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2012-10-18, 11:01 PM
Chapter 1: Unsportsmanlike conduct, Å faen sin en heks.

It had been a long day, the morning dew was crisp with the cold of the mountains and the grass crunched under your feet, you knew it was coming for months, and it had finally come. Winter, it had covered the land with a thick white blanket, and breath steamed through it like an axe through the belly of a woman.

It wasn't even past the noon hour when the strapping son of the Cheiftan, Edvard had come running up to you, panting it seems, to give you a message.

It would seem the venerable Chief Ruthgar was in need of you this evening.

And it was near the cockerels crow any moment now, heading to the center of the village you stowed your weapon and readied for what was needed of you, for you were the villages finest, you were the warriors of the Norse!

And then you almost get bowled over by a woman running in the opposite direction,
"Dens et uhyre! VI alle kommer til å dø!"

Looking from where she came (where you were heading) you see more villagers running away, and a large shadowy figure almost as tall as a house tearing into the side of a newly constructed log cabin.

Translation for those who don't speak Norse (tsk tsk):
"It's a monster! WE all going to DIE!"

You are all heading towards the center of the village at the same time, whether or not you are together is up to you.

Also, the 'monster' is about 100 ft away.

2012-10-19, 12:17 AM
Dominic practically drools as he regards the beast.

Knowledge: nature check on the off chance that he can recognize it.


Wordlessly he stumbles toward the creature. The stumble quickly becomes a fast walk and then a full on sprint, his eyes alight like a drunkard offered 'just one more ale'.

God Imperror
2012-10-19, 09:03 AM
-But of course my fair lady all are to die someday, would it rather not be today, don't say?

Ander moves tumbling like he is inebriated and can hardly realize what is going on. A small white rat rides his shoulder looking at the beast with its tiny eyes, moving nervously until at lasts bites the man in the ear.


For a moment he looks bemused by the monster.

-Oh... a Djinni.

This one doesn't speak norse, and humbly apologizes for it, technically Ander does poorly

2012-10-19, 11:59 AM
Hroth's eyes turned towards the monster. He grimaces slightly, retrieving his bow, drawing it and loosing an arrow at it.



2012-10-19, 04:47 PM
Dalla's first instinct was to hide. Just let the warriors handle it, she wasn't even sure why Ruthgar had called on her or asked her to bring her bow. But with it destroying houses the way it was there may not be time for that, a lack of shelter was as good as death in the winter if no one took you in. And if it broke enough of them...

Dalla decided to compromise, running for the nearest source of cover, drawing her bow as she went, and then loosing a single precisely aimed arrow at the figure.
Attack(-4 called shot):[roll2]

2012-10-19, 11:24 PM
Valan hefts his mighty greataxe over his shoulder. Staring at the dark figure he smiles at a chance to prove himself in battle. He sets his feet firmly, and charges the monster.

[roll0] [roll1] [roll2] -2 to AC (included below)

AC: 12, Touch: 10
DR: 2/-
VP: 71 WP: 19/19

Stance: Punishing Stance, +1d6 damage, -2 AC

OOC: Is the target larger than medium size?

God Imperror
2012-10-20, 03:45 AM
Wow wow wow people are running at the thing to great it with sword. Well Ander is the skald, ain't he? Time to sing a merry tune.

-What shall we do with a drunken norse, What shall we do with a drunken norse, What shall we do with a drunken norse, Early in the night?...

Then he signals the big monster.

-Throw him to the Djinni till he's sober.

Everyone gets +2 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +2 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. And perhaps a headache.

2012-10-21, 09:31 PM
Top of Round 1

You guys|28


Hroths arrow takes the creature in the knee knocking it down, making the great lumbering giant howl out in pain. It turns it's attention towards the man as Dalla's great arrow comes howling through the air and nailing it in the shoulder, grunting green blood boils down from his shoulder and it licks it's lips.

Then came Valan charging in at the thing in an attempt to end its life, the creature saw him come and swung his great claws at him. After Valans mighty axe cleaved its flank, causing a great chasm in the the monsters back, you wonder how the thing is still standing!


