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2012-10-14, 07:41 AM

{table=head]Name| Title & Color
Bob (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=452780)|The Cool Customer
Yhrashnal (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=454683)|The Hound of Silence
Ugg Ag'Garr (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=452604)|The Bad-boy Troll
Goopy (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=452628)|The Gelatin Paladin
Svriikiki (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=453231)|The Killer-Shark
Whitescales (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=456685)|The 'ickle, tiny dragon!

2012-10-31, 09:59 AM
Whilst going about your daily business, each resting from your latest exploits, you receive a magic message from a strange, anonymous, being who instructs you to travel to a remote location deep in the mountains where you will be met by an agent. There, you are needed to undertake a vital task for which you will be well rewarded.

In answer to your initial questions you are informed that the being has been searching for powerful allies and that it has observed your recent actions and felt that you would be a strong addition to the team being pulled together. The rewards wil be both wealth and power, but you need to arrive in exactly ten days.

Allowing for the travel time, you arrive at the place indicated to you, on the alloted day, where you are met by a snivveling, pathetic human man with watery eyes and a stammer. He seems unaffected by the cold and snow, clad only in his occultly-decorated robes. You notice that you seem to be one of a number of individuals present, you can clearly make out that you are the only one of your kind in the group and that the others are as different from each other as they are from you.

"My master will be pleased you came, he has great things planned and needs your assistance to help bring them about. I have with me the components required to bring my master to this plane of existence so that he can set his plans in motion. However, the ritual must be performed inside a magic circle carved on the floor of a cavern within these mountains not far from here. The entrance to the cave network to which this cavern belongs has been completely blocked by a landslide and would take many weeks to clear and the ritual must be performed in the next few days. Access to the caverns is not an issue as I can teleport inside, but I have detected the presence of other beings in the cave network and I am concerned that they have been infested by vermin, or worse. I am not adept at combat and need to conserve my strength and power to complete the ritual. I need your help to clear the caves and ensure that I am not disturbed in the cavern whilst I perform the ritual.

If you agree, I will teleport us all inside the caves so that you can begin?"

Arrogantly assuming that you are all more than willing to assist, he begins the incantation of a spell. Indicating to a glowing red, arcane-looking, circle that has appeared on the snow at his feet he says,

"All I need you to do to complete the spell is announce your involvement and you step in to the circle."

Sorry for the initial railroading, but I needed to get the group together and with a PbP game there isn't really scope to have individual posts about recruiting and travelling and I don't like starting with "you are all in a tavern ..." (or whatever the monstrous version is).

This will lead to a short dungeon crawl to set up some plot hooks and allow you to work out your team mechanics and tactics.

2012-10-31, 11:55 AM
Svirikiki glances at his 'companions'.

They appeared to consist of a Troll and his giant dog. Trolls were.. typically quite stupid, although he supposed he could manage. The huge humanoid figure of snow and ice near him suggested that the Troll was at least creative enough to make snowmen, although it seemed a curiously childish way to pass the time. The slightly blurry area where snow was settling on a flat-sided cube he dismisses as some form of magical shelter - the shivering man was clearly suffering from the elements, and too proud of magic or too ignorant to employ such mundane means as building a shelter or a fire.

He sighs. Clearly he was to be brains of the outfit, unless the Troll surprised him, as Trolls sometimes did.

He gives a final glare at the swirling snow, daring it to turn to vile fresh water and incur his wrath, and then bends to the task of lighting his lamp - a fiendishly complicated gadget of brass, glass, shutters and lenses. Meanwhile two more limbs extract a heavily customised crossbow from his bulging quiver, repleate with side pockets, sprockets, spring-loaded pouches and other supposedly labour-saving devices, unfolds the stock, and loads it in a smooth practiced motion. By the time he has coaxed the lamp to life the crossbow is loaded. He sights down the first crossbow wtih one hand while two hands afix the now lit lamp to a prepared place atop his backpack, where it shines over one shouder and causes his overtoothed mouth to cast fangy shadows on the white snow in front of him. The last hand is drawing another crossbow, which he deftly loads while making adjustments to the sights of the first, before pulling out a third. This he loads while replacing the bolts in the bandolier across his chest from a case at his waist, before pulling out a fourth crossbow and loading that as well.

He scowls out across the swirling snow, his large flat eyes scrunched uncomfortably against the wet flakes.

Readyff. He lisps around a mouth crowded with fangs. Leff's go.

2012-10-31, 01:02 PM
Giving a chilling grin, purple eyes glinting in the pale light, Bob turns towards the fish-man, having been able to hear every thought.

"Bob is not a snowman. Bob is THE snowman."

Turning his massive bulk towards the puny human, Bob seems to pluck something from his shoulder, which to all those that are paying attention, looks like a small dragon. A very small dragon, and it almost seems to purr at his touch.

""Bob and Whitescales will go with puny human and other smallthings".

Satisfied with his booming announcement, Bob walks into the circle, taking up easily quite a lot of the room. He then reaches out and starts to build an actual snowman, with Whitescales sketching a small diagram of what appears to be treasure.

"You can have treasure, Whitescales. Bob no need."

Italics mean that he is speaking in telepathy.

2012-10-31, 01:38 PM
Ugg stretches as he looks around at the other... creatures that gathered here. A fishman, a snowman, a cube and a dog... ...looks just perfect... he thinks, with a disgusted expression on his face.

He spits, trying to guess the fighting potential of others. They are far from being trolls... so I shouldn't expect much from them. On the other hand the giant snowman, could be useful... and they could eat the fishman if they get too hungry in the cave...

He still doesn't look convinced as he gets closer to the magic circle. But then On the other hand... they pay me for killing, not for protecting these guys or being nice... Not the worst way to earn some gold...

He enters the circle
"Let's start. And I hope it is worth my time."

2012-10-31, 02:33 PM
Yhrashnal regards each of the gathered beings coolly, his powerful olfactory sense labeling each under the cautious title of ‘Not an enemy’ if only to make the upcoming battles easier. Otherwise they are of no interest to him; unless they break the tentative bonds between comrades he will probably not give them a second thought.

To those that can read thoughts, his mind is inordinately hateful but preternaturally tranquil; he hates all of the things around him in such perfectly equal amounts that he doesn’t bother paying anything more attention than the situation demands. Only the fact that he particularly dislikes other beings gives a hint that his otherworldly nature is not tainting the thoughts you detect; as his ‘allies’ he hates you only a little more than the sun or moon and only slightly less than those who reveal themselves as enemies, but the difference is there.

“I will go. If there is betrayal, I shall take my revenge or leave. Perhaps both.”

With that, he enters the circle.
He is currently in his default travelling form: he is taking the shape of a Dire Wolf and Morphic Weapons is enhancing his Unarmed Strikes

2012-11-01, 02:51 PM

What happens:

The translucent, greenish cube becomes distinct as it wobbles forward until it has settled inside the circle. Somewhere in the green gloop that it is composed of, a slowly dissolving hand twists to give a thumbs-up.

What Goopy sees:
After many days of weary - and slow - travel, Goopy reaches the cave mouth. Before him stands a heavenly-looking group, basking in divine radiance. They are others, such as he; champions of the so-called monstrous races, risen above their base natures and raised to greater things. A powerfully built man, clutching the amulet of the sun god stands before them all, and as Goopy approaches, he speaks;

"My master will be pleased you came, he has great things planned and needs your assistance to help bring them about. I have with me the components required to bring my master to this plane of existence so that he can set his plans in motion. However, the ritual must be performed inside a magic circle carved on the floor of a cavern within these mountains not far from here. The entrance to the cave network to which this cavern belongs has been completely blocked by a landslide and would take many weeks to clear and the ritual must be performed in the next few days. Access to the caverns is not an issue as I can teleport inside, but I have detected the presence of other beings in the cave network and I am concerned that they have been infested by vermin, or worse. I am not adept at combat and need to conserve my strength and power to complete the ritual. I need your help to clear the caves and ensure that I am not disturbed in the cavern whilst I perform the ritual.

If you agree, I will teleport us all inside the caves so that you can begin?"

Without hesitation, Goopy heads directly in to the circle. Any chance to aid the servants of rightenousness, is one Goopy cannot pass up. He signals his readiness.

2012-11-02, 06:17 PM
Having made your way in to the occult circle, there is a flash of arcane brilliance and the outside world disappears to be replaced with the dark interior of a dimly lit cave. The very dim light is provided by faintly glowing moss sparsely spotted across the walls and ceiling.

Approximately 20 feet wide at it's widest, the cave leads off down a gentle slope which forks after about 30 feet.

The Mage, his eyes appearing to glow faintly red in the dak, looks around briefly as if to check his location, before pointing confidently down the slope to the left tunnel;

"The summoning chamber lies this way, onward to serve the Master!"

2012-11-04, 09:01 AM
Svirikiki looks around. If the passageways extend beyond his 60' darkvision, he'll open the eye of his bull'seye lantern, illuminating everything in the direction he's looking at up 60', and dimly lighting another 60' beyond that. As his moves, his spikey-toothed profile is projected as a huge shadow across the rocky walls.

So... says Svirikiki as notchantly as a 4-armed terror of the deep can manage. This master. Whath's he liketh then? And are weth being paid by thim, or by youf?

2012-11-04, 11:39 AM
Yhrashnal moves slowly, taking in any scents about the area while scanning for tracks; moving at a leisurely pace he is probably still just as fast as the human. Whether he can or cannot detect anything, he does not make a fuss as that is simply the way it was meant to be.

“I would rather know what our payment will be. The machinations of a fiend or long-dead king or Other being from Beyond are none of my concern, so long as they do not include me beyond what I am paid for.” Yhrashnal stares through the mortal man for a moment after he says this; he is quite serious about wanting to know what the payment for this will be. After all, right now he could be hunting elven warriors for an orc kingdom or bringing in bounties for the highest bidder. Perfecting his techniques, trailing druids in their own forest would also be rather fun.

He uses scent to first try to detect a familiar kind of smell (the stench of troll, for example) in the immediate area, before focusing on sniffing out other beings nearby. The range is generally 30 ft.

With his Darkvision making the cave seem well lit, he also scans for tracks on the ground. Since his speed is currently 60 (being in wolf form increases it by 20) he will move at half speed while doing this.

Survival check: [roll0]

2012-11-05, 06:26 AM
It is fairly obvious to each of you that the Mage is not exactly sure where he is; the teleport spell having deposited you somewhere other than the intended location. However, the effort of pretending not to be lost appears to be preventing him from any other falsehoods as he says:

"each of you will be rewarded with a bag of rubies for this day's work, plus the eternal favour of the Master. Anything you find in here , outside of the ritual cavern you are welcome to keep for yourselves also. Now, onward to the ritual chamber! Eugh! Ouch!"

He is distracted by a number of centipedes crawling over his feet and up his robes; at least one of which appears to bite him. He slaps at them ineffectually, but manage to shake them to be floor. Each appears to be approximately 12" long and brightly coloured despite the darkness.

Looking around those of you with eyes can see evidence of small creatures that have been eaten littered about; mice, rats, and other small vermin. Goopy also notices this as he has engulfed the remains of these creatures when he appeared; in fact he has also engulfed a centipede which is now slowly dissolving.

Spot checks please

2012-11-05, 08:25 AM
Watching the insects around him freeze like little droplets of water, Bob continues at an agonizingly slow pace (for him, that is) with the group. Seeing the insects biting at his employer, he moves slightly closer, as to have his aura freeze them off.

"So small! So fragile... how do you not kill yourselves just by walking around, little human? I see you being eaten by bugs, and they just freeze around me, like little droplets! Little, little bits of water..."

With that, he takes on an almost trancelike state, as he begins a mental discussion with his pet dragon on droplets of water.

2012-11-05, 12:05 PM
Ugg looks around with caution.
"Which way?"
He asks simply.

"Let's get it done..."
He says as he enters the corridor pointed by the mage.

2012-11-05, 01:44 PM

What happens:

The Ooze just slides forwards, overruning corpse and centipedes alike. If it even registers that their guide is lost, then it doesn't react.

What Goopy sees:

There is a flash of arcane brilliance and the outside world disappears to be replaced with the dark interior of a dimly lit cave. The very dim light is provided by faintly glowing moss sparsely spotted across the walls and ceiling.

Approximately 20 feet wide at it's widest, the cave leads off down a gentle slope which forks after about 30 feet.

The Mage, his eyes appearing to glow faintly golden in the dak, looks around briefly as if to check his location, before pointing confidently down the slope to the left tunnel;

"The summoning chamber lies this way, onward to serve the Master!"

A radiant champion of the Sahuagin gazes around the chamber, before opening a lantern to shine down the passageways ahead. Clearly blessed by the gods, the Sahuagin has more arms than Goopy has typically associated with the species. It seems to bask in a divine glow.

"So..." says Svirikiki in a nonchalant fashion - but Goopy can detect the fervour behind the casual act. "This master. Whath's he liketh then? And are weth being paid by thim, or by youf?"

A holy hound prowls before the group, taking in any scents about the area while scanning for tracks; although he shows every sign of moving at a leisurely pace, he is still easily the match of any human.

“I would rather know what our payment will be. The machinations of an angel or long-dead king or Other being from Beyond are none of my concern, so long as they do not include me beyond what I am paid for.” Yhrashnal stares through the mortal man for a moment after he says this; he is transparantly lying, and everything in his stance suggests utter dedication to the Greater Good.

It is fairly obvious that the Mage is not exactly sure where he is; the teleport spell having deposited you somewhere other than the intended location.

"Each of you will be rewarded with a bag of rubies for this day's work, plus the eternal blessings of the Master. Anything you find in here, outside of the ritual cavern you are welcome to keep for yourselves also. Now, onward to the ritual chamber! Eugh! Ouch!"

He is distracted by a number of centipedes crawling over his feet and up his robes; at least one of which appears to bite him. He slaps at them ineffectually, but manage to shake them to be floor. Each appears to be approximately 12" long and brightly coloured despite the darkness.

Looking around those of you with eyes can see evidence of small creatures that have been eaten littered about; mice, rats, and other small vermin. Goopy also notices this as he has engulfed the remains of these creatures when he appeared; in fact he has also engulfed a centipede which is now slowly dissolving.

Hmm. Slimy, yet satisfying. Ooh. They have the little green-filled kind! At the end of the day, where they are matters little; trust to the higher powers and all will be well. Rubies are of no consequence. Especially when you have no concept of money.

Goopy boldly, uh, slimes forward into the darkness. No-one can stand in the way of the truly righteous.

2012-11-07, 05:30 PM
Each of you becomes aware of subtle signs that something bigger resides in ese caves. Some of the carcasses are bigger than insects and rats, some of the tracks could only have been made by something at least as large as the Mage, possibly something as large as Goopy or even Bob. The walls have also been brushed clean of lichen in places and the ceiling too.

2012-11-08, 09:20 AM
Not being completely naive to his surroundings, Bob starts to speed up a bit in his walking, brushing the caverns with his mind-sight, searching for other beings, even checking his companions.

What Bob hears and feels for each companion is different, and his eyes widen and shrink for each that he touches. His companions feel a chilling loneliness, compounded with unearthly happiness, touched by something more... raw, malicious.

"People... strange. You different from little fleshy humans. I like. Now come, we must keep going!"
Whitescales digs his claws desperately into Bob's shoulder, trying to keep from falling off.
Bob is now searching with telepathy and Blindsight all around in the cavern, traveling in front of the group.

