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1954 - Spring
RADIO (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2UkFvKllLw)

When you first heard of the portal, you don't know what you expected, but you certainly weren't expecting this. The entire setup is obviously adhoc. Arm-thick cables running throughout the building like blood vessels, controls and detector equipment in haphazard organization, and a simple 10ft radius area of bare sand and clear of anything else except for a single cable. Security is tight though. Armed soldiers are everywhere - mostly getting in the way of the scientists. There's a constant humming as the generators ready the capacitors.

You get ready.

There's a flash.

And the portal is made whole and stable.

It's like looking at mirror, except what is reflected is a different world. There's no little green men or purple trees or anything as obvious as that. But a different world nonetheless.

You and your men step through.

_/ _/ _/

The location of Special Logistics Staging District № 1 (man, that's a mouthful) is moderately forested and through breaks in the trees you can see hills and mountains. You are probably around a few thousand feet up the side of a gently-sloping mountain (at least, gently-sloping where you are) Any of you who served in World War II in the European theater are reminded of the Austrian Alps. According to the first expedition, there is native settlements further down the mountain, but they never made face-to-face contact.

The first job is going to be creating shelter and finding a way to keep supplied. You get supplies from the SLD through the portal, but the portal is intermittent.

2012-10-20, 02:49 PM
Data Analysis Panel

"Well, this world certainly looks more familiar than I would have thought. I mean if we are going to a world where magic is real I would have expected purple trees or something" says Sebastian Mercer as he steps through the portal with his reconnaissance personnel. As they move to secure the area he looks around the area where they have emerged. Spotting a good location he motions for his men to follow him as he limps over to a flat area to the right of the portal.

"All right men, start setting up a temporary base camp here. Pitch the tents, and start making sure they are camouflaged. Sure when the other groups get here they probably won't take nearly as many precautions, but at least we won't be the reason we are discovered.

After a short while some tents and such are set up, and the personnel move to scout the immediate area, with the exception of a couple of administrative staff who stay with Mercer. They were in for a long few days. With the other departments coming as soon as the portal could be opened he wanted to make a good professional impression. Hopefully they could get some basic facilities set when they arrived. Or at least some descent latrines.

2012-10-20, 03:31 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (OLAIOC)

Roshan shook his head, trying to get rid of the numbness. He'd been told portal travel wouldn't be pleasant, but it was still an uncomfortable feeling. More annoying though, was the cold. Keen to get started, he turned back to the portal.

Major Peter was a few steps behind Roshan, taking in the surrounding alpine landscape with interest. There were a few minute differences that revealed this as not being earth, but it otherwise looked very familiar. It was a comforting feeling, that made the beautiful visage even more overwhelming.

As he knelt over a nearby flower, inspecting the off-colour of their petal, Roshan blundered in, interrupting his reverie.

"How can you just be standing there? "It's freezing!"

Peter just smirked. They'd spent so many of the last few in the sweltering heat of New Mexico that the foolish executive had forgotten to pack any winter clothes.

"Fine, don't answer. We've got work to do. You can look at flowers later."

"Yes. Get you men to start building a base. These trees should be good enough material. Should only take a few weeks.

"A few weeks? There's fifty of us. How slow do you think we are?"

"We need to build bases for the other departments as well."

"What! These guys are chumps! They can build their own bases. I've got oil to search for."

"No. We're here to provide support. Some of the departments didn't even bring workers. We've got our orders, and I will see them followed."

"Fine. Whatever. I'm blaming you if someone else gets to the oil first."

2012-10-20, 05:11 PM

SLD № 1

"We have hundreds of men, here. When we reach our destination, they will need food. They will need shelter. We will provide for them."

"What is our destination?"

"It is another world, one in which infrastructure has yet to be developed. Let us go forth, and see the world prepared."

The portal opens, revealing a mirror-like surface.

"This will stay open for three minutes. Just enough time for a song!"

Un-named mountain

"Никто не даст нам избавленья:
Ни бог, ни царь и не герой!
Добьёмся мы освобожденья
Своею собственной рукой.
Чтоб свергнуть гнёт рукой умелой,
Отвоевать своё добро,
Вздувайте горн и куйте смело,
Пока железо горячо!"

The song of the CSF is performed in 23 languages, continuing as they march through the portal, bringing with them the equipment needed. Judging from the smiles of the men and women singing, morale is running rather high.

"Alright, it looks like we've got people already working on getting wood and building shelters. That'll be good for the short term, but if we don't get something sturdier this place will be wiped out at the first snow. We can't rely on support forever, so let's get some facilities together!"

2012-10-20, 05:27 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

Peter watched the excited procession with utter bewilderment. He'd been told there'd be a few russians working with them, but this was something different. The US couldn't possibly be co-operating with the Soviets, not even the new world could achieve that, could it?

