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2012-10-18, 05:10 PM
April 3rd, 2008

A large crowd gathers in New York, Time Square, which is packed nearly as full as on New Year's Eve. Cheering and shouts fills the streets as a brass band plays fanfares. People have traveled from across the nation for this event.

The anticipation in the air is palpable as all anxiously await the arrival of Companion Arr'as, the Arcosian delegate to North America. Here on his first public appearance in nearly a year, Arr'as will be announcing the completion of treaties and formal alliance of all North American governments with the Arcosians. He has not yet arrived, but he is due to speak in just a few minutes, accompanied by US President George W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Terrance Goode, billionaire philanthropist who has worked closely with the Arcosians since their arrival to help forge this alliance.

Jeremy Nichols finds himself a few hundred feet from the stage where Arr'as will give his speech, stationed near an ambulance should it be needed. The other EMT on his team has already climbed to the roof of the vehicle to get a better view.

Randal Branscom finds himself stuck in the crowd, being generally crushed from each side as people try to see what is happening.

Flamilia Adams and Robert Lewiston watch from nearby locations of their choosing, both being wealthy and influential enough to secure private viewing locations.

Siobhan McMahon is stationed with other officers about 20 feet from the stage in the security line to protect the dignitaries from the crowd.

2012-10-18, 05:25 PM
Jeremy looks out over the crowd and mutters: "It looks peaceful at least."
Hoping it'll stay that way he opens the back of the ambulance and sits down on the floor, legs sticking out. A small TV has been rigged up in there which allows him to see what's going on up on the stage. He briefly considers joining the others on the roof but decides against it since he's on radio watch.

2012-10-18, 06:37 PM
Flamilia relaxes in her comfortable seat as she let her mind wander to each of the main men in this event, slowing at Terrance Goode to wonder how he conducted his business to became so rich. After all, he had to get his money from somewhere.

2012-10-18, 07:12 PM
Lordofbunnyz:He runs a technology and research company that was doing fairly well but not wonderful. He was the first to jump at the opportunities that the Arcosians offered and has capitalized in integrating their technology into his products, providing the most advanced consumer products in the world. His competitors have been trying to catch up ever since the Arcosians decided that they would prefer to deal with only one company instead of trying to understand the complexities associated with dealing with multiple human corporations.

2012-10-18, 08:18 PM
MacMahon eyes the crowd suspiciously, wishing there was better security. She always wished there was better security.

2012-10-18, 09:30 PM
Robert watched from his perch above the crowd, body patient and still even while his eyes flitted back and forth across the stage. His discreet inquiries had revealed very little about what was planned for tonight. The... less discreet inquiries had been even worse -- Arcosian security was tight. Lower level players in the political offices claimed it was just a standard PR fare, smile and wave and sign deal.
He would believe that just as soon as after the political parties resolved their differences and the Arcosians just up and left.
His presence there was at the request of several clients, but he would have arranged his way in, regardless. After their ambassador being in hiding so long, this had to be something big.

[roll0] Gather Information check, representing his prior efforts, on the off-chance he was able to dig something up.

2012-10-18, 09:45 PM
RainshineHe learns only that the Companion has been out of sight due primarily to the fear of culture shock that might undermine the alliance while working to establish treaties. Another of the Arcosians has been the public figure for interviews and such in the media.

2012-10-18, 09:49 PM
Randal stood in the crowd, being pushed around, I guess this is what I get for getting here late, at least I got a spot at all.
Randal tries to get through the crowd closer to the stage

What roll should that be?

Nevermind, that was a fail

2012-10-18, 11:17 PM
He fails to make any progress.

Suddenly, a loud thrumming woosh sound can be heard in the air, and the crowds fall silent as they all look up. Looking to the sky, a small Arcosian craft (http://imageshack.us/a/img525/2499/shuttle.png) about the size of a large car "slips" into view in the clear, blue sky. Though there's nothing around it to hide it, it looks almost like it just stepped into view from behind a building. The sight of the craft sliding into view is both breathtaking and slightly unnerving at the same time.

The sudden roar of the crowd drowns out the sounds of the engine as the people cheer the arrival of the celebrities of the moment. Though it seemed to be moving at super sonic speeds, the craft comes to an almost instant stop above the platform and begins a slow, gentle descent to the ground.

2012-10-18, 11:53 PM
McMahon is briefly transfixed by the arrival, but she quickly snaps to her senses. Turning back to the other security, she catches them staring into the sky.

"Hey! Snap to, people! Eyes on the crowd!"

She may not be in charge of security, but she's darn well going to do her job and make sure the others at least know they've been spotted slacking off.

