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2012-10-12, 09:21 AM
Rain pours down on Shoalbreak this dreary afternoon, the sheets blanketing the city in mud. Blacksmiths hammer away nearby, makeshift awnings protecting their handiwork. The boon to their craft is a mixed blessing, though, with eye-stinging smoke trapped beneath the overhanging cloth.

A few guards trudge along the narrow street, muttering about recent events, trying to keep their minds off the cold. "The Consortium? Again? 'thought the Magewrights drove them out years ago." The other sneezes and shakes his head, "Nah, just made 'em quiet. And just when Durhild shows her face again." The first grumbles, "I hope 'captain doesn't..." By this point the two fade from earshot, their words lost between the hammering of water and iron.

Irish Musician
2012-10-12, 09:55 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin sat in the Inn next to the partly open window, listening not only to the rain but also the passing conversations of the guards. He sipped on his mead, senses checking everything and every one that made a noise, passed by, made a move, or even sneezed. Being a follower of Ioun was a stressful business, but he knew it was a worthy cause and that he was the one that needed to come out into the world and make sure her message was given to everyone. Vardin say, thinking......waiting for his next assignment....and thinking of what his next personal mission would be.....and who or what it would be about.

Great Dane
2012-10-12, 11:24 AM
Erano saw the guards meander down the street from his barstool and overhearing bits and pieces of their conversation. What's that elf doing over there by himself? he wondered. Elf, why don't you pull up a chair? I've seen you around here and there. My blade won't bite you, he snickers a little, patting Nightslayer, strapped to his back. No strangers among Fey. Times are too crazy to be worrying about stuff like that. Pointing behind the bar, he mentions, I was just having a pleasant conversation with my friend Lauciian.

Turning again to the barkeep, a rather pleasant-looking elf with a friendly face, he asks in a hushed tone, So what's all this about the Consortium? I've heard the Magewrights are good...too good sometimes. And if they wanted 'em gone, they'd be gone.

And I've not heard the name Durhild before... he trails off in thought.

Starting again, he says, You seem to be a fellow who...knows things. And those guards just piqued my interest.

Erano then takes a mighty swig of his brew and waits.

2012-10-12, 11:59 AM
Lauciian swings a rag from his belt, cleaning water droplets falling from the ceiling. He leans against the bar and answers, "Oh, probably that old Mouqollad Consortium. They came in from Rockfall a few years back, offering magical services. Naturally, 'stepped on a few toes, what with profit margins and all. And what happens...happens." He hurries over to another customer, fills a drink, and wishes a leaving patron a pleasant day. The latter waves an off-handed thanks as he moves to brave the weather.

Returning quickly to Erano--would that pattering on the bar ever stop?--Lauciian continues to clean with his rag and goes on. "But you can't kill a snake while the head's still intact, and word on the street is they're back. As for Durhild, she's the prettiest dwarf maiden you'll ever meet. Lovely lass, real charmer...and more trouble than a den of kobolds."

2012-10-12, 12:56 PM
The inn's door opens, making way for a slender hooded figure entering the establishment. Shutting the door in stride, steps are taken towards the bar with surety, a certain lightness within every motions. The stranger simply brushes the rain off the coat, opening it to welcome the warmer air of the inn. "Greetings to you, good sir. Lovely day, isn't it?" she says with her melodious, energetic voice, pulling her hood back and leaning against the bar. The owner of this peculiar voice is a young human woman, her short wild hair red as wine and with passionate fire burning within her green eyes. She seems like an adventurous lass who leapt right out of one of the many stories shared everywhere, an effortless grin gracing her undeniably beautiful, freckled features.

"I'll have some of your finest ale, please." The Stranger continues, paying for her drink and, of course, tipping the gentleman giving her this fine beverage, saying "Thanks!" with a wink as she takes the mug and heads over to an empty table at another window. She draws a lot of stares from the men there (and one or two jealous ones), though she doesn't seem to mind. Passing an elf and a drow chatting by another window, the young woman nods and gives a smile in passing. "G'day to you, gents." she greets them cheerfully. When she reaches her lone seat, she puts the mug down onto the table and takes off her rain coat, the clothing underneath reinforcing the adventurer impression, made to be able to withstand the rigors of the business, but also looking colorful and tailor-made so it isn't in the way of her fluid motions.

After drinking deeply from her mug, the stranger reaches into her bag and pulls out a lute. Listening to the rain with one ear, she soon begins to play and sing softly, soaking in the atmosphere and enhancing it with her melody, her talent creating pleasing sounds for those nearby without being obnoxious, occasionally letting her gaze wander, sometimes giving a smile here or a wink there.

As far as the song goes, something moody. Think maybe Riders on the Storm by The Doors, though maybe a little less "dark". :smallsmile:

Great Dane
2012-10-12, 01:11 PM
Ha! What a pleasant story. Survival of the Fittest Guild strikes again. Erano stands up, leaning against the bar. He stretches his legs, grabs some silver coins from his pouch and flicks them on the table in a neat pile. Why not, I'll have another.

After receiving his drink, he continues.So a pretty dwarf, you say? Can't say I've seen too many of those. So what's her affiliation...is she the veritable "head of the snake"?

At the entrance of the human, Erano cannot help but draw his glance her way. Nodding her way, he turns back to Lauciian. Girl seems like a real firecracker. She's always spinning some yarn about fighting this dragon, or charming this prince...or princess. I've heard them both, can't quite figure her out.

The music coming from the lute serves as a pleasant backdrop for the conversation.

2012-10-12, 01:48 PM
Lauciian chuckles after serving the newest patron and Erano their drinks. "Durhild? Nah, she's trouble, but more a snake charmer than a snake 'erself. 'just makes friends with all the wrong people, whether for her or them, you can't be sure."

"But don't go mocking her without seeing." He nods to the redhead, "A lot like that one, I think. Fire in her eyes and a voice even the deaf would dance to. Worth all the trouble they bring, I say."

Irish Musician
2012-10-12, 01:51 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin raised an eyebrow at the drow. Vardin thought there would be no harm in sitting next to him, so he took the seat to the side of the drow, but nearest the door, bringing his mead with him. He listened to the bartenders words, and though hard about this, Consortium. He then saw a strange woman walk through the doors, and very cheerful. He half smiled as she started to play, and it took him back to his village, when they would all get together on some nights, bard playing and everyone singing and dancing. But he let the memories fade away, and going back to watching his surroundings. Turning to the elves, "I have heard of this Consortium before, from a while ago, and since they have come here, they have come against the Magewrights, and the Magewrights came down on them swiftly, trying to drive them from town. It seems there is something more than just competition from the Consortium. Magewrights usually buy-out their competitors, not try and drive them away."

He listens to the bartender some more and nods in agreement with his statement about the curious bard.

2012-10-12, 07:40 PM
Solaris Dawnbearer (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/713896/D%26D4E%20-%20Solaris%20-%20L7%20Templar.pdf), Cleric & Templar Knight of Pelor

Solaris sits positioned at a roughshod table near the entrance, his chair orientated carefully so as to avoid the gusting drafts from its constant parting, taking shelter behind a worn oaken divider. As he nurses a slowly dwindling pint, the cleric's interest is piqued by the guards' passing conversation, unable to help but do his devout best at eavesdropping, ears compelled by their tantalizing snippets.

Perception check to listen: [roll0]

When the templar can at last discern no more, failing to find further amusement in ruminating, his head performs a lazy arc, causally looking over the rather mixed company. It isn't long before the bard's sudden arrival commands his attention as she makes a rather spirited entrance, bringing a welcome spark of life and excitement to the otherwise dreary tavern. Tipping his head in terse acknowledgement as she passes, the last of the ale sloshes bittersweetly in his cheeks whilst it is downed and savoured, swallowed only when the alcohol at last begins to sting.

Great Dane
2012-10-12, 09:45 PM
Relieved that the elf reacted favorably to the invitation, he turned to him and said, I'm sorry, Vardin, is it? I must say, your reputation precedes you. I've heard of no finer ranger in the city. I must ask -- it's true that the Magewrights should have this area under their thumb when it comes to offering arcane services. I wonder why the Consortium have been so aggressive in their expansion into Tidesward? Perhaps one gropu or the other has found something...or learned something... letting his mind drift for a second.

Erano turns back to Lauciian, keeping his voice low, audible to only the two elves near him. This Durhild...she intrigues me. For all the wrong reasons, and I'm sure she's nothing but trouble, he says pointedly as he flashes a brilliant white smile, contrasted brightly against the dark hues that make up his skin. I'd like to find this one and see what she's all about.

Glancing again at Vardin, he asks, Any interest, friend? I could use another set of eyes.

Regardless, I'd like to stop by my church before too long. Perhaps my fellow acolytes have heard something about this dwarven lady or either of these magic-guilds that would be of note.

2012-10-13, 09:07 PM
Lauciian, now cleaning a few mugs, nods sideways. "Word is you can find Durhild near the West Road, the inn by the market gate. Good choice for her, I say: not a tavern in the Brewery that wouldn't love her company, and West Road's right at the city's edge." Several more patrons enter the tavern, and Lauciian excuses himself serve them. After taking their orders, he moves to the back to open a fresh cask.

The rain continues to fall heavily, the occasional gust of wind slapping the sheets against the tavern walls. A few more patrons make their way out, tipping their hats to the bard as they leave.

Solanis Perception Check
The two guards continue speaking, and while you hear bits and pieces, their conversation quickly shifts to the mundanes of city life: a recent birth for one of the guards ('hear Faros' has a new daughter?'), low pay, and so forth.

2012-10-13, 09:14 PM
As if trying to compete with the sounds of conversation and music alike, the troublesome rain that plagued Shoalbreak seemed to intensify. Droplets already falling as legions onto the saturated soil, the wind lent it's voice as it howled and fought through whatever hidden cracks the inn offered - the whipping wind being particularlly noticeable as it slipped around the heavyset door.

Briefly, the whining stopped, the portal to the world outside having been opened and promptly shut as a new figure escaped the brewing storm. Looking ever much like a pitiable dog who had thrown into a bath, it was immediately apparent that the feathery cloak that she was clutching in one gloved hand had done little to ward against the elements. Water dripped and pooled upon the floor around her mud caked boots, unable to soak any further into the protective russet leathers that covered her form. This water and mud would unfortunately find itself being tracked across the inn - the sound of song helping the archer to immediately locate who she was looking for within the dismal gloom.

Not wanting to interrupt Laine's song, she merely sat at the table across from her before beginning to loosen her waterlogged boots and fidget with the goggles that had been pinned to her forehead - her mood seemingly a little down regardless of the pleasing music her friend was producing.

"It is no good. They have said it would be expensive to repair them." The shifter finally spoke when the song was over, her voice both heavily accented and dejected in tone. With the statement, she pointed to the small but bothersome crack that had formed within the shaded lens after the eyewear had been on the receiving end of an accidental misstep. With a small huff, she slipped them back around her neck before seemingly forgetting about the entire predicament - a sliver of a smile forming on the corners of her lips. "What about you? Were you able to find the dwarf you were searching for?"

Irish Musician
2012-10-13, 11:49 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin, knowing that there were no current jobs immediately pending, shrugged in acceptance of the drow's proposal to go see this dwarf. Certainly wasn't anything else interesting going on at the moment. Vardin eyed every person that walked in the door, though his eyes were fixed on the two sitting across from each other at the table. He knew he had heard the word "dwarf" when the music stopped. He ordered another mead, and once it was in front of him he grabbed it up, as well as a towel from the bar, and took it over to the women sitting at the tables, motioning the drow to follow. He sat next to the shifter, set his mead down, and held the small bartowel out to her, a large smile on his face and a playful twinkle in his eye. He motions to a damp spot on her face, "You seem to be a little damp. I too have been overcome from the rain from time to time in the forests. Those thunderstorms sure do sneak up on you....." playful tones in his voice, he then continues, "You appear to be a ranger as well.....my name is Vardin. I believe I heard something about a dwarf......"

2012-10-14, 06:57 AM
Laine's attention is firmly fixed on Anara once she enters, almost luring her to her table with siren song. "Maybe I can cut a deal for you a bit later," she says happily, putting the instrument back into the bag before pulling out another rain coat, wordlessly asking "You want?" No 'I told you so' line, everyone has their own preferences, after all, nothing bad about it. Also, she pushes her half-finished mug across the table as another little cheer-up.

"Yeah, she's at the West Road. So," She begins, looking the tavern over once. "I was close." The young woman gives a quick laugh. Seeing the two guys from before head over to them, Laine gives Anara a quick amused look. Other people might be annoyed that the shifter drew in "unwanted" attention, but it's more like a cute quirk of Anara.