2012-11-09, 09:36 PM
Yhrashnal stops his search and speeds up, staying halfway between the ice-being and the group. As one of the most mobile beings among the team it would probably fall to him to keep enemies off the Mage and, once battles really start, the injured.

Then again he cannot leave the Ice-creature to the front lines alone; an ambush or trap could prove fatal to even the enormous creature, and said creature would be more useful thinning out enemy lines than it would be as a meal.

As always, Balance and Order is the answer to all problems.
He stops hunting tracks, allowing him to maintain a more normal speed, then moves to be roughly between Bob and the slow cluster of the rest of their team.

2012-11-10, 09:04 AM

What happens;

As the slowest of the group, Goopy takes up his natural position at the back of the party, consuming everything lying on the floor, living or dead. It begins to bulge slightly from the added mass.

What Goopy sees;

The being composed of ice and rock and covered in divine runes increases its pace, and begins to study the caves around them.

A flutter of strange feelings brushes against Goopy for a moment, before vanishing again. In the strange mixture, is something akin to happiness; which pleases Goopy. Then the creature

"People... strange. You different from little fleshy humans. I like. Now come, we must keep going!" The words send a thrill of pleasure through Goopy, and he swells - literally - with joy. The team is bonding.

A tiny dragon covered in glittering silver scales surveys all from atop the craggy creature. A fitting companion to the group, and surely a sign of divine approval, if such a magnificent creature would condescend to travelling with them.

2012-11-10, 09:53 AM
Ugg stays near the mage, although keeps his club ready in case there is any occasion to use it.
Better keep him safe... I doubt he would pay otherwise...

2012-11-10, 08:42 PM
Svirikiki stays near Bob, happy to let him go first, but keeping just after him, treating him quite unselfcoscioiusly as a large personal wall to hide behind. He is keeping an eye on the mage, but the first priority is clearly himself.

2012-11-19, 10:16 PM
Giving what could only pass for the faintest of smiles, the massive ice-creature shifts slightly, to allow Yhrasnal room next to him.

"We all go together."

Then, twitching a frosty claw towards the four-armed fishman, Bob rumbles in a low voice;

"Stay behind me. You too small to be in front."

2012-11-29, 01:00 PM
As you progress along the passageways you pass a number of side tunnels and junctions, at each the Mage appears to dither slightly as if uncertain of the correct route to take. From some of the side tunnels you can just make out the rustle noise of vermin scurrying about.

2012-11-29, 08:07 PM
Svirikiki keeps his lantern steady on the path ahead, but peers nervously down the side passages as they pass them, just in case something might be lurking down there, and come from a direction where they wouldn't have to go through Bob to reach him.

Spot check using darkvision only (so 60' max range)
just in case there is anything to see.

2012-11-30, 11:12 AM
Bob is aware of only those around him accompanied by a general "noise" as if unintelligent creatures were around in great number, not surprising given the centipedes encountered already.

Svrikiki can't see anything distinct along any of the side passages but the light does seem to reflect of things in a glistening sort of fashion from time to time, sometimes when you look again to be sure it no longer happens.

2012-12-10, 04:03 PM
As you pass yet another side passage, indistinguishable from all the others, a large form bursts forth to join you in the main passage.

It is a centipede, but much larger than the others; this is almost 20' long and a full 10' across.

It bursts out behind Bob, Yhrashnal and Svirikiki and in front of the rest of the group. It writhes around and over itself trying to make sense of what it perceives as prey/food throughout the corridor.


Map, pre-combat:



B - Bob
Y - Yhrashnal
S - Svrikiki
U - Ugg
G - Goopy
M - Mage
W - Whitescales
C - centipede
X - empty space (5')

2012-12-10, 05:29 PM
Initiative: [roll0]
The moment his eye catchessight of the unnaturally large arthropod Yhrashnal is in motion, bolting straight for it. A half step before reaching it he lunges; though it looks like he planned to bring his claws to bear he instead slams his body into it an does his best to latch on to its many legs an body segments.

Of course size does matter in the grand scheme of things, so Yhrashnal will merely headbutt the thing if he thinks it's too large to take on (larger than Bob).

Attack roll for OOC thread: 32
Grapple check: 32
Damage roll: 19

2012-12-11, 03:38 PM
Initiative [roll0]

Svirikiki swears loudly and inventively as Yhrashnal surges past him, spoiling his line of fire. He pauses for a moment, waiting for a chance to strike.

2012-12-12, 02:22 PM
As Yhrashnal leaps towards the beast, it turns to snap at him in mid-air:

AoO bite attack - [roll0]
Confirm crit (if app) - [roll1]
Damage - [roll2]
Additional Critical damage - nil
Poison - make a fortitude save DC 14
Grapple check - [roll3]

Caught mid-pounce, exposing vulnerable parts, Yhrashal is snatched by the mouth of the beast its mandibles piercing his hide and injecting poisonous venom into his body? His continuing attempts to wrestle the creature result in it releasing him and he drops to the floor.

Also make a dex check DC 14 to land or else fall prone adjacent to the creature.

2012-12-12, 02:33 PM
Initiative [roll0]

If there only is enough space, Ugg would charge at the enemy.

Leap Attack... must beat DC 10 (or 20 if there isn't space for 20ft running start) [roll1]
-7 AC / + 21 damage (Power Attack with Shock Trooper)
-2 AC/ +2 attack (charge)

Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

In theory it also Dazes the enemy if he fails DC 22 fort save... but it is kind of overpowered...

2012-12-12, 07:22 PM
Bob turns around, with Whitescales blasting out a black ray, striking the creature directly in the chest, and it roars with a deafening screech as the worm has its strength sapped.


He digs into the beast, having it roar in pain, and the thing goes blue slowly, slowing down and withering before everyone's eyes. However, it still appears to struggle on his massive, icy claws. He retracts them off of it with a grin, and it crawls back to the floor with a hiss.

"Run while you still can, or you will be food for tiny dragon."

2012-12-12, 08:45 PM
Svirikiki stands his ground, all four arms dipping into the quiver in his back, and coming out with handfuls of knives. He seems to coil in on himself, and then unwind in a spinning ballet of flashing scale and flying steel.

5' step if necessary.
Attacking with thrown knives (improved two weapon fighting + palm throw)
1) [roll0] for [roll1]
2) [roll2] for [roll3]
3) [roll4] for [roll5]
4) [roll6] for [roll7]
5) [roll8] for [roll9]
6) [roll10] for [roll11]
7) [roll12] for [roll13]
8) [roll14] for [roll15]
9) [roll16] for [roll17]
10) [roll18] for [roll19]
11) [roll20] for [roll21]
12) [roll22] for [roll23]
13) [roll24] for [roll25]
14) [roll26] for [roll27]
15) [roll28] for [roll29]
16) [roll30] for [roll31]

2012-12-12, 09:41 PM
Fort save [roll0]
Dex check [roll1]
Damage taken by Yhrashnal after DR: 10

If he does fall prone, Yhrasnal immediately uses Back on your Feet to stand again as an Immediate action; this provokes no attack of opportunity.

"This is what we are defending you from, mortal? A worm?" Yhrashnal wades through the bug paste to get a good sniff at the remains. This scent of vermin stays fresh in his min as he points his nose into the air, sampling the subtle winds of the cave.

"Hmm..." With a good sample of the creature's smell, he should be able to find more of them with relative ease

Track using Scent [roll2]

Should he detect more of them within the immediate area, Yhrashnal will state as much; either way he will return to his normal position in the front/middle of the group.

2012-12-13, 08:27 AM
"So puny. It died on my claws."

He scrapes at the daggers in the worm-paste-thing gingerly, and they fall out each with a plink. Whitescales picks each one up and delivers them to the fish-man.

"Tiny metal things so warm", he says with a note of almost-disgust in his mindvoice.

With that, he turns back around, and resumes his lumbering pace onwards.

"We keep going."

2012-12-14, 12:03 PM
Rough out the brief seconds it took for the centipede to meet its end, the Mage stared unblinkingly at it; even now he appears to be unable to fully address the situation he saw unfold.

He suddenly snaps alert as if brought round by smelling salts and says "The Master chose well in selecting you all for this task, let us proceed."

He steps of with a little more determination than before, as if he now is confident of the direction you need to head in. At each junction he clearly indicates a direction to take.

Sense motive or survival checks please

2012-12-14, 12:11 PM
"You'd better know what you are doing..."
Says Ugg as he follows

If we should choose one, then:
Survival! [roll0]
if roll both
Sense Motive [roll1]

2012-12-14, 02:47 PM

What Goopy Does;

The ooze barely gets time to shiver in anticipation before the centipede is chopped, crushed, chewed and then stamped in to a fine paste by the others. So it eats the remains.

What Goopy Sees;

As the monstrous, multi-legged creature bursts forth from the passageway Goopy prepares to charge it; before realising that the cleric is directly between itself and the monster. Paralysed by indecision, Goopy freezes for a moment.

Should he tackle the creature and risk eating the cleric on the way? Or let the others handle it and risk the cleric dying, his holy work undone?

...fortunately, the others handle it while Goopy considers, and the creature dies a swift and brutal death.

Waste not, want not. Shame to leave it lying there, looking all tasty...

2012-12-14, 04:00 PM
When Goopy starts moving once again, Yhrashnal nods at the jelly judicator of justice before running a few quick calculations in his head.

Goopy has the groups rear covered completely. Likewise Bob is a solid vanguard. The combined efforts of himself, the 4 armed freak and the troll can eliminate anything that comes in from the sides...but only fish-face can fend off attacks from above.

That simply won't do.

Survival check: [roll0]

While a simpler part of his mind keeps track of where they are going an where they have been, the rest summons infernal might to bind to his flesh.

A keep observer would note that, for a few strides, Yhrashnal does not actually touch the ground.

Yhrashnal uses his Overland Flight SLA, expending 3 uses of Levitate for the day. 40ft fly speed, average maneuverability, 9 hour duration, full speed when carrying 797 pounds or less.

2012-12-14, 10:43 PM
Svirikiki is too busy laboriously stacking his knives back into his quiver to pay much attention to the human. Even the sight of a flying wolf, distracting though that is, doesn't stop him completing his task. But his paranoia eventually causes him to regard the decision making with suspicion. Does this person know where he's going, or... is there something else going on?

Sense Motive [roll0]

2012-12-16, 07:04 AM
The new-found confidence in the Mage leads you to suspect that he knew where he was going all along and may have taken you through an area he knew to contain the sort of beast you just dispatched; possible to test you all.

He now walks with purpose and determination as if he needs to get somewhere and get there soon.

"Come, come, the Master awaits; this way." He now moves forward to pass Bob and hurries along the corridor in a slightly comical little shuffling run as he tries to hurry and keep his composure at the same time.

2012-12-18, 11:06 AM
Yhrashnal follows the mage alertly, expecting a fight at any moment. It takes him about six point six seven seconds to realize that would be bad. Very, very bad.

The squishy, delicate, scrumptious mage/employer is now at the front of the group; past the Snowman Storm-bringer, Terrible Troll, Demon Dog, Frog Fu...cuddler and the exalted-flan.

Lunging and pouncing through the air much like an untamed beast would travel through undergrowth, Yhrashnal positions himself above the Mage and stays there as well as possible given the spacial limitations of the cave; should staying directly above the mage ever prove impossible he will momentarily land and stalk beside him until there is once again room to fly.

2012-12-18, 11:12 AM
Ugg looks at the almost-running mage, shrugs and follows, trying to stay near him, so nothing eats him before he pays for Ugg's services...

2012-12-18, 03:17 PM

What Goopy Does;

It... slimes, oozes, slithers or... somethings after the group, showing no particular response to the mage's sudden decisiveness, although it does attempt to speed up to match the mage's new pace.

What Goopy Sees;

So the holy cleric was testing them; very well. Any truely noble quest should have obstacles to overcome, fiendish foes to vanquish and a great goal to accomplish. The test so far was of no great challenge, and the goal certainly worthy - but Goopy is restless for a chance to combat the true and baseless creatures of evil that will surely oppose them.

2012-12-19, 06:34 AM
As you follow the racing Mage along the passages it is very clear that he is heading somewhere very specific and knows his way there.

Shortly you arrive in a cavern that has very obviously been carved out to make it more uniform in shape and with a level floor. The cavern is about 80 in diameter with what looks like a 10'-wide well raised slightly from the floor by 2' walls. On the closest side of the well is a small dais, raised about 6" from the floor (just enough to mark it out).

The walls are marked with strange carvings and torches flicker in brackets, although the flames appear a little more red than usual.

"Stay here," says the Mage, "I must summon the Master!"

He steps on to the dais and begins to chant and wave his hands. The torches start to flare and pulse, each pulse leaving the flames longer until they meet at the centre of the ceiling. The colour of the flames start to darken in time with the pulses, moving through scarlet towards black.

2012-12-19, 02:59 PM
Whitescales begins to chitter on Bob's shoulder, making almost birdlike sounds. The small dragon digs its claws into his shoulder, and makes an almost-whimper.

"Shhhh... it's okay. Nobody will hurt us."

He then turns to the entrance, and traces a slight imprint in the air, and with a sheen of light, a massive wall of ice barricades the exit.

"Now nobody interrupt us. I can make wall disappear when I want to. If nobody want wall there, I make it go."

2012-12-19, 03:56 PM
Yhrashnal rolls his eyes at this exchange, but makes no comment until after he has examined the Dias.

Scent/tracking to figure out what else has been on the platform: [roll0]

After he has he thinks for some time, watching the Mage's ever move. "Perhaps," his statuesque gaze breaks away from his charge for a moment to instead look upon his allies, "Perhaps I should give you mortals a taste of Fiendish power; I'm sure there will be a battle soon and your flimsy forms could do with the added strength."

For a moment Yhrashnal's body is sheathed in terrible golden flames, the fires rolling down from the wolf's head to his tail. Where the fire passes over him his form becomes even more unnatural; muscle is shifted, his bone structures adjusts and all that made him lupine is twisted by humanoid features, then warped further with a touch of otherworldly might.

In this new form he twists a paw/hand before him; that same golden fire appears there in a burst of magic. With a single gesture the fire splits into five wisps.

"Partake of but a fraction of my might and all that you are shall be improved."

Those that accept can take a +2 to all stats, and will grow one size larger...and become a little bit more evil for a while.

2012-12-19, 05:56 PM

The cleric steps on to the dais and begins to chant and wave his hands. The torches start to flare and pulse, each pulse leaving the flames longer until they meet at the centre of the ceiling. The colour of the flames start to brighten in time with the pulses, moving through scarlet towards gold. Twining ribbons of power stretch out to caress the cleric, bathing him in heavenly radiance.

The heavenly hound watches the cleric in silence for a few moments; "Perhaps," his statuesque gaze breaks away from his charge for a moment to instead look upon his allies, "Perhaps I should give you mortals a taste of Celestial power; I'm sure there will be a battle soon and your flimsy forms could do with the added strength."

For a moment Yhrashnal's body is sheathed in brilliant golden flames, the fires rolling down from the wolf's head to his tail. Where the fire passes over him his form becomes even more unnatural; muscle is shifted, his bone structures adjusts and all that made him lupine is twisted by humanoid features, then purified with a touch of otherworldly serenity.

In this new form he twists a paw/hand before him; that same golden fire appears there in a burst of magic. With a single gesture the fire splits into five wisps.

