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Mr. X
2012-10-18, 03:04 PM
Times are always hard in Deep Mote. Held snugly in the arms of the high mountains, and delving deep beneath their bulk, the wealth of the earth flows forth from here like water... But you cannot eat gold, or iron, or even mythril.

Trade with the above ground cities has made Deep Mote more than prosperous, bringing trains of grain an cattle, and moutains of gold, in trade for dwarven steel, mythril, and ore... But the narrow mountain passes are difficult to traverse in the best of weather, and when winter comes, trade slows to a trickle, and it falls to the mushroom farms to keep the clans fed.

This is hardly a stumbling point, however. Dwarven heritage all but thrives on such hardships, and you can scarce recall a day when your meals had not been rationed.

News of the Noraten coup is troubling, but hardly surprising... The rife intrigue between clans both 'allied' and 'opposed' hardly ever allows for a dull moment, and with the circle of power in Mythril Keep being as small as it was, it was only a matter of time before one moved to annihilate or assimilate the rest... Were it not for your defeat and exile, you might well have done the same one day...

But treachery... Treachery demands vengeance... Justice for the blood of your fallen clansmen, your shattered halls, and the honor of your ancestors...

The rumor comes from a source of dubious reliability, but makes your blood boil, none the less...

You make your morning patrol along the high wall, the air biting with the first breath of the coming winter, arguing quietly as to what action to take, the hot stone fuming and thirsting for blood, the cold stone the steady voice of reason, when a message runner approaches along the parapet, and hands you a sealed envelope.

"Orders from the Ironjaw." he states, before turning on his heel and departing.

2012-10-18, 05:47 PM

Turning from his brother he thanks the messenger while calmly taking the missive, afterwards turning back to Taalkar "Calm yourself brother, we must find something to substantiate these rumors coming from that treacherous place. For all we know this is a plot from those foul Iron-Whores to lure us into a trap"

Leaning against Sid for a moment, his stalwart if practically mute companion Karazi slowly works the wax seal loose as he takes his time with the note.

"No, I think we need to see if Ironjaw can find out a little more involving this rumor and in the meantime ...well, we've got to take care of business after all" As he gestures at the note in his hand before reading it out loud.

Mr. X
2012-10-19, 12:20 AM
The missive reads:

"Deployment Orders:

Karazi Strongstone
Taalkar Strongstone

To take command of a Hammar Company, and reinforce the standing guard of Citadel.

Report to me personally once supply arrangements are made.


Hammar Companies are standby groups of one hundred soldiers, used as quick response troops and reinforcements. Like watch duties, their members are drawn from neumerous other forces by drawn lots, and change daily when not commissioned.

Also, you are unaware of any trouble brewing in Citadel, though it's a rough town, and the watch always needs more men.

2012-10-19, 08:38 PM
Taalkar Strongstone

Finally the bald dwarf scratches his read, some action in this accursed place. Pounding heads together always brightens my day

2012-10-19, 08:50 PM

"Ah but it's not all pounding heads, details brother, details are the difference between a work of art and a mere blade!"

Stepping from patrol he indicates to the watch command they need to be relieved.

Heading over to the Quartermaster's office he shows off the Order before asking "Can we get the supplies ready for a Hammar Company by the morn ?

2012-10-19, 08:56 PM

Not pounding heads? Doesn't seem like fun to me. He falls in line behind his brother.

Mr. X
2012-10-20, 02:37 AM
The Quartermaster looks over your orders, then rings a bell three times.

"That's a fair trip. Citadel's about a week's march... You'll be taking D company. I can provision you for a month by the morn, but if'n ye need more'n that, I'll need more time... Or you can get gold from the higher-ups, and buy supplies as you need them."

2012-10-20, 07:30 AM

Thinking it over for a minute before responding "I believe a month's supplies should be fine, if we end up needing resupply I'm sure that can be taken care of later."

"Now I'd best get a move on, Ironjaw'll be expecting us"Nodding politely at the Quartermaster he sees himself out, heading to Ironjaw.

Mr. X
2012-10-22, 08:36 PM
You find the Ironjaw at his desk in the command post, busily mulling over a mess of parchments.

"Ah, Karazi, Taalkar, come in." He shoves a sheef of papers aside, making some room on his desk, before sitting back with a deep sigh.
"The book keeping they've got me doin' is going to drive me to an early grave. I can hardly remember the last time I hit somethin', either with an axe, or a pick, Ha!" He laughs heartily for a moment before growing serious.
"Listen, I know yer gnawin' the bit about this Noretan business, and believe me, I am too. But we 'aven't a stone to stand on yet, so I'm sendin' ya out o' town before ye do somethin' rash. Citadel's always got an excess of skulls that need smashin', so ye can burn off some steam. Hells, I'm jealous." He spits, before continuing,
The rider 'at came in said they were gettin' more pilgrim's tryin' to head south o'r the 'Way (which is right weird for this time of year) than they could easily deal with, an needed the extra men. So I know it ain't much, but I need you two to go solve all their problems, cuz they're too pissant to deal with them themselves, an' while yer at it, I'll try and come up with somethin' solid to pin on the Noretans. He leans forwards, pointing a thick finger at the both of you, "An' I swear, by all that's holy, and half o' what isn't, if you shirk this order and gallop off back to Mythril Keep, the Council will have your heads, and there won't be a lick that I can do about it. So get yer rations, and be gone by morning."

He picks up a thick sheef of parchments,
"An' get out o' my hair! Lest I make you fill the bleeding ledgers!" He shouts, dismissing you.

2012-10-22, 09:07 PM

Plopping down on a chair in Ironjaw's office. "Well I'd like to think you know I wouldn't rush into something like that...but this hot-head over here..."

"Anyhow, we'll take care of this matter..but I don't need to tell you how important finding that information is to us, We'll only be put off for so long"

"We'll take care of this though, I spoke with the quartermaster and the supplies aren't an issue, we'll leave in the morning. I presume the Hammar company is ready to move at a moments notice, so we'll pick them up."

"We'll be on our way then" bringing up his fist in a sloppy salute he heads out the door.

Mr. X
2012-10-23, 02:08 AM
"Aye, I know you woudn't, an' I know 'e would, an' I know you'd follow 'im if'n ye couldn'a talk 'im down from it. So that's why I'm sayin', Ha! But I'll get to the bottom of this rumor, and send word to you as soon as I do, I promise you that.

The next morning, the quarter master has the company's supplies loaded onto a train of wagons and the company is ready to move out.

The trip to Citadel is uneventful, save for the flurries of early autum snows.

Citadel is a sight sight to see... Dark and forbidding, the hulking fortress sits forlornly on the cliffs over the Ancient's Way, it's scarred and stained walls tower over the roadway as you approach, and a dense cloud of smoke hangs over the area.

Bells are ringing out across the city, and for a time, you figure there must be some celebration going on... But something isn't right... The gates are closed, and the walls unmanned but for a single watchman high in a guardtower who dissapears at the sight of your banner...

A few moments later, the gates creak open, and the watchman runs out to meet you, shouting as he goes...


2012-10-23, 05:07 PM

Slow to react to the paniced shouting of the lone Gate Guard he comments almost to himself"Hum....Under attack you say. Well that's not good at all, nope...not at all."

Turning and looking behind him at the Hammar Company and wagons for a few moments before replying "Well, that appears to be all of us...no, I don't believe anymore will be coming at all"

Thinking to himself for a moment, glancing over at Taalkar quizzically before commenting after a moment "Well, I guess we ought to see what this attacking fuss is about, don't go charging off too far ahead though...you remember what happened at the Sandy Creek raid that one time"

2012-10-24, 09:46 AM

Now we're talking! Taalkar shouts, rather enthusiastically, to no one in particular.

Get on a move on brother, there's heads to be bashin' He starts to charge forward a minute but remembers he is missing a crucial detail. Turning to the watchman, his impatience clearly evident, Who are we fightin' anyway and where are they? Quickly man quickly!

2012-10-25, 10:09 PM

Motioning the column forward they through the now opened gate.
"Lets find a place to secure the supplies first before we get into the thick of things, even if it's just right inside the gate."

Turning to one of the wagon drivers "Just pull in and find a somewhat secure spot to stash the wagon, then follow behind"

Once inside he hollers for the watchmen"HEY, get your ass down here and show us to some enemies !"

Mr. X
2012-10-26, 01:15 AM
The watchman nods, and motions for you to follow him.

"You'd best meet with Captain Bejal. He'll appraise you of the situation." He says, hurrying back towards the gate.

Through the gates, you find the city barren and desolate, save for a four man gate crew, and a few rats.

The bells continue to resound throughout the empty streets, and the watchman urges you and your company to move faster, north down the city's main street.

As you proceed, you encouter others, clad in piecmeal armors and simple weapons joining your progress towards the northern gate... These are not soldiers, but simple people bearing arms.

The further north you travel, the more people you encounter. Soon, more professional troops of soldiers and mercenaries become apparent, as you reach the square before the inner wall of the Northern gate.

Here, you order your company to halt and wait, while you follow the watchman up a winch cage to the top of the wall, and Captian Bejal's command post.

High atop the wall, the captain's tower holds a commanding view of the Ancient's Way, the wall and towers defending it, and the insane cliffs, plummeting down a thousand feet, upon which the fortress sits...

The sky is dark and stormy, and the sharp wind bites through your heavy furs, but that is not what chills you to the bone... The northern hordes have massed... Thousands of them... The beating of their drums and the blasts of their horns are but far off echos for the moment, but with each passing moment, they draw closer... Men, Orks, Trolls, Giants, and who knows what else, the barbaric forces of the Northern Reaches are marching on Citadel... And you only brought a hundred men...

After a moment, the Captain waives you over. He's tall and thick, even for a human, with long, salt and pepper hair, and a rough beard.

"Curse the gods, I was afraid my riders weren't making it through. Thanks for coming, none the less... I take it you haven't heard the news then, eh?"

2012-10-26, 01:35 AM

Taalkar stands near the edge of the wall, looking out over the horde that was assembled. I don't know about any riders, Taalkar scratches his head thoughtfully, But if I had gotten an invite to this party, turning to the captain and pointing a thumb over his shoulder towards the horde, I woulda been here sooner. A sudden grin spreads across his face.

2012-10-26, 12:19 PM

Looking out at the horde massed against them for a moment before eventually replying to the captain "No, I belive we might have brought just a few more lads if we'd known the party would be this big."

"Commander Ironjaw didn't seem to think there was much going on, you should maybe include the word "Horde" when asking for more troops next time" he starts chuckling to himself.

"So what's the plan then Captain Bejal, we're not much but we're what you've got"

Mr. X
2012-10-26, 03:59 PM
"Aye, when I first wrote to Deep Mote, there wasn't much going on. Most of the traffic we get across the 'Way is trade, with a smattering of tribal pilgrims on the road to Beluvah... Beats me why they can't serve their gods from their own lands, but there you have it. With winter comin' on, the flow usually dies down almost completely. About two weeks ago, we started getting a rise in the tribals gathering across the 'Way. Not the usual sort either, more aggrivated and violent... Had a minor riot about a week ago. That's when I sent for more men to help keep the peace...

It was hardly a day later when the incoming trickle became a flood. We had to pull back from the Northern Landing, and I've been calling for reinforcements every day since... Quite a few tribals were through before I closed the gates though, and if they knew this attack was coming, I expect they've been picking off my messengers, as I've had no word from any since they left... And that's not the worst news...

... We know why their attacking...

... They knew before we did, but I didn't believe the stories untill I got word myself..."

He chews his lip for a moment, fingering a charm at his neck... A steel wrought coiled dragon... Bahumat.

"... Beluvah has fallen... They say a great wyrm erupted from the earth, laid waste to the city, and killed the high priestess. They say a great swarm of demons flooded out in its wake, completed the destruction it began, and now occupy the city..."

He looks over the battlement at the approaching horde,

"They intend to liberate the Holy City..."

2012-10-26, 10:07 PM

Nodding to himself at the current state of affairs as the Captain fills them in."Very troubling situation indeed...A great wyrm and demons to boot. But the closest crack must always be filled first as my Father used to say. So we shall just have to hold the 'Way as long as possible.

The message for our presence arrived sometime ago I gather, so I'd hope It's still possible a rider got through with information regarding this invasion after all."

Looking at the Company of Dwarves assembled before turning back to the Captain "Just find us a nice section of wall to defend and you'll see why the vaunted armies of the Great Gate themselves couldn't breech a defense manned by Dwarves"

2012-10-26, 10:27 PM

Taalkar didn't feel the cold air as he looked out over the Ancients Way and the army camped in the distance. The heat of impending battle surged through his veins like molten gold warming from fingers to toes. A piece of the conversation behind him caught his attention, though.

Just find us a nice section of wall to defend

Like molten steel plunged into an icy stream, his euphoria ended.

Brother, he turned in a moment of almost panic. I'm hoping you didn't mean that we sit and wait. There's a lot of them, he points his thumb over his shoulder, and a few hundred of us, he stabs a finger from his other hand into the table.

These stones feel as solid as if I fit them myself but have you seen all the heads out there, again he gestures over the wall, I'm no good with numbers, but I bet its a lot.

He rubs his bare chin for a moment seemingly deep in thought. He knew that his brother wouldn't always listen unless he at least appeared to think it through.

Back home if we found a nice den of nasty critters we would send a few in to kick the nest and then lead them back to be slaughtered. Maybe we could do that here? They certainly don't seem organized or disciplined enough to resist it.

He was surprised it sounded so good when he said it. He had made up almost all of it, just hoping not to get stuck behind a wall to wait.

2012-10-27, 10:20 AM

Nodding lightly, he continues to listen to Taalkar's "plan". Just like it always goes, who does he think he's fooling with this, I swear if I didn't keep an eye on him he'd pick a fight with a vegetable vendor for not selling gemstones

"Brother, Calm down...I'm sure we wont just be sitting and waiting around and you wouldn't be helping much to rile that horde up either. Maybe you should go look again, they're plenty annoyed and don't need a pissed off dwarf making it worse"

Barking out a work in Terran only to have Sid slide up from the stonework under him and put one of his giant stone arms over Taalkar's shoulder. "Now then why don't we just see what the good captain has planned for us...I'm certain we'll see action here soon enough. Until then, Sid'll just have to keep tabs on you."

Musing to himself a moment "Who knows, maybe the Captain will like your clearly half-baked plan...but we wont be rushing off without orders"

Mr. X
2012-10-31, 03:08 PM
Captain Bejal smirks as the brothers go back and forth.

"Heh, you two'll do just fine here." He says, looking out over the wall.

"I'm not gonna send a troop out to kick the nest, I'm afraid, as it's suicide. It's not a bad plan, but it's suicide. I've seen these tribals' pull a number of tricks that would end such a maneuver in short and bloody order. What I do need, is a heavy troop to hold the gate, incase they manage to break it. There won't be a whole lot of action there, untill it becomes a real pile of dung, but most my men are skirmishers, and won't do well holding a line. So that's where I'll be putting your company.

As for the two of you, since you'll be wanting some action, I could use extra men atop the wall to repel climbers. To that end, you'll need to stay mobile, and go where the action is thickest. If we lose the top of the wall, our boys in the courtyard will have more to deal with than they can handle. I'd recommend putting yourselves in Point Tower to start, as it'll be the one to get hit the hardest."

The Map:

This is an overview map of the main wall against the Ancient's Way. When we get into actual combat, it'll be more focused.


Some Stats:

The Wall is 60ft tall, and 30 ft thick. Built of heavy stone blocks of such quality that you know dwarves must have had a hand in its creation.

Each of the towers is slightly taller (65ft), and boasts a pair of catapults and ballistas with crews to man them. The walls between are manned by archers, skirmishers, and ballista crews, ready to rain death upon the coming horde, and fight off climbers as nessicary.

The gate is heavy oak, bound and studded in iron. 30ft wide, 12ft tall, and over a foot thick. The passage beneath the wall is likewise 30ft wide, and 12ft tall, and 30ft long.

A number of troops man the courtyard, including your own Hammar Company.

Your men are all 3rd lv fighters, clad in dwarven Stone Plate, Large Shields, and weilding Dwarven Urgoshes, with axes and hammars at their belts for closer combat or ranged volleys.

In addition to your fighters, you have 3 mages (2 wizards and a sorcerer), all of whom are lv3. All possess the 'Still Spell' Feat, and are likewise clad in Heavy Stone Plate armor.

Behind the courtyard stands the Inner Curtain Wall. This wall is taller, but not as strong as the outer wall, built for it's commanding view rather than it's strength. Two bridges connect it to the outer wall, to allow for easy reinforcement from one to the other. A number of catapults are placed along it's length, aimed at the area before the gate, but little else possesses the range to be of use.

The Command Tower stands tallest of all surveying all action beneath it. It is here that Captain Bejal sits.

The Inner Gate is larger and flimsier than the outer gate, and stands open incase of need for retreat. It is still well built, and may hold against direct assault for a while.

2012-10-31, 06:19 PM

Turning to look at the Hammar company before bellowing "Okay you lot, head for the gate and await orders. Sergeant Leadaxe is in charge if we ain't there"

Grinning he draws his ancient looking axe before responding to the Captain "Aye, I think we'll have a lovely time up on this wall of yours. Ain't none of them bastards'll get past us !"

Even Sid who had just been idly standing behind him looks ready to fight something at this point

2012-11-01, 09:53 PM

What my brother 'ere is sayin' is you lot get to that wall and star bashin' in some heads. We're goin' up there to bash heads in. Don't let us two get more than you.

Mr. X
2012-11-02, 03:20 AM
Thunder rumbles overhead as you take your places atop Point Tower. Beside you the catapult and ballista crews make ready their destructive devices, while along the walls, archers string their bows and footmen ready swords and spears. Many are of professional mercenary stock, just as many are clearly volunteered or drafted commoners lifting sheild and spear for the first time...

Far off, the horde covers the Ancient's Way like a moss. Creeping inexorably forward like lichen over the stone... As they approach, dim, massive shapes become apparent, standing high over the horde like bare trees in a wasteland.

One of the catapult crewmen, a young, sharp-eyed lad, peers out over the battlement...

"... They've got... Siege towers!?" He looks about at the rest bewilderedly, "It's only been two days since we lost North Shore! How could they have built siege towers?!"

And indeed, as the miles are swollowed up beneath the feet of the horde, the great structures become clear, pulled by straining teams of trolls and giants. And for every tower, there are perhaps fifty long ladders, carried on the shoulders of orks and painted men alike...

The wall on which you stand is tall and strong, but if more than one, or even just one, of those towers drops it's bridge over the battlements, you are going to be in a heap of trouble...

... And you have no cannons...

"Hold!!" A sub-commander shouts down the wall...

The beating of the tribal drums grows into cacophony, as the impossible mass approaches... There are just so many of them...


Below, you catch sight of a giant pulling a great cart filled with massive stones...


In a sudden burst of chaos the horde charges, swarming forward in countless numbers, their mad battle cries fill the air in a defening howl...


As one, the archers loose their arrows, balliste release their bolts, and catapults throw their stones... The barbarians die by the hundreds, crashing to the earth like waves upon the shore, their warcries now mingled with the screams of the suffering and the dying... The catapult's great stones wreak devestation upon the multitude, and three of the great siege towers topple to the ground...

... But they are undeterred. One great giant catches a flung stone out of the air and hurls it back, smashing just beneath the battlement into your tower, and rocking the stone beneath your feet, as the horde floods forward over their fallen, and the first of the ladders reach the walls...

If either of you have any big tricks you'd like to open with before close combat begins, now would be the time to use them.

2012-11-02, 11:01 AM

Grimly looking over the mass of enemies approaching he takes a moment to pull a helmet out of his pack, tightening the straps and locking the carved stone faceplate into place.

At a glance he might appear to be a statue if not for the occasional gap in the armors coverage.

Opening his pack he nudges Taalkar "Now's a good time for some Bottled Fun, but just the once ! I'm not having you burn me again trying to hit some thrice damned squirrel because you think it's FUNNY"

After Taalkar retrieves the bottles he quickly tries to cast a few spells while there's time...perhaps he can make a bit of difference. While the Towers are still out there aways he 'aims' his shield and incants some short rough words in dwarven to activate the wand encased in it.

Aiming at the base of the towers hoping to entangle it enough that those pulling might tip it...at the very least slow it down.

As they close even closer he switches tactics, communing with the stone for a moment before gesturing at a tower, generating a sphere of rolling fire inside of it. Controlling it with his gestures he tries burning as much as possible before it winks out of existence.

As the ladders approach he takes a look at Sid standing next to him, nodding lightly he again reaches for his connection with the earth causing a sprout of crystals to grow under his armor, covering the few gaps and protecting him even more. Even as he gets coated Sid starts growing extra crystal plating as well.

Still as a statue he rests for the last moments until this fierce battle gets underway.

Mechanically that's a couple 2 entangles from a wand on 2 siege towers. (if it does more than slow them, he'd do more)
A CL5 flame Sphere DC 15, casting that inside one of the towers and just moving up and down to catch it thoroughly on fire. If another tower is close enough maybe it jumps over (if the first is obviously torched).

And finally the "crystalline" armor is refluffed Barkskin. I just couldn't see my guy wearing stone armor, turning his skin wooden :/

2012-11-03, 10:53 PM

Waiting was never a strength. Taalkar anxiously paces back and forth near where he believes a siege engine would attack, occasionally shouting obscenities at their slow approach. What kind of battle was this, waiting for an enemy that took its sweet time.

I should already be ten heads into this battle he mutters under his breath.

He stops and glances at his brother, noticing him casting spells and plotting. Useless nonsense he mutters and resumes pacing.

He stops in his tracks, studying the speed of the siege engines approach. A slow smile creeps across his face, an eager tint in his eyes. He moves to a wall on the opposite side and lines up with the closest approaching engine.

Brother, it's gully jumpin' time

Basically, when a tower gets within 15 feet I am making a running jump to land on top of it. It will be a DC 15 jump to clear 15 feet and I can tumble if I have to jump down more than 10 feet.

Jump Check DC15 [roll0]

2012-11-03, 11:02 PM

Hearing his brother's comment about jumping a gully he pauses a moment before turning towards him...only to see him already running off towards the combat !

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR CORRODED MIND ?!" he shouts as Taalkar manages to surprise the hell out of him yet again.

Mr. X
2012-11-05, 07:20 PM
Karazi's spells set one tower alight, and buy precious seconds off another, as the tide of barbarians floods up the ladders, many being staved off and falling to their deaths below, only to be replaced by still more cresting the parapets.