After a few moments peter decided it was none of his business, and got back to work. He'd spotted the group he was looking for as he was marking out the edges of the base with the workers. He'd gotten the briefly on the Data Analysis Panel. They seemed to be a conventional scouting force, but he got the impression something above his security level was being kept from him.

Walking up to their camp, Peter approached one of the high-ranking men and addressed him firmly.

"I am Major Peter Walsh, of the Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. May I speak to Sebastian Mercer?"

2012-10-20, 05:30 PM
Data Analysis

to Liaison

A man with a prosthetic leg limps forward. Hi Peter, I'm Mercer. It's good to see other people arriving. Hopefully we can get set up here without too much difficulty. Now, did you have anything in particular you wanted to ask?

2012-10-20, 06:26 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

Momentarily surprised by the informal language, Peter quickly adapts, offering his hand to Mercer before speaking;

"I understand your department has significant scouting assets. We're going to need to find a source of clean water, and identify the local fauna and flora. If this is anything like earth, we should be able to find a source of food in the forest."

"Are you able to do that? My department has plenty of workers, if you need a hand setting up your base camp."

2012-10-20, 06:54 PM
Data Analysis

Seeing the Major's surprise, Mercer sighs, and says I'm used to working with people who know me well, forgive my informality. He then takes the Major's hand and says I am Colonel Sebastian Mercer, American Data Analysis Panel. My people will scout the immediate area for the next few days, and should be able to identify any flora/fauna that is sufficiently similar to earth. My people should also be capable of finding local sources of food and water, although it will be difficult to feed so many people in close proximity without depleting the local animal stocks, at least long term. We should really attempt to get in contact with the locals for some food, at least until we can set up our own supplies. Once that is doe they will probably try to observe the behavior of the natives. Hopefully find out information more specific than "somewhat similar to medieval Europe". Maybe even observe a few instances of this magic, so that we know what we are dealing with here.

As to the base camp, we will appreciate your help. my people will be mainly involved in scouting and won't have enough time to set up base camp.

2012-10-21, 02:47 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

James Remy, turned to his team, asking So, grounds too uneven for a runway, we're stuck with choppers. Anyone here rusty with them?

Nope, don't think so, okay, I guess the replies came.

Okay, good, now move it, we need the more durable parts over here ASAP, not eight hours from now. I'm going to talk to Peter over there about the construction of a storage shed and a HQ. James replies clapping his hands.

OOC: waiting for Mercer and Peter to finish talking.

2012-10-21, 03:42 AM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

"Okay. It'll be good to get a grip on what we're dealing with here. Hopefully they're not hostile, but it's a distinct possibility."

"Would you excuse me? It appears another department has arrived. I'll see if they need anything. Be back with a handful of men to help you in a few hours."

Major Peter departs respectfully and walks over to what appears to be a group of airmen, looking rather out of place in the middle of a forest.

2012-10-21, 04:17 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

James turns to peter saying Oh hello, I was just about to walk over to talk to you. Name's Captain James Remy, extending his arm in greeting.

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2012-10-21, 07:17 AM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

Captain. Huh. Someone lower down the command chain. That might come in handy later. Best not to start things off on the wrong foot though. Peter shook the Captain's hand.

"Major Peter Walsh, Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company."

"You're an airmen? I heard we'd have some air support, but I didn't expect to see this many of you. Regardless, your support is appreciated. We're setting up our base camp now, do you need a hand?"

2012-10-21, 07:37 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking, what's a captain doing in charge over here? Well, technically, its Brigadier General, but in the army proper I'm a captain they'll think I'm throwing up airs if I start calling myself general. I got medically discharged before getting a chance to be promoted higher. And yes, we need a hanger up, a mission control and some space set aside for an aerodrome later, preferably a lot of it.

2012-10-21, 09:38 AM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

"I don't have the men to start on your air base this season. We need to get food, water, and shelter for everyone sorted out as quickly as possible.

"Plus, this area is a bit too heavily forested. Do you have any scouts? Things should clear up further uphill. We can build the air base there. We'll also need some proper building materials. Can you requisition those through the portal?"

2012-10-21, 09:57 AM

The CSF has split up in order to cover its task more effectively. Several of them are busy marking down areas for construction, while two of them are working to get the forms for supply requisition filled out. Most, however, are working to clear away some of the trees.

On the return trip from delivering the logs, one of the group breaks off to introduce himself.

"I overheard that you need an air base set up. We're already working on facilities for equipment maintenance and resource processing. We can set aside a space for your hanger and mission control, if you'd like."

2012-10-21, 09:59 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

Fair enough, but as soon as you can, we need those long-ranged Mustangs up in the air and to do that, we need an aerodrome so as soon as the basic necessities are taken care of, we need that airfield. But all we really need now are barracks which I think we can share, a "shed" of sorts to construct and house a few scout choppers temporarily and a small clearing to launch it from. Your men can handle that? Sure I'll requisition the materials you need. If it is any help, I don't actually mind what is the "shed" made of since its temporary, just that it can house, four to five small choppers safely, and it's spacious enough for engineering work, you know how cluttered that can get.