"Partake of but a fraction of my might and all that you are shall be improved."

Goopy accepts the blessings of the divine being without question; what harm can come to him in the company of such a being, and that of a holy cleric?

2012-12-19, 07:25 PM
Black, crystalline columns burst forth from the floor underneath the torch flares; surrounding the well in a wider circular pattern. Red flashes play across their surfaces, growing more intense until they begin to arc between the pillars.

You sense a growing tremor in the rock beneath your feet, as if a great power is building beneath you.

Map of cavern:


X = empty space
N = rock/wall
O = well
D = Dias
P = pillar
_ = entrance (currently blocked with ice wall)

The Mage is on the Dias, where are you all? (before you get your extra powers) use number/letter coordinates here necessary.

2012-12-20, 07:13 PM
Yhrashnal gets a very clear sense that the Dias has been occupied frequently, recently, but only by the Mage.

The Mage is now completely entranced by his own actions he barely notices anything going on around him. Strange noises begin to emirate from the well and a metallic smell begins to permeate the room, accompanied by brimstone.
As you watch, the well appears to fill to the brim with a crimson liquid, the surface of which swells in time to the pulses.

Yhrashnal quickly identifies the liquid as blood, that smell is so unique, but the other aromas hint of other planes.

As you watch the liquid begins to gather together to form the beginnings of a shape, rising from the surface until it is clearly the shape of a humanoid head, only with horns, fangs and other deformations.

"Master, it is time. I am ready to bring you back to the world, to assist you in establishing your reign over the mortal realm. I have preserved my powers and my strength so that you may benefit, I give them freely to you."

The Mage begins to develop a dark aura, similar to the colours already in the room. A tendril forms on the surface of the blood and slowly makes its way towards him.

Does this look right?

P DD P 11
GGG 12
N P GGG P N 13


2012-12-20, 07:53 PM
'...did I ever eat that gnome-bard I caught? I know I roasted him over a fire because I wanted him to taste special; the other two gnomes I caught were delicious, but lacked a certain...hellish touch that would make them marvelous...' Yhrashnal is, in every way, an unfeeling shepherd of hate and destruction as he watches the blood take on a proper form.

'...lets see. I closed the door when I left, maimed that hobgoblin idiot that likes following me as I promised I would, *conversed* with a hobgoblin woman...and man...and all of their worgs in turn, chased my tail and continued my journey here. Hmm, I suppose I didn't.' For a moment he bears his fangs, snarling slightly at the air.

'It'll be nice and rotted when I get back to that village if no one else touches it; MmMm...' With shining teeth on display Yhrashnal licks his jowls, still staring straight at the fiendish ritual taking place before him.

2012-12-20, 09:21 PM
Svirikiki eyes widen. Then he says to Whitescales in a stage whisper:

Well... the eternal favour of the master looks like it might be worth something after all. But do either of them look like they're carrying a bag of rubies to you?

He frowns. Actually, you're all getting paid too. Does he look like he's carrying several bags of rubies? Don't get me wrong, the Master looks like a powerful guy. It's just, I look for a more ... encumbered look in an employer, you know? Can you see if he's wearing trousers from up there? Do the pockets look, well, full? Plump? Bulgy?

2012-12-21, 08:27 AM
Bob picks up the conversation between Whitescales and the fish-man, and makes a snap decision. He picks up Svirkiki, making sure not to dig into him with the claws, and hoists him up onto his other shoulder.

"You see rubies? I see puddle and tentacle."

2012-12-21, 12:39 PM

The tentacle works it's slow way towards the Mage whilst the flames and pillars continue to pulse.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a large pearlescent sphere (15' across) appears in the chamber and then disappears with an audible "pop". In its place are 6 individuals of varying sizes and descriptions, one of the invaders looks like a knight on his mount, only much smaller. These individuals are as varied in appearance as your own group and appear slightly ragged and worn, as if after a difficult journey, although their equipment and weapons appears to be in very good condition.


I'll roll initiative for everyone to save time:

Bob - [roll0] +1 = 12
Goopy - [roll1] +1 = 12
Svirikiki - [roll2] +1 = 10
Ugg - [roll3] +1 = 4
Whitescales - [roll4] +1= 6
Yhrashnal - [roll5]

Those rolls are terrible, sorry!
Mage - [roll6]

Visitor 1 - [roll7]
Visitor 2 - [roll8]
Visitor 3 - [roll9]
Visitor 4 - [roll10]
Visitor 5 - [roll11]
Visitor 6 - [roll12]
Mount - [roll13]
Raven - [roll14]

Descriptions of all 6 to follow later today/tomorrow.

2012-12-25, 04:02 PM
As the sphere winks out of existence, the 6 arrivals begin to act.

Your (collective) keen eyes quickly take in the fact that the group appears to be split by the equipment they carry. Three are very heavily armoured (2,5&6), whilst the other three appear to be wearing signifiantly less (1,3&4). They are carrying a mixture of weapons, with large swords and axes being prevalent throughout the group.

A variety of sizes, you can clearly see a human in the middle of the group with a Dwarf and an even smaller creature at the front, the latter of which appears to be riding a large dog.Goopy can see a very strong aura around this creature, very strong indeed!These three are the more heavily armoured members of the group. The others are more difficult to make out, at least one of them looks like they might be an elf, but the lighting and their positions make it difficult to be sure; they do, however, look much more nimble on their feet than the others.

You hear one of them shout, "There! We are in time, we must not let that connection happen!" pointing to the tendril approaching the Mage.

You also hear "What the hell is that thing?" with at least one arm pointing in the general direction of members of your group.

132 BSSBW 05
465 P BSSBB P 06
P DD P 11
GGG 12
N P GGG P N 13


2012-12-29, 02:28 PM

One of the creatures in the middle of the group, obviously having caught sight of Bob, makes a violent gesture and is briefly sheathed in shimmering blue light; he then steps sideways out of the group in to the dark recesses of the cavern.

Casts lvl 1 spell Resist energy
Hide check [roll0] spot checks needed by anyone trying to keep track of him.

The non-mounted, smaller creature mutters a word under his breath and strides towards Bob, a look a resigned, grim determination on its features as if it knows it is destined for the hard graft. Stepping adjacent to Bob, he swings his mighty axe, his bracers glowing yellow as he does.

Activates bracers of giant felling (1 use of 3 per day)
Moves to F05 (15')
Attack Bob [roll1]
Confirm critical [roll2]
Damage [roll3]
Addnl dam for BoGF [roll4]
Critical damage [roll5] + [roll6]

With AC25 I make that a hit for 22 damage?

A small, shadowy shape moves at the back of the group and seems to disappear.
activates vanisher cloak (1 of 3 charges per day, duration 4 rounds) SECRET MOVEMENT

The tallest, heavily armoured figure adjusts something on his belt before gesturing in the direction of the well and dias. Eldrich fire bursts forth from his outstretched hand.

removes component from belt pouch and casts blast of fire
Spell failure (25% chance)[roll7] (success!)
60' cone to bottom right covers Bob, Yhrashnal, Mage, Goopy and Ugg; but the Mage has total cover behind Yhrashnal, Goopy has superior cover ( +4 to reflex), Yhrashnal and Ugg have partial cover (+1 to reflex)
So take [roll8] damage, or DC21 reflex save for half damage.

Bob up next, then Goopy.

updated map:

1 2BSSBW 05
65 P BSSBB P 06
P DD P 11
GGG 12
N P GGG P N 13


2012-12-30, 12:59 PM
As the dwarf approaches, Bob takes note and thrusts one hand out, spearing it by the shoulder. However, he takes a mighty blow to his own shoulder, and lets loose an ear-shattering roar. He then throws the dwarf on the pillar, and ravages it with his claws, and digs his icy teeth into the other shoulder.


To anyone paying attention, the small dwarf's skin turns a deathly shade of bluish-white, and moisture seems to be drawn from its body, which collects on Bob's chunked shoulder, and begins to repair it, freezing and filling the gap slowly.

2012-12-30, 02:38 PM

What Goopy Does:

The ooze's body ripples strangely as the gout of fire bursts around the dais, everywhere the fire touches its body the slime that makes up Goopy sharply recoils, encapsulating and smothering the flames in pockets of flame. The air still fills with an acrid burning smell, however.

Seemingly unphased, Goopy plows on at top speed to something off to the western side of the cavern.

What Goopy Sees:

Foul figures of twisted and stunted appearance pop in to existence in the cavern. Goopy watches in stunned horror that affords his foes a chances to act.

They must be here to stop the cleric!

Goopy is powerless to act as the shortest creature, the one with a most vile expression, charges at Bob with a terrible cry and hacks away at the ice man's legs sending chips of ice scattering everywhere; but Bob's vengeance is terrible to behold as he tears in to the stunted creature.

It barely manages to protect itself as the mage bathes the area in black-limned flames. By swift altering of his body composition, Goopy fends off the worst of the damage but it's still unpleasant.

It is then that it registers that one of the sneaky creatures is moving around, trying to flank the group. With a mighty trembling, Goopy charges it, planning on simply eating it.

Double move towards Number 4, should be able to Engulf him. Must succeed on a DC 19 Reflex save to avoid being Engulfed, if engulfed takes [roll0] acid damage each round and must succeed on a DC 20 Fort save or be paralysed for [roll1] rounds.

They may take an AoO on the Engulf, but forfeit their Reflex save to do so.

2013-01-01, 07:21 PM
The invisible visitor senses Goopy's presence at the last moment and leaps aside, easily avoiding being swallowed up.

reflex save [roll0]

The smallest of the creatures, still mounted on his steed, spurs it to action and charges headlong towards Yrhashnal his heavy flail twirling as he approaches. However, his steed is uncertain in the poor light conditions and his aim is off failing to connect with the blow.

charge (from C6 to E7) against Yrashnal [roll1] (inc +1 for charging)
Confirm potential crit [roll2]
Damage [roll3]
Crit damage [roll4]
-2 to AC until next turn

1 2BSSBW 05
5 BBBBB 07
GGG 12


Svirikiki, Yhrashnal and Whitescales up next.

2013-01-03, 07:02 PM

The scaled creature, still perched on Bob's back, delves once more into the quiver on it's back with all four arms simultaneously, coming up with great handfuls of knives. Crouching on bob's broad back, he throws underarm, four arms each weeping across his chest and coming up to his head before release, and then wheeling down in turn to pick up a fresh pair of knives, and then throwing again. while his body is in motion, his head is remarkably still, remaining focused on his target.

Throwing knives (with precise shot, point blank shot, extended range, boosted intelligence, boosted damage dice from increased size and palm throw)

At creature 1
[roll0] for [roll1]
[roll2] for [roll3]
[roll4] for [roll5]
[roll6] for [roll7]
[roll8] for [roll9]
[roll10] for [roll11]
[roll12] for [roll13]
[roll14] for [roll15]

At creature 2
[roll16] for [roll17]
[roll18] for [roll19]
[roll20] for [roll21]
[roll22] for [roll23]
[roll24] for [roll25]
[roll26] for [roll27]
[roll28] for [roll29]
[roll30] for [roll31]

The knives whizz through the air, turning the first target into a pincushion. The armoured dwarf however, is made of sterner stuff, and the flying blades simply bounce off his armoured form. Svirikiki, seeing that he's pulling too much to the left and sending the blades tumbling edge on in most cases, starts muttering about enchanted armour and the innate toughness of dwarves, to cover up for a fumble-fingered sauhaughin who can't throw straight.

2013-01-04, 03:43 AM
The flames of the magical attack hits Yhrashnal dead on and...vanishes completely with no effect. In a similar manner the halfling's attack appears to land perfectly; only Yhrashnal, the small creature and it's mount know that the strike did not even graze the infernal beast.

"I'm sure this is quite awkward for you, little halfling. It is about to get worst. You deserve this."

With that, Yhrashnal howls, his typically suave voice filled with savagry that befits his form, and attacks the halfling.

Yhrashnal pops his Swift Rage SLA: Him, Bob and Ugg all receive a +2 moral bonus to strength and Constitution, 1 moral bonus to will saves and a -2 penalty to AC. Because of our monster classes the bonus to constitution will add a single point to our natural armor, offsetting that penalty slightly. (+2 str, +2 con, -1 AC, +1 will save)

Incised, Yhrashnal attacks the halfling with all of his strength.
Partial Full attack
Slap1: attack-[roll0] damage-[roll1]
Slap2: attack-[roll2] damage-[roll3]
Punch1: attack-[roll4] damage-[roll5]
Punch2: attack-[roll6] damage-[roll7]
Bite: attack-[roll8] damage-[roll9]

His last two attacks are not animalistic swipes like the others though. He ends the assault with a lunge, trying to rip the halfling from it's mount so he may better tear into it.

Grapple attempt 1
Grapple touch attack (claw1)-[roll10]
*Grapple check-[roll11] vs the halfling's grapple check
*Grapple damage if I win -[roll12]

Grapple attempt 2
Second grapple touch attack (Claw 2) if the first failed -[roll13]
*Grapple check for this attempt-[roll14] vs the halfling's grapple check
*Grapple check to be used as an attack roll if the first grapple attempt succeeded- [roll15]
*Grapple damage if Successful in any way-[roll16]

As he gets hold of the small creature Yhrashnal looks down upon it's mount and sneers at it. "He deserves this...and so do you."

2013-01-04, 12:12 PM
OOC - Oops, slightly out of turn, Whitescales is next.

The final visitor, looking decidedly worse for wear, gestures rhythmically and recites a few words before seeming to recover his composure slightly.

He moves adjacent to a pillar to provide himself with some protection.

casts cure medium wounds

moves to D06 (15')

Ugg to (effectively) close out the round as the Mage is too occupied with the ritual.

2013-01-04, 01:35 PM
The not-quite-so-small dragon on Bob's shoulder squawks with indignance, and turns to the mage that cast the fire-warm-uncomfortable spell.

Bad. Must kill. Hurt Bob. Hunt.

He then lets loose a black ray from his mouth, striking the man directly in the chest, and he watches with satisfaction as the man sags in his heavy armor, with his strength sapped.

2013-01-04, 02:45 PM
Ugg swears silently seeing that enemies are far away from him, grabs his club and leaps towards his enemies.

For the previous Fire-cone spell, did it beat SR (20)?
If yes (or not a spell) reflex save [roll0] Fail
Any damage dealt is non-lethal unless it is acid...

Does Scent pick up invisible/hidden enemies?

Now, I don't think Ugg can attack anyone from where he stands, so he tries to jump (and if he rolls to low, he flies midway, using Hunter Leap) either north from Goopy, between the pillars, or, if allowed straight onto Visitor 6.

Jump [roll1]

Swift action- activating Heartseeker Amulet

Shocktrooper power attack + Leap Attack (-9 AC/ + 21 damage)

Touch Attack (Visitor 6) [roll2]
Damage [roll3]
Daze (1 r) if hit (DC 24 fort)

If it kills the enemy, then Cleave
Attack (Visitor 5) [roll4]
Damage [roll5]
Daze (1 r) if hit (DC 24 fort)

2013-01-04, 06:25 PM
The armoured wizard visibly sags in his armour from the blast of energy by Whitescales; still adjusting to the fact that he can no longer move he is physically rocked by the impact from Ugg as he leaps across the room. His armour does little to protect him from the assault which leaves him bleeding, battered and dazed.

