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2012-10-17, 09:14 AM
The Sin on the Sin of Pride


Deep within the 3.8km of the Sin of Pride gnaws a hidden evil. Wrapped in 22 million tonnes of adamantine and ceramite and hosting some 68000 souls the vessel is a bastion of the power of the Inquisition but not all as it seems.

Cults and xenos hide in the long abandonded sections of the vessel. In airless and broken sections sealed off for centuries the mutant breeds and spreads. Hiding along the edges of the mighty warpsbane hull. The geller impregnated hull shielding their vile presence from the holy light of the Emperor and the purges of the Lord Theocles lie the forgotten reaches where chaos dwells...

5 months ago the acolytes were contacted by a powerful and evil chaos sorcerer Master Kharulan the Artifex who promised things they desired. Powerful rituals to unleash demons, 20 captured imperial confessors and access to ancient and powerful artifacts. Things that called to your dark souls. So you found yourselves sealed away in a small cargo crate that was loaded aboard the Sin of Pride while it hung orbiting the Lathes being outfitted for war against the very creatures that were boarding it. The crate that you were loaded on was opened after ~6 hours and the albino with a split tongue mutant abased himself in an appropriate manner before his betters. The dank and decript surrounding poorly lit and smelling of refuse and waste a welcoming home to you as the leader - Soldevan, a powerful figure amongst the underdeck scum the dregs of an Ensign's uniform still clinging to him - explains where you should and should not go. The various criminal elements aboard the crew and where trouble can be found.

The past 5 months have been exploration and consolidation as you've learned how to navigate the seedy hidden world of the underdeck and where the hidden paths between the dead sections lead. You also learned about other cults and powers aboard the vessel. The artifacts in Lord Theocles possession drawing strange and eseoteric enemies and interests. The Lord Inquisitor having more to hide than any of his followers aboard the vessel know.

2 months ago you lost several of your eyes and ears in the Prow of the vessel and soon the senestive amongst you registered the void in the warp in that area. The powerful xeno cult residing there too powerful even for the likes of you to face. A compact between you and them - no crossing of a certain line the unspoken truce as you both went about your nerfarious duties.

Then the contacts began with the darker hereteks. the weapons they supplied invaluable as the mutants you began to arm spread. A secondary source of guns from the stores another hook in the belly of the vessel. Who knows what the Hereteks want but you chose to steer clear of them as well. The power they were drawing sure to be noticed even by the blind fools in the well lit decks above.

You had endured the attacks on the vessel The hereteks on the Agglomeration either allies nor enemies but distractions as you sought to acquire whatever artifacts that the Inquisitor Lord possesses.

I'm assuming you dwell i the underdecks.
Some suggested starting points.
1. Infiltrate the crew
2. Begin a cult
3. Learn what Theocles has!
-any questions ask in the OOC or in here. let the games begin :smallsmile:

2012-10-17, 11:29 AM
Sid Miles

The shaggy haired heretic takes a long drag from his lho stick and exhales, unfocused eyes watching as the smoke intertwines with those special patterns only he can see. The warp twists and turns, and Sid gazes deep into it's patterns.

"Maaaaaan" he drawls, absent-mindedly commenting aloud to the other heretics, "warp's looking all sorts of sketchy tonight bros. Future maybe ain't so bright, you know?". The wyrd kicks back in his seat on an old and long since looted storage cabinet, yawning a little. He's a tall, lanky fellow, with an easy, friendly smile and a half-lidded gaze that always seems to be aimed somewhere just off to the side.

He gives a snort of laughter as he thinks about it, before adding "Or maybe that's the smoke? Miracles, man".

"So what're we doing tonight, brain?".

Just a little something to introduce Sid.

2012-10-17, 11:52 AM
I guess I could keep Salome and change the class if Caimheul still wants to be an apostate ... so this should still be useful :smallsmile:

Salome stood staring at herself in the mirror. The synskin hugged her form in all the right ways; ways that almost made her take another few minutes to herself. However, there were other sensations to be had, and now was the time to find them. The thrill of working aboard the ship of an Inquisitor had its own delicious brand of adrenaline ... the group walked a razor's edge of advancing the will of the Ruinous Powers while avoiding the attention of the powerful elements Theocles controlled.

Sighing, she turned from the mirror and languidly walked back to the small table and taking a seat. Glancing around, she smiled again at the well furnished room; perhaps not as nice as should benefit one of her station, but better by far than any the others of her cult. Having earned a coin or two in her time, she commanded a greater amount of wealth than most of the others, and enjoyed the advantages it brought.

Looking down at the written note on the table, she read the possibilities Soldevan had laid out. The thug thought himself a power aboard this ship; how little he understood of true power. Perhaps she would convince Sid to demonstrate what power might look like. Of course, the former Imperial Navy lapdog was just dancing to the strings Master Karulan pulled. Now he had power ... but the question for the sorceror would be, could he keep it? In this world, betrayal was a fact of life, and change the only constant.

Bah, she was daydreaming again. Pulling her hand back up from where it had been caressing her inner thigh, she focused on the note. Theocles had an artifact, perhaps more than one, and the sorceror wanted it. It must be mighty indeed, given the promises Karulan made to them ... which meant it would be heavily guarded. In order to get to the artifact, they would need a distraction. The heretek's and the xenos-spawn were excellent patsies, but they also served as cautionary tales - awaken the sleeping dragon and invoke its wrath. Both had acted, loudly and clumsily, and paid dearly for their arrogance. No, if this small cult were to be successful, it would require subtlety and subterfuge. A silent and sneaking serpant hidden amongst the masses, where that fruggin' golden confessor who kept a constant stream of imperial drivel wouldn't notice ... until it was striking at his breast.

They could start with a grass-roots campaign, something to start the masses thinking about something other than the Carion King. Then, a few select outbursts, timed with efforts from the tech priests and xenos. Finally, a full-scale uprising, perhaps emphasized with a being from the blessed Warp.

Once Theocles and his precious retinue and mutated giants were focused elsewhere, the artifact would be hers for the taking. All it would take was a friend or two in the right place at the right time. She needed to find out who aboard this ship might be susceptible to the temptations of the Prince of Pleasure ... and then find what poison best slaked their thirst. Now it was time to find the others and stir up a little chaos ...

Walking into the room, Salome glanced around at the others of their little cult. As was to be expected, Sid was lounging to one side, staring idly at his own smoke rings. She caught his question as she entered.

"So what're we doing tonight, brain?"

Smiling, she responded. "The same thing we do every night, love. Try to take over the ship. Now, who among my cute, little outcasts is up for a little insurrection, hmm?"

My intro ... and at some point Salome will try to find out a little about the ship and it's senior members. Never can tell when someone on the bridge might be a crazy sex-freak who could possible be the target of a Slaanesh temptress ... I'm just saying. What roll is that, Inquiry? (TN 64, [roll0])

PS - I had Salome as someone who could blend in with the ship (her trade's remembrancer ... she takes pretty pictures). Should she take Peer with a different group on board the Sin? Like Administratum?

Finally, I think I've got two more acquisitions to make ... any recommendations from the crowd?

2012-10-18, 03:43 PM
Sid Miles

The wyrd flashes Salome a lazy grin in greeting. "Oh man, I am all over that stuff, my sweet sexy-sis".

"So hey" he drawls excitedly, as if he'd already been thinking of bringing it up already, "I was giving it some thought myself and I reckon, if we're gonna grab whatever it was that car-van dude wanted to pick up, we need to know where it actually is, you know? And I thought about it some more, gave my think-pan a bit of a righteous little workout and all, and I'm pretty sure there's like two ways we can do that. We can be all subtle and stuff and just, like, check which bits of the ship the big ol' greyface prime has got locked down tighter than a sororitas' chastity belt, not that those things're actually as hard to get into as you'd think, 'cause one of them is probably where we want to look. That's the places with the security and stuff, not the sororitas' chastity belts. Maybe shift through some rumours to see which door is hiding our grand prize. Orrrrrr, we can find someone who'd be in the know, probably like one of the greyface's flunkies, and unless they're a total badass I can be all, like, lifting the secrets right outta their greyfaced grey meats without them even noticing". Sid's ramblings seem about as focused as usual.

"Or we can do both, I guess" he adds with cheerful indifference.

You may notice that Sid's speech is a little off. This is because he'd actually be dropping some form of obscenity in almost every sentence, were I not censoring it due to the forum rules.

2012-10-18, 10:43 PM
Gregor Verduyn

In one corner of the room, hunched over a crate now performing he same job as a table, the Heretek Gregor Verduyn carefully continues stripping the skin and flesh from a dead genestealer the mutants had managed to save from the consuming flames of ignorance and fear the Corpse God's worshippers would have fed this treasure trove of information to. As he works, he occasionally "speaks" in soft bursts of crackling, screeching tones to a servo skull floating nearby, recording the procedure. The large incisions are made by one of the mechandendrites emerging from somewhere somewhere within the heretek voluminous robes. The fine, detail work is carried out by the blades extending from the fingers of his right hand, the flesh parting at the merest touch of one of the blades.
"Or we can do both, I guess" At this he looks up, dead eyes giving away nothing of Gregor's emotions, the entire lower half of his face replaced by a metallic grille vaguely resembling the lower half of a skull.
<Blundering about secure areas is likely to attract attention. Given the recent discovery and subsequent purging of the advanced xenos and foolish hereteks, only utter fools would not have increased their protections upon the type of treasure we are likely seeking. The latter of the options you put forward are likely the best suited to locating items of interest, especially as people have a... fortunate habit of disappearing on vessels such as this one. Should your attempts at penetrating their mind psychically fail, there are other ways to... entice information out of an unwilling subject. > This last he emphasises by momentarily retracting the blades on his hand one by one, a series of soft snicking sounds piecing the air. He turns to the servo skull as if listening to it, then slapping it as if it said something impertinent. <Yes, you fool I was getting to that! What have I said about interrupting me?> he scolds the silent, floating skull. <Should we decide to attempt to create a following within the crew, we should take note of our failed competition and strive to avoid making similar mistakes.>

2012-10-19, 09:00 AM
As you linger in the dingy underreaches of the vessel you can hear the faint "thumps" of Furies and Starhawks landing beneath you from your lair above the landing ramps.

As you wait, the slow crackle of peeling exoskeleton from the heretek in the corner is drowned out by the heavy metal planks being dragged open and one of the mutants creeping in. His fingers, all seven of them heavily webbed with large boggled bluish eyes. "Masters. We've top deckers down in near by. They looking around in some of the old decks"

To Sid's mind the mutant's words are drowned out by a sudden scream. A piercing scream that only he can hear that bores into his psyche. Soething bad just happened- though to someone else.

The mutant continues on "Heard that we won some battle. Some station was torpedoed away. We going to be landing some troops down on the planet."

2012-10-19, 11:04 AM
Sid Miles

"Man, some dude is having a craaaaazy bad headache right now. All screaming into the warp and stuff" Sid comments, grimacing and rubbing his ears, as if they had anything to do with the sound he just heard. Why do all those other dudes have to be all screechy and stuff? Couldn't they be more, like, 'ow, dude my head just exploded'? Be way easier on his ears.

"Maybe one of those gimp dudes, the sanctioned whatevers, finally goofed hard enough that the corpse on the fancy chair couldn't save 'em? Be downright miraculous" he wonders with a smile, paying little attention to the mutant. Salome and Greg could figure out what to do about that, he was gonna take a looksie and try to suss out what made that little racket. Assuming he can remember which shade of barkbeast was supposed to be west today.

I wonder what could have made that noise? :smalltongue:

Just so everyone is clear, despite spending so much of his time staring at it, Sid is actually pretty rubbish at reading the Warp. It's all just pretty lights and colours to him.

Psyniscience: 36 VS [roll0]

2012-10-19, 11:05 AM
Listening to the others, Salome smiled her secret smile. "These are all fabulous ideas, but do not be like most men, and rush through it. This must be something we savor, my sweetmeats, relishing the delightful opportunity to bring chaos to an Inquisitor's ship. Most of these ilk walk the razor's edge, thinking the ends justify the means ... silly fools, never understanding that the means justify the means, and the end is neverending."

Watching the heretek work, she shook her head. "Oh that I had met you before your unhealthy facination with machines, dear Gregor. But at least your focus provides you with a measure of insight. If we do not heed the lessons of others, we shall fail in our own efforts. Our xenos counterparts failed to understand the hatred with which most of humanity views their ilk ... we shall offer them something more relatable ... desirable. We shall play upon the classics - pride, envy, sloth, gluttony, lust, greed and wrath. The seeds are sown in everyone upon birth. We simply need to water their precious little gardens."

The mutant's abrupt arrival and announcement brought her attention to the hanging questions at hand. "Who are these people below? A normal patrol, hunters of the xenos cult, the misbegotten sons of the False Emperor, or something else? Find out quickly, least they stumble upon our assembly.

As for this battle, perhaps there is an opportunity here. If we can find out why they go to the surface, we may be able to sabotage their efforts ... by either denying them what they seek, or sabotaging their transports.

What do you think, gentlemen?"

She clearly spoke to Sid and Gregor, the only two heretics she deemed to be at her station. Sid responded with some remark about a psychic event, to which she frowned. "Perhaps it is our intrepid wanderers above ... what might they have awoken in their stumbling about in the dark? And how can we benefit?"

To herself, she wondered, And what curse does this ship possess to find itself under seige from so many competing interests? Surely this is a sign from the Powers ...

For the record, I'm okay with conflicting desires, missions and the like. However, I'd prefer to avoid direct conflict with our other characters!

Now, did my skill check for Inquiry garner anything related to the crew (i.e., who might be susceptable and the like)? Also, here are a couple of rolls for
Forbidden Lore - Heresy (TN 46): [roll0]
Forbidden Lore - Inquisition (TN 46): [roll1]
Scholastic Lore - Occult (TN 46): [roll2]
Scholastic Lore - Legend (TN 46): [roll3]

Trying to figure out if Salome has heard anything about why the Sin is going after this planet ... what artifact is on board ... details about Theocles and his allegiances ... etc

EDIT Okay, ninja'd by tome ... and what were you saying about reading the warp? He seems pretty good to me! I, on the other, will return to some of that luck that made me famous!

2012-10-19, 11:42 AM
Gregor Verduyn

<Your genetics is far to limited to have ever enticed me, even prior to my time in the deluded, close-minded priesthood of Mars.> the heretek drones without looking up from his gristly work. <It is my opinion that you are focusing too much on the goal that they are leaving the ship to complete, and not enough on the simple fact that they are leaving the ship. Depending upon which of the senior crew departs, this may provide us with the opening we need to begin corrupting the crew, or further some other machination with a lessened risk of discovery.>

2012-10-19, 11:58 AM
Salome shrugged. "No one ever complimented me on my genes, so perhaps you are right. Regardless, I suggested a number of options, one of which concerned taking advantage of a trip to the planet's surface. However, until we know who is going, who stays behind may be a moot point.

Will you be able to infiltrate their systems to determine who shall be traveling to the planet? Or will we need to engage in numerous variations of pressing the flesh?"

2012-10-19, 12:16 PM
Gregor Verduyn
<That depends on if they yet trust the ship's systems. Those foolish disciples of Umbra Malygris attempted to eradicate information about their movement from the ship's computers, resulting in increased security protocols and a decrease in the information that is available from the general network. I will however see what I can discover.> he says as he reaches for his datapad.

[roll0] Tech use I believe? AFB right now

2012-10-19, 04:26 PM
As the dark temptress muses things over she watches the data slate in her hands again. The actos on the screen involving the Chief Helmswoman almost as acrobatic as some of the acts that she herself practiced. The name, Regina, one to remember and one to look upon as a weak link among the highly ranked command crew.

Even as she considers things she mulls over what sort of artifacts the Inquisitor Lord may possess that has attracted such a high degree of attraction from all manner of nefarious powers. A daemon weapon, a yu'vath artifact or some other xeno tool, maybe even some even greater artifact like a key to eldar gate network. Though the orbit above Morwen suggests something like a xeno artifact.

Sid reclining anaylsys the psychic scream, the strange flavour of it like a chewy slimy maggot in his mind. But its alien. Very alien with no trace of humanity. Distinct from the cold cool alien intellect of the xeno that was being messily dissected in the corner.

Gregor, his mind spinning - with literal cogs - considered the possibility. Hacking into some of the security data ports should be possible. Even into some of the surveillance feeds for launch bays and drop pods but not from here. Not from the dingy unpowered festering pit that the mutants and underdeck scum were confined to. For real access he would have to head above decks where power and access could be guranteed.

2012-10-20, 05:43 PM
Sid Miles

"You know it'd take more than that to get his servos whirring Sals" he comments absent-mindedly, "man can't appreciate the finer things in life like we can. Though speaking of getting Greg's servos whirring...". He flashes a grin at the heretek. "Greeeeg. Greg. Gregy Greg Gregor, Gregarious Gregatron prime. Greg. I found something you'll wanna seeeeee".

"Something aaaaall xeno-y and stuff. In kind of that direction" he adds, pointing vaguely in the general direction of the disturbance he felt. "Reckon you'll be all wanting to go take a peek at whatever it was. Seemed like your sort of deal".