OOC: this was in reply to razovor

Turning to the CSF guy, James says Thank you for the kind offer, but maybe we can talk about this later, my ma always told me it was rude to try to hold two conversations at once.

2012-10-21, 10:21 AM

"I hear you. See you around!"

Respecting the sentiment to hold but one conversation at a time, the CSF member jogs off to rejoin his group in clearing away the trees.

2012-10-21, 12:00 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

"We should be able to manage that. I don't know much about engineering myself. I'll send one of our experts over for the specifics."

2012-10-22, 06:49 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

Sure, send him to talk to Roger over there. James replies, pointing to the head technician.

2012-10-22, 11:04 AM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian OIl Company

"Right. That seems to be all for now, so I'll see if the...Russians ... need anything."

Peter looked around warily

"Honestly, it's more than a little worrying having them here. The Soviets are not our allies, for good reason. Hopefully they're not going to turn hostile. But we'll have to wait and see."

Major Peter turned and walked off towards the CSF encampment.

2012-10-23, 09:53 AM
The Bureau of Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs

After stepping through the portal Ambassador Hewitt stepped to the side so his men could bring the equipment and supplies through. In his impeccable grey suit Hewitt was a bit incongruous against the mountainous forest, but even on a completely new world there were certain standards to be maintained.

Looking around Hewitt noted that his men had finished bringing everything over. "Alright people you know what the plan is. Manson, take a few men and get the tents up. I don't know how fast the other departments are going to be building, and I for one don't want to be stuck sleeping on the ground tonight."

"Lawrence, Roberts, take your teams into the woods. I want to know what's around us. Kelly, your team's on point. Go get me some info on the natives. I want something more detailed than these tidbits the first scouts reported."

"The rest of you start preparing some options for the natives. We don't what these people are going to be like. So be prepared for surprises. I want contingencies to account for this magic, and remember just because the scouts didn't see anything more advanced than the Middle Ages doesn't mean they don't have it. It's not like the scouts went far from the portal site after all."

2012-10-23, 11:06 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

James walks towards his engineers and airmen who are only now setting up a simple tarp to keep the weather of the about to be constructed chopper's internals. He say's Good news, I have managed to score us a temporary hanger, lodgings in the about to be built barracks and a promise of an airfield.

A whooping cheer emits from the group.

He continues Sadly, these things are on the waiting list today I'm guessing a few weeks for the barracks and the hanger, so yall have to sleep in tents until the barracks are up.

A sound of disappointment washes over the group

So how's the chopper coming along?

Well, in the few short minutes we were given we managed to drag in most of the gear needed to put the chopper together along with some fuel. The actual parts will start being dragged in on the next portal opening. We estimate a month, tops before this tiny thing is up and running. Sure you want a Sioux?

Only thing we can get up and running in a reasonable amount of time. When the field is built, I'll see about the Mustangs.

Extra-Territorial Air Command - End of Turn Report
1st Special Operations Squadron

Begin construction of a scout helicopter under a simple "tent" when the promised temporary hanger is completed, the construction is moved there. Once construction is complete, scouting missions are flown to map out the surrounding areas, taking great care to not be noticed by the natives. More scouts are constructed and flown on mapping missions as soon as possible.

HQ is set up in the temporary hanger

2012-10-23, 07:43 PM
Alpha Squad
Task: Establish Base camp and start on project Epsilon

As the group emerged from their portal, a hierarchy was easily seen. The top of the groups ladder was a middle aged woman with short hair tucked inside of a military-esque cap, her second in command was a tall man, dark skinned with the companies logo and the US' flag on his uniform.

"Alright boys, our current tasks are establish Base camp and echo task. If you read the report like you were supposed to, you would know what that is. Now, I'll take a look around and find something I like higher up the mountain, the rest of you send Johnson to talk with the other groups."

When no one spoke, Shrin made her way up the mountain a little while the youngest of the group, a white man with brown hair, sheepishly emerged to make his way to the nearest camp to talk. The rest of them went through the gear they had and waited.

After about ten minutes, Shrin made her way back.

"All right everyone, we'll leave Johnson here while we set up a camp on a flat area about five minutes up. Its nice and flat, and should suit our starting purposes very nicely."

(As this is likely to be my only post till Friday, gonna make an EOT now)

Alpha Squad

Research: Find some iron, coal, and other metal deposits nearby so they aren't completely reliant on the other side.

Military/Industry: Build, and fortify a basic base camp.

Industry: Get the basics of production for the metal and more complex parts started.

2012-10-24, 08:24 AM
Armed Security and Militairy Command

1st Extra-Territorial Infantry Division

Lt. Colonel Davids and his man got through the portal later then expected. Seeing the other departments already starting to set up camp he smiles.