A hail of arrows arcs over the wall, finding homes in the flesh of attackers and defenders alike, and clattering off your stone mail, as the attacking archers return fire...

With a mad gleam in his eye, Taalkar takes three quick steps and launches himself from the battlement, sailing like a stone over the roaring masses below, and smashing into the side of the approaching siege tower, burying his longaxe deep into the wood, and scrambling up over the edge to the shocked faces of the four orks manning the roof...

With cries of rage, the four drop their bows for crude, jagged axes and blades, and charge the lone dwarf.

I'm afraid I'm trapped away from my computer today, so the map is hand-drawn. Hopefully you'll find it sufficiently legible.

The Map:


As you can see there is a fair bit going on. As such, I'm not going to bother with Initatives. Simply take your actions, and I'll adjust the scene.

Your characters are noted by their first initial. 'T' for Taalkar, atop the eastern siege tower, and 'K' For Karazi, atop Point Tower.

Along the wall, the fighting is fairly pitched, with the guards killing more than they are losing, for now.

Each round, however another barbarian shall crest the wall from each ladder.

If a siege tower reaches the wall and drops its bridge, it will unload 20 troops in its initial round, and an additional 5 troops each round there after untill it is brought down, or conquered.

You've got 3 rounds before Taalkar's tower reaches the wall, and 10 rounds before the other tower reaches the wall.

Please take your actions.

2012-11-05, 10:37 PM
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes


He pulls himself over the edge and grins at the stunned orcs on the siege tower.

I bet ye dint see that one comin' he nearly cackles in glee. He siezes up his combatants an almost dissapointed look on his face. He yells over his shoulder, Why dint you tell me there was only four up here!

He brandishes the long handled hammer at the end and with a twist, swings the blade at the closest ork. Using that momentum he expertly twists the axe handle to attack the next one.

I am using the Steel Wind maneuver which allows me to attack two enemies. I am also using Power Attack +3 so my weapon now has reach until the next turn. I want to attack B2 and B1 (if in range else B3) I am assuming from the description they are orcs.

Attack 1
ToHit(-3 PA +1 Racial vs. Orcs:[roll0]
Damage: (+3 PA) [roll1]

Attack 2
ToHit(-3 PA +1 Racial vs. Orcs:[roll2]
Damage: (+3 PA) [roll3]

2012-11-06, 12:51 AM

Shaking his head at Taalkar's insane leap for a moment, realizing there isn't much he can do to help him.

Quickly he focuses on his hand, flames quickly start dancing around in a mesmerizing pattern. Gesturing lightly a segment of the flames flash towards a nearby ladder attempting to catch it on fire.

Afterwards a quick gravelly comment in Terran keeps Sid from rushing off into the midst of battle..

So many tactical options...and I just go for a weak lil flame attack.
Playing it safe though :P alot of Orcs to survive after all.

Produce Flame on the close ladder to the right
Ranged Touch Atk[roll0]
Damage [roll1]

Mr. X
2012-11-09, 02:16 AM
Kackling like a madman Taalkar caves the skull of the first ork, and slashes open the throat of a second, while the other two close in on him slashing maddly with crude, heavy axes...

Ork3 attacks Taalkar:

Ork4 attacks Taalkar:

... Flames leap from Karazi's hands, setting one ladder alight. The weakened wood cracks under the weight of its climbers, and it tumbles to earth, sixty feet below, with all hands...

Only to be soon replaced by another, and then another...

Suddenly, thunder rumbles overhead... A blinding light, and a deafening crack...

... Back on the wall towards the gate, two soldiers drop dead, as more three more ladders arrise, and the siege towers inch ever closer...

I'm afraid I don't have an updated map for you yet, but you get the picture.

Take your actions, and I'll have a new map up tomorrow. If you need anything clarified, feel free to ask.

2012-11-09, 09:09 AM

Quickly moving over to the other side of the Point Tower he takes stock of the situation for a moment before unleashing another blast of flame from his hand at a nearby Orc.

A short guttural word sends Sid in to another nearby, his great stony mass quickly rushing across the ground to close with a target.

Attacking those nearby Orcs on the west side of Point, not sure Sid can actually reach anyone just yet. Trying to keep him within 30ft anyhow so he doesn't lose barkskin.

Produce Flames vs Orc
Ranged Touch Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

On the offchance Sid is in range of something due to the Barbs spreading out, I'll add in a combat set for him.

Attack (Slam)[roll2]
Damage [roll3]

Mr. X
2012-11-09, 11:15 AM
For Taalkar:
Ooh, critical confirmation for ork4:
Damage: [roll1]

2012-11-09, 05:00 PM

Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Taalkar grits his teeth as the heavy axe smashes into his arm, shattering some of the stone rings of his armor and nearly wrenching his own axe from his grip. He looks up from his arm at the orc There'll be none of that on my tower!

He glances past the orc at the nearby edge of the tower platform, a gleeful twinkle enters his eye as he looks back at the orc. You may have hurt my arm, but my shoulder is just fine. He suddenly springs at the orc, pushing him with powerful legs towards the edge of the platform.

Bull rush attack an orc, towards (and hoefuly over) the edge of the platform. It's fine if I have to take an AOO from the other orc (I will avoid it if I can, though) In fact there is a 25% chance that he hits the orc instead!:smallbiggrin:

Bull Rush (IMP Bull Rush means Defender gets no AOO)
Opposed STR check (+4 STR, +2 Stonefoot Stance) [roll0]

Mr. X
2012-11-10, 03:28 AM
Ork3's Bullrush resist:[roll0]

Mr. X
2012-11-10, 04:08 AM
Moving to the western side of the tower Sid charges before Karazi, grabbing up two of the barbarians and smashing their skulls togather as he aims his spell...

Suddenly the men of the artillery crews behind him shout and scream... A boulder, nearly as large as a wagon hurtles in a yawning arc over the wall, smashing into the top of the tower with devestating force, crushing two of the artillery pieces, before tumbling back of over the lined soldiers as they scramble to escape, and over the far edge, to fall amidst a militia company in the courtyard, decimating their number...

... The shower of gravel and the screams cause Karazi to miss judge his target, missing one barbarian, only to set another behind him alight.

Atop the approaching siege tower, Taalkar smashes into the charging ork, sending him tumbling over the edge to his doom, as the remaining beast smashes at his backplate...

Ork4 AoO attack Taalkar: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Normal Attack: [roll2]
Damage: [roll=]1d8+5[/roll

Another flash, and a deafening crack of thunder, and 6 more men fall, under the blast of lighting... Trying to clear his head of the noise, Karazi spies one of the Barbarians, a man in a deer-skull mask, gesturing wildly with a stick...

You have one more round before Taalkar's tower reaches the wall and drops its bridge.

The giant's tough hides are proving to be mostly impervious to the archer's arrows. Something more direct shall be required to deal with them. (They are serving as the hordes catapults.)

For Karazi, I labeled Sid with an 'F', for Familiar, since 'S' was already taken.

The Map:

2012-11-11, 11:09 AM

As the tower shakes momentarily from the boulder smashing into the top of it, he yells a quick order to Sid who quickly smashes at the nearby enemies before following.

Weaving back over to the other side of the tower he takes cover alongside the huge boulder dropped there a minute ago. Taking stock of the situation Taalkar is in he activates a small stone charm tucked into his belt.

Stomping with his foot a second later a small shockwave of dust flies along the ground until swirling into a little dust devil, moment later a shrieking hawk comes flashing out into the sky, diving right at the last Orc on Taalkar's tower.

First up is Sid attacking the Barbs. Then he follows Karazi, possibly taking some AOO's Sid's at 20 AC at the moment btw, from barkskin.
Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

Moving to the right side of that boulder that dropped, using the Chronocharm of the Archmage to allow a stand action cast of spontanous Nature's Ally 3 to Summon a Giant Eagle.

Finally, the Eagle does a fly-by attack on the backside of last Orc by Taalkar
before starting to circle around.
Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

Mr. X
2012-11-13, 03:31 AM
Diving low over the tower, the Eagle's razor talons snap closed, latching onto the scruff of the Ork's neck, and carry him high off the tower to drop him again from the lethal hight.

Eagle's Grapple:
Ork's resistance: [roll1]

2012-11-13, 11:20 AM

Peering over the edge of the siege tower, Taalkar watches the orc he pushed over the edge fall to the ground. Hit something he mutters at the wildly flailing orc. The orcs arms and legs stop moving rather abruptly as he smashes against the rocky ground. Meanwhile, unseen by Taalkar a dark shape flashes out of the sky and takes the remaining orc with it.

Damn orc couldn't even fall right he curses turning towards the now empty platform. Taalkar glances around in confusion. Guess I scared em off he shrugs his shoulders and moves towards the opposite end of the tower. Taking a moment to assess the situation he begins hacking at the ropes attached to the towers drawbridge.

Mr. X
2012-11-15, 09:15 AM
A few good blows from Taalkar's axe severs the thick ropes, and the siege tower's bridge flops open prematurely...

Within, a hulking shape crouches, before leaping across the gap with a heavy, awkward gait...

Greenish gray, mossy skin, with three bulbous heads, and long apish arms, it lands heavily, smashing a ballista to splinters, and catching up a screaming soldier and biting his head off, before hurling the decapitated body into a group starting to rally before it...

Behind you to the west, the second tower inches closer to the wall. Suddenly a horrid shriek wells up from below, as a well appointed cauldron of boiling oil ends one of the giants pulling it, and some twenty others crowded about their feet...

Troll's Jump check,DC 12: [roll0]

The Map:


2012-11-16, 01:13 AM

HP: 34/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Setting the axe down and letting the long handle rest on one one shoulder, Taalkar admires his handiwork, but only for a moment as the troll leaps on the battlement.

Trolls he sighs deeply Why did it have to be trolls? he grips the handle of his axe tightly. He sets his feet, every muscle in his body tensing like a coiled spring. He then springs forward with a mighty yell and swings the long handled axe at the troll.

Using Claw At the Moon maneuver to attack the troll. Requires a jump check with a DC of the targets AC and a melee attack. (I will be using the same check to clear the gap, which looks like a 5' gap so DC 10) If it hits and the jump check succeeds than it does +2d6 damage and gets a +4 to crit confirms for the attack, otherwise melee attack is as normal.

Jump Check (DC10 to clear 5' gap, DC of Trolls AC for +2d6 damage): [roll0]
ToHit: [roll1]
Damage: Melee [roll2]
Maneuver [roll3]

Also, I have an AC 25 vs giants (+2 for stance, +4 for Dwarf-ness)

2012-11-16, 09:23 AM

Flinching back a little from the massive troll's appearance on the wall, he quickly regains composure and starts barking out orders. Sid charges at the troll moments after he sees Taalkar jump at him.

Directing the Eagle to start plucking off folks from the other siege tower while he takes a few steps over to a couple nearby archers. Digging a few flasks of alchemist fire out he hands them over "Try to catch that tower on fire before it gets here !"

Sid's Attack(Charge) [roll0]
Sid's Damage [roll1]

Eagles Attack (Flyby Grapple) [roll2]
Grapple [roll3]

Karazi himself is handing out 4 alch fires to the nearby archers/crew to try and burn that damned tower. Running out of ideas >_<

Mr. X
2012-11-16, 08:14 PM
Sid charges forward a little too hastily. As the troll swings around its overlong arm, it backhands the elemental with such force that he goes tumbling over the battlement to fall like a ton of bricks to the earth below...

In the next moment, Taalkar is there. Leaping back in a flying arc, and smashing into the troll's back, his longaxe burying itself deep in its shoulder...

There's a flurry of feathers and shafts, as a series of arrows smash into the troll as the nearby archers turn on it, bothering the beast for a moment before Taalkar wrenches his axe free, and with a hideous growl, the troll turns directly towards him... The grevious wound he dealt already beginning to knit itself closed...

Atop the other tower, the eagle dives and snaps its talons at the skull helmed barbarian, raking his arm, but failing to get ahold of him as he squirms away. A moment later, there is a blinding flash and a deafening crack of thunder, and as your vision clears, you can see the avian plummeting listless from the sky...

Karazi's flasks of Alchemist's Fire are well spent, however, as flames burst in several places around the tower and lick up its hights...

Far below, Sid's great weight crushes three barbarians to jelly before he disappears into the stone of the ground.

Wow Dice, some rough rolls.
The eagle takes damage (electrical):[roll0]

The Troll regenerates 5 damage. (Fire or Acid attacks will not regenerate.)

For Karazi:
Sid uses Earth Glide as he impacts the ground, and so takes no damage. It will take him all of next round to return to the top of the wall, unless you give him orders to do something else.

2012-11-17, 08:12 PM

Heart stopping for a moment as Sid plunges over the edge, moments later Relaxing somewhat as he gets the imagery of him squishing some barbarians and heading back up.

The giant eagle plummets for a few seconds before recovering and circling back around to try once more.

Seeing Taalkar's massive cleave into the troll leaves him grinning wildly though, eager to get into it himself he throws another stream of fire right at him.

Sid heads back, I'm guessing that fall took him out of range so his Barkskin wore off :(

10's pretty shy of killing the eagle, so he'll return to trying to take out the guys on that tower. he's on round 3/5 now.
Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]
Grapple [roll2]

Produce flames had slightly less than 3m remaining. using another minute of it.
Ranged Touch Attack [roll3]
Damage [roll4]

2012-11-17, 11:46 PM
HP: 34/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes


Taalkar falls to the ground as he pulls his axe free, rolling back to his feet in a defensive posture. His watches the putrid skin of the troll begin to knit back together.

Finally he says with an exuberant smile something I can hit more than once.

He falls back on one foot and neatly pivots, swinging the axe in a sweeping circle. He yanks the back half of the haft with two hands into an overhead chop. The long wooden haft quivers with momentum as the blade slices through the air at the troll.

5' step away from the troll. Attacking with Mountain Hammer manuever (+2d6 damage and ignores DR) and Power attack 3 (weapon now has reach).


Mr. X
2012-11-18, 08:22 PM
The troll bellows at Taalkar, slashing it's massive claws at him again and again...

Troll Full Attack:
Vs. Taalkar:
1st Claw
2nd Claw

If both attacks hit, then Rend damage: [roll4]

... But Taalkar manages to stay just mere inches ahead of the beast as its titanic blows crack the stone battlements rather than his bones. His frantic efforts to avoid the beast, however, put him between Karazi and the Troll just as the flames leap from his brother's fingers, searing over his armor, and nearly cooking him inside it.

Taalkar, due to Karazi's botch, take the fire damage from his spell...

... Also, your beard catches fire, and will deal you an additional 1d2 fire damage each round untill you put it out(or cut it off), starting next round.

Edit/: Ack, I forgot you're the beardless wonder... Its a shame. I've never gotten to burn the beard off a dwarf, and I guess I won't get to today either :-P

2012-11-19, 11:33 AM

Grimacing at scorching the hell out of Taalkar he just shrugs a bit afterwards with a quick "Oops..you really gotta watch for that fire!". As he snaps off another burns of flame at the troll, hoping for the best.

Sid finally reappears, flowing up from the stone battlement right into another charge at the troll. all the more determined to squish him this time. In the distance the eagle circles around for yet another run at the tower.

Sid 22/30hp 18 AC now (lost barkskin), Charging the Troll once again.
Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

Eagle round 4/5 still harrassing tower.
Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]
Grapple [roll4]

Karazi's Produce flame
Ranged Touch [roll5]
Damage [roll6]

2012-11-19, 09:49 PM
HP: 34/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes


Taalkar nimbly dances around the trolls savage blows. The grace of his movements are iin sharp contrast to his low squat form and heavy headed axe. One heavy, putrid limb crashes into the stone floor directly in Taalkar's path. Undeterred by such an obstacle, the dwarf lays the broad head of the axe on the ground and uses the long handle to vault into the air. He twists into a head first tumble pulling the axe in a spinning arc over his head. He quickly pulls his body out of the airborne roll, landing firmly on two feet. The axe however, continues its momentum which is expertly turned into a powerful, if a bit showy, overhead two hand attack.

This is actually a straight attack with a bit of panash. I need the flourishy bit to regain my maneuvers.


Mr. X
2012-11-21, 12:55 PM


Mr. X
2012-11-21, 12:57 PM
The troll lashes madly as Taalkar dances about it, one great arm slamming into the earth just as the dwarf brings down his axe in such a forceful blow that it severs the limb clean off the creature...

The beast roars in agony, even as Karazi's flames seer up its body and cauterize the wound... But in his moment of victory Taalkar eases too soon, as the troll shakes himself, catching up its fallen limb, and smashing in into the dwarf's chest with such force that it sends him flying back, crashing into the parapets of Point Tower, and collapsing in a heap... A moment later, Sid erupts from the stone battlement. Flying upwards his earthen fist connects under the troll's jaw in a crushing upper cut that sends the beast sprawling over the battlement and back to earth, crushing one ladder and all those on or beneath it...

Within the tower, Barbarians are beginning to reach the wall, leaping over the gap to join in the fray... Many fail to make the jump, and fall to their deaths below, but just as many succeed and pile onto the defenders, as more and more stream up the ladders...

The wall's defenders are beginning to stuggle to stem the tide...

Atop the approaching siege tower, Karazi's great eagle swoops and dives, sending one barbarian falling to his death, and catching up the skull-masked man... Suddenly, though, vines and roots erupt from the man's person, twisting about and binding the man to the bird as the pair hurtles through the air over the teaming masses far below...

I sort of screwed up my roll postings here, so that's why there's the extra post.
(Troll gets 3 attacks with a full attack, but I only rolled two above.)
His Limb was lost from the botched roll above, this is his final attack, to hit Taalkar with the severed member...


Druid casts Plant Growth, and [Rapid] Entangle.

Edit/: Gack! Karazi, you've far too many minions! I keep forgetting to include them. Edited above.

2012-11-22, 04:10 PM

Seeing how rough his brother is looking he pulls out a wand from his sack before quickly snaping a spell off at Taalkar. Meanwhile Sid attempts to keep the oncoming barbarians off of him in the meantime.

Struggling with this horned barbarian the eagle tries to wriggle the plant-man free only to realize the futility and just starts to fly as high and far as he can manage with this dead weight clinging to him.

Wand of lesser Vigor on Taalkar, give him a little juice.
Sid'll attack whatever looks nearby and dangerous to Karazi.
Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

And I'm a little unsure on how this is functioning, you make it sound like the eagle is still flying though...entangled the way he is I'd have thought he'd be dropping like a rock. So I'll just have him fly the guy up and away, This is his last round and he's unsummoned...hopefully that horny bastard'll drop to his death :P But I'm guessing he wont be..heh

Mr. X
2012-11-25, 02:10 AM
The troll out of the picture, things are looking up for the defenders. The broken bridge has severely slowed the progress of attackers coming over the wall from the Eastern Siege Tower, and the fires on the Western Siege Tower are getting sufficiently out of hand that the barbarians are begining to abandon it, and as the spiritual energy of the eagle disipates, the horned man is cast to his doom amidst the swarming masses below.

Even as the fighting leans against the defenders upon the wall, reinforcements are approaching from East Tower, and across the East bridge, and things should be well in hand soon...

... Another volley of boulders sails overhead from the catapults upon the inner curtain, and as Karazi surveys the situation, he catches sight of a large group of giants charging towards the Gate, an crude ram of immense stature slung between them...

2012-11-25, 02:14 AM
HP: 22/45 (Vigor Healed 1, 14 rounds remaining)
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Taalkar picks himself up and gets to his feet with what he hopes is a only a slight wobble. Warmth begins to fill his aching joints as his brother casts a spell. He picks up his axe and looks around to assess the situation.

If I read the narrative correctly, barbarians should be jumping into range from the siege tower. If they are I will strike at them, else I will head into combat.

ToHit (If I can attack something): [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

If there are two in range I will use Steel Wind to hit a second
ToHit: [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]

Sorry for ambiguity, I am still trying to sort out the battle here.

2012-11-26, 10:32 AM

Watching the troll sail off the side of the battlement with a slight grin on his face and seeing the troops start to rally he finally starts to relax just a tad.

The giants weilding that massive battering ram however put a stop to that right quick, as the unease builds he shouts over to Taalkar just wildly chopping at everything that moves it seems.

"Time to join our troops brother..they'll be through that gate in notime with a ram that size !" Looking over at Sid he hollars again over the din of battle seeing a lack of reaction by Taalkar "Just grab his crazy ass, we gotta move !"

Heading down to the gate quickly he just hopes they don't get there too late.

Mr. X
2012-11-27, 03:25 AM
Taalkar de-legs one attacker and plants his axe in the chest of another, before Sit catches him up by the scruff of the neck and stuffs him into the winch basket.

The ride down to earth takes only a few moments, but with the situation so dire, each wasted second feels like an eternity.

Finally reaching the ground, you race back to the gate. Your company stands at the ready in the tunnel beneath the wall, and your wizards pass among them, distributing charges from wands and other enchanted items.

A large arcane seal has been placed over the gate, and the sounds of countless hammars and axes can be heard echoing on the far side, though none have managed to crack the heavy wood yet.

Give your orders, take your actions.

Mr. X
2012-12-05, 04:43 AM
Racing into the tunnel behind the gate, Taalkar has bear moments to order the Hammar Company to fall back a step so that Karazi can work his magic on the stones of the ceiling before the ram first impacts the gate...


On the far side of the gate the blow lands with such concussive force that, even behind the gate, you are nearly knocked off your feet from the palpable blast that almost ripples through the stonework...


Under the second blow the arcane seal shatters, the great oaken bars crack and splinter, and the gate caves visibly...


With the third blow, the massive gate cracks... Iron bindings wrench and screech as immense hands tear open the narrow gap, and the first of the giants wrestles his way into the tunnel, along with a flood of barbarian tribesmen, moving like mice around the giant's ankles...

In that last moment, Karazi releases his spell... A lifetime of shaping the living stone of the mountain under which the Mythril Keep sat, carving away the tunnels into the spaces between those that upheld the mountain and gave it it's strength, the mortal made structure of the Wall proves little different... At his will, the stones above crack and fall in a rushing avalanche that buries the onpouring barbarians, and drives the giant to its knees...

From behind, a volley of arrows smashes into the great man, but his tough hide proves all but impervious to the flimsy projectiles, as he roars, regaining his feet, and charging the dwarven phalanx...