"Anyways, I'd say me and Sally could put on our fancy dress and go see if we can't get some officer to tell us the latest news - like exactly who's going off-ship, you know?".

According to the rules for Psyniscience, Sid should know where the disturbance came from. Even if he is too scatterbrained to know what that translates into in terms of how to get there.

2012-10-20, 11:09 PM
Gregor Verduyn

The heretek ignores the warp-addled wytch until he mentions a xenos presence nearby. At the mention of an inhuman psychic presence, Gregor looks up and narrows his eyes. <Was it of the same type that these fantastic creatures emitted? Or has a new player entered our little game?> he asks as one of his mechandendrites pulls a ragged, blood stained sheet over the xenos corpse on the table, in a vain effort to protect it from contamination while he investigates this new revelation and perhaps sneaks into the upper levels for a quick peak at their computer systems.

2012-10-21, 05:41 AM
Sid Miles

The warp-addled wyrd shakes his head, then shakes it a little more, 'cause the warp is singing some sweet jams right now and headbanging is always the right response to those choirs invisible. "Nah man, it was all like, something totally new. Pretty close too".

2012-10-21, 08:30 AM
As you mull things over another mutant - this one a humanoid shape malformed and covered in twisted flesh as if it had been a candle and melted. "The filth is leaving the underdeck. You want us to get em' Masters?"

The DH acolytes are indeed just escaping

As Sid "tastes" the psychic impression he's fairly siure its one that he has never encountered A new xeno maybe? Certainly a new experiment for Gregor. Though the proximity and direction of this psychic scream would tally with where the creatures loyal to the Corpse God where found by some of their followers.

2012-10-22, 03:05 PM
Salome listened to Sid and Gregor speak for a little, wondering if this new xenos incursion might have anything to do with what was on board the Sin of Pride. The discussion was interrupted by one of the more mutated heretics. "The filth is leaving the underdeck. You want us to get em' Masters?"

Glancing back to the others, Salome shook her head. "It is probably best that we do not alert the ship to our presence just yet. However, we should investigate this xenos signature that Sid has detected. And if they have left any behind, then perhaps my darling Bral will find someone to play with." She looked coyly to a shadowy corner where a large lump of a man sat quietly, twin chainswords across his back. What used to pass for skin was now some sort of chitinous hide, but much of that was hidden beneath the light carapace armor it wore. Blood red eyes stared out from an oddly shaped skull, scanning the area around Salome with fevered interest.

Smiling, she turned back to Sid. "Where did you 'see' this signature, Sid?"

2012-10-22, 03:57 PM
"Did'n I say it already? Man, thought I had" Sid replies, shaking his head. "Sorry chicka".

"It's all in that direction" he indicates, pointing off at an angle with one arm, "close enough to be down here in our little impromptu kingdom. Not sure where that'd be in terms of maps, but I got a pretty good feel for it if you're all wanting me to lead us there".

2012-10-22, 04:21 PM
<That will likely be the most advantageous course of action, your presence may be required in order to analyze anything our search turns up through the Warp. Additionally, it may assist in navigating the labyrinthine passages.> Gregor contributes.

2012-10-22, 04:52 PM
Glancing around the rest of the lurking heretics, Salome lowered her voice to a sultry, throaty growl. "I suggest we leave our lesser companions to secure this area, unless you wish any to accompany us. While I welcome the opportunity to experience new sensations, surprise that our cohorts have been discovered because they attempted to act without supervision is one that we can save for another time.

Shall we, my dears?"

As they readied themselves to search for the sign of the xenos, Salome laid a hand gently on Gregor's arm. "And my thanks again, dear Gregor, for your assistance in developing Bral's potential. I applaud your decision to forego the standard nerve blockers - his screams and howls were positively delicious, and a feast for She Who Thirsts. He is quite the brute now ... well done!"

2012-10-22, 07:01 PM
"Right, right, let me get my threads on..." Sid grumbles treading off to his quarters with a degree of reluctance. He returns a few moments later wearing his armour, tweaked to blend in with any imperial dogs (bow wow, woof woof) that might encounter them.

"How do I look" the Wyrd asks, striking a pose to show off his false uniform as he throws a mock salute. His armour is a common pattern used by the Imperial guard, and makes him seem honest and sincere, while Sid's own features are forgettable and easily fade into a crowd. The marking of the Scholastica Psykana have been added to the uniform, and his warp staff camouflaged with the addition of an external casing about the runes and an aquila to the tip.

"Can't be too sure, but I reckon we'd be all not wanting to give the whole game away on the off chance some of those wind-up lackeys stuck around to observe. You know?".

Deceive: 59 (Base 34 + Unremarkable 20 + Armour 5 + Disguise Kit ??) VS [roll0]

I'm not sure what bonuses a Good Craftsmanship Disguise Kit actually gives, but Sid has one. DrK, any word from you on what effects that has?

2012-10-23, 12:18 AM
Minutes later the 3 heretics are ready. Garbed in the dress of the Imperials - or at least (I presume) hiding their monstrous form underneath the red robes of a tech priest.

Heading out with a few words of direction from the local dregs and scum they come to an unlit corridor faintly filled with greasy black smoke from a small fire burning upon the floor.... The faint emanation, an echo of an echo resonates from the flames where the psychic scream had been.

Whatever acolytes of the Imperial dogs long gone now.

GC Disguise kit will give you a +10

2012-10-23, 09:41 AM
Standing there with her mesh cowl pulled around her shoulders, Salome smoothed out the synthskin she wore underneath, almost subconsciously lingering over the more sensitive parts of her body. Her gaze took in the expanse of the underdecks, the smell of bodily fluids and musk hung thick in the air, like the perfume of some back alley.

As she catalogued the area mentally, she also brought out her pict-recorder, taking pictures of areas that spoke to her. It was took bad they were wearing their masks, today, posing as loyal imperials for the sake of caution - she would feel more comfortable if Bral were standing guard. Looking over at Gregor and Sid, she shrugged away her concerns ... their abilities should be more than sufficient to keeping them safe.

"Sid, love, where did the xenos contact originate from?"

Awareness (TN 48): [roll0]

2012-10-23, 11:24 AM
"Aww man, the corpse-lovers already roasted it" Sid moans, gesturing at the blackened fragments. "Greg man, it still worth anything to you?". He throws the heretek a nervous grin.

"So what're we up to now? Head on up and start collecting gossip? I can switch my threads over for Guardsman if we're gonna try the sneaky-sneaky mind-reading ploy, be way less suspicious".

2012-10-23, 01:18 PM
Gregor peers at the burned remains, utility mechandendrite shifting through the remains for any larger pieces or anything that seems particularly interesting. <Doubtful. I would prefer it if the remains were of something biological in nature. And not destroyed by those close minded zealots of course.> Meanwhile, his silent companion begins scanning the area with an auspex.

Right, Gregor first: Awareness: [roll0] TN 13 (can you tell I rely on the Servo skull to see anything?)
Tech-use for identifying useful/interesting bits: [roll1] TN 59

Falk: Tech use for Auspex: [roll2] TN 25
Awareness: [roll3] TN 30/40 Sight and/or Sound

2012-10-23, 02:40 PM
Some 30 minutes of tramping through corridors and all it ends here. A piss soake corridor and some burning xeno remains that have slowly guttered out.

The heretek sifting through the wreckage finds a couple of possible scraps of strange alloy but nothing else. However he does hear and does sense on the auspex the faint ping of movement nearby as the sound of heavy boots and faint voices approach.

The noises resolve themselves into 4 large men a lithe whip thin women. All heavily cloaked in heavy robes to disguise the unforms beneath. All clutching various auto-weapons in their hands. As they approach you can hear the women sneering... "A pair of armsmen and a magos.... what could they be doing down here?"

One of the men - a gorrilla like thug with bald head and aqulla's tatooed either side of his skull guffaws slightly cracking his massive ham fisted kuckles. "Don't know miss but I'm thinking they won't be walking away..."

The women smiles as she cradles the hilt of her lathe boarding shotgun. "You'd be best be freezing there me pretties. Or My friends will be blowing your heads and having fun you pretty girl friend.." For the acolytes of the Dark Gods its a strange situation being threatened by apparently some locals!

2012-10-23, 03:30 PM
Seeing this group, Salome smiled her devestating smile. This was a situation ripe for exploitation. The group's comments clearly spoke volumes about the situation. First, the woman was the accepted leader, by her action and attitude, and corroborated by the large one's deferrence. Two, she was not romantic with any of the four, else she would not be offering up a woman of Salome's ... physique ... to be enjoyed by her minions. Third, there was an undercurrent of jealousy in her overtones of ruthlessness, by her willingness to offer up a fellow female to the predations of the men serving her.

Spoken like an unknowing disciple of the Prince.

With both hands raised, Salome flowed, rather than strode, forward, body swaying to emphasize only the hint of possibilities, rather than a blatant display. But where the actions would be enough to distract the men, shallow as most were, she would have to take a different track to keep the woman's focus. Something simple ... perhaps simply touching on the ever-present dynamics involved when a female was in a superior position to male subordinants? Yes, a tale as old as the first combined unit ...

"Freeze? My lady, all my best techniques require more than a modicum of movement! But that is neither here nor there. I hope that we can reach some sort of understanding before things turn violent ... my companions and I were simply looking for a place that would provide a certain amount of ... discretionary separation from the rest of our brothers and sisters. Perhaps you seek a similar situation? I mean, I appreciate your complements and confidence that you have in my ability to 'entertain' your men, but would that not upset the attraction they have for your own considerable attributes? I see how they look at your even now ..."

Not sure if I'm Charming (TN 54) them or Deceiving (TN 64) them, but trying to keep them focused on my and on each other. Here's a roll ... apply where you will :smallsmile: [roll0].

2012-10-23, 06:15 PM
Sid, content to let Salome do her talking thing, idly wonders if he should make one of them shoot their leader in the back. But that might mess up whatever Sal has going. So he asks, in the most direct, not to mention invasive, way possible. Suppressing a yawn, because man don't these folks have something better to do, he worms his way into Salome's head and leaves a message. "Yo, Sally, let me know if you want me to have them start shooting each other or stuff".

Thought Sending, Fettered
Focus Power: 121 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficulty 40) vs [roll0]

Mind Probe, Fettered
Focus Power: 81 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10) vs [roll1]

2012-10-24, 02:20 PM
"Yo, Sally, let me know if you want me to have them start shooting each other or stuff".

Thought Sending, Fettered
Focus Power: 121 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficulty 40) vs [roll0]

Mind Probe, Fettered
Focus Power: 81 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10) vs [roll1]

Salome felt Sid's presense within her mind, something she wasn't sure she liked without permission. Of course, there was a certain intrigue in the way it felt, his mind sliding across her lobes ...

Hold that thought, love. I want to see how this plays out, first ...

2012-10-24, 02:56 PM
Even as the hulking brutes move towards the heretics the slim woman holds up a hand watching Salome with a slightly confused eye. "Who are you? Are you even part of the crew?" the questioning tone and a sugegstive note as if she can see a use for the Crusade team. "Hold men. Lets see what this lady and her friends have to say."

Her eyes widen slightly as she sees the true nature of Gregor, the heretical bent of some of the mechandrites- all blades and surgical tines. Again she leans forward motioning her bodyguards a few paces back to not overhear her words. "Again, who are you?"

2012-10-24, 03:04 PM
Salome's smile widens. "Oooh, methinks I sense a kindred spirit here ... what sins lurk within the sin of pride? Let us simply agree that we are both women who understand that not all activities need be done by light of day. Knowing the value of a dark, secluded spot away from prying, inquisitive eyes can be a godsend, don't you agree?"

2012-10-25, 02:42 PM
The woman, now looking slightly confused, smirks slightly at the pun of "sin on the sin of pride". "What are you up to here? You certainly are not of the crew. But...." she runs a hand down Salome's face and taps her nose. "Are you an ally or an enemy?"

2012-10-25, 05:46 PM
Raising an eyebrow, Salome laughed outloud. This was almost too easy ... which meant that she should probably be cautious. With a thought to Sid, she asked, Sid, dear, can you delve into the pysche of our dear lady here without alerting her? I would LOVE some insight into her thoughts and intentions ...

Aloud, she simply shrugged. "My scrumptous morsel, look at me ... I am a much better ally than an enemy. What shall we a-lie upon?"

2012-10-25, 06:03 PM
Right-o, Sally girl.

Sid, currently blending into the background in the role of a faceless minion, casts an idle gaze upon the leader of the trio and stares straight into her soul. But in a subtle sort of way, you know? Be all silky touch and go ghosting in and out, through the lady's lobes. It's all just more pretty lights to Sid.

Thought Sending, Fettered
Focus Power: 121 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficulty 40) vs [roll0]

Mind Probe (subtle), Fettered
Focus Power: 61 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 20) vs [roll1]

Still sustaining the Mind Probe on Salome.

2012-10-28, 04:45 PM
Hey Tome.

What thoughts are you hunting for in the Lady's head?

2012-10-29, 05:06 PM
The women looks at the slaneeshi renegade with a strange, almost hungry look on her narrow face. To Sid rifling through her surface thoughts he can feel aggression fading. Or at least towards to Salome. The others, Sid inclued, she care ought for.

The young lady looks up at the others, "If you come, do they come too or are they expendable." The question driected at Salome encompasses all of the other heretics. Sid still rifling around her head can feel the honest truth.

Waiting for Salome's response, "As for you. You can come with me. I have some nice Craich to drink if you wish". A thoght of pure pleasure at the thought of such a forbidden liquid!

2012-10-30, 09:15 AM
Presuming that Sid shares the basic gist of what he learns ...

Salome smiled sweetly, her lavender eyes wide and innocent. "My dear, good help is hard to find, so you'll understand if I wish to keep my playthings a bit longer. However, if you wish to have a private discussion, I'm sure they can find something to amuse themselves while we amuse ourselves. Craich, you say?"

Don't recognize the drink ... Forbidden Lore (heresey) TN 51 - [roll0]
EDIT - like I said, don't recognize the drink ... or food ... or drug ... or whatever it is.

Willing to find a little spot alone for some girl-on-girl ...uh ... discussions. Of course, she might be seducing me, so we'll keep Sid firmly ensconsed in her noggin (insurance, you know). This might be our in to the upstairs ... linking up with the black market could give us more access and not require any slaughter ... for now :smallsmile:

2012-10-31, 01:32 AM
The woman nods and beckons the heretics to follow her. "Have a care above deck. Do not speak and keep your heads down. THis is the above decks on an Inquisition vessel. No one should look too cheerful." the statement made with a smile as she relished how ridiculous it all was.

Its a short 10-15 minute walk along some disused passageways before they reach a sealed bulkhead. She pulls a datapad from her pocket and carefully enters a code before slowly opening the bulkhead and making sur ethe coast is clear. "Come. We are on action stations and we are on "patrol" she mutters gesturing to the louts still eyeing Salome's companions suspiciously.

A brief jog down 3 corridors and up a ladder leaves the grou outside a disused cargo bay. A worn and creased looking ministratum notice explaining that the cargo hold lacks atmospheric control and needs repair now 8 years out of date. Again she enters a code onto the aquilla key pad by the door before the door slides open and chaos reigns within! "Behold my kingdom little one" she whispers to Salome.

The cargo hold is busy. A few tough looking guardsman stand by the door with nail guns and other brutish weapons to quell trouble and beyond a dozen peaked tents surround stills, cooking fires and a lively market with a dozen stalls and hundred or so traders and buyers.

2012-10-31, 05:38 AM
Sid just follows along, all up and being a good little minion, grinning a vague little grin as he worms his way as far as he can into the woman's thoughts. Man, some dudes are like, totally clueless about psyker stuff, you know? Else they'd take better precautions and stuff, but that'd totally ruin Sid's thing he has going on here.

Sid sustains the Mind Probe on the lady during the trip, which is probably more than enough time for him to make the additional checks he needs. Let's see how far in he gets.

Focus Power 1: 61 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 20) vs [roll0]
Focus Power 2: 61 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 20) vs [roll1]
Focus Power 3: 61 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 20) vs [roll2]
Focus Power 4: 61 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 20) vs [roll3]

2012-10-31, 03:32 PM
Salome watched carefully from under her hood, remembering every turn and twist. Even the code entered would be simply to memorize, assuming she could distinguish the numbers. Of course, Sid could pull the information from the woman's mind ... or Gregor could seize it from the electromagnetic aether.

Once they entered the hidden area, she widened her eyes and 'oooohed' appropriately. Her smile was real, however, for here could be sown the seeds of discontent that would consume this ship and its Imperial todies. Turning from the masses, Salome grinned. "Since we are sharing, I am Siryn and I'm looking for something more ... 'filling' than empty service to a veritable meat grinder. What is your name, and what are your goals?"

2012-11-01, 05:11 PM
The woman's thoughts are complex to Sid's mind. He can only catch the briefest smippet of her thoughts. The constant need to stop and concentate irrutating her guards and depriving him of the chance to break her mind fully.

Its a full round action as well so everytime you mind probe you stop walking :smallsmile:

Her thoughst are mostly benign. Interest in the new people she has met,and a cruel streak as her mind wanders but underneath that a cold brutal personality that likes dominance and desires power.

