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2012-10-09, 07:12 PM

Rain is something the cruel gods of the sky have been teasing you with for almost a week now. The clouds are swollen near to bursting, but not a single drop has touched the ground. The terrible lack of sunlight has left most of the crops to wilting and the townsfolk are beginning to take on an odd palor.

Those of you already in the town have not been so for long and have been staying in the modest accommodations afforded by the only inn in town. Those who haven't are sitting among strangers crowded into a caravan passing through town.

Jeff the Green
2012-10-10, 02:49 PM
Outside the main circle of caravanners four figures sit around a small fire. One, a rather small halfling, warms her hands near the flame with her dog lying beside her. The other halfling ignores the flame. His shoulders sag as though he carries a massive weight, and his pure white eyes sit unblinking in their sockets. He is tall, but seems almost stretched, his limbs too long and his neck too thin. He smells of iron, but with none of the usual sweat and musk that usually accompanies armored travelers.

The over-tall halfling turns to his mount, a hulking mastiff with coat and eyes black as night. "Perhaps, Shuck, this weather is an auspice. Troubled times follow troubled weather."

The massive dog let's out a huffing sigh and lies down next to the smaller dog.

The halfling laughs mirthlessly. "Or thou art perchance aright, and these clouds bode only rain. What thinkest thou, Plum?"

2012-10-10, 04:25 PM
A young drow is sitting alone in a corner, nursing a drink and shooting supercilious glances to people who meet his stare. Compared to Pariwna, the town is a slum. Poor, dirty, and small. There's only one inn, they serve an almost undrinkable sludge that passes for liquor, and people are staring at him like they've never seen a drow before. Which, now that he thinks about it, may not be that far off from the truth in this gods-forsaken corner of the land.
Jadvyg takes another gulp of his drink, frowning as he considers his options. Not that many, that he can see.

2012-10-10, 04:26 PM

Pain is in his heart. Not physical, as it was when he dragged himself back a week ago, but mental. A blow to his ego was all that remained. He dragged himself out of his bunk.

There wasn't much to keep him going, after his defeat at the hands of the wilds, which he had spent his life learning to conquer. He needed to find his brother, but he wasn't yet ready to attempt the forest again. He examined himself in the mirror. What he wanted was a bath, but there was no water, and had not been for a while. The crops were dying, so they were sending out hunting parties. He was joining along.

He had a light breakfast, and walked out. More caravans today, with more immigrants. This had been perplexing him, for what was here but bitter, hostile landscapes? He nearly laughed, but caught himself when he realized that he had been among them but a few weeks past. Chattuk shouldered his bag and headed towards the square.

2012-10-10, 09:41 PM
"Daughter of the Father of Scorpions"

Rana listened to the noise with great interest and longing. She feared the light as others feared her appearance and held people in great contempt, borderline paranoia to some. She felt safer in the belly of the rented cart wagon, but the smell of fire and the promise of warmth was too inviting. Stalking the shadows she crept near enough to spot two halflings having a chat, the longing in her heart almost bursting into resentment. Self-control and discipline held her humors in check, not to mention the fear of attention.

Keeping behind the tall shadows the fire stretched across this cloudy hillside, Rana helped herself to some warmth even inside her full battle gear. The feeling was rewarding enough to let her ignore the eyes from the other traveling folk that were surely falling on her, accompanied by hushed whispers filled with suspicion.

2012-10-11, 09:09 AM
"I think we'll need better shelter than the caravan can offer, Sir, in any case." the girl halfling's response is dry, almost monotone which contradicts the jovial looking hooded jerkin she wears: a tan canvas affair with two large cat ears sewn atop it.

Using her own mount, a black labrador barrel bodied but softer looking than the mastiff following her companion, as a willing cushion, she leans back with her fingers steepled in her lap, There doesn't seem to be much here but I can probably find a shack not in use that would offer some protection from the coming rain. Didn't even occur to her to resort to a tavern or inn, as usual, but she seems more reflective now, as if her own moves are already being plotted silently.

2012-10-11, 04:11 PM
"I think there might be an inn in town, though."

He hadn't exactly been in the conversation beforehand, but the half-elf stepped forward, including himself relatively cheerfully. The half-elf was visibly in high spirits despite the rain - his hood helping keep the direct watery effects off.

"Usually is at least one. Doesn't look like the rain's gonna stop anytime soon, but being dry with some good food helps make anything just a little better, eh?"

2012-10-11, 05:53 PM
Outside, several people hop off of the wagons and begin wandering about town. Two notable figures, a male half elf and a female orc, both begin walking toward a small wooden building, also the only one in town with a courtyard. Located on the inner curve of the slight bend the river takes through town, the courtyard entrance is adorned with a banner emblazoned with an emblem of a sheep. Around the back and side of the building are a set of six overlarge hunting cages with a stable fit to hold a single horse; all of these are empty however.

Back within the inn, an elderly human races back and forth, attempting to tend the entire place by himself. Even with his busy schedule, he manages to send a glare in the direction of the Drow in the corner ever so often. Passing the entrance on his way to the kitchen, he respectfully nods toward Chattuk before continuing on about his business.

Jeff the Green
2012-10-11, 11:52 PM
"Mayhap," Malachi says without raising his eyes from the fire. "I will find somewhere comfortable for Shuck to sleep and then quit this town to pray and watch outside its walls. I would not give the people of this place more opportunity to despise than they will already have. Mine eyes do not inspire trust."

He stands and turns to the half-elf, extending his hand. "We have yet to be introduced, methinks. I am Malachi, formerly of the Order of the Open Hand, and the great ebon beast is my... mount, Black Shuck; my companion I have no doubt will give her own name or not as it pleases her." He avoids making direct eye contact, but his pupilless eyes make this difficult to notice.

2012-10-12, 04:18 AM
"It's good to finally be properly acquainted - beginnings must start somewhere. Jack." The half-elf responded, shaking the outstretched hand firmly but warmly.

The term 'formerly' was a curious one for Jack. Words were focal - as was how they were said. And with not a statement between the halflings of much frivolity, odds were both were of the more direct-and-practical sort.