Turning to meet him he unleashed a salvo of attacks, as strange as it seems, its wounds healed themselves as if by magik!

Vs AC 12




2012-10-21, 09:34 PM
The monsters second claw strikes true and swiftly, within inches of tearing Valan's head clean off!

Crit confirm Vs AC 12

Damage Valan takes: (Before DR)
12, 9, 17, 5 damage
And 7 WP's

2012-10-21, 10:26 PM
"Yes! YES! There shall be songs of this before the night's end!"

Dominic stops running just a behind the beast, opposite of Valan, then lets louse a gout of his acid breath; just moments before he launches the caustic attack his...odd presence reaches the battlefield and all allies nearby

Dominic activates Resistance Draconic aura, granting all allies nearby 10 acid resistance. For the sake of this fight, the creature isn't an ally...yet.
Breath attack:
[roll0] acid damage. Reflex save DC : 18 for half.

The breath weapon will be recharged in [roll1] rounds.

2012-10-21, 11:22 PM
Dalla nearly panics at the site of the monster's closing wounds, but momentarily finds herself relaxing into the strange sort of calm that surrounds her own magic. She does nothing so flashy as Dominic's breath of acid, she simply looks at all of the fleeting, ephemeral moments which pass so quickly in battle and grabs another handful for herself. An observer would likely not even notice where they not watching her specifically.
She draws her bow and looses another four arrows in rapid succession at the beast.
Casting swift haste and then making a Rapid Shot full attack.
Attack 1(-6 Called shot, +1 Haste, +2 Morale):[roll0]
Damage 1(+12 Called Shot, +2 Morale):[roll1]
Attack 2(-6 Called shot, +1 Haste, +2 Morale):[roll2]
Damage 2(+12 Called Shot, +2 Morale):[roll3]
Attack 3(-6 Called shot, +1 Haste, +2 Morale):[roll4]
Damage 3(+12 Called Shot, +2 Morale):[roll5]
Attack 4(-2 Called shot, +1 Haste, +2 Morale):[roll6]
Damage 4(+4 Called Shot, +2 Morale):[roll7]

2012-10-21, 11:26 PM
I have no idea why I rolled d20s for damage...
Anyway, rerolling that third attack roll with Serendipitous Shot.
Attack 3:[roll0]
Damage 1:[roll1]
Damage 2:[roll2]
Damage 3:[roll3]
Damage 4:[roll4]

2012-10-21, 11:27 PM
Attack 3 Crit Confirmation:[roll0]

Erik Vale
2012-10-22, 10:18 PM
Erich doesn't bother to speak, simply unslinging his bow upon noticing the creature. With careful precision, he starts launching arrows, his mind racing for an identity.

Knowledge Nature: [roll0]
Attack 1
To Hit: [roll1]
Crit Confirm (If Threatened): [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]
Attack 2
To Hit: [roll4]
Crit Confirm (If Threatened): [roll5]
Damage: [roll6]

2012-10-23, 08:04 AM
Valan shakes his head, realizing that his current line of attack isn't going to be very useful. Changing his footing to face the larger beast, Valan brings down his axe hard on the large beast, striking with such force that the monster's very bones are weakened.

Swift: Change to Stonefoot Stance: +2 bonus to str checks, and +2 AC against foes larger than you.
Standard: Bonecrusher [deals +4d6 damage, target must succeed at a fort save DC 19 or have +10 to critical confirm rolls against it]

AC: 16 [18 against large or larger creatures], Touch: 14 [16 against large or larger creatures]
DR: 2/-
VP: 36/71 WP: 12/19

Stance: Stonefoot Stance: +2 bonus to str checks, and +2 AC against foes larger than you.

2012-10-23, 08:47 AM
Hroth starts directing as many people as he can towards attacking the monster, shouting FEAR NOT! TO ME, ATTACK THE CREATURE FOR IN UNITY WE SHALL FIND, VICTORY!

OOC: He rallies EVERYBODY, including the non PC's to fight the monster.