The woman looks at "Siryin" and waves her and her entourage into the bustling underdeck market. Tellingly many people move back - moving away from the young woman with looks of fear as she heads to some ramshackle structures near the back. A couple of thugs with large blades and handguns lloking at you meaningfully.

Inside a selection of throws cover crates and disused ammo boxes making it almost homely with the small fire burning and "meat" atop the flames. A bottle of somethig strange, purple and exotic is put up. "Here they call me "the razor" so that should suffice. I desire... well a lot of things." She laughs slyly pulling the cork form the bottle and unleashing a thick purple vapour. "Craich. the druchii drink it. A potent drink for our limited human palette." She offers it you all in small tin cups.

Are you accepting the Dark Eldar booze

2012-11-01, 09:58 PM
A tall, thin, woman approaches. You recognize her as your ally, Myrwenna. She is still clad in her ragged uniform and spotless carapace armor. From watching her practicing, you know that the bolt-pistols on her belt are not just for show, although they too are kept in parade ground condition.

"I wouldn't, but y'all can try it if ya' like," She drawls. "But first, I come bearing gifts..." She indicates several parcels held under her arm. "Scored these from one of the boys over there, might come in handy," she says as she distributes Cameoline cloaks to the group.

2012-11-01, 10:26 PM
<I was wondering when you were going to catch up with us. I am glad to see your mission had come to an adequate conclusion.> Gregor addresses the recent arrive as he studies the fluid in the cup presented to him before carefully wafting the odor of the fluid towards his olfactory sensors for analysis. He briefly holds out the cup to be scanned by his ever present servo skull. Finally, a flexible tube extends from the front teeth sculpted into his respirator, taking in the fluid for further analysis.

Right, so Gastro bionics make Gregor immune to all ingested toxins and harmful materials (Which should include such things as alcohol and other drugs/beverages/foodstuffs... considering he can live off a steady diet of CHARCOAL if he had to...)
Oh and in addition to my other rolls in case this one is better
Medicae: [roll0] TN 69 - 6 degrees of success I think? I'm not sure, I'm not used to succeeding at skill checks...
And Tech use for Auspex to detect poison: [roll1] TN 25

2012-11-02, 12:42 PM
Are you accepting the Dark Eldar booze

Uh, hello, Slaanesh here! HELLZ YEAH!

Salome smiled as she gazed around. What a delicious irony - all this under the very noses of the very Inquisition that sought to stamp out such activities! This would make an excellent source to draw from, whether to garner objects of dubious origin or a base to insinuate themselves into the more mainstream portions of the ship.

As they approached what she assumed was a base of operations of sorts, Salome noted the reactions of the people around 'Razor.' The fear was palpable, which was good. If they could control or manipulate this woman, they would have a powerful tool to work their magic. If she couldn't be controlled, then they could at least keep close and monitor her ... until teh time when she was no longer useful.

During their walk, Myrwenna came up. "Ah, dear heart, I was wondering where you had gotten to! Winning friends and influencing people, I see!

Razor, love, she is another friend ... although our mutual relationships may evolve in different directions ..." The last was said with a subtle shifting of her hips and a glance to the side that exposed her profile to Razor.

Upon entering Razor's homey 'abode,' Salome almost laughed aloud as the guards stared at her meaningfully. What would they think if she took one of their eyes, she wondered. Sitting down, she leaned forward at the sight of the xenos liquid. There was a shiver that ran down her spine as she sniffed curiously at the thick vapor, then reached out for a tin cup. She sent a quick thought to Sid, Please let me know what she is expecting this to do to us, Sid dear
Assuming he did not come back with anything dire, she would delicately sip the craich, swirling it on her tongue and letting the flavor infuse her pallet.

Okay, what rolls do you need, if any?

2012-11-02, 04:11 PM
The light roiling purplish liquid seems dangerous to users if something that a true fleshy one would enjoy. The heretek's readings and analysis pick up small fragments of human blood products within the draught along with a host of hallucinogens.

To Salome the world explodes around her. Sensations fillinher her nose, ears, skin and eyes as sounds and colours swirl and throb filled with a bright edge and a brilliance. Her clothes suddenly silky smooth or sharp and scratch as her skin seemed to tingle with increased sensetivity. A new experience, even for one as jaded as her.

Get Darksight trait and +20 Perception for the next ~3 hours
If you pass any test with 5 DoS then you must make a Challenging (+0) WP test or be stunned for 1d5 rounds.

Razor swirls the light almost fuming liquid around her mouth - part drinking, part inhaling the liquid as her eyes open as the sensastions hit her. She smiles and waves at Myrwenna inviting her in and offering some Craich as well. " We must talk now. Talk of how you could help me seize the reins down here."

2012-11-02, 04:26 PM
<Craich you said this was called? Interesting mix of human blood and hallucinogenic compounds. I shall have to study it further later...> Gregor says in am effort to discreetly alert his companions as to the contents of their cups as he stores a sample of the fluid in a vial.

2012-11-05, 12:17 PM
Salome gasped as her world exploded in sensation. Her eyes rolled up for a moment as she relished the exquisite delight the liquor created. Just rubbing her fingers together was an experience; imagine the delight she was enjoying with the clinging material of her synthskin! The low throaty moan she gave removed any need for imaging.

She opened her eyes and found the world was more than crystal clear, as if her entire life had been viewed from behind clouded glass. The shadows held no secrets to her eyes, and combined with her ability to see within the warp, she new something of what Sid must regularly see.

Inhaling, she could smell the oils from Gregor's mechanics, the acrid scent of metal and ammunition from the bolt pistols on Myrwenna's hips, the sweet perfume of Razor's womanhood, heady and enchanting from here; the semll of lo sticks outside the hab, wafting in the air.

With a moment to compose herself, she looked deeply, almost hungrily, at Razor and smiled. "Yes, let us talk now. Then we shall 'talk' later." First, they would see how to assist this woman in taking over; then they would take the reigns themselves.

But not before Salome had assumed complete control over the supply of this delicious substance that was surely ambrosia from the Dark Prince of Pleasure herself ...

Woo, boy ...giving the Slaanesh worshipper the ultimate in sensations ... yeowch!

2012-11-05, 04:43 PM
"Razor" smiles slightly as she twitches and writhes as the full effects of the Craich hit her system. An exhalation of pleasure escaping between her lips. Her men all look on, two with lavicious stares, the others with the blank unemotional stare of the psychopath. But all watching the newcomers warily.

As the first rush of the Druchii liquid begins to fade away and her panting stops she leans forward, eyes bright with the effects of the drug. "Well you say you want to help. What can you do? I have heard rumours that the tech-priests... the naughty ones" she giggles slightly at that thought. "They hid something. Something very valuable. I want it. I will pay greatly for it... in thrones or, well other things..... her hips twitch slightly and her hand caresses the bottle of Craich suggestively.

2012-11-05, 05:05 PM
Salome laughed, and had to paused with the sound of her own sultry voice as it echoed back in her ears exotically. As she regained her composure, she nodded to Gregor. "I would love to establish our payment, but methinks my friends here might wish for coin other than that of the simple pleasures of the flesh.

As they ponder, perhaps you can tell us more about this trinket?"

Giving the other PCs a chance to speak up ... especially Gregor, who might have a specific interest in this item.

2012-11-06, 12:57 PM
Gregor peers at the now inebriated woman with a hint of interest gleaming in his eyes at the mention of the heretek group having hid something on board the ship. While more interested in genetics than machines, Gregor is still a former tech-priest at heart. <Yes, I had been intending to see what could be salvaged of their work as it would be a pity to allow such things to be destroyed by uneducated lapdogs rather than being utilized for the purpose they were constructed. What sort of device had you heard tell of?>

2012-11-06, 09:26 PM
Myrwenna sniffs her cup but abstains from sipping. "I'm sure we can find a reasonable exchange of goods and *ahem* services for our efforts, Razor. My friends and I are adept at this sort of thing."

Thinking loud enough for Sid to hear (she hopes) and relay to the others (Myrwenna has only a slight understanding of the ways of witches...) If we can obtain a heretekal item of power, perhaps we will be in a position to punish the imperial Navy and the Inquisition for their arrogance.

2012-11-09, 04:56 PM
Glancing at the vacant look on Sid's face, Salome paused for a moment, intrigued by the way his eyes seem to phase in and out of focus. Shaking her head slightly, she turned back to Razor. "Methinks my boy toy is wool gathering again ... it's those funny sticks he smokes.

Back to the discussion ... what can you tell us about these lovely items of antiquity?" A faint shudder ran up her spine as the sensations once again gave her pleasure in places no one could see, but they could surely imagine.

2012-11-09, 05:16 PM
"Razor" smiles a wide smile and licks her lips. "Technology. Valuable technology from the Dark Ages of mankind they say.... It will twist the geller field and allow the demons in..." she shudders, even now in the depths of the Druchii drug making the sign of the Aquilla to ward off evil.

"I want it but if not us then I'll want the Inquisitor's dogs to find it. They are heading planet side but when they get back we will be warp bound."

She smiles a dreamy smile. "Imagine the wealth archaeotch would fetch. We could be rich and libe lke throne damned Malfians until we were old and ugly".

2012-11-09, 05:46 PM
Salome nodded, smiling at the sign of the Aquilla. "Oh, no, we definitely don't want the demons coming in unannounced! But you have hit upon the true issue ... this technology is worth more in our hands than in the hereteks or Inquisition."

Leaning back, Salome began to rub her leg distractedly, enjoying how it felt ... immensely. In a throaty whisper, she said, "Tell th-the others about the details ... I have no head for such things at this moment..."

Of course, it was a bit of a ruse, but one that held an element of truth; she WAS enjoying the effect the craich was having upon her, and she new that each visual confirmation of enthrallment and depravity she portrayed drew these fools deeper into the lie.

Besides, it felt REALLY good, and she would remember everything said anyways ...

2012-11-10, 11:20 PM
<Yes, it would behoove us to ensure these devices are properly contained. Should the gellar field malfunction this ship would likely become yet another space hulk and our survival would not be guaranteed. We should endeavour to secure the artifacts in a timely manner.>

2012-11-11, 05:15 PM
Razor waves a laguid hand. "As you say. We don't know exactly where it is. I would say ask the tech priests that play so nastily but we have heard that the Deathwatch has been disatched to them. So they will be no more."

She flicks a nail across her palm hissing at the magnified pain and watching the blood drip onto the filthy deck plate. "That is what your magos will be now" she says watching the blood splatters with avid satisfaction.

Maybe you can look in the dark corners of the ship. Maybe you can ask someone? I have a name. You could chase if you wanted?"

2012-11-12, 11:54 AM
Seeing the blood drip, Salome leaned forward and took Razor's palm and gently sucked on the wound. The taste was incredible, the metallic tang and salty aftertaste sending her senses spinning. Looking up, she nodded at the offer. "Yes, sweet, give us the name. We shall see what we can find."

2012-11-16, 09:34 AM
<Yes, an identifier would provide us with a means of obtaining further information through various means.> the former Magos contributes, flexing his finger and briefly extending his blades. After a brief pause he backhands the silent, floating servo skull and angrily continues in a quick series of hisses and beeps reminiscent of an ancient, holy device that was once known as a modem {Yes I mean torture you blithering idiot!}

2012-11-16, 05:54 PM
She smiles, laughing a little as Salome bites her playfully. Waving at Gregor she smiles cruelly. "He is one of your types that would know. Epsilon 887. Somewhere in the secondary thrust controls he is assigned."

She looks about at the others, then decides she doesn't care. "You don't have to leave so soon..."

2012-11-19, 04:47 PM
<An expedient departure minimizes the chance that Epsilon 887 will be detained by another agency.> Gregor says with a slight bow of his head as he departs.

2012-11-19, 04:49 PM
Eyes twinkling, Salome smiled. "And what, pray tell my dear one, did you have in mind?"

I fully expect debauchery might ensue ... and to be honest, while I personally don't want to go through with it, I think the character would WHOLE(black)HEARTEDLY jump in :smallbiggrin: That being said, if we're going to have a full on orgy, let's just cut scene that and move along ... my (not-so) evil nature can only go so far ... :smallredface:

EDIT: Glancing at Gregor, she gave him a small moue. "Oh, you and your inorganic body. Completely ruining all our fun. But he is probably right, my sweet. Perchance a rendez-vous afterwards?"

Then a though occurred to her as she continued to revel in her expanded senses. "Oh, I just had a delightfuly thought. There is a rumor about a certain someone who works on the bridge. The rumor has it she has a taste for the lash ... and I've seen a pict or two to confirm that. I would love to have a meeting with the three of us, a ménage-à-trois if you will, discussing the finer pleasures in life. Like craich ..." With a wicked smile, she stroked Razor's hand and rose, somewhat unsteadily as the feel of blood rushing through her veins stopped her for a moment. Then with a smile, she turned to join her companions.

2012-11-19, 05:42 PM
The woman shudders as she imagines that and seems pouty and dissapointed as you turn to leave...

Trust when I say writing the slaneesh scene is a bit behyond where I want to go... merely suggesting and leaving a "the curtains close......." style unsaid thing would be fine with me :smallsmile:

Leaving Razor and her drugs you return to the bustling market. A desicion to make. How to travel the 2km to reach secondary thruster controls? With the ship on war footing certainly the hidden heretek would be at duty stations but checkpoints and the like between your black market and there may be strict?

YOu have 3 real options to get to Secondary thruster control
1. As you're in disguise walk the decks and deceive any guards you meet
2. Return to the underdecks and brave the mutant infested dark and forgotten tunnels where cannibal mutants dwell
3. Another option you can think of that I can't? :smallsmile:

2012-11-19, 09:10 PM
"We will pass for crew members. Let us walk in the open decks, it will be easier and quicker," Myrwenna says.

2012-11-20, 08:41 AM
<That is only true so long as our cover holds up. I presume Salmone and Sid would be able to facilitate such clandestine travel. However should they feel they are not up to the task, it would be more advantageous, if more risky, to travel through the underdecks, thus limiting our exposure and reducing the likelihood of the ship becoming aware of our presence.> Gregor replies, waiting for the response of the two who would be responsible for talking the group's way past any checkpoints.

2012-11-20, 10:19 AM
Salome took a deep, cleansing breath, her eyes shining bright. Glancing around to ensure they are alone, she spoke quietly to her companions. "First off, give a modicum of appreciation to the Prince of Pleasure for bringing us this wonderful opportunity. We now have a connection to the blackets of markets aboard this ship, providing access to a variety of tools and ... substances ... that we can use to achieve our goals. Additionally, this may prove to be a trove of information about the underworld living right beneath our dear Inquisitor.

Now, as to the path we take, it is a simple assessment of risk. Overtly travelling through the Imperial-controlled areas ensures speed at the risk of discovery - which will force confrontation. I would love to show some poor guardsman the delights of my lord, but discovery and confrontation are the sins of pride and arrogance that have put our competitors on the run. Travelling the underdecks may add a component of danger, but will avoid engagement with our hosts and may provide access to more assets to exploit in the days to come.

If not, we can always slay them all without fear of discovery from the Inquisition ... a win-win situation."

Smiling, she waited for the others to respond.

2012-11-21, 09:58 AM
<It would only be a win-win should we additionally avoid losing time over the overt route.> Gregor looks at his servo-skull familiar, tilts his head slightly and then nods. <Yes, I do believe we are more heavily armed and armoured than any mutants we will likely encounter, however numbers will likely be on their side.>

2012-11-21, 10:22 AM
"Perhaps you can search the electro-magnetic pathways and find us a map, dear Gregor, from which we may approximate our travel time. You may find alternative ways to meet with our contact, by communicating with him directly or indirectly, and having him meet us at a mutually beneficial spot. You may even be capable of providing false orders that serve to give him reason to leave his post."

She paused, staring at her hand for a moment, waving it back and forth, then staring again. Dreamily, she continued. "I am ambivilent. Or is it agnostic? Apathetic? Perhaps apoplectic. No, it must be apologetic. Whichever one means I do not care. I find the destination is inconsequential compared to the experiences of the journey ..."

2012-11-21, 10:46 AM
Gregor lets out a hiss of static as he shrugs his shoulders, approximating a sigh <Unfortunately, the unpowered nature of the underdeck prevents me from connecting to the ship's internal systems without venturing forth into the upper decks.>

2012-11-21, 11:49 AM
"Man, that's okay Greg" Sid drawls, giving the heretek a consoling pat on the shoulder, "Sally-girl is all sorts of used to blokes not performing as advertised".

"But yeah, let's be getting all nice and safe back down where it's dark. We're the nastiest things down there, you know? Let's keep the veils on the necrophilliacs for a bit longer, right?".

2012-11-21, 01:03 PM
"But yeah, let's be getting all nice and safe back down where it's dark. We're the nastiest things down there, you know? Let's keep the veils on the necrophilliacs for a bit longer, right?".

Salome smiled. "Why Sid, darling, I had no idea you were versed in the old ways. Perhaps we shall discuss techniques at some later date, when we are not so pressed for time.

If we are decided, then let us away, 'ere break of day. We can stop back by home sweet home and gather a few items, and we'll be ready to depart, yes?"

