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The Psyker floats through a door into the hanger and then stands still, staring at the crew in his wool-knitted robe.

So, if you want to say something that isn't in character do what I have done.

IC posting format shall be as follows:

Post fluff, talking and your general actions.

What your doing mechanically, dice rolling and what your shooting with and how.

Dice rolling works as follows:

You will type in (roll)XdY+Z(/roll)
Only the brackets are replace with square ones: [ ] ] [.
X= the number of dice you are rolling
Y= The type of dice, IE the type, so 3d4 is 3, 4 sided dice.
Z= What you are adding to your dice rolling.

Also: could you convert your sheets into this format please?

I said sing the hymns louder Heretic!

And may the Emperor shine upon us all so that we shall not stray from his path layed out for Humanity and may the Imperial Guard see that faith triumphs all and continue to defend us all from the Xenos that exist beyond the stars.

Name: Lucius Quietus
Gender: Male
Home world: Hive World (Specialist)
Career: Cleric
Physical Description: Thin and Wiry
Age: 29
Divination: Only in death does duty end. (+1 wound)
Background package:

Wounds: 12
Fate: 3
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Wealth: 237

EXP remaining: 400
Total EXP Spent: 0

{table=head] Stat | Base | Point | Mods | Total
WS | 20 | 10 | - | 30
BS | 20 | 13 | - | 33
S | 20 | 10 | - | 30
T | 15 | 8 | - | 23
Ag | 20 | 16 | - | 36
Int | 20 | 14 | - | 34
Per | 20 | 5 | - | 25
WP | 20 | 13 | 5 | 38
Fel | 25 | 10 | 5 | 40[/table]
{table=head]Stat | Base | Roll | Mods | Total | Current
W | 10 | 2 | 1 | 13 | 13/13

Traits & Talents & Skills

Accustomed to Crowds
Hivers grow up surrounded by immense herds of humanity. They
are used to weaving through even the densest mob with ease.
Benefit: Crowds do not count as Difficult Terrain for hivers,
and when Running or Charging through a dense crowd,
hivers take no penalty to the Agility Test to keep their feet.
Caves of Steel:
To a hiver, surrounded at all times by metal, machinery and industry, the arcane mysteries of technology are not so strange.
Benefit: Hivers treat the Tech-Use (Int) skill as a Basic Skill.
Hivers seldom endure the horrors of the open sky or the indignity of the great outdoors.
Penalty: Hivers take a -10 penalty to all Survival (Int)
Tests, and while out of a “proper hab” (e.g. places without
manufactured goods, solid ceilings and electrical power)
the hiver takes a –5 penalty to all Intelligence Tests.
Hivers are constantly alert for the first hint of trouble, be it a gang shoot-out, hab riot, or hivequake.
Benefit: All hivers gain a +1 bonus to Initiative rolls.

Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int),
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int),
Literacy (Int),
Trade (Copyist) (Int)

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive),
Pistol Training (SP),
Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)
Characteristic Advance (Fellowship), 100 xp
Characteristic Advance (Willpower), 100 xp
Sound Constitution X2, 200 xp
Autopistol and 1 clip,
crossbow and 10 bolts,
chain coat or flak vest,
aquila necklace,
Ecclesiarchy robes (Good Quality Clothing),
4 candles,
charm (skull),

What is your personality like?
He has all the zeal of a commissar, knowing that the Emperor may not have time to watch over him during every moment, every moment counts if it involves sins or miracles in the name of the Emperor.

How did you meet your Inquisitor?
After the Inquisitor performed a radical act of some description,

What does the Inquisition mean to you?
One of the most righteous arms of the Emperor, one that uses its arms to crush Xenos, Heretics or Daemons.

What will you sacrifice?
Body, Mind, Soul and Purity.

What do you desire?
The authority needed to show all my devotion to the Emperor so that all Heretics may be purged from the Imperium and all of Humanity's power may be turned towards the stars.

