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2012-10-11, 09:52 PM
Given that it's the season of Halloween, I wanted to start a zombie themed game. Regular D&D zombies, made by magic, are boring to me, so we're going to do a more fun infectious zombie theme. If you get bitten by a zombie, you will become one eventually, unless a cure is found for you, or you are treated for the zombie wound (for example, a bite on the arm or leg can be cured by amputation, leaving your character as an amputee). Characters who become zombies will become leaders of the zombie horde, and will be allowed a choice of playing their character as a zombie (fighting against their former allies) or rolling a new character.

Play will be broken into days, during which players can try to defend, reinforce, or exterminate in one sector of the city (the first city will be broken into seven sectors, a ring of six sectors and a middle city center). Defending a sector prevents its outbreak level from rising, and may reduce its level by one if successful. Reinforcing a sector makes it harder for its outbreak level to increase, and has the best chance of success at outbreak level 0 (it is impossible at outbreak level 5 or higher). Exterminating a sector of the city will reduce its outbreak level by up to 3, but is very dangerous as you are actively seeking the zombies. Only sectors adjacent to those with an outbreak level of 2 or more are at risk of becoming infected, but because of the nature of the sectors, each sector threatens at least 3 others (with the center threatening all 6 and being threatened by all 6). The higher the outbreak level in a sector, the more likely it is to spread, and the more sectors with outbreak adjacent to a sector, the more likely it is that an outbreak will occur. Special missions may crop up that allow you to take different actions, especially once you find information on the nature of the outbreak. You may then be able to undertake research missions, which will give you a bonus like the other missions upon completion, but at the DM's discretion (so a research mission might lower the outbreak level, or act like a reinforce mission instead).

So, with those rules in mind, I'd like some preferences

1. Level: 1, 3, or 6

2. E6 rules: yeah or nay?

3. Difficulty: Easy, Moderate, or Hard (nightmare unlocks later).

4. Multiple Parties: have 2 or more groups running in the same city. Outbreaks will be more numerous.

5. Multiple cities; if you succeed at taming this crisis, do you want to move on to a bigger city?

BTW, these zombies are immune to most abilities that effect undead. If you have an ability like ranger's favored enemy, and choose undead, then you can still gain the benefit, but you will not be able to turn or control undead.

That is also the only hint you will get about the nature of the outbreak.

2012-10-24, 11:25 PM
bumping this to see if there is any interest.