing mad out of madness and metal.

2012-10-24, 07:30 PM
Baenlin Foamierbeard

The dwarf enjoys the next mug, another already on the way, as he turns in his seat, addressing the closest person unfortunate enough to make eye-contact.

He begins speaking in a tone that implies he's spoken these words many...many times, and he launches into a story as though he had been in mid-conversation the entire time, answering a question that, quite frankly, nobody had asked.

(Going to spoiler this, as it's something likely to come up with annoying regularity from a copy-paste)

As a wee youngin' I was lost to me clan durin' a frantic flight from Underdark invaders in our halls. I'd surely have perish'd in th' wilds if'n' a human b'the name o' Jason Tanner ha'n't took me in. Out gettin' provisions for his own clan he was, a group o' men alone in th' middle o' nothin' they are. They took me in, gave me work to earn my keep, and taught me a thing or two about meself. I lived with them humans for many a year, til it was time to put Master Tanner's soul to rest at Moradin's *hiccup* Forge.

When we put ol' Jason in the ground, I set out to find me people. After years o' lookin, and some hard times and harder fights for me own skin, all I found was ash and sandstone! Them times are a tale for another night, settle yerself down an' pay attention to the story I'm tellin'!

Brokenhearted over the loss o' me whole clan, I coul'n't think o' goin back to the Monestary, so I took meself int-a the town we used to buy supplies from. Small place, quaint, lotta farmers, few artisans, one ugly as dung half-orc that was fair with a hammer an' tongs, much as I hate to admit it. Don't get me wrong, he was no real Smith, but 'e was good enough for horseshoes and barrel pins. *Harrumph*

Di'in't stay 'roun' them parts long a-all...mos'ly on account of me havin a bit much to drink one night and wakin' up in the middle o' the sea on a...YOU guessed it, by Moradin's Braided Butthairs a damned BOAT! *Snort* *Hock* *Spit*

Any-whos, wound up 'ere in this fine city. Spen' a few months drinkin' an' carousin' with a group o' ne-er do-wells...FINE gents! Never ran out on a tab, usually bought me drinks, FINE gents them was! Eventually they pulled up and moved on, if ye catch my meanin (yup, passed out an' woke up on another boat! By the gravel in me gullet!)

I wa'n't fer gettin on a damned *hic* boat, we was built from stone, not wood. I look like an Elf to ye sonny? Thought not! So I stays aroun' these parts mos'ly, keepin' the peace, keepin Honest folks Honest, cuffin the riff-raff when they git outta-line, an' educatin' dunder-heads like yerself. *HA!*

As he finishes his story, a 5th.....or is it 6th? mug floats unsteadily towards its doomed existance in the dwarf's clutches.

2012-10-24, 09:09 PM
Nathaniel awaits a response, at the very least a dismissal of his question.

2012-10-25, 04:35 PM
For Tharione

Affter asking a once more, you see Lord Jeramy dosnt want to talk, as he is enjoying a good story. But, hearing your plea a monk who is one of the very few non drunk pepole here.

"Its the reward. You get what has only been call the Bounty on the job borad. I think its some kind of "holy sword at the end of the temple of slaghter" kind of thing. They put that kind of stuff in novels."

2012-10-25, 04:40 PM
"Thank you for the information. As it turns out I don't work for mystery boxes though, enjoy your revelry."

Nathaniel heads for the exit, moving nimbly over the simple obstacles put before him. He exits and unfurls a carpet, somewhere away from the entrance to the structure. Then has a seat upon the rug.

2012-10-25, 07:36 PM
The party dies down in a hour, most leave drunk and happy. Nathaniel is still on the rug, and the rest in the tavern till they say so.

Nathaniel sees some men put up two stakes, made out of wood with a glass topper.

[This is gonna work like zelda. You sleep/topador=next day. I have a plan for tomorrow.]

2012-10-25, 08:50 PM
Nathaniel speaks


And the carpet beneath him rises into the air. He directs it to take him high into the sky, above the clouds. Here he commands it to fly in circles.
Nathaniel then begins mediating on the strange events he has experienced this day, and deciding where to go from here.

2012-10-25, 10:14 PM
Baenlin the Party Animal

Baenlin spend the entire afternoon and evening sucking down free drink after free drink, telling the same boring story to everyone unfortunate enough to greet him and not flee 2 minutes into the recitation.

Some time before dawn, his forehead meets the table he's seated at, and for a few hours the tavern gets some peace and quiet. If you can call snoring like a gutted troll peace and quiet.

2012-10-27, 09:30 AM
The next day, Qel'Tluerath came downstairs from the little room he had rented, and looked around the scene of last night's revelry. Thing were tidy again, and only a few drunken partygoers we still lying about, passed out in their chairs with their heads on tables. Peering out a window, he saw the sun still low in the sky; it was still early. That was good, because he had been afraid that he had stayed in his room studying for too long. With a moment of hesitation, Qel'Tluerath began searching around the inn for any familiar faces...