The Map:


A few notes:

In an attempt to make things a little more legible, this map is done in x2 scale. i.e. each square represents 2.5 feet, and so 2x2 square groups represent 5ft squares... (I admit, this makes things a bit more complicated than I hoped, but there it is. If you can't get it to make sense, just let me know and I'll re-draw it in normal scale.)

T- Taalkar
K- Karazi
F- Sid (Familiar)
D- Dwarf Fighter
W- Dwarf Wizard
Sc- Dwarf Scorcerer
A- Archers (mostly 1st lv Fighters)

The letters A,B,C off to the left indicate the rows of Dwarves, so you can indicate them if you'd like to give any one (or group of them) specific orders.

Obviously, you've got more dwarves, but given the cramped tunnel, they don't all fit. The rest are standing by to move in an reinforce your possition as necissary.

The Giant has an AC of 20, and a Touch AC of 8, and 102hp.

Next round barbarians will start spilling in.

You've got three rounds before the next Giant gets in.

It's your turn.

2012-12-07, 01:54 AM

Eyes wide at the massive giant shrugging off the collapsing ceiling and the sheer mess it made of the smaller orcs. Noting the lack of effect the arrows had on the giant he hollars back at his archers "READY YOURSELVES FOR THE ORCS MEN, KEEP THEIR NUMBERS DOWN"

Looking over at one of the wizards to his right, clad in a fine stone plate he gives a short nod and the Wizard quickly chants his spell, Greasing the rubble at the entrance thoroughly.

Sending Sid in ahead, he charges along halfway in the ground, passing by the feet of the dwarves just surfacing late enough to smash into the giant.

Muttering a quick prayer he pulls an acid flask from his pack and tosses it best he can at the giant.

I don't have all the spell info for the wizards yet, Barthac left me mid conversation on figuring that out so I just went with the one we both completely agreed on so far. I woulda loved glitterdust...damn dwarf spellcasters don't need to run around in armor >_<

Having the Archers Ready an Attack for Barbs pouring through, I'll leave the melee dwarf command to Barthac. Hopefully the Grease will help a good bit in there.

Sid's Power Attack (-2 atk) Charge Attack [roll0]
Sids Damage [roll1]

Karazi's crappy Throwing of Acid
Ranged Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

2012-12-07, 11:27 PM
HP: 43/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Taalkar watches as the door splinters and cracks. Wait for it he tells the dwarves around him.

He watches as the first giant pushes through the door, rending the once strong oak into splinters, Wait for it

He watches as the rubble of the ceiling falls on the invaders and fills the tunnel with a cloud of dust and debris, Wait...

He sees the first giant emerge from the dust seemingly unscathed Just a little more ...

He watches as the first barrage of arrows bounce off the giants thick skin. Suddennly, it's time. NOW, attack.

He gathers his legs underneath him, his muscles pulled taut like the mighty ropes of the now silent ballista above him. Where's that spell, finger waggler

He springs into the air with a mighty scream swinging his axe above his head at the giant. In an instant the once seemingly cavernous tunnel shrinks to the size of a regular room as the sorceror's spell finally takes hold. His long axe swinging through the air suddenly grows to a size that more closely matches the head of its intended target.

Taalkar uses claw at the moon (a leaping attack) on the giant. The sorceror used an enlarge person on him which (for epic-ness sake) hits him in mid-jump. Also, the other wizard is using his Wand of Ray Of Enfeeblement on the giant.

Enlarge gives the following +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -1 AC, -1 ToHit, Weapon is large (1d12 damage to 3d6 damage), 10Ft reach, 10Ft space

My AC is 17 (23 vs. Giants) (-1 Dex Bonus, -1 Size)
Melee tohit is unchanged (str +1 size -1)
Axe Damage is 3D6+7 (Str +1)
and I am roughly 9Ft tall (Time for the NBA)

Damage: [roll1]
Claw at the Moon:
Jump Check vs. Giant's AC:[roll2]
Extra Damage if succeed on jump check: [roll3]

Sorceror's Ray of Enfeeblement
Str Damage: [roll4]

Mr. X
2012-12-12, 02:48 AM
Grown to immense size, Taalkar's axe sinks deep into the giant's shoulder. The colossal man shrugs away the blow, however, smashing into the massive dwarf with such force that he is nearly plowed over... His boots skid and scrape against the floor, however, and he just manages to prevent the giant from stomping the dwarven lines to jelly, as the two grapple and wrestle for footing...

Giant Slams Taalkar:

If hit, initiate Grapple. Resist with a Strength Check, DC above roll.

If you fail, take additional Damage:[roll2]

Through the gate the tide is released, as swarms of barbarians pour through the crack, skittering under your feet like cats, slipping and scrambling over the greased rubble and each other, and smashing into the dwarven line, even as another volley from the archers thins their numbers...

The dwarves are unshaken by the onslaught, locking their shields and lashing out with axe and urgosh, the barbarians meet a wall of steel, and die by the dozens.

Karazi's flask shatters, splashing the vitrolic concoction over the giant and sizzling it's skin, though it hardly appears to notice.

Sid erupts from the earth beneath, only to be batted aside as the giant and Taalkar wrestle.

2 rounds untill the next giant. The current Giant is at 73 hp.

Your Dwarves are idealy positioned, especially with how you've altered the terrain, and should be able to hold the line for awhile against the horde... Still, it won't take much for things to get out of hand.

2012-12-13, 01:48 PM

Measuring up the state of affairs for a moment he eventually gestures a tad with his shield arm, firing off a shot from his build in wand of Entangle to try and slow the horde a bit. "Archers keep up the volley, don't let those damned orcs get a single foot in here !"

Sid having been slammed aginst the side of the tunnel shakes himself a second and rushing back in attempting to take another swipe at the Giant in order to assist Taalkar.

Entangle wand -through- the door if possible, trying to slow the guys pouring in.

Sid attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

Kinda lite on the fluff...eh, what can you do sometimes.

2012-12-16, 02:16 AM
HP: 43/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Taalkar shifts his large feet to a different position, dropping his defense slightly to get a better angle on the giant. He then swings a powerful sideswipe at the giant.

Dropping Stonefoot Stance for Punishing Stance (-2 AC +1d6 Damage)
My AC is 15 (19 vs. Giants) (-1 Dex Bonus, -1 Size, -2 stance)

Uses Mountain Hammer to attack the giant
Weapon Damage: [roll1]
Maneuver Damage: [roll2] (overcomes Hardness and DR)
Stance Damage: [roll3]

Mr. X
2012-12-17, 04:25 AM
Stone muddies and wood twists and ensnares outside the gate, slowing the inpouring flood of barbarians...

Sid batters heavily, and ineffectually against the giant's tough hide, as Taalkar slashes a grazing blow across the immense man's chest, drawing a deep line of blood.

Leaning back away from Taalkar's slash, the giant catches up a fallen beam nearly as thick as a tree, and smashes it into the dwarf in a crushing upwards blow...

Giant's 1st attack vs. Taalkar (-4 for Awesome Blow)

Damage (Greatclub): [roll1]

2nd Attack:

Catching the dwarf under the chin, and sending him flying backwards into the lines of his own troops, armor wrenching and bones breaking beneath the weight of his falling bulk... Stepping forward, the giant delivers another titanic blow to the dwarf's chest as he lays prone...

Taalkar, please roll falling damage equal to your increased weight falling 10ft, and apply it to the four dwarves directly behind you, as your falling bulk crushes them. They each have 26hp. You are currently knocked prone. (I'm guessing with all your gear and such you weigh around 300lbs before the enlarge spell, but I'm not sure. Go ahead and figure it out, if you like, or just roll 12d6)

Your fall shatters the dwarven line, and its only due to Karazi's entanglement buying precious seconds for the dwarves fall back and reassemble, that the position is not completely overrun.

Take your actions.

2012-12-19, 11:04 AM

Shocked into stillness as he watches Taalkar brutally smashed backwards into the line...barely rolling to avoid the followup hit. Dwarves everywhere moaning in pain from the impact...some not even able to get up at all.

Trying to recover he starts barking out orders
"Quickly drag the wounded back, reform the line ! Archers keep covering them damnit."

"Someone run and find out if they can get some catapults aimed at this doorway...these giants just DON'T GO DOWN"

A quick mental order to Sid over their link and he starts casting a spell to hopefully buy them a bit more time. A flash of light and stone starts forming up near the giant into the form of a Hippogriff...as the form completes another flash and it comes to life immediately clawing at the Giant.

Sid'll attack and then flow back underground to safety
Attack [roll0]
Damage [roll1]

Summoning a Hippogriff using my Gust of wind spell
between the giant and Taalkar he full attacks the Giant and Grapples if possible.
Attack 1 Claw [roll2]
Claw Damage [roll3]
Attack 2 Claw [roll4]
Claw Damage [roll5]
Attack 3 Bite [roll6]
Bite Damage [roll7]

Grapple [roll8]

2012-12-20, 10:21 PM
HP: 27/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Taalkar shakes his head, resolving the image of three giants back into one.

One I can handle he mutters.

He regains his defensive footing and reaches out with his axe in a violent manner towards the giant.

Back to Stonefoot stance and using PA to get 20' reach. Attacking from behind the hippogriff. Also using a normal attack to regain maneuvers.

My AC is 17 (23 vs. Giants) (-1 Dex Bonus, -1 Size)
Melee tohit is unchanged +10 (str +1 size -1)
Axe Damage is 3D6+7 (Str +1)
and I am roughly 9Ft tall and weigh in at around 1.25 tons

ToHit: (PA 3) [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

Mr. X
2012-12-21, 02:00 PM
The winged beast screams and attacks, slashing and snapping at the giant with claws and beak, and even driving the beast back a bit, but failing to find purchase, latching onto the giants forearm as he covers his face from the onslaught...

Strength check to resist grapple:

Giants 1st attack vs Hippogriff, Power Attack -5:
Damage: [roll2]

Giant's 2nd Attack vs. Hippogriff (if it survives the first, else against Taalkar):
Damage: [roll4]

... But with a lurch, the giant man throws off the creature, lunging after it with mountainous blow after mountainous blow, as the winged beast flits and squirms away, staying mere inches ahead of the crushing beam...

It's attention diverted, Taalkar takes his opportunity, but his boot slips in the spreading blood and gore that is beginning to coat the floor, and he manages to land only a glancing blow...

Ahead the great gate wrenches and groans, Being torn wider open, and a new tide of barbarians flood in at the feet of another giant...

...The tide is turning against you.

Far behind, Karazi glimpses the man he sent to the catapults riding the winch up the Inner Curtain. It won't be long before they get their orders...

You've got three rounds before the next giant enters, and two rounds before the catapults fire.

Also, I've never seen a giant roll so poorly.

2012-12-21, 02:30 PM
HP: 27/45
Readied Maneuvers: Steel Wind, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Iron Heart Surge
Active Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 to Strength Checks, +2 AC vs. Larger Foes

Seeing the giants attention diverted by the bird, Taalkar lunges with a mighty blow.

Using Mountain Hammer and PA 3 to get reach.
ToHit: (PA 3) [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Mountain Hammer: [roll2] (ignores DR)

2012-12-21, 02:43 PM

Seeing the frenzied Hippogriff still hanging in there gives him a little hope. A quick thought and Sid attempts to fill the gap of any lost dwarves until they can be reinforced from behind.

Seeing that Taalkar is bloodied by okay for the moment, he casts a quick spell of Vigor on him and hopes for the best.

Hippo's gonna full attack again and make himself useful
Claw 1 [roll0]
Damage [roll1]
Claw 2 [roll2]
Damage [roll3]
Bite [roll4]
Damage [roll5]

Grapple [roll6]

Sid's just trying to shore up the line whereever dwarves fall, doubt you need rolls for that.

and Casting my own lesser Vigor on Taalkar, not the wand. so that'll heal up 15 hp over time.

Mr. X
2012-12-28, 02:44 AM
The Avian beast screeches, swirving this way and that, its wings buffetting the charging barbarians beneath it. Staying mere inches ahead of the giant's blows, the great man overreaches himself for a moment, and the bird wheels in the air, its talons raking across the giant's throat, staggering him... But the giant recovers quickly. His massive fist snaps out, catching the bird about the neck, and brings the heavy beam down on it's head in a sickening blow...

The hippogriff goes slack as a rag doll in a child's hand...

The coming giant, somewhat smaller than the first, squeezes through the door and charges in. Dragging a massive club, he shoulders past the first giant, and smashes into Taalkar...

Giant 1 Attacks Hippogriff:
Attack 1: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Attack 2: [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]

Giant 2 Attacks
Attack 1:[roll4]

Mr. X
2012-12-28, 02:48 AM
Giant 1 Critical Confirmation on Attack2

Giant 2 damage:

2012-12-30, 08:51 PM

"WHERE THE HELL IS THAT CATAPULT !!?" he shouts over the melee, watching the Summon he thought would buy some time get its face smashed in so very quickly. Pulling out another flask of acid he chucks it at the doorway.

Hollaring at Taalkar"I thought you were gonna take care of that big guy for us ...why's he still up ya slacker ?!"

I know the catapult guy wont help for a few more rounds, just trying to add flavor. Kinda running out of fluff ideas :(
and actual combat ideas...we're gonna die horribly here. I can tell.
Ranged touch attack for the acid flask
Damage [roll1]

Mr. X
2013-01-03, 06:46 PM
Karazi shouts and aims to hurl the flask of acid, but a stray barbarian arrow catches him mid throw, shattering the glass, and spraying the caustic fluid over his face and arm, burning him horribly.

Far behind, a horn blows, and the wall rocks with the impact of the first great stone...

Karazi please lose 1 perminent point of Charisma, and gain a perminent +3 Circumstance Bonus to Intimidate, as the acid melts and horribly scars your face.
(This is sort of a brutal result for a botch, but I think it's appropriate. You may argue with me if you like.)

The Catapults are firing, you have 1 round to clear out of the tunnel before it collapses.

2013-01-05, 01:38 AM
For the third time today Taalkar picks himself up from the ground, clearly struggling to stand to his feet. A large stone crashes nearby as the catapults reign down death.

I think its time to fall back! MOVE! He shouts to the company and begins to withdraw to the next line of defense.

It feels like its time to fall back to the last wall.

2013-01-06, 01:36 AM

Burning in agony and barely able to focus he hears Taalkar call for falling back and tries to get his bearings to comply, nearly heading the wrong way before Sid gets him reoriented.

Falling back with the dwarf company to the last wall he starts to wonder if they've even got a chance in hell of surviving this.

Just falling back as an action...I dare not throw another flask of acid. lol

Mr. X
2013-01-07, 03:14 AM
At Taalkar's order, the ranks of dwarves fall back. Above stones crack and crumble, raining gravel and stones down on all those within as boulder after massive boulder smash into the wall...

... Clear of the tunnel the barbarians flood into the courtyard, even as, with a great heave, the tunnel buckles and caves in, crushing all those following behind...

The barbarians that make it through are met by a wall of steel, and quickly slain to a man.

Suddenly, a horrified shriek echos off of the West Tower... You spin around, just in time to see one of the watchmen topple over the far edge, a great serpant-thing coiled around him... The man beside him can see over the edge, and you watch his eyes fill with terror as he drops his spear and turns to flee, as another flailing thing whips over the edge. Thick as a stout dwarf, twice as long as the giant was tall, and covered in round sucker-mouths, it coils around the flee man and yanks him back over the edge, his dying scream curdling the blood in your veins...

... It is only a few moments before that section of the wall is in full retreat from the creature, as its myriad of serpant-arms drag it's horribly bloated body over the edge of the wall...

You're at something of a crossroads here. With West Tower lost, it's only a small matter of time before you must abandon the wall entirely. If it could be retaken, there is still some hope you might hold the day, though your chances are slim... And against whatever that thing is, who knows.

Once the wall falls, however, it is no longer a question of winning, but a question of surviving and escaping. The Inner Curtain will hold for a time, but only such as to provide time for evacuation.

Either way, it's your move.

2013-01-09, 08:08 PM

Shouting at a nearby soldier "You there, run to he east tower, tell them to get their ballasta aimed at that damned monster before it eats us all !"

Turning back towards his troops "Archers, keep it distracted, every arrow you've got...I don't care if the damn thing thinks they're bee stings, KEEP SHOOTING"

Looking around he tries to spot the sorcerer from earler finally spying him behind a rather stout dwarf "YOU, Grease the tower under it...FAST"

Pulling two archers aside he tells them to rig some flaming arrows to catch the grease on fire after the sorcerer does his thing.

Thinking for a moment he casts Babau Slime on Sid before he rushes off to attack.

I'm thinking he's out of range of Sid in a single round...probably next round he can actually attack. I'm rapidly running out of ideas. lol

Mr. X
2013-01-09, 08:27 PM
Those are all excellent ideas. And don't forget, retreat is always an option. ;-)

Also, it's going to take you a few minutes to get to the Monster, so if there's any upkeep spells or actions you'd like to take, feel free to note them.

2013-01-15, 09:14 PM
A very injured Taalkar trots up besides his brother. Brother, he gasps, holding a large gaping wound in his side, I think your face looks better he smirks wickedly at Karazi.

I'm not saying we run away but maybe now is a time to simply stay alive, unless you got a secret army hidden in your beard

2013-01-17, 04:02 PM
Okay...perhaps I wasn't quite thinking clearly there for a moment. Although the plan is solid, it should at least distract that monstrosity long enough for us to fall back.

Hollaring over the snaps of bowstrings and generally muttering of the dwarves nearby "Keep that thing where it is, we don't want it advancing on us any. Back ranks of archers I want you to cover the soldiers coming off the wall, we need an orderly retreat to the inner wall. Spread the word...we're falling back to the inner wall !"

Realizing some sense got talked into his master, Sid comes gliding back.

Turning to Taalkar, at a lowered volume "What the hell are we gonna do on the other side of the inner wall...We're still down a mineshaft with a broken leg here.

Mr. X
2013-01-18, 04:33 PM
The dwarf beside you raises his horn to his lips and lets out a loud, two note, blast. High atop the command tower one of Bejal's men returns the signal with a blast that is picked up and repeated by others all along the wall, sounding the retreat.

Those manning the towers begin falling back, retreating back across the bridges, and behind defensive lines along the far Eastern and Western walls. Before long the barbarians are flooding over the walls by the dozens.

The wall still proves a formidable obstical with the Gate Tunnel collapsed, and as troops in the courtyard fall back to the Inner Curtain, they ignite prepared charges, setting alight the winch cages that ran up and down the wall.

Suddenly, the air is torn asunder by a deafening blast as the bridges on either side of you erupt in flame and smoke, shattering and collapsing like so much kindling, showering you with splinters and cinders as at last you pull back behind the inner gate, and drop the beam across it.

2013-01-21, 10:31 AM

Looking through the army of soldiers milling about, some just collapsed and resting with a weary look about them. Finally noticing the Captain he gestures towards him as he starts to walk over.

"How long will the inner wall hold them Captain ?...we're going to need a little time to rest and get these folks moved out. Not to mention if we can even move quickly enough to stay ahead of them.

2013-01-23, 10:34 PM

Taalkar looks around at the gate and the wall. Harrumph he thinks, I've been here before.

He listens intently for the captains reply.

Mr. X
2013-01-24, 01:28 AM
Bejal looks grimly at the gate.

"It'll last a while... At least untill they get a workable force into the courtyard... Once they do, though, it'll fall."

He grinds his teeth, and fingers the draconic amulet at his neck...

"I think I can buy us some time, though... I had hoped that if we dealt them enough damage they would give up the assault despite their advantage. Clearly I was mistaken... Still, we've bled them badly. With luck, they'll be willing to halt the attack long enough to get our people out of here, as a condition of our surrender..."

2013-01-24, 09:37 PM

Nodding grimly at the captains words...he thinks a moment before continuing. "Shall my Brother and I go attempt to parley then..perhaps we can gain just a bit more time. If we can get the supply train ready to move out, then getting the soldiers off the wall in an orderly retreat shouldn't take long at all."

"Another thought, do we have anymore blasting powder, could we lay the inner wall on them too and force them to have to clear that rubble to pursue us. Perhaps that would give us enough of a headstart to get to Deep Mote. If we can make it to the Mote we'll be fine, nothing gets in there that isn't let in after all."

He adds the last grinning slightly at the human.

Mr. X
2013-01-25, 02:25 AM
Bejal smirks at your last comment.

"Aye, that's true enough. Hopefully it remains true."

He grimaces, listening the to cries and shouts that can still be heard from the far side of the wall.

"... I'll conduct the parlay myself. They know me here, and I doubt they'll listen to anyone else. If you're willing, I need you to to lead the evacuation.

I cleared out most the city when the army started massing, so these men are mostly all that remain. Get them out of here, either to Ork Watch or to Deep Mote, if your city will have them.

I don't think you'll be persued, as they're headed to Beluvah. Still, keep your wits about you. Ork Watch will be easier to get to, as it sits on the highway, but Deep Mote will be safer.

Send a rider when you get where you're going. With luck, I'll gleen some idea of the route they intend to take. Once they're through, people can probably start returning without worry... Hopefully."

Looking up at the gate, he checks his sword absently, before turning back to you.

"For what it's worth, I appreciate your coming. No one else did."

2013-01-26, 01:02 PM

"Aye, I dare say you're probably better suited to that than my Brother an I...especially with his unpredictability.

Conffering with Taalkar for a moment he turns back to Bejal "We'll head to Ork Watch with everyone, hopefully we can hold out there..or if it looks bad continue on to Deep Mote"

Reaching up and claping him on the shoulder-guard "Good luck to ya man, You did as much as anyone could expect here...don't get killed being foolish after we're evacuated...we'll send word back as soon as we can"

Turning around he starts issuing orders to the dwarves nearby...getting them and the folks that were stationed here ready to move out.

Mr. X
2013-01-27, 03:40 AM
Captain Bejal signals one of his aids atop the command tower, and the man moves to raise the white flag.

Along the length of the inner curtain the gesture is repeated again and again, and the sounds of fighting die down as both sides pause to take stock of the situation.

Flanked by a guardsman on either side, Bejal salutes you, and strides off through the gate, closing it behind him.

You set to work on the evacuation...

For the battle the city's guard boasted nearly two thousand men, though it was not nearly enough. Several hundred are dead, and several hundred more are wounded... Many cannot safely be moved.

Bejal planned for the possibility of defeat, and supply trains are already loaded and prepared to move, though provisions are going to be meger at best.

Among your own number, 10 were killed (including the 4 Taalkar fell upon), and 14 are wounded, though only two of them badly enough to make moving them dangerous.

