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We're in the Wild West town of Nazareth. It exists in what would now be the northeast quadrant of Arizona. Everyone is aware of the recent Transcontinental railroad act, although the railroad has yet to reach much more than halfway across the continent, the idea that soon big industry may arrive is on everyone's minds. Reasonable knowledge may be assumed, but as you probably have guessed, news still travels somewhat slow, and you might not be hugely informed. Gold, Silver, Copper, and Coal mines exist in the periphery. The local copper mine recently had a change of pace when gold was found. This has been kept secret so far, so no new rush of people has arrived, for now.

Some Notable places and people in town:

1 Rusty Saloon:
The Rusty Saloon is run by Michael. It's a decent place that's had steady business since the advent of the town. But like everything, when travel slows down, it took a hit in business. It still runs fine, just not quite what it used to be when Nicholas held it. It’s got a nice selection of liquor. It’s got a pile of outhouses out back.

2 Ol' Saint Mary's:
Some things took the hit harder than others. Ol' Saint Mary's’ become exactly that. It was built in the early days, and was farther than intended from the town. Wasn' so much an issue when travel was frequent, even had a few legitimate doctors takin' care of folks there. But it was a bit too far out, and two o' the doctors died and all the patients back in ‘50. 1 doctor survived, along with 3 kids, one just a babe. He claims he managed to save them from something strange, but it's best not to think about what outlaws did there, nor whether it was the injuns or just some crude folk. No one was ever arrested. It was left as a tragedy and most know that the ol' doctor is a frequenter of the Rusty Saloon. A lot of folks remember the good work he did, even some of those kids he saved, and will pay off his tab from time to time.

3 Samson's General Store: This place is run by a spindly bald man. He's probably 5'3". He looks remarkable thin and his flesh is pullin' from his face. Parkinson's has a hold of his frame now. He's a nice enough old man, and has a weakness for young girls, often he'll let'm take a sweet free when they buy something.

4 Edmund's (The Whore House):
Edmund's probably the richest man in town. He owns the local mining operation, and the whore house. He is dressed consistently in his Sunday's best. He consistently uses a pipe and carries a cane. He's more or less congenial, unless he thinks someone's trying to slight him. He tolerates next to nothing as far as his women's harm is concerned, and everyone pays him his due promptly. No questions asked. Those who work in the mine pay tribute to him, and though no one'll be caught discussing it, more than a few miners went missing who didn't give him what's his. He's kinda old. He wears a white mustache and goatee. Some of the more perceptive'll notice he gets stuck looking at his pocket watch too much, as though absorbed in the time.

5 Stable: One of the farmers, a little man named Kurt, built a stable right next to the Rusty Saloon. It’s free access to anyone who uses the saloon, ‘less they give him trouble. In exchange he receives free drink and meals from the bar.

6 Father Caleb came to Nazareth when he was young, maybe 19, with full seminary training. Interestingly, he rode in on the same caravan Edmund once had. There is some defined animosity between the two. If you ask Father Caleb what the source is, he'll only say "I forgive all sins that lie in any man's past. It can be slightly more taxing to deal with men in the present. Of course, Edmund's business is his own, assuming you don't get involved in such things." Edmund tends to dismiss such questions by saying "You know how priests are." Father Caleb doesn't have funds for a church of his own, but has opened up his home for those who wish to worship, or are in need. He has rigged it up into as close a church as he can while living in it with limited funds. All of which (his funds) come from those few worshipers who are willing to help where they can.

7 "The Foreman" Anthony Foreman came to Nazareth as a youngster, with Edmund. The boy worked in the mines for a while. When he was older, perhaps his teens, or maybe even his twenties, he managed to pull three men out of a collapsing mine. Since then he's been the foreman for Edmund. If he's not busy, though, he doesn't mind joining his boys with a pick. Anthony is oddly protective of Edmund, and won't hold with any slandering against him.