The redhead grins towards the guys, making a little space for them to sit comfortably. Knowing that conversation, mostly in a foreign tongue, isn't the most comfortable thing for her friend, Laine takes over from there as Vardin speaks. "Yup, Durhild invited me to see her. Seemed like a fun lass! She was all out-of-sorts at the time, stammering a little and forgetting to tell me where to meet her before taking off with a big smile, it was adorable! Almost as adorable as my friend here." Laine says cheerfully, maybe a little teasing at the end, but eh, she means it anyway, no harm done. "You wanna come? Don't think she would mind a couple of nice lads tagging along." Strange, she talks as if she knew them, at least a little.

2012-10-14, 04:02 PM
"Oh, do not worry about it. I will get them fixed after we have been finding another job, perhaps. For now, the crack in the lenses will just have to be dealt with." The mug - appreciated as it was - was turned down by the archer. It was, afterall, the effects of inebriation that had led to the those goggles getting stepped on in the first place! The same couldn't be said about the rain coat, which she reached for with glee. "This is a most welcome gift, thank you Laine! I wish I would have accepted it earlier. If we go into the rain once more I will be sure to wear it, and sure to give it back as soon as we are in the places of dry." There was a momentary pause as Anara's brow furrowed slightly in an attempt to understand before continuing. "If you do not mind me doing the asking, what is the 'West Road'? Is that the name of another place of rest? I cannot be imagining that she would be outside and wandering on a road in this storm."

Anara quieted down as she noticed the approaching Vardin (and the accompanying Erano should he seem fit to follow) - her eyes widening as he planted himself beside her. It was with much greater reluctance that her hand reached out to accept the hand towel from him, the shifter seeming to view the gift with more than a little bit of confusion and suspicion. "Ah, ahm... thank you very much. I am Anara. We were just..." The only time the hunter's eyes moved away from the elf adjacent to her was to glance pleadingly in Laine's direction - her friend seeming more than ready to take over the explanation process for her. In the meantime, the towel was promptly used to try and soak up as much of the water clinging to her hair as it possibly could.

Irish Musician
2012-10-14, 05:51 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin smiled as the shifter fumbled and tried to find what to say, looking to her friend to finish her thought. This redheaded bard seemed quite interesting, and intrigued him very much so. She talked very familiarly with him, and he was almost disturbed by it. "I think I will come with you, thank you." Then, after a pause, "Have we met before? There seems to be some familiarity between us, but I don't remember you. Though I am quite sure I wouldn't be able to forget."

2012-10-15, 12:33 PM
"You know what they say about gifts: no giving back! Besides, you'll need it in these parts and I don't need a second one." Snatching back the refused mug, she smiles around the rim at Anara and takes another big gulp, sighing contently afterwards.

The redhead chuckles at Vardin's question, not taking any offense whatsoever. Softly crossing her arms on the table and leaning forward, she begins to tell a little story. "A small caravan of traders heading down to Concourse on a forest road a week south from here, defying the whipping winds and driving rain, waylaid by hungry bandits and their wolves. A brave warrior valiantly defending the helpless people, felling one by one with the fury of a thousand beasts, striking terror into the blackened hearts of the criminals with every blow. A cloaked figure, a young lady fencer, aided this mighty warrior in battle, though he hardly needed the help. Peculiarly, once the battle was won, the insurmountable fury gave way to quiet serenity as he marched along with the caravan. The young lass called Mila tended to what little wounds he had sustained and lightened his stride with word and laughter and song, until they parted ways in a small town." Mila leaves a small pause at the end of her little story, letting the impressions unfold by themselves.

"Does this help?" she asks coyly, inclining her head a little with a cute smile drawing little laugh lines on her freckled face, those eyes with their everburning fire looking into his.

Great Dane
2012-10-15, 01:27 PM
As Erano and his elf friend stood from the bar and headed toward the door, the drow noticed the cleric sitting near the doorway. Nodding his head, he turned to see the elf had diverted his path back toward the wall, near where the redhead and the new visitor were resting. Rolling his eyes and shrugging a bit, he followed Vardin to them.

After listening to the banter between the two girls, he heard this -- Mila's -- story about her supposed heroics. Such a tale would have been told from here to Riverdale, I suppose, he said with a noticeable amount of sarcasm, coupled with a grin. Since you girls seem to know about this dwarf too, why don't you accompany us to the West Road? I don't normally travel in packs, but I could use some heroes.

Irish Musician
2012-10-15, 01:51 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
As a current of water breaking through a dam, the memories of that night come flooding back into Vardin's memory, causing his eyes to glaze over for a moment........
A day not unlike this one.....winds tearing at his eyes and face, rain pouring down as if the sky itself had given way to a heavenly flood and wouldn't stop.....Vardin was in a forest, and happened to be tracking some bandits that were causing trouble in the area. He had followed a caravan from a distance, not wanting the bandits to know he was there, careful to stay downwind of the wolves so as not to give his scent away. Of course, they would never be able to track him in his home....the forest. Finally it happened, and the bandits attacked, but it did not take long for Vardin to fly through the trees, axe flying from his belt and strikes coming so fast one might think he had two of them. Tearing through hide and flesh alike, Vardin slew the biggest threats first, and by the time we was done, none were left to battle, most had run away. Sustaining quite a few minor cuts, Vardin found himself woozy and faint, but was helped by the caravan, namely a beautiful red-haired fighter who he had seen battling beside him. She tended his wounds and they laughed and sang together on the way back to town, sure that none would bother the caravan all the way back to town. They parted ways, though Vardin was sad of it, for he, at the very least, owed this fiery warrior a debt.
As soon as the memory played through and he came back to the present time, Vardin looked into the eyes of Mila and the biggest smile came across his face. He flew across the table, picking up Mila out of her chair, laughing and swinging her around the tavern. He ended at the bar and sat her down on it, calling over Lauciian, still smiling "Get her whatever she wants." Then he looks at her, "Never since I have been on the road away from home have I ever come across someone like you, Mila. I don't know how that memory escaped me and I cannot ask your forgiveness enough. I am in your debt for helping me that night. I surely would have perished if not for your fighting skills.........You did most of the work anyway," he ends with a wink, still laughing and in complete awe of how this day has unfolded.

Great Dane
2012-10-15, 02:24 PM
Erano sees the spectacle unfold before him. Surely this elf doesn't believe that tall tale, right?

Such nonsense...muttered the drow as he motioned to the freshly-dried shifter. Care to join me? he says as he extends a hand to her and motions toward the cleric sitting in solitude. Regardless of her answer, he walked over to the armored warrior and grabbed a chair with him. Dodging the redhead's flying feet, he scoffs and says, Those two better pray those limbs don't connect with my head. So what's your story, cleric? I'm Erano, a swordsman of the Raven Queen. No threats intended -- if you weren't the subject of my dreams last night, you're safe come dawn.

2012-10-15, 03:56 PM
Caught off-guard, Mila lets herself get swept off her feet and twirled through the tavern, laughing wholeheartedly all the way to the bar, where she crosses her legs and braces herself on the polished wooden surface. As Vardin finishes, she puts on an exaggerated "Yeah right" expression with a fitting gesture. "Psh, offed one or two, tops. You need to listen more carefully!" she says insistently, punctuating every word with a jab of her finger, followed by a wide grin as she innocently adds, with a shy smile,"Still, if there is a mug of honey mead somewhere for me, I wouldn't say no to that."

Seeing Erano being all negative about it, Mila's good mood can't help but respond to that to lighten things a little. "Aww, don't be like that, friend. Of course good ol' Vardin's gullible! The best lie is the truth; no one believes that!" The redhead laughs again, on such a high that, when she gets her mug ("Thanks, sweetie"), she first sips from it, savoring the taste, and then proceeds to down it in one go, proving to be able to hold her liqeur on the one hand and giving another show to the tavern, finally smashing the empty mug down on the bar. Smiling at Vardin, Mila bends down and gives him a peck on the cheek before hopping off the bar.

"Ahhh, this is a great day." Undiluted joy, her lifeblood, ever so sweet. Poor Anara, getting drawn into all this, but she hopes the shifter can glean at least a little enjoyment out of this as she rejoins her friend.

2012-10-16, 02:01 AM
If ever there was a look in the world that so accurately portrayed confusion, Anara was certainly wearing it as the ranger's attention bounced between the two. Not one to break up a reunion (assuming that's what this even was) with inane questions, she continued to busy herself with the impossible task of desoggifying - making a mental note to bother her friend them as soon as the timing was more convenient. Those questions would be asked!

Things became a little more awkward for the archer when Mila moved into full celebration mode, though this was something Anara had more experience with. Seeing Erano's offer as a means of occupying herself while the rogue caught up with her friend, the shifter nodded twice before rising to her feet. "I will be most happy too, thank you. Are you a friend with Vardin?"

It was his second comment that set her snickering as she followed behind him - well used to fearing for the very same. "Do not worry about getting hit. She sometimes seems out of control, but she has been very good with not breaking the things or striking out on accident. At least with so little of alcohol.""

Once making it over to the far table, the hunter paused for a bit as she watched Erano pull up a chair before doing the very same. Unlike the Drow, Anara seemed to have some hesitations about this - primarily because she wasn't sure if the man was all that receptive to company. "It is okay to bother you?"

2012-10-16, 11:22 AM
Solaris tips his head at Erano and Anara, warning acknowledging the drow and shifter alike with a warm smile as they approach, outstretched gauntlet panning to an adjacent seat in invitation.

"Suit yourself friends. I certainly wouldn't mind the company; it's quite alright ma'am."

Beyond this, the cleric's expression fast settles into a dour neutrality at the drow's question, betraying nothing, echoed with a shrug of clattering armour. He does manage to join Erano's humour with a mirthful chuckle however; if nothing else he is certainly not discourteous.

"Nothing to be concerned with. Consider me something of a missionary. Sadly, the priesthood of the Sunfather doesn't often see fit to travel these days, preferring to tend inward to the distant matters of Sol; I've thought to be an exception in this dire time of Tidesward's need. You may call me Helios; a pleasure to have made your acquaintance."

Solaris looks down to his emptied mug, lips breaking into the faintest lisp of a sigh before a set of hazel eyes turn to consider his new companionship. His build is heavy, muscled and broad; even beneath the encompassing bulk of his armour, that much can be discerned of the man, and whatever little peeks out from beneath its thick, well-wrought scale. It is clearly the well-maintained issue of a Pelor templar, resplendent and golden, glittering brightly even in the low torchlight. His face is flush with youth and vitality, framed by neck-long auburn hair joined to a thick beard and moustache. The missionary's features are evidently careworn, weighed down by some manner of indeterminable burden that belie his outward friendliness.

Irish Musician
2012-10-16, 11:47 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Seeing the cleric out of ale, Vardin bring over another and sets it down in front of him. He then grabs a chair and sits next to the cleric, and gives the drow a slap on the back, "I am Vardin, and you are well met Helios. We were just off to see a dwarf, would you care to accompany us?" Vardin smiles widely, and for some reason, the smile almost looks as if it is unfamiliar with his face. Almost as if it only visits there from time to time, and does not live there. As smile, stranger to its own face.

It is true, Vardin did not know this story until the redheaded girl said anything about it. There are some memories that Vardin forgets from time to time.....135 years is a long time to live with many experiences to remember. But this one being so soon and him forgetting was a very rare thing indeed. It was almost as if something made him forget it.....what it was he was not sure. But this girl, Mila, has an almost magical quality about her. Almost as if she were......an elf.

2012-10-17, 10:53 AM
"A quite fun and cute one at that," Mila adds to Vardin's offer, sitting down next to Anara and Helios. Greeting the latter with her usual cheerful smile, she extends a hand as well. "I'm Mila, pleased to meet you!" Her grip is strong, confident, her openness honest, that Helios can tell. Mila, in turn, sees that bit of worry, as if her happiness can sense it and seeks to do something about it. "I find Vardin's idea rather charming. Come with us, it'll be a fun evening, I can tell!"

2012-10-17, 10:56 AM
As with the others, 'Helios' proves welcoming to the new arrivals, a broad sweep of his hand extending the same cordial invitation. Beard and moustache part in an amiable smile that only broadens with the clatter of new beverage.

"Well met Vardin, Mila, and many thanks for the ale. I must confess I've rather taken a liking to this establishment's draught; unlike other potent brews, its flavour is certainly not surpassed by its strength."

He chuckles, head shaking in flippantly dismissal of his own words.

"But I digress, come, let us speak of business. You seek a dwarf then? Forgive my asking, but what happens to be the motive? Is she a friend of yours?"

2012-10-17, 11:10 AM
"Durhild giddily invited me to come see her and I want to do that as soon as possible. I think she enjoys company as much as I do, so bringing friends probably isn't a problem." Mila has to chuckle a little thinking back to that moment. Her curiosity has been sparked and it is starting to burn brightly.

2012-10-17, 11:40 AM
Helios' head lists to the side as his eyes sweep about those gathered, silence greeting Mila's speech, a lapse appearing to furnish some manner of assessment of his new company.