Figure we'll go back and gear up - disguises won't be important for the majority of our trip through the underdecks, and Salome wants to get bring her pet along ...

2012-11-21, 01:30 PM
The heretek looks at Sid blankly for a second following his comment <I do not understand your comment psyker, I am currently operating at optimum capacity, the defect lies with the ship's systems in this area, which have fallen into a sorry state of disrepair.> A bare second after finishing, Gregor backhands his familiar <Don't be vulgar!>

2012-11-23, 05:50 PM
The underdecks are dank and dingy and as you move towards the rear of the vessel where the throbbing engines pulse and whir and the machine spirits behave more and more erratically barely held in check by their mechanicus priests the maze of forgotten gantrys, crawlspaces and hidden decks grows ever more danger.

Twice you turn back having to find a new route - the way blocked. Once by a crack large enough for a human to fit through. The compartment beyod the sealed and long rusted bulkhead registering as open to the void. The second by fire as with each pulse of the plasma drive a tiny crack in an inhection valve leaks filling a section of the vessel's long forgotten decks with raw pomethium fumes - lethal to any living matter.

The darkness is intense and the strange smells of burning and ozone do not help matters as you follow Gregor's internal compass and range finder as the heretek navigates the maze. His magnemometer keeping them on a constant distance and bearing to where the secondary thrust controls are situated. And the Heretek they are looking for.

At the edge of their vision however they can hear a sudden noise. A ladder some 40m ahead plunging down out of sight giving off a faint white light of a lit glow bulbs or torches and guttural snarling low gothic and a more moderate tone filled with fear pleading for its life...

As you creep to the edge of the hole and peer down you can see in a old abandoned control station for a tertiary energy transfer station a collection of 4 renegades. All 4 hulking and cruel looking - even at a distance of some 10m. THeir attention focused on the 2 crewmen and 2 bodies that lie on the corroded decking. The two bodies with huge gashes where their faces and necks used to be. One of the living crewmen clutched by the largest of mutants, a pistol held to is head as it barks at the other crewman...


All 4 humans wear the robes of Adeptus scribes. THe mutant demanding to know once more... "Where is the vaults? How do you scum gain access to the Inquisitor's library. You must have a slaves' entrance. Tell me now or your friend here will be splattered across the room like your friends... THen me and my friends start on you and we'll take a long time.... both scribes weeping openly, robes stained with their own filth and fear.

2012-11-23, 07:19 PM
"So, how do we do this dance Sally?" Sid whispers conspiratorially, a lazy grin plastered over his face, "Like, do we just stroll in and be all peace and love - I know it's your favourite way to play, but maybe these dudes are kinda gross for that? - with our fellow scum of the underdecks? Or are we gonna be all about dealing with the competition, maybe looking like saviours to the paper-jockeys until I can pick their brains? 'Cause I reckon we might wanna know what they know, you know?".

"Cause like, I've got a sweet plan for both, all kinds of miracles ready to happen".

Sid's preparations when they stopped at the lair would have been nothing more than activating his Telekinetic Shield power and keeping it Sustained. No sense going into danger with your defences down, eh? Since we've skipped over that scene, I'll roll it here.

Telekinetic Shield, Psy Rating 4 (Unfettered)
Focus Power 104 (Willpower 64 + Psy Rating 20 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficultly 10) VS [roll0]

2012-11-25, 03:20 AM
Salome glanced at Bral, then back to Sid. "Oh, I was simply going to watch these dreadfully forward men work their magic on our poor lost brothers, taking the lessons they learned with us. But given your propensity for coaxing the right information forward, perhaps your suggestion is best - reduction of our competition by selective culling of the underdeck genepool may be best.

I recommend a brutal approach - fast, hard and painful ... just like I like it on Tuesdays!" Given the context, her smile was positively chilling ... but her comrades had seen it before.

Okay, so blood for the blood god has it moments. The plan should be elegantly simple.

Kill them all.

If possible, Salome will aim for a full round at the one holding the gun to the adept's head. Presuming surprise (+30), aim bonuses (+20), accuracy (+10), red dot (+10), range (+10), and perhaps a size bonus (x?), TN will be at least 95 (max bonus of +60 for BC, too, right?) of felling (4) shot. Let me know if we're doing something else ... Bral will simply stand ready to charge in and lay some dual chainsword smack-down on them.

2012-11-25, 08:41 AM
"What the lady wants..." Sid acquiesces cheerfully with a mock bow of his head.

He leans out over the ledge and fixes the lead renegade, the one currently holding his pistol to the head of one of the scribes, with a stare so intense that it seems as if he's staring into the man's soul. Which, funnily enough, he is. The Wyrd's will smashes into the the renegade's mind, forcing it down and out as Sid puppeteers his body for a moment.

With the scribes momentarily freed, and the renegades hopefully distracted by the apparent betrayal of one of their own, he sends an idle thought towards the scribes. 'You're safe now dudes. Take cover while we deal with the big uglies, 'kay?'. No use having them caught in the crossfire - it's hard to steal secrets from the minds of the dead, after all.

"I've told the ink-fingers to take cover and all, but hows about we give them some covering fire too".

Using Compel to force the lead renegade to 'Let the scribe go and attack your allies to the best of your ability instead. Say something about wanting their share as well whilst you're at it'.

Psy Rating 4 (Unfettered)
Focus Power 71 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 20 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 10) VS [roll0]

Also using Thought Sending on the scribes as a Free Action.

Psy Rating 2 (Fettered)
Focus Power 111 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficulty 40) VS [roll1]

EDIT Spending an Infamy point to re-roll Compel.

2012-11-26, 05:47 PM
From beneath his voluminous robes Gregor pulls a pistol, wires training from the butt to connect somewhere within the folds of his clothing, firing at the most heavily armed mutant.

[roll0] TN 54/64 (34 +10 Single shot +10 Short Range +10 Size (or was hulking just a poetic descriptor?)
Damage: [roll1] OR [roll2]

Falk is going to retreat down the corridor to the nearest full cover, making sure we don't get attacked from the rear. [roll3] TN 30 Per

2012-11-27, 05:30 PM
Even as the heretek peer down at the scene beneath the skein of the warp swirl around the psyker as suddenly the massive brute raises his boltpistol and without pause shoots his friend point blank in the chest. A pair of bolt shells blowing the mutant off his feet and leaving him in a bleeding heap on the ground

Gregor fires next - the round just clipping the still standing other mutant even as the mutant looks up at the ceiling vent where he can see Salome's rifle barrel staring down at him!

Starbin fire when ready :smallsmile:

THe two adepts, terrified and literally peeing themselves with fear dive to the deck, one cuddling and the fallen one. Both are too scared to flee much further. Both hosting a glimmer of hope that their saviours are friendly...

If starbin's guy survives then I'll roll for the bad guys.

2012-11-27, 06:46 PM
Salome inhaled, the sounds of screams like a concerto to her senses. Gazing at the mutants below, she whispered, sensually, "She who Thirsts, give me sight beyond sight ..." Her eyes shifted into another spectrum, viewing the doomed souls below in the wavering dual image of warpsight, the diseased and decayed forms of the mutants standing out to her.

When one of the mutants looked up, eyes widening in surprise, she smiled. "Hello, my sweet ... "

Called shot to the head, TN 95: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] = 11E, Pen 1, Felling (4), Silenced, to the head
Accuracy damage: [roll2]

2012-11-28, 05:17 PM
The second mutant drops silently and bonelessly as the round slams into his head snapping it back with a long streak of virulent green blood that burns and etches the deck as it hisses and burns.

THe leader stands for a moment looking confused still by the thoughts clouding his mind...

The compel action should have been on hs turn so sadly he misses his go :smallsigh:

You may kill him :smalleek:

2012-11-28, 07:42 PM
"Oh no you don't man, we still have all kinds of questions for you" Sid comments happily, sweeping his staff towards the confused renegade. Subtle vectors of invisible force sweep at the man's arms and legs, rooting him to the spot and binding his hands across his chest. Man, 'vector'. That's a funny word, he grins to himself. "So you can just be hanging around for now".

"You two okay down there?" he yells down to the two scribes they saved, "you're lucky we found you guys when we did. Man, what are you even doing down here and all?". Pinning the heretic in place with nothing but his will and talking with the two rescuees (however temporary) at the same time? Most minds would bulk at trying to handle a third task, but Sid's mind is already far too fractured to even notice. Like, is he really doing all those things? Or is he just imagining them? Maybe he's just imagining this one, but that'd be a totally boring thing to imagine - no three-breasted demon-whores or anything.

He sends a sliver of thought to his allies - gotta be getting his coordinate on, make sure everyone's screaming from the same page of the same blasphemous tome of eldritch lore, right?

'I figure Greg'll wanna have one of his chats with this dude, right? 'Till then, might be useful and all to be making the two inkies all starry-eyed for their righteous saviours I'm thinking'.

Precision Telekinesis, Psy Rating 4 (Unfettered)
Focus Power 91 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 20 + Psy Focus 10) VS [roll0]

Grapple (Via Precision Telekinesis)
Focus Power 91 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 20 + Psy Focus 10) VS [roll1]

Thought Sending, Psy Rating 2 (Fettered)
Focus Power 121 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficulty 40) VS [roll2]

2012-11-29, 09:49 PM
The fight appears to be over before Myrwenna even bothers to unholster her pistols. Nevertheless, she draws them both and moves to cover the mutant struggling against the wyrd's invisble grip.

2012-11-30, 10:58 AM
With everyone dead except the two adepts and the confused mutie, Salome started to send Bral in to 'indulge' himself. However, the tendril of thought from Sid gave her pause. She looked over and pouted a bit. "Awww, and here I thought Bral would have an opportunity to exercise ...you know how important a good work-out regime is in deep space! But, if you have the situation under 'control' then ..."

Holstering her rifle, she motioned for Bral to keep to the shadows while she slipped out from the shadows and approached the adepts. She waved them over, away from the mutant. "Come, come, my dears! We have the monstrosity at a disadvantage currently, but you do not wish to be nearby if he manages to regain his focus!" Once the two men moved away to a safe distance, she turned on the full charm.

"You two gentlemen are quite the lucky ones, are you not? Had we not been on a special mission to secure areas in the nether regions of the ship, you might very well have been killed! And how could you continue your service to Him, if you were splattered to pieces? What, pray tell my sweets, were you doing in this awful place?"

Salome's smile is gentle and friendly, and her very presense is soothing and intoxicating.

Radiant Presence - (should "put them at ease, blur their minds, and draw their focus like moths to a flame.")
Charm, if necessary (TN 54): [roll0]
Inquiry (TN 64): [roll1]

EDIT: Of course ... I'd use infamy to reroll, but I'm guessing that with the Mind-Sifter over there, I probably don't need to waste it ...

2012-12-01, 03:51 AM
Seeing Salome in her disguised imperial uniform tears burst from both the adepts faces as they hurl themselves at her feet kissing and cuddling them. The sensations still enhanced by the craich she had imbibed making it a strange sesation.

"Emperor's blessing upon you. We had thought we would die down here. Killed by the unwashed."

THe other still bent double over the body their friend looks at the confused mutant with hatred in his bleary eyes. "What are you waiting for? Kill it!"

The first one is still more shocked sobbing... "We were snatched from our offfices by them. THey came through the vents and dragged us away!"

2012-12-01, 03:31 PM
Gregor's mental "voice" has a mechanical tinge to it in reflection of his physical auditory transmissions. Yes... He may even surprise himself with how much he knows. And such a sturdy individual would make for a useful test subject... he thinks as he looks with scorn upon the bowing and scraping adepts.

2012-12-03, 07:11 PM
Salome almost laughed aloud at how quickly the most non-combative of the servants of the False Emperor could be brought to the baser lusts. She covered her mouth, however, and raised her eyebrows. "But then how would we find out what he knows, my poor dears! He must be fully interrogated, least your companions suffer a similar fate! There are nails to be pulled, tendons to be stretched, muscles to be torn ever so delicately, bones to be broken and reset ... no, my dears, we cannot simply 'kill him.' To do so before we strip every piece of intelligence from this brute would be a disservice to our masters, and significantly hamper our mission." Her eyes took on a glow as she spoke ferverently, gazing at the confused mutant, before she returned her stare to the two men.

Crouching down, Salome leaned close to one fo the men, placing a hand on his thigh as she looked into his eyes. Her face was so innocent looking, so naive - the men might have wanted to protect her. Of course, the warmth of her palm was noticeable to all but the most mechanically endowed (such as Gregor), and would be having the appropriate affect on these simple adepts. Hell, it was affecting her, as she felt her own body hardening in spots, and moistening in others, in response to the subtle promises she seemed to be offering.

"So that we might ensure that your fellow workers are safe from further intrusions, tell me ... where do you two work? Surely you must wish to return to the glory of toiling in His name?"

Let Sid work the mind games while she distracts the two loyal servants. Shouldn't take too long to break these guys down and get what we want. Inquiry (TN 64): [roll0]

2012-12-04, 01:54 AM
At mention of the torture and interrogating the two adepts seem surprised and thrown off balance. But any momentary suspicion is desroyed by the sensual touch of Salome's hands. The two adepts unused to any female attention, whatsoever, ever...

The more pathetic of the two looks up at Salome - eyes shining with newly discovered lust and a strange excitiment at the risky nature of where they are. "We work in Lord Theocles private archives. We see things no-one else is allowed to see." the desperate attempt to impress laughable in its patheticness.

The other, still staring balefully at the mutant does still welcome Salome's touch but is still far more wary of the party. "Who are you Lt...? the question obvious in his voice. "And your collegues?" the question a good one as the heretek, Morwenna and Sid still lurk upstairs. He also looks at his friend sharply. "We are adepts in the Librarium. We are scrivners and copyists for our Great Lord." Though he seems to be possibly playing it down as much as his friend is playing it up.

2012-12-06, 05:23 PM
Salome nodded solemnly. "Nay, good scriveners, do not reveal too much of what secret toils you perform in the name of Lord Theocles." Lowering her voice and glancing around, "The eyes and ears of the enemy are ever present, even on a vessel such as this." She nodded towards the mutant knowingly, then stood up and help the two men to their feet.

"As for my name, you should know better than that, my dear Adept! In telling you we were on a special mission in this section would typically be enough to guarantee your death, the Powers that Be ensuring that none but the authorize are privy to their plans and machinations. And as they say, loose lips sink ships." As se spoke, she licked her lips slowly, as if in thought about how to proceed.

"Fortunately for you, I am a forgiving sort, who is more than willing to ignore such a minor, unintended indiscretion. Can we agree that in return for saving your lives from these brutes and allowing you to live with the knowledge of our presence, that we can agree to leave this encouter between us and the underdecks?"

Reaching out, she placed a hand on the shoulder blades of both men, and inhaled expectantly, waiting for their answer.

Mentally, she 'spoke' with Sid. My dear Sid, if you are not gleaning every bit of information from these two, I will be extremely disappointed. Additionally, I would like you to help 'erase' our presense, as well as planting a suggestion in the helpful adept's brain that he would have a better chance of bedding me if his friend were ... indisposed.

We have two potential avenues into learning what is within Theocles' vaults ... but it would be a shame not to offer this poor adept an opportunity to walk the shadowed path to true salvation."

2012-12-06, 07:16 PM
Sid recognises that look. It's the look Sally-girl always gets when she's all up and asking him to do things he just ain't capable of. He's been all sorts of telling her that he can't be tinkering with memories or stuff, and he's betting that that's just what she's trying to ask him to do.

'You do know that I, like, can't hear your thoughts from this far away, right Sally-girl? 'Cause I just know you're asking for like, ten impossible things right now, and I can only do like two of them or something.'

He glances at the rest of their little group of heretics, shrugs, and descends the ladder, flinging a telepathic message as he goes. Hold on dudes, Sally-girl's trying to talk to me. Someone mind grabbing that dude and carting him off for the Gregster to play with?

"Sorry gents, I'm all knowing folks aren't so keen on talking to a psyker like me" he says by way of introduction. "Between that and keeping this big guy all nice and still, I figured I'd be hanging around up there. Don't mind me". All Sid needs is for the Scribes to buy it and go back to concentrating on Sally-girl, and he'll be able to get close enough to have a poke around inside their heads. Not that he's leaving things to chance, of course. A small nudge here, and he seems a whole lot less important to the guy he's walking towards. Surely a fine, upstanding sanctionite like himself is nothing to worry about.

'So Sals, if you're all hoping I'll be lifting anything from their heads? Might want to get to restraining that ugly bugger with something a bit more wordly and all whilst I get my righteous little read on.'

Mindlink is definitely on the top of Sid's list of things to take next time we get xp. :smalltongue:

But yeah, Sid can't read minds from that far away, as DrK's pointed out, nor can he edit memories or plant suggestions.

Anyway, Focus Power tests for Thought Sending, times three. It's a Free action and Sid succeeds on anything but a roll of 100 even when fettered.