I want a defensive perimeter asap! Do not engage the natives unless attacked. For now this is a diplomatic exploration mission.

Davids then turns to the other officer.

Glad you all made it through in one piece. Sorry were late.

Militairy: Guard the perimeter and chop down trees.
Industry: build simple defenses
Diplomacy: Talk to encountered natives and try to establish trade for food and water.

2012-10-26, 07:23 PM
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2012-10-26, 09:17 PM
I wish that I had better internet access at times like this.

Economy - Department: +++++++ [2]: Requisition supplies and materials for construction.
Economy - U.S. Government: + [5]: Put in a general request for additional personnel.

The Commune:
Industry: +++++++[5]: Use the requisitioned supplies and local resources to construct facilities for the maintenance and construction of machinery.
Diplomacy/Morale: Keep the spirits high as we labor to construct the tools we need to establish this outpost of Mother America!

2012-10-26, 10:56 PM
Data Analysis Panel

A Memo received by all department heads

Hello fellow department heads. We have been scouting around the area, looking for anything interesting, in addition to trying to identify native plants and animals. Here is a summary of our findings.

We have a city in the middle of the valley near the river. It contains between 1000 and 2000 people. The surrounding countryside has another 6000 to 12000 people living there.. Mainly farming. The Using the river as a water source will thus likely attract attention. We have found several springs and pools, but we don't expect them to last long. Hopefully there is a tributary close enough to the base to be of use.

The plants and animals while superficially similar are too different to identify easily. It would be risky to eat anything that comes from this side before testing it. Chemically resting it will take a while however, aside form the fact that our department has no research assets. Perhaps one of the other departments could help? Or we could just ask the natives when we eventually make contact.

Worryingly our scouts have found absolutely no signs of any magic. Given that this is completely at odds with the preliminary reports it may be cause for concern.

- Sebastian Mercer

To Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs

We have recently noticed that your men have walked right into town, presumably to greet the natives. While we would have preferred to have a little more set up time before contact it's water under the bridge now. We would like to know what information you have gained through this contact. Also any preliminary observations for about the people living in the valley would be nice to know.

Also next time you meet the natives could you ask about what foods are edible? It would save us a lot of time doing chemical testing.

2012-10-27, 05:42 AM
Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

Roshan stood under the cover of a small shed, the closest thing they had to an agricultural expert standing beside him, both of them looking out the newly ploughed farmland. It was a dull venture, but Roshan understood the necessity. He was hoping however it won't be so difficult.

"The soybeans won't grow in this climate. The grapes are fine, but will take a couple years to produce a good crop. The grain can't survive the wind, we'll need to something about that."

The expert sighed, gesturing to the one flourishing field of clover.

"Of course, the only crop we can't eat, is doing fine. What more should I have expected?"

Roshan frowned. Why had his department been left with the boring work? Industrial arms and armour were scouring the countryside, finding iron and coal in abundance. Well, not abundance. The tiny size of their find was actually amusing when you thought about it. Maybe next time they'd consult the industrial experts before wandering off on their own.

"Any ideas?"

"Yes, but it's a little... experimental... Just got a report back from earth-side, should be possible."

"Can't we just build a wall?"

"Where's the fun in that!? This is supposed to be an adventure!"

2012-10-27, 08:54 AM
Armed Security and Militairy Command

Memo to all:
This is Lt. Colonel Davids of the ASMC. As you know, my teams main concern is the safety of the camp and its residents. Current problem is the lighting. Bonfires suffice for now but its may attract the wrong attention and it requires alot of wood and labor to keep them going. We can not keep the camp safe without light so not having any is out of the question. My combat engineers will work towards a more permanent means of defence but we need your help. Generators working on wood and coal to generate electricity will be much more efficient than the bonfires. We should try and get those through the portal from Earth together with spotlights. I will ask for machine guns to improve defenses. We want to work together to optimize camp security. Maybe some diplomats should be send towards the nearly settlement.

Lt. Colonel Mason Davids, Armed Security and Militairy Command.

2012-10-27, 11:36 AM
Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

To all Departments
"What? No. They're just a bunch of peasants with sticks and swords. If they attack, you can just gun them down. We don't need to be subtle about our presence. They should be scared of us, not the other way round."

"Let's try to avoid fighting please. We're working on energy generation, but the coal supply is limited, and we don't want to be burning down the whole forest. We think wind power would be more viable."

2012-10-27, 12:23 PM
Data Analysis

To Liason

A bunch of peasants who potentially know a wizard or two if the initial reports are accurate in any meaningful way on the magic issue. We should really avoid any and all combat with the natives until we have an accurate picture of the amount and nature of the magic they are said to possess.