"I can't say that I've much else to do here; just biding time until the next job. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of work in these troubled parts."

The templar frowns, prefacing a long, parsed swallow of his drink. When he has taken his fill, lips severed from the stein, the mul's countenance soon regains its former mirth.

"I suppose a respite is in order; if your friend should be welcoming of this stranger I've certainly no protest to a diversion."

2012-10-17, 03:47 PM
The West Road appears oddly inviting this rainy day, with song and dance clearly audible from within. Indeed, the whole area seems unaware of the weather about it, with pleasant talk rather than the usual arguments in the market. Even the two guards whom you saw bemoaning the weather earlier can be seen here in good cheer, taking a break under the awning of a nearby guardhouse.

The sound of a clarinet reaches your ears, seeming to swirl about you more than simply play from a distance. Those who go inside see a young dwarf woman sitting atop a barstool playing the clarinet, defining the pace by the bob of her instrument and tap of her foot. She at you smiles sweetly, even while continuing to play.

Ten or so minutes later, the dwarf brings the song to a close. The patrons call for more, but she politely waves them off with a laugh. "In a bit, in a bit. Company's here, and besides, my clarinet needs cleaning." She hops from the stool, landing as if weightless, and hurries over to your group. "Mila! You made it! Who are your friends? More dashing rogues from the wrong side of town?"

2012-10-17, 04:22 PM
In good spirits, Mila seats herself in the West Road at an empty table big enough for all of them, placing Anara beside her and leaving an empty seat on her other side. The young woman immerses herself in the music and it's rhythm, her upper body subtly swaying and moving to it, her fiery eyes fixed on Durhild's, wordlessly communicating through their passion. Mila isn't disappointed in the slightest by what she sees and hears. This will be a fun evening.

As Durhild hurries over, Mila proceeds to pull the pretty lass into a friendly hug, not minding the fact that they are pretty much strangers, before patting the empty seat next to her expectantly, putting an arm around her shoulder once she sits down as if they were old friends. "Oh, dashing they certainly are. Please meet my dear friend Anara, traveller from mystical faraway lands. And these three fine gentlemen are Vardin, Erano and Helios. You're quite the popular lass, Durhild, and I'm sure starting to see why. Though you might want to leave a breadcrumb trail next time if you're making me guess where to find you," Mila says, winking at the dwarven maiden teasingly. "You sure seemed fired up about inviting me."

Irish Musician
2012-10-17, 04:38 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=455875), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin walked with the others, if not a little bit behind everyone. He was used to tailing people when he walked with them.....old habits and all. He took great care in paying attention to his surroundings, making note of every person they passed. Though much of his focus was on Mila.....for she intrigued him but he knew not why. He just couldn't shake the feeling that she was somehow more than what she seemed, for he had never met one of the short-lived races that had such mysticism about her.

Once they arrived at the West Road, Vadrin followed the group inside. He stood behind the group, still, leaned against a wall, cloak and hood still over his head from when it was keeping the rain off him, and listened to the dwarf woman weave a beautiful melody from her clarinet. After Mila's embrace of Durhild and his introduction, Vardin nods to the dwarf maiden and smiles. "I have heard tales of your fiery spirit, Durhild, and I am glad to hear the rumors are true. Your music says much about you, to those that know what to listen for. As Mila said, I am Vardin....though I am not from town, but more the wrong side of the forest." With that he slips into a seat near the table, holding up his hand and flagging down a barmaid to order a mead.

Great Dane
2012-10-17, 05:17 PM
Erano sits at the table opposite the spunky dwarven lass, brushing his wet white locks away from his face. Pleasure meeting you, Miss. Lauciian had much to say about you, and most of it good! he says with a smirk.

Waiting for the barmaid to arrive, he orders two beverages -- one for himself and one for their guest. This one's on me.

Erano's curiosity on past conversations having gotten the better of him, he begins: Rumor has it you know a lot of people in all places...both good and bad. You'll have to pardon me, but like Vardin, I'm a stranger in these lands. From what I understand, the Mouqollad Consortium was driven off a while back by the Magewrights. What were they both after, and why has the Consortium once again reared its head? Sounds to me like the Magewrights couldn't finish the job... he trails off as he glares at nothing in particular, subconsciously tensing his arms at the thought of combat.

2012-10-17, 06:54 PM
Durhild nods to each of the members as their introduced. "Ooh, from the woods up north, Vadrin? I suppose I should be grateful you're from the 'wrong side,' then. Fiery types don't mix well with proper forests." She winks cheekily.

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Erano, though I prefer to say I have many friends. Whether they're reputable depends on company." When Erano mentions the Mouqollad Consortium, Durhild sips her drink and nods, "A fine example of my point, that one. For most they're risky company. Not by themselves, mind you; I've never had a bit of trouble with them myself--just that being friends with the Magewrights' enemies doesn't promote longevity. Never did figure out what the Magewrights have against them." She trails off at this point.

Durhild's face suddenly brightens, "Of course, from the sound of it, you would rather have the Magewrights than the Consortium for friends. What would you say if I told you I can get you both? I may know why the Consortium is here, and how to get them to leave and thank you at the same time. Everybody wins, especially you all." She nudges Mila and smiles coyly, "And you were wondering why I was so eager to see you."

2012-10-17, 09:25 PM
Taking the seat that Mila offered for her, Anara took her friends cue for an introduction before nodding slightly in the dwarf's direction. "It is very nice to be meeting you. I would not call the place of my home so 'mystical', though!"

Afterwards, the hunter remained more of a close observer in the interactions than an active participant. No withdrawn creature by nature, though, her expression at the very least seemed to reflect the energy of the moment. Her interest only seemed to intensify as it sounded as if things would begin to veer towards the discussion of money! It was too much not to butt in at that point.

"Please! Could you tell more?"

Irish Musician
2012-10-17, 09:56 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin wore a small smile as he listened to the dwarf. He drank his mead and pulled out a pipe, using a small stick to light it off of a nearby candle. He sat and smoked his pipe and when the dwarf finished, heard what the shifter had said, blew a big smoke ring and softly said, "Tell me more.....", taking another long draw from his pipe.

2012-10-18, 12:05 AM
"Well..." Durhild pauses, as if suddenly unsure whether to proceed or not, then grins mischievously and continues. "The Consortium hasn't been as far gone from Shoalbreak as you might think. While they haven't done business publicly in the city for years, they have maintained an outpost within a few days march. Nothing big, of course, just a lookout to keep their people informed. Four days ago, however, things went sour."

Durhild leans in and lowers her voice, "A band of trolls attacked the outpost. A few of the Consortium members there managed to escape, but without proper supplies couldn't simply head for Rockfall. So now they're here, much to the chagrin of both sides."

With that, she sits back and speaks normally, "So the long and short of it is this: get in, clean house, report back. Everybody goes home happy. Magewrights keep their monopoly, my friends keep their heads, and you line your pockets nicely. Wages are a thousand gold plus whatever items you find while cleaning, with three hundred as an advance for expenses. Sound good?"

2012-10-18, 07:55 AM
"My, my, full of surprises, aren't you? And here I thought you just sought some nice company for the evening." Mila leans back, examining Durhild. "Sure have a lot of money to spend on us." She isn't particularly interested in the money, but maybe it could turn out to be fun.

Insight check to see if Durhild is hiding something [roll0]

Great Dane
2012-10-18, 08:14 AM
Erano leans back in his chair, stroking his chin thoughtfully at Mila's words. Like Mila, I have a bit of hesitation. I can't speak for my friends here, but I certainly don't have a dog in this fight, so to speak. He leans over the table, and whispers, Hypothetically, what's stopping us from going after the Magewrights instead? Why insist on us "cleaning house" at the Consortium, when you and I both know that whatever resistance we run into will be met with violence? Hope your friends aren't home.

2012-10-18, 06:14 PM
Durhild looks confused, as well as a slightly offended, but then shakes her head smiles sheepishly. "Forgive me, I'm speaking too fast for anyone's good. You said you are new to town, and I spoke as if you knew the politics well. While you're welcome to go after the Magewrights if you like, the Consortium has no interest in a guild war, and I even less. If they did, I'd keep my distance, and encourage you do the same."

She slides in her seat, then sets her hands open on the table. "The Magewrights are a powerful group, much more powerful than the Mouqollad Consortium--at least in Shoalbreak. Currently there are three or four members of the Consortium in town; not enough to set up shop, and without means to quietly head back to Rockfall. Mind you, money alone won't get you out of town quietly. Spend a lot of money on merchants and there is bound to be talk. That's why they'd rather spend it on mercenaries." She turns to Mila, "You didn't really think I was just sitting on that kind of money, did you? I'm more of a "favors" gal."

"As for the risks going in, the only violence you can expect to meet at the outpost is trollish. If trolls were necromancers, you might expect undead humans and elves, but every trollish mage I've met was more interested in eating his kills than raising them. Beyond that, it was one of the Consortium members that asked me for help, and I took it upon myself to barter a deal Mila and her friends might be interested in. So you aren't fighting either guild, just making both happy. Could win you favors from both." She examines you all with a half smile, waiting for a response.

If Durhild is hiding anything, she doesn't show it. It appears she genuinely believes she's providing help to friends and friends of friends.

[Note: I make opposed rolls whether or not there's anything to be gained. Also, I wasn't thinking and made the roll off-site. In the future I'll roll here, but hide the modifier. Opposed roll itself was 15.]

Irish Musician
2012-10-18, 06:43 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin makes long draws off of his pipe while listening to Durhild. He makes all sorts of objects with his smoke rings, as well as multiple layers of rings within rings. For as long as he has lived, he has gotten good at the art of smoke rings. Once she is done, Vardin finishes his mead and speaks up, "Well, I for one have been bored as of late and it would do me some good to have a nice fight, esp with vile things such as trolls. Better stock up on torches everyone. Also, where do we get our payment once we have cleared out these trolls?" As a followup he asks Durhild, "Do the Magewrights know that these members are in town? If so, why haven't they taken them out thus far? I mean, they are in their city."

2012-10-18, 07:02 PM
Durhild smiles and sips her drink again, "Same reason they haven't taken me out. The Consortium may be in Shoalbreak, but they're holed up on Brewery turf. And until the Consortium actually starts taking the Magewrights' business--which the Brewery won't allow on their grounds--they don't have means to demand them. Oh, and if anyone asks, I hired you to run the Consortium out of town. Looks better for both us."

As Durhild said, you recall trolls will eat just about anything, rats, horses, humans; simply stated, if it moves, and they can make it stop, they'll eat it. They also regenerate very quickly, even after their apparent deaths. Trolls are known to grow back even arms and legs, probably explaining their voracious appetites. Only fire or acid can kill a troll, and as such they avoid both whenever possible, going so far as to refuse to cook their food.

Great Dane
2012-10-18, 07:21 PM
Well, your explanation was thorough enough...like you said, it's strange enough that even the Consortium wins through our intervention. However, I don't take a job unt-

Stopping his sentence midway, he was briefly overwhelmed by images of trolls hacking away at giant spiders, ripping their legs off and feasting on the meat found inside. He was hit with another vision of himself, charging into battle, cleaving one troll across the belly, and splitting another in twain from shoulder to hip.

Catching himself on the table with both palms, he blinked a few times and gasped.

The Queen has never sent such an answer to me. Clearly these trolls pose a threat not only to the locals here, but in some twisted way known only to my Goddess, wiping them out will help strengthen her. Consider me signed up.

2012-10-19, 10:52 AM
"Just as I thought," Mila cheerfully answers to Durhild after her 'favor gal' mention. "I'm in, sounds like it will be exciting! With what's going on, simply asking would have done the trick for getting me involved, but I'll take the offer as well, since it's on the table. Drinks are on me once we're back and you're specifically invited, Durhild." A joyful evening well earned and spent with friends. Oh, the anticipation only sweetens the deal.

"Ready when you are, folks!" Lust for adventure is burning in her eyes, with a bold glitter to it.

Irish Musician
2012-10-19, 11:16 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin nods, putting out his pipe, "Let us be off, then. Hopefully our quiet Cleric will join us?" Vardin looks over to Helios, inquiring as to his decision, "Would love to bring some of the sun god's fire along with us, trolls hate fire. Speaking of, Durnhil, where is a good place to get some oil around here? Might come in handy where we are going."

Before we leave, I would like to pick up some oil, we don't have to do a scene about it or anything. Just let me know how much it would be.

2012-10-19, 01:30 PM
Durhild points across the market area to a group of merchant shops. "You can get oil over in the farmer's area, along with any lamps you might need for it. If you're wanting fire to burn the trolls, try the alchemist's tent by the olive merchant."