Let me know how much that room cost me, and I'll remove the money from my sheet.

2012-10-31, 06:36 AM
[Srry for the delay. I tryed to post but...I live on the east coast....]

[Room was free.]

You see you dwarf buddy, if you can call him that. He is passed out at the bar, surrounded by mugs.


The banging of hammers on metal and the streats below disturb you. If you look down you can see two posts were a crowed is forming.

2012-10-31, 03:44 PM
Nathaniel, impressed that he can hear so acutely at this altitude, plucks the dove from his head and sends it below to learn what the commotion about these posts is.

He can see through the birds eyes and controls its actions.

2012-10-31, 09:44 PM
Qel'Tluerath spots a familiar face among the unconscious patrons of the pub: the unbalanced dwarven fellow who had been picked up by the same recruiter yesterday. Cautiously, he walked over the the short fellow. There was a miasma of alcoholic vapors hanging about him like an invisible cloud, strong enough to make Qel'Tluerath's eyes water. With a deliberate motion, Qel'Tluerath pulled his rapier from its sheathe on his belt (currently, it was disguised as a slim umbrella), and used the hilt end to prod gently at the dwarf.

2012-11-01, 09:34 AM

The dwarf wakes with an awful start, going from face down on the table to face up on the floor with a loud exclaimation, "Halp me! I canna swim!" He blinks a couple times at the ceiling, then at Qel'Tluerath, coming to his senses a bit. "Right then, he mumbles groggily, "Help an ol' dwarf up?"

2012-11-06, 09:39 AM
[slight railroading.]

You all head outside (Or fly down, as the case may be) to see a magical "bulletin board" if you will. You all move up to it, and it speaks.

The image of the Court (The four elements, surounding a eye) pops up, and says "Please show your cards". By doing what it says, a menu appersWelcome sellswords, please for a company name. and a space appers for one to write.

Chose a name. Like "flying wolfs" or somthing. Your party will be called this, and it will show your deads.

2012-11-06, 02:46 PM

Baenlin tucks his card back into its pouch after showing it. In a quiet voice, as if it's painful even to speak, he says, "I say we be Baenlin's Ba...Ba....Baggers."

Rubbing at his head he reaches into his tunic and produces a flask, taking a long pull. After a moment his eyes clear a bit and he begins holding himself a bit more like normal. He looks suspiciously around him as if watching for spies, and tucks the flask back into his tunic.

2012-11-07, 03:08 AM
"Sounds good enough to me."
Speaks the elf, only half paying attention.

2012-11-07, 09:51 PM
[Are we realy going to be the baggers? Thats funny. But i need to have druid post. Then the work starts]

2012-11-07, 11:40 PM
[Oh dear Gods and half the Hells I hope not =\ ]

2012-11-08, 11:47 AM
Qel'Tluerath stands hunched toward the back of the group, his gaze averted down, still slightly traumatized by having to help the drunken dwarf to his feet. He disliked physical contact at the best of times. It had taken all of his willpower to reach down and grasp the hand of the dwarf, reeking as it was with the smell of alcohol. In this state, he wasn't paying any attention to what the other were choosing to call the group that he had unwittingly become a part of.

2012-11-16, 10:02 AM
[srry for the delay.]

"Thank you." Says the screan. A list now is show.

"Please chose a catagory, then a job."

Local Dragon sighted!Please look for it and slay if need be. Last sited South of the lake. Size unknown.
~Jon Westmill, Local farmer
Clear the Mine.
Our Mine (Long Neck Barrow) is filled with monsters. We lost a worker to the fight to get out. Please help.

Item Needed for spell.
Hello sellsword, My name is Vermilon Of the Dracoblood House. As you know, my house is known for its arcane blood. A spell slinger my self, I need some things for my lastest casting. Please bring me a Ciqqules Plant (The name may be off due too dusty tomes.] Its know to rest in the most strange places. Last I heard, it was in the woods west of Mustang. Please bring it to any libray, and they will send it to me.
Help settle a fight.
Me and my bother are fighting over my Pa's land. He passed without nameing a son to claim. My bother is a old brute who wants to fight for it, but I cant fight. I need someone to straiting this out.
~Marten Woodwork.

2012-11-17, 04:49 PM

Baenlin drags his feet up to the screen, examining the jobs, "Thing wi' th' mine seems most importan iffin' yer askin' me....but we gotta do our Master Ju....Master Ju....Ju....MASTER JOB first right?"

2012-11-19, 07:53 AM
[we lost Tharione... but we can still do this. Ill get one more person.]

[Oh, and work this out IC. Im dont going to post till you two work it out by rp your choise.]