"And well, hopefully this time here is helpful, then. It's hard to notice specific problems when everyone's frowning, after all." He extended a hand to the other halfling respectfully. "Jack."

2012-10-12, 04:00 PM
Jadvyg glares right back at the innkeeper. I'm paying for the stupid drink, you bloody human. Even if I should be throwing it in your face he thinks. What in all hells had he been thinking, coming here, of all places? He almost wishes that he had took his chances and stayed behind, tried to talk his way out of the mess like he usually did... but there had been both the temple guards and the guild out for his blood. Even for one of his talents, too much is too much. So what the hells now?

Getting drunk sounds more appealing by the second...and were Jadvyg not a drow, and specifically a drow assassin he would probably go for it in a heartbeat... but loosing one's wits isn't conductive to a long life in the environment he has been raised in. Still, another drink wouldn't harm him. "Innkeeper" he calls, gesturing for him to refill his glass.

((Somebody be a dear and come chat the drow up, will you? :smalltongue:))

2012-10-13, 01:04 AM
While chatter had resume all around her, Arhranara left the fireplace behind to dwindle deeper inside town with a mere last glance to the halflings and the elf. Still earning for warmth and company, but too afraid to be exposed, she enters an Inn. A lot of customers with a healthy mixed background lingered here, for but a heartbeat she felt at home. There was even a Drow here. She knew it not to be so easy.

Rana sat in a table besides that of the dark elf and envied him his courage. Still meekly and shy enough to border paranoia the girl takes out a knife and proceed to polish the blade. Harmony through discipline, calm through routine. Even the sound of her strokes had a tone of conditioned practice.

2012-10-14, 01:49 PM
Jadvyg's call quickly draws the attention of the old man, who darts from the kitchen area with a bottle whose contents match the glass help by the elf. There seems to be a stutter in his step when he notices Arhranara seated so closely nearby, but he continues over cursing under his breath all the while.

"Frown a ye want, price is still a copper a mug." He places the bottle near the edge of the table, holding a palm over the top to prevent any accidental tippage. He glances over to the armored figure nearby. "Sir, is there somethin' I can get ye or are you just here to enjoy the view?"


Back outside, the warmth of the campfire is beginning to die down. The two figures emerge form the bannered building with a third, towering individual. It's hard to tell from the edge of town, but he looks to be at least 7 feet tall even with the intense slump in his posture, and he seems to be carrying a young child as they begin to walk further into town.

2012-10-14, 03:07 PM
At first, Arhranara didn't notice that the man was talking to her. She felt strange and pressured by the question and spent many awkward seconds trying to form an answer. None came. Afraid to be driven from this land like she was from the land of her birth she meekly pointed at the drink that was being served for the Drow. Words finally formed. "One of that." It was a brief example of her voice, but not brief enough to hide her gender or the coarseness of her throat.

She pulls down her iron mask, revealing a face of pearly skin and eyes of deep red. Visible too are her horns, two small protrusions out of her temples and spiraling upwards; the mark of a fiend-blooded and a half-breed.

2012-10-14, 03:38 PM
Does the idiot really thinks I'm going to steal his liquor? Jadvyg takes out two silver pieces and tosses them towards the innkeeper. "There. Leave the bloody bottle.". The 'you damn human' isn't tackled openly at the end of the sentence, but it's still very perceivable in his tone.

At that moment, the armored figure at the next table speaks, and removes her helmet. Huh. Haven't seen many of those lately. He has't seen many of those at all, actually, even in a big, cosmopolitan city as Pariwna. A mask, really...what was she trying to do? The effect she has on people is going to be worse when she removes it, so why in all hells wearing it in the first place? This is exactly the reason why Jadvyg doesn't do anything idiotic like wearing a hood or something stupid like that: people can either deal with him as he is or go straight to the hells. The drow addresses the woman a somewhat superior look. Amateur.

((Sorry Baveboi...did I mention? 'Arrogance and stupidity, all in the same package.' :smalltongue:))

2012-10-14, 08:39 PM
Chattuk looked around. He had a foreboding feeling, as if he had just missed something important. The town was bustling, making way for the newcomers. On average, the wagons carried a great deal of workers and very few dressed in more than rags. This load carried more variety than usual. Armors and robes, swords and spears, such numerous armaments made him curious as to what was going on down south that drove such mercenaries up here. But again, he held his tongue.

Town square was the busiest, of course. Several campfires were ablaze, at one of which was seated two halflings. He would not have paid much mind had one of them not smelled so. The smell made him rather hungry. The pair left his mind as he reached the cages, and greeted the others as he had done before. "So, are we going to catch anything, or should we go ahead and call it a day?"

2012-10-15, 07:01 PM
Plum takes the hand and uses it to pull herself up with surprising speed from the ground.

"You can call me Plum," she explains, looking nonplussed upwards, as if it's Jack's fault she has to do so and not the nature of halflings. In her other hand, where they had merely been close by before, are a pair of curved blades bundled by the sheathes. She ignores Jack thereafter, adjusting the swords over her back and pads off. "Sir, I'm going to go for a walk now and get the lay of things," Malachi gets an explanation before Plum tugs her cat-eared hood over her features, a rather solemn act despite the ears wobbling slightly.

She walks off in the direction the trio left the bannered building in, staying inconspicuous.

1d20+15z Hopefully, she's staying very inconspicuous...

Jeff the Green
2012-10-16, 05:07 AM
Malachi nods to Plum as she leaves. "Forgive her her uncouthness," she says to Jack. "She is ever reticent, but it seems the assumptions others so often make about our race grate upon her and she seeketh to disabuse strangers of them sooner rather than later. She is a skilled scout, however, and a stout ally."

He returns to his seat on the log and stirs the fire with the long-handled, black-bladed axe at his side to keep it from flagging. "Hast thou been in this town for some time, Jack? I would know more about it if I might."

2012-10-16, 01:16 PM
It actually took Jack a couple moments to parse chunks of Malachi's response - it was an exceptionally curious style of speech. Ever polite, however, Jack shielded this confusion with a chuckle.