As she finishes cleaning her clarinet, Durhild stands, "Once you're prepared, I'll give you the map to the site, as well as details on the layout. But for now, I have other friends to attend to. Pipers must earn their pay, after all." With that, she returns to her bar stool and begins another song. The mood in the tavern quickly lightens again, and dancing soon follows.

Oil (1lb flask): 1sp
Alchemist's Acid/Fire: 20gp

I think I should tell you up front that oil won't work for burning trolls. Given the technology of the time, you're looking at various vegetable oils, in this case olive. You spill a lit lamp of olive oil and rather than starting a fire it will put out the flame. That's also the reason the olive merchant has his booth next to the alchemist. There's not a lot of risk for uncontrolled fires you might have with kerosene. So it's great for lamps, but crap for arson. :smallwink:

2012-10-19, 04:49 PM
Helios quickly takes a seat, evidently eager to offload the considerable weight of his armour and many accoutrements, settling in with a resounding clatter. He has little to contribute to the conversation, this presumably down to an unfamiliarity with those gathered, preferring instead to listen in on the exchange as he intermittently samples some manner of drink from a polished steel flask. Whatever that happens to be, the templar seems to rather enjoy it, eyes closed, expression tensed and pensive like that of a revelling connoisseur. There is no doubt that many questions of his have been asked and answered with the various inclines and terse nodding of his head, leaving him bereft of words. Those who have paid the taciturn cleric heed may also note he appears somewhat distracted, as though concerned by an introspective matter completely divorced from present discussion.

When the last of the conversation winds up and Vardin has seen fit to consult with him, Helios seems to snap from a reverie nodding with abrupt haste, almost appearing embarrassed, as though caught asleep.

"Certainly. I can see nothing objectionable about eliminating a couple of murderous trolls; ghastly beasts, all too ready for violence and irrespective of law. I must caution you however, that the flames of Pelor do not scorch the flesh so much as they scour the soul; I have cause to doubt their efficacy against such foes."

2012-10-19, 11:02 PM
Anara seemed to be excited with the news that they were going to take this offer up - her eyes throughout the conversation having been darting between Mila's expression and the smoke rings that Vardin was continuously blowing. It was clear from her smile that the reward had been deemed more than acceptable for the task - at least with the difficulty that she assumed it held. "You will be most undisappointed, Durhild! Oh, this is wonderful news Mila. If we are as able to find the jobs as quickly as this one, the money will be saved up soon!"

Taking a momentary pause to pull herself up onto her feet, the ranger nodded at Vardin's wish to purchase oil. "I would too wish to go make purchase. If these creatures do not like fire, perhaps I will make a few more torch arrows."

2012-10-20, 03:46 AM
"See you soon," Mila says to Durhild with a mischievous wink.

Mila rises to her feet as well. Anara's outburst brings an honest smile to her face, truly delighted to see her friend feel such happiness, making accepting the contract that much better. "Oh yes, we will get there soon. Count on it," Mila says confidently, encouraging her dear friend.

"Then let's do a little shopping. Shall we?" At the alchemist's, Mila buys herself two doses of Alchemist's Acid, since the others are mostly going with fire and she needs something that doesn't draw more attention to her. Other than that, she helps Anara look for what she needs, chatting lightly and making sure she gets a good deal.

Just to be sure, can I apply the acid to my magic weapons, like just making a point or two of the damage acid rather than untyped?

Great Dane
2012-10-20, 10:30 AM
After enjoying the round of drinks with his new companions, Erano becomes reflective upon the vision he had minutes ago. I'd like to stop by the Raven Queen's church for a moment. I'll meet you all in the morning. Thank you for the drinks, Mila. And Durhild, we'll be back soon.

Excusing himself from the table, he ensures his fullblade is secure and exits the inn. Having found the Church of the Raven Queen the first day he arrived in Shoalbreak, it was not difficult to navigate the darkened streets to find the place of worship.

Walking in, he found himself pleased to see familiar faces, even at this hour. Erano nodded at Ulvein, the hermitlike old drow who seemed to meditate from sunup to sundown, often sitting in the same spot along the wall. And there was Drisiml, knocking around the thin layer of dirt which covered the floor with her favorite broom, more than likely tracked in by adventurers and townspeople much like himself. A few of the priests spoke quietly in a corner near the altar, which Erano now approached. It was a huge bronze statue, a beautiful depiction of a stunning woman with ravens perched on her shoulders and spiders at her feet. Kneeling, he offered a quick prayer: Queen, grant me the strength to seek out the heads of those you wish slain. My life is in your hands.

2012-10-22, 12:41 AM
*Two days later*

You arrive at the outpost after an uneventful journey. As Durhild informed you when presenting the map, it is off the western road perhaps by 50 yards after you pass the wayward giant (an odd rock formation). The door is set in a cliff facing north and away from the road.

The area is deathly quiet, with not so much as a cricket's chirping. Either the wildlife has quickly learned the lesson of trollish hunger, or the trolls took full advantage of its ignorance.

The entryway is marred with claw marks. Given the the size of the door, which appears no more than three feet wide and seven feet tall, the trolls would have struggled through initially. It seems they may have begun to widen the opening. The inner hallway is less narrow, but still not wide enough for a troll to fit comfortably, though the ceiling is high enough. Down the corridor, you see several everburning torches lining the hallway. It would seem the trolls have enough sense to not fear these and make use of them.

Once inside, you immediately notice something: the interior, while it clearly has a scent to it, smells of dirt and fungi, not the rot one might expect of a troll den. In addition, though there are many scratches along the floor and walls, there is no sign of bloodshed. In fact, beyond dirt footprints, there is practically nothing on the floor at all.

2012-10-22, 06:33 AM
Mila remains in good spirits all throughout the journey, chatting with her friends, old and newfound, and playing songs that do not distract too much from their journey, but also possessing the awareness when to remain quiet. After all, constant sound diminishes the effect when a particular one matters and there is a musicality in silence, as well. The cheerful young woman volunteers to keep watch during both nights, dutifully guarding the group during her shifts in an almost motherly fashion and always staying close to Anara, so she is more comfortable due to always having a friend nearby.

Vardin only
((OOC: I hope you don't mind this bit. Please ignore this and tell me if you do. Apologies in advance in that case.))

Slightly before the end of Mila's shift during the second night and the start of Vardin's, the elf happens to awake on his own. Looking over to Mila, sitting by Anara as usual, his blurred sight from sleep seems to fool him. He could swear that instead of the redhead, a tall, beautiful (voluptuous even) elven maiden with hair of the color of gold is sitting beside the sleeping shifter, smiling down at her before looking up to the moon. Though the next moment, his vision clears and he clearly recognized Mila who gets up to wake him. Seeing he already is awake, she greets him with a sweet, caring smile.

"Can't sleep?" she whispers. "It's your shift, though feel free to wake me if you feel too tired." Giving him a friendly little kiss on the cheek (she seems to have no issues to do that for those she considers friends), she adds "Good night." Silently, Mila walks back to her spot right beside Anara and goes to sleep, looking content and at peace throughout the rest of the night.
Anara only
During the nights, Anara once sees Laine in her tall, beautiful (voluptuous even), gold-blonde elven form, called Selena. The others are sleeping or turned away during meditation at the time and it is only fleeting moment. Anara has come to know Selena as a gentle, caring woman, almost always having this certain serenity to her and having a knack for helping Anara relax and let her sorrows rest for a while. Noticing Anara awakening, Selena gives her a beautiful, comforting smile before becoming Mila again and heading to rest herself with a quiet yawn.
Inside the outpost, Mila's weapons have already silently been drawn, a slender, beautifully crafted rapier in one hand and an accompanying dagger in the other, completing the image of the adventurous fencer. "Trolls with table manners. That is definitely a first," she comments quietly at the lack of guts and blood. Those everburning torches would surely also fetch a lot of gold or help save a lot of people a lot of money. "Want me to go ahead and look for traps and other dangers? You never know." she asks the others, confident in her skills and content with either decision.

Great Dane
2012-10-22, 07:49 AM
Given his proximity to the front of the group, Erano quietly agrees with Mila. I'll search too, pointing anything unusual out. Your fingers are probably more dexterous than mine, however.

Perception near the entryway and as we walk down the first main hall: [roll0]

2012-10-22, 09:14 AM
Mila nods to Erano. "I won't say no to a set of sharp elven eyes and ears helping me out." She briefly turns to Anara, flashing a smile and a nod to tell her she will be back soon and moves down the corridor with Erano. The redhead keeps the profile of her body relatively small so she doesn't block Anara's view and line of fire, just in case, though the two harmonize in fights so well that coordination is child's play for them at this point.

Another reminder that Laine is still being outclassed by most others in terms of actual stealth and only barely has an advantage in thievery. xD

Stealth [roll0]
Perception (looking for traps, listening for sounds) [roll1]

Great Dane
2012-10-22, 10:53 AM
Erano's stealth roll: [roll0]...

He's got a pretty high dex...and RP wise, let's just say a bounty hunter for his goddess should be able to sneak around. :P

2012-10-22, 12:27 PM
Mila and Erano
While Durhild did not mention any traps, and there are no signs to the contrary, you notice several places along the floor where the walls are missing stones, creating mouse sized holes. In addition, you see scratch marks and dust on the floor next to these holes that looks like crushed granite.

You also notice tiny claw marks on the stones around the holes.

2012-10-22, 12:38 PM
When the party breaks for the night, Helios takes little exception to Mila and Vardin shoring up the night watch, evidently trusting in the two to guard over his person; or perhaps thankful he wasn't expected to weather the lonely vigil himself. In the interim, the templar busily sets about preparing his portion of the camp, digging out a firepit with practised speed, upon which he sets about preparing a simple dinner of meat stew. The pleasant aroma of boiled pork and herbal seasoning soon wafts across its vicinity to the ambient crackle of cooking fires.

In the dying light of the sun, he tends to the pitching of a worn but well maintained canvas tent; a veteran shelter that's clearly seen much use, patched in several areas, its colouration faded with prolonged weathering and exposure. Upon bidding his companions a restful sleep, the cleric disappears within until the following dawn.


Within the confines of the outpost, Helios appears more than willing to let others take the initiative, and settle into roles best suited to their talents. It is clear he has confidence in the judgment of his newfound allies, preferring their self-familiarity to his relative ignorance. After Mila and Erano have left to take point, he assumes a defensive position before the remainder, acting as a phalanx whilst conducting some observations of his own, scouring the hall for any hidden threats or peculiar anomalies.

Perception: [roll0]

2012-10-22, 12:44 PM
The venture outside of town (and subsequent shifting of the weather towards a drier state) seemed to have its way of perking up Anara's mood, not that it was very easy to tell from facial expressions alone. As customary for the hunters of her tribe, a thin cloth mask covered the shifter's nose and mouth as a warding against the spirits of the deceased from seeking vengeance upon her. The pair of cracked goggles that she had sought to repair rested firmly against her head, ready to be pulled down to help with her eyesight should the situation require it.

Alas, the traveling had come to an end all too soon - the party eventually coming upon the 'new' trolls den. "I wish there to be more space to move around. We will be trapped if the troll is to pin us in the hallway..."

Going to roll for stealth / perception too so that we can keep quiet!
Stealth: [roll0]
Perception: [roll1]

Great Dane
2012-10-22, 01:26 PM
As Erano and Mila investigate the hallway, they come upon some holes found in the halls along with curious scratch marks in and around them. Looks like something would make its home within here... the drow quietly notes to the others. Just then, an idea crosses his mind and he c0cks a half-grin. Vardin, you purchased oil, right? Let's make sure the bugs...or rats...or whatever's living inside don't come back out.

I suggest we pour liberal amounts of oil inside the scratched openings, remove one of the torches from the wall, and light the oil on fire. Hopefully it will stay lit for a while and serve as a deterrent for anything that would want to crawl out. After the holes are lit, we might have a bit more light available to us and if there are further holes that are revealed, we could barrier them as well.

Irish Musician
2012-10-22, 03:19 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin, after buying the things he needs, follows the rest of the group out towards the outpost. The group didn't see Vardin walking next to them most of the time, he usually chose, instead, to skirt around them as much as he could. He would walk with them from time to time, but mostly kept an eye out for any ambushes. He kept watch at night, when Mila wasn't graciously keeping watch, because he didn't need to sleep quite as much as the others, being an elf and a ranger.
Mila Only:
Waking up one night, about to take watch, Vardin opened one groggy eye and looked around the camp as he was coming out of his sleep. He looked where Mila usually sat, and saw a beautiful elven woman sitting there. He was in awe for a moment and he wiped the sleep from his eyes. But when he lifted his body up and looked again, he saw Mila sitting there. He was very confused and when she came to wake him up and saw he was awake, gave him a peck on the cheek. All he could muster was a, "Uh huh", before she went and laid down. Vardin woke up a little more, crawled into a nearby tree, and pondered what he had seen.....if, in fact, he had see what he thought he saw.
Once they arrived to the outpost, Vardin seemed to get a little more serious. He pulled his hood a little farther down over his head and pulled out a torch. Lighting it, he stepped into the outpost, following the others. Using his keen sight, he too looked around for what might harm them.