8 The Ol’ Doctor’s house: It’s this little hovel down by the creekbed.

9 Brink Hotel: This is an old two-story hotel that can house a maximum of 60 people (3 in each room, when the rooms are intended for 1, for the most part) It’s an alright joint, and relatively safe, business has been low lately though, and there have been days almost completely without business.

10 Sheriff's: Sheriff works out of this old building. It has a jail in it, though it’s rarely been used. The 4 cells are both upstairs “‘cause,” the sheriff explains “If you can’t come down the stairs right, and by yourself, you ain’t good ‘nough to leave yet. I also enjoy watching them smack their head on that beam on the way up...every time.” The only thing it’s ever held so far are those who’ve had far too much to drink, and two men to protect them from the wide public who were a little harsher than he thought the law should be. Those two men have since left the town. The sheriff has two provisionary deputies, though they’ve never done more than guide a drunkard back to the jail. The Sheriff does carry a six-shooter, though he’s never used it on a person. Everyone knows he has a nice rifle from the war, and something about his demeanor says he hasn’t had to shoot anyone, because no one’s that stupid, and he still knows a thing or two about shootin’. Some folk say they saw a saber being transferred when he was moving in, others say they must be joking. He’s a trained horseman, and has a nice specimen that he rides daily.

11 Nazareth Firetower

12 Nazareth Bank

13 Post Office


General population: There are a lot of stock farmers and miners in and around the town. There are even a couple of fur-trappers. Some are rowdy, some aren't. Some have kids, some young, some old. Some little ladies have had some issues with the boys, and some men have found issues with each other, sometimes involving each other's wives. Additionally, there’re a few new guys on the mining side of town that are still in tents, as soon as a new shipment comes in, their intending to build up homes.

Main Street’s got the saloon and most of the houses on it, particularly of the farmers. Lady’s court (the red light district) branches off of it, as does second street, the bit of town where most miners find their home.

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Michael Samuel Harrison
Character Name: Micheal Samuel Harrison
Player Name: Savior
General Description: 5'9" 142 pounds. 26 Years of age. Straight, unkempt black hair with a few grey streaks. Dark green eye colour. Dresses in casual suits and some form of neck tab/tie.
Breif History: Micheal Harrison was born in the small town of Nazareth in a Saint Mary's hospital, a few miles away from The Rusty Saloon. His mother, having an illness from her birth, was dead upon arrival of the child.Years passed and Nicholas became ill from a gunshot wound he had suffered in a shoot out in the town's center. With bad treatment from the hospital, Micheal had become an orphan.
Most people would become saddened, or overwhelmed with some mental instability, but his father lead a great example for Micheal, so the young man never gave up. Although his father was stoic, he only ran a run down saloon known to everyone. In his father's passing, Micheal took over. Becoming an orphan so fast, Micheal never went to a form of higher learning. He only studied what his father talked to him about, or showed him, which wasn't much.
From his father's memory, Micheal wore his pa's old suits, and ran the saloon just the same. However, from the knowledge of the bad times, Micheal needed to adapt.Not being much of a fighter growing up, Micheal turned to learning the way of the six shooter. The old sheriff, friend of Nicholas's, taught Micheal everything he knows today. For six years, Micheal kept training his skill, getting mighty well with that weapon.
Traits: Average Strength (d12)
Impressive Agility (d8)
Average Health (d12)
Below Average Knowledge (d20)
Average Perception (d12)
Fine Sanity (d10)
Average Luck (d12)
Skills: Skilled use of a Six-Shooter (d8)
Okay Chef (d12)
Struggling Conversationalist (d20)
Notable Bartender (d8)
Below Average Horseback (d20)
Noticeably Good-looking (d10)
Naturally Loyal (d10)
Horrid Literacy (d20)
Carried: Pistol belt.
Clean Six-Shooter.
24 rounds, six loaded.
Clean rag.

Alexia Krauser
Character Name: Alexia Krauser

Player Name:Rayne

General Description (observable):16 years old, 5'6, Shoulder length dirty blonde hair, Red bandanna around her neck as well as the standard brown duster, pants, brown boots to match, and to top it all off a standard fedora of average color.