2012-10-27, 01:08 PM
The Office of Liason to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (OLAIOC)

To Data Analysis

"There's no such thing as magic! That's not how reality works. We have to act based on sense, not fantasy"

2012-10-27, 01:14 PM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

We have our chopper, use it people! It may not be unobtrusive, but we can use it to map out the uninhabited parts until we have permission to do flyovers over the villages.

Memo (To all department heads)

We have a chopper up and running. If you want use of the chopper, please proceed over to the hanger and requisition time on it. This is on a first come first serve basis. Please reserve the chopper at least one day before use.

we use the chopper to get a basic aerial map of the area, interjected with any of the other departments requesting its use.

2012-10-27, 03:03 PM
Data Analysis

To Liason

Well the initial scouts reported magic, or something so foreign to us that it appears to be magic. I wish to scout a lot more before disregarding the initial reports. Or at least try to figure out why they would have said that if there is nothing too far out of the ordinary here. Just don't try to provoke the natives until we have had more time (and preferably asked the natives about "magic")

To Air Command

The helicopter is too loud for our tastes at the moment. We prefer to be more discreet. When you get something quieter we'll talk to you.

2012-10-27, 04:58 PM
The Office of Liason to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (OLAIOC)

To Data Analysis

"Is it not obvious why they said their was magic? They travelled to a new world! A new world! This is the single biggest discovery in all of history. The shock is going to have a profound effect on people."

2012-10-27, 05:49 PM
Data Analysis

To Liason

Hmm... I hadn't considered that. A very plausible explaination. We should still ask the locals about it, and continue to conduct our own investigations though. As you pointed out we are on a different world. We should really be careful to not make too many assumptions. For all we know magic could in fact be real (although necessarily rare given the lack of sightings). If the locals cannot point us to anyone nearby capable of practicing magic, then I think we can rule it out for any practical purposes.


Could you send us what exactly the scouts said they saw when they mentioned magic?

2012-10-28, 03:58 AM
Armed Security and Militairy Command

To data analysis

Our diplomats are willing to join your operations in native towns. We think negotiations with the natives might bear fruit. We could negotiate food and water supplies and explain to them our intentions. However those negotiations might go, we will fortify the base.

2012-10-28, 10:02 AM
Data Analysis

To Armed Security and Military Command

Our people have little diplomatic skill. Their primary focus is in discreet observation, and scouting. So a joint diplomatic mission would be impractical until I get someone who has some skill in diplomacy. we would prefer that if a diplomatic mission is sent, that several questions be asked on our behalf. Would you be willing to ask the questions if a mission is done?

2012-10-29, 04:09 PM
The Bureau of Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs (BETIA)

Hewitt sat at his rickety folding chair in front of the small card table that served as his desk. It was piled high with paper, and more files stuck out of hte boxes around him. Memos, memos, and more memos, you'd think that an outpost in a totally alien world world wouldn't have this much paperwork. Well that was government work for you.

Sighing the ambassador reached for a fresh sheet of paper. Time to write a few memos of his own.

To the Data Analysis Panel
We have gained quite a lot of observations on their culture and city, but we lack the expertise to analysis them. Kingdoms from the middle ages haven't existed on earth for centuries. We do know that they seem fairly well established and probably have a fair amount of trade with their neighbors given the lack of curiosity they showed our observers.

As for the matter of food we can ask them any question you want, but we don't expect an answer. Given that they don't speak English.

A Notice on the Main Bulletin Board (Or whatever we have here.)

Be advised that observations point to the native inhabitants being feudal in nature. As such they likely take a dim view of poaching. We have not seen anything in the way of game ourselves, but if there is any we advise you not to hunt it. As it would potentially get a posse of game wardens coming into our base.

This may seem trivial, but the natives DO NOT speak English. And with no way to communicate clearly even trivial incidents can become major diplomatic problems. And while their technology is primitive compared to ours an arrow or spear through the gut can kill you just as easily as a bullet.

- Ambassador Hewitt

2012-10-29, 04:52 PM
Data Analysis

To everyone

Due to the fact that the natives do not speak English it would probably be a good idea to hire a staff of well trained linguists. Our department doesn't really specialize in contact, but we would appreciate knowing who will hire linguists to decipher the language (and thus lead any diplomatic missions).

Additionally while we do have plans for our scouts we would like to ask if anyone has any specific requests for things to discreetly observe.

2012-10-29, 06:59 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

To Everyone
We don't have time to hire any linguists. You people still haven't gotten your silly bases up and running properly, so we've got to do it for you."

"We'll be working on food, water, and hopefully electricity this season. You go do whatever else you think is more important than survival."

"We appreciate your efforts, and welcome any help you can offer."

"No we don't"

To Industrial Arms and Armor
"You found some oil! Not a great deal though. But it does show you're looking for a source of power."

"Might I propose; Wind Power?"