Getting all the wounded loaded onto carts and moving is going to take some time, but so far all is quiet beyond the wall, so you may have it. You are going to need to decide how to deal with those who are unable to travel, however.

Feel free to ask me to clarify specific details about this scene OOC, if you need me too.

2013-01-30, 01:22 AM
While he would prefer to save them all given the chance, he still has to take care of those who have a better shot as well. Healing up his own heavily wounded dwarves first he turns to the rest of the now refugees.

Realizing he can't spend much time on the heavily wounded he reaches into his bag and pulls out a stone cube...focusing for a moment it quickly turns into a small pot. Counting up the wounded he starts to fill the pot with pieces of gravel..a total equal to the wounded.

Pulling a bit of charcoal from a nearby fire he coats 10 pieces of gravel and tosses them in.

Somberly he walks among the wounded, pulling out a stone for each and using a charge of his wand on the lucky ones. As he pulls out the occasional blackened stone he merely hangs his head and drops the stone where they lie.

Turning to one of his dwarves he barks out a command Move those that got healed...I'll see if I can save any of the others. We need to be ready to move

Turning to those he drew the black stone for, he silently bows his head and mutters a prayer to the cold earth below.

After a few moments of silence he turns to a few of the healers still bustling around trying to ease the burdens of the wounded as they are being loaded. "It's not an easy thing I ask, but I'm asking for 2 volunteers to stay here, we'll try and move the last of these heavily wounded into a cellar and see if we can't hide them while the horde hopefully passes through...Honestly we may not be coming back for some time, we can leave you and the wounded with enough supplies for 2 weeks staying hidden, hopefully those that can recover..will be able to move by then.Pausing a moment as the weight of what he asks settles on those around.

Mr. X
2013-01-31, 02:59 AM
The healers you've gathered nod grimly. Two step forward together, and older man and a girl in her late teens.

"Taryn Coalman, at your service, sirs. My daughter and I will stay with them. There's a storehouse against the South-Eastern wall where we can hide. It's well out of the way, so, god's willing, we should be safe there."


It takes some time to get the wounded moving, but it happens. In that time, one of Captain Bejal's guardsmen returns, and informs you that the horde has agreed to wait three hours before they begin marching. At that time, the city's gates must be opened. They've agreed not to cause any 'undue' damage to the city in their passage.

Bejal has remained with them as a hostage to ensure the city's cooperation.

At length, the column is ready to move out, and your march begins. Behind, the healers pass among those few too badly injured to even make it to the storehouse, give them their final prayers, and silence them.

Fourty die, simply for the need to move...

2013-02-01, 07:42 PM

The first hour of the march was the hardest, thinking of those left behind that didn't make it and those that couldn't be moved in the end. Promising himself he'd see these people to safety as well as he could was the only way he could keep moving.

Glancing over at Taalkar a moment only saw him similarly deep in thought, for while he was always quick to battle the losses afterwards always stuck with him for awhile.

After a few hours march and the rush of battle fading into the background he gave more thought to this evacuation. Scrounging up a bit of parchment from one of the wagons he scrawls out a note, signing it with a light rubbing of the family crest on his armor.

Calling up a Trio of mounted soldiers he hands them the folded scrap of parchment. Gesturing at 2 of them"Make for Deep Mote as quickly as you can safely get there, deliver the note* to Ironjaw of the Garrison. Go Now."

Turning to the last rider "Head for Long Road and let them know what's happening, we'll be there in a few days...tell them they need to evacuate if at all possible. We'll be there in some days if they have folks they can't evacuate, or if they want to link up with us."

Keeping on the road ahead, hoping they're making enough time to stay ahead. Stopping at Long Road they'll hook up with whomever is left, maybe resupply a bit if they left any.

I hope you've gotten some of the missives from Citadel, but our little mission turned into a bloody nightmare. Barbarians from the north have spilled across the Way. The Citadel is lost and we're falling back with refugees. The Tribes were working together in a very coordinated way.

There was no infighting or any indication they weren't all under the same banner. Captain Bejal stated they received word of the Holy city being destroyed by demons or some such and that they fully intended to head there, crushing those in their way it seems.

We'll be stopping at Long Road on the way to Ork Watch for now, Better call up the reserves, because this isn't over by far...they'll be spilling through the Way in numbers not seen since the time of Guntur.

Mr. X
2013-02-04, 09:26 PM
Weary and beleaguered the column of worn soldiers and refugees moves away from Citadel at a crawl.

Slow as you are, the immensity of the barbarian army is slower still. And though you spend the first several hours jumping at every off noise, expecting frothing raiders to appear bearing down on you, they never do appear... A fact only sets your frayed nerves even further on edge...

Still, come nightfall, your outriders maintain that the coast is clear, and circling what wagons you've got, you settle in for the night.

With the coming onset of winter, the night air is frigid, and you are troubled by snow flurries and brisk winds coming off the mountains... Where Bejal left you supplied with sufficient provisions and heavy blankets, you are disastrously short on fuel to keep fires burning through the night...

By the time you reach the town, another hundred of the wounded have died of their injuries and the cold...

Long Road began its life as a camping point between Ork Watch and Citadel. It sits about an average, full-day's ride North of Ork Watch. When caravans coming from either direction passed here, they began trading with each other, rather than completing their journies, and the town was born.

As you arrive, you find the evacuation in full swing... Mostly.

Your messenger informs you that the town's rather low ranking nobles had fled immediately, taking most of the town guard with them. A shopkeeper named Alder Gint has taken it upon himself to organize the retreat, and has done a reasonable job. Most of the farmers are refusing to leave, however... Unable to transport their winter stores, most will be left destitute at best... Many will likely starve.

Regardless, Long Road boasts a number of inns, as well as a temple to Ayailla, lesser goddess of light and celestial radiance, who's priestess and acolytes are willing to house and aid the wounded...

If nothing else, you won't be sleeping in the cold tonight.

2013-02-04, 11:44 PM
Taalkar sits in the overcrowded common room of an inn. His pallor grey, his head hung down. He rests slouched in the chair staring at the dusty floorboards. The throng occasionally brushes him and a careless step often lands on his feet. Still he sits, unmoving, ashen faced, a stone warrior cast in marble.

So many dead, he mumbles to himself, his lips dry and split from the weather, his beard caked with gore and filth. All dead while I ran, ran from my home, ran from the giants, ran from the screams.

Those screams of death still rang in his ears. The hollow cry of his helpless family as they were slaughtered. The shrill scream of hopeless soldiers separated from safety by a few feet of stone and unhappy circumstance. The low crying of pain as limbs and lives were overtaken by cold in the night.

Once he had purpose. Once he had life. Once he had fire. Now he wasn't sure he would find either one again.

There was his brother. Working to save those that he could. The cold stone. The steady stone. He never wavered or broke. Perhaps he could learn a thing a two from his ever-faithful brother.

He harrumphed a loud sigh, his cloudy thoughts further darkening his spirits. His head nods a hair lower as the fatigue of battle and travel take over.

2013-02-06, 12:26 AM

Seeing the wounded tended to, for at least a good nights rest in the temple brings a little relief. Folks getting out of the cold where they can amongst the bustle of the town still trying to pack up whatever they can.

Walking down the street some he lets himself into a Tavern that Alder told him was the favorite of the areas many farmers. Settling down on a stool and getting an ale before addressing the murmuring farmers.

"Settle down a second here and listen, I know this ain't good news and many of you want to stay and see to your farms. But just a few days north is a sight that'll shake you to your core. Barbarians so thick you can't see the ground, all the way to the horizon. Now don't get me wrong, I know you want to protect what you've got and are willing to take a chance they'll pass you up.

But they're going to need food pushing through here, and I highly doubt they've got both the morals and the supply train enough to ignore your stockpiles. You're going to get hit and hard.

So realizing that your farm already lost, why don't you at least attempt to save the lives of yourself and your loved ones.
That's all I'll say on the matter, please reconsider staying...Good night to you all. We're leaving at dawn."

Finishing his ale and stepping out into the brisk night he heads back to the Inn they'd settled into for the night.

Stepping inside he sees Taalkar somewhat out of sorts...Heading over he puts a hand on his shoulder and leans in "Get some rest, we'll need your fire tomorrow brother..You're stronger for enduring during these painful moments. Let the steel within you cool for the night, for tomorrow I need you as hot as ever to keep us alive and moving"

Mr. X
2013-02-08, 03:55 AM
While the intention was to leave at dawn, getting the train moving proves more trying than forseen. With the remains of the town joining in, your column swells to nearly four thousand in number, all dragging what worldly possessions they refuse to leave behind...

Karazi's speach at the tavern seemed to have te Desiree effect, and the grater portion of the farmers have joined in with you, bringing wagons packed with grains, teams of cattle, stacks of firewood, and a variety of tools that might be turned to martial use, should the need arise.

Your the healers from citadel and the acolytes of Ayailla have worked tirelessly through the night, and though many of the wounded are still in serious condition, you look forward to not losing many more.

With so many mouths to feed, rations remain meager at best. Still, the road to Ork Watch is far easier than the roar from Citadel was.

In the time of King Gunter the Fist, Ork Watch and Stone Watch were established as a forward outposts protecting Timaril against the mountain tribes and the Dwarven Holdings respectively.

Over the years they've grown into well established cities in their own rights, sitting on busy trade routes, and, while both still owe fealty to Timaril and are ruled by the republic's nobles, they are sufficiently distant that their populations can get away with things that might not otherwise be acceptable under Timaril law.

Mercenary troops are thick as flies in Ork Watch. Nearly every company on the continent holds a barracks here, and given enough gold, a man could walk in alone one day, and leave the next with an army ten thousand strong at his back. (Though mercs are notoriously dishonorable when not being fed a constant stream of gold, and even then...)

The city is grown up around a stout fortress that is by no means even near the hulking monstrosity that Citadel was, but appears to be strong in its own right none the less.

Your column is spotted by the city's watch miles before you reach it, and by the time you get there, a 'welcoming party' is waiting for you. Three men in garish silk garb and frilly armor, and two dozen soldiers lined up behind them, all mounted.

The apparent leader steps forwards at your approach. A slimy man with red hair and a curling mustache. He gives you a disdainful once over, and sniffs.

"... And who, pray tell, might you be?"

2013-02-09, 12:38 AM

"Oh we're here for the wedding, you should have me down as -Karazi, plus a few thousand-"

Slapping his knee and chuckling a bit at his own joke before goin on to explain "Sorry sorry, couldn't resist a bit of fun with ya ! it's been a rough few days it has. See, long story short...there's a whole slew of Barbarians headed to the Holy City.

Seeing as how they didn't want to be dead, we're trying to get these nice non-combatants to some safety."

Taking the man aside a bit "Now why don't you show us where we can setup for the night...as it's been a long day and I can fill you in on the details over a nice warm meal"

Mr. X
2013-02-12, 01:17 AM
The man sniffs, and gestures to the western side of the city.

"You may camp on the outskirts, and Lord Jarryn has graciously agreed to supply rations and basic supplies. You'll need to see to your own security, however, unless you've the gold to hire it."

2013-02-15, 01:55 AM
Settling down in the outskirts of town takes a few hours, after things have gone quiet he sits down with a few of the more outspoken leaders in the caravan of refugees.

"Well, I've done what I can to get you folks to some relative safety. You shouldn't have much trouble finding a place here with your skills or money.

Hell maybe even hire up some mercs to escort you to another city if you've got the hankering. If anyones got connections in Deep Mote and wants to try their hand there...they're welcome to come with us."

Standing up while merely gazing into the fire "It's been a rough week for most of us I'd say, I know this ain't how you expected it to turn out. But I need to get back to Deep Mote and make sure they know what's happened. Too many messengers have been delayed or died already so I'll be heading out with my Hammer company in the morning.

I wish you nothing but luck...be ready in the morning if you feel the need to come to the Mote"

Calling it a night shortly after talking with them, he spreads the words to the troopers to be ready to move come the dawn.

Mr. X
2013-02-15, 02:57 AM
Come morning, there are a few who gather with the company to make for Deep Mote, but not very many. They shouldn't slow your pace by much.

As you depart the camp, you spy a lone rider galloping down the road towards you... One of the messengers you sent to Deep Mote...

Reaching the company, he dismounts, and staggers forward. His horse is flagging badly, and its clear that be probably hasn't slept for several days.

"Karazi Strongstone!" He calls before breaking down into hacking coughs as he gasps for air. Regaining himself, he continues...

"... Jory Forrest, as it please you, sir." He states breathlessly. "They killed Kester on our way to the 'Mote, sir. The foothills were thick with the tribesmen when we passed. I made it through, though, an' got your message to the Ironjaw. He grilled me right good for two days, before sending me back to you..." he hands you a crumpled envelope.

"... I saw the horde on my way here to you, sir. They'd reached Longroad a day ago, and sacked it, 'far as I could tell. I dunno if they're coming here, but if you're returning to the 'Mote, you should circle eastward, an' stay off the road."

The man stands unsteadily before you, awaiting your response, and you suddenly realize how young he is... Sixteen, perhaps, maybe less.

Within the envelope is a letter from Ironjaw:

Karazi and Taalkar,

A bloody mess this has turned out to be. We got word of the attack on Beluvah about four days after you left, and it sent half the kingdom into righteous fury, and the other half to plotting and scheming.

When your boy got through with word of the invasion from the North, it only made things worse. The Coucil is in a bloody riot. The King has called the banners, but no-one can agree on where to send them, or if we should be marching at all.

As such, I need you to send your Hammar Company home, as we'll be needing every man we've got whenever this mess gets sorted.

I've got separate orders for the pair of you: In order to help get this mess sorted, I need you two to go to Beluvah, and have a look at what we're up against.

Keep your heads down. We don't know how the other cities are responding yet, and we don't yet know who our friends are, or if we even still have any.

Good luck,


2013-02-16, 01:11 AM
Grimly reading the letter, with the occasional grumble. He eventually looks back up at the lad "You've done well getting these missives delivered..You'll need to see about taking care of your kin now I suspect. They're camped at Ork Watch just a few hours back, My deepest thanks for your service here"

Turning to Taalkar he mutters a bit "Seems we're to go scouting...Ironjaw wants more eyes on what's going on in the blasted Holy City"

Turning to his Company he searches out the Sergeant New orders for us, but the company is needed at Deep Mote. Continue on and report in to Ironjaw, he's got a different task in mind for my brother and I it seems"

"Now you heard what the messenger had to say about the Hordes movements, so I expect you all to stay out of trouble until otherwise ordered...no need to bring back heads to Ironjaw !"

Pulling some of his gear free from a pack mule as he sees Taalkar doing the same, they make haste to get on with their newly appointed task.

"Travel safe my friends and don't do anything Taalkar might consider a good idea"

Mr. X
2013-02-20, 02:40 AM
Your new orders in hand, you part ways with your company, and return to the bustling streets of Ork Watch.

The smell of war is in the air, as you make your way through the squares and alleys thick with mercenary conscripts and elite soldiers alike, squandering their remaining gold, or treating and stocking their arms and armors.

The air filled with the cacophony of hammers ringing against metal, mingled with the rauchous laughter and cries spilling out of taverns and brothels, as you push and shove your way through the crowded streets in search of sundries, and reliable, or at least capable, escort.

Supplies stocked, and escort hired, you depart Ork Watch, and cut Southeast across country to Stone Watch, shaving a day or so off the easier travel by road.

Cresting a hill, you find Stone Watch to be a smoking mess... The closest major city to Beluvah, it is swamped in refugees. Thousands of them are camped outside the walls, huddled around pit fires, and standing about in ration lines, the city is all but besiged by them...

Indeed, as you approach closer, it becomes clear that the cities gates are closed, and for miles around the land might have been plagued by locust, so picked clean of eatables it has become...

... Winter is a bad time to go to war.

You are uninformed of the real situation, but you know it has been at least two weeks since Beluvah fell... These people have spent all that time settled in this camp, while food runs short, and temperatures steadily drop.

Without major support from Timaril, you doubt it will be long before the rabble assault the city...

But your duties lie elseware, and the plight of these people is not one you can aid at this time.

Circling wide around the city, you press onwards towards the Holy City.

The land around is empty and desolate. Not a soul walks the usually heavily traveled highway... You heard it told that while refugee's flooded out from Beluvah initially, it was only a day or two before the torrent slowed to a trickle, and then stopped all togather... And none have gone back since, that you're aware of.

You are a little over a day's ride from the city when the first oddity catches your eye... A dried, husk of some barky, pinkish fungus... As you travel, you see more spots of the stuff sparsely scattered across the landscape where it had grown a little before drying up and dying. You find a few places where it has managed to take ahold and keep living, mostly in heavily shrubbed or shadowed areas, but not many.

As dusk approaches, you settle down to make camp. It's cold, and there is a steady snow falling, but only a fool would risk a fire this close to potentially hostile terratory.

Setting a watch, you huddle in for a miserably cold night...

For Taalkar:

You toss and turn through the frigid night, huddled against your brother's back. Your watch comes and goes without incident, but you never manage to get fully to sleep... Perhaps for the best, because you'd probably freeze...

Suddenly, your ears perk up... It's Karazi's watch, and you can hear him stomping of somewhere, keeping watch and trying to stay warm, but it's Slim, the archer you picked up... Sitting on a broken log, whittling something, he suddenly makes an odd gurgling sound, and as you peer at him, you become aware of a long, bizzare, crystalline spike protruding from his chest...

In the next moment, the spike dissapears, and the archer crumples face first onto the ground.

For All:

Taalkar, you may sound the alarm.

Please roll Initiative.

Go ahead and roll for Karl, Morgan, and Arrin too. Slim, I'm afraid, is dead.

2013-02-20, 11:50 PM
Taalkar's eyes bulge as he sees the arrow pierce Slim. Like a hammer on a cooling piece of Iron, it beats away the cold, melancholy exterior revealing the red hot metal underneath. He rolls neatly to the sit and springs into a squatting position holding his large axe at the ready.

To Arms He says, hopefully loud enough for the camp to hear. Wouldn't hurt if their attackers know their presence has been spotted. His magically enhanced vision searches the night for traces of the attackers.

2013-02-20, 11:54 PM
Karazi looks around startled, not sure exactly what's going on but trying to take stock of the situation.

Speaking a word in Terran Sid quickly heads to his side as they look into the darkness.

Mr. X
2013-02-21, 12:12 AM
the night is black as pitch, and while the heritage of your people as adapted your eyes to seeing without light, the men with you have a harder time as they scramble to get their bearings...

Even still, the things assailing you are quick, and difficult to keep track of, flitting through the trees, back and forth, springing in to attack, before falling back... You think there are perhaps six of them... They're small... Smaller than the men, and even smaller than you, though not by much.

In the scuffling, you hear Arrin cry out as two fall upon him, and Karl and Morgan are soon clearly embattled as well.

The Map:


S- Slim
A- Arrin
Mo- Morgan
K- Karl (crap, used K twice... Karl is next to Morgan)
F- Sid (Familiar)
K- Karazi (Next to Sid, as F... This totaly makes sense to me, damn it.)
T- Taalkar

Monster 1 attacks Arrin:

Monster 2 attacks Arrin:

Monster 3 attacks Karl:

Mr. X
2013-02-21, 12:14 AM
crit confirm for Monster 1




2013-02-21, 12:35 AM
Karl barely dodges the slash, rolling out of the way quickly as Morgan takes a step back and tries to slam his spear through it's gullet !

Karazi seeing some enemies finally picks out something to whammy, Whistling at Sid to charge one nearby.

Karl takes a 5ft step forward, Attacking Monster 2
Damage [roll1]

Morgan takes a step to his right and away to start to setup a flank
Attack [roll2]
Damage [roll3]

Karazi Casts Flaming Sphere on Monster 1
Damage fire [roll4]

Sid charges at Monster 1
Attack [roll5]
Damage [roll]1d8+8

2013-02-21, 12:46 AM
Taalkar sizes up the situation pretty quickly. Seeing Arrin attacked viciously, his base instincts kick in. He takes an aggresive posture and charges in. Leaping high in the air, he makes to strike at the attacker.

Current Stance: Punishing Stance
Manuevers: Iron Heart Surge, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Steel Wind
HP: 54
Base AC: 19

I am going to make a charge at M3. Full round to move into range and attack. Leaping the last 10 feet: (Jump Check: DC10 [roll0]) +100% PA Damage
Power Attack: +4 damage, -4 ToHit
Charge: +2 ToHit, -2 AC
Punishing Stance: +1D6 Damage
Using Mountain Hammer: +2d6 Damage

Weapon - [roll2]
Stance - [roll3]
Manuever - [roll4]

Mr. X
2013-02-21, 01:14 AM
Flailing blindly, Karl swings his heavy broadsword at his assailant... He misses, but in dodging, the creature slips, falling to the ground, where Morgan finds it, and spears it handily.

It's not enough, however... Even pinned to the ground, the creature lashes out with it's bizarre, crystalline blade, cutting through greave and flesh, and nearly crippling the warrior...

Karazi, Sid, and Taalkar rush to the priest's aid, but it's too late... Even as flames erupt, and Taalkar severs the head clean off one of the horrid creatures, the priest crumples forwards, his heavy staff falling listless to the ground.

The remaining creature shies from the light of the fire, but is unbothered by the terrible heat, and you have a moment to witness the beast...

... It's a goblin, you suddenly realize, but so bizarre has its shape become that you hardly understand how you came to that conclusion... Misshapen and malformed, as of generations of inbreeding, it's flesh is scarred and pitted, and neumerous weeping sores cover it... It's right arm has been surgically removed, and a strange, deadly, crystalline spike has been attached, or perhaps grown, in it's place. An odd, tough, almost treebark-like fungus has taken root in its wounds, spreading from the 'arm' across the better portion of its chest and face... It's upper lip has also been removed by a clean, surgical cut, and caps from the fungus have grown over and obliterated one of its eyes, and sprout from one of its ears.

It's other eye, however, gleams sharp and clear, before Sid smashes into it, knocking it back...

Just like that, more appear... Karazi left alone, standing back from the battle, Taalkar, with his back to an open flank, and Karl, blind in the darkness...

Goblin 4's attack vs. Karazi:

Goblin 5's attack vs. Taalkar:

Goblin 6's attack vs. Karl:

Goblin 2's attack vs. Morgan:

Goblin 1's attack vs. Sid:

Note: Any bonus you recieve vs. Goblinoids applies.