Brief History: Born and raised upon a ranch in the far off town named Brickstone she learned to ride horses from her father, her mother like many others died upon childbirth. As the years had come and gone the ranch was lacking income and resorted to violence to solve problems with trespassers and the occasional deputy. Until one fate full night upon her seventh birthday a mob had formed right outside of the ranch, " Quick, Alexia take this and head out back, take one of the horses and run for it, Do NOT Look back. " Her father had told her whilst thrusting a Winchester Rifle into her arms complete with at least twenty shots of ammo. Obeying her fathers wishes she took a horse and road off to the next town over where she learned to use the rifle her father had endowed her with, though she did not use this weapon for moraly good purposes she had done what she needed to, to survive. Moving town to town robbing general stores and the occasional bank. However from this lifestyle she had failed to get the proper nutrition a young girl like herself would've needed, this taking a great toll to her strength and health.

Below Average Strength: D20
Above Average Agility: D10
Below Average Health: D20
Average Knowledge: D12
Above Average Perception: D10
Average Sanity: D12
Natural Luck: D8

Highly Skilled Horsemanship: D8
Sharp Shooter (Rifle): D8
Sharp Shooter ( Six Shooter ): D10
Struggling Arithmetic: D20
Struggling Reading: D20
Struggling Penmanship: D20
Average Looks: D12
Perfect Speaker: D8
Above Average Blending In: D10
Anti-Social: D20

What you carry:
1 Six Shooter
1 Winchester Rifle
1 Pistol Holster.
1 Rifle Strap
2 Ammo Pouches ( One for Rifle, One for Pistol )
1 Combat Knife. ( Used mostly for skinning rabbits. and any other game. )
1: Canteen ( Usually Filled with Whiskey )
Doctor Albert Randall
Character Name: Doctor Albert Randall

Player Name: Wargor

General Description: 5'11', 190lb. 41 years old. Neatly cropped brown hair, going grey at the temples. Grey eyes. A well kept moustache, still it's original brown. He wears neat brown suits, and a brown Boss of the plains hat.

Brief History:* Albert Randall always dreamed on being a doctor, helping the sick and wounded was his calling, and he was good at it. He studied hard and became a doctor, but also lived his life too. He married the love of his life, his childhood sweet heart, Eliza, and they were happy. That is, until two tragedies struck.

Eliza had never been a particularly healthy woman, but her health started to deteriorate rapidly. All Albert could do was watch his beloved wife get sicker and sicker, nothing he did made a difference. That same year was also when Civil War broke out, and Albert, reluctant to leave his wife, had the hard decision of whether he should go and fight, but fight he did. Years of fighting went by, and letters back and forth became more and more sporadic, until one day they simply stopped. When the war finally ended, Albert rushed home, frantic to find out what had happened. All he found was an empty house and another gravestone in the grave yard, his beloved wife had been claimed by her wasting disease.

Right there and then, Albert knew he couldn't stay there, in his old life any more. He was changed by the war, and the loss of his wife. He wanted a new life, somewhere far away, where nobody knew him. So he left. He packed his things and moved west, as far as he could, until he came to the small town of Nazarath. Here, he decided, he could start a new life, and maybe help the people here. A new home.

Average Strength (d12)
Average Agility (d12)
Very good Health (d8)
High Knowledge (d8)
Average Perception (d12)
Solid Sanity (d10)
Below Average Luck (d20)

Medical Doctorate (d8)
Skilled Rifleman (d8)
Poor bedside manner (d20)
Doctor's Orders! (d10)
Voracious Reader (d10)
Fair horseman (d12)

What you carry:
Bag of medical supplies
Spencer repeating rifle (with a strap) - only when necessary - 21 rounds (7 loaded)
Pipe and tobacco
Reading glasses

The OOC thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=257262

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June 15, 1867
The day's been slow and hot. The day started off cloudless and warm, but as the day progressed one of those rare humid moments built. By noon everything's sticky and becoming too hot for some to bear. The day has crept slowly by. Most of the day has had no passersby. It's quiet, and reality fuzzes with thoughts. Around 5 o’clock the first swing of miners can be seen walking into town. Before any set foot within the boundaries though, a thin drizzle arises. The air cools down rapidly, and by the time the first miners find their way to the bar, the drizzle turns to a downpour. The previously dirt-coated miners find themselves mud-soaked.