"Oh, I took no offense - sometimes things simply need to get done."

He glanced up briefly at the rain, cementing his words before looking back and stating them. "Unfortunately, I am quite new to town myself. Everything I know about it wouldn't fill a thimble, I'm afraid. I'm just as eager to learn, although I get the feeling this will take some time - did you plan on remaining here long, or were you passing through?"

A little forward for courts, but one had to test the waters somewhere.

Jeff the Green
2012-10-17, 02:50 AM
"I know not," Malachi replies, staring at the fire. "I have passed through many towns much like this one. They always teeter upon a blade's edge with disaster below them. Ought hostile—a necromancer, a dragon, even a hungry bear—can push them over. I have helped to right them, and they have always been grateful, but wary. And they are right to be, for one such as I rarely hath purely good intentions. But always they thank me with one word and bid me leave with the other.

"If mine intuition doth not prove faulty and the clouds bode ill for this place, I will stay and help the people here to remain on their blade. An they desire and need me, I will stay as long as I might help them."

He looks back up at the half-elf, again avoiding direct eye contact. "And thou, Jack? Thou seemest to me to bear the countenance of neither a knight-errant, nor one seeking refuge from his past, nor some thug bent on murder and spoil. What caused thee to come to this small town?"

2012-10-17, 05:48 PM

Some time passes as friendly conversation continues, leaving most of the caravaners seeking shelter as dusk nears. Several of the buildings around the area, however, spring open as their occupants funnel to the interior of the inn.

From the eastern side of town, two figures: One a particularly tall dwarf male, standing at 5'5" walks alongside a particularly buxom orc female. They walk along to the inn elbowing each other in jest and chuckling to themselves all the way.

From the west side of town: An exceptionally tall and lanky elf walks along carrying a basket that clanks of glassware with each of his massive strides. Just south of his position, a human female struggles to carry several sacks of goods as a hunting dog playfully trots alongside her.

2012-10-20, 12:24 PM
The Inn

A group of townsfolk converge to fill the open seats at the inn. An incredibly tall and lanky elf plops a basket onto the counter that clanks of tightly packed glasware. The innkeeper steps over and reaches for his coinpurse but is halted by the calloused hand of a dwarf who plops a two silver coins onto the counter in his stead. The briefly greet each other before continuing to the dining area.

2012-10-22, 09:22 PM
Feeling everything is getting more crowded faster than she can quickly cope with, Ahranara gets up from her seat and takes another closer to the shadows and even closer to the drow. Noticing him there she grimaces slightly. "Please, let me have this place. I don't like to deal with strangers... y-you understand." She is fidgeting around her mask in her hands, not knowing if she puts it back on or she just tags along with the drow, following herd instinct. Different is merely the contrast of the norm, or so she was taught.

2012-10-23, 12:12 AM
Jadvyg shrugs, with a look that signifies she is so clearly beneath his notice that he really doesn't care what she does "Sit wherever you like, it's of no consequence to me" he says, looking at her only distractedly before focusing his interest on the other people that just entered the room. If she gets nearer and has a good look at him, she may notice some interesting detalis. He's thin, just to name one, a bit beyond standard elven thinness, and he looks kind of...scruffy, like he's had a rough journey. There's also a tiny snake coiled up his arm, partially concealed by his sleeve.

The drow's attention teturns on her for a moment, he reallynshouldn't care, and he doesn't, but... For gods'sake, is she for real?

"Put that bloody thing away" he says brusquely, gesturing to the mask ""Square your shoulder, and keep your head up." He mutters something under his breath that can be clearly reconstructed as bloody idiot. It's unclear if he means the woman, or himself.

2012-10-23, 12:23 PM
The girl was fighting the urge to not run or hide so intensely she never even paid enough attention to the Drow besides her. She actually jumps in her own seat when, out of nowhere, Jadvyg speaks to her with that overextended tone of his. She coils her muscles expecting... well, not really sure what, but it didn't came. He actually talked to her, gave her advice. She never lowers her gaze from his, with that disturbing presence of a winged predator about her. She slowly nods to him.

She places the iron-mask inside her pack, safe there, and begins to mimic Jadvyg posture. Arhranara pays attention to every detail of his, from the tendons in his neck to the untrained muscles of his shoulders, and tries to make of herself an exact example. Her own body looks more like that of a reptile with all sorts of triggers to her muscles, all tensed springs and coils. Surely she had a life of discipline and martial dedication.

Her eyes lowers to his arms only to lock on a little viper entrenched there. With a murderous look on her face, her hands slowly summon a dagger from its scabbard. "Don't move. You have a poisonous snake on you."

2012-10-23, 12:58 PM
Jadwig may not be a very skilled fighter, but he is a drow... which means paranoia is pretty much ingrained in his way of looking at reality. As soon as he see her reaching for a weapon, he raises his hands in front of him, finger poised to start casting a spell, fully intending to go for something that hurts... and in that exact moment she speaks, and he realises what she is about to do. "Bloody hells" he hisses, twisting his right arm so that it's out of reach of her dagger "Are you really such an idiot? He's my familiar, you bloody fool. Put that thing away." And he should probably go ahead and cast all the same... but he doesn't want to make a scene.

2012-10-25, 12:53 AM
Too many words try to spill out of her mouth, but Rana can only really spell a meek "Your what?" out of her own confusion.

Jadvyg can clearly see she isn't lowering her hand from the blade, but it's obvious by the relaxed display of her muscles that she's merely locked in bewilderment at what the Drow had just said. "What is a... familiar?"

2012-10-25, 05:10 AM
That's what I get for talking to idiots... He shouldn't have bothered, really, but when the only alternative he had been considering was to get hopelessly drunk, berating the woman had seemed like a nice distraction. He is really regretting it now.

"If you don't stop pointing that dagger at me, I am going to hurt you" he says. Public place be damned, Jadwig feels he has been acting much too nicely already. For a drow. "My bloody familiar, you daft bint. You never heard of wizards before?" Sorcerers, actually, but he doesn't feel like explaining the subtle distinctions.