The Map:


2013-02-21, 01:38 AM
Taalkar spins towards the new attacker and spots two. Shifting his feet into a more stable position, he moves between the goblin and Karl. Heaving out with the long handle of the ax, it's deadly arc reaches out in two strikes at the Goblin attacking the young mercenary, hoping to distract the goblin from the easy kill.

Stance: Stonefoot Stance
AC returns to 19.

Move due south 5' (between K and G5)
Attack G6 with full attack action - PA:3 (gives reach)


2013-02-21, 01:43 AM
Receiving a deep slash into his flank Karazi grimaces and tries to focus through the pain. Taking a step back he summons a Large Ape to guard him.
Which immediately starts attacking the nearby Goblins.

Falling backwards a bit from the blow, Sid flails back at the goblin, hoping to put it down.

Absorbing the mighty blow best he can Karl swings again at the nimble ...thing, now able to see a little something from the flaming sphere nearby tries to skewer the blasted goblin.

Morgen manages to duck the attack and takes a step away, attacking once more.

Karazi takes a 5ft step towards the others, then summons the Ape between/to the side of him and the goblin.
Ape full attacks the goblin.
Atk 1 claws [roll0]
Atk 2 claws [roll1]
Atk 3 Bite [roll2]

Claw 1 [roll3]
Claw 2 [roll4]
Bite [roll5]
Grapple [roll6]

Sid attacks
Attack [roll7]
Damage [roll8]

Attack [roll9]
Damage [roll10]

Attack [roll11]
Damage [roll12]

Mr. X
2013-02-21, 01:44 AM
Putting your back against the fellow warrior, you lash out at the attacking creature. Your first cut scrapes a deep gash across its chest, but as you whirl the aft of your axe around, the goblin arches back in a sickening posture, narrowly evading the blow...

Mr. X
2013-02-21, 02:07 AM
Stepping back, the forces of earth and stone swirl around Karazi, forming into a creature holding all the strength of those elements, the beast smashes into the mutant thing. Its first blow sends it tumbling back, but the goblin creature is nimble, and skitters and rolls away as the apish beast presses the attack, jabbering in some disgusting language, before dissapearing into the woods.

Sid makes progress against his quarry, knocking the thing upside the head, and sending it tumbling for a moment before it regains itself... Strangely, as it rolls away, it catches up the ankle of the corpse of is fallen comrade with it's one good hand. Strong, it races off into the woods, fast, and uneffected by the burden of the body.

Taalkar watches in disgust, as the terrible wound he inflicted already begins to scab and heal, the flesh binding back together like squeezed dough into a horrid scar, even as the creature disengages, and flees into the night.

Behind him, the last two creatures take one more stab at Morgan and Karl, the last punching through the big man's chain shirt, and gutting him, before also pulling back and fleeing into the woods...

Creature 2's attack vs. Morgan:

Creature 6's attack vs. Karl:

All the wounded goblins heal 4 hit points.

Almost as quickly as it began, it's over.

Morgan rushes to Kar's side, lifting the soldier as blood pumps out of the gaping hole in his chain shirt...

"Healer! Get yer arse over here! He's dyin'!"

Behind, Arrin lies dead in a spreading pool of blood...

Somewhere in the confusion, Slim has disappeared... A grisly stain, a knife, and a bit of whittled wood still mark the spot where he fell, but his body is gone.

2013-02-21, 02:23 AM
Karazi takes a moment to check on his newly bought allies as he pulls out his newly bought wand, casting a few minor healing charms from it to try and rejuvenate the wounded.

Looking around he tries to find a piece of the growths on those goblins, or perhaps some of the similar fungus growing in patches nearby...it bears some study.

"Well then, that was a hell of a thing to happen...what the hell was growing on those goblins, and the way they pulled themselves together...was quite disturbing."

Not sure if Karl is dead or uncon, but Vigor on him if he's not dead.
And one on Morg, Sid and Karazi.

Lets study that fungus or whatever, got knowledge Nature and survival
Nature [roll0] +2 synergy
Surv [roll1] +2 Synergy

Mr. X
2013-02-21, 02:33 AM
For Karazi:

Thanks to Taalkar, you still have the head of one of the goblins to compare with.

The fungus is a subterranean sort. Not one you've ever seen before, but not so different from many of the types cultivated in Deep Mote. You could feasibly eat it, if you so chose.

The fungus on the goblin is definitely the same, and the two clearly operate in symbiosis. It's skin is rough and bark-like, much as the body of the fungus, and upon dissection, you find the fungus growing along side, and even replacing many of the vital nerves and organs in the creatures brain, and presumably through the rest of its body.

2013-02-21, 02:50 AM
Aye. The one I cut, he shutters thinking about it, healed it right back up. Looking at the head of the one that was left, I guess they can be killed but that one was a lucky hit. I wonder how a straight fight would end.

Kneeling to look more closely at one of the fungiWhat is this stuff anyway?

2013-02-21, 02:54 AM
"Not entirely sure...but it sure seems to stitch them back together right quick it does, if you hadn't taken his head I'd bet money he could have come back from just about any other serious wound."

And someone basically replaced that ones arm....it was definitely intentionally done, not normal goblins and weird limb replacement. Not sure what we've stumbled upon here"

"I'm going to bring the head along, maybe with some more study I can figure out this fungus that seems to have incorporated itself so thoroughly into his body

2013-02-21, 03:05 AM
"Those little mutated bastards just dragged Slim right out from behind us..."

Poor Sod was already dead, but damn that's a hell of a way to end up. Well we'll patch up what we can and get a bit more rest...this night ain't over yet after all"

2013-02-21, 03:24 AM
Brother, Taalkar strokes his chin thoughtfully, You sure the whole thing won't grow back from the head?

2013-02-21, 03:25 AM
"Uh well...sure...maybe not. I don't think so ! how bout that."

2013-02-22, 12:57 AM
As the quiet pervades the camp, and the nerves start to really calm down Karazi just sighs and takes a moment to himself.

Shaking his head he reaches into his sack for a shapestone tablet, shifting it into a solid shovel he sets to work for a little while, digging a none too fancy grave for the recently departed adept.

Pulling off the adepts sack of rations and his moneybag, which he tosses to the other two mercenarys he stretches a moment before rolling the adept into the somewhat shallow grave.

Sid comes a moment later with a decent sized rock rolling along the ground, settling it right next to the hole.

Hands glowing for a moment as he calls upon Nature to give him a hand, he places a hand on the stone. Quickly it starts to flow over the body forming a hard casement over the filled in earth.

"Wish we could have prevented them from dragging Slim off...but at least this one they wont get easily. Lets get a bit more rest and get back on the road...I'm sure this wont be the last of our troubles"

Mr. X
2013-02-22, 01:35 AM
Morgan helps Karazi dig the grave, as Karl lays unconscious. The magics slowely healing his wounds, it will still be some time before he is operable again.

You discuss, for a time, the option of moving camp... But at this hour, any move you made would be trackable, and if the things were going to come back, doubtless they'd find you regardless.

And so you huddle in for the remainder of the night, shivering through the lasts few hours before dawn.

... ... ...

You are undisturbed come morning, and as the light filters through the trees, the party gathers itself to press forwards.

Your path to Beluvah, at this point, offers a few different options...

The Highway cuts through both forests and mountains leading directly to the city. The way is cleared for easy travel, however, and does not provide much cover... It will be difficult to make an approach unseen by this avenue.

Northward, the mountains rise sharply into the Silver Peak Range. The terrain is rocky and thickly forested, and while difficult to travers, the vantage points from the cliffs overlooking the bay would provide excellent view of the city, as well as heavy cover. Going will be slow, however, and it will likely take at least two more days before you reach a viable position.

To the South, the mountains fade into rolling foothills, and the forest diminishes into rough plains. This way, the traveling will be much easier, and the hills, tall grasses, and thick shrubs shall provide some degree of cover. A circuitous route shall provide adequate view of the city, though should you be persued, there will not be any real place to hide...

2013-02-23, 02:13 AM
Standing at the edge of camp, pacing to try and keep a little body heat as he thinks to himself for a few minutes.

"Well the direct path is no good of course....So it's really an option between the mountains or the plains. My gut says the Mountains are the way to go...just like trying to get around home."

Breath showing in the frosty morning air he contemplates another chilly night like this...knowing a bit on how to work deep in the mountains he plans to be a bit more prepared for the upcoming weather.

"Lets get out of here for now though, no telling if those things will come back for us or not...I for one don't plan to become dinner"

Making a sharp gesture he casts a spell on all nearby.

I swaped in Pass without Trace and Wood Shape to be granted this morning. I actually lost tract of how that went. But I think the attack happened on my watch, before I slept...so I should still be able to get spells like usual.

Anyhow, casting Pass on the partymembers (well the horses I guess technically, and Sid)

And trying Survival to survive the night once we camp, I'll also be using Wood and Stone shape when we camp. to "build" us some cover. no fire still, but shelter of a sort.

Survival roll for the upcoming night. [roll0]
+2 from synergy in knowledge nature

Mr. X
2013-02-26, 12:30 AM
For two days you trudge through the deepening cold, circling Northward through thick trees and mountains to obtain a more commanding view of the Holy City. Karazi's work at providing shelter is a vital success, keeping you alive, if not particularly comfortable, through the frigid nights. Thankfully, you are not further harried by the creatures that assaulted you earlier.

On the third day you break out of the forest onto a steep boulder field, and for the first time have a clear view of the lands surrounding you...

A crumbled wasteland greets you.

Thick plumes of smoke peel up all across the shattered city... It's buildings broken to rubble, and great swaths of land have burned to ash. The immense golden dome of the Great Temple stands cracked, and there is a great gaping void where the High Tower of Lathander ought to have stood, while massive pits and craters litter the West side of the city... Such devestation as leaves you quaking in your boots, and feeling quite literally ill...

Gathering your wits to your duty, you look again. The city's wall, while damaged and cracked in many places, is still reasonably intact, and in many of the more open areas, you think you can make out thick, almost moss-like at this distance, crowds of figures roiling about the city...

You'd give your beard for a telescope.

Off to the Northeast, another thick column of smoke drifts high into the air... There's good money betting that the town at Pinnacle Rock has fallen too.

You are currently standing about twenty miles from the city, atop a high vantage in the rising hills. On the Continental map, this puts you to the North West, just between the Western and Northern Roads coming out of Beluvah.

Pinnacle Rock is the next town along the Northern Road that I haven't named yet... (A map update is coming soon, I promise.)

Beluvah looks like this:


I'm afraid this map is a re-hash of an earlier look at the city with a different party. It remains accurate, so simply ignore the 'You are Here' notation. That's not where you are. :-P

As usual, feel free to ask any questions you need answered.

2013-02-28, 01:56 AM
Frowning at the devestation in the city below them, he kicks at a rock...why did he have to forget a damned telescope...of all the things.

"Well, I damn well know you didn't remember to bring one Brother...hell I bet you've got nothing but Ale and daggers packed away"

Mulling over the problem for a moment he eventually just sits down on a nearby rock.

"We've got to think here, how are we going to get a good look down there for Ironjaw.. I could send a summoned bird but it'd never last long enough. Blast. We'll figure something out"

2013-02-28, 04:29 PM

Actually, I ain't got no daggers

Mr. X
2013-02-28, 04:44 PM
For Taalkar:

That was possibly the best one-liner I've ever heard in a game.

2013-03-01, 01:50 AM
Coming to his feet, he announces "Welp, I've got a bit of a plan...we'll have to see how it pans out. I'm going to scout from the be-damned air for a good approach into the city and see what kind of forces are arranged inside the city and at the walls"

Turning to the 2 remaining mercenaries "You guys just camp out here for another day, I'll be back before nightfall and we'll figure out what's going on"

Shifting into a smallish bird of prey Karazi roughly takes off...it's obvious he's not the best flier...somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of being away from the earth.

Scouting approaches and troop sizes, anything else of interest I suppose.

new decent spot check ! Went with Eagle for the +16 spot

Mr. X
2013-03-01, 02:53 AM
While not well accustomed to the form, your father had taken you and your brother out falconing a number of times in your youth, and so you have at least a good picture of what you ought to look like you are doing...

But the view...

The most disorienting experiance is the sudden razor clarity with which you now see the world... Every leaf or blade of grass flickering in the wind catches your complete attention, the barest of movements blindingly obvious from miles distant...

With every moment you gain confidence in your flight, the icy wind billowing under your wings as you soar to ever higher hights, you wonder at the stumped creature you were before... Shackled to the ground and all but blind...

This is how life was meant to be lived, and how the world was meant to be seen...




... It's several minutes before you even remember that you came up here for a reason...

Wrenching your mind away from the joys of this existance, you turn towards the demolished city.

Soaring towards the city, you need not approach close. Even miles away you pick out squirrels tucking away their nuts, and hares bounding through the snows, and goblins...

Bizzare and mutant, the horrid creatures swarm through the city in throngs, coursing through the streets and squares on whatever businesses compelled creatures such as they, and moving in flocks of great numbers up and down the northern road... The walls are thick with them, and circling out over the bay, you see that even the ships at sea are wholly crewed by the awful creatures...

In the squares and through the streets you see piles of bones deep as your crippled form is tall, picked clean and horribly gnawed... The grizzly remains of those you did not, or could not, flee the city.

At the heart of the city, the immense golden dome of the Great Temple, though cracked, still gleams in the sun's crisp light. The wide courtyard beneath, what was once the Garden of the Gods, teams thick with the squamous masses. Bustling about great iron vats that simmer and bubble with noxious alchemical stews. Cranes and harnesses suspend screaming amputated victims of their own kind over the vats, immersing them in the vile putrescence untill they dissolve wholly, or erupt forth as even more terrifying and indescribable horrors...

2013-03-05, 10:33 AM
Flowing along the winds, he heads back to camp after seeing such gruesome sights. Stumbling at the very end, he ends up managing a kind of rolling landing...shifting back into his natural form mid roll coming to rest on his ass in the middle of camp.

"Well I'll say one thing, we damn sure ain't gonna get a closer look than that. That's a down right unnatural army down there, tossing their own kin into vats of alchemy and other bizarre things. but the whole city is right crawling with them that have got to be kin to those that attacked us before. Abominations of some sort, possible created even...twas an upsetting sight to be sure"

Immediately he starts to grab a bite to eat, it's been hours since he had a meal...with alot of flying and scouting. "We'll need to deliver this news back as soon as possible I think, Ironjaw and the rest of the continent for this matter will need to know...we march for Deep Mote come the morn.

Mr. X
2013-03-07, 04:42 AM
As you sit, consuming your evening meal, you ponder the best means to deliver your gathered intelligence, and the time frames they'll take...

It's been a week since you left Ork Watch, and from what you heard there, the armies of Timaril, Star Spire, and Great Gate may be marching on Beluvah already...

You don't know the route the Barbarian horde was planning to take, but if they were planning on assaulting Ork Watch, the battle may already be place...

If they wanted to avoid that fortress, they would have been required to cut across country, and through the southern steppes of Dwarven lands... Unless the King directly forbade it, there is little doubt the dwarven lords would allow the horde to pass unbloodied. If such is the case, it's fairly likely that many forces shall soon be embattled with them...

The Dwarves know their lands well, and are consumate masters of military skulduggery. Their inherent grasp of traps, choke points, battle language, misdirection, and complex strategy that has always given them the edge over their enemies, and it is entirely possible that the mountains and the Garrison could stop the horde where Citadel could not...

... But whether or not they should... Against the mutant monstrosities that plague the Holy City, a hundred thousand screaming barbarians could put a severe dent in the goblin force...

But of the Dwarves, the men, and the barbarians, none have the solid information on the goblin force you now possess... But how to convey that message?

At best, it's two weeks back to Deep Mote along the road... You might shave some time off cutting through the mountains, but as the weather worsens, you might well simply end up killing yourselves by that route, and even still, by that time it will be too late to alter current events...

It is closer to return to Stone Watch or even Timaril, but who could you speak to there who would listen?

These things you ponder as you settle in for another frigid night. On the morn, Morgan and Karl shall be taking their pay and returning to Ork Watch, provided it still stands.

2013-03-10, 11:50 PM
Thinking hard on the problem of getting the message back quickly enough he eventually comes to some hard choices.

Scrawling down a note detailing troop quanities and discriptions as well as he can he tucks it inside a crag of the shifting rock that is Sid's chest "Keep that in place there yeah ?....I need you to bring that to Ironjaw as soon as possible, follow the bedrock north up to the granite divide and then head towards the limestone. You should be able to find Deep Mote and Ironjaw from there easily."

Turning to the Mercs, he writes out a similar note "I'm not sure if this can do much, but people need to know the numbers standing in that hellhole right now, try and get the word to someone in Stone Watch as you go back through if you can."

"As for you and me Brother, we're going to go visit our old friend Quickblade to the north, at the very least his wizards might be able to give us some insight into these fungal creations...and perhaps even a quicker way to message Ironjaw"

With Sid leaving immediately that night, he feels somewhat lessened without his stoic quietness nearby. In the morning the Dwarves set off northward through the thick forest, attempting to hide their movement as well as they can on their way to Quickblade.

Thinking of having Quickblade's camp somewhat west of Silver Lake area, nowhere near the town itself. Kind of a raiding camp to free slaves in the entire region.

Moving with Pass without a Trace again, and the same shelter ideas. I'd forgotten I had endurance...so count that before Karazi dies of exposure :o

Mr. X
2013-03-13, 02:58 AM
Through the freezing nights and the frigid days, you contin to press Northward, venturing towards Silver Lake, and into Black Harbor territory.

Just being in thinking distance of the city awakens old phobias of the whips on your backs, and the barbed collars about your necks, but you press on regardless...

Quickblade's camp is not to be found...

That's not particularly unexpected, however. His operation is required to relocate frequently to remain hidden from Black Harbor's scouts and patrols, and as a rule, one does not 'find' Quickblade... He finds you.

It takes you two days to get to what you think is his territory, and spend a third wandering circles before he suddenly steps out from behind a tree.

"Heh, if it ain't the twins. Hells if I didn't figure you two would get tired of havin' clean hands, and be back to get some mud an' blood under your fingernails."

His voice, as always, sounds like a chisel with a silk ribbon wrapped about it. He's too big by far for how quiet he is, and he might once have been handsome, were it not for the long scar bisecting his face, and his missing ears and tip from his nose.

You are suddenly, uncomfortably, aware of no less than three bows and two wands (that you know about) being trained on you from various angles and directions...

2013-03-15, 12:19 AM

Taalkar's eyes light up and he smiles broadly, despite the mortal threats around him. Quickblade, you old toothless son of a bugbear. I would have thought by now that someone would have finished splitting your head open, he gestures at the scar across Quickblade's face.

Pausing he rubs his chin thoughtfully, Actually, I like the new marks. Gives ya character.

2013-03-15, 01:07 AM
"Well, you know how it is...we damn sure wouldn't be back in this area without a good reason"

Looking around at the pointed weapons surrounding them "Is this really unnecessary ? We came to ya for a favor, we've gotten word to Deep Mote but there's got to be something else we can do to figure out what these things are"

Just got back from scouting Beluvah, you've seen some terrible things...but they're creating monsters down there. Whole city's been overrun by them, We got sent down to see the situation since the Citadel fell to the Horde ah hell man, a lots happened in the last few weeks."

Stretching out a bit he reaches into his pack for that old fungus-y head. "Was kinda hoping some of them smart folks you keep around would be able to tell what the hell they're doing to these goblins.
I've sent Sid to Deep Mote with details about their numbers...so at least the Dwarves'll be ready. But Beluvah's about to become a battleground as the Horde finds their way there...if they haven't already"

"But that's enough important crap....what the hell happened to your face you've added a few more scars ! Lets get some ale and swap some stories, we'll fill you in on all the exciting stuff happening down south"

Mr. X
2013-03-15, 02:14 AM
Quickblade gives a nod, and the bowmen lower their weapons.

"Well, ya know how it is, gotta be careful around these parts. As fer this," he runs his finger along the scar on his face. "One of the slaves gave it to me. Young lass didn't appreciate me sneakin' into her bedchamber, even if I was just there to take her collar off... Heh, she was sleepin' with a filleting knife, and got me good. I learned a good lesson with her, that's for sure. As fer the rest, I figured I told you that story before, but must not have... My mother took my ears an' nose when I was just a lad, tryin' to make me less valuable. Right she was too."

He chuckles, eyeing Taalkar's scarred chin and Karazi's acid burn, "Look's though you two've 'built some character' too, ha!" he laughs, "But ya can tell me all about it when we get back to camp. I got to tell you, We don't get much news up here that isn't either local, or gathered intel for what we're doin'. I heard there'd been some disaster in Beluvah, and its a damn shame. It was outta my reach though, so I just keep movin' on... I 'aven't heard anything of Citadel recently, so anything you've got there is news to me, so you'll need to tell me all about it."

When you show him the goblin's head, he grimaces. "Gods, ain't that a sight... Guess we can't at least be a little thankful for the cold keepin' it fresh. Still, Leave it outside camp. Last thing I need is some bit of festering flesh bringing a disease into the camp. My healer's got more work than he can deal with already... Alyss might be able to make something of it though. At a glance, I'd say it's inbred. It happens a fair bit in Black Harbor, and you can tell as the bone structure gets all screwed up."

You travel for the rest of the day on a twisting and circuitous route, and only reach Quickblade's camp as the sun sets.

The smell of smoke and cooking meats curles up your noses, and for the first time since you were ambushed by the goblins, you look forwards to warmth and a cooked meal.

.. Alyss... The Witch...

There was an unpleasant memory.

You could never quite put your finger on what is was about the woman that always left you so unnerved... Maybe it was the way she always seemed to look right at you, even though she didn't have any eyes. Her empty sockets always following you around... Maybe it was the way she smelled... Of herbs and earth, and other things that should be pleasant, but leave you suspecting they're only there to cover something foul...

... Or maybe you're just crazy... Your time in Black Harbor was anything but pleasant, and that unsettling sense of déjà vu you got whenever you saw her was probably nothing...

2013-03-17, 08:55 AM
Coming up on their camp he sets the head on a stump just outside he heads inside and finally enjoys a little food and rest, might as well try and enjoy it now cause it sounds like they'll be headed to the witch tomorrow...lovely.

Turning to Taalkar after dinner "I'm beginning to wonder about this...Maybe we should have just brought the head to Ironjaw. We're definitely not staying up here longer than we absolutely need to...my neck is already itching."