These same miners amble into the bar, and order drinks, dragging mud as they come. most dont pay everyday, but it's Saturday, and many are paying off their tabs. Most with gold. A few do so with banknotes. It's unusually glum today, but that could be explained by the rain.

At Edmund's, although the storm is muffled by the inward nature of the room, a loud crack of thunder is heard. Followed briefly afterward is a frantic knocking.

Everyone should roll perception. Due to placement, this is a threshold of 4 for Magdalene and Michael, just a threshold 6 for the Doctor.

2012-10-10, 12:53 PM
Albert sat at a table in the saloon, nursing a small glass of whiskey, paying no attention to the sudden deluge of miners around him, deep in thought as he sucked on his pipe. At the peal of thunder, he jolts into awareness, ears straining suddenly, as he thinks he might have heard something.

Perception check

2012-10-10, 02:20 PM

Micheal stands behind the bar, not yet ready to clean up the god-forsaken mess the boys dragged in off of work. He laughed when the muddy ones came in, but never said a joke. Filling up glasses, and maybe some food orders, Micheal listens out for that loud thunder rolling.


2012-10-10, 10:30 PM
In the bar, Albert hears:
Some shouting like some miners jostling each other about. Possibly urging each other on to the Lady's Court.
Michael continues to listen to the reverberation of the thunder, while dealing with the influx.

2012-10-11, 02:16 PM
Satisfied that he had imagined whatever it was, Albert settles back down and carries on smoking his pipe. Throwing back the rest of his Whiskey in one, he stands from his seat and places his hat back on his head. Throwing a nod to Michael, he walks outside to watch the rain fall, whiling away the time it takes to smoke the rest of the tobacco in his pipe's bowl.

2012-10-11, 04:28 PM

Micheal nods to the good doctor, and then tends to the needs of the people at his bar. His few workers, a couple of women in tending attire, carry around some platters of snacks and what not for the men off work.

2012-10-14, 06:16 PM

Taking one last lungful of smoke, Albert knocks the ash out of his pipe and secretes it away in a pocket. Eyeing the downpour with great distaste, he sets out at a brisk pace, heading for his lodgings at Widow Barnaby's small house.

Just invented where he's staying at random, hope that's ok?

2012-10-14, 11:02 PM
As you cross the street, you see a soaked man running at you. A quick glance reveals it's one of the deputies. He grabs you by the shoulders, water trickles down the end of his hat. "You've got to get to the mine, sheriff's already there, someone might be hurt." He runs toward the small stable and unties his horse. "Take him. God's speed!"

2012-10-15, 03:59 AM
"Of course." Albert agrees, cool as ever under pressure. Securing his medical bag in one of the horses saddlebags, he mounts smoothly and sets off at a straight canter towards the mine.

2012-10-15, 12:10 PM
The doctor rides up the trail, it's muddy though, and slick. Roll for Horsing around. If he doesn't watch his step he might fall, or the horse, or both. Nothing like a broken leg to complicate a rescue mission. Bless his voyage.

Meanwhile, in the Rusty Saloon.
A middle-aged woman walks in, her face flush, her fists are clenched and tears are running down her face. Her hair mousy brown hair is in a knotted bun. She shrieks, "Which one of you yellow degenerates dropped him!" Her voice shaked as she demanded the whole saloon's attention. "What one o' you done it?!"

The room full of miners stares at her silent.

Her whole body is trembling, and she begins to sob.

The room full of miners looks back into their drinks, as a whole.

2012-10-15, 01:03 PM

Never a man to be the center of attention, Micheal prepares a calming Ginger Ale at room temperature. Setting it down, he moves towards the woman, asking questions. "Ma'am, what seems to be the problem?"