2013-01-05, 02:59 PM
End of Round 1

Some aggressive moves by the visitors dealt Bob ang Ugg some serious damage, but this did not go unanswered.

The battle-hardened, sturdy dwarf remains locked in combat with Bob; the mounted, diminutive figure is in a bad way in Yhrashnal's clutches and Ugg is making a mess of the warrior wizard. A badly wounded figure hides behind a pillar to escape the attention of Svirikiki whilst Goopy is trying to track down the invisible visitor to make a meal of him.

One visitor remains unaccounted for and the Mage continues his chanting. The tentacle from the pool continues to move slowly towards his head, as if to make a direct connection.

End of round Map:

DM 10
4GGG 12


State of play:
If you don't want to see remaining HP etc don't open this spoiler!
Visitor 1 - 12 HP remaing, (resembling a pin pushion, but with Daggers)
Dwarf, Axe-wielder - 58HP remaining, Slowed
Visitor 3 - Hidden (to those without blind sight), full health
Visitor 4 - Hidden (to those without blind sight), full health
Mounted, suspected Halfling - 22HP remaining, grappled by Yhrashnal
His mount (a large, armoured dog) - full health, has stayed put
Armoured Magic user - 20HP remaining, dazed, significantly reduced in STR

Bob - 75HP remaining, currently carrying Whitescales and Svirikiki on his shoulders, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Goopy - 101HP remaining, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Mage - full health, fully occupied in the ritual
Svirikiki - full health, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Ugg - has 30 points of non-lethal damage, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Whitescales - full health
Yhrashnal - full health

If you disagree with these numbers, let me know.

2013-01-21, 09:39 AM
Combat - Round 2
A crossbow bolt appears from nowhere to strike Yhrashnal, a flicker in the corner of his eye draws his attention.

Visitor 3
attack roll on Yhrashnal - [roll0]
confirm any crit (19-20)[roll1]
damage on hit [roll2]
additional damage on crit [roll3]
AC is 28 so I make that a hit for 5 damage.
Reloads as a move action.

The plucky dwarf mutters under his breath again, a few choice words included, and once more his bracers glow, before swinging his axe at Bob once more.

“Foul fiend, defiler of the true form, I will prevail this day!”

Visitor 2
Activates gauntlets of giant felling (2/3 charges per day) as swift action
Full Attack on Bob
First strike:
Attack [roll4] -1 for slowed so 25
Confirm crit (20)[roll5]
Damage on hit [roll6] + [roll7]
Additional damage on crit [roll8] + [roll9] (does this stack with a crit?)
Second Strike:
Attack [roll10]
Confirm crit (20)[roll11]
Damage on hit [roll12]
Additional damage on crit [roll13]AC is 25 so I make that:
Attack 1 - a miss (but close)
Attack 2 - a hit (not a critical) for 17 damage

As seen through the translucent bulk of Goopy, an indeterminate shape moves slightly and then vanishes once more.

visitor 4
Moves (invisibly) and takes an acrobatic leap to get round Goopy tumble check [roll14] vs. (DC based on Goopy’s Reflex) [roll15]
If he lands it:
Fires sling at Mage [roll16]
Confirm crit (19-20) [roll17]
Damage [roll18]
Additional damage on a crit [roll19]
If not, save against engulf (falling on/in to Goopy)
Reflex (DC19) [roll20]

Safely lands and hits the mage for 7 damage.

Struggling, the armoured wizard attempts to raise his right arm but looks aghast as it refuses to move!. Bright flashes fly from his fingers two towards Yhrashnal in an attempt to make him drop the Paladin as well as one towards Svirikiki and two towards Bob.

visitor 6
Magic missile autohits so damage as follows:
Vs spell resistance [roll21]
Yhrashnal [roll22]
Bob [roll23]
Svirikiki [roll24]
No option to move as too weak!

2013-01-21, 10:47 AM
The dwarf is almost moving in slow-motion at this point, and Bob is so distracted that he almost misses the axe heading towards his claws. He moves it slightly, and it goes past into the pillar next to him.


The claws come down again. Amazingly, only one connects as the opposite claw slams down into the dirt. However, it is by no means futile, as it is taking rather large chunks out of the dwarf.

Rolling vs SLOWED Dwarf (-1 to attacks, AC, reflex, and can only act as if staggered which means single move or standard attack)

[roll0] and [roll1] vs AC 24
[roll2] and [roll3] vs AC 24
[roll4] and [roll5] vs AC 24

Rend: [roll6]
Each successful hit requires a DC 23* (Forgot the CON mod) Fort save or 1 CON drain, 2 on Rend, and slow.

2013-01-21, 02:55 PM

Once more, Goopy lurches forward - well, in the direction of one of it's faces, at any rate. Forward is such a relative term. It powers across the room, it's shape distorting and contorting to avoid over-running the holy hound as it pushes up along-side the celestial troll; quite co-incidentally, this display of solidarity places Goopy squarely on top of where a number of the vile anti-heroes are attempting to fight its friends.

2013-01-22, 09:44 AM
The attackers wriggle and squirm in attempts to avoid Goopy's jelly-like embrace:

Squishy (1) ref [roll0] con [roll1]
Dwarf (2) ref [roll2] con [roll3]
"halfling" being held so no avoidance (unless Yhrashnal moves him) con [roll4]

The two that are free to move just get out of the way in time,

Move to D4 and F4 respectively

But the smaller, armoured, figure is securely held by Yhrashnal and easily engulfed by Goopy (with a very slight singeing of Yhrashnals hands/claws), is paralysed and eroded, almost passing out with the pain. His faithful mount, distracted by the distress of it's master is also easily swallowed whole by Goopy, it's distressed twitches soon becoming still.

19 damage and paralysed! Still alive, barely, but unable to act! Straight to Svirikiki next then.

2013-01-23, 07:54 PM
Svirikiki, on his high perch, decides to focus on the dwarf that's causing Bob so much trouble. Knives spin and twist in the air as they streak towards their mark.

Throwing knives (with precise shot, point blank shot, extended range, boosted intelligence, boosted damage dice from increased size and palm throw)
1) [roll0] for [roll1]
2) [roll2] for [roll3]
3) [roll4] for [roll5]
4) [roll6] for [roll7]
5) [roll8] for [roll9]
6) [roll10] for [roll11]
7) [roll12] for [roll13]
8) [roll14] for [roll15]
9) [roll16] for [roll17]
10) [roll18] for [roll19]
11) [roll20] for [roll21]
12) [roll22] for [roll23]
13) [roll24] for [roll25]
14) [roll26] for [roll27]
15) [roll28] for [roll29]
16) [roll30] for [roll31]

2013-01-23, 07:58 PM
His needle-like teeth flash in triumph as several of the knives hit vulnerable poins, and his tongue flashes out, as if he can taste the blood in the air.

Critical hits:
5) add [roll0]
11) add [roll1]
13) add [roll2]

2013-01-24, 10:14 AM
With no remaining targets visible, Yhrashnal pauses a moment to think. The chance of tracking down either target is small, as are the odds of them coming to him.

As such, Yhrashnal summons his fiendish powers yet again and, in a pulse of magic, renders himself, the fiend being bound to blood and the mage invisible.

Yhrashnal expends one of his daily uses of Invisibility Sphere while next to the mage. This should completely blot out the dais, the mage, Yhrashnal and the pool of blood.

With his charge secure Yhrashnal howls once again, spreading some of his rage to his allies.

The power that radiates from his churns his flesh and fur until he settles on his natural form.

Yhrashnal expends the remaining use of his Rage SLA (casting it is a swift action) and will concentrate on it. Targets are the troll, Goopy and fish-face.

After that he'll swap to the normal Barghest form in hopes of scoring a meal soon.

2013-01-24, 11:49 AM

Whitescales flies around to the armored mage, and and looses a sickly white line of ice right into the dazed man's path and the troll!


No REF save since he's dazed, but Ugg gets a ref save of DC 17.

2013-01-24, 12:27 PM
A number of daggers stick between the hard, bulky plates of the dwarf's armour and he becomes still. The weight of his outstretched axe causes him to tip forwards. In the brief time it takes him to hit the ground he has frozen so solid that his body shatters in to pieces along the edges of his armour.

-28HP, totally dead!

The other armoured figure can do little to avoid the wall of cold put forth by the swooping dragon, he is barely even aware that it is there. The blast catches him squarely in the chest and he is knocked backwards, not moving although still breathing shallowly whilst the cold continues to freeze his tissues.

-3 HP, unconscious and fading

2013-01-24, 12:33 PM
"I request that you leave that mage alive for the time being. He should be quite useful in a few minutes and I doubt he poses much of a threat to any of us." Yhrashnal's confident voice projects from thin air.

2013-01-24, 01:01 PM
Ugg turns to closest enemy who he can beat with his club...

Number 1, unless it is the mage Doxkid mentioned

Touch attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

Bite attack [roll4]
Damage [roll5]

Daze (1 round) DC 24 fort (if at least one hits)
Nauseate (1 round) DC 24 fort (if both club attacks hit)

2013-01-24, 03:09 PM
The minstrel is totally unprepared for the ferocity of the enormous troll's onslaught; the club smashes into him, splattering blood, tissue and small items into a cloud of debris.

72 damage takes him to -60; the curtain has come down on this songbird! He'd be nauseated if he wasn't so busy being dead!

2013-01-24, 05:42 PM
End of Round 2

Much more of a one-way battle this time, with the party dishing out some serious hurt with almost impunity. The Fighter and Bard have perished under the fusillade of punishment they were subject to; the Wizard lies inert slowly dying of his freezing injuries; the Paladin and his steadfast mount have been engulfed by Goopy and are being slowly dissolved. Two of the visitors are still at large, but hidden from sight. Goopy knows where they are, but can’t say; but he’s on the trail for more tasty snacks!

The Mage is still engrossed in the ritual to bring forth the tendrils of blood, the hit from a flying stone caused him to lose concentration briefly and the tendril sank back a little. He is no longer visible to the group due to being inside an invisibility sphere.

End of round Map:

N 1 2PBBP N 04
DM 10
P DD P 11
N P P N 13


State of play:
If you don't want to see remaining HP etc don't open this spoiler!
Visitor 1 (bard) – dead
Dwarf, Axe-wielder – dead
Visitor 3 - Hidden (to those without blind sight), full health
Visitor 4 - Hidden (to those without blind sight), full health
Mounted, suspected Halfling - 3HP inside Goopy, paralysed for 5 more rounds
His mount (a large, armoured dog) – 11HP, inside Goopy, paralysed for 5 more rounds
Armoured Magic user - -8HP prone, unconscious, significantly reduced in STR

Bob - 76HP remaining, currently carrying Svirikiki on his shoulders, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Goopy - 101HP remaining, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Mage – 8HP remaining, fully occupied in the ritual
Svirikiki - full health(66), enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Ugg - has 39 points of non-lethal damage, enlarged, +2 to stats (inc 9 additional HP)
Whitescales - full health (69)
Yhrashnal – 99HP remaining

If you disagree with these numbers, let me know.

2013-01-25, 11:55 AM
Round 3

Visitor 3

Remaining in the shadows so as to avoid the attention of the giant ice-beast he produces a flask from his belt and hurls it at the beast.

move silently check [roll0] (opposed listen check by Bob) to avoid AoO
touch attack with flask of (enhanced) alchemist's fire on Bob at H4:[roll1] vs AC of 10 (autohit unless critical failure)
damage [roll2] (+50% for vunerability so 15)
Svirikiki takes 4 damage (2 per square adjacent), I'll allow a reflex save for half given the proximity of the pillar.
Bob takes further [roll3] (+ 50% for vunerability) damage next round unless he extinguishes the flames (full round action, DC15 Reflex save) beforehand.

Attempting to remain hidden in the shadows - [roll4] (-10 for having attacked Bob) vs everybody else's spot checks (Bob gets +10 to balance out the requirement for -20 on hiding after a snipe attempt).

The flask lands squarely on Bob's shoulder and spills burning oil across it, catching Svirikiki in the splash. The small flames on the shark-man soon go out causing only minor injuries; Bob takes more of a battering, with significant areas melting under the spreading heat.

Visitor 4

Still covered by his own invisibility (and safely inside the invisibility sphere cast by Yhrashnal and so unaware of its effect) he also produces a flask from his belt and hurls it at the the mage. In doing so he becomes visible to those inside the sphere of invisibility.

touch attack (enhanced alchemist's fire) [roll5] vs AC13 for [roll6] damage. Pool takes 4 damage on splash. Mage will take [roll7] damage next turn unless extinguished, now on 1HP!:smalleek:

My own interpretation on stacking effects, one is from his own item and one is from the SLA.

The mage takes the hit squarely in the back, the flames quickly spreading across his robes and burning his flesh. At first he barely seems to notice but soon it becomes apparent that the pain is affecting his concentration and the tendril begins to receed.

Armoured Wizard
Currently lying unconscious at Ugg's feet.
takes 1 damage (now at -9HP) attempt to stabilise [roll8] (looking for a 10) fails to stabilise (different to RAW but I find it easier this way) and remains unconscious. He will die at the start of his next turn unless healed or stabilisd.

Bob up next.

2013-01-25, 12:19 PM

The offending, invisible visitor suddenly realizes that the chunk of ice that he just threw the Alchemist's Fire on can see him. It whirls around with astonishing speed, takes a single, lurching step forward and finds itself on the recieving end of multiple claws.

It can turn that... WHOA!

The small man dodges the first claw, to see a burning, angry face with teeth the size of shortswords coming straight for him. He rolls out of the way, and suddenly feels very pale as his roll stops short, and his breath freezes halfway out of his mouth.


He turns to look at his lower torso. Everything below it is gone, frozen and actually absorbed into the fiery wounds of the massive icy creature.


Bob pauses, and looks at the dying man. The man feels a voice touch his head.

The kind that kills idiots like you who burn me with fire.

A wet, fleshy tearing sound is heard, and the man is torn apart, with head going flying past the other, invisible man and limbs scattered in an area ten feet wide.

2013-01-25, 05:50 PM
Yhrashnal turns and locks eyes with the sole remaining enemy, fury heating his gaze. For a moment they are all that matter in the world; Yhrashnal and his heart overfilled with a love for anguish and the mortal before him who will never come to know more than the upcoming pain wrought by this demon and those he spread his darkness to.

The mans gaze waivers for a moment and Yhrashnal covers half the distance between them instantly.

The man levels his eyes with the devil-kin's and Yhrashnal is standing before him already. There are no other opponents to interrupt his movement, no distractions to give either pause.

The man blinks.

The bubble of magic that has until now warped light around the two explodes into an untold number of glinting, glassy fragments. Each dissolves into flecks of golden fire in the air around the two revealing Yhrashnal standing at his full height, dangling the man by his neck.

"Do not lament, mortal. I shall not end your life." the last remnants of Yhrashnal's magic fades and, in spite of how grim the situation looks, the glint of hope takes a place in the man's eyes. "He will"

With subtle signals only a fellow murderer would recognize, Yhashnal gives his permission to all other predators to tear into the prey in his clutches

2013-01-25, 07:10 PM

Seemingly loosing interest in the struggle, Goopy quietly begins to 'clean up' all the blood, bone and miscellaneous bits scattered across the floor - at least, right until it rolls over the mage, encasing him in an air-globule. However, as this isn't immediately obvious, this does understandably cause the mage some small amount of consternation.