Master of Tactics: Circumstance bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls when flanking. (+5)

Motivate Attack: Circumstance bonus on melee attack rolls. (+3)

Aura of Courage: Morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and saving throws vs. fear. This bonus overlaps with similar abilities (such as inspire courage) (+2)

+1d6 damage

+1 AC


2012-10-23, 10:51 AM
As the creature mauled Valan, it had no idea for what was to come, and if it had, its puny little brain may not have comprehended its doom.

A shower of spraying acid engulfed the creature, enraging it more than you could have imagined, its skin sloughed off in chunks and the air filled with the acrid smell of ozone as several shafts peppered the beast, bringing it down to its knees, one arm completely useless, lying on the floor jumping like a starving fish out of water.

Then came Valan and his immutable fury, boosted by Hroth's inspiring words he swings his mighty axe and crushes the creatures skull in, sending the giant thing toppling to the ground before him in a heap of burning, rancid flesh.

Looking to the building you are amazed at the damage it had caused, the log cabin would need to be reworked post haste, especially if it was going to suffer the long winters that had just started. The townsfolk had more work before them.

Stepping out from the smoke and fog of the battle, Ruthgar comes breathing hard, and naked from the waist up wielding his great axe. Blood spattered across his chest and arms, his axe dripping heavily.

"Aye, y'all did fine work with tha beast! I too, had ma own to take care of! Twas a Fight! Come" he motions them to follow him, "We have much to talk about!"


He leads you around the long hall and enters from the entrance, even though you could have easily entered through the whole in the side, you know it would be dishonorable, to enter the long hall of the Warriors, you must be a warrior and enter through the sacred Seal, the doorway that bridges Valhalla.

Ruthgar strides into the hall as he owns the place, he sets his mighty axe on a chair, letting it slide into a resting place on the arm and grabs a mug of sitting ale, crisp and cold from the snowy air that was settling in from outside.

"Well" he says, wiping his mouth with his forearm "I was right in choosing you lot, you took down tha beast with little ease, although" he looks to Valan and shakes his head as if he wouldn't say it "Nay, twill be a fine scar!" he smirks and slaps Valan on the back, like comrades in arms "I am in need o'yer, and so to are the people of tha town!" he turns serious all of a sudden "Several of our outriders have been missing, we fear the worst and know them to be in the halls drinking to our glory. We need you to go out and find the camp o'these beasts, they have been stalking us and several stumbled upon us just now, you fought but one, and now you know them." He stops and lifts the remainder of the mug, draining it.

God Imperror
2012-10-23, 03:44 PM
Ander moves to the beast engulfed in acid with a surprised Oh in his face. Poking it with its boot.

-Strange thing.

He kneels and cuts a bit with the sword. Approaching the piece to one of its pockets a big, fat rat emerges sniffing it before giving it a couple of small bites.

-What do you think fatty? Tasty?

He then realizes that Ruthgar is around and follows him whistling happily.

Once they are inside the hall Ander sits comfortably on a chair looking for a drink and something to eat, thinking that he would really like to be at those halls drinking to their... oh, wait, those are surely dead. Ander giggles at the realization.

-What are those Ruthgar?

2012-10-23, 04:23 PM
Valan cuts the beast's head off with a hard chop, and kicks it a short distance away from the rest of the body.

Once inside the hall, he says nothing, save grimly nodding about the mission ahead.

2012-10-23, 04:56 PM
"By your will, though...I would certainly fight with greater ease if I knew songs of our battles took to voice before the light of dawn. Give us but the time to claim our supplies and we will make sure our rememberance by song will be worth singing.

Erik Vale
2012-10-23, 05:32 PM
Erich nods his head as he listens.

"Aye. It would be best to gather our arms before taking to the hunt, however I doupt we need wait until the morning sun."

2012-10-26, 12:23 PM
Ruthgar nods in assent, "Aye, you will have time to grab your belongin's! Grab them with post haste and then set out, the people of the town are depending on you, if we can't send these foul beast scurrying, well, we'll be dining with them and it wont be the good kind!"