"At least we can get a decents nights sleep for a change...before we have to go and see...Her"

2013-03-17, 11:52 PM
Taalkar's stomache rumbles at the mention of food.

I could use a warm meal for sure, he pats his stomach for emphasis.

This Alyss is the first real lead we've 'ad. Might as well see what he has to say before deciding where to go next.

Mr. X
2013-03-20, 02:58 AM
Inside his tent, Quickblade serves you up cuts of spitted rabbit, and mugs of Black Harbor ale.

"Enjoy this while you can, we won't be seeing many more meals like this with winter coming on." he slices a chunk off his own chunk of meat, before continuing. "Business in Black Harbor is booming though. I've heard that since the disaster at Beluvah, most of the refugees that fled Northwards have been rounded up and sold off... It was like open-season for the raiders. Just in time too, it would appear. Apparently there's a new buyer in the market who's picking up all the slack. Slave values have increased eight fold in the last month, particularly in the 'un-skilled laborers' section... Gods only know what they're doin' with them."

He takes a swig of ale,
"Funny thing is, no one seems to know who the buyers are. The Gnomes over on the isles have always ultimately controlled the market, with Bastion and Great Gate pulling up close seconds. From what I can gather, the new bump is all small 'individual' purchases, but the impact on the market is too great and two obvious to be just that... I'm betting that a new city has opened it's gates to slavery, and opened them wide."

He rubs his scar,
"It's makin' my job a damn sight harder too. Slaves fetching higher prices means more security for me to deal with tryin' to get them out... An' the slavers've got men and magic to spare, while I've got little and less o' both. Frankly, you two couldn't'av arrived at a better time. I'm plannin' a raid on a shipment going out in the next few days from Fool's Harbor, and I could use an extra couple pairs o' hands."

He sits back
"But enough of my problems, tell me about this head of yours, and what in the Hells happened to Citadel?

2013-03-22, 12:31 AM
Knawing on a bone for a bit as he ponders the news. "Well it started out a normal bit of garrison work...Citadel needed a few extra hands. I swear when we got there it was already looking pretty bad. the Way was already lost to the enemy...seems the messengers hadn't been getting through at all.

So there we were standing on the wall, watching a sea of barbarians coming at us and a few moments before the siege towers hit the wall, Taalkar JUMPS ONTO the damned thing. Just about shocked me senseless.

Things went bad quick, seems they were dead set on getting to Beluvah and we weren't going to stop them...no infighting or anything, just a solid mass of barbarians as far as the eye could see.

Tossing the last of his bone into the fire... I suppose we could give you a hand on this raid, if you can get that Head to the Witch. I've a feeling that might be some clue to what's going on in Beluvah right now...and you can bet they're the ones buying up all the slave stock nowadays. I saw alchemical pits where folks were thrown in and they were coming out.... different, something entirely unnatural it seemed to me"

Mr. X
2013-03-25, 02:27 AM
Quickblade laughs at Taalkar's leap onto the tower,

"Ha! I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen how you layed into that guard when I got your collar de-activated, using what? A pair of tongs? Ha!" he says to Taalkar.

"I will appreciate Havin' you both around for the raid though. We'll talk to Alyss in the morning, before we set out. I'm sure she'll get you whatever you need, or at least whatever's left to be had."


You while away the rest of the evening, catching up on current situations, and reminiscing the old times, before Quickblade eventually shows you to a tent and provides you with a pair of bear fur blankets.

The fire crackles away, and for the first time since you left Citadel, you sleep warm and without worry.

If there are any actions you'd like to take either before you sleep or early in the morning, feel free to take them.

Mr. X
2013-03-26, 04:37 PM
Rising early the next morning, you find the ground covered in fresh, heavy snow.

As the camp comes to life, you break your fast on boiled eggs and dried meats, before Quickblade comes around to take you to Alyss.

Leaving the camp to retrieve your severed head, he takes you in a wide circle around to reach Alyss' tent on the far side, where it sits a bit apart from the rest. As you approach, you smell the scents of burning incense, sage, and thyme.

Dried animal bones are scattered about the ground, and hang in strings from her tent posts and from branches of the surrounding trees.

Even before you are quite there, her head appears from between the tent flaps, her empty eye sockets boring into you like a hot poker into ice... Perhaps one of the most disturbing things about her is how beautiful she would be, were she not so horribly disfigured.

Elven, her elongated ears protrude from her matted black hair, and her fine bone structure hints of almost otherworldly grace and beauty... So much worse it is then, to see her hobble forth from her tent, feeling blindly before her with a crude cane, and limping grotesquely on a badly clubbed foot.

She speaks poorly, with that odd accent of those born into slavery in Black Harbor.

"Je be seein' me earli Quicke, ye brought 'em dij ya?" she says, tilting her head oddly at you, "Spirits say a pair o' stones be payin' a visit, wat ya be wantin'?"

2013-03-27, 11:48 PM
Obviously uncomfortable even being here Karazi quickly digs into his pack. having fetched it from where he had it stashed earler in the morning. Pulling out the severed Goblin head covered in fungus.

"Came across this fine specimen of what's been coming out of Beluvah recently...Was hoping you might have some insight as to what they're doing. I managed to see them throwing folks into giant alchemical vats ...coming out looking like this, or worse"

Mr. X
2013-03-28, 09:10 PM
Alyss reaches out a groping hand, and you hand her the head.

She takes a moment, tracing her fingers over its features as one might a child or a lover, before speaking back to you.

"Aye, odd 'e is..."

She opens the thing's and sniffs sharply, before feeling around its pointed teeth...

"... Likes to eat 'is own kind, 'e did... But no' jus' 'em, all else as well...

I can speak with 'im if'n ye like, if ye think 'e knows some' as ye might be needin'. Take a good while tho'. Ye welcome te stay if ye like, but ye mind her manners... Spirits dinnae like an arse any more'n any'on else."

She tilts her head towards Quickblade,

"If'n ye're in a hurry, Quicke, 'ay kin tell me their questions, an' I'll 'ave 'ere answers in a bit."

Quickblade shrugs, looking at you,

"My scout hasn't brought word of the schedule yet. We'll need to leave promptly when she does, but we'v nothin' to do 'till then."

2013-03-30, 09:39 PM
Pondering silently for a few minutes before eventually coming up with a few lines of query.Well lets see, I honestly hadn't expected such a thing, at least not after having his head cleaved off, But lets make the most of it. Ask the creature who commands at Beluvah, what his orders were and what if anything was done to him there."

"As for waiting...I'd rather just come back later and see what you've come up with...Ma'am. Appreciate your time we do...but I'm sure there's something that needs doing before this raid for us"

2013-04-03, 10:20 PM
Taalkar, as always, was only half listening to the witch and he couldn't really understand that half anyway. He continues poking around the odds and ends in the shop careful not to touch anything. Magic was more of his brother's specialty, anyway.

Sensing the end of the conversation and the potential for battle he pipes in, Don't forget to ask about the stuff growing on him. It was covering the hills outside of Beluvah and he seems to be made out of it.

Now if we could get out of this stinkin' place, he colors slightly in embarrasment at his potential insult, I meant no disrespect, ma'am, I just yearn for combat.

Mr. X
2013-04-04, 11:55 PM
The witch sniffs at you, before turning and hobbling back to her tent, whispering and crooning to the head like a mother to her infant child...

Quickblade chuckles as you wander away from Alyss' tent,

"Heh, no offense taken. I can't even get the slaves to stick around any longer than they have to... Not that I'd want most of 'em anyway, hah!"

Back in the camp, he leads you to the short line of horses, and begins saddling up three of them, and adjusting their stirrups to fit your shorter hights.

"'Figure we should get on the road. It's a fair long way to Fools Harbor, an' we might as well get an early start. I've got a safe house in town where we can camp out, and Lori (my eyes an' ears) always stops by te see if I'm there.

We'll be traveling light... I know you two can handle yourselves, so I'm sending my other guys to start setting up another thing I've been planning in Silver Lake, so it'll be just you two an' me. 'Should be fine, 'long as we're careful."

He turns to Karazi,

"Though if you got any tricks that can break or dispel magics, I'd get'em ready, probably want as many as you can manage... I got a wand here 'at can do it, but it's mostly spent... 'Got one, maybe two shot's left. Gods willing, we won't be needin' more'n that.

The trick with these shipments is finding the driver... See, all the slaves are collared, and their owners've got these magical bits that let them exert dominance over those wearing the collars they're attuned to (Sometimes it's like a rod or a wand, sometimes its a headband, hell, I saw one once that was an ebony phallis... It takes all kinds).

Now when they're makin' big shipments, the stock are usually goin' to some local dealer somewhere else, and so are all tuned in to the same rod that is to be delivered along with them... We get the rod, we control the slaves... We get seen before we get the rod, we'll end up fighting the people we're tryin' te save.

Now the driver's won't be too hard to spot, they'll be the one's looking like normal folk (as far as the term can be applied, at least), but what's tricky is getting the one with the rod... Shipments usually have three or four drivers, dependin' on the size, so as they can take shifts keepin' an eye on the stock an' makin' sure they don't get outta line. There shouldn't be more'n one rod for the size o' shipment we're hitting.

The guards are a stickier situation... They'll all be slaves too, but as they're not bein' traded, the 'big man in charge' will be the one holding their rod, and he won't be anywhere nearby. They'll be under orders to protect the shipment with their lives, and most are bought off the arenas, and so are garanteed to be solid in a fight. How many there'll be depends on the size and value of the shipment, so I can't really say. Gods willing, Lori will have that figured for us... With luck, she may have the name of the 'man in charge'. If he's a small enough fish, we may nail him directly, and free a bunch 'o fighters as well. Ha!"

He buckles down the last saddle strap as he finishes, and then tosses each of you a sack of dried foods for the journey.

"Any questions?'

2013-04-05, 12:13 AM
Dispels Magic? Taalkar scratches his head with one fat finger seemingly deep in thought.

I can break armor, sever limbs, remove moles, and even cut hair... but magics is my brothers specialty Taalkar gets the strange notion that this is not the first time he has mentioned this today.

Let's do this like the good ol' days. not seeing any recognition in either of their faces he continues You point and yell, "CLOBBER 'EM" and i'll bash em good. Till then, where's the ale.

He nods in self-satisfaction. His role in this campaign firmly settled.

Mr. X
2013-04-05, 12:22 AM
Quickblade laughs,

HA! Gods I've missed having you two around. I often get caught up in the schemes, and noone around here ever just tells me to shut up and give them orders. Hah!

2013-04-05, 12:16 PM
Clapping Taalkar on the shoulder roughly, "Now that's a idea I can get behind !"

Turning to Quickblade he asks "Do we know how many Slaves are likely to be in the shipment overall, and how they'll be travelling ?

Will the drivers and guards be mounted or riding coaches ?"

"As for dispelling some of their magics...that might be a bit difficult, I'll see if I can work something out to destroy some magical items."

Mr. X
2013-04-05, 04:17 PM
"I'm expecting somewhere around a hundred slaves, which means twenty or thirty guards, and four or five drivers. More 'an we can handle on the best of days, which is why getting the rod is gonna be so important. See, the trick with the guards is that, as they're gonna be under orders to protect the slaves, they won't fight them. Most slaves, when they've got their own minds, find a way to tuck away a shiv or a fork or something pointy. So if we can get the rod an' order 'em to attack the guards, we should be able to put 'em down in short order.

Now with that many bodies, we're gonna need to split up to get 'em out 'o town. Lori's been watching the patrol routes, so when we get there, she should have the clear paths scoped out."

He rubs his scar,

"Now here's the bad part... A bunch o' slaves ain't worth dyin' or gettin' caught for. If somethin' goes wrong, if ye' run into a patrol, or whatever, ditch them and get out. They're more valuable alive than dead, so they won't be put through anything worse than they were slated for anyway."

2013-04-06, 04:34 AM
Thoughtfully tugging at his beard for a moment. "That's alot of bodies to sneak off with, I do hope we can manage it okay. I've got a few ideas brewing on how to tackle getting the controller away from the drivers....but damn it would be nice to just turn the guards on them wouldn't it, heh"

"Lets get a move on then, Maybe Lori came up with something there"

2013-04-06, 04:41 AM
As they start to travel Karazi thinks up a few more questions..

"So do we know anything about the location they're holding these Slaves at ? or will we try and hit them while they're moving ?"

Mr. X
2013-04-08, 02:11 AM
Quickblade nods,

"Indeed, it would be nicer to have the guards' blades on our side, so we'll hope for the best in that angle.

We'll probably have to hit them while moving. The professional stock houses are usually rented space that often hold the stock of several different owners. Security would be extremely tight, and the guards would be under much better control (I'd expect at least four or five rods governing them, so groups could quickly be given several different tasks).

... That is, if the group we're after is being held in a professional stock house. Some traders keep their own 'stables', in which case, if we can bag the owner, we'll get the stable too... There's a wide gap in those types of owners though... Being that they're either so fabulously wealthy that they can maintain their own stock facility, or else, they're poor enough that they can't afford to rent space in a professional stock house... Either way, we'll need to see what Lori's learned before we can plan much further."

You guys are riding as you talk. It will take the rest of the day, and part of the next, to get to Fool's Harbor.

Keep talking if you've got more to say, or questions to ask, and if you've got any actions you want to take before you get to town, take them.

If you've got nothing else to do, just let me know in the OOC, and I'll start the next scene.

Mr. X
2013-04-10, 02:07 AM
Through hills, forrests, and gullies, you make your way to the slaver town...

Fool's Harbor was so named for being a bad place to try to harbor a ship. A smooth beach, and a bend in the shorline that provided some shelter, made the spot a tempting layaway for long journies up and down the coast... Unfortuantely, the tidal shift off the Gnomish Isles causes the tides to sweep in when they rise, and rip out when they fall... They say hundreds of ships have been lost about these parts, either driven ashore, or swept uncontrolled out to sea.

That is all ancient history, however. Now, a long line of piled stones stretches out and around the harbor, breaking the tides, and providing excellent shelter to the ships and docks within. These days the city is a common stopping point for all trade going up and down the cost, and has thrived for it.

As you come into town, you note that for all the stigma you might apply to it for being a slave city, there is very little that might immediately distinguish it from any other port town. The streets are well cobbled and fairly clean, the markets bustle with all maner of trade (from exotic spices and jewelry, to basic food stuffs and sundries), and regular (at you might add, well mannered) guard patrols keep the streets safe. True, many of the market goers are collared, as are many of the shopkeepers, but the obvious lifestyle seems little altered for it.

Quickblade leads you through the back streets, into a darker and quieter area of town, and to a moderately tall building. Tying your horses in the small stable outside, he produces a key, an takes you into the building, and up to an apartment on the third floor.

The apartment is of medial quality, and does not possess much in the way of furnishings. However, a few wide windows and a corner balcony offer routes of escape over the rooftops, should such a need arise.

Quickblade tosses his pack into a corner, and produces bottle of ale from within, taking a swig, and passing it to Taalkar.

"... Well, now we wait."

More to come tomorrow. Take actions if you've got them.

2013-04-10, 08:13 AM
You'd be amazed how much waitin' we seem to do lately. I've come to find out there are all sorts of waitin'.

He takes a hard pull from the bottle. Eying the container, he continues, "This kind is called 'Waitin with style'." He hands the bottle to his brother.

2013-04-10, 11:14 PM
Taking a few pulls from the bottle before eventually tossing it back to Quickblade.

"At least it's quiet for now, get to relax for awhile first"

Moving out the the balcony he finds a comfortable spot he can watch some of the comings and goings while waiting.

Mr. X
2013-04-11, 02:24 AM
"Aye, that it is... An' it's not like to stay that way, heh." Quickblade replies.


You pass three hours, twiddling your thumbs, before a quiet knocking raps the door.

Staying quiet, Quickblade nods, before getting up and opening the door.

"Oy, Lori, come in. You have any trouble?"

The voice that answers him is high pitched, and childish,

"Naw, Mr. Sammel sir, no one ever bothers me."

The girl he brings in is, if you had to guess, perhaps six or seven years old, with thick, ratty, black hair, a pretty face, and a black eye. An iron slave collar hangs about her neck, and under her hair, you can see the scars where the tops of her ears have been cut off.

She digs in her shirt and produces a rolled paper.

"The dock boys say the ship'll sail tonight if'n the sky's clear, but if they cannae see the stars, they'll wait fer mornin'. I played at the owner's house too. His son's nice, but 'e's slaves don't look like they like 'im. He don't keep too many house guards, but they say 'e's in good wit the watch, so if'n 'is bell rings, they'll come runnin'."

A little slow going on this one, I'm afraid. I'll have maps up tomorrow. Feel free to comment or ask questions, both IC and OOC.

2013-04-11, 08:28 PM
Turning to the pair "So would any of those guards leave the house to assist the shipment, or are they strictly home protection for him."

"Would they even be on the same control as the shipments guards ? I do wonder if we could cause some sort of distraction for the Watch and hit him at home...take out the whole operation from the top, guards and all."

Mr. X
2013-04-12, 01:38 AM
"I dinnae think the house guards're gonna leave... I been watchin' Mr. Jamish for a little while, an' he mostly jes deals direct from a stockhouse. 'E's escort guards, I'm pretty sure, is rentals too." the little girl replies.

She unrolls her paper, revealing a crudely scribbled layout of Mr. Jamish's(the owner's) house.

"I didn't get ta go upstairs, me an' the boy Kes, we jus' played in the garden. 'E's house is three floors high tho', an nice built too. Lots o' stone an' statues an such. Like I sayed, there's ain't too many guards, but I think 'e's got a bit o' magic on the place too... Made my teeth itch, so figure that as ye like. Only other bit is 'at the watch-house is just at the end o' the street, so like I said, if'n they come runnin', they won have far te go."

The Map:


2013-04-13, 08:58 PM
I remember this badger once. Chased him into a hole and couldn't get at 'em. Lil snarling bastard nearly took my thumb off trying to get em out. Taalkar glances at his thumb to reassure himself it's still there.

With a nod of satisfaction he continues, So I played possum. That's assuming the possum had a trusty longaxe anyway. I crouched over that lil hole and waited.

Taalkar is really getting involved in the story telling at this point and leaps on his chair holding his longaxe high above his head seeming ready to chop an invisible badger should it come out from between the legs of his chair. Most disturbingly though is the wicked grin and evil glint in his eye.

I waited for nearly half a day til WHAM he flops heavily in the chair bastard finally took one sniff and lost his head for the pleasure. Taalkar looks very pleased with himself having told the story with such Gusto. He takes a long pull from the flask and waits for the others to understand his wisdom.

2013-04-13, 09:02 PM
Chuckling over his brothers antics "I believe what my esteemed brother is trying to say...Perhaps we can take him on his way to check the Storehouse.

Would he check on it if the shipment were delayed due to weather ? or perhaps we cause some sort of minor hassle to summon him away"

Mr. X
2013-04-13, 09:33 PM
Quickblade rubs his chin,

"Hmm... Hard to say... If the weather was bad early on, he'd get word, and the shipment wouldn't even leave the stockhouse, and under its guard, he'd have no reason to worry. But... If'n the ship unexpectedly proved un-seaworthy, that might call for his attention... Especially if the shipment had already left the stockhouse by the time he got word..."

2013-04-13, 11:10 PM
"Well then, perhaps a well timed water elemental let loose by the ship at dock."

"If you could keep an eye for when the shipment is starting to move out, my brother and I could head to the docks just ahead of them and cause a little havoc right quick."

Immediately afterwards we head to an alleyway between Jamish's home and his Storehouse, as he rushes there we take him out.

We pass the rod over to Quickblade and he moves to intercept the Slaves...probably on their way back to the Storehouse at that point and he takes the Shipment with no problems whatsoever"

Mr. X
2013-04-13, 11:33 PM
Quickblade nods slowly, a smile spreading across his face.

"... I like it. Only problem is comunication... How can I tell you that the shipment is leaving?

Now if you're saddled up and ready to move, with me at the stockhouse, I can give you the go ahead, and if you ride hard, you should reach the docks five or ten minutes ahead of them... But they'll likely reach the ship before word gets back to Jamish... That's not a big problem unto itself though, if you can damage the ship enough for it to require lengthy repairs before it sails..."

He unrolls a map of the city.

"Jamish's house is here on Acre Street..."

He traces a path through the city to the docks,

"An' this is the route he'll probably take, as it's the fastest... Ten minutes at a hard ride, if nothin' slows you... If I meet you back here..."

He indicates a mid point on the path,

"We might stop him an' his escort (there'll be one, probably two or three guys), an' get his rod there. We'll probably need to toast the messenger too, but once that's done, there's no reason 'he' couldn't recall the shipment through the rod, an we could hit them on their way back."

He glances at Lori,

"Strange to say, we should try to keep 'im alive... His son Kes is what, six? Jamish may not be the finest o' folks, but there ain't no kid as deserves to be orphaned at that age."

2013-04-14, 12:02 AM
Nodding in agreement "I've got nothing to improve our communications...but with some decent riding we can manage."

"Then lets go with this then, it seems like we've got a decent chance of pulling this off with what we've got."

"Aye, I don't see any reason to end the man if he's reasonable about the matter...but I wont be giving the scum many chances either"

Slapping Taalkar on the shoulder "Action soon enough brother...soon Enough. I guess we should head out as soon as it gets dark, it wouldn't do for us to miss this chance because the Drivers decided to try and load up early"

Mr. X
2013-04-14, 12:15 AM
Lori nods, and leans over the city map.

"The stockhouse 'e uses is 'ere, an' they'll prolly go this way."

She says, tracing a line on the map.

It's only a little after noon now, so you've got a bit of downtime before go time, if there's anything you'd like to do in the mean time.

The market place is open and available, if there's stuff you need, and the apartment is plenty big enough for crafting if there's anything you need to do.

Take any actions you need.

2013-04-15, 08:50 PM
Nodding to himself a bit "Gonna pop over to the Market while ya'll finalize the plan here...got a few things to pick up to make this a little easier. Be back in plenty of time"

Heading out to the Market and enjoying a nice leisurely walk around after picking up the scrolls he was after, as the sun starts to drop a bit he heads back....can't keep them waiting after all.

Mr. X
2013-04-16, 01:33 AM
As the sun sets over the coastal town, you and Quickblade saddle up and make your way to the seafront district, and to the stockhouse where Mr. Jamish has procured his 'storage'.

Hidden in an alley behind a neighboring warehouse, Quickblade scales to the roof, as you hunker in to wait...