Hearing the Drow's suggestion, Vardin thinks on it for a moment. "The problem is, that if we come back down this way, a nice little hallway full of fire will be waiting for us. And I don't want to scorch this cloak all to hell....I like it," he ends with a wink. "I will keep a look to our backs and make sure nothing come up from behind us. You all keep on foward, I will be just behind you." With that Vardin unhooks his axe from his belt, holding it in his right hand, with the torch in the left, keeping a sharp elven eye out for danger.

Perception for when we first get in the outpost: [roll0]

2012-10-24, 12:55 PM
Beyond the silence around the area, you also notice that you can still (barely) make out human and elven footprints in the dirt. All of them move away from the outpost entrance, however, suggesting they are those of the Consortium group in Shoalbreak. In addition, the lack of troll footprints atop them implies the trolls have not left the outpost often, and did not make significant effort in chasing.

2012-10-24, 08:58 PM
As the tension in the hallway mounts, and the others take to discussing the various findings and clues before them, Helios eyes close, pressing a clenched armoured gauntlet against his heart. Some faint recitation follows, a hymn or invocation perhaps, whispered praise to Pelor scarcely heard in the few syllables tangible to those present. The quietude of his prayer is matched only by its brevity, quickly fading into the hall's ambience. Within a moment, the space before the paladin shimmers and brightens, prefacing points of golden light that spontaneously burst into existence. As quickly as they'd come, the shining motes coalesce into a strange blazing sphere that hovers and flits about almost excitedly.

"My companion."

Helios notes whilst the radiance darts to and from each of the others.

"It will cause us no harm; calm yourself Argus."

After a recalcitrant delay, the playful orb begins to settle, drawing back to rest several inches above its summoner.

2012-10-25, 02:29 AM
The redhead curiously follows the summoning and movement of the sphere. As it moves closer to Mila, she gently traces it's approximate surface with her fingers, not fearing the light, almost like petting an animal. "Nice to meet you, Argus." Seeing that there will be no attempt to light something on fire, she sneaks up to the door and puts her ear against it, trying to hear if there is anything or anyone on the other side, also looking through the keyhole if the door has one.

Great Dane
2012-10-25, 12:27 PM
Erano joins Mila near the door, whispering in her ear, I'll take point on this one, shifting her behind him.

Facing the door, he checks it for locks and traps while listening for activity on the other side.

Stealth to sneak up to the door: [roll0]
Perception: [roll1]

2012-10-25, 03:05 PM
Mila practically flows behind him, her stance adjusted to fit Erano's. He can feel her closeness, communicating that she got his back without a word.

2012-10-25, 03:43 PM
Inside the room you see two large trolls, casually dining on strips of meat. Unlike the hallway you're in, the mess hall is clearly filthy, with bits of food strewn across the room. Several broken chairs also litter the floor.

2012-10-25, 04:15 PM
Mila applies the alchemist's acid to her weapons, her back against the wall next to the door and holding her dagger ready to throw. Nodding to Erano, she signals her readiness for a good, old-fashioned ambush.

Apply alchemist's acid. Ready action to attack the southern-most troll with Deft Strike, moving to the square of the door as part of the attack.

Initiative [roll0]

2012-10-25, 04:54 PM
Once everyone has moved into positions at the door, Helios follows, planting his standard near its threshold. Argus then surges forward to take point, careful about obscuring its shimmering profile behind the broad span of wood, its light faded to an ethereal dullness.

Initiative: [roll0]

Ready action to charge Troll.

Attack vs AC: [roll1] (+1 charge, +2 CA due to surprise round)
Damage: [roll2]

Great Dane
2012-10-25, 10:08 PM
Erano closes his eyes, puts his hand on the doorknob, and visualizes the upcoming deaths of the beasts inside.

Thrusting the door open, he employs deft footwork to dodge the chairs as he encounters them, sliding easily behind the large troll in the back, and unleashes Nightslayer, his massive jagged fullblade, right into the troll's back.

Initiative, if needed: [roll0]
Surprise round: Angelic Alacrity against the far troll. With the attack, I shift my speed (6) adjacent and make an attack, no oath though.

Attack: [roll1] including +2 for CA
Damage: [roll2]. If I roll a 12, add 4 damage to the total.

2012-10-25, 10:43 PM
It didn't take a verbal cue to convince Anara that they were soon about to be facing... well, something! Head lowering in a stance that mimicked animal aggression, the shifter would reach to her quiver for an arrow - careful that her footsteps into a vantage position within the hallway were as quiet as a falling feather.

Init: [roll0]

2012-10-26, 12:28 AM
As Erano and Helios charge in, Mila spins and ducks through the door, her profile low so Anara can just shoot above her at the large creatures as the redhead lets her dagger fly in a curve, aiming at the most vulnerable parts of the troll. Miraculously, the dagger, whether it has bitten into the flesh or not, curves back to Mila, who catches it as part of the same movement, assuming a battle ready stance.

Surrealistik, please don't just block the squares I'm readying an action to move into. :smallannoyed:

Also, the whole commentary thing in the map isn't working out, I can't see half of them while still seeing the map and they don't help at all to see what is going on in there. Also, we need coordinates, badly.

Readied Deft Strike against the southern troll. CA due to First Strike. Initiative now 20 (reset before Erano's)?
Shift 3 squares.
[roll0] vs. AC
Hit: [roll1] damage (1 acid) and [roll2] sneak attack damage

... low rolls, yay...

Irish Musician
2012-10-26, 12:46 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin, ready for battle, moves into postition after everyone has entered the room, still watching their backs. Not wanting them to get sneaked up on from behind, he keeps his senses directed behind him, while watching the large troll in front of him, trying to stay out of his reach.

So Vardin can only do a move, an Initiative if need be [roll0]

2012-10-26, 10:36 AM
With a clatter of steel and scale, Helios draws his weapon and charges forth, running down the furthest of the trolls. His implement is an unusual form of mace, space beyond the handle a cylinder swollen outward from the middle, tipped with a golden sphere of spiked metal; blatant iconography of the Sun Pillar. While a solid impact, the towering beast stands undaunted and whole, affording the templar's blow only the barest of winces.

2012-10-26, 11:43 AM
The trolls let out a bellowing shout, apparently calling to a third in the larder. While none seem pleased your presence, only the one hit by Mila's dagger seems to notice its injuries.

We'll begin round 1 as soon as Paperscrap moves.

2012-10-26, 08:23 PM
Collecting themselves, the trolls lash out with giantish force, as not one but two trolls come climbing out of the larder! The group attacks without concern for the damage they take!

Two assault Helios, angrily hammering the sun wielder, though he proves too quick for their final blow. Another stretches its large arms to strike Mila, apparently unwilling to get close to one wielding acid. The last turns his attention to Erano, hungrily eying the potential morsel. The drow dodges the blow, however, and troll for a moment appears dejected at his failure to catch his prey.

Troll 1 provokes an OA from Helios and Erano.
Hit: [roll0] vs AC, Helios
Damage: [roll1]

Troll 2 vs Helios
Hit: [roll2] vs AC
Damage: [roll3]

if Helios is bloodied by the attack:
Hit: [roll4] vs AC, MISS!
Damage: [roll5]

Troll 3 vs Mila
Hit: [roll6] vs AC
Damage: [roll7]

Troll 4 vs Erano
Hit: [roll8] vs AC, MISS!
Damage: [roll9]

Irish Musician
2012-10-26, 09:01 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin sees the other two trolls run in, but he doesn't seem overly concerned. His lip snarls as he smells the stench the trolls' air blows in with them. When Vardin begins his attacks, he seems to change. The calm demeanor is substituted with a ferocious bloodlust that you wouldn't expect from a woodland elf. He points his torch at one of the trolls, seemingly marking for death, then his attacks seem to happen all at once. Vardin roars at the troll and throws his torch at it, to distract it if nothing else. He then flies towards it with his axe, but as he grows nearer to it, his axe seems to multiply, a duplicate of it flying into his other hand. Once he reaches the troll, he strikes at it with his original axe, hoping he can tear some of its awful flesh from it body.

Minor - Quarry on Troll 3
Minor - Paired Weapon power, duplicating it into my off-hand
Standard - Cut and Run on Troll 3 VS AC on both and I have CA due to Superior Reflexes
First Attack - Throw torch [roll0]
Damage - [roll1] fire dmg
move - After 1st or 2nd attack, I can shift 5, will do to get next to T3
Second Attack - [roll2]
Damage - [roll3]
Quarry Damage - [roll4]

2012-10-26, 09:32 PM
Helios takes an opportunist swipe against the troll moving away, sunmace slamming hard against its knotted green flesh.

The trolls prove more than willing to retaliate however, wracking him with a storm of powerful blows that crash against his armour, prefacing gouts of blood whilst the priest shudders under the fury of their strikes.

Repositioning to focus his efforts on the injured beast, the templar knight summons his archon into a flank as he presses the assault. Muttering a terse prayer, his body is silhouetted in golden radiance, appearing suddenly invigorated; the warrior's posture becomes erect, and bleeding ceases with miraculous speed. Helios' appeal to Pelor is not without further effect as his weapon is made incandescent, a brightness that singes the eyes to behold. Swinging mightily at the beset troll, it explodes into the side of his target, releasing a wave of coruscating energy. The light gathers about Mila, flesh bathed in its gentle warmth and restored to full vitality as her injuries rapidly knit and heal.

Opportunity Action:
Attack: [roll0] vs Troll 1 AC
Damage: [roll1] damage.

Turn 1:

Move: Shift 1 to I15. Move Spirit to I17 (Trolls 1,2 & 4 all grant CA due to being adjacent to the spirit).

Minor Action: Healing Word on Helios
Effect: Helios can spend a healing surge, regains [roll2] extra hit points, makes a saving throw, and gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of my next turn. Everyone within a close burst 5 of the Battle Standard of Healing regains 4 hit points.

Standard: Resurgent Sun
Attack: [roll3] vs Troll 1 AC (CA due to Spirit adjacency)
Damage: [roll4] radiant damage.
Effect: Mila can spend a healing surge, regains 3 extra hit points, makes a saving throw, and gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of my next turn. Everyone within a close burst 5 of the Battle Standard of Healing regains 4 hit points (including Mila).

Opportunity Action: Spirit's Shield
Trigger: A troll moves while adjacent to the spirit without shifting.

2012-10-26, 10:32 PM
Working in tandem with Mila, the shifter stepped behind her rogue friend before timing her shots over the red head's shoulder. The first arrow whistled through the air as a frightening flaming streak, the arrowtip seeming to ignite in the air. It embedded itself into it's target with a satisfying 'thwack', before setting embers scattering about to burn the nearby trolls. Just as the force of her first shot was setting the large creature backwards, Anara already had a second primed for his friend - this one fired more conservatively (and subsequently lacking in oomph) for fear of accidentally hitting an ally.

Minor action to Quarry

Move to shift

Using Thundertusk Boar Strike on Troll #4. Augmenting the first attack with a fire arrow - if it misses, augmenting the second one with one as well! Assuming the first shot hits, the second shot will target Troll #1. Otherwise, both go on Troll #4.

[roll0] for [roll1] untyped and [roll2] fire damage to Troll 4, 1, and 2. Pushing troll #4 up one square.

[roll3] for [roll4] untyped to troll 1 (and [roll5] fire damage to Trolls 4, 1, and 2 if attack 1 misses.)

Great Dane
2012-10-27, 12:02 AM
Satisfied with the advantageous position he found himself in with his back against the wall, Erano tried to ignore the fact that the enemies in front just called in more reinforcements. We will hew through them one at a time! he shouted to his allies.

OA on Troll 1: [roll0] for [roll1] damage.

Move: Shift to H15
Minor: Oath Troll 1
Standard: Overwhelming Strike on Troll 1

[roll2] or [roll3] (the better of the two) for [roll4] damage. On a hit, I shift 1 (and move the enemy into my spot, but I can't do that with the troll so he stays put. I'll shift into G15 but there's a chair there...acrobatics check to get there? See OOC if you want one. DM says none's needed. Nice!

2012-10-27, 03:30 AM
The troll striking at her with inhuman speed, not even Mila's reflexes can help her as she is brutally smashed into the wall, knocking the wind out of her lungs. Helios' healing comes wiftly, mending all but some minor bruises, earning him a thankful, beautiful smile, regardless of the pain that had been wrecking her body moments ago. Pushing herself off the wall, Mila sprints past the two closest trolls and right towards the one her allies are attacking. To the side, one of the beasts swings wildly at the redhead, who slides beneath the claw on her knees, bending backwards, making it miss by a hair's breadth.