And for making himself seem completely innocuous. Delude's a Half Action, so he can use it while he maintains his TK grapple on the renegade.
Delude 81 (Base 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10) VS [roll3]
Deceive 69 (Base 34 + Unremarkable 20 + Armour 5 + Delude 10) VS [roll4]

2012-12-07, 11:04 AM
I guess I thought you were closer than that ... sorry. And I guess the way I read your use of compel before, it looks like you were planting a suggestion, vice forcing him to do what you wanted. My bad ...

Salome sighed, glancing over at the brute. So, you cannot learn anything from the mutant? I would hate to have to put him down before we know more about about what faction these beasts were working for ...

Aloud, she tried to manuever the adepts away from the mutant. Over her shoulder, she called out, "Bral, dear, please restraint the mutant."

Move these guys around the corner, so the sight of Salome's minion doesn't spook them more. Bral will move forward and try to restrain the mutant with whatever things are available. If there are no materials to 'tie' him up, then Bral will cut the mutant's hamstrings and tendons in his arms ... that should limit his movement ...

2012-12-07, 11:45 AM
Gregor descends to get a better look at the mutant, in an effort to ascertain the best way to secure him for transport, his robes the blood red of the Adeptus Mechanicus. <I should be better able to secure him than your body guard ma'am. Especially as we are likely to be better served having them alert for threats in this area of the ship.> Gregor says feigning respect as he examines the mutant.

Medicae check for how to best restrain the mutant given the tools at Gregor's/the party's disposal which on Gregor's end include various blades, and a staple gun... [roll0] TN 69
Falk is scanning the mutant for any abnormalities/ a bonus to medicae? [roll1] TN 25

2012-12-07, 04:56 PM
The desperate and slightly lustful looking adept looks at Salome with a hungry gaze nodding. "We meant no disrespect. MiLady. Emperor's blessing we meant no disrespect". The other adept merely watches things with a growing sense of suspicion, particulalry as the heretek approaches the still struggling mutant as it twitched against apparently empty air. Salome leading both around a corner before her "pet" sttood beside the mutant, whirring blades twitching slightly.

A quick slice and a the clunk of a heavy staple gun and the mutant collapses to the ground legs and arms flapping like jelly. The incision and neatly severed vertebrae leaving the hulking brute a paraplegic now able to breathe and talk but little else. Slabs of muscle and powerful claws now wasted.

The second adept seems worried. "You do not seem like acolytes I have recorded before.." The sound of the mutants piteous mewling not reassuring as neither adept of Salome can see what is happening - but the sounds are unpleseant.

2012-12-08, 07:00 AM
Sally-girl can handle keeping the ink-fingers busy, Sid has no doubt. He follows along behind, just a background figure to the conversation as Salome keep their attention focused firmly on her.

And while she does? well, he'll go ahead, now that the big brute is properly restrained and all, and take just a little peak inside their heads for the information he needs. If they know anything about the artifact they're after, or where it's kept, well, he'll just help himself to those little facts, you know?

Sid smiles to himself. They'd best not try to run, or he gets to do this the fun way.

Using Mind Probe on the closest scribe. Sustaining it until Sid finds what he wants. If he fails to get deep enough, he'll try again.

Fettered, Psy Rating 2
Focus Power 61 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 20) VS [roll0]

2012-12-10, 07:20 PM
Salome stopped for a moment, glancing back at the other adept. "I suppose that would depend on your security clearance ... and if you are not appropriately cleared, I would be hard-pressed to discuss such issues you with. I am CERTAIN there are documented tactics of servants of the emperor that are far worse than those we are currently employing."

Glancing back with a pensive look on her face, she shrugged. "Perhaps clerical oversight is required, given the importance of your work, and the foul nature of the mutant intrustions into the innermost sanctums of the ship. If you wish, you may observe and record the activities of my associates. Just remember to clearly announce yourself when you turn the corner ... my comrades have been known to be quicker on the trigger than I ..."

As she waited, she reached down to give the scribe next to her a reassuring squeeze on his hand, drawing her thumb across the sensitive palm of his hand.

C'mon ... what's the worse that can happen? :belkar:

2012-12-11, 01:16 AM
The adepts mind's proved to be tougher than Sid had expected! Even as he stands there watching them for almost a full minute in slience he can only garner the mos basic emotional needs of each man. From one, a sharp spike of fear and unease mixed with lust and a reassurance that he is now "safe." From the other a high smear of fear and suspicion that spirals rapidly into more fear as he surveys Sid and Salome.

At Salome's words the slightly more relaxed adept grip[s her hand tightly, palms slick with sweat and dirt and ink stains. Be at peace Orthos, we are safe now. .... has recued us." A space and a look for a name as he realises they do not know who you are.

The second adept looks at Sid, a sudden look of anxiety and suspicion, eyes darting to where a snctioning brand shoul be on his wrist or neck...

THe suspcious one may indeed have psyniscience trained... :smallwink:

2012-12-11, 02:06 PM
Patting the more trusting (or lusting) adept on the arm, Salome smiled reassuringly. "I am sorry, but as I mentioned earlier we should not place you in a position to receive a reprimand or re-education due to an inadvertant slip. For your protection, please call me Agent S."

Glancing at the sudden interest of the other adept with Sid, she realized that he was suspicious ... too suspicious, perhaps, to be of use. Thinking quickly, she gasped, then held a finger up to her ear. In a voice just low enough to be heard by the adept next to her, she glanced over at him, shaking her head. "Compromised? No, no they've been ... helpful. Well, yes, ... dementia? Paranoia? Um ..." She looked back and forth between both adepts. "Maybe. But not both ... " She stared pleadingly at the man next to her, hanging on to his hand for dear life.

Mentally, she cast her thoughts at Sid. Sid, dear, can you make a glow around our suspecting victim, quickly? Or any affect that would be visible and warpish?"

Aloud, she continued. "Yes, sir ... signs of the warp ... immediate disposal for the sake of the ship ... yes, sir ..."

The next step will probably require Tome's response first ... but hopefully he can finish the set-up :smallbiggrin:

In case you need one, here's a Deceive check (TN64): [roll0].

Sigh ... here's hoping this is an easy test ...

2012-12-11, 04:37 PM
Sid groans inwardly. She's... yeah, she's trying to think at me again. I know that look. Totes gonna have to sit down and hash out what I can and can't be doing and all when we're next all having a spare moment. All that talking is going to be a total drag.

But at least I can be making out what she's after this time. he consoles himself. Not that it's hard to tell - Salome's stage whispers might be just a bit too blatant this time. One demonic possession, coming right up.

A twitch, and Sid abandons his attempts to subtly glean the information from the more trusting scribe's mind - in favour of brutally forcing his way into the other's. He takes a risk, and puts his full weight behind it. If the one fool had a bit of will to him, no telling what the other is like.

If the mind can be imagined as a delicate machine, full of intricate mechanisms and carefully engineered balances, then Sid's actions can be compared to tearing off the casing and ripping out gears at random. Neurons misfire, muscles twitch and spasm and the unfortunate scribe's eyes roll back into his head. The wyrd wrests control of his vocal cords and contorts them, twisting the poor wretch's mouth around blasphemous syllables more comfortably voiced by demons - for indeed, that is where Sid learned them.

Sid himself slips easily into the role of the loyal sanctionite, stunned by the sudden possession of a devoted imperial servant by the blasphemous whims of the warp... or something like that. His expression becomes one of shock and alarm. "D-D-D-DEMON! He's being possessed! Quickly, the emperor's mercy, before we are all killed!" he screams, backing away from the scribe.

Compel, Unfettered (Psy Rating 4)
Focus Power 81 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 20 + Psy Focus 10 - Difficulty 10) VS [roll0]

Deceive 69 (Base 34 + Unremarkable 20 + Armour 5 + Delude 10) VS [roll1]

It's occurred to me that I could have had him off himself as well, but that's another -20 that I don't need on the roll.

2012-12-12, 02:30 AM
With eyes wide open at the sudden proclamation, Salome fumbled with her las pistol, pulling it forth and holding it with trembling hands. Her entire body quivered with fear as she leaned against the other scribe, trying to steady her hand. "N-n-not a d-demon! I-I-I can't ..."

The las-pistol threatened to fall out of her hands as she practically crumbled against the scribe, her body quaking with fear.

Deceive again, this time to try and get home skillet to help 'poor defenseless Salome.' [roll0] (whoops ... TN 64)

2012-12-12, 04:39 PM
The adept, twisted by Sid's mind twitches and screams incoherently, eyes rolling back in his skull, trousers soaking as his bladder releases and his arms and legs flailing uncontrollably.

The adept holding onto Salome leaps forward, trying to push them both back away from his collegue "Orcus". "Kill him. Quickly - put him down lest the possession spread!"

2012-12-12, 10:33 PM

Prior to the commotion, the tech-priest is examining his latest specimen. <Yes... I think you shall do nicely... Bral, please ensure that this specimen does not sustain further damage, it would be a shame for it to become more dmaged than it already is... > with that, he heads around the corner, clearing it around the same time as the elaborate play the wytch and seductress have constructed reaches its climax. With a sigh, he draws his pistol once more, pauses to line up a shot, and fires at the writhing "possessed" Adept.

[roll0] TN 64 (34+10 Single Shot +10 Half Range +10 Half Action Aim)
Damage: [roll1] Pen 2 Energy Damage to the body, plus a result of 4 on the Critical Effects chart for Zealous Hatred... which unfortunately doesn't stack with any critical damage just done from the hit itself

2012-12-16, 02:40 AM
The "possessed" adept falls backwards - steam and smoke wreathing his ody as his skin seems to caught fire . The screams and thrashing about more "real" this time...

The other adept, baside salome looks at his colleague with a dark expreession. "Shoot him again. You must kill the possessed before the warp spirit can migrate bodies"

He in fact takes 2 "crit 4" results to his chest then :smallsmile:

2012-12-16, 09:24 PM

Dispassionately, the heretek fires again at the burning, writhing adept if nothing else just to shut the close minded loyalist up.

Half action aim, single shot
[roll0] TN 64
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2] Pen 2 energy damage

2012-12-17, 11:53 AM
The "possessed" adept falls backwards - steam and smoke wreathing his ody as his skin seems to caught fire . The screams and thrashing about more "real" this time...

The other adept, baside salome looks at his colleague with a dark expreession. "Shoot him again. You must kill the possessed before the warp spirit can migrate bodies"

Salome shuddered for a moment, the delicious sound of the dying man's screams playing a duet with the dark tone in the second adept's voice. The second shot from Gregor was an exclamation point that brought her to a quivering moment of rapture.

However, the look on her face would tell the remaining scribe that is was fear and disgust that had her shaking, as he regained her laspistol and turned away. "The evil that men will do when promises from the Dark Lords are made ... such temptations can best the strongest of us."

Motioning for Sid to come over, she started to check the man carefully for any wounds, a worried look on her face. "You are not injured, are you dear?" Her touch was gentle and probing at the same time, but subtle in their searches. She had learned long ago that a simple light brush against the forearm could be as intoxicating as gripping his manhood.

Intent is to have Sid get closer so he can thought strip this guy's mind while I distract him :smallbiggrin:

2012-12-29, 05:41 PM
The dying adept screams long and hard even as the las burns coat his lungs in molten flesh and he tiwtches and coughs up the remnants of his lungs and innards as he dies a longer and agonising death.

THe other adept grabs Salome's arm. The horror painted on his face coupled with faint relief as the death of the "possessed" one. "What do I do now? How can we explain this to the Adept Primaris?" Distracted by his own thoughts and the touch of the slaneeshi renegade he barely registers Sid approaching.

2012-12-30, 01:53 AM
<Is it possible that the corruption this individual suffered could also have affected his companion?> Gregor inquires as he examines the charred body in an effort to support whatever ploy his allies might be engaging in, while simultaneously attempting to find anything that might have outlived its previous owner. Meanwhile, Falk hovers in front of the surviving adept, red beams from its auspex playing across the adept's body.

Search: [roll0] TN 13

Scanning more for show than anything but just in case: Auspex tech-use: [roll1] TN 25

2013-01-04, 11:40 AM
"Hmm.... yes, it's possible" Sid agrees, putting on his best 'diligent imperial servant' face. "I should check everyone who has been present for any lingering corruption".

He makes a show of inspecting Salome and Gregor first, placing a hand on their heads and closing his eyes in feigned concentration for a few moments before declaring them 'pure'. Then he moves onto the scribe, the reason for this little show.

"Please relax, and try to ignore any strange sensation this may cause. I shall try to make this as brief as possible for you" he says, offering the adept an apologetic smile. Placing one hand on the adept's forehead he begins another probe, this one far less subtle.

Deceive 69 (Base 34 + Unremarkable 20 + Armour 5 + Delude 10) VS [roll0]

Mind Probe, Unfettered
Focus Power 91 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 20 + Psy Focus 10) VS [roll1]

2013-01-05, 03:20 AM
As the heretek scans him the adept stumbls back, desperately pulling Salome with him as some sort of shield to protect him from the mean looking heretek. "I am loyal. I have no taint in me. You must believe me. He was always a bit strange but I didn't really know him." his finger pointing at the charred body on the ground as he speaks to Salome. "Please, I don't want to be purged."

At Sid's offer of a scan he kneels down clutching his aquilla pendant waits patiently, shivering slightly at the feel of Sid's mind riflng through his thoughts and memrories.

Inside his mind Sid quickly pushes through barriers and explores the whole content of his petty life. A life in service. Raised amongst the Progenium with a harsh abbott handy with the rod for whom any mistake was a "sin". Years of beatings as his classmates were sent on assignnment before finally and gloriously he was sent on assignnment to the Sin of Pride. His pride at being chosen for an Inquisition Strike vessel. Pride that turned to boredom as he worked for years in his tiny penitent cell next to the librarium. Copying down Emperor's catechisms onto scrolls to help form the seals around some of the darker objects. As Sid looks in one might feel pity for a man who's existence is constrained by a quill and a desk as he re-writes the same 12 Emperor's blessings onto scrolls each and every day for 14 years! But still... the most crucial piece of information was here... "He rises in the morning and after his prayers receives his ink and quills for the days from another pointless scribe. Walking down the corridor he reaches a small door with no obvious markings and flicks open a concealed passcode generator. Passing throgh the crude metalwork changes into richer carpeted hallways filled with heady smell of incense and loud noise of the choir. The passage leads upwards through some 12 decks of stairs past a pair of serious looking Inquisitorial house guards in Carapace with power halberds before arriving in a vast Library. The size of it large and impressive. A huge dome of armour glass giving a clear view of the void. But sadly the Adept turns away into his small cell on the 3rd level of the offices overlooking the library and begins his scribble." A pointless life Sid can see but he can remmeber where the hidden door is and the passcode that the adept had entered every day for 14 long years....

2013-01-05, 05:24 AM
Salome smiled gently, giving the man a reassuring (as well as restraining) hug. "Shhh, poppet, we know you are a true servant of the Emperor. But who knows what nasties might have been placed there by your supposedly 'loyal' comrade? It will all be over in a moment ..."

She kept one hand on hilt of her blade ... just in case.

2013-01-07, 04:13 AM
"... Clean" Sid announces finally, having got what he needed. Man, did this dude have a boring excuse for a life. He'd read dogs that had more excitement going on, which made this dude a little bit less than that. Not that he'd be saying anything just yet, but man did Sally-girl owe him for having to sift through that dross. "Come on", he adds aloud with a friendly smile, "let's get you somewhere safe". Or not so safe, if the others didn't feel like letting him go. After all, two dead paper-pushers ain't all that much more suspicious than one.

He throws out a message to the rest of the group as he reassures the panicked scribe, thoughts touched by a slight hint of contempt for the scribe. Got a door and a password for you folks, and I'm thinking that's about all that be rattling around his bone-box. Time for deciding what all we're gonna be doing about him long-term, you know?

Thought Sending, Fettered
Focus Power 121 (Willpower 61 + Psy Rating 10 + Psy Focus 10 + Difficulty 40) VS [roll0]

2013-01-07, 10:27 AM
<You're sure of that psyker? No traces of what you were looking for deeper in his psyke that we may need to utilize other methods to obtain?> Gregor inquires, his laspistol still in his hand. Seemingly absent-mindedly he gesticulates with the barrel of his weapon at the adept while his blades snicker snak on his other hand a subtle response to the psyker's silent question.

2013-01-07, 11:26 AM
Sid shakes his head. Got his whole damn life man, or what passes for one. Dude is duller than dull, from one end to the other.

So what do we want to do with him? he mentally asks, raising an eyebrow. Kill him? Suborn him? Let him go? 'Cause I'm all up and remembering, if I'm straining my grey meats and all, that we had some techno-doohickey we were after laying our mitts on 'fore the necrophiliacs beat us to the spiked punch and all - not much time for suborning, and letting him wander on back to his masters just feels like a helluva risk to me.

The first xp we get is going on Mindlink. Seriously.

In the meantime, let's roll to make sure I don't fumble on the Thought Sending.

2013-01-07, 12:01 PM
Heh ... I was going to avoid answering mentally, but if we're playing it like this ...

