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2012-10-16, 06:14 PM
The town of Dinseltor, a human settlement was approaching the anniversary of the day the great hero Aderyn drove off the horde of rampaging mythical creatures. The day happened to fall on the same day as the summer equinox. The light from the skies lit up purple, and a small hazy mist seemed to leak out of the sewers, from the crypts, and from the town well water itself. Then they came, faster then horses, stronger then bulls the creatures pulled the people of Dinseltor apart, the day of the equinox arrived, and the caravans brought in new people for trade or for travel, and only 3 of the towns people remained, Thiernial the town drunkard, Alfonso the Wizard of the 7 veils, and Torenica the inn keeper, and town sheriff.

2012-10-16, 06:46 PM

Simon wandered into the strange, local town with a simple pack, and another, more magical pack around his shoulder. He was completely revoked in silence, simply looking out for the random bad things.

2012-10-16, 06:48 PM
Scarlet, the wolf, followed behind Simon quietly, like a trained pet, she'd move from one side to the other, trailing behind him, but making it incredibly clear that she belonged to him nonetheless.

2012-10-17, 11:14 AM
Kallix walks along the same path, his hat set to a brown haired scarred man approaching middle age. His cat, Nexus, pokes her head out of his sack, takes one look at the large wolf and quickly retreats. Kallix raises his hand and gestures at the nondescript black shape circling in the sky. Understanding the arranged signal, Arid flies off to hunt and return later that night for further instruction.

Taking in the large half-elf and wolf duo, Kallix quickens his step and briefly scans for any other danger.

Perception check [roll0]

2012-10-18, 01:09 PM

A tall, wiry man, dressed in simple peasant garb, including a simple, wide-brmmed hat that completely shadows the upper portion of his face, sniffs the air around him. Well... he chuckles in a raspy voice. What have we here?

Using scent ability to sniff out the other three, and anyone else nearby.
For anything of note that's too far away:
Perception: [roll0]

2012-10-18, 01:34 PM

In the shadows of a ruined building, a pale woman fades in to view. Her skin is practically alabaster, and her black hair has a faint blue sheen. She clutches a book in one hand and is staring at at, reading ferociously, and muttering constantly under her breath. She is dressed in old-fashioned, expensive clothing.

Her gaze barely flickers from her book as the others approach.

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-23, 12:09 PM
Donnovan Rosewood

From the other side of town, in plain view along the main road, struts a dusty, proud figure. A large brimmed hat pulled down over half his face, but leaving a grim sneer, 5'o'clock shadow, and glaring eye exposed. Spitting his toothpick onto the ground, he surveys the others on the road, hands stuck out under the thick leather sleeves, fingers twitching over various long-barreled weapons strapped about his form.

Knowing just about the same as the rest regarding what happened to this town, he was naturally suspicious as he shouted town the road: "Idennify Yerselves!"

His hands twitching over the guns are a clear sign that he's ready to draw.

2012-10-23, 12:25 PM

The dusty old town did nothing to please Simon. There were no people to put a show on for, other than followers that irked him to his core, and his companion who pissed him off at times like these. The new man with the ignorance to shout at everyone was the final straw. Simon hefted up a dangerous hand, pulled down three fingers and his thumb, and flashed the yelling man a dangerous middle finger.

With a simple smile, the monk pulls his finger back down with joy. That was a fun testament, and he looked over to his companion, who he snarled at. He REALLY hates it when she's like this.

As for everyone else, Simon finds a cool shade to stand in, and let those arriving play out what they want. He simply waits it out, meditating through thought for a short while.

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-23, 12:34 PM
A few frustrated moments of gritted teeth later, the stranger down the road cannot help put smirk, tilting his head to the side to get a better look at the single-most-ballsy person he had yet to see. Relaxing a bit and letting the small arsenal he carried rest where it did, he tucked his thumbs into his belt and casually sauntered over. When he was within a few paces, he crouched, offering his hand to the rather large animal.

"You'll be polite, wontcha' doggay?"

2012-10-23, 07:30 PM

As a wolf, she started to growl at her visitor, snapping at him until he backed away. Keeping her stance, she circled around Simon, and laid down at his feet, watching the newcomer very closely while she left the talking to Simon for the time being.

2012-10-23, 07:52 PM

"Don't take it personally mate. I'd growl at you, too. If I weren't a smarter species." Without a smile, Simon sat down in front of his companion, and pulled out a board game. He set up the kings and queens, building the army of both black and white, with black being on his side, and white on hers. Of course, being polite, the female made the first move. He sat down with a yawn, balancing on the air like a true monk, waiting his turn.