2012-10-25, 04:29 PM
Rana relaxes her hand from the hilt of her blade. Watching Jad intently she rolls the word on her tongue. "Wizard." The sound is meek, but weighted correctly, like a salesmen trying to decide the worth of his products. "My teacher have told me of such things. I never met one that walks around with a wild animal, however. Are you sure it is safe? Snakes are symbols for wisdom and immortality and they are shrewd animals with their own agenda."

Her eyes lock on the small reptile again, almost hypnotically. "So beautiful..." she whispers.

2012-10-27, 05:29 AM
Jadvyg is seriously begin to suspect the woman is not right in the head...unless all quarter-or-whatever fiends are like that. In which case, he's happy he never met one bedore and people complain about drow...
"Yes, yes he's a sight to behold, and he's perfectly safe...for me. I can't guarantee for you, if you keep staying here and bothering me. Now bugger off, you lunatic.". His familiar, however, seems to heve other ideas And that would be bloody typical, too. The tiny viper has actually uncoiled himself slightly from Jadwyg's arm, and is watching the woman carefully.

OOC: please don't bugger off, Baveboi... :smalltongue:

2012-10-27, 11:23 PM
Jack exhaled, shaking his head. "I too have seen many people in situations like that. Nothing quite that directly intimidating, though - but facing threats to their survival nonetheless."

He did note that Malachi was avoiding eye contact, which made him slightly curious. In addition, 'one such as I'? Normally, he'd figure that meant sellsword or something along those lines, but his job was to read deeper than that.

"First and foremost, though? I am a healer by trade. A relative novice at the healing arts at the moment, mind you, but I find it helpful to connect to people via the bonds of empathy."

He glanced at the town itself. "And thus, I am here to help heal the people here, of all that ails them. But! That is looking too far into the future. Right now! I would like to get into find shelter, heh."

A dwarf, and an orc. As much as it was the kind of thing he wished to see, it was bizzare in and of itself - then again, desperate people could sometimes be the most accepting, if that was what it took to survive.

"That looks like an inn." He pointed. "Care to accompany me? It's always more pleasant with someone to speak to."

Jeff the Green
2012-10-28, 12:16 AM
Malachi nods to Jack. "Allow me to leave Plum a message first." He finds a scrap of cloth and, using a stick of charcoal from the fire he writes a note:

Gone to inn.
He ties the cloth to the collar of Plum's dog, so it won't blow away, and then follows Jack to the inn.

2012-10-28, 12:52 AM
Jack glanced around for a moment as they walked, trying to think. New beginnings were always different.

"So how did," He began, before realizing that that particular sentence was going to ask a question he wasn't sure he wanted to just yet.

But asking for a where was just as bad. Potentially touchy - and he had to admit, he found himself keeping a bit aware of Malachi himself. Hopefully, though, he was hiding it - all you did in court was that, after all.

"- huh. It seems there are a wide array of people here!" He noted instead, glancing about. Not his most subtle shift, but hey.

2012-10-28, 04:45 PM
So fixating and hypnotic is the small viper's gaze that Arhranara is completely enticed by it's lure. She can easily detect the animal's hidden intelligence. "What's your name?" Rana asks with a small cork of her head. She outstretch her hand on the table making it crawl very arachnid-like towards the snake, reaching with one slender finger to caress its scaly cheek.

2012-10-29, 12:58 AM
"[What, seriously? Doesn't anything I say count anymore?]" Jadvyg snaps in drow to his familiar. The bloody thing is enoying the attention, it seems. "[Fine. Be it on your head.]"

"He doesn't speak, you know?" he says in his long-suffering tone to the woman "Unless you know the right spell" And I'm ready to bet anything that I have that you don't. She didn't even know what a familiar was."How in the hells have you survived till now, girl?"

Jeff the Green
2012-10-30, 04:39 AM
"Indeed," Malachi says. He is somewhat puzzled. Dwarves and orcs were one thing. Drow and tieflings? Now that is strange. He approaches the bar. "Hast thou a fruit wine or strong cider?" he asks the bartender. "And what wishest thou, Jack?"

2012-10-30, 05:34 PM
"Discipline." Rana answers as if it was a quiz. One look from Jad and he can easily spot what, four or five different weapons about the girl and many of them have seem action recently by the ragged looks many of them sport. "How did you survive till now?" She weirdly asks back as if it was some sort of ritual greeting.

All the while, Arhranara is scratching the scales of the tiny viper.

2012-10-30, 06:53 PM
Jadvyg looks at her like she's lost her mind... what little of it he had credited her with in the first place. "I'm a drow" he says, like that should explain everything. From his point of view, it does. "And unlike you, I don't go around wearing a mask and asking idiotic questions."

2012-10-30, 07:27 PM
"I'll have the lightest ale you've got. I'm the epitome of a lightweight."

That was actually partially a lie - he had the ability to take some wine, and of course the ability to... well, cheat with his psionics.

"I'd like some food, though - anything will do there, as I'm not too picky."

2012-11-01, 10:16 PM
For a moment Rana lets the comment about her questions hurt her, but quickly raise all her defenses making her expression into a steeled mask of it's own. "The school of warriors I learned from teaches us that we should never be ashamed of our ignorance, only of what we can't learn because of it." Her fiery red eyes turn their undivided attention to Jadvyg now, judging. "What can you know of discipline, of masks and the role which I play?"

2012-11-02, 08:12 PM
The barkeep mumbles something that may or may not have been a suggestion for Malachi to find a priest. Still, money is money and he collects a copper from each of you as he lays a pair of mugs on the counter. One contains hard cider and the other... possibly watered down ale?

You continue on into the inn proper and fill in two spots of the dwindling seating. The scene inside is much more lively than it would seem from such a small village, with at least two dozen locals plus the majority of your caravan.

As Malachi locates his seat, the human female pulls up her chair with a look of intense interest on her face. Obviously unaware of his "condition" she sparks up conversation. "You're the first person in ages to order any of my cider! Tell me what you think, I grew the apples myself."

Everyone! Listen checks!