Micheal favors his job behind the counter, but he's of course a gentleman. The storm never helps the morale of the town, but a wild woman isn't a good way to get through it all. He has his pistol loaded, but hidden under his thick over coat. He stays a few feet back, never initiating contact with the woman.

2012-10-15, 01:38 PM
She glares up, and between frequent breaths manages to hiss, "One of these lily-livered, gameless deadbeats dropped my Tom down a shaft to save a pitiful lump of gold. I heard the story, but ain't a one of 'em gonna own up to it, and are all too scared to make a peep. I swear, when I find him, he'll pay through the nose!" She sits at the bar and glares about the room. "An' I ain't leaving til I get my answer, who done it?" She announces to the room.

2012-10-15, 02:23 PM

Being a simple saloon owner, Micheal offers her the Ginger Ale, and goes about his business. A few of the workers are taking caution, but they mostly work the same.

Micheal keeps his eye on the woman, and is never more than a second away from his revolver.

2012-10-15, 06:51 PM
"Whoa there!" Albert calls soothingly to the horse, slowing its pace up the treacherous path. He does his best to keep his mount on solid ground, avoiding any suspicious patches or mud.

I hope I have the right number, please feel free to re-roll if I'm wrong, on my phone so its hard to check.


2012-10-17, 09:03 PM
Albert climbs the path well enough 'til a flash of lightning followed immediately with a blast of thunder causes his horse to buck, knocking Albert to the ground.

Agility: [roll0] He manages to catch himself and land on his feet. The horse has regrettably bolted, and unless he can find a way to get it back, his medical bag with it.

2012-10-19, 01:10 PM
Cursing harshly, Albert sets off in pursuit of the horse. Without his supplies the injured man was lost already.

2012-10-25, 07:42 PM
[roll0] luck

As the doctor turns to fetch his horse a bolt of lightning streaks across the sky, the horse comes running back, terrified of the lightning within yards of it.
roll for horsemanship

2012-10-26, 01:47 PM
Albert makes a grab for the horses reigns, attempting to get the beast under control.


2012-10-26, 09:52 PM
The horse is not agreeable; it's been frightened out of its wits repeatedly, and regaining him is 5 minute ordeal. Fallen into the mud three times, and nearly trampled once. The doctor manages to command it.

At the same time,
the same deputy as directed the doctor walks into the bar. He turns himself around at the head of the bar. "It's been a rough night for y'all. This rain ain't helpin' much either. To lighten your moods, a round a whiskey for everyone, on me!" The deputy shoots Michael a needing glance and whispers "don't worry, I'm good for it."

2012-10-27, 04:59 PM

Micheal, not a very friendly person, makes a likewise facial expression, telling the Deputy "You'd better be." However, micheal understands with the town going to hell, how much this will kip up the morale of the bar, or even the town. The workers take the whiskey around the bar, but Micheal personally hands the woman from before her whiskey, and a refill of ginger ale. "If there is anything you need, feel free to let me know."

2012-10-27, 09:56 PM
"What's that low-life sheriff's friend think he's doing...these men don't deserve no reward. Foul things!" her reply is quiet.
The sheriff glances about the room anxiously. His eyes lock on poker set across the way, and he gets a game going with some of the guys.

2012-10-27, 10:31 PM

Returning to the bar, Micheal began to clean some glasses, looking around as the waitresses make rounds. Of course, after all the drinks, they get rude taps on their butts, and there are a few yelling matches, but nothing out of the ordinary.

2012-10-27, 10:51 PM
Finally getting his horse under control, Albert mounts up and sets off for the mine, his pace slower in the terrible conditions.

2012-10-31, 12:56 PM
In the saloon, the deputy calls for another round, not leaving the table. He holds a wad of banknotes in his hand, winnings from the poker game so far. The other players seem to be losing money, but they look happy. The woman glares with annoyance at the joy around her, a stark contrast to her own mood. She is getting tired of waiting though, and has begun to sip at her ginger ale.