He turns to Dominic "I have no idea son, those giants are the creatures I have been talking about, but they don't resemble anything from our grimoires or tales. You have about as good idea as I do, we're calling them Grumlings" he shrugs his shoulders.

Turning to the rest "Go, gather your belongings and hunt these things down!"

2012-10-26, 08:47 PM
Hroth bows Yes sir.

Turning tot he rest he continues So, shall we convene at the gates when we have gathered all our belongings?

2012-10-26, 09:07 PM
"I have all of my things." Valan said. "I am ready whenever you are." With that, he heads to the gate.

2012-10-26, 11:54 PM
Dalla nodded at Hroth's question and set off to her house to grab her backpack and the rest of her equipment.

On her way to the gate she began turning a question over in her head, weighing the risks and rewards of either path and eventually deciding that it wouldn't be right to let an injured warrior go up against the Grumlings. She approaches Valan at the gate and speaks up.
Do you want me to take a look at that cut? It would be a good idea to get it bound before we have to fight more of those things.

2012-10-28, 08:15 PM
"You're welcome to bind my wounds if you think it will help. One way or another, facing more of these things will not be fun, but it will certainly be a challenge."

2012-10-29, 10:39 AM
Dalla nods and retrieves a compact healing kit from her backpack. She spends a bit of time prodding at the area around the wound and then quickly wraps it up, taking care not to place the wraps in a way which would make it hard to move. It's rather less intensive treatment than one might expect for such a large gash, but the cut does feel better afterwards.

Casting Cure Moderate Wounds to heal 6 wound points and 2d8 vitality points and then covering it with bandages to hide how quickly it healed. [roll0]
The rest of the vitality damage will probably take care of itself by the time we encounter anything.

Erik Vale
2012-10-29, 10:08 PM
When Erich arives, he does so on his horse, fully barded and looking ready for war. Probably not even dressed but a couple of minutes ago.

"Just the three of us here so far?"

2012-10-30, 01:29 AM
Hroth excuses himself from Ruthgar and walks up to the gate saying Nay, four.

2012-10-30, 11:37 PM
Dominic spends some time spreading word of his most recent victory (and occasionally implying that he will help slay many more foul beasts) before he arrives at the gate, fully armed and fully equipped.

2012-11-04, 08:14 PM
You all assemble at the gates of the town, having found your gear and robed yourself in whatever protective garments you have, you stand ready with the tools of war at your side, or gently resting in your hand.

Seeing everyone ready, you take off. The Chieftain had indicated a direction, and a place, but it was a large area and you were going to have to search these creatures out.

It is not long before you stumble upon a frozen corpse, the rigor mortis having set in a long time ago and the harsh elements freezing him in his last moments.

It was plain to see that he was eaten, or more correctly, half of him was. his lower body was separated from his torso and almost all of the meat was torn from the bone.

K. Nature

15 or <
You can see bite marks that fall in line with natural predators, wolves, bears, etc...

20 or <
You not only see the natural bite marks of local predators, but that of larger incisors, it is obvious that the beast, or maybe something else, had eaten a good amount of this man.

You have traveled several hours, having left several hours past noon, nightfall is imminent.

You have traveled 3 hours, everyone heals 3 Vitality points.

Would you like to stop here and make camp, or something else? Darkness will require torches to see and provide its own set of danger.

2012-11-05, 10:35 AM
"We should probably find a place to camp. If the beasts are near, I'd prefer to fight them on a field of our choosing or in the daylight. At night on their ground is not ideal."

Erik Vale
2012-11-05, 05:13 PM
K Nature

For some reason I don't have the bottom of my sheet, Ill modify in my post once I know my bonus, unless I roll really well.
Ok, my modifiers not that big.

Erich simply pays his respect to the dead when he passes, sorry he cant offer proper morning.


"I would be fine either way. Should we remain, I will take first watch, It shall give me time to practice."

2012-11-05, 05:54 PM
Knowledge(Nature): [roll0]
Agreed, I'll take second watch.

Dalla begins clearing space for a camp.

It would probably be best not to light a fire, but we should have the materials on hand in case of ambush.