2012-11-05, 07:12 PM
DC10 Listen:The Innkeeper is meandering through the dining areas with mugs in hand, but a relatively loud crash come from the kitchen area in the back.

DC15 Listen:In addition to the crash, you also hear a less noticeable yelp the instant after the crash.

2012-11-06, 06:10 PM
It had been a long day, and Chattuk had hoped to get some relaxation back at the tavern. But that would have to wait.

He heard the crash and accompanying shout as he walked in with the other hunters. As apparently few had heard it as well, and he felt he owed something to the kind innkeep, he nodded to the others, broke off, and headed to the kitchen to offer help.

2012-11-08, 11:04 AM
Jack perked up. Heh, good thing the ears weren't purely for show.

"Who was that?" Dishes falling was one thing - couldn't be helped once in awhile - but he'd swear he heard something else in there. Standing, he nodded to Malachi. "One moment." And went to investigate the sounds - and help out if he could.

Jeff the Green
2012-11-09, 03:11 AM
Malachi nods to Jack, though he doesn't bother to conceal his puzzlement. Surely falling dishes was not cause for alarm.

Turning back to the woman—again not quite meeting her eyes—he takes a long draught of the cider. "'Tis quite excellent, madam. One rarely tasteth a cider which retaineth such quality of the apples. And such wonderful aroma from the oak barrels! Certes, my compliments."

2012-11-11, 04:47 PM
"[Lolth's arse!]" he snaps, in drow. He's really not in the mood for this. He was here for a glass of wine and alright, MAYBE he was planning of getting completely wasted, but the last thing he needs is some ill-adjusted demon with interaction issues. "What makes you think I'm interested in you at ALL, girl? It's you that have come bothering me." He makes an eloquent movement with his right hand. "Scuttle."

((I figure I can leave Lolth as the drow's racial deity, since I'm really BAD at coming up with names.))

2012-11-12, 08:22 PM
Arhranara grinned at what the Drow had just said. He wasn't too smart, but certainly cute; in a snobbish and puffed-up way. "You know nothing, Coal Skin." With a very contained movement the glass in her hand is raised to her lips, for a sip. It did taste poor in comparison to Avariel wine or spiced mead, but it wasn't unpleasant. "A lot of things bother you, Coal Skin. What is it that you are interested in then?" Her mood did improve slightly, slowly shaping around Jadvyg's edgy and spiky personality.

((Lolth is always the goddess of drow whenever you go - even Eberron I think - so I guess it's a safe assumption))

2012-11-13, 02:29 PM
"Nothing that concerns you, Horns." he snaps right back, but hadn't he be thaught from a very young age to conceal any reaction that may show weakness, he would have smirked. That's a bit better, entertainment-wise.

Still, can't show that he's starting to enjoy it, can he? She may get strange ideas. "Why in Lolth's name are you so fixated with me, anyway? You got a tavern full of people. Go pester someone else."

2012-11-14, 02:08 AM
And the trap was sprung. Not having the same training as Jad and often using the help of her mask, Arhra let her smirk show most unimpeded futile as it was to hide it. "You and me, we are the same." She let that sink a bit.

"We will both do anything to survive, try any tricks, close any deals and back any support if it means we can live. I knew that the moment I saw you. Like the chameleon, amongst the leaves green I became, strengthening my numbers and backing your chances to survive." She then proceeded to smirk aloud while sipping her drink. Nope, it was still bad. At least now she had the Drow's profile in her head and could pretty much map his personality.

2012-11-15, 12:51 PM
Chattuk and Malachi make it to the doorway leading to the back of the building before the innkeep notices anything i amiss and redirects himself toward the nosy customers.

Those who investigated:

Despite most forward appearances, it looks like the kitchen behind the door is kept inhumanly organized. Well all except for the trail of havoc and blood leading from the wood-burning griddle in the corner of the room nearest yourselves and leading out the rear entrance. Underneath the shattered mugs and torn containers, it looks like a small creature might have been gutted and dragged in a wild pattern through the area.

2012-11-15, 08:10 PM
"Well, I guess someone bit off more than they could chew..." He had laughed hollowly, and sighed. He looked at his new companion, an elf? No, something new, something strange to him.

"So, I'm going out there," He nodded towards the door, "You can come if you want, or you can go tell the keep that something has made off with his cook..." He grimaced, and strode towards the open door.

2012-11-16, 12:00 PM
Jack blinked - placing one hand to his mouth. Yep - that shout had in fact been a person of some sort. But - at this point, it was clearly too late to aid whatever the victim was directly.

"I'll be out there - with this blood, maybe a healer's hand will help." The half-elf responded, before raising one hand. "But there's at least one more who may be able to help, lest we also bite off more than we can chew. It will take just a moment - I doubt a trail this obvious will go cold that quickly."

And with that, Jack stepped back to the main room, heading towards Malachi. He nodded towards the human female apologetically, "I hate to interrupt your conversation, madam, but might I borrow my companion for a moment?"

He glanced at Malachi as he spoke - years of practice helping him show with his eyes and not with his voice that he was being quite urgent - but then again, he didn't know Malachi terribly well, so he wasn't sure if the latter would recognize it. Still, upsetting everyone in the bar would cause a panic, which would be antithetical to actually helping.

And now it was time to go with his gut that Malachi was not, in fact, lying to him.

Jeff the Green
2012-11-16, 12:39 PM
Malachi doesn't catch Jack's urgent glance—with his heart mummified, he has become somewhat less observant of peoples' emotions—but the request does strike him as odd enough that he stands up immediately. "Companion" would suggest a more familiar relationship, would it not?

"Certes, Jack," he replies in a neutral tone. "Excuse me, miss. I will return erelong to converse with thou upon thine excellent cider."

He rises and follows Jack to the kitchen. "What requireth mine attention, Jack? I heard the crash, but I thought naught..." he abruptly cuts off when he sees the blood on the floor. "Lich's blood!," he swears. "Knowest thou who was injured?"

2012-11-17, 05:37 PM
So uh... did Chattuk wait for Jack, or get moving ahead of time? Heh, I'm not sure if he's standing right there was Jack and Malachi walk back in.