What do you hate?
Every time a heretic goes free after blasphemy, every time a rebel abandons his true purpose and every time an Untamed Psyker risks the lives of the servants of the empire around him in his reckless acts of sorcery.

Ship: Speed: 5, Maneuverability: +10, Detection: +10. Hull Integrity: 66, Armour: 21 Turret Rating: 2, Space: 83 SP: 60, Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Port 2, Starboard 2, 13 maneuver, Power Generated: 35
-1 for Commerce
Reinforced Armour: If this Component takes a Critical Hit or becomes damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 4 or higher, the component is unharmed.
Shield of Faith: Any Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10 bonus.
-18 power
Roll 2 crew misfortunes each time and take the worse result
+1 sp
Deep Void Auger Array
These, quite simply, are the some of the best sensors created by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and are reserved for their own ships and Imperial Naval scout vessels. External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit. Eye of the Omnissiah: The exceptional sensitivity of the array grants +10 to the ship’s Detection.

armoured prow and armour plating, a temple shrine to the god emperor, another sunsear laser battery on the other side, Observation Dome
reinforced interior bulkheads and augmented retro thrusters

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OOC: Andric Salavar, in all his currently non existing glory:

Name: Andric Salavar
Gender: Male
Home world: Forge World
Physical Description: Tall, blue skinned, with violet eyes lacking pupils or whites
Age: somthing over 36
Chart Tree: Forge World, Scapegrace, Renagade, Calamity, Vengance, Explorator

Wounds: 12
Fate: 4
Insanity: 3
Corruption: 0

EXP remaining: 0
Total EXP Spent: 500

WS: 38
BS: 48
S: 36
T: 36
Ag: 38
Int: 52
Per: 36
WP: 36
FS: 36


Arms: 15
AP: 5

Traits Talents and Skills

Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus, Pysker) (Int), Literacy (Int),
Logic (Int), Speak Language (Explorator Binary, Low Gothic, Techna-lingua) (Int), Tech-Use (Int), Trade (Technomat, Armourer) (Int), Drive (Ground),

Mechanicus Implants, Autosanugine, Stranger To The Cult,

Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Logis Implant, Dark Soul, Light Sleeper, Nerves Of Steel,


Good Quality Hellgun
Class Range RoF Damage Pen Special kg Availability
Basic 110m S/3/– 1d10+4 E 7 30 2 Full 6 Rare

Best Quality Shock Staff
Class Range Damage Pen Special kg Availability
Melee — 1d5+3 I 0 Shocking 2 Rare

Enforcer light carapace, multikey, void suit, injector, sacred unguents, micro-bead, combi-tool, dataslate.

Servo Skull (Billy The Toothless)
Servo Skull Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 ––
Movement: — (see below) Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per ) +10, Concealment (Ag) +10, Dodge
(Ag), Silent Move (Ag) +10, Demolition (Int) +20.
Talents: Fearless.
Traits: Dark Sight, Flier 6, Machine (2), Size (Puny).
Armour (Machine): All 2.
Gear: Inbuilt vox and cogitator. Depending on its function the
Servo-skull will also have an inbuilt lumen globe, auspex,
combi-tool .