2012-10-23, 08:04 PM

Scarlet lifted her paw up, nudging the pawn forward for her move.

2012-10-23, 08:14 PM

"You bloody always make that move." mumbling to himself, he lets it slip that she always wins, too. After the two play for a while, Simon is obviously losing to the wolf, and to finish it, he tosses the board against the wall. "Whoops. Musta slipped. Tie game."

2012-10-23, 08:23 PM
Kallix looks at the incredibly odd scene for a few moments before just shaking his head and heading for the town inn. Asjave had told him to lay low for a few months after his last job went south and that entire embassy caught on fire. In fact, he was intending to spend the forced vacation hunting some huge dangerous creature. As this village seemed to have a reputation for drawing them, it seemed like a good place to start.

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-23, 09:46 PM
Cursing, Donnovan naturally backs off a bit from the wolf, he leans against a wall and cannot help but gape at the chess game. Chuckling at the climactic ending, he pops another toothpick into his mouth, still looking about the town.

"So its jus' you, me, the mutt, and that guy?" He casually asks, nodding toward Kallix. He stares for a few seconds, face scrunched up as though to try to recognize him, but he sighs, waves the thought casually away, and continued to watch the other two nearby.

"Y'all mind tellin' me whatcha' doing here?"
He darts another look at Kallix before moving a bit closer to to Simon, and whispers quickly: "Ya' know, I heard there're plenty'a big 'ol beasties around these parts."

Standing up and looking around again, he continues absently: "Yeurrrrrrrp, I can't wait to catch myself sighta one of them babies..." at this point he started twirling one of his over-sized revolvers on his trigger finger, still staring off into the distance. "Jus' the thing I need to get my name out there...Where it belongs."

Sighing, he re-holsters the pistol and turns back to Simon. "But yeah, why're you out here? I'm sure the puppy's quite the guard, but I'm not tew shure you're as safe as ya could be."

2012-10-23, 10:44 PM

Paying no mind to the man up until the last sentence, merely because he was insulting the "Mut", Simon takes offense to the man's questioning of Simon's ability to be a guard to himself. Disregarding the revolver, Simon took a step up to the man. Being the same height may not make Simon intimidating, but being a honed monk of physical perfection, Simon had muscles that the man had never even seen before. His body flexed under the cloak, and they simply ripped small tears into it.

"You walk around with guns, and you feel safe. I walk around knowing that the moment I get this close to someone, I can put them on their back, break their mother-loving jaw, and have them tapping out within the minute. So, do I think I am guarded enough? Why not take another step and find out? I've got nothing to lose. Do you?"

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-23, 10:52 PM
Smile fading, Donnovan flicks his hat up further and again looks over the monk. Clearly outmatched physically, He simply shrugs and rolls his toothpick to the other side of his mouth.

"Feel as safe as you want tew, yer not gettin' me to waste my life in a tussle' with yew. Can't a man make simple conversatin' 'bout a rather snappy dog without having to toss fists? 'Scuse me."

He turns his head and spits the pick off onto the ground nearby.

"You might well be able to keep yerself alive fine 'n' dandy, but I'm not here to watch my back. The things I hear 'er 'round these parts, yew've got to put 'em down hard before they get close 'nuff to rip you into muscly shreds."

He shrugs again, patting one of his revolvers as he continues: "B'sides, I don' wanna risk another scratch on my pretty face."

2012-10-24, 12:20 AM

Simon sits down into a meditative stance again, looking his wolf companion in the eye. He heard the tap of the gun, and scoffed. "Men who carry guns are just too scared to rely on their natural grit. They talk about the thrill of a hunt, or the protection of one's self, but all in all ,they're weak in the mind, and when that connection is broken, so is theirs to the world. No one's asking you to protect them. I'm here to protect one person. The rest of you all can die for all I care."

By the end of the conversation, Simon has made the board, and allowed the wolf white once more, knowing full well how the match will begin and end.

2012-10-24, 12:27 AM

Scarlet looks up from where she had laid her head down after the first game, seeing the board, she'd stand up, leaning over to bite down on the exact same pawn, and move it just like she had the game before, then turned and watched Donnovan while waiting for Simons move.