"It's certainly very windy here. Shouldn't be hard to get up a couple turbines. Should give us enough power to set up our initial base. We can look for more powerful, temporary sources when we've got a good back-up"

2012-10-31, 02:02 AM
Armed Security and Militairy Command

Lt. Colonel Davids

After reading the memo`s Mason closed his eyes for a moment. What a bloody mess.

To everyone (most by memo, although Lt. Colonel Davids visits the Data Analasis department in person).

Our diplomats speak a couple of languages from our world. If someone could get their hands on their writings or record the language on audio tape, we might figure it out. Once we can communicate, we`ll launch a diplomatic mission. Untill then our priority is ensuring the safety of the camp.

To Data Analasis
We will try to get a linguist through the portal as soon as possible. Could you try and get some survey equipment to capture their language on tape and observe their customs?

To Industrial Arms and Armor
We would like to work together with your department on any project that involves electricity and lighting of the camp. Currently the firepits work but the natives might be angered if we cut down the forest.
Currently were planning to hire a linquist to desipher the language and we will ask for machine guns to increase camp security. May we ask what your planning to upgrade the base?

To Extra-Territorial Air Command
We would like to have one of your pilots and the chopper stand-by in case of an attack by the natives. The plan is to have one of my men in the air, in case of an emergency.

2012-10-31, 07:35 AM
Data Analysis

To Armed Security and Military Command

Remember those large man-sized boxes we got through the portal a little while back? Those were filled with various pieces of recording equipment. We shall try to get you your recordings as soon as possible. Also I'll talk to BETIA to see if they can record native language and context in their expeditions as well.

2012-11-03, 02:11 PM
The Bureau of Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs

Hewitt has had a lot on his plate despite the lack of meaningful communication with any of the natives. He has requisitioned more supplies and personnel and sent his men out again to continue their efforts at contact.

Opinion - U.S. Gov't +++++ [3]
Hewitt has put in another request for linguists, and an additional request for a middle ages history professor.

Trade Goods
Economy - Department +++++++ [2]
Hewitt makes a list of potential trade goods, bolts of fine cloth, steel knives, gold, and send it to the SLD quartermasters

Economy - U.S. Gov't + [5]
Hewitt fills out a requesition for sidearms for all his men.

Men in Grey
Diplomacy +++++++[5]
Morale ++++++[4]
Espionage +++[4]
Fieldcraft ++[2]

The Men in Grey attempt to locate someone who looks like a merchant in exotic goods and establish contact.

2012-11-03, 07:42 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, EoT #2

Wind Turbine parts
Economy, + [4], +++ [2], ++++++ [3]
Opinion +++++ [3]
The office will requisition the necessary parts and equipment for the construction of as many wind turbines as would be necessary to power the starting bases of all departments.

Industry: ++++++++ [7]
Morale: +++++ [5]

The first task is the construction of the wind turbines, to generate electricity for all departments. Properly positioned they should also reduce the damaging effect of wind on our crops.

If this task is completed the office would dig a well to the groundwater level, to provide a permanent supply of fresh water for the departments.

2012-11-03, 10:08 PM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

Another chopper is built. Use the chopper to map out as much of the surrounding area as possible. The techs "borrow" a couple of machine guns and stick them into the choppers for self defence, agreeing to ASMC's request to stick some guys into the chopper.

2012-11-05, 02:56 AM

A request will be send back to Earth to get a linguist through the portal.
Further more, a request for machine guns and mounts for those guns is send to increase base defences, another request for more permanent fortifications such as prefab concrete wall sections is send. (possibly using up the departments funds)

If indeed there are no funds for my request, I cancle the order of a linguist. If thats now enough Lt. Colonel Davids sends a letter, straining how important defences are should the natives discover the base and prove hostile. The chance that the natives have spotted the camp is extremely high, how they react to the base if unsure.

Mil: will be scout and man nearby natural defencive positions.
Industry: the engineers will support the other factions as for as electricity and lighting goes.
diplomats will be on stand-by, doing their regular soldiering job until needed to talk to either the natives or smooth things out in camp.

As far as the "borrowing of machine guns" goes by Air Command, they should request their own machine guns since department recources are strictly for ASMC use or send a request to Maj. General Nelson Hollender about this matter.

2012-11-12, 04:50 PM
1954 - Autumn
RADIO (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZyGDmkb_P4)

The summer heat passes into autumn cold. By the time winter rolls around, you have a feeling that you're all going to be knee-deep in snow.

OOC: Quick reminder: anything in spoilers is for that person only, unless otherwise noted. Also, if I've been struck blind and just missed the EoT for the Extra-Territorial Air Command and the Commune please tell me.

Extra-Territorial Air Command
1st Special Operations Squadron
You can't put the machine guns in the front of your choppers, but you can stick them on the right-hand side and have it used by the co-pilot manually. It'll be awkward as hell to use accurately, but you don't really expect to be getting into a fight soon.

You construct an additional chopper.