2012-11-07, 03:03 AM
Hrolf grins slightly saying It seems that the decision has been taken out of my hands. But I also believe that making camp is the wisest choice. The fire is a debate though, I would like a fire for vision and comfort, but making it would attract enemies. helping Dalla clear out a space for camp.

Erik Vale
2012-11-07, 09:20 PM
First Watch

After a camp is cleared, and fire tools are set out (But no fire lit) Erich begins his ritualistic practice, much as he does every evening, performing battle stanza's as he moves around the camp. Each move designed to refresh muscles and remind him of techniques, performed on horse and on foot.

This was the discipline he strived for, the order that set him apart from other warriors.
'The Proof of my structured mind.' He thought.
'And proof I'm better is shown in combat, I wouldn't be to surprised if this undisciplined bunch make so much noise as to scare away our quarry.'
To the onlooker (should any remain awake), Erich's manuevers may well look graceful, if unusual, as they are carried out with great precision.

Feat Changes-
Fighter Feats Dropped: Ellusive Attack, Subdueing Strike, Combat Reflexes
Fighter Feats Gained: Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, Improved Mounted Archery.

Perform (Weapons Drill): [roll0]
Spot: [roll1]
Listen: [roll2]

((For some reason the bottom half of my skills is clipped, and I can't access mythweavers at the moment, so look at my charactersheet to find the bonuses if important))

2012-11-08, 05:36 PM
Domonic spends a decent amount of first watch preening and admiring himself in his mirror. Eventually, the urge to sleep overtakes him and he curls around his belongings and falls into a light sleep.
Domonic sleeps fitfully for a time, weary of others being so close to his(insignificant) possessions. Only the fact that he brought nothing of value allows him to sleep at all.
Not an hour later he snaps awake and quietly devours one of his rations; anyone who cares to watch will see him basically drool onto the meal cupped in his hands before lapping and tearing up what remains. Of course he then has to preen himself again, occasionally hissing out a greatly reduces little burst of acid to clean or slick his hands.He pops his acid resistance aura, then spews a reduced blast of his breath onto the food; a habit that will supposedly bring him closer to his draconic kin.

God Imperror
2012-11-14, 03:11 PM
Ander follows the party lost in his thoughts, almost wondering why didn't he keep an eye open for new messages, it seems that he is failing to focus. He falls asleep swiftly and snores a little until one small white rat moves towards his check and bites him till he closes his mouth and keeps quite.

At some point during the second guard he wakes up again, uncomfortable moving against one of the roots at his back. After looking around he moves back again to rest as comfortably as possible.

2012-11-15, 07:22 AM
You all settle down for the night, drawing straws for who will take which shift, having decided and cursing your luck, you settle down into whatever you have to lie in.

Taking your shifts in turn, you all have a strange sense of feeling, like something is watching you, but nothing ever moves, or stirs the trees. No sound of crunching snow, and no alarmed birds fly into the sky.

All is apparently, normal.

The sun slowly creeps up and the hour of dawn approaches, waking those who are not already awake from the cold.

I'm assuming, that because you all grew up, and lived in the town, you have some form of cold weather clothing. (you may add this to you items)

But unfortunately, sleeping on the ground still is hard, and sleeping with out a tent and only a fire to warm you is not enough.

Those of you without any form of magical protection make a fort save, DC 15 or you are fatigued for one hour until you warm up.

2012-11-15, 08:10 AM
Fort Save: [roll0]

Dominic awakes as perky and energetic as a child in the summer; that is, until he has to clean himsefl up. Twenty or thirty minutes of preening later he's up, a presence of savagery about him...and he's hungry.

With all of his possessions in tow, he slips away for an hour or so to hunt for his own food. To be specific he's searching for mosses, swamp plants and fish, but if he comes across something else he'll be happy to eat that as well.

2012-11-15, 10:43 AM
Hroth gets up early in morning, much earlier than his compatriots, shrugging off the cold, he retrieves his bow, leaving the camp, hunts for food.


Erik Vale
2012-11-15, 05:25 PM
Fortitude Roll: [roll0]

Erich had been in the town to long, and he felt it. Not that he complained. Helping pack up the camp, anyone who saw him would see bleary eyes, he was definately a slow waker.