... Two hours pass...

You are almost nodding off when you suddenly hear a low whistle coming from Quickblade off the rooftop.

It's time.

Please make your ride checks.

2013-04-16, 05:12 PM
Looking over at his brother and giving a quick nod he uses the scrolls he bought just for this circumstance and heads out for the Transport ship.

Untrained Ride

2013-04-16, 11:35 PM
Horses... why does it always have to be horses

Ride (untrained) [roll0]

Mr. X
2013-04-17, 01:38 AM
At Karazi's words, the minor enchantments drizzle off their scrolls and into the heads of the animals that bear you... At a touch of your heals the animals leap into action, careening down the allyways at break neck speeds, hooves thundering on the cobblestones, as you strain to beat the foot-bound procession to the waiting ship at the docks...

Whether because of some innate kinship with the beast, or perhaps due to him being the one who bestowed the enchantment, Karazi, leaning forward in his shortened stirrups and squeezing the creature firmly with his knees, sails forth with his steed as though he was born in the saddle.

It is well shown that twins are hardly alike in all ways, for as his horse lurches forward, Taalkar tips backward with a blank and mystified look in his eye, as if in that moment, all the heavens had turned against him...

But the warrior in him is not there simply for the smashing of skulls alone...

... In the moment when it seems all is lost, the long pole-axe appears in his hand, and he lashes out, hooking, by some miracle, the saddle horn with the beard of his axe, and yanking himself forwards.

It is still some little time before he regains a 'comfortable' seat upon his noble steed, but he manages.

Now in the dead of night, the streets are all but empty, save for the occasional guard patrol which you evade with ease... The docks, on the other hand, perhaps do not bustle with activity, but are still clearly active, as numerous ships prepare to set sail on the tide.

The ship you want is slipped right in amidst the rest too. An eighty foot bireme galley with the name 'The Willing Spirit' painted clearly upon its bow.

It appears that only the upper deck is situated for oarsmen, however. The lower deck, you would presume, is being used as the cargo hold.

The oarsmen are already chained in place, perhaps sixty of them, and two guards stand at the gang-plank, while eight more hold stations about the top deck.

The captian is probably in there somewhere too, but you can't see him.

This ships on the two neighboring docks are similarly outfitted cargo vessles, one named 'The Vison' (to the North of 'The Willing Spirit'), and the other named 'Chronicle' (to the south).

Due to the size of the ships in the cramped docking spaces, a smaller, sleeker, ten oar galley sits floating nearby in the open waters of the harbor to tow the larger ships away from the docks to where their longer oars may be brought to bear.

It's your move.

2013-04-19, 12:26 AM
Staying on his horse he finds a somewhat out of the way section of the dock, attempting not to be seen as he tries to summon the elemental on the 'Spirit.

A few moments later a small form gathers together from the nearby dust in a miniature cloud, as soon as it finishes taking shape it quickly bursts into a flaming fire elemental.

Immediately knowing what it was intended for, it starts attempting to spread fire everywhere on the ship...catching rope on fire as it passes.

After making a pass on the 'Spirit he heads for the dock, leaving a little trail of fire as he runs along....trying to catch piles of rope and debris on the dock is the last of his mission.

Mr. X
2013-04-20, 02:44 AM
Sitting high upon his horse, Karazi mutters the incantations and makes the short, erratic gestures that the prayers demand to compel and bind the elemental spirit to this plane, and to his will...

Amidships aboard the 'Spirit, the creature ignites into existance... A curling, twisting flame... Small, little larger than a campfire, it goes unnoticed at first, as it slinks and curls towards a coil of rope at the base of the galley's mast...

... Cured by the salt spray, and then dried hard in the sun, the rope goes up in flames as though it was kindling.

A wailing cacophony rises up from the oarsmen as they shy from the flames, but chained as they are, have no means of escaping them... The spirit is lost in the conflagration for a moment, as guards rush about madly and inefficiently, seeking buckets to toss overboard and draw water, when, fast as an arrow, the flames streak up the halyard and bury themselves into the reefed sail...

In moments, the sail and mast are a raging inferno, illuminating the whole of the harbor in a dull red glow... The deck itself, beneath the mast, is alight now as well, and the fire is spreading quickly in all directions across the ship... The air now fills with screams as the nearest oarsmen are burnt alive in the growing sea of flames. The guards scramble madly now with keys and chains, their water buckets forgotten, as they try to free the pinned oarsmen before they are burned, and dockhands are swarming in from all around laden with buckets of water...

... Engulfed in the blazing inferno, the spirit is all but invisible... A slight darker patch amidst the roaring flames, squirming and wriggling as it moves, caught up in the flames like a snake or a salamander.

The ship now well ablaze, it moves on its second task, leaping in a glowing arc from the ships top deck down to the dock, where its mere presence ignites the heavy, salt dried planks of the pier...

But the dockworkers are there, and before the fire can get fully going, the first bucket of water hits it...

Through his telepathic link with the creature, Karazi feels the spirit's wild glee turn to strickened panic...

Back down the dock it flees, trailing a line of fire, but away from it's flames it is now clearly visible, and it is cornered... Water surrounds it on all sides, it's only escape covered by men with buckets laden with the vile element...

Hissing in dispair like a frightened cat, with no place left to fly, it fights... Lunging forwards at the dockworkers, only to catch gallons of water squarely in its face...

With a meweling shriek in his head, Karazi feels his telepathic link break, the spirit's essence undone and destroyed...


The fire abord the 'Spirit now rages out of control, though the guards have managed to release most of the oarsmen... Many of whom jumped overboard, and are being fished out by the tow boat, or have swum ashore...

The dockworkers were clearly shaken by their encounter with the obviously supernatural beast, but have now formed up a bucket train, and are keeping the fires from spreading... The 'Spirit almost certainly will be lost or damaged beyond repair.

Guards and crews on the two neighboring ships have managed to prevent the fires from spreading to their ships.

It took the elemental a little less than two minutes to cause all the damage it did before it was killed.

Feel free to take actions.

One might also mention, that while Karazi was so valiantly unwilling to risk the lives of the chained slaves to accomplish his goal, he clearly had no issue with wrenching a spirit from its home plane, binding it to his will, and then sending it to it's death... (This comment implies no game effects, just something for you to stew on }:-])

2013-04-21, 12:21 AM
Watching the fire start to really get roaring on the 'Spirit, watching the slaves flounder in the water for a bit. At least they're getting out and not chained to a sinking ship.

Deciding to wait a bit, to make sure the plan proceeds smoothly. They move down the dock somewhat away from the blaze. Keeping an eye on the dock they wait to see either a Messenger leaving to inform Jamish or the shipment turning around.

While they wait he ponders for a bit the incredibly short life of that little elemental....I guess he did what he was truly meant to do at least. Hell of a way to die though.

Ride check for the way to the intercept point, just in case

Mr. X
2013-04-29, 07:53 PM
Over the next few minutes, crowds of people surge around the blazing hulk of the 'Spirit. Dockworkers, sailors, and the common folk who live near enough to hear the commotion... The fire brigade and Guard are not far behind.

Many people, whether on-lookers or messengers it's impossible to tell, come and go in all directions. If a messenger was going to run to Jamish, he's gone by now.

A few moments later you see the shipment coming around the corner. A column of about a hundred slaves, collared and shackled at the wrists, walking three abreast with six drivers on horseback, and thirty lightly armored guard-slaves, herding them along.

They pull up a ways short of the burning ship and the crowd surrounding it, and stand, the drivers piling togather to mull the situation over.

2013-04-30, 08:34 PM
Taalkar shakes his head in mild surprise at how much damage a little finger waggling caused.

I'm glad your on my side brother, indeed he had been glad of that fact ever since he got in a fight with his brother when they were young. Taalkar had been relentlessly teasing his brother about his brothers lack of a beard. Taalkar had an unusually thick and curly beard for a dwarf his age. in a rare show of impulsiveness, Karazi set his beard on fire with a little flick of his finger. Since then Taalkar left his brother alone about his beard but he still distrusted 'finger waggling.'

He chuckles to himself while looking over the flames, Here I thought fire was my thing

With that he turns his horse, Come on brother, we have a meeting to get to Spurring his horse on he heads to the intercept spot.

Mr. X
2013-05-03, 06:57 AM
Turning your horses' heads away from the blazing ship and mulling crowds, you hurry of into the night.

The rendezvous point is on a side street off the main drag of the daily fish market... Usually crowded with the throngs of market goers, at this hour the street is empty, and silent as the grave.

Pulling to a halt at the appointed location, the stillness of the scene is almost unnerving... You spend several minutes cooling your heals, your horses' breath visible as they snort and stamp in the frigid air, and for a moment you wonder whether or not you're actually in the right place. Then, off in the distance, you gradually become aware of the sound of approaching hoof beats.

A lone rider, riding full tilt down the narrow alley, all but skids to a halt as he pulls his horse up violently before you.

"Oy! On yer guard!". Quickblade's voice hisses out. "They're only a few seconds behind me, damn bastard rides well."

He glances down the main street, where already the sound of thundering hoofbeats can be heard echoing off the surrounding buildings.

"He's got four guys with 'im, an' he's got the got the rod. I saw it, now, quick and quiet eh? Move!"

Please roll initiative.

You've got two rounds to set up your ambush before Jamish's group blazes past you.

The Main Street is about thirty feet wide, though there are a fair number of stands, signs, and other obsticals that protrude from the sidewalks towards the center of the street.

It's your move.

2013-05-04, 01:00 AM
Karazi looking out over the road tries to figure something out in the short time they have, ducking behind a stall he starts casting a few spells...gesturing to the others to hide.

A few motions at Taalkar and he's much lighter on his feet all the sudden, a few more and all 3 of them start blending into the environs very quickly.

Castin jump on Taalkar for +20 on his jumpcheck, and then mass camo on all of us, giving +10 hide.

and hiding of course
So hide roll [roll0] (already figuring in the camo)

2013-05-04, 10:21 PM
Taalkars teeth itch a bit as his brother casts the enchantments. He crouches low to the ground somewhat behind a cart, waiting. He creates a picture in his minds of the street. He pictures the riders charging down the alley, see himself spring and chop the horse, the horse falling, the rider falling. He plays it through in his mind over and over.

Ready, he crouches and waits for the riders to approach.


Readying an action to chop the horse out from the under the rider. I will charge and use leap attack along with shock trooper. I am trying to basically one-shot the horse without hurting the rider.

2013-05-04, 10:23 PM
hide check part deux:[roll0]

2013-05-04, 10:38 PM
Karazi waits quietly as he hears the thundering horses, seeing Taalkar ready to spring he gets ready to make a mess of the remaining horses.

So he's waiting to cast Vine Mine Impeding Stones in the presumed surprise round. Centering it somewhere down the road somewhat, with a 40ft radius spread. Having the near edge only 15ft from Taalkar's intercept point.

Sorry this is kinda tough to describe, just work it in however ya can. Basicly I want to stop/trip the horses while they're still going full tilt. but not leave us in the area of effect. Spell is in Cityscape Page 66.

Mr. X
2013-05-06, 12:55 AM
In less than a minute, the riders are upon you, thundering down the cobbled street at a full tilt.

They ride in a staggered double-line formation, but given your angle of vision from your hiding places, and the speed at which they're riding, it is difficult to discern one from another, and only the first rider is clearly visible...

Now dismounted, your ambush requires split second accuracy to succeed, or they will be gone before they even realize they were to be hit...

Taalkar, make your attack... But read the OOC post I am about to make before you do.

2013-05-06, 11:51 PM
His anger seethes as the sounds of hoof beats begin to fill the narrow street with a kind of echoing thunder. He feeds the fire of his anger. These are the slavers. The ones that put a collar on him. The ones that wanted to keep him. His rage lit into a fiery furnace threatening to burn him from the inside.

Taalkar eyes the quickly approaching riders. They must know someone might try this are they wouldn't be moving so quickly. The flickering torches in the darkened street cast strange shadows that trick his eyes. By the time he can make out which rider is the leader, his chance will have been gone. He aims for the only thing he can make out clearly, the first horse. He grips his axe and leaps towards the charging steed with a might roar and heave of his heavy blade.

Here goes nothing. YOLO!
Punishing Stance: +1d6 damage -2 AC
Manuevers: Iron Heart Surge, Claw at the Moon, Mountain Hammer, Steel Wind

HP:62 AC:17

Charging Leap Attack with Power Attack (6) but shifted to my AC with Shock Trooper Feat.

Jump Check (DC20) [roll0]
The math: 1d12+6(PA +6)(Leap Attack+12)(Stance +1d6)


2013-05-06, 11:52 PM
Reroll on the 1d6 (derp) [roll0]

Mr. X
2013-05-07, 01:34 AM
Taalkar's axeblade sings as with two quick steps he takes to the air, smashing into the horse with such force that the poor beast is driven to the ground, all but decapitated, and its rider is sent flying out of his saddle, and smashing into a closed vegetable stand.

The horse of the second rider shrieks and veers away, but doesn't slow, and you catch a glimps of an embroidered doublet, rather than a guard's boiled leather jerkin, as he passes...

Reflex Saves:

Rider 2: [roll0]
Rider 3: [roll1]
Rider 4: [roll2]
Rider 5: [roll3]

Mr. X
2013-05-07, 02:22 AM
As Taalkar turns to watch the rider pass him, His twin completes his incantation, and the earthen spirits of the area leap to fulfill his will...

For a moment it seems as though the man must escape, when suddenly the very earth beneath you heaves and lurches, the stones of the cobbled street crack and split apart, and in a moment the entire area has become a roiling sea of quaking stone...

Taken again by utter surprise, the fleeing man's horse stumbles badly on the violently shifting stones, and breaks a leg, whinnying pitifully as it collapses to the ground, and dumps its rider unceremoniously from his saddle.

Behind Taalkar, the next two approaching riders' mounts likewise lose their footing, and tumble to the ground... Only the last man mannages to keep his horse's footing, as he urges the creature forwards through the shifting terrain.

Taalkar, please make a Reflex Save against Karazi's spell (DC 14, I think).

If you fail, you shall be knocked prone.

Jamish is off his horse, a little ways passed Taalkar, and perhaps 20ft shy of the edge of the effect.

The first horse Taalkar hit is dead, and his rider is lost in the wreckage of the vegetable cart. He may be presumed either unconscious or dead.

Riders 3 and 4 both failed their reflex saves, and are prone, their horses crippled.

Rider 5 made his save, and is taking a double move action to push passed the rest, and get to Jamish's side. Horses move pretty good, even at half speed, and so he'll reach Jamish at the end of this round.

He'll have to pass Taalkar to do it, however, so if Taalkar makes his Reflex Save, He may make an Attack of Opportunity against him.

Also, Initiatives:

Guards and Jamish: [roll0]

Quickblade: [roll1]

Mr. X
2013-05-07, 02:27 AM
Combat Order:

Quickblade: 21
Taalkar: 17
Bad Guys: 16
Karazi: -3

2013-05-07, 10:05 PM
Reflex Save: (DC14)[roll0]

2013-05-07, 10:09 PM
Taalkar spots the remaining horse with a rider and snaps his axe back at the lone horse as it passes

Again aiming at the horse, I assume this is still the surprise round? are they still flatfooted?

Power attack 6 is still in effect and so is punishing stance

Damage:[roll1] + [roll2]

Mr. X
2013-05-08, 12:11 AM
Quickblade's attack: [roll0]

Damage: [roll1]
Sneak Attack: [roll2]

Mr. X
2013-05-08, 12:36 AM
The ground lurching beneath him, Taalkar steadfastly keeps his feet, taking a wide slash at the last rider as he struggles passed...

But just as he begins his swing, the ground beneath his back foot bucks, toppling him forward onto the ground, and under the hooves of the struggling beast...

Taalkar take damage (Trample):

... As Taalkar tumbles beneath the hooves of the horse, Quickblade, still ahorse and huddled against the ally wall, in a single fluid motion slips a dagger from his boot, and flings it towards the last rider...

True to his name, the blade flies swift and true, burying itself deep into the back of the horseman...

The man topples out of his saddle, just as he reaches the jostling prone form of Mr. Jamish.

2013-05-08, 08:40 AM
Reflex Save (DC14):[roll0]

Mr. X
2013-05-08, 01:12 PM
Nice. Taalkar, it's your move.

2013-05-08, 11:02 PM
Taalkar eyes Jamish and sees him almost rescued by his guard when Quickblades dagger intervenes.

Nice shot! he hollers as he again charges and jumps at Jamish aiming to smash him with flat of his axe.

I think I am in range (60') and I have your grapple rules right.
I an going to drop my stance and charge in with leap attack to hit him with a nonlethal axe attack and then grapple.

ToHit:(+2 charge, -4 nonlethal) [roll1]

Mr. X
2013-05-09, 12:08 AM
Jamish resists Taalkar's grapple: [roll0]

Just as the trader manages to get to his feet, Taalkar's axe is there, slapping him flatside the face, before the dwarf whips the haft around, catching the man around the neck with it.

Mr. X
2013-05-09, 12:12 AM
Guard Reflex Saves(DC 14):

Guard 1: [roll0]
Guard 2: [roll1]

Damn, it's a bad day for the slavers.

Behind, the other two fallen guards struggle ineffectively to gain their feet amidst the lurching stones, as their horses shriek and scream in terror and pain.

Karazi, it's your turn.

2013-05-09, 12:39 AM
Karazi seeing Jamish under control turns to the guards still fumbling trying to find their footing. Gripping his axe tightly he raises it to the sky as small sparks start to dance on the edge of it.

A second later with a slight flash the shining weapon appears normal once more, only for a massive bolt of lightning to crash down in the alleyway mere feet away.

DC 16 Call lightning on one of the remaining stumbling guards. the nearest one lets say.
[roll0] OR [roll1] (I hadn't asked what the weather was like tonight, heh)

Mr. X
2013-05-10, 03:00 AM
A blinding flash, and a deafening blast of thunder rip through the clear night skies... As the spots fade from your vision, and the ringing leaves your ears, you see one of the guards blackened and smoking, like a piece of burned meat...

... But he's yet alive, his shrieks now joining those of the horses and the tumultuous stones toss him about on his raw and burnt flesh.

Quickblade's attack:

[roll1] + [roll2]Sneak Attack.

This time the dagger comes from Quickblade's belt, streaking through the air, and catching the jostling prone form of the second guard beneath his chin, just over his gorget... The man dies, choking on his own blood.

Taalkar, it's your turn.

Jamish has taken 4 lethal damage from falling of his horse, and 6 more non-lethal from your attack. He has 18hp remaining.

Edit/: Ack, you rolled 9 damage, not 6. Jamish has 15hp remaining.

Both the guards took 4 damage falling off their horses as well. The one Karazi hit has 2hp remaining, the other is dead.

2013-05-11, 09:41 PM
Taalkar reaches back and slams his fist into Jamish's face.

Unarmed Damage: [roll0]

Mr. X
2013-05-12, 03:17 AM
Taalkar deals Jamish a solid blow to the face, and the taller man gives in and stops struggling, allowing himself to be subdued.

It takes only a moment longer for Karazi and Quickblade to put the dying guard out of his misery, and the scene quites down.

"Alright, you bastards, you've got me. If you were gonna kill me, you'd've done me in with the rest of my men. So what do you want?'

Congratulations on handily putting down your first group of slavers. Each gain 1000exp. (Karazi, I'm fairly certain you could finish off that last guy easily.)

Also, while most the bells you hear ringing are coming from the harbor, you made quite the racket in this attack, and so you would do well to expect a guard patrol to come along before long.

Take your actions.

2013-05-12, 04:29 PM
Seeing Jamish subdued he calms down a bit from the heat of battle, muttering a short plea to the spirits causes his eyes to gain the slight glow of reflected fire.

Turning to Jamish he brandishes his still sparking axe before saying as menacingly as possible "If you want to live the next few minutes, hand every bit of coin to my friend with the axe around your neck. Every item of magic and control rod you've got.

Lets not do anything foolish either, you want to get home to that little girl of your right ?"

Detecting magic, focusing on him to determine what magic items he's got. If he tries to pass off a fake control rod...that sort of thing

Oh and Intimidating the hell out of him to keep him compliant

Mr. X
2013-05-14, 01:01 AM
Jamish looks furious, but relaxes, and starts emptying his pockets... Untill you mention the rod.

You see the wheels quickly turning behind his eyes as he makes the connections.

"You... You're after my shipment!" He sags, a pleading look in his eye, "No... Please, you'll ruin me! That shipment is my last chance to recover my losses!! I'LL BE OUT ON THE STREET!!"

He collapses to the ground, sobbing, as Quickblade jerks the rod out of his hand.

"...It was Claremont that put you up to this, wasn't it. WASN'T IT!? Bastard couldn't stand to see me get ahea--"

He cuts off, as Quickblade slips a sap from his belt, and smashes the slaver over the head with it, knocking him out cold.

Without another word, Quickblade takes the rod and focuses for a moment.

"The shipment is on it's way back to the stockhouse. We'll need to ride hard to catch them where we want them, but we've got the guards now, so we shouldn't have any trouble dealing with the drivers."

2013-05-14, 01:50 AM
Kicking Jamish solidly in the ribs before heading to his horse and even if the man was unconsious he can't help but comment."Letting you off lightly all told".

As the rush of the magic starts to fade away a bit he pulls his horse out of the alley, trying to calm it down a bit from the chaotic actions just a few moments ago.

Finally getting it settled enough he hauls himself up upon the horse, seeing Taalkar do the same.

"Lets get a move on then" and with a grin at Quickblade just as they head off "We can't keep Claremont waiting after all can we"

Commenting to Quickblade a few hundred yards down the road as they get along "I couldn't resist, best if those bell-rung guards confirm we're a rival stealing his shipment than actively looking for the likes of us eh?"

Mr. X
2013-05-14, 02:11 AM
Quickblade smirks mirthlessly, pulling himself up into his saddle, and kicking his horse into motion.

Karazi would you give me a Sense Motive roll please?

Mr. X
2013-05-14, 03:06 PM
As you hurry down the darkened streets, you note a cold, grim, air coming off of Quickblade... Having just handily beat down, and potentially ruined, a wealthy slaver, you'd expect him to be in higher spirits...

It's not entirely unexpected though. When you worked with him before, he never seemed to take much joy in the simple violence of his work. He was a slave once himself, and his hatred for the 'masters' runs much deeper than a simple beating could ever suffice to cure.