The choppers are loud and you often seen flocks of birds flying up in surprise. There's no way that the inhabitants of this world don't know something is happening up in the mountains.

To the south is more mountains. Your scout choppers will probably be battered into the sides of them by wind if you try to scale the mountains. To the west, it looks like the mountains taper down to dry lands, while the mountains to the east taper down to much more lush lands. At night, you can see lights to the east and north - the northern settlement is much closer and you haven't done a fly-by yet.

Industrial Arms and Armor
IAAR Squad Alpha

Armed Security and Military Command
1st Extra-Territorial Infantry Division

You can't get through any large concrete pre-fab walls - most of the stuff would have to be around human-height, which isn't exactly useful. Analysts back at the Special Logistics Department, however, calculate that it will be easier and cheaper to send through chain-link fences with barbed wire tops. The posts can be fortified with concrete so that they can't be easily uprooted. You are able to encircle the base.

You also get a couple of M1919 Browning (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1919_Browning)s to be used in sandbag emplacements at the entrances of the base.

What type of linguist are you looking for?

The Bureau of Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs

With enough prodding, you're able to get a Middle Ages professor by the name of Prof. Harvey Davidson. The SLD isn't exactly happy with having to give Above Top-Secret access to somebody on a short, especially given the level of access he's going to have going out on missions.

Add "Special: Consultation with Prof. Davidson" to the Men in Grey and reduce your U.S. Gov't opinion quality by one.

The SLD has also shipped you rolls of military-grade cotton, surplus silk parachutes, a box of kitchen knives, a box of combat knives, and one coin bar of gold (.9 pure) and 20 Eagles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_%28U.S._coin%29).

You also get your sidearms. You'll get a military rating next turn.

A new addition has come to the base. The man is definitely not military and, while not out-of-shape, seems to be the like type of man who has a desk job.

Several crates and covered rolls have been sent.

Men in Grey

While it involves a couple misunderstandings, with Prof. Davidson's help you're able to find a man who represents what Prof. Davidson assures you is the local prominent merchant guild. Davidson is unable to recognize the language the man speaks, but seems to be able to get along with pantomime.

The merchant doesn't seem all that impressed by your gold and it quickly becomes apparent why - gold coinage seems to be the norm around here, though there are also silver and iron coins of various sizes. The merchant is more impressed with the cotton and silk. You get the impression that he also likes the knives, but he doesn't deal in them or maybe he doesn't like them. It's hard to tell without a common language.

He's willing to give you gold for your stuff (It's easy enough to use pointing to say "This for this") and you could probably communicate some sort of trading deal. You don't know, however, what the worth of the gold and silver he's offering to you works out to.

The Men in Grey break perimeter and bring along several of the crates that were shipped through.

The American Data Analysis Panel
Eyes and Ears

There's no real tributaries of any sufficient size to supply the camp. The water pumps seem the best bet in that regard.

You're able to surreptitiously place video and audio surveillance. It's basic stuff - it doesn't transmit, it just records and you have to send men to go back and retrieve and replace the film. If anybody starts looking for the bugs, it's going to be easy enough to notice once they start seeing you men go in and out.

You are in the process of setting up a team of sociologists and anthropologists. The Special Logistics Department isn't all that happy with reading in so many people into the project, even if they're remaining Earth-side. You take a minus one hit to U.S. Gov't opinion quality.

For American Data Analysis Panel, Bureau of Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs, and Armed Security and Military Command

You have received a number of audio and visual recordings of the native town. Along with them is a note, from the American Data Analysis Panel: "You have expressed interest in, and been caught - respectively - making contact with the natives, and this should hopefully be helpful in making successful contact in the future". In addition to the recordings, there is information about a team of sociologists and anthropologists being assembled Earth-side to analyze these recordings.

The latest recordings show the BETIA's Men in Grey making contact with the natives. You may all read BETIA's Men in Grey (and only that) in my new turn report. It starts with "While it involves a couple misunderstandings".

Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
Industrial Group One

Properly positioned they should also reduce the damaging effect of wind on our crops.

Um, I don't know how you figure that. Please explain and we can retcon it easily enough

You set up a few wind turbines and a wind water pump. It's mostly all the same stuff, more or less, and it's only been within the last 10 years or so that you've seen wind turbines for power. They're all two-bladed models, with heavy concrete towers and they rise above the treeline. All together, the wind turbines probably provide around 10 to 15 kW, but it rises and falls during the day. You've got a small bank of batteries set up but you're going to have to ration power. Water is mostly sufficient for the base and you've got reserves.

The Commune
For this turn: ☹
Last turn retcon:
You are able to build up facilities for the repair of machinery. This should greatly reduce any future problems at this base.

OOC: In the future, please put any decisions into your end of turn report. I sort of had to make a gut judgement here and I'd rather avoid that.

Overall sentiment seems to be to keep using the fire pits. Your men are happy that they don't have to work in the dark and a hot meal is definitely good on the cool autumn nights. What finds your base first, however, isn't a bunch of peasants...