As the doctor finds his way to the mine, he looks around for any sign of the sheriff and injured man. roll perception

2012-10-31, 03:05 PM

Micheal sets the waitresses up with the round, and once more, personally hands the singular woman her round, along with more ginger ale.

2012-11-01, 03:49 PM
Albert dismounts and finds somewhere to tie the horse, making sure its secure enough to not be able to run away. He then takes a look around the mine entrance for any sign of his patient.


2012-11-03, 01:56 AM
Albert sees nothing immediately, but as he continues on, he can hear the vague echoing sounds of struggling men. It is unclear from what direction, however the path is straight for a while. Once the path forks, he has a second chance.
Roll for perception, if failing, roll for luck. A success in either can point in the right direction.

Also make a perception check

2012-11-03, 11:50 AM

2012-11-03, 03:27 PM
The bar is calm. The woman who was shouting earlier has since slumped into a chair in the corner and is nodding off. A half hour passes, at which point Michael notices the deputy is gone.

2012-11-03, 06:53 PM

Like all other times, the good deputy skips out on his promise to pay. Morale being this low, he never raised it to the others' attention. He was fine to give away the items free, tonight. But Micheal will go talk with the officer early tomorrow morning, when his hangover is setting in.

2012-11-03, 10:23 PM
Perception: [roll0]

Luck: [roll1]

2012-11-04, 01:29 AM
Luckily, the Doc' picks the tunnel well. He can hear the tunnel the noises are coming from, and follows it down a ways. There's a rope bound to a support beam, and it is taut with weight. He can hear the faint voice of the sheriff calling "Doc' you here?! Help pull us up if you can hear me."
That'd be a strength check.

2012-11-04, 06:22 AM
"I'm here Sheriff, just hang on I'll get you out of there." Albert exclaims, grabbing the rope in both hands and bracing himself for a big pull.


2012-11-04, 02:47 PM
With the Doc's help, the sheriff comes rising up, his hand a little mangled from holding on with the rope wrapped 'round one-handed. His other arm is holding a middle-aged man over his shoulder. The man's leg is a bit bloodied, and it's facing a way that isn't normal. His arm hanging down looks as though it's bent in two. Off by about a 30% angle. There's pain on the man's face as the sheriff lays him down in front of the Doc. "Tell me, what can we do for him?"

Here come your doctoring skills. maybe a bit of bedside manner too.

2012-11-07, 12:42 PM
"Hmpf, let me take a closer look and see Sheriff, step back please. At a glance, well, that arm and leg are in real trouble." Albert says cooly, kneeling down next to the man and examining him.

Medical roll - [roll0]

Bedside manner - [roll1]

2012-11-07, 07:43 PM
I'll leave you the liberty of describing your awful bedside manner
The doc resets both bones, the leg with an awful twist, and begins to bind them with what he can. As he does so he also tells the sheriff to rub his arm to get the blood flowing back into his hand before continuing. The leg is wrapped up elaborately, and the arm is in a splint. (a makeshift stretcher is constructed.)
He should be all ready to carry out.

2012-11-15, 12:58 PM
Albert sets to work on the man, no sympathy present as he sets about sorting the arm and leg out. "Hmpf, you're very lucky my friend, any longer and you may have lost the use of your limbs." Albert states frankly, before turning his attention to the Sherrif.

"Now you, let me take a proper look at your arm. Come here." He orders, grabbing the man's arm without waiting for a reply and examining it.

Medical roll - [roll0]
Sorry for the long absence, it was my birthday over the weekend so I've been very busy.

2012-11-16, 09:14 AM
Feeling his arm, he asks "Can you move it?" The sheriff winces a little, but the hand moves. "Should be fine with time."
These things happen

In the Rusty Saloon, the women who was wracking for vengeance before has since fallen completely asleep. She's been down for about an hour. Three guys who were playing poker have since started trying to chase a mouse around in this little corner, but have so far failed to catch it. They're rowdy, and there's cussing from time to time. Money's on the table, and presumably, the one who catches it gets the pot.

perception time

2012-11-16, 11:36 AM