And so you press on, eventually pulling up in an alley off Kellar Street, down which the slave column is approaching. Off in the distance a bell tolls the hour...

Once you're all together, Quickblade withdraws two maps of the city, and hands one to each of you, each with a separate route marked on it.

"Lori's been watching the patrols for the last few days, an' these are the routes that'll be clear... With this many slaves, and the added weight of the guards, we'll never be fast enough or quiet enough if we stay together, so we're splitting up.

Follow your route out of town, and meet back at that oak grove we passed coming in.

I'll say it again though, cuz the patrols don't keep perfect schedules. Sometimes they're early, sometimes they're late. If you run into trouble, ditch your slaves and get out. They're not worth getting caught for."

Guys, feel free to interject here, but if you've nothing to say, just let me know OOC, and I'll move on with the next scene.

2013-05-14, 03:34 PM
"Sounds good, we'll see you at the grove then, Still got a few tricks up our sleeves to get past some patrols ! But we'll be careful"
Boasting slightly and grinning all the while.

2013-05-14, 05:41 PM
Taalkar snorts, I din't think we would'a made it this far. Getting them out should be the easy part.

Mr. X
2013-05-14, 09:47 PM
"Heh, trust me." Quickblade chuckles, "this is the hardest part."

So saying, he takes the rod, and again focuses for a moment...

Before the drivers can comprehend what's going on, six of the guards have broken formation, and butchered them like animals...

Quickblade steps out from the alley, walks up to the fallen drivers, and takes their control rod. Holding both rods high, he turns to the amassed group of slaves, and shouts,


He indicate's Karazi, and a swath of the slaves.


Indicating Taalkar, and another group, he says,




Taalkar and Karazi, please give me a check of whichever of the following is your best roll: Survival, Knowledge(Urban), Knowledge(Local), Flat Int, or Flat Wis.

Doilin, the magic of your collar compels you to follow Quickblade's orders, but you may choose which person you end up following.

2013-05-14, 09:57 PM
Hrmpf, if I still believed in the charity o' the gods I might thank them fer this.

Doilin rises, his collar forcing him to comply but even if it hadn't he'd have quickly beat feat after the nearest indicated dwarf.

[roll0]high means I'm following Taalkar.

2013-05-14, 10:45 PM
Rounding up his group he hollars as he starts to move out "Keep up fellas, ain't time to be getting lost..I damned sure don't intend to be getting caught cause one of ya is slacking"

Survival check

2013-05-14, 11:34 PM
Hey buddy, if you can free my hands, get me a piece of chalk or something like it and about 20 seconds I can help out if we get in a jam.

2013-05-15, 12:53 AM
Taalkar scratches his head. He couldn't figure who thought it would be a good idea to put him in charge. He stared out for a second at his group of rescued slaves.

You heard 'em, let's get going, and try and look casual about it. You look as guilty as an escaped slave.

Flat Int: [roll0]

2013-05-15, 01:26 AM
Reaching into his pack a moment and pulling out a small cube of stone, which moments later becomes a very crude knife of sorts.

Tossing it over to the outspoken dwarf in the crowd coming with him. "Make due with that friend, Ain't got no chalk or the like.

Don't see why you need to be writin anything now as it is, no time for foolin about with chalk"

Mr. X
2013-05-15, 02:11 PM
For Karazi and Doilin:

Following your route, you wind your way through the dark streets. You are bothered once or twice by wandering guardsmen, but you manage to avoid them with out being seen... A few hours later, you are trudging through the forest towards the grove.

For Taalkar

Carefully following your map, you are making good progress through the city, when suddenly your horses's legs go out from under him, dumping you from the saddle as he collapses to the ground.

Hitting the ground, you find it moist and slick, and oddly pungent... Oil...

... In the alley off to your right, you suddenly see a small flare of light, as someone hiding there strikes a tinder-twig... The small flame flickers for a moment before the figure flicks it onto the oil slick ground, and the world goes up in flames.

Please take damage(fire)[roll0].

The oil slick creates a wall of flame stretching the width of the street, and is ten feet wide.

You are closer to the far edge from your slaves. As such, you may make a Reflex Save(DC 15) to halve the damage, and escape the flames, but doing so will separate you from the group.

You may crawl through the oil freely, but standing up to move normally or jump shall require a Balance Check(DC 15).

If you like, you may roll Initiative.

2013-05-16, 09:52 PM
Reflex Save: [roll0]

I want to stand up and jump out of the fire towards my group of freed slaves.

Balance: [roll1]
Jump: [roll2]

Mr. X
2013-05-17, 12:19 AM
For Taalkar:

Your cloths and armor wet with the flaming oil, you escape the inferno only to find yourself a fish in the barrel...

All around you slaves shriek and collapse as arrows rain down upon them... Another wall of flame has erupted behind the column, trapping them in place, and in the light of the fires, you can make out perhaps twenty archers atop the roof tops...

Already most of your guards have fallen, along with many of the rest, laying still, or trapped in nets flung from the rooftops...

... It's an ambush...

... But... But...

... You know for sure you followed that map to the tee... This route was supposed to be clear!

... It's a setup!

Take an additional [roll0] fire damage, from your burning clothes.

Mr. X
2013-05-18, 12:22 AM
For Karazi:

You make good time through the forest, and reach the grove well before either Quickblade or Taalkar.

As you pause and take stock of your group, you note that many of the slaves you're rescued don't appear to be the 'born and breed' type, including the dwarf you gave your shapestone to... Many are likely Beluvian refugees.

You've got forty slaves, and twelve guards.

2013-05-19, 12:32 AM
"Well, everyone might as well get comfortable here for a few, relax cause we've got a bit of waiting. no telling how long it'll take them to get out of that city via their routes"

"So lets skip a fire, but no reason not to sit down and catch our breaths, Soon as Quickblade gets here we can probably get the collars off."

Mr. X
2013-05-20, 08:07 PM
A few minutes later, Quickblade trots into the grove, looking miserable, and cursing under his breath...

... He's alone.

He doesn't say anything as he dismounts, and, digging a long handled pair of steel clippers from his pack, he starts clipping the collars off the slaves.

Mingled sounds of weeping and laughter peel up from the crowd as their collars come off... The dream of freedom an impossiblility beyond all hope for most.

For Doilin:

Before long, you are collar free.

2013-05-21, 07:53 PM
Taalkar seethes with anger, his fire burning brighter than the flames that danced and skittered across the oil. More screams erupted as another barrage of arrows came down.

Quickblade he hisses through clenched teeth. He's sure that rogue has something to do with this. He was now determined to get out of this if only to ring Quickblade's neck.

He glances around and is frozen for a moment. He finally decides he can't help any of these slaves if he gets caught himself. With that decision, he turns and runs careful not to go back the way he came or the way he was supposed to go.

I need to find a different way out of town.

Mr. X
2013-05-21, 08:14 PM
Alone, Taalkar has little trouble evading wandering patrols, and makes his way to the grove, arriving just as Quickblade snaps off the last of the slaves' collars.

2013-05-21, 11:34 PM
"Finally managed to get here eh....um, you seem to be missing some folks since I last saw ya there Brother. The scorchmarks give you quite the dashing look....what happened ?"

2013-05-21, 11:57 PM
Completely ignoring his brother Taalkar lunges for Quickblade.

You backstabbing gnome lover!

2013-05-22, 05:11 PM
"Woah now, ya can't just go around calling people that brother....what the hell's gotten into you ?"

Mr. X
2013-05-23, 02:19 AM
Taalkar slams into Quickblade, and the bigger man staggers back a step or two under the blow.

But only for a moment... He catches Taalkar around the torso in a bear hug, slapping the dwarf's back, and forcing out a hearty laugh.


Then, pulling Taalkar's head close, he hisses in his ear,

"Quiet! Not in front of the slaves, unless you want to get all our throats slit!"

Releasing him, Quickblade turns on the slaves.

"You are all now free men, and may do whatsoever you choose. I recommend that you follow us West into the hills, away from the city, and to where my people can filter you all back into more civilized lands.

But again, you are free to go where you will from here."

With that, he gives you both a grim look, and turns on his heel. Pulling himself up into his saddle with a muffled curse, and setting off Westward, not waiting to see if any of the freed slaves follow...

...They all do.

2013-05-24, 12:13 AM
Diana? Diana! Curses, I don't see her. She must not have been with this lot.

Turning to the two dwarves:

Do ye do this alot? Free slaves I mean? Have you come across a wee mite, a halfling named Diana?

2013-05-24, 12:17 AM
"Not for a good while now no, Merely doing a favor for our friend Quickblade here in return for a little information."

"I take it she wasn't with your shipment, Still....he may be able to get you some information on her. Whereabouts were the two of you taken anyhow ?"

2013-05-24, 10:42 AM
Doilin hesitates for a moment before replying, We were in the Holy City of Beluvah when it fell. We were scooped up among a bunch o' refugees. I got sold before we were barely out of the hills and haven't seen 'er since.

If ye can use me, I'd be willing to travel wit ye a bit. I've a number of useful tricks and a reputation around Beluvah as someone who can handle 'imself.

2013-05-25, 12:13 PM
"Speaking for the both of us, We'd love to have ya along...I'm sure Taalkar's thinking the same, well...when he starts thinking again. He's just gotten a little heated, it happens."

"We just sent back a report to the Garrison command regarding the status of Beluvah, what happened to cause such a mess anyhow ? All we ended up seeing was the aftermath from about a week ago. Just crawling with monstrosities"

2013-05-26, 11:38 AM
Taalkar glances around at the gathering of slaves seeing their fear and anxiety.

Yeah, we'll talk later, Quickblade

A voice catches his attention, a word spoken that cuts through the haze.

He marches over to the dwarf talking to his brother and points a pudgy finger Whatca say bout Beluvah?

2013-05-28, 12:02 PM
If ye saw the monsters, ye saw the horror wit yer own eyes.

Doilin then begins to recount a tale of terror and destruction. How a tower broke through the earth careening in to the sky. How the tower began to move and quake and in reality was not a tower at all but a gargantuan worm that slithered about, crushing and burrowing through the city. How the creature was only apparently turned back when the high priestess of Lathandar allowed herself to be swallowed whole in order to erupt a spell of pure sunfire from within the beast. How goblinoid monsters spewed from the crater left by the worm killing everything in their path.

As each portion of the story unfolds, Doilin's eyes grow wider, his voice more ragged.

Mr. X
2013-05-30, 12:28 AM
The column, decidedly smaller than initially hoped for, inches back towards Quickblade's camp, as Doilin relates his tale...

The trip takes two days to finish, and the slaves are weary and all but starving by the time they reach the huddled tents and huts of the camp... But the party is expected, and Quickblade's people rush out to meet the group, bringing blankets and provisions, and guiding them to tents prepared for them.

Quickblade shares a word or two with his people, before giving you a grim, sideways glance, and stomping off into his tent.

If you want to have it out with him, now's the time.

2013-06-01, 01:58 PM
Come on brother, we have business to attend to. Pulling his brother along with him Taalkar stomps towards Quickblade's tent.

Mr. X
2013-06-01, 02:43 PM
Quickblade grunts as you enter.

He sits sullenly at the table with a mug of ale, picking at the wood with the tip of his dagger.

2013-06-01, 04:26 PM
"What business do we have with him brother...what's wrong. I realize something obviously went wrong, what with you arriving without the slaves but they knew the risks...I'm sure you didn't leave them on a whim."

2013-06-02, 02:06 PM
It was a trap brother. I was ambushed and he's the one that set up the route. He tried to get us killed, brother and I want to know why.

2013-06-03, 03:00 PM
"What exactly happened Quickblade ? I don't like what I'm hearing. Sounds like you owe my brother a few answers."

Mr. X
2013-06-03, 09:10 PM
Quickblade sags miserably, and takes a heavy pull on his ale.

"Aye, I do owe ye some answers... An' yeah, Taalkar, I set your group up to be hit... It was why I kept tellin' you to ditch out at the first signs o' trouble... For what it's worth..."

He takes a deep swig before continuing,

"I'd've liked to tell you it was gonna happen, honestly I would've, but I didn't think you'd go through with the deal if'n ye knew...

See, when Jamish guessed that we were workin' for a rival, he was right...

You don't make it in this business for as long as I have if ye don't start dealing with the devils. I'd have been caught an' given over to the artists long ago, if'n I hadn't started dealing for an inside line.

Rival stockholders are pretty common, see, an' there's fair business to be had for merc's willing to help them muck about with one another... An most importantly: An escaped slave is free game for whomever catches them.

So ye got to walk the line o' the local law pretty closely. Stealin' stock is a capital crime, so those wanting it done usually pay pretty handsomely for it... Usually a fifty/fifty split o' the stock, an' the offer to buy off the merc's share for gold direct.

I under bid the jobs I like my odds on, taking a forty/sixty split, an keeping the slaves myself, that I can free them once we're outta town, and get them on the road to more civilized lands...

Usually, I take the employer's share to their ambush points myself, but this was a big shipment, and so logistically, had to have it split in three, rather than just two..."

He buries his face in his hands for a moment, before coming up, and taking another heavy pull at his ale.

"Doin things like this poisons any virtue there might be in what I'm tryin' to do... But it keeps me in possession of reliable intelligence, with regards to patrol schedules and raiding parties... An' without that, I couldn't accomplish nuthin'."

He sits back miserably, and and tries to pull on his ale, only to find it empty... So he stands, goes to the barrel tucked in the side of the tent, draws himself another, and then draws three more, plopping them before you as he sits again.

2013-06-05, 04:14 PM
"That you would lower yourself so far, to deal with this slaving scum. I don't even know what to say."

Shoulders slumping as he plops down on a nearby chair

"What the hell happened to you, just a few years ago you'd have never even considered such. Come hell or high water you'd rescue everyone that needed it"

"Is the intelligence really worth not freeing so many ? think of how many more would join the cause."

"How many of those that you led into a trap today would have fought tooth and nail for you, with you aginst these slaving scum ?"

"I don't know how they got to you, but I know it couldn't just be for intelligence....that's not enough to squander your soul for."

Whispering brokenly at the end as he merely stares solemnly at the man that once rescued him and his brother. "I'm just disappointed in ya...not just for the lies and nearly getting us killed, but ya lost the fire in your soul, nothing but cold slag now"

2013-06-06, 12:14 PM
dissapointed? Taalkar mutters under his breath.

Glaring at Quickblade he speaks louder If you were anyone else, my axe would already be resting firmly in your spine. As it is, I owed ya my life for saving us. Now you've tried to take my life. As far as I'm concerned we're even.

I wonder what would have happened to us if we were in a run you decided to let go for some intelligence.

Mr. X
2013-06-06, 01:36 PM
Quickblade harumphs,
"... Probably you'd be in the same place I found you, with a few extra bruises for my trouble..."

To Karazi, he says,
"... Yeah, you're right about that... But I'm a living cold slag."

He sighs,

"... When I got you both out, you were the fifty-first and fifty-second slaves I had freed, and at the time I honestly thought I could wage a one man war against Black Harbour..."

He glances at Taalkar,

"... But it wasn't long before I learned what I wager you learned yourself tonight: I couldn't help anyone if I was caught or dead...

... Slavers don't like bandits any more than anyone else does, an' so when the hunters started coming out for me, it became cleare that I couldn't stay un-caught or un-dead and keep my morals all nice and squeaky clean."

He shrugs helplessly,

"It's been what, eight years since I sprang you two? ... I've freed over a thousand slaves since then... But I've turned back just as many or more...

I just gotta figure that some is better 'an none, but it don't make me like livin' with myself any better."

He takes another deep swig,

"I suppose there's no hopin' you two'll stay on after this...

See Alyss before you leave. She should be done with whatever she was gonna do for you by now."

2013-06-06, 01:52 PM
Taalkar turns towards the door, Let's go brother, nothing more for us here.

Outside he comments to his brother, This is some sort of a pattern with home and here and in between. To be honest, I'm getting a 'lil tired of always leaving.

2013-06-07, 08:18 PM
"Yeah...nothing more here for us. Lets go speak with Alyss and get the hell out of here"

"Hopefully she'll have some news and we can head on back to Deep Mote..."

Mr. X
2013-06-09, 03:26 AM
Heading to the outer edge of the camp, your approach to the Witch's tent is marked by the presence of a growing, pungent, odor.

She sits before a small fire flickering in front of her tent, stooping over a small iron pot that holds a simmering, pungent brew. Stirring it with a stick, and occasionally adding dashes of odd herbs and (spices?) from a handful of glass vials.

As you come closer, her head snaps up, and her hollow eye sockets peer blindly at you, as though she was looking straight through you...

"Oy! Ye found another stone, I see..." she states, tilting her head in Doilin's general direction.

"Come an' sit, your friend 'ad more 'an a mouthful to be sayin', an' whoa, was it a frightful t'ing to hear."

Reaching behind her, she picks up a small ball hanging from a mess of string, and holds it out to you...

In the firelight, you realize that it is the goblin's severed head... Shrunken to perhaps a third of its initial size, its eyes and mouth sewn shut with a thick, hempen twine, and its flesh now a waxy palor marred by its fungal growths and protrusions.

"Ye'll be wantin' te take 'im wit ye. If'n ye sing to 'im at night, it'll help te keep 'im calm...

Aye as't 'im yer questions, an 'e gave plenty straight answers as dinnae make no sense te one oo wasn't as 'ee, so I 'ad te dig a bit further... 'E spoke fine common too, if'n I asked 'im to..."

He takes the stick from the brew, and dabs its tip on her tongue.

"Eghh... Nearly finished." She says, loudly smacking her lips.

"But ye wanted te know oo was givin' the orders in tha Holy Cety... There t'ain't just one someone, though. It's a group, er council, er some such. 'E called 'em the 'All Eaters'... Dinnae seem te be much diff'rence betwix dem an hisself, 'cept they'd eaten quite a fair bit more 'an 'e 'ad...

'E dinnae have any direct 'orders', as such. 'E was te wander, an' eat, an' come back."

She reaches awkwardly downward to scratch at the sole of her clubbed foot.

"Pretty slim pickin's for the sort o' info I's certain he's after, but it's 'bout te get better." She says, grimacing mirthfully,

"The 'shrooms growin' on 'im 'e called a fair start'lin' number o' names, 'ong 'em 'Teacher', 'One-Maker', 'Healer', an' 'Food'... Ohh, 'e made it quite clear 'at if'n there was one t'ing 'e held sacred, 'at fungus was it..."

She grimaces again, clearly quite pleased with herself. Her hands pick absently at loose strings in her robe, before she reaches out, blindly feeling for the simmering pot's handle,

"... I figgered 'at knowin' what 'at fungus did te 'im was key te understandin' what 'e was...

... So I concocted a brew..."

She chuckles, withdrawing a bent spoon from her robe, and offering it to one of you,

"... Best ye see fer yer own selfs...


... An' dinnae ye worry, the brew's totally harmless."

Any sort of Sense Motive check will reveal that she is telling the truth about all this.

2013-06-10, 06:29 PM
"Ah hell....I'm sure I've had worse tasting things back in the pens"

Pulling the spoon from her hand slurps up a big ol spoonful swallowing as quick as he can so as not to taste it.

Heaving slightly he tries desperately to keep it down."Okay...that was absolutely disgusting, never had worse. I was completely wrong"

Mr. X
2013-06-10, 11:16 PM
Taalkar and Doilin watch as Karazi heaves for a moment, and turns slightly green. Shaking himself, he seems to get passed it, when his eyes suddenly roll back into his head, and he drops twitching to the ground...

For Karazi:

The brew is, in a word, foul... Thick, you almost have to chew it, and odd bumps and stringy bits, you suspect must be frog's eyes and snakeskin, or else, something worse. Forcing yourself to swallow, the mucousy brew oozes down your throat, and your mind is cast off the precipice of conscious perception...

... Like rivulets of acid scorching burnt trails across the surface of your brain, the world around you falls away, and you are soaring through the darkness... Bright lights flash around you, hurting your eyes, so many and so fast its a wonder the darkness can be so complete... And with each flash, a face... Bizzare and misshapen gobinoid forms, with the occasional flash of a frightened man or woman... Hundreds or thousands of them... But you know each and every one of them, as though they were your own...

... In fact they are your own...

... You remember... All of them...

Remember terror as the horrid goblin thing leaps on you, driving its crystalline spike through your chest... You remember dying...

You Remember the taste of meat, the raw flesh of your last victim... The first rays of sunshine on your face as you scrambled up from the abysmal dark beneath... You remember when you were littered, and remember the face of your mother... But her face is among them, and you remember giving birth, and the pain of pushing out nine goblin pups... Remember the male whom you mated with that time, and how much you enjoyed it... But his face is there too, and you remember the female, and many females, for you were a breeder...

... And on, and on, and on...

A hundred lives, a thousand, flood your brain. Each now your own as much as if you'd lived it yourself... And among them all a common thread, a single purpose, a deep, driving need...

... A Hunger...

... To consume... With each bite a new life absorbed into your whole... Unto when you are consumed yourself, that the whole of your experiance might be passed to all who feed upon your flesh... On and on, up unto the gods themselves...




You come to slowely, the goblin's myriad of lives quickly receding from your memory. Opening your eyes, you find yourself laying on the ground, your brother and Doilin standing over you...

2013-06-11, 06:37 PM
Pushing himself up onto his elbows "Yeah...that was....Diffrent."

"So hungry.... I can't even describe that, if you care...eat some disgusting stew. Uh, no offence Alyss, but nobody likes the taste of frog eyes."

"Stones of the Underlord I hope to hell those were just frog eyes."

2013-06-12, 03:57 PM
My pappy used to make an ale that would knock ya on yer keister just like that. Never seen somethin' that could do it sober.

Doilin bursts into a wide grin.

2013-06-13, 06:09 AM
Standing back up, slightly wobbily and still getting his bearings he starts trying to explain what he saw to them.

"They know everything ? no. They're absorbing massive amounts of information somehow. Eating people gets them their memories ?

So confusing...how can we stop something that knows everything we do after taking a chomp out of us ?

2013-06-13, 10:15 AM
Thick armor?

2013-06-13, 09:55 PM
"I'm thinking it might be a tad more complicated...I don't think it needs to be alive when they take said bite.. and it's pretty easy to peel the hide off whatever you've killed."

"Whatever we end up doing, the Garrison needs this information. We should head out as soon as possible."

"I don't suppose we could take some of this stew to the Mote ? will it's effect last ? I get the feeling this is going to be hard for folks to believe."