The ASMC patrols saw them first. Reports of large upright thing covered in fine fur. Not bears, but something that walked on two legs, slightly hunched over. The reports weren't dismissed, but without hard evidence all that could be done was to tell the men to be on the lookout.

Then one evening, just as the sun set and darkness fell across the base and the fire pits started to be lit, the creatures rushed the fences. They were large and fast - 8ft tall or so and about a dozen of them. They tried to get over the fences, but gave up trying to get through the barbed wire after awhile in favor of rushing the open gates. It's a good thing you had the M1919s because the creatures seemed to shrug off shots from the Garand like they were nothing. You were only able to kill two of the creatures - the rest fled back into the night with probably a half-pound of lead in each of them.

The men are all, understandably, concerned and the higher-ups in the Special Logistics Department are breathing down your necks.

If you Do Nothing you will probably lose morale and the opinion of the SLD and there might be other problems. Each department should Do Something, though that might mean that your other projects will suffer.

I wanted to give a bit more time for everybody, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. If everybody gets an EoT done before then, then all is good and I'll update anyways.

2012-11-12, 07:11 PM
The Office of Liaison to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

"We have power!"

Roshan gestured upwards with a flourish, as the turbine spun into action.

"Look at that, isn't that awesome!"

Peter smiled flatly. The grandiose construct, cutting garishly into the sky, breaking the otherwise beautiful tree-line with it's bland metal frame, was not something he would describe as 'awesome'.

Though he understood the necessity. Lamps at night, and hot water was a nice change from the last few dreary months.

"You're no fun."

"We have more important things to be thinking about."

"The grizzlies? Please. We've got more than enough departments here defending us. They can handle it."

"They won't be able to set up proper defenses without our help"

"Oh no! I guess they'll just have to use their guns won't they? Roshan said sarcastically.

"We should be out there prospecting. I've spent enough dang months stuck in this base."

"You want to send men out there with those things about?"

"They're not just going to disappear if we stay here are they?! We have to go out eventually."

"We've never seen them before. They might be seasonal. If not, they were pretty violent last week. Next time, we might well kill all of them"

"Fine. One more season. Then these bozo's can build their own stuff"

2012-11-12, 08:44 PM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

So, spotlights, machine guns, the whole nine yards. Can you do that?

Seems like fun, let's go hunting.

Memo to all other departments

Recently we have been facing, problems with the wildlife in the surrounding area, more specifically the "SHAGGY MONSTERS" we request ground-borne assistance in hunting down the creature. we have modified the choppers by attaching spotlights and a machine gun to it for this purpose. Anyone willing to be part of the ground hunting team can sign up at the hanger. The "hunt" will begin after the next attack.

2012-11-13, 06:26 AM
Armed Security and Militairy Command

To all departments, Lt. Colonel Davids visits each department-head personally:

Since Im getting sick of all the memo`s being send, I come to you in person.
We need heavier weapons and men to dig trenches around the fences. The fences held off the beasts for now but we need to repair them now. The machineguns did a mediocre job and our rifles and handguns were utterly useless. We will request mines and maybe even rocket launchers. This puts our diplomatic project on hold. We expect full cooperation in improving the base defences. My man will start the digging of the trench, with electricity we can atleast control where and when the lights are on. In addition, winter is coming and we need to prepare.

To the Extra-Territorial Air Command:

In addition to what I have told the others, a groundforce is ineffective. We can not easely move the M1919`s and since rifles and handguns proved to be ineffective, a groundforce send on these creatures would be suicide.

To Data Analists:

Headquarters back on Earth are having trouble determining what kind of linguist seems to be nessecary. Did you succeed in recording the language? Furthermore, do your scouts have any idea where the beasts came from?

2012-11-13, 06:35 AM
Extra-Territorial Air Command

James replies, You do make a good point, a ground attack force would be inefficient, but we will still attempt to track the beast by air after the next attack, other than that, my men will cooperate fully with any attempts at improving the defenses.

2012-11-13, 09:26 AM
Data Analysis

to Armed Security and Militairy Command

Our scouts were focusing on recording the native activity, so we haven't seen where the creatures came from. We will likely be working on that.

As to the recordings, we have plenty of recordings of both native behavior and language. We have forwarded them to a) departments attempting to get a linguist, and b) to a team of anthropologists, sociologists and historians so that they can give us a basic understanding of local culture. Should you wish we can send you copies of the recordings.

2012-11-16, 11:08 AM
The Bureau of Extra Territorial Indigenous Affairs

Ambassador Hewitt arranges for the dead beasts to be put in storage, preferably cold storage back on earth so that they can be studied.

Any response to my request for linguists?

I assume we don't have any cameras. Can my men make fairly realistic drawings of the shaggy beasts. Enough so I can show them to people and be recognizable.