“Andric Salavar is a man with an aim. He, unlike trillions of other men, has one clear purpose. He is going to kill or have killed every single Psyker in the Imperium. Why? He has his reasons. Reasons he will not tell anyone.” ~ Anonymous Rogue Trader Captain
Andric Salavar lived on a huge Forge World called The Forge Of The Emporer, that produced untold amounts of technology. He was handpicked out of his class at 6, according to Adpetus Mechanicus protocol, being deemed fit, and was taken into the Cult. There, he was taught technological creation and learned of the Machine Spirit. He stayed on The Forge until he was 15, when he was taken to Mars to take the Test. Little is known of the introductory test, except that failure is punished by servitordom. He passed, and returned to The Forge, 16 years old, and a full Tech Priest. He then stayed there for the next 10 years, until he was 26. Sometime around that year, a child of the greatest Psy potential anyone has had in hundreds of years was born into slavery. This child lived in the depths of the Forge World and saw suffering all around him. After the child reached a certain age, an age will never know, except that it was the same time of Andric’s 16th Rebirth Day, the child succumbed to the constant whisperings in its head. And it tore the world apart, mutating the few survivors. Andric lost everyone he knew and went insane to cope with the loss. An intermediate time later, Andric woke, entirely sane onboard a Rogue Trader Ship. He was told that he had travelled onboard this ship for 3 years. He left at the next port, with only 1 clear memory. Someone had caused a huge calamity, and they had been a Psyker. In the years that followed, he searched out and killed any Psyker he could find. No Psyker escapes his wrath, and he hates even the Emperor. He has remembered lots in the past decade , but he does not remember that the Psyker how killed everyone he knew was dead, burnt to a cinder, and his burning hatred still drives him to find the dead Psyker, and kill all others like him.
Like many Tech Priests, most of his features are hidden behind his respirator mask, metal, tubes, wires and the hooded red robe. He is tall, and, as a result of Psychic mutation, his visible skin is blue, like the Xenos race Tau. His human eyes are also mutated, a deep purple, with no pupils or whites. His mask is much like an old-school gas mask, with two tubes f. One ends with an inch thick metal disk and the other disappears into the featureless robe. Most of the mask is a sort of eldritch metal, almost rubbery. The rest is hidden behind the robe, his thick boots and gloved hands.

And here is [InsertNameHere]:

Name: [InsertNameHere]
Gender: Male
Home world:
Physical Description:
Chart Tree: Void Born, Scapegrace, Tainted, Press Ganged, Endurance, Astropath Trancendant

Wounds: 14
Fate: 4
Insanity: 13

EXP remaining: 0
Total EXP Spent: 500

WS: 42
BS: 38
S: 28
T: 45
Ag: 29
Int: 34
Per: 44
WP: 45
FS: 38



Traits, Talents and Skills

Charmed,Ill-omened, Void-Accustomed, Peer (Insane)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Psy Rating 2, Psychic Technique (x4[1 unused]), Heightend Senses (Sound).
Speak Language (Ship Dialect) Int, Navigation (Stellar) (Int), Pilot (Spacecraft) (Ag), Sleight Of Hand , Common Lore (Kronus Expanse), Interrogate (WP), Awareness (Per), Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Psykers) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Warp) Invocation (WP), Psyniscience (Per), Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) (Int), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int)


Best Quality Stub Automatic Pistol (Mr. BLAM!)
Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Rld Special kg Availability
30m S/3/– 1d10+3 I 0 9 Full – 1.5 Plentiful

Best Quality Mono Sword (Sharpy)
Range Damage Pen Special kg Availability
— 1d10 R 2 Balanced, Primitive 3 Scarce



Activation Time: Half Action.
Maintainable: Yes.
Range: up to 5m x Psy Rating
Focus Power Test: Willpower/Opposed Willpower
Power Scale: The majority of the power scale in Telekinesis
is reflected in the actual power or psychic techniques. However
at lower levels (below Psy Rating 4), a psyker’s telekinesis will
seem tentative; the hold on objects/people will be shaky. At
higher levels, this will turn into a rock solid mental force.
Technique Trees: Telekinetic Force