To everyone else, the giant green cube just rolls on over the mage, who somehow manages to remain standing - albiet surrounded by slowly dissolving centipede, dog and halfling.

2013-01-26, 07:33 AM
Svrikiki is already in the air, jumping from the shoulders of the ice giant, forming a scaley arc that barely misses the cealing before decending like the wrath of an undersea god. Lines of flashing steel fly out from him as he falls, stitching a path of silvered death before him.

5ft step towards the target, droping down from Bob as I do so.
Throwing knives (with precise shot, point blank shot, extended range, boosted intelligence, boosted damage dice from increased size and palm throw)

Not sure on the range here. If the range is more than 20', subtract 2 from the hit roll. If range is more than 30' then subtract 3 fromthe hit roll, and 1 from the damage.

1) [roll0] for [roll1]
2) [roll2] for [roll3]
3) [roll4] for [roll5]
4) [roll6] for [roll7]
5) [roll8] for [roll9]
6) [roll10] for [roll11]
7) [roll12] for [roll13]
8) [roll14] for [roll15]
9) [roll16] for [roll17]
10) [roll18] for [roll19]
11) [roll20] for [roll21]
12) [roll22] for [roll23]
13) [roll24] for [roll25]
14) [roll26] for [roll27]
15) [roll28] for [roll29]
16) [roll30] for [roll31]

The halfing spins and twists as knives explode through him, dropping him lifeless to the ground at Yhrashnal's feet.

Svirikiki lands lightly. You know, there's good eating on those things..

2013-01-27, 05:46 PM
As the fire dies, and Bob shrinks back down to his regular (read; giant) size, he takes what would pass for a deep breath, and sits down, watching the mage.

"Bob hates fire.

2013-01-28, 04:48 AM
Svrikiki looks around the room, and smiles, a toothy sight. Then he looks again, seeing Soopy heading towards the bodies with an air of purposeful efficiency, and springs to his feet waving all four arms like some scaley windwill stuck in a hurricane.

Noooo..... the loo- I mean. Goopy! All those indigestable valu- ah... items. Here let me help you.

He rushes foward and starts trying to remove the valuables from the path on the advancing cube, just this once showing no concern for personal danger. He also somewhat pointedly sets the remains of 'tasty' halfling aside, putting it at the very edge of the lava pit.

2013-01-28, 09:41 AM
End of Round 3 (and the combat)

With your enemies either dispatched, or safely engulfed, you survey the chamber afresh. Bodies, and parts thereof litter the room, equipment has been scattered far and wide by the rendering and shattering of your opponents' flesh. Goopy bulges slightly from both the additional matter within and the space around the Mage. Upon release, the Mage is looking decidedly worse for wear; his robes, hair and skin are singed in a number of places, but he stares blankly forwards, no longer enthralled by the blood pool simply looking straight ahead as if the trouble of recent minutes, including being engulfed by an acidic cube, have been too much for his mind to cope with and it has shut down. A thin sliver of drool leaks from his gaping mouth the run down his chin and drop on to the floor by his feet.

More to follow

Update on health etc to be added.

2013-01-28, 03:00 PM
Yhrashnal analyzes the battlefield searching for any remaining opponents, unwilling to commit himself to a meal until his (and the mage's) relative safety has been guaranteed.

After a good long while he strolls over to the (by now dead) human mage and gives it a good sniff.

"Unworthy," he hisses distastefully, "But it will have to do."

Yhrashnal's mouth opens and he spews a stream of his violent golden magic upon the body. Where-ever the magic touches flesh bubbles an bursts; blood, bone and all manner of viscera are ripped free and, contrary to what one would expect, flow up against the current of his exhalation into Yhrashnal's mouth.

The longer this goes on the wider the beam of gold becomes, stretching from the diameter of a coin until it eventually encompasses the entirety of his target's body.

The last of the man's flesh flakes away as his hair disintegrates, both immediately flowing into Yhrashnal's gaping maw leaving empty armor, a dabbling of personal effects and an angry scar upon the ground.

The effects of this event show themselves immediately as Yhrashnal's minor injuries knit back together and his fur sparks with untamed magic. A voice quite similar to the man's screams in the distance as the golden energies about Yhrashnal settle down, his fur lays to accent his sleek form and the hunger in Yhrashnal's eyes give way to simple hatred.

Yhrashnal consumes the Armored mage's boy, taking only his flesh. Armor, items, etc all stay behind.

Check to see if the Mage's soul was destroyed: [roll0] with anything equal to or higher than 51 meaning he can come back to life (if anyone ever bothers trying to res him).
Yhrashnal gets 20 HP from eating him. He only needs 15 to have full HP so he gains 5 temporary health (which will last for 1 day).
Yhrashnal also regains 3 SLA usses, divided however he wants. In this case I'll restore both uses of Rage and Call of Gehenna, so both of those are at their max remaining uses.

2013-01-29, 06:20 AM
The bloody tendril finally finds its way to the head of the Mage and sticks itself securely to his forehead.

The tendril begins to throb, as if something is passing along it in to the Mage's body. Almost immediately his body relaxes and seems to hand in the air, no longer supported by his own skeleton.

Within a couple of minutes the pulsing stops and the Mage seems to straighten once more; those standing close enough to see his face in detail can see that his eyes have been replaced with glowing red orbs, the colour of flaming blood, which glow slightly under their own light.

The Mage opens his mouth, and you all here a voice (not his own) say:
"Curse the weaknesses of the flesh, this body is barely suitable for my needs; the damage it appears to have sustained to both body and mind mean that I am only just in control and unable to realise my true potential."

Turning slowly to encompass you all, he continues, (you can now easily see that the voice you hear is out of synch with the movements of the Mage's mouth, in fact when you concentrate you realise that the voice is travelling straight to your brain without involving your ears)

"You have done well to keep my servant alive and enable him to begin the ritual, but I have need of your services in improving my position. Now that I am bound to the material plane by this form my powers are limited and I at risk of harm due to its frailness; I was always aware that this would be so and so have made plans to release myself from the binds and acheive my true power in this world. There are a number of powerful items, some only previously known through legends, that when combined will allow me to break free from the limitations of this body and manifest my true power so that I may dominate this very world.

I am too weak to leave this chamber for anything but the most important tasks, so I need you help to secure and deliver these items to me. Some will be relatively simple to secure, particularly for beings such as yourselves, whilst others will be perilous to obtain, or merely difficult to track down.

I ask you now for your assistance, will you set out on these quests for me to secure the items I need to realise my desire to dominate this world? I can promise you power and dominion when the world is mine; I can also provide you with immediate wealth and amenities. Either way you will be well compensated for your efforts and I will do what I can to ease your efforts."

The Mage waves his hands and bags of rubies pop in to existence alongside each of you.

"Here is your reward for your efforts so far, these are but a trifle of what is available to you should you undertake these quests for me."

2013-01-29, 11:26 AM
Ugg scratches his had with one claw and takes some time to wipe some bigger parts of the bard from his armor, then turns to the (possessed ?) mage.

"Specifics would be nice... are you capable of self defense, or another bunch of crusaders would kill you off? Where and what do we need to find?
... and most of all, talk money. What kind of reward can we expect. Detailed version."

2013-01-29, 11:53 AM
"Even in this form I am more powerful than the body I occupy, I am capable of defending myself with my powers but I am not infallible. I will take steps to protect this place from intrusion and provide you all with a means of returning promptly if I require your assistance.

As for the rewards for your services, I am aware that each of you may be motivated by different things.

You for instance, pointing at Ugg, may want a mound of rubies as tall as you are, as may the little dragon. at which a pile of rubies winks in to existence, and back out again a second later Our icy friend on the other may simply want to grow in size and have total dominion over the frozen lands; an image appears in your minds of an enormous Bob sat on a frozen throne surrounded by smaller Xixecal and white dragons, which promptly vanishes whilst the Cube may want to establish some sort of religious order and develop a devout following to lead.another image, this time of Goopy leading a population of devout followers, glowing with the power of their faith (Goopy obviously sees this as positive power, whilst everyone else sees it as corrupt, eveil power)

Really, it is up to you; I want your services, you want material goods, or power, or whatever. Tell me what you want and I will make a pact with you to deliver it"

2013-01-29, 12:34 PM
Yhrashnal paces before the possessed mage, his tail lashing to and fro in a surprising display of animation. “I suppose you see the greatest problem with that offer then.”

“He with fewest desires is closest to the gods. I want for nothing I cannot acquire on my own. An empire? Servants and vassals? Love, lust, flesh, fire, gold or a pile of precious little stones for mortals and mages to fawn over? None of those things hold true value to one such as myself; I take them only when they are a means to an end.” Golden energies spark of Yhrashnal; he is so incised he seems to nearly lose control over his magic. His more goblinoid features melt into those of a wolf or a fiend or perhaps a twisted drake, but his eyes remain ruddy-gold. “Do you understand? It is all worth nothing to me. You offer me NOTHING!”

“…I will serve you though.” The energies, his rage; everything is, in a single moment, restored to perfect balance.

“I require a proper contract and since my services are worth something to you I expect payment…but I will serve you, all the same. With that said, who stands against you? Obviously you have enemies and they must be well informed, considering the attack against you took place before you even had a chance to claim your host. It would not do for me to fight on your behalf against former allies before my contractual period of non-interference ends.”

A certain cockyness leaks through his calm facade. "If you cannot name those enemies, I'm sure the vanquished pawns they sent here to stop you could. For a price I will question their souls on your behalf, if you are incapable or unwilling to do so yourself."

2013-01-30, 09:36 AM
Svrikiki pauses in his detailed stripping of the dead.

Hey, yeah, I mean I won't get bought off just with material gain! I want like, power, too.

One hand takes a break from removing boots to reach into a pouch.

In fact, if you need some inspiration of the kind of grubby mortal concerns of no consequence that I would like, I've made a few notes...

His clawed hand comes out clutching the end of a long roll of paper covered in spidery writing. It appears to be a list. The words 'Sheet 14' are clearly visible at the top.

Just to be clear, we are talking a master/minion thing here? Because accurately pricing a soul gets complicated, and I don't really want to end up like your present body. But serving you in return for the mere fripperies of material gain and vast temporal power is a project I can really get behind. And while I may not be the most visually impressive one of us here, I have things that the others don't, like... contacts in the mortal world, skills - I speak seven languages... his voice drifts as he looks around the room before settling on Goopy ...actual hands.

As he talks he starts arranging the dead halfling on a broken javelin for a spit roast.

So. I guess we sort out the details. Point one, how much obsequiousness makes you comfortable? I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is rubbing our foreheads on the ground rather than look directly at your august presence, and 1 is "Yo, Master-dude!" where do you want me to aim for? He glances down at the impaled halfling. And would it be disrespectful to use your flaming pit for a bit of cooking?

He sighs. My cooking kit didn't make the final cut for my pack, and I don't suppose anyone else brought chives, but I guess we can make do. I can save a leg or haunch for your august flameyness if you want one? Ugg, you in on this?.

Point 2 is payment. I'll take a large order of material fripperies and mere temporal power please, with a side of opportunities for petty vengence, lording it over the week and other perks of the job. In return we search for these artefact thingies, and do any side jobs that you need doing along the way. Job ends when we return the artefacts to you, or you decide you don't really want them, or you stop paying us, or you or we get removed from the physical realm by death, banishment, or similar. Obviously it would be great if we're still useful to eachother at that point and want to do more. It needs to be understood that if you don't know where these things are, it might take us some time to find them. That means you should probably pay us bit by bit. No waiting until the end before we see any benefit and no paying everything before we move.

Point 3, no killing eachother, unless ordered by your august self. I know it's great fun, but I'm suspecting the job will be hard enough without us looking over our own shoulders the whole time. And if we do end up being pitted against eachother for your own amusement, I'd at least like to make sure that anyone not involved at least gets to watch.

Svirkiki keeps glancing over towards Yhrashnal. After a moment he says, far too casually. Hey, Yhrashnal, if material things mean so little to you, what say I just clear those up so they don't get in your way...

His third hand starts inching towards Yhrashnal's bag of rubies.

2013-01-30, 10:36 AM
"Unless you are offering something of equal value, it would do you well to keep all of those hands to yourself. It would be a shame for you to lose an arm or two, after all..." Yhrashnal's tail flicks in the direction of the enemy Mage's empty armor.

"Thank you, though, for proving the value of these shiny rocks. If your avaricious ways draw you to them, despite my," his snarl stretches briefly into a sneer, before constricting until his teeth are bared in the way he seems to prefer, "-heh heh- noticeable presence...they must be worth a sizable amount to other mortals. They will make for fine bedding until I have a real use for them."

2013-01-30, 01:48 PM

There's an ominous bubbling sound from Goopy, before the corpse of the dog, the dwarf and the gnome suddenly errupt from its mass and land on the floor with an unpleasant-sounding splatter. They're dripping with corrosive slime, and are in fact beginning to dissolve.

At the same time, Goopy sprouts a series of gooey tendrils that hover protectively around its prey - inside its mass, the various bits of centipede twitch and swirl together; then, one by one, peel away from a central 'core' of one of the larger centipede bits.

Full Goopyvision to come, including re-written scenes and internal thoughts.

2013-01-30, 02:53 PM
Whitescales chitters in happiness, and digs his head inside the bag of rubies, soon wearing it almost like a hat, strutting around the room in near-drunken spirals, like a cat with a cloth bag on its head. Bob lets out a small chuckle, and picks up Whitescales, separating him from the bag.

"Don't scatter red shinies, Whitescales. You want to keep them."


2013-02-04, 09:30 AM
"Each of you is welcome to name your price, either for piecemeal activities or for the entire undertaking."

Looking specifically at Yhrashnal, he continues "Contracts can be arranged, but you will still need to name your price; if you have no interest in riches and dominion then perhaps augementation of your undoubtedly impressive powers and abilities? I would ordinarily exchange such powers for a portion, if not all, of your soul; but in this instance it seems an appropriate exchange."

Directing his address towards the whole group once more; "I have many enemies, both in this plane of existence and beyond; only a select few of whom would have an interest in interfering with my plans to this point. No doubt if they find out about our future activities they will attempt to intervene once more; I am sure that, whatever power or organisation these mortals represent, they are unlikely to be a specific threat in the short term. If they had more powerful tools them they we would have met them already.

I suggest that for the duration of your time in my service that you may find it simpler to base yourself in these caverns than return to your homes. I can provide you with personal space should you require it. My followers in the local area can provide you with anything you require to meet your basic needs. However, if you prefer the freedom that only open spaces can provide, I will secure this location from intrusion and provide each of you with a talisaman to facilitate your access, you will then be free to come and go as you require; if I need you I can always call."

2013-02-07, 01:16 PM
“I am quite familiar with these dealings. My price is thus:

Gold coins, the likes of which must be accepted among our brothers leashed to the lower planes. The amount will vary based on the service provided, of course. For our first stint of service I expect a quarter of the payment before my departure, a maximum of an additional quarter of the final sum to be available for work related expenses and the rest upon completion. Once our ‘trial period’ has ended I will accept my payment during and after the completion of my task.

His typical hatred for all that is not himself permeates Yhrashnal’s visage, but something else is budding under it.

“Magical services. Though I have quite some power to my name, I have honed it for specific purposes. On occasion, I may need assistance ritualistically enhancing my body. One such improvement has already caught my attention, but I still need time to amass power and collect the components.