Salome nodded, seemingly to herself. While she would love nothing more than to subvert the man for continued access to this apparent inner sanctum, the chances that the Inquisitor might have some way of detecting Sid's tampering were too high. With an inward sigh, she turned to hug the adept protectively. "Manners, boys! This is a loyal servant who has performed his duties to perfection! We should take him home." Leaning forward she gently pecked the man on the lips, darting her tongue into his mouth - inquisitively, almost hesitantly at first. Then, it turned into a fully passionate kiss. As she explored his mouth, her body pressed against his, pulling him tighter and tighter, almost as if to absorb the adept into her.

With her hips pushing against his own neither region, the Lathe blade sliding into his spine should have been a surprise ...

Don't know what you need, but let's cut the dead weight ... well, literally!

2013-01-07, 05:38 PM
The man eagerly embraces Salome, terrified by the clicking and buzzing heretek. At her embrace and the kiss he responds eagerly but the blde is s shock. He stiffens before tumbling backwards writhing on the ground screaming in pain as the 3 heretics stand over him. His life pouring out from the shredded liver and his legs unable to even twitch as she rendered him a paraplegic.

He slowly bleeds out and dies. Still whimpering "But I was clean of taint... why.... wh....w...."

Hunting tech gizmos or heading to the Inquisitor's tricksy library of dark and dangerous things?

2013-01-07, 07:11 PM
Salome leaned down, placing a finger on his lips as he whimpered. "Oh, you still don't understand, do you moppet? It's because you were clean of taint.

But there is hope, my dear ... with all you've done for us, I'm sure that She Who Thirsts will offer you an opportunity to serve beyond anything that the Corpse can. Just open your mind to the possibilities."

Reaching down, she dipped her finger in the frothing, bloody mess around the corner fo the adept's mouth. Gently, she traced a line on his forehead, the symbol of her dark god(dess?), before leaning close to kiss him again. Licking the blood from her lips, she smiled and stood.

"May your journey into the warp be an illuminating experience."

Turning back to the others, she licked her lips and finger clean, as she thought for a moment. "Gregor, this meat is yours, if you have any need of it. Otherwise, we need to decide which way we shall proceed. Sid, dear, could you tell how long these two were missing, or how often they changed the passcodes for the vaults? I wonder whether the route our mutant friends is still available ... and how long it will take for the misguided servants to change the passcodes?"

2013-01-07, 08:28 PM
"Not sure that's being such a great idea Sally-girl - we've got an inkling of how to be getting in and all now, but that don't be sounding all genius without a way out and off" the wyrd points out, pulling out one of his lho-sticks to wash away the 'taste' of the scribe's thoughts.

"And the dude never went all the way in, you know? Maybe worth one of us going all sneaky like in a bit and taking a looksie as far as we can see, but I reckon that, passing the word or no password, the guards might rightly know we're the folks they're supposed to be keeping out. And then the inky-butt knows we're here, and it all gets a lot harder. I'm thinking maybe it's best not to get all ahead of ourselves, you know? Not really fancying my odds against the arse-tarts and all".

"Though, with everyone all occupied and the password still fresh, I'll admit it's all sweet and tasty, opportunities wise" he adds with a noxious puff, not entirely dismissive of the idea of risking it.

That said... DrK, I assume Sid managed to grab the relevant answers to Salome's questions while he was in there?

2013-01-08, 07:38 PM
Gregor is woefully torn between the opportunities presented them. Despite his fascination with biological processes, particularly those of a Xenos nature, the opportunity to obtain technology still whispers strongly within the processors that supplement his grey matter... The need to worship and study technology that is at the core of every tech-priest, even those fallen from the light. <Bah, humans are hardly that interesting to study... Although it may be interesting to see if there was any reaction from the Tyranid's flesh when introduced to a human corpse... The mutant prisoner may be able to provide us with further information or aid. Should he be a member of a gang of some sort, we may be able to suborn them to working for us, at the very least providing a distraction for the ship's armsmen. As much as it pains my processes to state this, it may be best for us to wait before attempting to break into the vault. Such a task is likely to necessitate planning and should not be undertaken upon a whim. Our current task may provide us with a resource that could be utilized in completing our eventual goal.>

2013-01-08, 07:45 PM
Raising an eyebrow, Salome looked at Sid. "Sid, love, I did not say what we would do ... I simply said we should decide on what to do. My questions are to determine the realm of the possible, rather than constrain us to a specific path. Within the lair of the enemy, we must be cautious and clever. Of course, I cannot believe that the absense of these two misguided fools will go unnoticed, given the scope of their duties - if there is an inkling of intelligence amongst Theocles' rank and file, they will change the codes and our opportunities will be more difficult. That being said, we can continue upon our current path and see what the relationship with our new friend might bring."

2013-01-08, 09:46 PM
An idea strikes the heretek spawned from his earlier studies of the genestealer's corpse. His bionic eye whirr in thought, as they seemingly glow slightly in the dark with malevolent intelligence. <Perhaps if one their remains were discovered in the vicinity of the disappearance with signs of having been taken and devoured by a genestealer or other such creature that escaped managed to the initial sweep we may be able to avoid suspicions that anything more had occurred to these pitiful creatures and the subsequent tightening of security against human threats.>

[roll0] TN 59 Forbidden Lore (Xenos) on how to make that believable (where to deposit the body basically)
[roll1] TN 74 Medicae test to reproduce the type of wounds on the corpse that did not die while on fire.
Edit: Well the body will be badly placed... but at least the wounds will look real!

2013-01-10, 02:10 PM
Salome smiled sweetly. "It is surely an option, dear Gregor. Of course, it will be completely dependent upon their security standards and measures. Regardless, stacking the deck in our favor is always good, and keeping the Imperials off our trail and harassing our competitors is an added benefit."

So, we set up the body, then continue on our journey to Epsilon 887?

2013-01-10, 02:17 PM
<Considering the number of xenos, hereteks, and mutants upon this supposedly holy Inquisitorial vessel, I do not think the security protocols will be any sort of major hurdle.> Gregor points out. <As well, given the relative ease with which the mutants kidnapped these adepts, it is likely we would be able to reproduce such a feat to procure sources of the new codes.>

2013-01-10, 05:38 PM
There is a selection of horrible wet tearing sounds as Gregor sets to work with his blade tines and pincers. Soon both of the adepts are horrible wet messes. Artifical pumps giving spectacular splatter around the massive claw marks as both bodies resemble one that has been torn apart by one of the xenos.

Are you duping them somewhere easy to find nd then continuing to the Engineering decks?

2013-01-13, 05:07 AM
With a grunting and tearing the servitor picks up the crippled mutant and begins to slink back to their underdeck lair. The rest of the party of heretics move ever sternwards towards the engine rooms and the massive towering genatorium stacks that provide the power to the colossal engines, lights and life support functions.

The route is by neccisisty cramped and filthy as you keep to the maintenance shafts and tunnels before finally reaching the edge of the secondary plasma genatorium. As you are about to enter however you can see a trio of massive shapes at the other side of the generator. The area packed with near silent red cloaked Magos or lobotimised near naked servitors hauling heavy objects and connecting massive capacitors. Your eyes all uniformly narrow as you recognise the unistkable Black Armour of a trio of Deathwatch Astartes!!

2013-01-13, 10:17 AM
Gregor's oculor implants whir in a mixture of shock and excitement at the sight of the genetically enhanced warriors, a portion of his mind plan experiments that would only be possible with a more resilient space marine subject, while the rest attempts to calculate their new odds of success. <I believe our odds of success are decreasing> he states flatly.

2013-01-13, 05:56 PM
"Man Greg" Sid moans, "you are, like, all sorts of dead on with that. Which is what we'll be being if we don't, like, find another way around". This was totally not part of the plan. In fact, this has as little to do with 'The Plan' as the average corpse-priest has to do with fun.

The wyrd does the only reasonable thing, and starts moving away from the superhuman killing machine. Not that he isn't sure he could take one of them, he totally could too, it's just he's not quite sure if he could do it without turning his head inside out. "Ladies and cowards first, right? Let's be finding another way around, one that doesn't go straight through deadsville, population: us.".

2013-01-14, 12:34 AM
<By all means, after you.> Gregor responds to the psyker without missing a beat. One unfamiliar with Adeptus Mechanicus might almost take his comment as an attempt at humour, rather than an observation.

2013-01-14, 05:33 PM
Salome felt the thrill of fear flowing through her veins, chilling her to the bone. Where the others immediately called for the smart and discretionary move, she found herself sliding closer and closer, her heart pounding harder and harder as she moved. Oh, certainly these genetic freaks would kill her without a second thought, and even less effort. However, if she were captured, think of the delicious tortures they would perform upon her, ripping her secrets from her very bosum with their inhuman methods!

Of course, that would mean she would miss so many other opportunities aboard the vessel ... corrupting young imperial troopers ... exploring how depraved Razor could be ... another draught of craich ...

Biting through the inside of her lip, Salome shuddered in the pleasure at the pain, and shook her head. Turning to the others, she smiled, blood staining her teeth in the dim lighting of the underdecks. "Very well, loves, let us continue on around. Perhaps we shall see these brutes later, when we have found the secrets Theocles tries so desparately to hide ... and then we shall show them the delights of the true Powers in the universe ..."

I suppose we should continue on and find this E887 ... where EVER could he be? :smallbiggrin:

2013-01-14, 09:58 PM
<Given our own strong desire to vacate the vicinity, its possible that the presence of certain individuals has resulted others with similar proclivities reacting in a similar fashion.> the heretek observes.

I think this is a fair assessment even without stuff from DW... If not let me know!

2013-01-21, 05:17 PM
Sid nods. Gregster is making all sorts of sense there. "Right, so why don't we be all circling and looping around. Blackberry jam over there might be faster than us, but I ain't got a doubt in my my mind we'd be up for sneaking around and around to grab what he be chasing, if what he be chasing be our silver pieces".

2013-01-22, 09:55 AM
Gregor oddly found himself agreeing with the unhinged psyker. <Such an action provides us with a high probability of success without exposing ourselves to undue risk by my calculations. +/- 5% given mathematical assumptions required with the data I presently posses and the gaps therein.>

2013-01-22, 05:23 PM
From your vantage point skulking near an access grille you can see action erupting as a red cloakd magos turns and begins to run ponderously across the genatorium floor towards an access port. Immediatly the heavily armoured marines pound forward - one flying skwards on a jump jet the other pushing forward fast.

Even as they close on the heretek Gregor can hear the surge of binary chatter and almost see the corrupted machine code activating as the servitors turn nasty - turning towards the marines aggressively....

You are glad you are not in there!

2013-01-22, 06:09 PM
"Let's one-two our feet, eh man? Gotta grab the him before he runs" Sid notes, taking off at a run. Hopefully he can get around to cut the runaway heretek off. Or one of the others will point him in the right direction - knowing left from right ain't exactly among Sid's areas of expertise.

2013-01-22, 07:05 PM
Salome watched the violence ensue, feeling the rush of adrenaline that accompanied such emotion-ladden events. A part of her wanted to use the fog and friction to enact some chaos on the marines ... but even within the swirling melee, it was obvious that it would only be a matter of time until the Space Marines stood victorious.

Besides, the target of their search was getting away. Sid, in his addled way, had the right of it - best to catch the renegade before he disappeared completely.

"Fly, my pretties ... we must intercept him before he rabbits and disappears."

Not sure if a skill check is needed, but let us know ...

2013-01-22, 10:18 PM
<We should present ourselves as a means of eluding pursuit. Such a presentation is likely to facilitate in absconding quickly.> Gregor points out calmly while hurrying along with the others. There are benefits to having one's respiratory system separate from one's means of vocal communication.

2013-01-23, 10:50 AM
Salome shrugged sexily as they ran, although her movements were probably lost on her companions. "I would expect that our contact is more acquainted with this section than we are, but I am sure I could make something up."

Glancing at Gregor, then she pouted. "Of course, if he as 'detached' as you are, he may be more attracted to your scrap code than my charms ..."

Figure we can at least say "Razor sent us!" and see where that leads. Hopefully that doesn't translate to "Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt." :smallsmile:

2013-01-23, 11:57 AM
<I concur, his knowledge may be more expansive than ours, however he may be lacking for a convenient location to hide from the now inevitable search. Presenting ourselves as allies remains our most expedient course of action according to my calculations.> Gregor intones in reply.

2013-01-23, 05:50 PM
All of the heretics can see the exit where E778 is heading. The vile dark magos using his fell powers to activate powers of levitation as the corrupted servitors pile upon the hulking black armoured figures and a torrents of nails sends sparks off a second.

Running down the access corridor you see a small grille some 12m ahead that you think may interesect with the passageway the pursued magos is heading too. It appears to be a race between you and the massive Astartes of the Ordo Xenos...

2013-01-23, 06:42 PM
With a burst of speed, Salome sprinted across the corridor, reaching the access grill. She looked at the area, trying to determine the best way to open it up without permanently disabling it ...

Awareness? TN 48: [roll0]

2013-01-26, 02:11 AM
Salome's deft fingers rapidly and easily partially pried open the grille allowing her to quite peer around and view the metallic mask of the fleeing heretek as he ran towards her. Even as the hail of fire from one of the Astartes blew apart half a dozen of the servitors...

2013-01-26, 02:16 AM
Salome waved to the fleeing heretik, not wasting time with flowery words or suggestive gestures. Whispering below to Gregor, she called, "Can you call him with a burst of your quaint little scrap code?"

2013-01-26, 03:58 PM
<If by scrap code you mean the highly efficient and dulcet tones of the techna lingua, then yes.> Gregor intones. There is an audible click followed by a series of screeches, beep, and whistles. #Magos E778, we have come to aid your escape! This way!#

2013-02-02, 03:26 PM
The bulkead closes with a dull thud as the servitors are blown apart by the hail of heavy bolter fire. The heretek looks at Gregor - < Designation required. Motive requested. Egress route accepted as most expediete exit route >

Even as those words are burst in binary he moves to the doorway and peels it open. His hilking frame about to crawl in.

2013-02-04, 01:01 PM
{Designation: Gregor. Motivation: Information gathering. } Gregor responds, continuing their highly efficient binary conversation.

2013-02-08, 05:19 PM
The heretek looks at the small portalway and nods as he crawls in.<Probability of success is higher through small door. Large passageway is too open and the astartes are too fast>

He turns around and the mechandrite pops out a small cutting torch beginning to seal the small hatch. < Why the assistance?>

2013-02-10, 09:55 PM
{"Following the recent purging of various groups on the ship, including a group of enlightened tech-priests, we have been seeking allies and information. My comrades are unfortunately simple meat sacks and are uneducated in the dulcet tones of the true language. I'm sure they would appreciate us continuing this discussion in their inefficient tongue.} Gregor contributes, attempting to have the fleeing heretek change languages, allowing one of the members of the group better versed in deceit and manipulation take charge of the conversation.

I don't THINK I said anything that is untrue but just in case: [roll0] TN 41

2013-02-12, 02:09 PM
All the beeps and boops flying back and forth remind Sid of this one little song he heard once. Man, he can't even remember the words but now he just knows it's going to be all stuck in his head for the rest of the day.

Still, maybe Greggy-Greg might want some hands to be helping out. Best to let him know he's like, got his back. And not just in the standing behind him sense. Just lemme know if you want me to be all a-mind jacking this clanker, eh Greg? Just be, you know, knowing that I can't be doing it for long and all.

Thought Sending! Same as always, I only fail on a fumble.

2013-02-14, 10:06 AM
Salome waited, watching E778 work silently as Gregor stared at the heretek. While only moments had passed, it was obvious the two were communicating via that thrice-damned machine language. Sighing, the apostate checked her weapons, then checked the corridors for any signs of moment.

"Come, Gregor, bring your new playmate along. We should find a safer place to discuss, least the Emperor's mutated dogs hear us through the very walls ..."

2013-02-14, 10:29 AM
<Agreed. Falk and I shall bring up the rear, alert for any signs of pursuit.> Gregor offers.

2013-02-19, 10:20 AM
Salome rolled her eyes, shaking her head in mock disappointment. "But dear Gregor, you were the one with the maps!" Using whatever means they had, Salome will lead the others to whatever appears to be a 'safe' area to discuss.

Once there, she turns to the others. "So, my fine mechanical friend. A mutual acquaintance suggested we talk. What evil little plots have you been embroiled in, my dear?" She flashed her winning smile, even if it was lost on the more robotic than human heretek.

2013-02-22, 05:39 PM
A few minutes of flight leaves the heretics in a dingy sewage inlet sampling valve bulkhead. The 6ft by 6ft metal cell like hole with a small circular hole in the floor that accesses the maintenance shafts bracketed by a pair of secondary sewage valves. The slightly open pipes releasig a trickle of dark effluence and a vile stench in the nearby pitch darkness.

The fleeing magos looks about. His mechandrites poised in a suspicious manner. An integrated weapon active in his left bionic hand. A faint chirp of binary fades away before with halting and difficult rasps he switches to a harsh and stumbling low gothic.

"You know I heretek. But not Malgryisan are you." He looks around some more. Red linked metallic bionic cyberoptic eyes watching you all. "What sect are you with. You do not show mechanicus signums." he directs the question to Gregrory. "Have you heard of the rest of my cult? We have heard things. Rumours of Astartes let loose within the vessel?"