2012-10-19, 03:30 AM
Sitting back with a smug smile on his face, Robert watched the shuttle descend. Secrets and blasted secrets, but sometimes it was pleasing to see at least one rumor seemingly pan out, even as dangerous as that. The play was beginning. He cast his mind back over the past few years...

Interested in what the Arcosians have brought/introduced to Earth, particularly in terms of new technology -- is there a particular field such as biotech, computing, physics, that has been completely revolutionized by them?
If he can remember something specific, guessing it would be business-related. [roll0]

2012-10-19, 04:11 AM
RainshineThere have been small advancements in all areas. The biggest advancements have been in entertainment and gaming mediums. However, the greatest strides forward seem to always be just around the corner as if being held back.

2012-10-19, 09:07 AM
*Well that would sell well. Too bad that the Arcosians will only deal with Goode right now, but it's only a matter of time until that changes* Flamilia thought as she leaned forward in her seat.

2012-10-19, 12:00 PM
Sorry to do this so early in the game, but I've got a business trip this weekend. I'm trying to get everything together and get off to the airport. I'll update once or twice in the evenings, but I'll be super busy until Tuesday and might miss an update until then.The shuttle descends to the surface of the stage where it hovers about a half inch above the surface. The opaque dome covering the front of the shuttle splits in half vertically, the two sides sliding open to reveal a human pilot within.

He smiles and waves to the crowd before stepping aside. From within, the President and Prime Minister step out side by side, smiling and waving to the crowd. They stop and turn to welcome Arr'as to the stage.

A strange, nearly human looking being steps from the vehicle and raises one arm in greeting. Noticeably shorter than the two men, the top of its head reaches about their shoulders. It's pale, smooth skin has a slight blue sheen to it. Despite its smoothness, its skin has thousands of slightly darker dots that make it look either like reptile scales or extreme freckles, depending on your point of view. Its eyes have no iris, being completely white save for a dark blue pupil in the very middle. Its mouth and nose look entirely human, save that the nose seems a little too narrow. Its face is much longer than that of a human, which also gives the nose a bit of a "stretched" appearance. It has no eyebrows but does have a distinct brow line. Though it is obviously bald, it wears an elaborate, tight fitting head piece that appears to be lace, with large holes in the pattern to show the skin underneath. The headpiece is a deep auburn and gives an appearance of hair that just seems appropriate to the alien standing before.

Its clothes consist of a tightly fitted purplish red shirt almost the color of wine. The fabric seems to reflect and scatter light as if made from tiny interwoven crystals. The shirt appears almost to be made of a patchwork of material, random seams of thread of a similar, but slightly lighter, color crisscrossing the surface in simple, blocky patterns. Attached to the bottom of the shirt is a long, robe-like skirt which reaches down to just above the ankles. Though the same color and material, the skirt is smooth rather than patchwork.

Though it does not smile in a human sense, the pleased look on its face conveys every good intention that a smile would. If anything it looks more pleasant, friendly, and noble than the two grinning heads of state.

While everyone is distracted by the arrival of Companion Arr'as, Mr. Goode steps out of the shuttle, briefly waves, and makes his way to the podium. Though drowned out by the crowd, he tries to introduce the three dignitaries.

2012-10-21, 01:21 AM
Sorry, have had computer problems. I can't believe no one has posted in this for two days... I'll have a post up tomorrow.

2012-10-21, 05:08 AM
Robert nodded as the cameras clicked furiously, some from his cohorts on high. Robert didn't bother. Many of those being taken would be on his desk, soon enough; he concentrated on taking in the whole scene and the players. As he could well testify, people often missed what was right in front of their face, due to no more than the suggestion of smoke. What he saw did not have to be what he saw.

2012-10-21, 01:12 PM
Jeremy lets out an appreciative whistle at the sight of the shuttle. As a pilot he has a fairly good idea about the level of skill that kind of piloting requires.

2012-10-21, 02:28 PM
Flamilia watches the Arcosian in interest, this being the first time she is able to see one in person.

2012-10-21, 04:03 PM
Hardly able to see the stage from his lackluster spot on the ground, Randal focuses instead on the complex aircraft that has landed and wonders how long, and how much money, it must have taken to build it.

2012-10-30, 04:37 AM
Gah, sorry, I lost the flash drive with all my notes and pictures, and I'm having a hell of a time trying to reconstruct what I had put together for this thing. I can't seem to remember anything I had planned past this one scene and some very basic plot points. I had this whole, elaborate world designed too...

Anyway, I'm sorry to do this, but I'm going to have to shelve this game. I just don't have time to recreate all the stuff and have too much on my plate with stuff in real life to try to just wing it and come up with anything good. Again, I'm sorry...

2012-10-30, 08:47 PM
you know as soon as you give up looking for the drive you will find it :{P