A mutual non-interference agreement. This is standard among our kind when dealing in the mortal plane; once our dealings are complete I am not to interrupt your work and you are not to interrupt mine. Not until a certain period of time has passed, at the very least.

And…finally…powerful foes.” Whether he means to do so or not, Yhrashnals eyes alight with gold at the word ‘foe’. Excuse me a moment.” It does indeed only take a moment for the extra gold in his pupils to disperse into bands around it in the iris the iris, leaving his eyes mostly red once again. Once this happens his body loses a certain alertness it possessed a moment earlier.

“As I was saying, my path to power requires great strength and greater control. The truest means by which to develop both is through battle against worthy adversaries: The dragons borne to the darker planes, demons and devils that have never stood beside a being of my kind, celestial knights that believe themselves to be masters of order throughout all of existence…any strong creature that is not a former ally.”

Yhrashnal looks over the other monstrous beings gathered in the cavern, thinking as he always is. “And loot. I would appreciate being able to sell the more useless items to your other followers, or to you if it is of interest, but we are to get any loot we find while traveling. I’m sure we five can come to a proper understanding on how to divvy such bounties up, and I doubt you would have much interest in any non-artifact items we find anyway.”

2013-02-11, 08:57 AM
The Mage's eyes close briefly and when they re-open he raises his right hand, which has begun to slowly drip blood from the forefinger.

He appears to write in the air for a few moments and droplets of blood flow out to be suspended in the air in front of him.

He peers at it for a few moments, appears to make a few changes and then with a sudden flourish the suspended droplets split into 5 copies and fly towards each of you. The wording is made available to you all and the being waves its hand once more and a burning, unintelligible signature appears at the bottom.

"Come now, all you need to do is accept and make your mark."

What you each see/experience:

The droplets land on, what most people are taking to be, your front face. The droplets form themselves in to writing that you can understand and easily read. You sense that all you need to do is communicate agreement.

The droplets land on one of your vast arms, instantly freezing to fine red runes slightly under the surface. The signature appears as a dancing, cold, blue flame near your wrist. A second, stationary flame sits alongside it pulsing slowly as if waiting for your attention; it almost looks like you could draw with it.

Ugg and Svirikiki
The blood rushes towards you and stops in front of your eyes and with a brief flash a scroll appears with the words in the language of your people upon it with a spave for your signature at the bottom.

The blood races towards you, turning to diabolic fire as it reaches you. The flames flicker around your form, not quite on the surface of your skin/fur. You sense that absorbing these energies in to your body will suffice as a sign of acceptance.

"Are we of accord?" he asks.

If you take the time to read the text, a lot of it appears to be standard legal text with sections that stand out:

Undertaking for provision of personal services

I, .........................., the party in he first part undertake to serve [redacted], the party in the second part, for a period of time limited by mutual consent ... yadda, yadda, yadda, ...termination ... sufficient notice ...

The first party shall undertake the following on behalf of the second party:

seek out, obtain and deliver those items as specified by the second party to facilitate the intentions of the second party;
support other members of the Party in their endeavours to seek out, obtain and deliver said items;
expend any resources necessary in pursuit of these tasks;

The second party shall undertake to:

provide adequate and reasonable information to the party to facilitate the completion of their tasks;
make reasonable reimbursements for expenditure of resources by the party during the conduct of their tasks;
take reasonable steps to ensure the safely of the group whilst in the immediate vicinity of the chamber

Upon successful completion by the first party of the tasks set out above the second party shall make available to the first party items, services and facilities as laid out in the detailed schedule in appendix 1. These items are in full and final payment, either for the entire undertaking or each constituent part as laid out in the appendix.

In the event that the recover of the items specified by the second party, the first party shall receive no specific recompense for that item but will have any reasonable expenditure, of resource or monetary items, reimbursed.

During the undertakings laid out by this agreement, both parties are to ensure that the relationship is not disclosed to parties outside the group. No mention of geographic locations, identities, powers, agreements and the details of the undertakings are to be made to anyone outside the party.

Whilst undertaking the activities outlined herein, the first party agrees to work exclusively on those activities and to take no instructions or undertakings from any other parties. Small-scale, personal actions for immediate gain, with no gain delivered to anyone other than the first and second parties and the group are acceptable within reason.

Intra-planar travel may be required during the undertakings. The second party makes no assurances that this travel will be free from personal risk and accepts no liability for loss of possessions, body parts or sanity as a result of such journeys.

All parties to this agreement are bound to undertake no activities that may interfere with other desires and objectives of any other party for a period of 6 months after the termination of this agreement. This exclusion is limited to the provision of information and direct actions only, it does not apply to lack of action

The penalties for breach of this agreement are:

Loss of all remuneration provided prior to the breach;
Surrender of all future rights and rewards under the agreement;
one year of complete servitude to the other party to the agreement; and then
banishment from the material plane for a period not exceeding 100 years.



___________________________ [Your name]
First Party

___________________________ [REDACTED]
Second Party

Your individual appendices are also included in the text in front of you, we'll keep that in the OOC thread.

2013-02-11, 09:21 AM
Yhrashnal regards the mage/fiend with distaste. In many regards the look upon his face is similar to that of an elderly woman who has recently located a rot filled nest of hornets above her tea cabinet; there is plenty of annoyance and disguise, yes, but under than a certain satisfaction can be found. Probably because she has now determined why her imported tea was so...crunchy. And so good.

"A single year; for this time you shall have me an all of my power and skills at your service. I suggest you make good use of my time."

2013-02-11, 10:01 AM
Bob draws out strange markings with the flame, signifying his acceptance.

"We do."

2013-02-11, 01:39 PM

With the gnome now stripped of his armour, Goopy reabsorbs him. The gnome's hand is slowly raised in a salute by the internal currents of the ooze, making him move and twitch in a grotesque parody of life.

2013-02-13, 01:33 PM

After a long while, when Ugg was studying the contract, he finally speaks, his voice emotionless:
"As for me I would settle for gold for now... If there would come a need for magical enhancements or power over lands and people... I will think about it later...

As for the contract, I will agree as long as all the terms used in the text are to be understood according to my current knowledge.

For example, servitude for a year, means material plane year, like the ones I lived through already, not some other years which time you decide. The same goes for 'adequate and reasonable information' and others.

Last thing, contract is to be broken, only if it was intentional. I won't give a year of my life only because some sneaky mind-controlling witch made me tell about our cooperation.

If you agree to this, I will work with you."

Then he turns to Svrikiki, who offered him part of the grilled halfling and says
"Yeah, thanks. You can leave my part a little rare."

Then he turns again to the "Master"
"Ahh... One last thing, anything against keeping slaves in these caverns?" he asks with curiosity in his voice.

2013-02-18, 12:58 PM
Seemingly all at once your questions are answered, a sudden rush of information that lodges clearly in your memories as if it had always been there.

Material plane years, slaves at good, only acts of your own will, gold and jewels and power, 25% in advance, ritual support where required, healing where possible, information as it becomes available, no intra-party conflict without fair warning, assistance with intra-planar travel, ...

The various wordings flare briefly and disappear as you indicate your consent.

"I must gather my thoughts and knowledge to determine the location of the first item, this may take a day or two to complete the rituals during which your time is your own. Take these talismans, when I am ready I will send for you with them."

The Mage turns away and sits rigidly on the edge of the pool, closing his eyes. His lips move slightly as if reciting something and motes of light begin to move out of the chamber through the walls.

2013-02-18, 04:04 PM
After slipping his payment into his bag and secreting The Master's talisman into a hidden pocket of his robes, Yhrashnal stalks between the bodies of his fallen enemies looking them over. "Useless. Useless. Useless. A shiny bauble at best. Bedding. Useless..."

With eyes unaccustomed to predicting the value of items, he spends most of this time pawing through pockets and dumping items onto the ground; coins, gems and things of obvious value he flicks into a large pile in the middle of the group of inhuman warriors, while the rest of the swag left among the bodies.

Once their pockets have been emptied he stands among the bodies looking quite annoyed, his tail lashing and stabbing behind him. "...Perhaps some of their possessions are magical. I do not care much myself, but I expect you four would favor such items." His mood worsens and Yhrashnal stalks a short distance away before turning and coming back to the pile, over and over again until he finally stops before the pile of gold and speaks.

"...It is beneath me to search bodies for magical trinkets. I will leave such low work to the rest of you."

2013-02-18, 06:58 PM
Bob takes a talisman, dropping it and their payment in a small bag, handing it to Whitescales. After Whitescales chitters for a few moments, Bob picks up most of the dwarf's equipment, save the axe and one ring.

"We make room for ourselves."

With that, he stomps off into the caves, searching for a suitable space.

2013-02-24, 03:51 PM
"Yhrashnal waits a few seconds, his gaze rolling across each remaining member of the party. "Well, mortals? Will you do your only remaining duty and examine these trinkets?" No one offers any insight into the properties of the items amassed.

What seems like days pass with not a single one of the mortals even trying to investigate; none of them try any of the items on and punch things, or compare the items to what they are carrying on their person or anything of the sort.

"I see."

Picking up on the aroma of nature on a single set of items, Yhrashnal searches out the remains of the full-blood elf. He locates them, yes, but the area they are scattered over raise his ire and aura of distaste to such a level at it almost seems like he wont consume another meal.


Upon fining the elf's head, however, it becomes clear that a little dirt and evisceration will not turn this fiend's stomach in the slightest. Once again golden energies collect in Yhrashnal's mouth, building into a trembling ball of power that his razor sharp teeth can barely contain. When this power has accumulated to a level on he would be able to identify as sufficient, he throws in head back and releases a silent roar.

Golden wind, stolen directly from an artist's failed rendition of the ephemeral beauty only found in the earliest of magical studies, wreaths the head and pulls it into the air.

A leg, or rather part of a leg, slides across the ground towards this beacon. First a pile of organs and then the outer portion of the elf's trunk slink across the ground, drawn invisibly.

Yhrashnal, his head still thrown back in a roar that would shake the mountain if given voice, stretches his jaws wider and imposes more oh his mystical strength upon reality.

Bits of skin, droplets of blood, a single lock of hair; nothing that once composed the elf escapes the pull of the invisible current and all such things eventually amass themselves in around the head, constantly compressing under the gold tinted wind's force.

And then the movement stops. The gilded orb of flesh shimmers slightly and all of the various items the elf once carried fall to the ground, allowing further compression. If one were to look closely, it might even be possible to see the head of the elf under the strange light.

In a single motion, Yhrashnal snaps his head down and swallows elf's head whole.

I actually wont try to retain this soul; whatever happens to it happens to it. Restoring 3 uses of my Levitate SLA(setting it back to 3 out of 3), and taking on 18 temporary HP, which overrides the current temp HP.

From the pile of items this process left, Yhrashnal selects the few things that match a body part his current selection of items do not use; the Elf's boots, helmet, and cloak are all captured by his unique golden aura and melt into the appropriate locations of his body, leaving only the slightest hint of it's original design on his fur.

"I tire of you all. Do what you will with the rest of the items; these and the gold are mine. I'm sure you'll find this to be less that the true worth of my share, but I am feeling generous; you lesser beings may squabble over that trash." He stalks back over to the pile of gold/gems, peeling a bag away from the fur in his back, and stuffs half of the pile into it.

Yhrashnal will grab one thousand in gold, five thousand in gems an call it a day (6k in gold/gems total).

Since each enemy seems to have ~25k in items/gold/gems there is a total of 150k on the table; assuming half is only worth selling (so half of this loot is actually worth half its true value) and the other half is worth keeping as a item(giving it it's full value, as if it was purchased) that becomes about 112k of gold; 22k of loot goes to each of us, give or take.

I'll round that up to be about 25k of loot each, the same amount each enemy came in with.

I just grabbed 19.5k in items so the additional 6k of gold/gems will bring me to 25.5k, which is roughly what my share should be.

2013-03-11, 07:37 AM
Having had a couple of days to settle in to the caverns, you have had the opportunity to discover the nature of almost all of the items and agreed to split them between you as well as get used to them. One morning (you can tell it is morning because the light levels in the cavern vary slightly throughout the day), the talisman from the Demon glows bright red.
The Demon’s voice appears directly in your head, without troubling your ears:

“Make yourselves ready, I have located a number of the items I require you to retrieve for me; it is time for you to make a start. Come; gather in the central chamber that I may more easily share the information.” Rousing yourselves from your various activities, you make your way to gather together in the chamber. The last couple of days have given you all a chance to develop a more relaxed, comfortable relationship with each other to the extent that little or no acknowledgement of each other’s presence is expected nor required.
The Mage’s form is seated in a throne that has been carved in to one wall of the central cavern; the details of it’s decoration are slightly disturbing and definitely leave little doubt that the being that designed it understands torment and pain.
Ignoring you until you are all present, he looks up staring in your general direction but not looking directly at you.
“I have traced 2 of the items I seek. One, a diabolical trident is held by the King of the Ocean Giants in his underwater fortress; the other, a celestial cloak, is kept within the inner sanctuary of the Angelic Guards.

Both of these items will provide me with an immediate boost to my health and power and whilst the cloak will give me greatest benefit, obtaining it will be more difficult and my give my enemies a lead as to what I am trying to achieve and allow them to begin to make further plans against me.

If you choose which you will retrieve first I will provide the necessary spell to take you to it; although I can only get you to the general vicinity and you will have to find it yourselves."

2013-03-13, 07:27 PM
Sviriki shrugs, an elabourate gesture that takes some time.

Looks like we're going to back to civilisation for a bit. No point opening ourselves up to counterattack when we don't have to. So we go giant, I guess?

His eyes drift over the walls, and widen slightly.

...with a corkscrew? That's a really clever idea... he mutters softly.

2013-03-14, 08:54 AM

What Goopy Sees;

To truly become a hero, to become the greatest of beings I must not rely on the petty advantages granted to myself by magic - nor should the others rely on such things, especially these tainted items. These petty trinkets must be destroyed, but I have not the power to do it myself! Goopy broods silently as he watches the other celestial champions take their pick of the treasure left behind by the corrupted adventurers.

Ah, but I can help you there, a voice suddenly whispers. If you sacrifice these items to me so that I may cleanse them, I can grant you the true power of the heavens. You shall be my true and faithful Knight, bastion of the light and saviour of this world. This is what you must do...

What Goopy Does;

The Ooze rolls over a pile of magical goods that the others are still debating over. Inside it's transparant form, the items - even the bag of rubies - rise up to the center of it's being, and start to spin in a slow circle. The 'walls' of Goopy's form seem to bow inwards as the items increase their pace, and acquire a stream of bubbles trailing after each in turn. Goopy also takes on a sinister-looking dark red glow as the bubbles within it all but obscures the view of the gear.


...and then Goopy explodes. Or, at least, appears to as the bubbles suddenly burst free splattering the walls, the floor and even the distant ceiling with corrossive slime and flecks of metal, gem, cloth, bone and much else besides. The glow slowly fades around the strangely undulating ooze, but fails to leave entirely.

2013-03-14, 12:30 PM
Whitescales ducks behind Bob's head as the explosion of slime coats the room. The giant ice man simply stares at the roiling ball of goop, and then returns his attention to the Mage.

"Whitescales say that getting little things first is better. He say that not getting too much people looking at us and you is better. Who want to go swimming?"