2013-02-22, 06:04 PM
<No. I am not. I do not belong to any sect as secrecy and solitary has been my ally since those close minded fools drove me from my facility. I practice fleshworks utilizing the superior xenos biology, in addition to dabbling in transgenics. The rumours you heard are true. The corpse god's hounds descended upon your sect's hideout and slayed all found within. It seems they had discovered your presence as well.> Gregor replies, as Falk scans the area.

2013-03-05, 06:42 PM
Salome leaned against the wall, smiling at E778. "Your options are becoming limited, dear Malgrysian. The web of the thrice-damned Golden Throne, inch ever closer and closer. Perhaps an alliance between us could benefit all adversaries to the False Emperor?"

2013-03-06, 05:31 PM
Even as the Malgrysian considers his response a distant krak echoes down the cramped maintenance corridor. The noise of the explosion is distant and a set of mechandrites whirls and flaps.

The magos looks to his fellow heretek and the lithe female before giving a curt nod. "An alliance would be best fir all concerned. Are you aware of a rapid route out of this immediate area?"

2013-03-18, 09:10 AM
Salome nodded. "I suggest we head that way," she pointed in the direction the group had come, "and do it now. Gregor, keep your eye on our back and let's hustle a bit. You too, Sid, dear."

2013-03-26, 10:43 AM
The magos nods as the group begins to retrace its route. A thought spurred on by a faint explosion and then a crashing sound as a metal grate is hurled aside...

Are you running back the way you came at a double time?

2013-03-26, 10:46 AM
<Increase the energy to your motivativators, we must flee! The Corpse god's flunkies draw near!> Gregor says as he breaks into a run.

My vote is for an expedient advance towards the rear!

2013-03-27, 12:43 PM
Salome smiled, the delicious chill of excitement and fear running down her back. "Agreed, dear Gregor! Let us make haste, least we reveal ourselves completely to these fools!"

I choose life ... let's run! 5m standard move, so try to keep up, boys!

2013-04-03, 04:36 PM
Like an agile ghost Salome leads the retreat, her feet quiet and lithe in the narrow conduits even as the heavier mechanoids clumped along side. For an hour the retreat wound deeper and deepr into the bowels of the ship. Past long dead power lines, bulkheads rusted shut and areas in the bowels of the ship where dust and stale air have gathered for decades.

The new heretek says nothing. Bionic optics recording everything and an autoscriber scratching slowly the route lest something befall his new found friends...

Eventually amidst the ruined cargo holds and the dimmed lights where power line falter and fail the flight can be slowly halted. The faint chitter of bilge lizards or possibly something more vile the only sounds to be heard above the faint echo of choiral tones.

The heretek looks about with a suspicious demeanour. Section 77 epsilon. Sub deck 28 forward. 289 years since power fully active. Sanctuary 67% favourable. Query - what seek you?

2013-04-04, 01:28 PM
Salome smirked at the heretek's assessment of the safety of this area. "The real question is ... what do you seek? We know that you are searching for precious baubles, but in casting about with your stick you've gone and disturbed the wasps' nest. Now we are all at risk, when if you had simply been a little more patient, you might have what you wanted as we speak.

Let's forget that your actions, as well as those of the xenos, have placed an inordinate amount of attention on all ... unsanctioned activities on-board this ship. To mend those fences, perhaps you'd like to share what you seek ... and what you plan to do with it."

2013-04-04, 01:38 PM
Gregor stays at the heretek's back, watching for any signs of aggressive action.

2013-04-06, 04:47 PM
The heretek watches you through his bionic eyes with a suspicious air. His cybernetics gleaming darkly. "A geller tainter. It twists the Geller field allowing the raw warp within around the site of the machine. Dark Technology from the Golden Age. The Lord Inquisitor shall test his faith sorely the next time this vessel dares go to warp."

The heretek shuffles around. "My fellow adepts on the surface below were concerned about this occurring and prepared accordingly. Even as we are destroyed so shall our destroyers fall."

2013-04-07, 01:15 AM
Gregor shifts his weight slightly uncomfortably at this information, resisting the urge to simply torture the location out of the heretek until more subtle methods are applied.

2013-04-10, 04:22 PM
The heretek's metallic visages tweaks into something akin to a sneer. "Do not flinch brother. It is a most wondrous piece of the Omnisah's mind. A twisting circuit that allows the manipulation of the very fabric of space and time."

He looks around the dimly lit and corroding underdeck chamber. "The demons of the warp will roam here soon. The decks will be awash with blood and this vessel will tear a path directly to the Eye of Terror itself."

2013-04-10, 04:49 PM
Salome shivered slightly, her nipples hardening beneath the skin-tight outfit. "Ooooh, when you say it like that I get all goose-pimply!

Now, are you saying you've already found and planted the tainter? Or is it an object within the Inquisitor's vaults that you still seek?

And how do we coordinate with your conspirators on the ground? What roll are they playing in this macabre little dance you're planning, you naughty monkey?"

2013-04-14, 03:38 PM
The heretek looks at the women with a blank stare in his mechanically enhanced optics. A mechandrite hanging from beneath his cape twitching slightly in response possibly to a long deadened yet primal biological response.

The concise and clipped vox tones "The field inversion device is already in place and will be activated the next time this vessel enters the immaterium."

He looks at the floor - an instinct even as the vessel is surely spinning around its Z-axis in orbit. "I have no contact with my fellow Malgrysians. I was merely placed here with my fellows as surety."

2013-04-15, 10:32 AM
Salome nodded, tapping her chin thoughtfuly. "Well, there is something to be said about a trip into the warp ... but before we continue, what do you know about the Inquisitor's vault?"

Curious, are we talking about a situation where we will just go into the warp, or we're all gonna die? Cuz one of those is NOT a good time!

2013-04-16, 12:18 AM
<As your fellows have been removed from the playing field and no longer able to maintain or protect it, where is the device?> Gregor inquires, still unused to this particular means of information gathering.

2013-04-19, 03:32 PM
The heretek looks at his fellow and unleashes a short stream of binary at Gregor. 1101010100010010010010001000101111101001...

he gives you the location and the security code for the safety failsafe

Switching to more traditional speech he glances at both of them. "The geller collapse would be localised. The effects would spread. As for the vault. We are aware of certain things of value within there. Many tomes of dark rituals."

2013-04-22, 09:32 AM
Salome's eyes flashed at the mention of dark rituals. "Tomes, you say? Rituals? Perhaps you could elaborate, my dearest Tin Man. What information have you and your companions managed to find out about dear Theocles' secret files?

And speaking of companions, who of your allies remain aboard? Are there others who know of the gellar field sabotage? Who else might we treat as possible partners in our future efforts?"

2013-04-30, 03:45 PM
The hereteks slowly writhing mechandrites regard the apostate carefully. A pause as the mechanoid man considers his requests. "The Nature of the rituals is unkown to us. In its recovery 8 planets of the Nekhar V system were subjected to exterminatus and Theocles has destroyed 3 specific planets in widely separated systems. We have not been able to identify common link between them.

The heretek swings his gaze about. "I do not known how many of my brothers survive. What is your next plan of action? I require a location to conceal myself."

2013-05-20, 04:25 PM
Salome smiled widely. "Why mayhem and chaos, of course! As for a place for you to hide, I think we might be aware of such a location. Of course, you may have to earn your keep ... perhaps by performing some alteration work with the locals. What say you?"

She also looked to her companions, curious as to whether they wanted to kill this creature, or bring it back to Razor ...

2013-05-26, 03:27 PM
Glancing about the adepts the heretek twitches slightly. "I can offer services or goods from the dark age of Man in exchange for surety of my safety."

2013-05-30, 09:22 AM
Salome nodded, her eyes lighting up as a wicked smile crept over her beautiful face. "That would be lovely, my dear. Gregor, do you have any additional questions for our new guest?"

Goods or services from the Dark Age? This could turn out better than she thought!

2013-05-30, 09:39 AM
<Nothing at present m'lady. Perhaps later.> Gregor replies.

2013-05-31, 02:36 PM
The heretek nods in acceptance of the offer. "Where is this place of safety. The longer we spend here the increasing chances of the Emperor's benighted sons finding us."

As he levitates above the ground slightly, servos thrumming internally in his body, he pauses, a series of lights flickering on his head gear. "My companions on the planet below report they are under assault and have requested fire support. Or escape."

2013-06-24, 05:23 PM
Salome sighed and glanced back at the heretek. "What, pray-tell, do they think we might be able to provide them by way of support? Unless you or Gregor have the means to access and coopt one of the transports on board this vessel?" She looked at both men, curious about the possibilities.

"Otherwise, my only suggestion would be to see what we can provide by way of an 'inadvertant' firing of one of the munitions available to the Sin of Pride. That may provide enough of a distraction to enable their escape - but will undoubtedly result in immediate and ruthless reprisals. Since yours are not the only machinations in play aboard this vessel, I am uncertain I am willing to jeopardize our current efforts for such a gambit ... at least not yet, and not without some convincing." She smiled that evily seductive smile, then led the way towards the underground market, hips swaying in an unconscious attempt to attract attention.

2013-07-17, 09:18 AM
<We may be able to have a shipboard occurrence disguised as a result of the crew's incompetence or the actions of a remnant of the genestealer cult. While it pains me to surrender such valuable research materials, a few small pieces of carapace and errant drops of ichor as if the creature nicked itself may confuse and mislead any investigation into the occurrence, similar to how we disguised our prior information gathering efforts.> Gregor points out after analyzing the situation.

2013-08-02, 12:15 PM
Salome clapped her hands in girlish excitement, jiggling in all the right places. "What a delicious idea, my dear Gregor. Let's make haste and stage your wonderful tableau to distract and confuse our enemies. Then, while they are mucking about in the underbelly of this ship, we shall find our ways up to see what can be done to support our new friends comrades."

Looking to the heretek, she smiled, a look that seemed to promise both pleasuere and pain in one exciting expression, she leaned closely. "We shall provide you shelter from the coming storm, my dear. But let us see what you have to offer in exchange for our services ... services from the dark age of Man, I believe you said?"

2013-08-05, 01:47 PM
Gregor's attention focuses upon their newest recruit waiting to see how he can aid their efforts. "At the very least I could perhaps use another assistant, or test subject..." He trails off, finger tines clicking.

2013-09-05, 02:57 PM
3 Months ago...

It had been a worrying time on the ship. The purges had come close numerous times to catching you and your fellows and only luck of the great powers had kept you safe on one occasion as you sheltered in the filth laden waste recycling pipes as one of the Emperor's most trusted Astartes paced hunting for you.

It had been a combination of Salome's persuasion and Gregor's technical skills that had allowed them access to the drop bay. A fire cuased y faulty wiring accidentally releasing a trio of drop pods - one containing the dark acolytes.

Since the landing on the 3rd moon of the forge planet you had made your way to the small station hidden amongst the floating cloud of metal waste from the space docks. A collection of hab tubes, rock and wreckage welded together where the hated and the outcast from the forge could shelter hidden from the prying eyes of the Imperium. THeir supplies provided bya few less than honourable smugglers the station had now burrowed into the rock and was now a thriving - if violent, corrupt and dangerous colony of some 3'000 dammned souls!


As you enter the cave cut into the side of the habitat’s main chamber, a spite-engine uncoils from the ceiling and looks you over with five beady eyes. It hisses at you, oily ichor dripping from its iron mandibles. The hulking mutant bodyguard just grunts. “You know rule,” he gurgles, his words distorted by the huge tusks protruding from his lower jaw. “No guns. Blades good.” Beyond the entrance, the drinking room is dimly illuminated by the flickering green-tinged light of several braziers of bale-fire. In the shadows of the ceiling, you can just make out the constant writhing of a dozen spite-engines coiling around each other. The patrons tend towards the shadows and all seem to ignore you.

The bartender is so heavily augmented that you cannot see a scrap of flesh underneath his robes. A third augmetic hand pours your drinks from steel flasks. Just as you prepare to take a seat, an old man seated at one of the card tables gestures your way. The man is playing with a mutant, who appears to be a mass of writhing tentacles, and a gaunt woman covered in bandages. Neither appear to be doing well. As you approach, the old man says, “You look like one with valuables to lose.” He gestures at the pile of adamantium ingots in the pot and the even larger pile of goods—a bundle of skin deeds and glowing purple vials—he has to wager. Then, he motions for you to take a seat and says, “Come join me.”

You can all get +800 XP

You can all choose to add 3 items of scarce (-10) availability to your inventory

Gambling on Belphagion
One of the more popular games in Belphagion is a card-based game called Spiked Circle. The game is relatively common amongst some of the more populous Gloaming Worlds (with several variations), and the GM should feel free to allow any of his players’ Characters to be familiar with the rules. Its origins are ancient, but unclear. The game depends upon bluffing and showmanship as much as it depends upon luck and strategy. Each hand begins with several rounds of wagering, followed by a final show of cards for those who remained in the game.

For game mechanics purposes, this works as follows: There are three rounds of wagering during each hand of Spiked Circle. In each round, any participating players may make an Opposed Difficult (–10) Deceive vs Scrutiny Test against their opponents. Each Degree of Success on any of these tests adds a +5 bonus to a final Challenging (+0) Opposed Logic Test to represent the gambling in the hand.

If more than one of the Heretics is cooperatively participating in the game, a character may choose to pass the bonus they earn on a Deceive Test to one of the other players for his Logic test. During any round of bluffing, the characters may instead choose to make an Opposed Difficult (–10) Sleight of Hand vs Awareness Test. Each Degree of Success on this test yields a +40 bonus to the final Logic Test. However, on failure, the Heretic is caught cheating.

What ends up being bet (and how much is bet in a single hand) is a matter of roleplaying, and thus is up to the GM and the players. However, in general each wager should be items with matching Availabilities. If one person wagered a data-slate, another could wager a lasgun (both Common), but a knife (Plentiful) would not be an equivalent bet. The individual would have to wager a Significant amount of knives (5-10) to equal the bet. Page 306 in the Black Crusade Core Rulebook covers Availabilities and various modifiers in more detail. Beyond general items and gear, however, there are plenty of stranger items of value that are up for bid in this game of chance. The following is a list of some of the valuables the various players have at their disposal (how many each player
has available is up to the GM).
• Adamantium ingot: These small bars of metal are valued for construction in many weapons of war and are relatively
rare in the Screaming Vortex. Each ingot has a Plentiful Availability, so they are usually wagered in sizeable quantities.
• Skin deeds: Tattooed onto human skin, these deeds record favours owed by the sorcerer-technocrats of Q’sal’s three
cities. The sorcerer-technocrats care little for who holds the deed when they are redeemed. Each skin deed has an
Availability of Scarce. When making an Infamy Test to acquire an item from Q’sal, the skin deed can be redeemed for
a one-time +10 bonus to the Infamy Test.
• Vials of essence: Within these tiny crystal vials is a viscous and luminous purple liquid said to be a distilled portion
of a human soul. Drinking it produces feelings of extreme euphoria and pleasure, although this has no discernible
in-game effects. Each vial has a Very Rare Availability.
• Blasphemous icons and statuettes: This category covers any number of icons and statuettes depicting the Dark
Gods and their symbols, used in prayer and worship. Depending on the materials involved in their craftsmanship,
their Availability can range from Abundant to Extremely Rare (decided by the GM).
• Slaves: Like the previous category, slaves may range in Availability due to their uses.

2013-09-12, 05:32 PM
"Hmmmm... it has been awhile since I last played a game of chance such as this one. This should be... refreshing." Gregor says, as he settles his frame into the seat, keenly aware of his missing integrated weapons.

2013-10-02, 05:26 PM
Salome walked through the darkened corridors with the confidence of a predator among prey. She ignored the shadows, which seemed to flicker with envy, as the Trembling Hand of the Dark Prince slinked past. Immediately following her was a hulking monstrosity of a once-human - her servant, Bral. Next to her minion walked her co-conspirator, Gregor.

The last three months had been tense, living under the powersword of Lord Damocles the entire time. At any moment, they could have been discovered; widespread purges, power struggles amidst the denizens of the lower levels, even remnants of the xenos and heretek forces. It was positively delicious!

As it was, Salome and Gregor were more than a match for those that crossed their paths, and they carved a swath of death, destruction and deceipt all the way to a transport off the Sin of Pride.

As they approached the cave, a spite-engine and mutant bodyguard stopped them, demanding firearms and similar weapons. She laughed ... a tinkling, arousing series of giggles that brought to question her sanity. Glancing at Gregor, she handed over her las pistol and long las. "How positively hilarious, my dear Gregor! It thinks these toys make us dangerous. Absolutely refreshing to see such naiveté programmed into these mindless minions!"

Salome turned and walked through the doors, signalling Bral to follow her as she stepped in, heading towards the bar. Once there, she smiled. "Two promethium bombs, good sir, and feel free to make them full strength!" If Gregor wondered why the apostate would order such a low-grade beverage, he would quickly remember her fascination with 'experiences' and such.

Once they got their drinks, a man motioned them over, eager to part them from their hard-earned loot. Clapping her hands, she quickly sat down. "Oh, goody! A game of chance and luck ... how can we not play, right Gregor? I am not very lucky, but you certainly are!"

A few things - one, did we get any infamy from our previous activities? Two, is scarce the maximum rarity, or is -10 the maximum availability mod for an auto-succeed? Third, if it's just the max availability, how much Rose could Salome get? Looks like enough for a company!