Basic Technique: Mind Over Matter
The psyker may lift or move any object within
his range and line of sight that does not exceed the weight
limit of 10 kg x Psy Rating. The object may be moved slowly
within the range of the power. Objects move far too slowly
to be used as an attack, however. Additionally, this raw lifting
ability does not function on living beings, as the smallest
movements tend to unbalance the psyker’s mental focus. Once
an object is released from Telekinesis, it begins to slowly settle
back to earth as the last vestiges of the power leave it.
A more forceful approach can be taken with lighter objects,
weighing up to 5 kg x Psy Rating. These may be accelerated
with greater speed and force, out to a maximum of 5 metres x
Psy Rating. To hit a target, the psyker makes a Ballistic Skill
Test. Damage is equal to 1d10 Impact Damage plus 1 point
per 5 kg of the missile’s weight.
Lastly, the psyker can direct a sharp wave of force against a
target to shove it away. The psyker must make an Opposed
Test, pitting his Willpower against the target’s Strength. If the
psyker wins, he knocks the target to the ground and pushes it a number of meters away equal to his Psy Rating

Force Bolt
Value: 100 xp
Prerequisites: None
Focus Power Test: Willpower
Range: 10m x Psy Rating
The psyker can hurl a bolt of force at an opponent. The psyker
makes a Ballistic Skill Test to hit the target, and deals 1d10
Impact Damage with a bonus of +2 Damage per Psy Rating.

Telekinetic Crush
Value: 200 xp
Prerequisites: None
Focus Power Test: Opposed Willpower
Range: 10m x Psy Rating
The psyker can wrap a target in crushing bands of force. Make
an Opposed Test, pitting the psyker’s Willpower against the
target’s Toughness. If the psyker wins, he may inflict 1d10
Impact Damage with a bonus of +1 Damage per Psy Rating.
The psyker may also Grapple the opponent (see page 240),
substituting his Willpower bonus for his Strength bonus.

Precision Telekinesis
Value: 100 xp
Prerequisites: None
Focus Power Test: Willpower
Range: 5m x Psy Rating
Unlike the first gross manipulations of Telekinesis, this allows
the psyker to fine tune his ability until he can do anything at
range that he could do with his bare hands. In any situation
where the task in question would require a Characteristic
Test, the psyker substitutes Willpower instead. The psyker’s
Psy Rating substitutes for his Strength Bonus when using this

Guard flak armour x3. Charm, void suit, micro-bead, psy-focus.

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Don't expect me to say nice things, I'm not a nice person
Name: Salvador Tevos
Gender: Male
Home World: The Void
Career: Arch Militant
Physical Description: Tall, broad shouldered, quite muscled, sea blue eyes and pale.
Age: 37
Chart Tree: Void World, Stubjack, Renegade (Dark Visionary), Press Ganged and Fortune.

Fate: 4
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 2

Spent: 500
Remaining: None

WS: 48
BS: 50
S: 31 (one advance taken)
T: 31
AG: 32 (one advance taken)
INT: 31
PER: 34
WP: 48
FEL: 29


Head: 5
Right Arm: 5
Left Arm: 5
Body: 5
Left Leg: 5
Right Leg: 5
Armour Weight: 15kg


Basic Awareness (PER)
Basic Common Lore of War and Imperial Guard (INT)
Basic Demolition (INT)
Basic Dodge (AG)
Basic Forbidden Lore of Inquisition (INT)
Trained Intimidate (S)
Basic Scholastic Lore of Tactica Imperialis (INT)
Basic Secret Tongue Military (INT)
Basic Speak Language of Low Gothic and Ship Tongue (INT)

Traits and Talents

Quick Draw
Basic Weapon Training
Pistol Weapon Training
Melee Weapon Training
Thrown Weapon Training
Sound Constitution
Ill Omened

Special Abilities:
Weapon Master


Good Hellgun Class Damage Type Pen Range ROF
Basic 1d10+4E Las 7 110 S/3
Clip Reload Special Rules Weight
30 but current has 21 2 full Reliable 6kg

Best Quality Kraken Tooth Dagger (XD) Class Damage Pen
Melee/Thrown 1d5+1R 1
Range Special Rules
5m (thrown) Mono

Other Gear

Void Suit (8kg)
Enforcer Carapace (15kg)
Bolt Shell Charm
Medikit (2kg)
Arms Coffer
3 Spare hellgun clips