2013-03-14, 03:08 PM

Yhrashnal looks upon Goopy and the others gathered around their mutal "master" with mild distaste. This does not change at all whenGoopy explodes, spraying goo directly at him.

He does not seem to move when several thick globs strike where he is standing, but they each proceed through where his body is and strike the floor, both behind and below him, without so much as touching his fur.

"I prefer to hunt celestias over those bound to the seas and shores. There is more to be accomplished when your foe is as mighty as they are, even if that foe is still..." Yhrashnal looks over the other memebers of the party, "Weak. Misguided. Or even mortal, as the case often seems to be with them."

"If you fear retribution, it will change little for me to hunt amongst the waves first...but before I-" He pauses and looks upon his 'allies' yet again "-yes. Before I locate this object, I will need to know more about it. What it looks like at the very least, though anything beyond that would ease my search. If these baubles you bestowed upon us can indicate the correct item, all the better."

2013-03-15, 07:54 AM
"Swimming? Underwater fortress? What am I? A Scrag? Would prefer to get some fresh, celestial meat... but so be it, if you prefer to kill some giants first." Ugg sounds a little disappointed that majority wants to go giant hunting... in the sea. But in the end, the sooner they get to this the sooner it is over...

2013-03-16, 07:32 AM
"So it is decided then; the trident shall be your first target. I fear that some of you may have certain incompatabilities with time spent underwater.

I will provide each of you that require it with a spell to enable you to breathe freely underwater but I can only sustain it for 4 hours; if you do not find the trident in that time I suggest you return here."

With a wave of his hands a glowing circle appears on the cavern floor; "When you are ready to depart you merely need to step in to the portal here, to return you simply need to grasp your talisman and think of the portal."

2013-03-20, 02:26 PM
"Me and Whitescales no need air. We go now."

With the short, simple statement, he steps into the portal, flexing his claws. The sight reminds anyone present of a cat stretching its paws, with the claws retracting into the towering icy arms.

2013-03-20, 02:45 PM
"I am no Scrag!" Ugg says offended. "Four hours, gotta hurry and kill them all." He says, waits until the spell is cast at him and enters the portal.

2013-03-20, 02:53 PM

Goopy's marvellous, divinely-infused form wobbles forward, in to the portal and on to it's glorious destiny.

2013-03-20, 03:52 PM
"So be it...'master'. Air is no concern of mine."

Yhrashnal fluidly moves forward, slipping through the portal with grace that would befit the most majestic of aquatic beings .

2013-03-20, 07:00 PM
Svirikiki gives a sloppy salute.

I'll try and keep them out of trouble... err.. do you know if our large icy friend here can actually go swimming without becoming immobalised in a giant iceberg? Maybe modify the air breathing to make the water airy around him, so it won't freeze solid, but just swirl away as little flakes?

He pauses to adjust his new headband, taken from the corpse of the fallen wizard.

I'd ask you to make them subtle as well, but let's see how we go, eh great one?

He nods, and steps through the portal.

2013-03-22, 11:17 AM
Brief, red flashes mark the passage of each of you through the portal. You re-appear in a dark, underwater world. Each of you is keenly aware of the increased pressure on your bodies, but it does not appear to be a concern in the same way that you are able to breathe normally (where appropriate).

Released to his natural environment, Svirikiki becomes even more agile and glides about the group easily. Whitescales also seems to adapt well, his wings appearing to work nicely in the new environment.

The water around Bob is noticeably cooler than the already cool water, and tiny ice crystals start to form in a thin layer around him; it is obvious that this is going to continue to happen the longer Bob is underwater.

Similarly Goopy notices some personal impact. Barely discernable at first, but quickly understood by the ooze, small amounts of the water are seeping through the outer membrane holding the ooze (him?) together gradually both increasing his size whilst reducing his ability to maintain a coherent shape.

OOC an easy DC Int check tells you that in about 3-5 hours Goopy is likely to be a smear of impurities scattered over a large volume of water and Bob is likely to be encrusted in additional ice to the point that he is unable to move.

Even in the dim light at this depth, it is obvious that you are fairly close to the bottom of whichever body of water you are in as you can see kelp beds and sand dunes beneath you.

Something about the arrangement of the dunes and the kelp beds makes you wary as you approach.

Spot checks please

You may as well roll initiative whilst you're at it as there will no doubt be combat shortly!

2013-03-22, 11:36 AM
"Grr... can't stay too long without can't move."

The huge ice creature looks around, and realizes something odd about the dunes.

"Dunes like igloos... you know what igloos are?"

Spot and Initiative, in that order;

2013-03-22, 12:18 PM
"Underwater is bad already. Why does it need to be in a cold water?

Grumpy troll!
[roll0] initiative


2013-03-22, 03:26 PM
Yhrashnal does not bother changing out of his natural form as he acclimates himself to the new environment; that does not, however, mean he is enjoying himself.

For a few moments a stream of minute red bubbles hiss up from his paws, mouth and eyes, but that abates quickly as he contains his ire.

With his powers under wraps his focus shifts to aggression; what nearby can be made to suffer?

Spot: [roll0]
Initiative: [roll1]
Listen: [roll2]

2013-03-22, 03:36 PM
For the first time, Svirikiki is in his element. He's moving faster, and more cleanly, his ridged fins actually make sense, and his legs almost seem like another pair of claws.


2013-03-23, 06:25 PM
In the kelp beds below you become aware of a series of shapes amongst the fronds, sometimes you can make out large eyes and body shapes.

It appears as if a number of creatures are hiding in the kelp, intent on a target that lies in the opposite direction from you and is not yet visible.

2013-03-23, 06:54 PM
"The dance of predator and prey. Whom hunts whom in these dark depths, where light is strangled and stripped of it's office? Where the natural order and the politics of true power hold no greater meaning than demons screaming for offerings of blood?

Time loses it's meaning, not for those with my favor but those who fail to beg my mercy. There is but once question."

Yhrashnal activates his Invisibility Sphere SLA, cloaking himself and everyone within a 10 foot radius of himself, and then shifts into his canid form. The eloquence dissolves as he takes on more and more features befitting a true predator and fewer befitting a godling avatar of the wild.

"What Shall I Hunt?"

2013-03-23, 09:25 PM
Svirikiki looks around cautiously, while muttering What should you hunt? Maybe a sense of proportion?

He draws and loads his crossbows, now a mismatched set, bolstered by weapons stolen from the adventurers that attacked their cave.

Looks like an ambush uphead, he says softly,but they're not ambushing us. We should see what's going on before getting involved.

2013-03-24, 01:01 PM
Despite pausing to observe, no prey for the ambush seems to be evident.

Your careful observation would indicate that there may be a significant number of large beings in the kelp, a bulging eye here and a patch of warty green skin the showing briefly between the wafting fronds.

Rolls to identify your foes if you like, or whatever.

2013-03-24, 04:06 PM
"Big things. Green... troll? No... giant? Maybe..."

Bob squints to try and identify what they are.

2013-03-26, 12:11 PM
... underwater carnival parade? Very shy evangelists? Kelp enthusiasts?

Svirikiki looks around, and then down at the drifting strands.

Or... maybe a hidden entrance to a secret underground fortress of giants, heavily guarded?

Svirikiki shakes his head.

I appreciate we're not used to competance, but however unlikely it might seem, maybe we were sent to exactly the right place?

He casually checkes his crossbows are loaded and ready, and then looks down again.

So, are we going to try and talk to them? I doubt it will help, but it would be a shame to indulge in a rampaging orgy of desctruction only to find out we actually wanted the secret lair around the corner from here.

With deep sigh bubbling through his angled teeth, he produces a bundle wrapped in leather, and starts unwrapping it. The sharp smell of blood and pepper is immediately apparent.

This was going to be my lunch. he says accusingly. Roast ankle of halfing in bloodpepper sauce, with just a touch of paprika. Ah well.

He starts to shake the gory packet.

This could take as long as a minute. Try not to make any sudden movements

Telepathic call (only sharks can hear or understand it)
*Here sharks! Free food for sharks! Get it while it's bloody!*

2013-03-27, 09:57 AM
Svirikiki sees the sharks starting to arrive. He makes a big show of waving the meat, and then gathers himself into a ball, holding it in all four hands. With a whoosh he throws it forward with all his might, exploding his lims outwards into a star. The gory packet flies forward before loosing momentum and starting to drift in the current. Slowly, lazily, it describes an arc down into the depths of the kelp bed.

And there is goes, sharkies! Better make sure some other shark doesn't get it first!

Ok, I'm throwing the packet as the sharks arrive, so they can clearly see it and see where it is going, but can't catch it before it hits the kelp. I'm assuming, as a Master Thrower, I can hit a kelp bed.

Svirikiki looks intently on as the sharks close.

Now... let's see what's hiding in there. Sharks get a bit... over enthusiastic when they're competing for the meal.

2013-03-27, 11:57 AM
The sharks arrive, converging towards towards Svirikiki initially.

For a tense couple of seconds they continue their relentless track towards the party before starting to dive and accelerate towards the kelp bed and their bloody target below.

The morsal dropping amongst the kelp causes a reaction from those hidden there, but not as much as the abrupt arrival of a number of ruthless predators.

12 large frog-like creatures spring forth from the kelp to get away from the sharks as they compete for the morsal; one is two slow, his attention focussed on the sharks and one of the dire sharks takes his leg in its mouth before he can escape. In the seconds that immediately follow, the hapless creature is quickly torn assunder by the various sharks as they enter a feeding frenzy.

The remaining frog-men clearly notice you and their attention is split between you and the sharks, as yet unsure which poses the greater threat.

Each of the frog-men is armed with a short spear and wears simple armour, but they seem well adapted to their aquatic environment moving smoothly and freely (apart from the dead one), which is surprising given that they are so large (they are actually Large creatures).that's right, suped-up Kua Toa!

Current initiative order:
Dire Sharks|18

I'll treat the Dire sharks as having acted this round, catching and eating the hapless frog-man. Ugg is up first.

2013-03-27, 12:49 PM
Ugg smiles viciously as he sees the 'frog-people'. He is so happy to see them that he charges at the nearest one and tries to bludgeon him to death with the club...
"Underwater is bad enough... But some frogs dare to attack us? DIE!" he shouts and smiles, showing his sharp teeth... there is also a little madness in his eyes...

If he can charge into the air, without having flying speed, I think he could charge underwater as well...

Power Attack + Leap Attack + Shock Trooper (-7 AC, +21 damage)
Charge (-2 AC, +2 attack)
Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]
If he somehow manages to kill one he would use Cleave
Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

2013-03-27, 07:30 PM
Yhrashnal watches from within the invisibility sphere, biding his time for the perfect chance to strike. His complex brain is constantly working through the enemy's movement patterns and what they are observing.

When he sees several of the Kua-Toa in the middle of their group glance away for a second he springs into action, charging straight through them for one of the Frog-men near the center of their group.

Four hundred pounds of lupine savagery explodes out of nothing among them and Yhrashnal makes it clear to the unlucky one who caught his attention that he is a much greater threat than the sharks.

Yhrashnal charges one of the Frogmen near the middle of their group.

+2 attack (from charge)
+2 attack (from being invisible and attacking sighted opponents)
No Dex to the target's AC (Since I'm invisible)

Attack roll: [roll0]

Grapple check: [roll1]- if successful I grapple that opponent.

Damage if that grapple is successful (Unarmed strike upgraded with Morphic Weapon)-[roll2]

"I can taste your fear, little mortals!"

2013-03-28, 02:00 PM
Bob laughs heartily under the water, producing many bubbles which proceed to freeze over into tiny ice chunks. He seems to almost inhale before exhaling a breath of frosty ice over as many of the frog-men as he can cover.


[roll0] points of Cold damage with DC 22 Fort save for half, plus whatever Delia wants to add.

2013-03-31, 10:10 AM

The swelling green cube tumbles gracefully across the aquatic battlefield leaving a faint trail of green slime in the water - a seemingly impossible maneouver for a creature without any obvious form of propulsion, yet one the ooze accomplishes nontheless.

Unfortunately for the two frozen kuo-toa and their friends, Goopy's elegant trajectory goes right through them.

Okay, DC21 Reflex saves to avoid being engulfed and anyone who is engulfed needs a DC19 Fort save against Paralysis for [roll0] rounds.

Anyone engulfed also takes acid damage (separate rolls per creature)

2013-04-06, 01:56 PM
Svirikiki rushes forward, pulling out a vicioustwo pronged fork as he does so, and stabs at the nearest creature.

Attack with military fork (trident) [roll0] for [roll1] cold iron damage.

2013-04-07, 01:47 AM
As Svirikiki lunges forward his target whips around and stabs towards him with a spear.

AoO for 10ft reach:

The spear misses, barely coming close to the rushing form it was aimed at.

The lone shark darts in to snap at the flailing limbs of one of the frogmen who barely notices the threat in time but manages to bring his weapon to bear to protect himself in time.

AoO against the shark

The spear strikes a solid blow to the flank of the shark, but not sufficiently strongly to deflect the beast from its course.

Attack by shark

Its jaws snap shut and razor-sharp team tear flesh from bone, releasing yet more blood to the developing cloud. The frogman survives the wound but is in a bad way.

2013-04-09, 10:43 AM
Bob's icy breath freezes two of the crowd to frog-flavoured ice-lollies which Goopy quickly swallows up along with two other too focussed on the events around them to react to the threat. Whitescales circles Bob, on the lookout for any threats.

Despite the distraction posed by the spear prodded at him, Svirikiki's aim is true and his fork pierces the abdomen of his target causing significant damage and blood loss.

As yhrashnal presses forward he draws the attention of his target; the hapless frogman rams his spear towards the fanged maw rushing towards him.

AoO [roll0]
Confirm any crit [roll1]
Damage [roll2]
Crit damage [roll3]

Not sufficient to stop the mighty predator he attempts to use the leverage of the thrust to keep him out of harm's way.

Grapple check [roll4]

Yhrashnal brushes the weapon aside as he grabs his prey and begins to tear him limb from limb. The frail limbs of the giant frog prove both easy to ran and easy to break. Bleeding heavily in to the surrounding water the frogman struggles to escape, panic in his eyes!

2013-04-09, 11:41 AM
The four not currently restricted swiftly realise they are likely to perish if they stay and quickly swim away with exceptional speed, although the injure one soon starts to fall behind and it is clear his injuries are getting the better of him.

End of Round 1

Of the twelve frogmen who leapt to face the party, 3 form slowly expanding clouds of blood and meat which the sharks snap at and swim through threateningly whilst a further 4 are inert and engulfed in Goopy's translucent form.

Of the remaining 5; one is held by Yhrashnal and severely injures whilst another has suffered significant wounds at the hands of Svirikiki. The sharks can sense the wounded prey and draw ever nearer.

The three healthy foes have escaped to a distance of approximately 120 feet, their wounded comrade only about 80 feet.

double movement by all of them but the injured one is affected by his injuries (despite the rules).

Damage done league table:

{table]Who|This Enc|Total|Rank
Bob|76|319| 1
Svirikiki|12|236| 2
Ugg|84|197| 3
Yhrashnal|15|99| 4
Goopy|36|71| 5
Whitescales|0|46| 6


2013-04-16, 11:01 AM
Round two

The Dire Sharks immediately give chase to the fleeing prey, quickly chasing down the wounded individual and attacking it.