As for the game, I suggest Salome makes the Deceipt checks and gives the bonus to Gregor (whom I'm guessing has a pretty darn good Logic skill).

Game on!

2013-10-05, 08:36 PM
"As I have told you before Salome, there is no such thing as luck. For one capable of doing the math, each of those occurrences were a matter of statistics, not some fictitious concept." Gregor replies casually, his blade tines clicking against Flak's armour plated skull, adding to his collection of chips and dings.
I am equally curious regarding the acquisition questions Starbin asked... I'm hoping to have gotten some nice new parts from a ... volunteer... :smallbiggrin:

2013-10-07, 10:29 AM
Salome grinned. "Oh Gregor, call it luck, logic, or simple whims of the Warp ... let us see how we fare in this game of 'chance,' shall we?"

I think we're ready to play. Let me see figure out what Salome might have for trade ... besides the obvious :smallsmile:

2013-10-08, 03:17 PM
The smoke and drug infused incense from small tabletop burners continues to irritate your eyes slightly as the gruff old man pushes back a tattered metal stool for you. The two other heretics around the table - one afflicted with a strange rippling blue growth on his back both nod their acquiescence A small pile of adamantium ingots Q'Sal skin deeds and collar tabs for various slaves in the pens outside denote the bets. Playing mostly for cheap slaves and a handful of ingots initially its a relatively low stakes game (so far!)

The ingots are "Plentiful" so you can can use equipment
Also - each person can make an infamy check to see if you have any
Ingots - plentiful (but more DoS will allow more of them)
Vials of human Essence - Ex. Rare
Skin Deeds - Scarce

- So 3 infamy rolls in total

The augmented bartender returns with drinks. The dark oily liquid bubbling slightly and warm to the touch from the drop of raw fuel that was added to it. The quasi poisonous liquid a strange drink to enjoy... The large rough looking man smiles at Salome hungrily, a forked tongue licking his lips in an obvious manner. "Corbin Worldsbane. Is who I am and these fine people I don't know and don't care to know" he snarls gesturing at the other two players, "But you..." he looks at Salome. "You I want to know." Changing his gaze he looks at Gregor, "If she is yours name your price. I can pay it. If not... well..."he gestures at the table between them, "There are lots of acceptable bets one can make eh?"

As more drinks arrive he shuffles the tattered looking set of metallic cards, iconographs of men, demons and xenos scuffed and batters but still visible. Dealing the first hand of cards out he grins and tosses a handful of ingots from the pile in front of him onto the centre of the table. A gesture copied by the other two heretics who seem more guarded in their ways.

Initial bet is "Average" availability (i.e. 2-5 ingots or)

Round 1
Please make your Deceive Vs scrutiny
Worldsbane deceive [roll0] scrutiny [roll1]
Heretic deceive [roll2] scrutiny [roll3]
Mutant deceive [roll4] scrutiny [roll5]

Round 2
Please make your Deceive Vs scrutiny
Worldsbane deceive [roll6] scrutiny [roll7]
Heretic deceive [roll8] scrutiny [roll9]
Mutant deceive [roll10] scrutiny [roll11]

Please make your Deceive Vs scrutiny
Worldsbane deceive [roll12] scrutiny [roll13]
Heretic deceive [roll14] scrutiny [roll15]
Mutant deceive [roll16] scrutiny [roll17]

At each stage you can choose to make a Sleight of hand instead of a Deceive but they will get an awareness (though for ease rolling I will just use their scrutiny dice roll compared to their awareness)

After the 3 rounds of betting have been performed... I'll count up all the DoS for the bonuses on the final Logic tests to see who wins!

2013-10-11, 10:32 PM
Blinking her long eyelashes, Salome smiled demurely at the man before taking a long pull on the drink that was brought to them. Shuddering slightly as the sharp, fuel-flavored drink went down, she sighed and looked back at Worldsbane. "Silly boy, you show your hand much too early, and it leaves too little to the imagination. If I thought you were anything more than the drab, uninspired dullard you obviously are, I might offer a taste of my gifts without wagering. But since I have seen your kind, felt your droll, repetitive impotent rutting, you are all force and no feeling."

She let her words sink in, gauging the speed of his reaction to her comments to see if he were smarter than the average heretic. After a few moments, she stretched languidly, the body suit showing off her ample features before she leaned back. "For the record, boys, I am the merchant of my wares, so if you wish a sample, you speak with me." Leaning forward, she picked up a few ingots, holding them up to her eye and considering them for a moment.

"However, given that you wish to barter your metal droppings against my crown jewels, I think you need to ante a bit more to the pot. Let us start simple - if one of you wins, you get an hour alone with me. If myself or dear Gregor wins ...

I get your heart." The smile she gave was positively thrilling and chilling, at the same time.

Hmmm ... Charm? [roll0] vs TN 69 (plus any circumstance bonuses DrK deems appropriate!)

2013-10-12, 11:30 AM
"My own stakes shall take a more... tangible nature." Gregor says as he places his skin deeds on the table.

2013-10-16, 04:31 PM
Worldsbane grins as he scoops up ingots, the slave chains of a dozen new hapless slaves and a the skin deeds from Gregor. "Can't win 'em all eh?"

As he piles up the winnings a slow smile spreads across his face, his eyes sharp on Salome and hungry with intent. Ignoring the tow mutants who get up and leave disgusted by their losses he carefully reaches inside his grubby old coat cut in a vaguely military fashion and brings out what appears to an ancient book. The strange vellum pebbled and grey with dark ophdian eyes on the front - the book clearly harvested from some sort of xeno hide. "Double or quits?" he grins. "One last hand. I win I get her...." he points at Salome and puses a slave chain across the table at her. "You win you gets the winnings and the book and the map and the chance to carve yerself a demon world of yer very own... can't say fairer than that eh? THousands of souls for a rotten but pretty one."

2013-10-16, 04:36 PM
"Agreed." Gregor says without even waiting to consult Salome. As for some strange reason she was unwilling to participate in his experiments, he had not become overly attached. Se could bequite useful, but surely he could find a replacement should that prove necessary.

2013-10-16, 06:39 PM
Salome laughed aloud, the sound of her voice touching them men in the room in just the right spot. "Double or quits, eh? You figure you'll roll the dice and take your chances, my dear? Excellent ... it should be an interesting outcome, no matter which way the cards fall ..."

No worries ... Salome plans on bathing in Worldsbane's heart blood by evening meal, win, lose or draw

2013-10-17, 02:48 PM
At Salome and Gregor's quick acceptance of the bet Corbin grins and roars to the strange mechanoid bar tender for more drinks. "Ye ain't even going to ask what the prize is? You wanting to be mine that much are you my lovely. I look forward to my hour with you before we make it permanent?" He drinks heavily from the fizzing black liquid that arrives as he shuffles the cards again and begins to deal. "This book, eh, its my legacy. I'm too old, too tired to start again. I had my day as a king and squandered it and wouldn't want it again but this..." he strokes the strange xeno hide cover. "Could you make a you a prince, or" with a look at Salome "A queen".

Dealing the cards he stares at them wating for Gregor's response...

[roll0] Deceive [roll1] Scrutiny
[roll2] Deceive [roll3] Scrutiny
[roll4] Deceive [roll5] Scrutiny
[roll6] Logic

2013-10-17, 04:04 PM
Gregor stares hungrily at the cover of the revealed book. "You wouldn't happen to know what species the binding is constructed of would you?" he inquires as he looks over his cards.

Decieve: [roll0] TN 41 Scrutiny: [roll1] TN 15
Decieve:[roll2] TN 41 Scrutiny: [roll3] TN 15
Decieve:[roll4] TN 41 Scrutiny: [roll5] TN 15
Logic: [roll6] Reroll if failed: [roll7] TN 59 + Bonuses?

2013-10-22, 01:48 PM
Corbin looks at Gregor with a feral grin. "That ain't xeno boy. That be demon, prime warp rending soul sucking daemon."

The cards fall open and with a a collection of leering skulls and appropriately a half naked slaneeshi demon of some kind Corbin. He looks at the cards and then looks at the massive collection of demonic themed cards in Gregor's hands and smiles a grim smile. "Ah well Lad. I feel like you weren't putting your whole mechanical heart into it first time round".

Pushing the strange xeno hide bound tome across the table you can all feel a strange brush of cold air suddenly surround you, the psychic fumes seeping off the book almost visible to the naked eye such is the complexity and power of the ritual that Worldsbane has traded away. Looking at Salome hungrily he grins and points to the stairs leading to the dingy rooms full of narcotics upstairs. "Well there do be a handy slave that could go with that to make your life easier. How about that hour and she's yours?"

Well done you won the De'Orbis Mysteries, a book containing a ritual of immense power that could cement your place as power players in the Screaming Vortex for a generation.

2013-10-23, 11:31 AM
Salome raised an eyebrow in question. "Perhaps you have a different perspective of what double or quits means ... I am sorry, but you gambled away your winnings. Fortunately, since you have little in your hand, you are none the worse for wear by the looks of it."

Then she leaned forward, an evil grin on her face. "Of course, I hate for anyone to go away unfulfilled ... so consider this a consolation prize." Sliding next to the man, she reached under the table and slipped her hand towards his leg. Nimble fingers undid his trousers and strong fingers reached for what they found inside. With that same smile she began to ...

What do you want from me, you sickos! Let's just say Salome gives ol' Corbin a 'hand' with his current frustrations. He should enjoy himself immensely ....
... at least until she rakes her nails across his member, blending delicious pain into pleasure. Unfortunately for him, she's wearing venom nails ... -30 Toughness check or take 2d10 wounds an hour later. I can't imagine Salome would shy away from a little carnal pleasure, but she's also a vindictive, evil little biatch, so ...

2013-10-25, 11:42 AM
"Must you engage in such... crass behaviour?" Gregor says as he collects all of his winnings from the table, including the book, less enthused after discovering the cover is made of demon-hide. "I grow weary of treating the various diseases and conditions you pick up from your... exploits. Is there something else that would interest you in exchange for your slave?" he continues, seemingly unaware of any goings on under the table.

2013-10-25, 02:48 PM
Corbin leans back happily, moaning as Salome does her thing not really paying attention to Gregor at all until he doubles up in pain and topples sideways off his chair cursing foully, hell-spawned witch he swears clutching his groin and the trying to stem the blood leaking form there.

Toughness -30! [roll0]
Wounds [roll1]

Clambering to his feet he spits at Salome. "Mark me girl, I see you again and you'll feel the back of my hand." Moments later he leaves the bar, the table overturning as he strides out into the busy metal cavernous corridors that form the myriad warren on the mechanicus/heretek colony...


Read your strange new magical book?

2013-10-25, 04:16 PM
Gregor fixes Salome with a level stare "Could you not have waited to anger him? We may have been able to get more out of him the easy, and admittedly less amusing, way. Shall we examine our winnings or follow him and have a bit more... fun?" Gregor asks, flexing his blade tines.

Besides the book, what else did we win? Just curious as to how much local currency we obtained as we were also supposed to get all the winnings from the previous round :smallbiggrin:

2013-10-26, 02:31 PM
Even as the heretics finish their drinks Gregor scoops up the rest of the winnings happily. A pile of adamantine ingots heavy in a loose satchel along with a small stack of skin deeds and the chits for a dozen slaves...

Its a pile of a couple dozen Ingots - A scarce total item
A stack of ~9 skin deeds - very rare equivalent
11 slaves of low quality - none strong, competent or attractive

2013-10-26, 02:49 PM
Salome pouted. "I'm so sorry. Most of the men I've been with enjoy a bit of pleasure and pain. You apparently only like to dish it out ... but I assure you if we meet again, you'll feel fore than the back of my hand.

Unless it's around the based of your spine.". Her look so absolute lust and loathing are punctuated by the sudden approach of Bral.

After the man left, Salome smiled evilly to Gregor. "Oh you know me, Gregor. I'm not solely a slave to one passion. I suggest we follow our petulant loser ... if nothing else but for you to see what effects the biotoxin you provided me have on local inhabitants.". She waggled one of the broken nails on her left hand.

2013-10-26, 03:24 PM
Gregor lets out a soft burst of static. "Broken already? If you had allowed me to replace your weak human fingernails with immensely stronger tyranid bone claws, that would not have happened." Gregor replies as stands up and adjusts his robes. "Shall we?" he asks of Salome.

2013-10-28, 09:16 AM
Salome shook her head slightly. "Silly Gregor, these are simply fake ... but yes, let us make sure nothing bad happens to our new friend."

2013-10-28, 10:11 AM
"Fake or not, eventually replacing them will cost us time, or we may find ourselves in another situation where such replacements are not so easy to come by. Bone talons would not have that limitation as they would be regenerative, not to mention much less likely to break, making your hands asymmetrical." Gregor replies appealing to her vanity as he moves in the direction of their quarry, recently acquired lucre securely stowed.

2013-10-28, 04:02 PM
Corbin is easy to follow through the hollowed out Asteroid tunnels, his broad shoulders and armoured coat distinctive and a heavy power blade strapped onto his hip.

Eventually he slows and heads into yet another gambling den, this time hollering for a drinks before heading upstairs to private rooms. Three minutes later a pair of genetically modified pleasure servitors obediently trotting upstairs towards his room leaving Gregor and Salome in the bar below, a pair of fizzing drinks dumped in front of them...

ABout 20 more minutes before the poison kicks in...

2013-10-29, 08:01 AM
Not wishing to incur too much suspicion, Gregor extends a straw from the metal grille that serves him as a mouth, sipping at the drink without concern. "I recommend we pay him a visit when your...present should take affect." he voices as Flak hovers behind him swiveling to scan the room.

So... would we have been able to pick up our ranged weapons, or are we still restricted to blades? Seems the last bar had a policy against it... or was it this entire area? Just figuring out what defensive options.

2013-10-29, 09:41 AM
Raising an eye at the drinks, Salome sniffed the fizzing, glancing around for why the drinks had arrived. For all her desire to experience life to it's fullest, she wasn't quite ready to experience death. Sitting down, she nodded to Gregor. "We have a few minutes before hiliarity ensues ..."

2013-10-31, 03:24 PM
With the thrumming music, clatter of shouts and gambling and the heady smell of narcotics of various forms being lit all around you its hard to hear the eventual screams when they do happen...

Rushing upstairs Gregor and Salome can hear the screams form within one of the rooms accompanied by the massive "BOOM" of a gun firing and the door flying open as the blood soaked body of one of the pleasure girls is blown out of the room, a massive hole where her chest should be. The second girl just manages to reach the corridor, screaming as she looks at you before a second shot blows off her left leg in a fountain of blood as she spills howling to the ground. A roaring voice "Curse you, by a thousand Nameless deamons I curse you... its fallen off... what sorcerery is this..."

Initiative should it go to combat [roll0]
Guns are allowed, in this club.
Was this more or less what you had in mind?

2013-11-01, 09:59 AM
Smiling, Salome looked back at Gregor. "Well that is certainly entertaining. Should we let the locals attempt to coral this first, or do you wish to do the honors? Perhaps you can offer to graft an ork member on him ..."

yeah ... that'll do :smallbiggrin:

2013-11-01, 01:35 PM
"Unfortunatly, as their species reproduces asexually, such a surgery is not possible." Gregor replies, emptying the glass in front of him before rising and readying his integrated pistol. "How fortunate I happen to be here to rectify that problem for you, sir. Shall we begin discussing my fee?" Gregor projects back towards the room from whence the now deceased pleasure girls ran.

2013-11-02, 04:42 PM
Corbin howls again in anger this time rather than pain. "By all the demons of the vortex I'll rip you apart you bitch. Your skin'll be a deed to buy my replacement!"

The sound of the gun being readied is ominous...

Who's heading into his room first?

2013-11-07, 01:40 PM
"I take it you and your companion, like I, have not procured any grenades of late?" Gregor asks Salome before turning to his servo skull with a sigh. "And don't even start with your excuses, I'm fully aware of your present lack of armaments. Do you not remember the LAST time I trusted you with a weapon? I still haven't replaced all of the samples you destroyed." he says to the servo skull with a snarl. "Well, best not keep him waiting any longer." Gregor says with a tone of resigned finality, before moving to the doorway, and trying one last time. "We're willing to give you the antidote, and restore or even improve your reproductive system if you'd simply listen to reason."

[roll0] TN 41 Deceive (Let's be honest with ourselves, Gregor's totally lying)
[roll1] Initiative for when this doesn't work.

EDIT: Yeah, that was a pretty weak lie, don't blame him for not buying it.

2013-11-07, 03:18 PM
Salome laughed, a throaty laugh that both tinkled cheerfully and gloated evilly. "Oh, come now, it wasn't that impressive of a member anyway. Besides, given where you've been sticking it, I'm surprised it hadn't fallen off already!

Come take Gregor up on his generous offer adn return to your life of a loud, overbearing, bore of a man ... or resign yourself to a life of being a loud, overbearing, bore of a eunich. Your choice!"

Well, Charm or Decieve (TN 69 for both: [roll0])? Or something else? Initiative in case it doesn't matter (Best of [roll1]+7 = 16)