Jack shook his head. "I heard a yelp amidst the clattering - seems I was right to investigate. It should not be overly difficult to follow, though - it seems haste was more important than secrecy."

He paused. "By 'lich's blood', did you mean that as an exclamation, or did you mean that you believe this is, in fact, lich's blood?" As granted, while he'd heard the occasional story of liches as horrible undead things and undead made him think dessication, maybe liches had blood. He'd never met one.

Jeff the Green
2012-11-17, 06:37 PM
"Nay, thankfully 'tis but an oath; most liches have no blood. My former order is devoted to extirpating the undead and many of the members invoke their names when angry or surprised." He smiles wryly. "Ironic I suppose, given my current condition."

He begins walking to the door. "I have not time to retrieve my weapon, methinks. Unless thou knowest any else who would acquit themselves well in battle, we must needs pursue whatever left this trail of blood forthwith."

2012-11-18, 04:09 PM
Jadwyg and Arhranara show...

The drow huffs, a sound between annoyance and laughter "In that case, it's you, me and half the people in this room, girl." he says. Everyone will cut any deal to survive, anyone is ready to stab you in the back if it means a profit to them. At least, that's the way he has been brought up. He fixes the girl with a stare and continues in an amused tone. "If it will make you bugger off more quickly, let's hear that delusion, then - how would you be supposed to 'backing my chances?' Do you even know who you are talking to?"

2012-11-19, 09:57 PM
We interrupt this program to bring you ... Plum! the cynical ninja show! Starring Plum! ...The cowardly dog the cynical ninja!

The doors to the Inn shove open with a modicum of effort, and into the nightmare Plum ventures. Gods, the place is crawling, crawling with giants of all makes and forms; it's nearly enough to make her quit the place Grimacing, Plum weaves through the forest of legs and tables, looking for her 'employer', even, damning as it is, calling out for him.

While the swords dissuade people from assuming a child lost her way, the cat-eared hood over her head seems more harlequin like than she's ever realized.

"Malachi? You still here?" she calls out before leaping up on a table (occupants be damned,) trying to spot him.

2012-11-19, 10:31 PM

Jack glanced about for a moment. The strange other fellow was not present. It seemed everyone here was quite out of the ordinary - had he walked so far off the map that he was now in things that shouldn't exist? First time he'd ever spoken to an undead thing and gotten a response, and then was that a... bird... thing? He'd have to gather his mind about that later.

But they were trying to help. Or, uh, exceptionally good at hiding how they actually felt. But these strange creatures seemed, at least, to have a real interest in helping - how often did that happen?

"Just one more person, if..." He stated, before following the trail outside - in which he noted the strange bird person. "Oh - and here he is. I'm Jack. I can't imagine this particular attacker making it difficult to follow his tracks, though, so we should certainly get moving."

2012-11-20, 02:21 AM
"Yes. The Avariel (spoilers) have told me stories of the Drow and their Dark Cities." The topic wasn't the fiendling girl's favorite, going way back to the years she spent among her parent race. "Unlike me you should have a place to call home, yet you are here drinking this watered thing with a tiefling for company. That says a lot about you. What can YOU say about me that I didn't say myself, Coal Skin?" The alcohol must be going to her head. Her previously concealed tail found disclosure at last and started swatting while she pointed accusingly to Jad's face.

Knowledge (Appropriated: History, Local, Religion, etc) DC 20 for the appropriate information about the Avariel (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Avariel_%283.5e_Race%29)

Jeff the Green
2012-11-20, 02:21 AM
Malachi suddenly stops. "One moment, if I may," he says. "Methinks I hear Plum calling from the common room, and her talents may be singularly useful in this situation." He steps out the kitchen door and spots his companion standing on a table. Why was anyone's guess, but there wasn't time to find out.

"And there thou art!" he calls. "Swith follow me; the game, dear Plum, is afoot!" Malachi waits momentarily for Plum to get off her table before returning to the kitchen and Jack.

I've been watching too much Sherlock lately. :smallbiggrin:

2012-11-20, 09:03 AM
Once more ignoring any "manners" or "tact" nonsense, Plum bounds across another table of (arguing) occupants and then touches down a few feet away from her employer. But she doesn't exactly follow Malachi to the kitchen so much as take him by the hand and pull him in that direction.

"Get your riding hound, sir; we'll need his snout," she huffs in a low whisper once the kitchen door is between them and easily startled townsfolk. If she was aware of Jack, she's not showing it, "While I was out on the town, I spotted some goblinoids... or something like them; real warty and even uglier than normal. They're sneaking around and I would wager there's more than the pair I spotted."

Plum's whisper possesses some urgency, but not much empathy or actual concern towards the townsfolk. If anything, her eagerness seems supplicant towards Malachi, as if she's presenting him with a big break to get in good with the podunk they're in. "I doubt the dog you gave me is up for this, but a tracker is the quickest way to route them without wasting time with a more... halfling-based search..."

2012-11-21, 09:24 PM
No knowledge to speak of that I may use. Did I mention incompetence among his defects? :smalltongue:

Jadwyg snorts. To tell the truth, he doesn't have any idea what she's talking about. Which of course means that he affects a bored stare and answers like the matter doesn't concern him at all. "You act like it's something I should give a rat's arse about, Horns.", he says, in his best haughty tone.

In that instant an...halfling jumps right over their table . Jadwyg has jumped on his feet, ready for a counter-attack before even having the time to fully realise what's happening Bloody annoying small races, he thinks when he sees the halfling completely ignoring him and dragging a... What in Lolth's knickers is THAT? right to the kitchen. Something that may be worthy of giving a look at, if only for the sheer randomness of what just happened.

2012-11-23, 02:53 AM
Horns- I mean, Arhranara, feels almost the same way as her dastardly companion. With a swift movement her feet take the lead and she is up and strolling after the halfling. She gives a glance back to Jad before feeling a bit annoyed. "Cmom, let's check that out, or are you going to let a halfling step on your wine like that?"