Her target hammers down with it's long arm, only to strike nothing but the air and ground, Mila having launched herself into the air with the grace of a dancer and surely landing on it's arm, using it to vault over the big troll's head, twisting in the air to slash at it's neck as she soars past it. Hitting an artery, the attack draws forth a lot of blood, accompanied by the sound and smell of sizzling acid biting into troll flesh. Light like a feather, Mila lands on the table behind the creature, fluidly reversing her forward motion and pushing her entire body weight backwards as she stretches to thrust into the troll's body, missing the center of it's heart just by a little bit. With a flourish, Mila withdraws her blade, painting fleeting lines of troll blood into the air, her stance graceful and ready.

The troll actually critted Mila, so she still is 4 HP short of her maximum after the healing, if the trolls don't deal extra critical damage. Seems like we are also fighting against supercharged trolls with more HP, more damage and more to-hit.

I grouped numbers with the troll pictures and added texts for the room names to clean up some of the comment barf on the map and actually be able to tell which troll is which without it being a hassle.

Move to I16

Standard Deft Strike against Troll 1 with Mila's rapier, moving to F16 before the attack with a +10 to AC against OAs, for a total of 32. Provokes OAs from
Troll 1 [roll0] [roll1] edit: Swift Parry to add Cha to my AC, making the attack miss, and Mila gains CA against Troll 1 until her EoNT
Troll 3 [roll2] [roll3]

Mila moves through the squares of Troll 1 with an acrobatic stunt [roll4]

[roll5] vs. Troll 1's AC (CA + bonus from Helios)
Hit: [roll6] damage, [roll7] sneak attack damage

Minor Low Slash vs. Troll 1
[roll8] vs. Reflex
Hit: [roll9] damage due to flanking Troll 1 with Argus. If Deft Strike didn't hit, deals SA damage, too.

edit: wtf dice roller on that troll attack

2012-10-27, 04:46 PM
Your assault proves effective, and one of the trolls attempts to flee toward the back hallway, tossing a table aside in the process. Erano dodges the table and makes a riposte, but the troll escapes his blade. The flight, however, gives Helios a chance to strike from behind. His weapon strikes true, and the troll crumbles to the ground with a heavy "THUD."

The troll to the northeast appears occupied with the glowing ball of light before him. Whether annoyed by its presence or his inability to make a meal of it, he swats at it like a green fellow tormented by a talkative faery. Like any green fellow in such situations, of course, his attempts prove futile.

The two trolls near Vardin seem uneasy with the elf's use of fire, and grab nearby furniture to strike in place of their bare claws. Swinging chairs in his general direction, their attacks are less effective, but sufficient, shattering the wooden frames against him.

Troll 1
Table Trash
Wall 3
Attack: [roll0] vs Reflex, Erano
Hit: [roll1] damage, and target is knocked prone.
Miss: Slide the target to the nearest adjacent square outside the wall (H15).
Effect: The table now functions as difficult terrain (DC16 to jump) and provides cover/concealment where applicable.

If Erano dodged, OA against Troll 1
Attack: [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]

OA by Helios against Troll 1
Attack: [roll4]
Damage: [roll5] CRITICAL HIT! 10

Troll 4
Attack: [roll6] vs AC Argus (Spirit Companion)
Damage: [roll7]

Troll 2
Attack: [roll8] vs AC, Vardin
Damage: [roll9]

Troll 3
Attack: [roll10] vs AC, Vardin
Damage: [roll11]

2012-10-27, 05:25 PM
As the impromptu clubs shatter in a cascade of splinters and wooden fragments across Vardin's frame, Helios' symbol flares alight, a flow of divine energies salving many of the elf's abrasions and impacts.

Immediate Reaction: Shield of Devotion
Effect: Vardin regains 8 HP, and Helios gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls vs Troll 3 until the end of his next turn.

Irish Musician
2012-10-28, 12:16 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
In an act of great reflexes, Vardin ducks under the chair of the first troll's attack. Unfortunately, the second troll's chair connects with his chest, shattering upon him, and knocking the wind out of him. Vardin, however, is not close to being down. A smirk raising on his lips after he feels the healing energies of his comrade, Vardin hacks at the troll with both of his axes, trying to tear more flesh from the awful creature.

Standard - Twin strike on Troll 3 vs AC
[roll0] dmg - [roll1]
[roll2] dmg - [roll3]
Quarry Dmg - [roll4]

2012-10-28, 04:11 AM
As the troll trashes the table and gets assaulted by Erano and felled by Helios, Mila has jumped off the table in time. Soaring through the air, she stabs with her rapier, but the distance is just a little to great for her to hit the troll. In the fraction of a second where Mila is upside down in the air and the creature is falling, she sends her dagger flying out, curving through the air to strike the troll right in it's heart, the acid disrupting it's healing for good.

(see next post)

Apparently Mila wasn't in her final spot on the map. Rolled Table Trash against her in OOC, which missed and moved her to G15. OA against troll missed as well.

Immediate Reaction Disciplined Counter triggered by Troll missing me.
Dagger: [roll0] vs. Reflex
Hit: [roll1] damage (1 acid)

2012-10-28, 04:37 AM
Landing on her feet, Mila does not stop, using the wall to give herself a boost, followed by a light step onto the precarious edge of the turned table and a swift leap, catching her dagger again as it flies to her midair. Softly landing on the body of the fallen troll, accompanied by a wet noise, Mila delivers a nasty slash to the inside of the standing troll's thigh where the skin is less thick and less able to protect all those tendons. Making the troll cringe with pain, the redhead uses the opening to slash the creature across it's face, adding another artful line of troll blood to the scenery. As fast as she had come, Mila swiftly weaves aside and off the troll body, a flourish inviting Erano and Helios to join her now that she has made way for them. "All your's, gentlemen."

The jump DC is an auto-success for Mila due to her +15 athletics modifier.

Standard Deft Strike vs. Troll 4, moving to G17
Rapier: [roll0] vs. AC (CA and Helios' bonus)
Hit: [roll1] damage (1 of that acid) + 10 from Sneak Attack (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14127523&postcount=238)

If Deft Strike hits
Minor Rain of Hammers Ki Focus Daily Item Power to attack Troll 4 with Sly Flourish
Rapier: [roll2] vs. AC
Hit: [roll3] damage (1 of that acid)

Move Shift to F17, gaining +1 AC/Reflex until Mila's EoNT (Boots of the Fencing Master)

Great Dane
2012-10-28, 12:34 PM
Erano hoped to mimic how quickly the first troll was brought down with the troll across the room. Mila had done a great job holding it off for now, and the girl was about to be rewarded for her bravery.

For a moment he blinks away from reality, passing through the tables. Re-emerging on the other side of the narrow room, he slashed with a fury not seen yet against the bloodied troll!

Minor: Oath Troll 4

Standard: Inexorable Pursuit against Troll 4. Before the attack, I gain phasing and can shift seven squares (will shift from H15 to F19 through the tables).
[roll0] and [roll1] for [roll2] damage. If one of those is maxed, add 4 more. Forgot to do rollv, no big deal, ignore it this turn.

Minor: Sohei Flurry , see OOC. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14128743&postcount=245)

Sorry about the edits, all my rolls are legitimate but I had posted that I wanted to target troll 4 because he's the most wounded, but on the map I was looking at troll 3. All fixed up.

Great Dane
2012-10-28, 01:18 PM
Immediate Interrupt before Anara attacks

As Anara nocks another arrow and lets it fly, Erano sees the whole scene play out in his mind before the arrow strikes true. He mystically guides the arrow to its intended destination.

Divine Guidance: CBurst 10
Trigger: An ally within 10 squares of you makes an attack roll against your oath of enmity target
Target: The triggering ally
Effect: The target makes a second attack roll and uses either result.


2012-10-28, 01:43 PM
With another troll on the brink of death, Helios diverts his attention to the next mammoth fey. Chanting litanies of Pelor's censure, his hand crackles with forboding orange sunfire as he rushes forward to confront the foe. Thrusting it against the third of their number, its body is wracked with debilitating pain, synapses stricken by the agony of a withering incineration. Argus traces his movements, glowering with scornful light, whilst his armour echos the Skyfather's manifest wrath, golden scale resonant with the templar's spoken damnations.

Move: Move to K16. Move Spirit to K19 (Trolls 2 & 3 grant CA due to being adjacent to the spirit).

Standard: Tenebrous Blessing
Attack: [roll0] vs Troll 3 Will (CA due to Spirit adjacency, +2 due to Shield of Devotion)
Damage: [roll1] psychic damage.
Effect: Troll 3 takes a -5 penalty to damage rolls until the end of Helios' next turn.

Minor Action: Screaming Armour on Troll 2
Effect: The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of Helios' next turn.

Immediate Action: Death Burst if Troll 4 dies.

2012-10-28, 02:33 PM
The beauty of being an archer was that sometimes you didn't really have to move much to do your job. This seemed to apply to Anara as the shifter prepared another arrow - drawing the pointed tip towards one of the hulking creatures currently threatening Vardin. With a whistle, it flew off - only for the troll to raise it's broken improvised weapon in just the precise moment to bat it away. Unfortunately for Troll #2, it seemed to retain it's momentum from the strike like some sort of bizarrely shaped baseball (prompting another post after this one)! The troll near Erano wouldn't be quite as lucky, however, as after cursing to herself a second arrow was launched in its direction - pegging it squarely in the chest before erupting in flames.

Minor Action: Setting Quarry to #3

Using Spikes of the Manticore with two fire arrows .

Attack against #3: [roll0] for [roll1] untyped damage, & [roll2] quarry damage to #3, as well as [roll3] fire damage to #3 and #2.

Attack against #4: Highest of [roll4] or [roll5] for [roll6] untyped damage and [roll7] fire damage.

2012-10-28, 03:04 PM
And pow! The troll near Vardin had proven to be an unlikely ally as it assisted Anara in batting an arrow into it's friend's hide.

Using Rebounding Greatbow against Troll #2.

Ranged basic attack: [roll0] for [1d12+10] untyped damage. If it's treated as the same fire arrow, it also deals an additional [1d6] fire damage to Troll #2 and Troll #3.

2012-10-28, 03:14 PM
The moment the fourth troll falls, Pelor's wrath reaches a crescendo, dousing both survivors in a tide of phantom heat. Though without tangible origin, it burns as painfully as any remembered flame. By contrast, Helios and his allies find themselves invigorated, the seeming warmth more like that of a pleasant hearth than a scathing fire, bolstering their bodies and steadying their hands.

Immediate Reaction: Death Surge
Attack: [roll0] vs Troll 3 Fort
[roll1] vs Troll 2
Damage: [roll2] psychic damage.
Effect: Helios, Vardin and Amara gain 5 THP, and a +2 power bonus to attack rolls until the end of Helios' next turn.

2012-10-29, 12:19 AM
Seeing their companions fall seems to drive the trolls into a rage! They lash out mercilessly at those around them, clearing seeking repayment in kind!

Once again, however, Helios proves too swift, dodging their first blow. The second troll takes advantages of these movements, however, and finds his mark, his claws tearing at the mul's armor.

Troll 2 vs Helios
Attack: [roll0] vs AC
Damage: [roll1]

Troll 3 vs Helios
Attack: [roll2] vs AC
Damage: [roll3] -5 on account of Tenebrous Blessing (as noted by Surrealistik)

If Helios is bloodied by the attack:
Attack: [roll4] vs AC
Damage: [roll5]

Irish Musician
2012-10-29, 10:23 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Seeing his newly found comrade slashed at by the ugly, disgusting trolls, Vardin calls on the one in front him, "Look at me you motherless piece of bog wash, by the love of the forest YOU WILL DIE!!!!" He then hacks at the troll with his axe, and when he does, some energy seems to flow over to Helios, healing his wounds and giving him new life.

Standard - Healing Strike vs AC on Troll 3 [roll0] (+2 from CA and +2 from Helios)
Damage - [roll1] radiant dmg + [roll2] Quarry, Helios gets to take a healing surge, and Troll 3 is marked by me

2012-10-29, 10:47 AM
Right before Mila, the troll is set alight by Anara's deadly arrow, bringing an excited grin to her face. "Great one, Anara!" she calls over to her, but also regards Erano warmly. Seeing another opportunity, Mila darts across the room as fast as lightning just as Vardin starts his vicious assault. Just as he steps back, he feels an arm holding a rapier wrapping around his waist, Mila's form against his back and sees another arm extending past him, letting a dagger fly towards the troll and stab right into it's heart, the acid putting it down for good.

As swiftly as she came, the redhead regards the elf with a mischievous smile. "Quite the tiger, aren't you?" she whispers to him, casually catching her dagger and releasing him again, ready to finish the fight.