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-24, 06:22 AM
Again slightly shocked by the near outright verbal attack, Donnovan shrugs, and just chuckles it off. "Whelp, Think what yew want fer now, hate ma' weapon'o'choice if yew wanna', but don' count out my grit jus' 'cus it's a little differen' than the usual. I've got no doubt that yer a helluva' fighter yerself, and I'm secure 'nough ta admit it: hand ta' hand youd hand me my own skull. "

Again, he shrugs, casually pushing off the wall and sauntering off toward where Kallix was: maybe that man would be less outright offensive.

"'Jus makin' friendly conversation', Sir. That's somethin you all 'ought to value out here..."

2012-10-24, 02:18 PM

Simon has already become wrapped up in the on going chess match. Remembering last game, he's played better than before, but still makes sloppy mistakes for the wolf to cackle at, and take advantage of. "Bloody bitch.... why do you have to win every time.."

The word bitch is used grammatically correct. Female dog. It's not meant to be offensive, but more so, correct.

2012-10-24, 02:28 PM
Kallix sees the man approaching and almost backs away, but then he notices the weapons Donnovan carries. He'd of course heard about the strange killing tools, but had never seen one before.

"I couldn't help but see those strange weapons you carry stranger. In my homeland, we have no such things. A great swordsman once said the sole use of combat is to kill your enemy. Abandon all things that do not lead that moment. I believe he would have liked guns very much."

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-24, 03:12 PM
Chuckling in his approach, but still closing in, Donnovan greets him:

"Aye, And by the sound of it I woulda' liked 'im too. What brings yew 'ere, friend? "

Perring closer as he approaches, trying almost too hard to see the others' face, he adds, almost to himself: "Ya seem...Familiar."

2012-10-24, 03:14 PM

Now that others were out of sight, she sauntered off quietly, and shortly later, a beautiful young lady, dressed in all black with a hood covering her face came to join. She still didn't speak, but instead sat down next to Simon, watching the others who chose to visit across the way.

2012-10-24, 03:59 PM

Still scowling about his latest loss to the wolf that left for alone time, Simon packed up his things, and sat down meditating next to the young woman that walked around like she owned the place. He was silent for the first time since him and his wolf companion arrived.

2012-10-24, 04:01 PM

She spoke under her voice. "If that uppity man ever tries to insult me again, Wolf or not, i will force feed him so much magic that he'll forget who he was, and that ridiculous accent."

2012-10-24, 06:03 PM

Looking over at Scarlet with a smile, he just laughed with a little vanish of his smirk. "He called you a mutt." Of course he was practically silent, but it was his laughter that made it all the more funny. Simon rarely seemed to have emotion. but if anything ever bit Scarlet in the ass, he gave a hardy laugh or two at it.

Before too long, the monk pulls out a journal and an ink pen. Tapping it on the cover, he opens to a blank page, and writes down an entire page worth of thoughts, before shutting it within the hour of silence, and looking back to his now humanoid companion.

"I'm bored. Go fetch us a room, so we can sleep, eat, and think."

2012-10-26, 03:22 AM
Though a little off put by the man's somewhat rustic accent, Kallix continued the conversation as politeness demanded. Besides, he could prove a useful font of information concerning the unfamiliar region.

"Merely a coincidence. Such is the life of a traveler, to always be mistaken but never to be known. Myself, I am here to hunt some rather dangerous game. Legends speak of mythical beasts that roam these lands and prey on the weak. When my, business partner, suggested I take a vacation slaying one them sounded like too much of a challenge to resist. If you do not mind me asking, what is your purpose in this small village?"

Toska Moriarty
2012-10-26, 03:28 PM
Hiding the ear-to-ear smirk that ripped it's way across the Gunslinger's face would have been an exercise in futility.

"Well, I've heard some interestin' talk 'bout them beasties myself, and I'm here to try to bag on of 'em. Heh, Looks like I might have a bit of competition with that, raight?"

Chuckling, much more relaxed, he continues a bit: "Let's jus' hope we don' get in eachutha's way. I'm a helluva' shot, but I'd rather not drop the most well-mannah'd person out here."

2012-10-27, 06:20 PM

Scarlet gets up, and moves towards the inn quietly, a tad bit annoyed as she casts a spell while she's unseen, her image being distorted so she looks like a more homely woman, she enters the inn and approaches the innkeeper, smiling like a simple woman. "How much is a room?" She speaks fakely, and acts carefully, studying the innkeeper, and keeping an eye out for anyone else observing her.

Ok, first. Disguise check. Gonna try something. Casting Disguise other on herself when she's unseen. [roll0]

Then, sense motive check to try and see how powerful the innkeeper is, for lack of a better term. [roll1]

Finally, Perception check to make sure i'm not being watched while i talk [roll2]