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2012-10-09, 05:51 PM
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February 16 - 2014
SCP Foundation Campus Theta

It's that time of the morning again. Time for the Tuesday Report. It was, of course, a Thursday, but apparently the report was named in memorial to some old agent named Tuesday, and frankly, of all the things you've seen since arriving at the Foundation, the Tuesday Report happening on Thursdays was a really minor thing.

Agent Donahue arrived on time as usual, his typical expression communicating equal parts exasperation and sleeplessness, despite every agent of the foundation having 9 hours of sleep built into their schedule. Well, basically every agent, at least. He did, for sure, so whatever his problem was was his own fault. Despite that sound piece of logic, and despite the fact that, as handler, it was literally his job to put up with you, he never seemed overly fond of the Icarus Initiative in general, and especially disliked its members.

Still, the Tuesday Report wasn't all bad, it delayed your typical daily duties, and the chance to take the morning more slowly was worth it. Whatever you do, be it patrols, observation, or research, none of it could begin before the Tuesday Report was complete. And with his usual brusque throat clear, Donahue began.

"Alright, let's get this over with, we all have real work to do. SCP-1981 (http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1981) is reaching a state of degeneration that's putting future investigation at risk. Current discussion regarding the value and risk of copying the tape to a more durable format are ongoing. Icarus Initiative encouraged to comment, but frankly none of you are on the project, so don't count on being the deciding vote."

You suspect the last phrase wasn't in his script. "SCP-006-J (http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-006-j) has been recommended for reconsideration by Dr. Tetch, but the subspecies he is presenting is likely to receive its own SCP designation, as the three specimens he has collected present a particular threat beyond the... realm of SCP-006-J.

A number of D-class personnel have been terminated after an incident involving attempted abuse of SCP-028 (http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-028). Investigations are preceding regarding the identity of personnel involved in allowing undocumented access to SCP-028.

And yeah, that's it. You all know you're duties, get to them."

"Actually, Agent Donahue, if I could jump in before you let them go..." Kahlee Sanders, head of Research Division XVIII appeared in the doorway, handing Donahue a requisition form. "682 is approaching a cogent cycle and The Icarus Initiative has been requested for a special bit of research. It won't occur for several hours, perhaps a day or two, but there's a good deal of briefing necessary."

2012-10-09, 06:09 PM
As usual, David smiles at the Tuesday Report but says nothing. Donahue is simply not worth shouting at.

Thrice Dead Cat
2012-10-09, 06:41 PM
Dead perked up at the mention of 682, "Woah, woah, woah! Messing with Mr. Monster is the last thing I want to do before the weekend."

2012-10-11, 01:07 AM
Donahue obviously had no trouble passing the floor to Sanders, and scurried off in a hurry to get *something* done. The other agent shook her head, both at the continually confounding handler, and the objection from Lugh. "I wouldn't say anyone has any intention of "messing" with 682, but the acid of his containment unit needs to be refreshed, and these cycles are the best chance we have to interact with 682, and right now curiosity is focused on its reaction to quasi-human creatures."

She flipped through a few pages attached to a clipboard, as if suddenly reminded of something. "Either way, the actual cylcing of the containment fluid doesn't occur for another few days. Until then, however, there are a number of briefings you will have to go through, as I mentioned. Donahue, god bless him, should be at work adjusting your clearance levels and permissions at the same time. For now, your normal duties have been suspended. Report to conference room 01-990 in an hour."

2012-10-20, 08:57 AM
Sounds like a good time. I'll be there.