Move to L15

Standard Sly Flourish vs. Troll 3
Dagger: [roll0] vs. AC
Hit: [roll1] damage (1 of that acid) and [roll2] sneak attack damage

Great Dane
2012-10-29, 11:20 AM
Pleased at his allies' ability to immediately gel together into a fierce combat unit in the span of less than thirty seconds, he regards the final troll before him as utterly finished -- the poor creature never stood a chance. Vaulting over the cloven monster in front, he accurately strikes at the final beast.

Minor: Oath Troll 2
Move: I19
Standard: Bond of Retribution
[roll0] or [roll1] (+2 for CA) for [roll2] untyped damage. If maxed, add 4 more.

2012-10-29, 02:16 PM
Description pending!

Minor: Setting #2 as quarry
Standard: Twin Strike on #2
[roll0] for [roll1] untyped damage.
[roll2] for [roll3] untyped damage.
Successful hit deals [roll4] additional untyped quarry damage.

2012-10-29, 04:09 PM
Helios' grimaces as the blows continue to rain down upon his now very battleworn armour, leaving further deep indentations and scuffing, parrying one blow with his shield only to suffer the force of another. More blood leaps from the templar's mouth with the powerful stroke, dribbling from lacerations of flesh and golden scale. Inching back over a fallen fey in hopes of arranging a flank, the mul proves stoic in the face of such abuse, hand once more invested with the same scornful light as before, thrust forward at his foe. At its touch, the nerve endings of the troll surge with familiar agony, coordination and strength suffering for their excruciation.

Bracing for retaliation, Helios draws back into a defensive stance, choking out some unintelligible prayer from bloodsoaked lips. Instantly, Mila feels invested with strange power, a cacophony of whispers echoing through her mind, not one of them capable of being discerned. Her hand seems to drift and move about on its own accord, as though guided by some divine force.

Move: Shift to K16. Move Spirit to I16 (Troll 2 grants CA due to being adjacent to the spirit).

Standard: Tenebrous Blessing
Attack: [roll0] vs Troll 3 Will (CA due to Spirit adjacency; forgot to add +2 from Death Surge, though it's inconsequential.)
Damage: [roll1] psychic damage.
Effect: Troll 3 takes a -5 penalty to damage rolls until the end of Helios' next turn.

Minor Action: Favour of the Gods on Mila
Effect: The next time Mila misses with an attack roll before the end of my next turn, she can reroll that attack roll. She must use the new result, even if it is lower.

Opportunity Action: Spirit's Shield if Troll 2 moves without shifting while adjacent to Argus (includes forced movement).

2012-10-29, 11:10 PM
With his allies slain, the troll panics and rushes for the door, desperately trying to escape. As he does so, Helios finds his mark across the creature's side, though the troll catches sight of Vardin's blade and knocks it aside. The troll's attention ahead of him, Erano sinks his fullblade into the beast's back. It stumbles and roars with pain, giving Mila a chance to slice it with her dagger. Grasping its wounds, the troll crashes through the door and squeezes into the next room.

Helios' Spirit's Shield
Hit: 5 damage, and an ally regains 5 hit points.


[roll4] Critical! 21 damage

If the troll gets as far as the door...
[roll6] (1 point acid damage)

Combat's over at this point. You can slay the troll however you like. No rolls required. We'll move on with the dungeon from here.

Irish Musician
2012-10-29, 11:23 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
After hacking off an arm of the troll, he sees a rapier shoot out of the left side of his body, with a dagger close behind on his right. Mila whispers in his ear and Vardin just smiles. As the troll lumbers past everyone, trying to escape, he lunges at it, but is knocked away. He keeps up with it in fast pursuit, gliding past Mila and whispering as he passes, "A tiger I may be, but a panther you are...", giving her a flash of a look, and a twisted smile as he goes to finish off the horrible beast. He starts to jog to it, but slows his momentum down as the troll has slumped over in the other room. He eyes it with contempt, as it gasps for air, giving it a cold stare no one wishes to have from him. Vardin raises his axes and plants them both firmly in the troll's head, knowing that Mila's acid tipped weapons would end its regeneration, and therefore its wretched life. As he takes his axe out of its head, wiping off its gore from his axe on its own tunic, Vardin looks around the room to see what he can see.

Move - next to Troll 2
Minor - Quarry Troll 2
Standard - Twin Strike on Troll 2 vs AC
[roll0] [roll1]
[roll2] [roll3]
Quarry Damage - [roll4]
I kill it? :smalltongue:

2012-10-30, 02:21 AM
Vardin onlyPassing by Mila... was that a... purr?
Mila is quick to follow, stabbing the troll's heart with the remainder of the acid on her rapier and doing so mercifully quickly. "I wasn't aware I am in the company of true artists," Mila glowingly praises the others, cleaning her weapons with quick flourishes. With but a few steps, she is standing beside Anara, embracing her. "You were great! Your curve shot is so amazing!" The redhead makes no attempt to hide that she probably is her best friend's biggest fan, though she doesn't raise her voice too much. No need to shout in here. And yes, she never stops being amazed by Anara's specialties.

Soon after, she searches the trolls, mess hall and larder for anything useful or valuable.

Perception if needed [roll0]

2012-10-30, 11:45 PM
Seeing the immediate threat mostly dealt with, Anara slung her bow over her back once more before frowning slightly. Apparently her own impressions of that fight weren't quite as upbeat as the others - especially Mila who was embracing her like a disgruntled child; her remark causing the shifter to wince slightly. "That shot was... ahm... a mistake. I do not know how that even happened. Sloppy. Very sloppy. I will try the ever hardest to be not next time."

No less than a second had passed before the shifter... well, shifted, to get a better look at Mila. "You are okay, yes? Unhurt? You were moving so fast and the trolls so large I had a hard time being sure. There was the sound of a large crash... well many of such sounds."

2012-10-30, 11:59 PM
As one would expect of trolls, the larder and mess hall are ravaged. Broken furniture lies about, with food stuffs open and strewn carelessly across the floor. In the corner are several books, discarded and ignored by the trolls. While the contents are unremarkable (tallies, prices, etc.), one of the books seems strangely compact, having more pages than it should. You also find a leather backpack with many pockets that seems none the worse for wear.

Book is a Blessed Book. 1000 pages in the space of 200. Excellent for large collections of documents.

2012-10-31, 01:34 AM
Mila chuckles and smiles as she hears Anara's review of her own performance. "Don't be so hard on yourself, love. When other people are sloppy, they miss outright." Her voice is gentle, momentarily carrying shades of another person the shifter is very familiar with.

"One caught me by surprise at the start, but Helios made it all better. Other than that, the trolls were just a little to slow to catch me or were taken care of before they could hurt me." The obvious example of the latter being the troll in front of her bursting into flames. Though it is hard, Mila wants Anara to feel proud of what she did, at least for protecting her friend from harm in the time of need.

Later on, curious about the backpack, Mila begins to examine it and search it's contents.

2012-10-31, 07:45 AM
Search as you might through the bag's many pockets, you don't find anything inside. From what you can tell, it is completely empty.

2012-10-31, 09:39 AM
"Well lookie here," Mila mutters as she finds that one particular book, returning to the others, absentmindedly dragging a perfectly fine backpack behind her with her other hand. She waggles the book with her hand a bit to present it to the others. "Handy little thing. Want a new prayer book, Helios? Got enough pages to also start a diary in the back and a cookbook in the middle," she says, handing the blessed book to the cleric, and begins to search the backpack only to find nothing, even after turning upside-down and giving it a quick shake in the end.

"Aww... Ah well." The backpack swiftly gets put onto the ground once more, unless someone wants it.

Irish Musician
2012-10-31, 11:25 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin's axes seem to morph back together into one, but he doesn't hook it back on his belt. He starts to leave the room, then turns back around, spitting on the troll, Disgusting creatues... he thinks to himself, and then walks into the other room just in time to hear the girls' conversation. He smiles at Anara's modesty, he walks next to her and puts his arm around her in a hug, "You did wonderfully, m'dear. Always nice to have back-up and arrow flying over my head.....something comforting about it," he ends with a wink, releasing her from his embrace that was obviously making her uncomfortable (which he wasn't entirely sorry for), and goes to inspect the book and bag Mila was holding. "Hmm, a book that is too small for its weight, and a bag with nothing in it. Interesting find wildcat," giving Mila a wink with her reference. He went and picked up the bag from where she tossed it and gave it a closer look.

Perception for Bag.....just for S&G's [roll0]

Great Dane
2012-10-31, 11:34 AM
Well done, friends. I can tell I'm accompanied by strong individuals. Erano says little else -- Nightslayer chewed through bone and flesh, and the result of that was a few nicks and dings in the blade. He pulled a whetstone out of his pack and begin to gently massage the steel back to its original state.

At the mention of the book, Erano speaks up -- I'll take it.

Feel free to make insight checks. As for the whetstone, this is merely flavor text to indicate I'll enter the next combat with a whetstone in hand, and use a minor on my first turn to activate it.

2012-10-31, 05:04 PM
Between his injuries and personal exertion, Helios ambles backward to collapse against the nearest wall in a slump, notably fatigued from combat as the adrenaline fades from his body. At the passage of some chanted prayer, his body coruscates with golden light. The templar's exhaustion thus proves shortlived; about instantly, he is returned to former vigour, bleeding wounds staunched and closed within moments, effacing his once sagging posture. Even his armour is mended by Pelor's auspices, dents and scratches vanquished with his injury.

When most of the others revel in their success, Helios does not seem especially glad for the triumph, though their happiness spreads like contagion to curl his lips upward. The cleric's interest is piqued upon Mila's discovery of the peculiar tome... and Erano's abrupt desire for it.

"I should value a look at the item Mila; thank you for offering."

Insight vs Erano?: [roll0]
Healing Word + Banner: (formality) [roll1] extra hp restored.

2012-11-01, 12:24 AM
Anara's eyes flitted from the floor as Mila said her piece - seemingly coming to the decision that this was the sort of thing to simply accept with a nod and move on from. Something more important, it seemed, was checking to make sure that her friend and companions were alright. Her expression became noticeably more relieved when Mila mentioned that she was still in good shape. "Oh, I am very glad for that! Thank you, Helios, for making sure that Mila is safe. All of you are very strong. It is perhaps that the sounds of this fighting have been heard, however - we should move carefully. I do not think a troll is very good at sneaking, though..."

It was not exactly hard to see that Vardin's hug afterwards set the archer stiff and on guard. It wasn't until after he'd moved on that she sought to respond - seemingly now amused. "I am glad you feel so. If in your shoes, I would not. It is this girl who just shot a creature by mistake, afterall."

Insight for Erano [roll0]

2012-11-01, 01:09 PM
"No problem!" Mila cheerfully answers Helios. "Come on, got an ambush to ambush!"

Irish Musician
2012-11-01, 01:30 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin smiles at Mila's last comment. He tosses his axe up in the air, and when it comes down again, he catches two of them in a hand each, "Well then let us be on our way....my bloodlust for slaying these horrible beasts is not yet sated. Should there be more, they will surely fall. The tiger is not yet done hunting"

2012-11-01, 02:31 PM
Light on her feet as always, Mila heads into the room the last troll fled into before it's demise. Looking at the two doors left to explore in it, she puts one hand on her waist and rubbing her chin with the other in thought. "Hmm..." Retrieving a coin from her bag, she flips it into the air, catches it and puts it back into the bag after seeing the result, though not before letting it wander across the back of her fingers and tossing it into the open bag in a big arc.

Moving up to the right door, Mila listens for any noises on the other side.

Perception [roll0]

Irish Musician
2012-11-01, 02:54 PM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin follows Mila into the other room and watches her. She stand for a moment, thinks, and then goes to the door on the right to listen. He smiles and laughs quietly. He whispers, "Too subtle" in Mila's direction, but loud enough so that she can hear. Vardin then walks to the other door, on the left, gives Mila a wink, and kicks it in, axes ready for whatever happens to be behind the door.

Str check to kick open the door if needed - [roll0]

2012-11-01, 02:57 PM
Mila watches, shrugs and heads to the southern door with a spring in her step.

Great Dane
2012-11-01, 03:54 PM
Erano had been leaning against a wall, intently looking at the blank pages found within the enchanted book, when he heard a loud CRACK -- the sound of Vardin's boot against the wooden door nearby. Slamming the book shut and slipping it into his pack, he drew a whetstone and readied it while charging toward the ruckus.

Will move my token near Mila and Vardin

2012-11-02, 08:48 AM
Like the hallway you were in earlier, the room appears oddly free of trollish filth. The beds are unmade, of course, and a few mundane weapons and pieces armor are strew across the floor, but otherwise there is no sign of struggle which would have naturally occurred were the occupants assaulted by trolls.

Great Dane
2012-11-02, 09:12 AM
Erano investigates the hallway leading off of the barracks. Seeing another uninvestigated hallway leading off the mess hall, he tries to perceive any traps before venturing inward.