If Jadvyg checks where Rana is pointing too he will see that were there was his cup is now a slowly growing red puddle. The girl barely kept a smile in check.

2012-11-23, 05:06 PM
Huh. Jack took a couple moments to think of a good way to respond.

"Perhaps, then, this trail - " Jack pointed to the blood leading outside, interjecting into the conversation. "Will lead us to both? Goblinoids are known to cause problems such as this."

Although he really hoped that if it was, they'd be willing to listen to reason... as after all, half-orcs had a reputation only slightly more calm than that.

Also, that was in no way what he was /thinking/. What he was thinking was: Did that halfling just leap onto the table and make a big show of everything? That could do the exact opposite effect that Jack was working for - curious eyes could lead to panic and worry over calm! And that's overlooking just how odd of an option that was - perhaps Plum had had too much to drink already? And was she ignoring him out of excitement, or had he offended her, or was it due to him being a half-elf?

And then, given her statement, a group of goblinoids eyeing the town could bring problems - most stereotypes came from somewhere. After all, he was being pretty haughty at the moment, in his head.


But what would goblinoids want with a little town like this? There's nothing here worth really caring about. Could it really be two separate incidents?

His face seemed calm and reasoned, but Jack was really stuck in contemplation at this.

2012-11-23, 10:30 PM
Following the halfling and possibly making him eat that goblet is exactly what Jadwyg had been planning to do... however, better to remind the woman of who's in charge, here "I don't take orders, Horns." he replies, before following her all the same.

Jeff the Green
2012-11-25, 04:06 PM
Malachi raises an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of the drow and... is that a tiefling? He makes a decision quickly; if there are indeed several goblins outside more eyes and swords could mean the difference between life and death—or undeath and death.

"You, Drow and Tiefling," he says sharply. "Someone hath been taken from this kitchen bloodily and perforce, perhaps by goblins. I intend to retrieve them; if you will help, let us not tarry, and if you will not, please return to the common room that no harm befalls you.

"Come, Plum, Jack. Shuck will be of poor use following this trail, methinks, and the blood makes it obvious enough. Avaunt!"

2012-11-25, 04:20 PM
What, do I have 'order me around' engraved on my forhead tonight? Jadwig scowls "Now wait just one bloody minute" he replies "Don't you dare using that tone with me, whoever you think you are. And in any case, what should it matter to me who has been taken where?"

Jeff the Green
2012-11-26, 01:27 AM
Malachi blinks. "Mayhap," he replies levelly, "thou wishest to provide an example that, should harm befall thee, others might follow and rescue thee. Or mayhap thy heart is not made of stone like it seemeth. Or mayhap thou art concerned for the state of thy soul and wishest not to descend to the abyss should some wanion befall thee afore eld afflicteth thy limbs with palsy and gained wisdom drives you to seek atonement for thine intransigence.

Malachi's tone suddenly becomes sharp as flint. "In any case, I have no intention of commanding thee. I merely present thine options: help us, or let us attend to our business."

If you want to treat this as an Intimidate check, Strawberries, Malachi will take 10 for a total of 21 (including the size penalty, and not including the mask he normally wears).

2012-11-26, 01:48 AM
"Don't tally on it, Coal Skin." Arhranara intervenes before the Drow finds out his spine is bigger than his common sense. "Where there is trouble, there is reward. And if greed is not your thing, you can always prove to us all why the bastard goblins are an inferior and minor race." There is an evil smile in rana's lips as she draws her throwing axe.

"Lead the way, master halfling. Blood for blood and the enemy shall despair." She says the last part ritualistically while checking the blade of her axe.

2012-11-26, 01:59 AM
Huh. Took too long waiting on the boards. Editing!

2012-11-26, 07:42 PM
Jadwyg looks at Malachi with an expression that means clearly Are you for real? Bloody hells, I can barely understand what he's saying. What language is he actually talking in?

At Arhranara's comment, he looks like he's about to reply something scathing, but then he does something he very rarely does: he actually thinks about it. The alternative is still go back and think about getting drunk.. Perhaps going out and killing something is exactly the thing he needs.

"Fine" he spits out at the end. "Where to?"

2012-11-28, 11:47 AM
Plum doesn't like her new buddies. It's hard to tell when she seems to refuse any sort of expression to form on her face, but from her body language, all tense and anxious, she's clearly unhappy.

"The ones I saw were darting around an alley not far from here. A pair of goblins wouldn't be causing this much trouble, so I imagine there are alot more than they.

2012-11-28, 05:33 PM
"Very plausible. We should get moving, though."

Oh dear. Two people that seemed quickly upset, two that seemed more eager to help, and uh... a bird-person.

Still, he stepped towards the trail of blood - glancing along it, and looking around while waiting for the rest of the group to also head in that direction.

2012-12-03, 09:58 PM
Chattuk had grown tired of waiting for him to return. He went ahead, the blood scent strong in his nostrils. Though he was regaining confidence in his abilities, he was unsure of how he could fare against the mystery monster at the end of the line. A partner or two could be of use to him, so he receded. He returned to a number quite more than he was expecting. Stealth would be difficult, and there could be chaos in such a large number vying for dominance. Still, though, perhaps this association wouldn't last after this rescue, and he could return to the other matters on his mind.


He stood as straight as he was able (which was rarely much for his kind) and approached, "I've tracked the trail a ways up ahead, with no sign of a change in pace. Whoever did this is getting away, and the trail is growing colder by the minute. If you're coming to help, I ask you stay quiet. We need to move fast." At this, he turned and returned to the accidental path.

Jeff the Green
2012-12-04, 02:25 AM
Malachi nods at the bird-man, and then at Plum, before heading out the door behind the former. He doesn't wait for the others, assuming they will catch up, but when they do he places himself on the opposite flank as the tiefling. None of these had the look of knights, and he would not leave them without a bulwark against the enemy, even if that bulwark was less trained in arms and armor than spells.

Told ya he's a Paladin. :smalltongue:

2012-12-05, 11:54 AM
Jack kept himself near but not at the back.

He focused his eyes outwards - looking around for anything out of the ordinary. His mind, however, was in other places - thinking of the potential goblins. Would they be willing to try talking? And he was not too familiar with these others - would they be willing to try talking?