2012-11-21, 03:08 AM
Your group slowly wakes from the twilight shining through the coniferous pine leaves, standing and stretching you feel almost numb, the cold of the night combined with the heat sucking ground does not make for a comfortable or hot sleep.

It takes several hours to cleanup camp, rolling sleeping rugs, eating whatever rations you have or finding something to eat. A few of you actually caught a hair on a trap you laid the night before. Field dressing it and throwing in some of the wild roots you found actually makes for a wonderfully fulfilling and body warming morning soup.

Feeling much more energized and fed you scatter the fire pit, and take up positions. Valan takes point, able to read the language of the terrain much easier than most, while Dominic, Dalla, Ander, and Hrolf form the body with Erik taking the rear guard.

Most of the morning is spent trudging through the snow carpeted floor of the forest, you make slow time, as the snow drifts and embankments ensure a difficult time. The whole time you feel something odd, the hairs on back tingle, akin to the feeling of someone watching you from behind.

Looking back you see nothing, and Erik, as vigilant as ever nods to you.

Everyone please roll and spot/listen attempt

The afternoon is more of the same, until Valan signals for everyone to halt, you were rising a large snowbank on the edge of a knoll. Crouching down and lying in the snow he motions for everyone to come up. Doing so, some with more finesse than others, you breach the lip of the knoll and see what he halted the group for: A large encampment.

Taking a more focused look you see the camp has several large creatures (like that one you slew in town) moving around, some on guard duty, some killing chickens and others moving from tent to tent, they even had a long hall, half of which was burned black. The whole place was cleverly placed, the smoke from the fires being distressed and dispersed by a wind that swept through the sunken valley leaving them totally hidden to anyone but the sky and those who would stumble upon them.

After several moments you count roughly ~30 creatures all together, some are armored, and wield massive glaives of shiny metal you have never seen before. One stands out to be some kind of witch and another, much larger than the rest is obviously the chieftain.

After lying in the snow for a while your body starts to go numb and you start to get a little drowsy, this vanishes the moment you all see a creature drag a female human from on tent to another area, the ground red with blood, hang her upside down and cut her throat, letting he bleed out, she wiggles and mutely screams from her cut vocal cords and hands tied behind her back. She slowly grows weaker and stops all together. It is obvious the thing intends to eat her as it stands before her sharpening a butchers knife with a sick evil grin.

Erik Vale
2012-11-24, 03:53 PM
Erich Quickly Raises his bow, which was already out, and arrow not quite lined up as he whispers.

"Do we grant her a Peaceful ending now or are we repositioning."
He says it more as a statement then a question, expecting the actions of the others to answer it.

2012-11-24, 04:06 PM
Hroth crouches even lower, whispering his response to Erich's statement, Reposition, we're outnumbered five to one here, I don't like our odds., eying the creatures carefully.

OOC: Best bet is to draw them out and ambush. I think.

Master of Tactics: Circumstance bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls when flanking. (+5)

Motivate Attack: Circumstance bonus on melee attack rolls. (+3)

Aura of Courage: Morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and saving throws vs. fear. This bonus overlaps with similar abilities (such as inspire courage) (+2)

2012-11-27, 05:32 PM
"Forget the girl; we should see if they have anything worth taking before we raze this whole place down; a five to one fight wont accomplish anything if 4 of the five are on fire." There is a twisted gleam in Dominic's eyes as they dart over the camp.

Still, predicting the team wont listen to him (which has the most common response to him speaking since he was but a wee lad) he draws and loads his trusty crossbow. He's so excited that his strange presence washes over those closest around him, just a touch of his nature spreading to his teammates.

Dominic readies his crossbow and prepares his Acid Resistance Aura (Acid resist 10) so he will hopefully avoid killing a teammate with his breath.

His plan is for us to snoop around a bit to check for treasure; quality weapons, good art or valuable trinkets. If we don't find anything we should set fire to the camp and brutalize those who don't perish in the flames.