D Shark 1:
attack roll - [roll0] vs AC 18
confirm crit - [roll1]
damage - [roll2]
any crit damage treated as full (25)

if successful - free action to grab
grapple check [roll]1d20+27[roll] vs [roll3] no AoO

D Shark 2
attack roll - [roll4] vs AC 18
confirm crit - [roll5]
damage - [roll6]
any crit damage treated as full (25)

if successful - free action to grab
grapple check [roll]1d20+27[roll] vs [roll7] no AoO

Grapples taken as successful dispite rolls not working.

The first shark bites the hapless swimmer around the legs, causing massive damage to his already tattered body. Almost simultaneously the other shark bites him around the shoulders and between them they tear their target in half, leaving entrails swaying in the current from either half. Each creature promptly swallows their morsal. They briefly pause in their chase, as if to consider whether to turn back towards the cloud of blood or not.

Svirikiki needs to make a charisma check (DC15) to keep the sharks on side and prevent them charging back to the bloody feast that is your current location

2013-04-16, 12:15 PM
Ugg looks with distaste, through the could of blood surrounding him, at the fleeing opponents.

"That's it?!" he roars disappointed.

2013-04-16, 02:34 PM
I certainly hope that's it, mutters Svirikiki, rather than just the appetiser before the main course.

Look sharks! he says, softly speaking the words to reinforce his telepathic call. Prey, over there, getting away! Chase! No, over there! We're eating too, eaters like you, they're prey.

2013-04-17, 02:18 PM
doh! Charisma check [roll0], including my +4 bonus for dealing with sharks.

2013-04-17, 05:31 PM
Seemingly caught between the desire to chase and the desire to eat, the dire sharks dither briefly before turning back towards the party.

They are both 50' away and heading towards you all.

2013-04-21, 05:08 AM
Svirikiki takes one last attempt to forstall the advance of the sharks.

Now look, this was only funny when you were attack the other guys. I know you're getting all excited but really I'm very big and tough, and you don't want to mess with me just because you're much bigger than I am and have bigger teeth and... um... look, I have a big icy guy and a sort of cube thing you can't see, and this huge muscly thing and you really don't want to mess with me and look I have sharp teeth, you see, sharp teeth!

charisma check [roll0]

2013-04-21, 10:05 AM
The sharks close the gap, circle the group once and then head off without a backwards glance.

The cloud of blood starts to thin leaving Yhrashnal holding his victim.

2013-05-06, 10:01 AM
Svirikiki closes in. With such a recent point of comparison, the similarity of his sinuous movements to those of the sharks that have just departed, is obvious.

Ok now... we're going to play a game, and the game is.. Tell us where all the traps are! Can you manage that or would you rather my little friend here 'remind' you?

intimidate [roll0]

2013-05-06, 10:34 AM
The wounded creature's eyes follow Svirikiki's sinuous motions as he heads towards the group once more.

His already-wide eyes open even wider as Svirikiki comes up close and the water turns a little cloudier as he loses control of some of his baser functions.

"We are warriors of our clan, sent to bring back food and treasure. The merfolk often pass this way with a trade caravan to the ocean giants and we sought to ambush them; then suddenly we were being attacked by sharks and then you. It couldn't have been worse timing, they are due to arrive any minute!"

He is so nervous you have no reason to doubt his sincerity; his eyes start to lose focus and his body becomes limp as the loss of blood and adrenalin hit from the fright become too much and send him in to shock.

2013-05-16, 12:02 PM
"Is that so? You have served your purpose then."

Yhrashnal grinds the Kou-Toa, crushing the pitiful creature with his strength.

Coup de Grace(unarmed strike) damage+damage form automatic crit: [roll0]+[roll1]
Save DC to survive if raw damage doesnt kill it: 54 (Fort)

"Let's prepare to attack; I will prove to these miserable fools who the true predator is."

2013-05-16, 12:10 PM
The frog becomes frog pâté in Yhrashnal's powerful grip; his eyes gaining brief alertness before bulging and bursting along with the rest of his body.

The red cloud in the water thickens briefly, but the currents are already dispersing it and in a couple of minutes there will be little evidence of the brief struggle save some discarded weapons in the weeds below.

2013-05-17, 12:13 AM
"I stand still; squidfolk no see me. Behind me. NOW."

Bob moves off into cover quickly, coating himself with sand before stopping utterly still. His huge form provides a massive amount of cover.

2013-05-17, 07:09 PM
Svirikiki glances around, and then settles himself into a reed bed and partly disappears. Occasional arms and crossbows briefly emerge from hiding place and retreat again, as he fidgets into position, and then all is still.

2013-05-18, 01:38 PM

Tumbling majestically - and seemingly uncontrolably - across the ocean bed, Goopy's colours begin to drain away leaving a barely distinguishable outline in the water.

Goopy doesn't need cover to hide in, nor does he take penalties for moving. He has a racial bonus to Hide equal to his HD, which doubles if he takes nothing but Move actions. Any creature that fails to Spot him and tries to move through a square occupied by him is automatically Engulfed without an AoO or save.

2013-05-18, 09:34 PM
Yhrashnal sinks to the bottom, but does not seem entirely happy he has been forced to hide. Perhaps it is his demonic nature, but everything about his presence suggests he is merely waiting for a chance to charge out and tear something else apart.

The fact that he is still dragging the slain Kuo-Toa with him certainly doesn't help.

2013-05-23, 01:12 PM
As you are settled and know that something is coming you begin to make out the outline of a large something in the distance (around 300'). It soon begins to resemble what it actually is, the front rank of a squad of merfolk soldiers. From this distance it isn't possible to make out what they are armed with, but the way they move marks them out as some sort of organised force rather than a rag-tag band. From the direction they are moving, they will pass nearby coming from right to left.

Biding your time you notice that this is merely the front of a sizeable force, the merfolk are four abreast in their column and it is hard to see the rear rank yet, and there are signs of a still larger shape amongst them.

As they get to approximately 150' you can clearly see that there are about 50 merfolk armed and armoured, with a giant squid-like creature following behind which appears to be tethered to something behind it; this slowly resolves itself to be some sort of underwater cart supporting a cage and several large chests. You begin to see yet more merfolk behind that.
Suddenly, off to the side you glimpse a very large black and white shape, as your eyes are drawn towards it you notice it is accompanied by several smaller, but still large creatures that look as if they have something on each of their backs. This group seems to be following alongside the procession, at a distances, but moving considerably faster.

If you wait until they are a little closer:
the small group turns out to be 10 swordfish ridden by more merfolk accompanied by the whale. The merfolk are well armed and armoured and have an experienced and authoritative air about them.

Of course if you act before they come closer...

Spot checks:

2013-05-25, 01:20 AM
At a silent jesture from their commander, the convoy comes to an immediate halt. Weapons bristle and the Merfolk take defensive postures. You can see that the front and rearmost squads are holding tridents whilst the inner two squads are now aiming vicious-looking harpoon guns in your general direction.

The commander and his bodyguard are alongside the wagon, out of the field of fire and the other individual has taken a position above the wagon, the orca with him slowly circling.

The whole convoy is about 140' from your positions and ready for action.

2013-05-26, 02:59 AM
Start of Round 1

Turning towards you the Captain on his steed calls out, "To the troll and other creatures in that kelp bed over there, whoever you are and whatever your intentions you should know that this convoy is the property of the Lord Varnemis, master of these leagues. We are retiring to him with the spoils of his land. If you interfere with us this day, know that you do so facing his wrath and might.

I suggest you depart from here under our gaze, and nothing further will be said, whilst you still can!"

He makes a gesture to the column and their alertness and posture seems even more threatening (if that were possible).

From above the convoy, the other leader makes a gesture and then pats the Orca on the side of its face. The Orca heads out from the column, in your general direction, without getting between you and the 40-odd harpoon guns pointing your way. It swims in small circles about 100' feet away. Now it is slightly closer you can appreciate its size and see that it's flanks shimmer unnaturally.

Orca delays;
Captain delays;
Other commander (to be known as Druid) casts Magic Fang on Orca (Level 1 spell);
Orca moves closer;
Squad 4 (currently 160' away) ready an action.

Ugg, Svirikiki, Goopy up next.

2013-05-30, 04:42 AM
"So... we have here an army... accompanied by an army... accompanied by a tentacle monster...
I guess I could take them on, but it would take some time to even get to them, in this whole water...
Any ideas?"

Should be enough to inform Goopy what's there... and if talking is free action, nothing changes for now.
If not, Ugg delays action until he hears any answer.

2013-06-05, 10:01 AM
Yhrashnal's eyes burn with gold fire as he summons his fiendish magic. "If you wish to hide then bath in my might, mortals. Our attack must be swift and unexpected." He waits just long enough to give others a chance to enter the spell rang, before releasing a wave of rippling light. A moment later he and those who approached him, vanish.

Popping a use of my Invisibility Sphere SLA to give us a few options.

If Ugg and Svrikiki want they can join me in it; not sure if we should reroll Hide, but a +20 to hide (and not being easily visible in the first place) should help quite a bit. I'm assuming the spell would only target thingsI wanted to target and wouldn't turn the water around us (and the ocean floor) invisible, as that would be pretty suspicious.

If you guys are undecided, delay until my turn and I will lead the charge into the enemies.

2013-06-14, 01:44 PM
Ugg has exactly no idea what "bathing in someone's might" might mean... but he does come a little closer...

2013-06-15, 04:46 PM

Goopy continues its seemingly random tumble through the water, rebounding off a convenient clump of rocks and changing its heading. Whether or not it is even aware of the others' conversation - much less understood it - the cube of transparant slime is now headed directly towards the merfolk.

Double-move towards them, moving Goopy 40ft. Can roll something to detect the direction he should be going in, as he can't actually detect the merfolk.

2013-06-17, 06:43 PM
Svirikiki curses, and drifts forward.

Ah... he calls out, would it be interfering with you to ask for directions? We're a bit lost!

2013-06-30, 02:59 AM
Directions to where exactly? All from this region know where to find my Lord's mansion; what is your business with my Lord and why do you lie in wait for us if you merely need assistance?

The leader looks disdainfully at Svirikiki whilst the rest of his team keep a watchful eye out for trouble and their lances pointed in all directions, circling their mounts and constantly moving.

2013-07-16, 12:59 PM
The Invisible Troll (TM) called Ugg looks at the fishfolk commander for a longer while. After a moment he shifts uneasily, usually hard staring at someone worked quite fine as a conversation starter, then he proceeds to waving his club in a threatening manner and notices that there was no club! ... no hands or the rest of his body either... so that's what "Bathing in someone's might" meant!

Unfortunately the best moment to make the first impression already passed... Ugg leaned at his club and let others do the talking. If they needed him (their leader, after all) he would help them out. Possibly by charging at the enemy...

2013-07-18, 05:52 AM
Svirikiki decides to take the diplomatic approach.

Ok, have a good old stare at us and ask yourself. Do we look local? I mean really?

Ok, maybe that wasn't so diplomatic. He's trying.

And what exactly is our motivation here? We're trying cunningly to extract some information you say is common knowledge around here just so we can get beaten up by a a tentacle monster and soliders who outnumber us, what twenty to one?

Sarcasm is clearly the new diplomacy.

Or.. Are you lost yourselves? In which case, sorry for the embarassment and we'll ask someone else...

2013-07-18, 10:52 AM
"You certainly are a motly bunch, we can escort you to our Lord; but I would still know your business with him before we do. It will not go well for me if I took you there to attack him or steal from him now would it?"

2013-07-22, 05:56 PM
Svirikiki shrugs.

So.. don't take us there. Just tell us roughly where to go. I assume it's pretty obvious, yes?

2013-07-23, 10:01 AM
Pointing past you in to the distance, he says"It's that way, you can't miss it and you'll be there in about 10 mins if you swim fast enough. Alternatively, you can fall in behing the wagon and we will escort you all in?"

From his body language it is pretty clear that being part of the formation would out you on a par with the Kraken, possibly even lower than that and would certainly be his preferred approach. Especially when the mermen with tridents come forward a few yards to present a gap and get their weapons closer to you.

2013-08-19, 04:48 PM
"Excellent. you have served your purpose then."

Yhrashnal darts forward at full speed and slams into the leader, a savage snarl twisting his already lupine face. In a flash of demonic magic his spell of invisibility breaks revealing him just as he bites at the leader's arm, attempting to draw the aquatic being into a close fight it will surely lose.

Charging into a grapple on the leader.
Attack: [roll0] vs the leader’s touch AC. As Yhrashnal is currently invisible it is probably that he gains and additional +2 to attack the leader, depending on the leader’s ability to see Invisible beings.

Opposed Grapple check if that touch attack lands: [roll1].
Unarmed strike damage if that roll beats the leader’s roll: [roll2]

I’ve probably missed a few notes, but it has been a while. Remind me of anything I missed and I’ll correct it OOC.

2013-09-05, 11:23 AM
Yhrashnal appears out of nowhere to grab the Captain and gets a firm grip on him with his teeth and draws him in to a close embrace. As he is not attached to his mount, other than by the bridle, the merman is torn clear. The fangs of the mighty predator draw blood from his prey, which floats like ribbons on the currents caused by the violent movement.

Meanwhile, Goopy floats serenely through the deep; initially unaware of the exact location of his targets, but knowing that they are out there.

He crashes headlong in to the front rank of the harpoon squad infront of the Kraken, easily swallowing almost half of the mermen and their weapons, and imediately starting to digest them. Whilst this does leave the ooze surrounded by enemies, they are not in a position to react immediately as they are unsure what has just happened as their colleagues appear to be slowly dissolving before their eyes.

Goopy needs to roll damage for each of those engulfed (one roll will suffice for them all)

Now let's start the real turn if people want to continue?

Withdraw this:
Orca delays;
Captain delays;
Other commander (to be known as Druid) casts Magic Fang on Orca (Level 1 spell);
Orca moves closer;
Squad 4 (currently 160' away) ready an action.

Ugg, Svirikiki, Goopy up next.
new post to follow.

2013-09-05, 11:48 AM
The Orca, shimmering after the touch of the merman, makes a direct bolt towards the glowing troll and tries to eat him. The beast's fangs close on the troll's torso, crushing a couple of ribs and breaking the skin.

Orca charges Ugg (100') and makes a melee attack (+1 for magic fang):
[roll0] (so close to a crit!)
confirm any crit:
for damage of:
[roll2] (DR4/adamantine)
crit damage:

Orca can hold it's breath for 168 rounds, let's say it had last surfaced [roll4] minutes ago (at 6 rounds per minute) so it has 144 rounds remaining.

The Captain of the Guard attempts to extract himself from Yhrashnal's grasp, but flails ineffectually under the powerful talons of the demon-beast.

grapple roll:

Captain has 50HP remaining.
Grappled AC is 17, normally 18. Touch AC is 11.

The Captain's mount reacts to it's master's predicament by striking at Yhrashnal with it's snout and attempting to swat the beast with its tail. Unfortunately, the movement of the two bodies tumbling in the water and the toughness of the beast's hide mean that the sword-snout merely passes along the demon's flank without harm and the tail slap merely causes a current of water to wash across his snarling face.

Full attack - stab and tail slap
Stab attack roll:
[roll6] vs AC less Dex mod
potential crit:
for damage:
crit damage:

Tail slap:
potential crit:
for damage:
crit damage:

The rear-most squad of harpoon-wielding mermen take defensive positions and ready their weapons in case they are charged.

Squad readies an action to attack if approached.