And then came the conundrum of the collective. It'd need to happen sooner or later, but right now was a bad option. /He/ knew the collective didn't wiggle its way into people's minds, but most other people he'd met were less certain. But in any kind of a conflict, everyone would be much better served with the link.

Hrm. He remained looking around for now.

2012-12-06, 06:54 PM
The coppery tang of fresh blood is strong in the air as you walk through the threshold to the rear of the inn but quickly becomes imperceptible to all but the most sensitive of noses. Chattuk leads those interested in between several buildings and down a trail of refuse leading east of town.

Spot checks for everyone!

@chattuk: Scent continues along for a while, how long are you willing to follow it?

2012-12-09, 04:16 PM
The feathered hunter leads the groups further out until the torchlight from the town is no longer visible. The trail you all are following has thinned somewhat, but by using several of his keen senses Chattuk is able to continue tracking. The foliage begins to thin out and the ground hardens as you travel, eventually making it to a rocky clearing.

@ChattukDespite being so focused on the scent of blood, you manage to glance about in the darkness and briefly spot a pair of eyes staring back in the distance.

2012-12-15, 11:28 AM
Chattuk broke from his predatory trance. He glanced around, and began stringing his bow. "We're getting close, arm yourself, and be quiet..."

In a whispered tone, he asks, "Can anyone else see those eyes over there?"

Jeff the Green
2012-12-16, 04:26 AM
Malachi peers into the dark where Chattuk indicates. "I cannot, I fear. Have they vanished, or are mine eyes so blind as they appear?"

2012-12-16, 11:15 PM
Jack reached for his protective knife, before pausing.

"Did you need a blade?" He asked Malachi softly - he did have the longsword he always carried about, and Malachi had in fact mentioned this earlier.

Elves had to have their longswords, although he took some amusement in the fact that he couldn't make heads or tails of the things other than just clubbing someone with it. Cemented that he wasn't an elf.

His eyes, however, caught what light they could. "Hm - yes. Just for a moment. It is concealed." He avoided locking his eyes there - not wanting to give away that he'd noted it.

Jeff the Green
2012-12-16, 11:31 PM
Malachi shakes his head. "I thank thee, but nay," he says. "I have little skill with arms save my lochaber axe, and in any case my hands are deadlier weapons by far than thy blade."

2012-12-18, 02:57 PM
Jadvyg snorts quietly to himself. Oh, for Llolth's sake! These people won't understand strategy if it bit them in the face. What do they think they're doing, talking when there are possible enemies around? For his part, Jadwyg takes out his crossbow as silently as possible, and quickly double-checks the area. If a bloody bird can see it, I should be able to see it as well.

Perception again! :smallwink:[roll0]

2013-01-02, 07:06 PM
Jadvyg & Malachi: Unfortunately, neither of you see what the others are referring to.

@Jack: Your spot check is actually high enough to locate a second pair of eyes lurking just past the other set before they both duck behind a rock.

Several pebbles clatter across the clearing toward the group. Silently, but obviously not making any attempt to hide himself, a familiar one-eyed halfling walks toward the party. Most of you saw him briefly at the inn in civillian clothing, but now he's wearing studded leather and carries a bow over his shoulder along with several plate sized objects at his hip. "What're you lot doing this far from town? Not discouraged by the pool of blood behind the inn?

2013-01-02, 09:39 PM
Chattuk recognized his fellow hunter, but he was confused. If he left him back at the tavern, how did he get here? Not lowering his bow, he replied, "We were investigating that pool of blood. We followed it out here, and as far as I can tell, are going to continue following it for a while yet."

He paused, "Now why are you out here... and why are you so interested?"

Preemptive Sense Motive: [roll0]

2013-01-02, 10:01 PM

"I imagine the same reason you're here; to make sure whatever killed the cook don't live through the night. I'm late cause I had to pick up some supplies form the ol' shack, but it wasn't hard to catch up to you lot stumbling about in the dark." His remaining eye makes several passes through the darkness as he speaks, trying to catch a glimpse of anything that might be lurking. "I left the other wet-foots back in town to gather everyone to the inn. Last thing we need is more people getting picked off."

2013-01-06, 06:37 PM
He was unable to respond. He wanted to say that Kurtik was wrong, that they could handle themselves against the unseen horrors of the night, but he realized something. He had no idea who his companions were, their skills, their abilities, he wasn't even sure he could name them all. He knew he could get away if it came to that, but he was unsure of the others.

He stood silent.

Jeff the Green
2013-01-06, 11:21 PM
Malachi glances at the curious halfling. He isn't obviously dangerous (whether by incompetence or malevolence) and so the paladin *** necromancer has no particular objection to Kurtik accompanying the party, but for the added chaos an additional body always adds to battle.

With no one else offering to speak for the group, Malachi greets Kurtik. "Well met," he says. "Thine actions were wise, methinks. Hast thou been able to identify who committed this foul muder? Plum here"—he indicates his companion—"espied a passel of goblins, and 'tis the most obvious conclusion that they are the culprits, but there is a paucity of direct evidence for this idea and the blood in the kitchen suggested an attack made swoopstake or by a feral beast."

2013-01-07, 06:45 PM
The drow snorts, loud enough to be clearly heard. "What he is trying to say is, we can bloody take care of ourselves" he says. Well, at least he can, of that he's sure, and all the others can go hang for all he cares. "And also, since you apparently have been tracking this for longer, did you figure out what the heck was it?" He manages to make it sound like it would be a matter of total incompetence if the halfling HASN'T identified what the danger is.

2013-01-07, 09:35 PM
Arriving suspiciously out of the mists, and worse: making mention of the shady goings on that warrant investigation, does not endear oneself to the halfling ninja. Plum looks over One Eye with her placid features but the downy hair on her arms seems to bristle of it's own accord.

"Sir, he didn't explicitly say he was out here for our reasons," her voice tugs at Malachi's attention, "More interlopers will just make things more chaotic...."

Sense the Motive on Blinky there...