Investigating short hallway between K6 and O3, then back into the mess hall, checking the door at I14 for traps:

Perception: [roll0]
Thievery if there is one: [roll1], especially if I'm the only one there. That way if I blow it, I'm the only one harmed.

If the door isn't trapped, I"ll continue in, work my way west, then north, then east, then south and come to the crossroads.

2012-11-02, 09:53 AM
"Trolls moved in when nobody was home or the Consortium aren't their enemies, without our sweet friend knowing. I wonder, I wonder." Mila muses as she leaves the newly breached room. With Erano investigating, Mila heads back into the mess hall and the open corridor in it's northeastern corner. True, she maybe should be a little more careful, but with the trolls being so large, they'd have to squeeze through it, making it easy for the redhead to simply retreat with ease. Armed with such certainty, she simply keeps going down the winding corridor, giggling once when she thinks about the intentions of whoever planned this complex and it's weird design.

Investigating the "stairs down" area.

2012-11-02, 10:24 AM
Helios offers Anara a terse nod; the reaction of a man accepting gratitude for something unremarkable done as a matter of course. When Erano swipes the book off of Mila, he cannot disguise a sudden flash of perturbation at the former's acquisitiveness. The templar does not deign to pursue the matter however, evidently trusting in his comrade, his immediate response seemingly more vexed by the crude spontaneity of the action than soured with suspicion.

When the party has stacked up at the barracks door, Helios calls upon Argus to take point. His battle standard is deftly planted as before, standing implausibly upright and firm without notable support as it broadcasts the resplendent image of Pelor's healing sun. Prior to bracing for battle however, he does carefully examine the room, eyes wary for clues and anomalies to be glimpsed given the apparent absence of troll habitation.

Perception: [roll0]
Insight: [roll1]

2012-11-03, 12:05 AM
"I am surprised at how 'at-home' they were looking. They must have felt this place to already be a new den." Anara quipped before following her friend down the hallway in order to ensure she wasn't going alone - making sure (with eye contact, at least) that the others knew they were splitting momentarily before doing so. Apparently, her thoughts on the corridor proved to be quite the same as her companion - only she was a little bit more vocal about it. "Have we just taken four right turns, Laine? What could be at the end of this, do you think? It is as if the trolls were the architects!"

Perception: [roll0]

Irish Musician
2012-11-03, 01:39 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin bursts through the door, eyes flicking from one side of the room to the other, hoping that a troll will be in there wating for slaughter......but alas, no. The room actually looks.....clean....ish. Much cleaner than it should for trolls having lived in it, for any amount of time. Vardin finds himself confused. "I don't get it," he says to Erano as he walks into the other room with him, "if the trolls had fought their way in here, then there would be more than a struggle. This makes no sense." Vardin thinks for a few minutes and then his face becomes grave. He runs down the hallway the girls went down and calls to them, "Wait! Come back with the rest of us. None of this adds up to me, and we shouldn't split up." After he sees the girls coming back to the main room, he gathers Helios and Erano as well. "Something about this isn't right, and I am thinking we should stick together. Erano seems to be on the right track, and if I remember correctly, those stairs just lead to storage. I just....." Vardin stops, seeming to stare around the room...."I just don't trust this place."

Great Dane
2012-11-03, 02:45 AM
At the sound of Vardin's worried dialogue, Erano retreats back to the mess hall, or what was left of it. Hearing him out, he mutters, All the more reason to fully flush this compound out before we report back.

Taking point, he once again continues down unexplored hallways which seemed to take them around the perimeter of the facility before presenting them with two options. At the T, Erano took the group south, then west before the hallways took the group north once again.

The drow felt he was drawing near to doorways, and the potential for sentience once again. He halted the group before checking the nearby door for traps as well as potential movement behind it.

Stealth while sneaking around: [roll0]
Perception on the door at CC14, followed by the door at Z7: [roll1] and [roll2]

2012-11-03, 04:29 AM
Anara's statement hits it's mark, cracking Mila up and laugh heartily. "Oh wow. I can totally see them looking at the corridors and saying 'so purty'!" Even as Vardin calls after them, Mila still checks out of room at the end, looking for something useful or shiny, before returning swiftly with her beloved friend.

"Yup, something's fishy." Mila doesn't look like that perturbs her in any way, though. Still, she nods to Vardin as he mentions sticking together and catches his eye with a encouraging smile as he worriedly looks into empty space. "Hey now, hun, we'll be alright. Come what will, we'll all get through this and then we'll sing and dance and laugh 'til the morning comes." Mila says with gentle confidence, her faith seemingly unshakable.

Staying close to Anara, the redhead follows Erano's lead down the long, sort of nonsensical corridors, briefly whispering to her friend ("Oh yeah, they sure love it in here.") and giggling quietly before turning her attention back to where they are going.

Irish Musician
2012-11-03, 08:54 AM
Vardin Wildlore (http://iplay4e.appspot.com/characters/agdpcGxheTRlchQLEgtDaGFyYWN0ZXJWMhjxp4YHDA), Ranger & Cleric of Ioun
Vardin manages to crack a small smile at Mila's words, and look, and nods in agreement. Though he doesn't really seem to relax any. Before heading down the hallway, Vardin combines his axes together again and also picks up a torch that is still lit. He waits for his allies to head into the hallway and follows them in, last, to watch their backs.

Perception down the hallway, JIC [roll0]

2012-11-03, 10:02 PM
The hallway off the barrack appears to be a large closet, with clothes, shoes, and trinkets being the primary belongings. The areas near the edge of the closet contain many damaged items, but beyond the first ten feet or so, the area seems to have simply been left in an unattended state, with a very light dusting.

Close to the center, you find several pitch casks (3).

Mila and Arana
After leaving the mess hall, you find the way quickly appears ignored by the trolls. The only footprints in the dust are human and elven in size. The hallway leads to a small set of stairs with a shrine at the bottom. Upon the shrine are two removable sigils, and a small shard of silver. A wooden plaque sits on the front of the shrine: "In Memory of the Lost."

You notice several oddities about the room. First, none of the weapons have any hint of blood on them, but neither do they appear polished. Instead, they appear to be splattered merely with dirt. Even a broken longsword nearby (apparently crushed by a troll's foot) shows no sign of drawing blood, though the print upon it indicates the troll stepped on its edge.

In addition, several holes, like those you saw in the main hallway, can be seen in the walls along the floor. Also worthy of note is the lack of any weapon smaller than a dagger. Given the number of beds, as well as the location of the outpost, pocket knives would be a given, and you haven't seen any thus far.

After the groups rejoin:

Erano, Mila, Vardin, and Anara (and Helios?)
The hallway west and north from the mess hall is long and uneventful, save for a few carvings placed here and there (perhaps to break up the monotony), you reach the record room door. Here you find a small makeshift fire trap on the door. Given the lack of signs of entry, it would appear it has been sealed from the inside for some time, and the trolls made no attempt at entry.

2012-11-04, 02:42 AM
Mila's response - and subsequent laughter - seemed to spur a minor philosophical event within Anara's noggin. "Oh, I would like to hear a troll say such a thing! You know, Mila, I find them to be something fascinating. They are single minded and brutish, but still intelligent. I wonder if it is possible to strike peace with such creatures?"

As the pair neared the ending point, the archer quieted in preperation - at least until what lay at the end came into her sight. "Ah... it is a memorial?" Anara questioned of Mila as they came upon the small plaque , head bowing slightly out of respect to those lost. "Perhaps the path we walked had some meaning, then. It makes greater sense than architect trolls who design hallways too tiny for their size. At any rate, I think we should be doing the returning now - Vardin sounds worried."

Now that the party was moving into slightly more troll friendly territory, the ranger seemed prepared and alert - though not quite seriously enough to refrain from cracking an amused smile at Mila's comment. "For what it is worth, it does not seem as though they have made it into this room. This would have probably gone off if they had."

If we're going to try and enter it and someone wants to attempt to disarm it, I'll use Crucial Advice if you get a less than desirable roll to let you roll again with a +5 modifier.

2012-11-04, 05:53 AM
Mila nods confidently at the prospect of peace. "Sure! Show them your strength to make them listen, give them a place of their own with enough food and go on from there. Very difficult, but not impossible. Though you shouldn't expect them to necessarily want to understand more 'cultured' concepts of thoughts. Baby steps." Mila makes air quotes at the word 'cultured', well aware that culture is just something the 'civilized' beings agreed upon.

"Yup." The redhead nods at seeing the shrine, briefly folding her hands and bowing her head in silence. "I don't think this was constructed before the shrine. Let's not keep the boys waiting. Well, more than is customary," she answers, briefly joking at the end. That is a concept that has come up a couple of times since they have met and Mila has been open about that there is indeed not much in a way of deeper meaning, sense or function to it.

"Could be." Moving to the front, Mila lays a hand on Erano's arm. "I'm pretty good with my fingers. Allow me." Mila retrieves her various tools and gets to work, probing the trap with them, working swiftly to find that sweet spot to disable it.

I'd like to say that Crucial Advice is a great power name.

Thievery check with thieves' tools [roll0] vs. 20
Crucial Advice reroll if Mila doesn't hit 20 (pretty much auto-success) [roll1]

2012-11-04, 01:02 PM
Helios' visage darkens with apprehension the more closely he studies his surroundings in the barracks; it is clear the Mul finds something very much amiss about the place. After several moments of silent rumination, the templar's lips part to articulate his judgment.

"This just doesn't make sense. There's no struggle, no blood, no pocket knives or utility items that would be native to a place like this. Even the broken sword in the barracks clearly lacks blood despite its edge having been crushed underfoot... And these holes..."

He points out an array of recesses similar to those seen prior in the hallway; these ones are level with the floor.

"Just like those we'd noticed earlier. This place merits closer examination; I should agree with comrade Vardin's misgivings, for they are echoed in my own thoughts. Unless caught midst some illusion, there seems little doubt the outpost was abandoned, not assailed. I don't imagine any among us are capable of sensing arcane deception?"

The warrior does not wait on an answer, briskly moving adjacent to this latest set of holes. Once in position, Helios kneels adjacent to more closely investigate them, an everburning torch providing the necessary illumination.

Perception vs Holes: [roll0] (modify/increase accordingly if anyone's assisting)

2012-11-04, 03:00 PM
You disarm the trap with ease, and scavenge a vial of alchemist's fire in the process. Given the hasty nature of the trigger, clearly whoever made this trap had very little time to set it up, or very little concern that any would attempt to disarm it. With trolls about, it was likely both.

As you peer into the hole, you hear the scuttling of claws against stone, and for a moment glimpse a tiny green humanoid creature standing erect. Seeing the torch, it scampers away with a squeak. You notice a small blade in its hand as it rounds a corner: a human sized hunting knife.

2012-11-04, 03:46 PM
"Nice," Mila says to herself as she retrieves the vial. With the trap removed, she just heads into the door, weapons sheathed.

2012-11-06, 12:36 AM
Helios seems arrested by his flitting observation, evidently equal parts pensive and stunned at what he had glimpsed, lips furling in reflection.

"Trollmites... Fascinating; I had almost thought them a myth, some far out scholar's theory; imagine them being real. I suppose it certainly does make sense..."

The templar's expression takes on a quality of amusement, a quizzical smile echoing the jovial wonderment of his inner thoughts. Those in attendance, he turns to, elaborating the nature of his findings.

"The absence of stray troll blood and flesh might be explained by their method of reproduction; you see, their ah..."

He pauses for a moment, eyes narrowed and contemplative, as though briefly unsure of the word or descriptor to use, forehead wrinkling with apparent disgust.

"...spawn grow from these remnants; this also seems to suggest some prior conflict to give rise to the mites. I had seen one peering out through the holes, grasping a knife. Presumably this is where all the smaller weaponry has gone to. Ware the gaps; they doubtlessly mean to spy on us from them... or perhaps even assail us should we present an opportunity or be adequately divided. We must regroup at once!"

2012-11-07, 05:26 PM
Inside the room is much like the hallways and areas apart from the mess hall and larder: void of signs of battle. However, unlike the other rooms, this contains a multitude of faint tiny footprints. These begin at holes like those earlier along the walls and lead toward or away from the northeast corner. There they jumble together around a pile of clothes.

This clothing appears to be remnants of robes, breaches, and shoes. Each piece is lacerated as if by hundreds of tiny claws or knives. The pile lies next to the corner of a table, as well as a heap of books strewn across the floor. Atop the table between toppled books is a pitch cask with a cracked side.

In the distance down the hall to your west and north, you can hear the scuttling of tiny claws on stone.

2012-11-09, 12:46 PM
"Poor guys," Mila says, picking up some of the cloth with the tip of her rapier for a moment. With her dagger-hand, she picks up the pitch cask so that the cracked side points upwards. "I'm having the most heartwarming ideas right now." She grins, knowing trouble is brewing.